Canadian Freebie: Schneiders Country Naturals Coupon 5,000 Only Available Facebook Websaver Offer *HOT*



Schneiders is offering a great freebie.  Simply click here to vote wether you would like the turkey or ham and you will receive a coupon via Websaver for a free package of Country Naturals!  Hurry they are only offering 5000, I was lucky enough to see this 1 minute after they posted it and blogged it immediately, so there are TONS left.

Click here to access the offer via Facebook

Not a Facebook user? Click here to try this link

*Offer is over all 5000 have been claimed. However they are now offering $2 off coupons.

** Now it’s only $1 off!

37 responses to “Canadian Freebie: Schneiders Country Naturals Coupon 5,000 Only Available Facebook Websaver Offer *HOT*”

  1. janice says:

    thank you

  2. Dyan says:

    Thank you

  3. Meg says:

    Thanks! Yay for free ham!

  4. lyssapaquette475 says:

    got it thank you!

  5. jeo220 says:

    Thanks! We love this product!

  6. confessedshopaholic says:


  7. Sally says:

    What did you choose? Turkey or ham? I went with ham, although I like both

  8. rainy says:

    thanks so much for posting this!
    woohoo Oven roasted turkey breast my fav

  9. Kristina says:

    thank you!!

  10. Lily says:

    turkey for me! thanks!

  11. jeo220 says:

    I voted for turkey, however I love both 🙂

  12. Lucy says:

    Thanks! Great freebie …hurry, count is up to >4600

  13. Gwaiju says:

    thank you so much…got it

  14. Sally says:

    They are almost out, hurry

  15. fanofearl says:

    Just saw on Facebook that coupons are almost gone – hope everyone grabs one quick for this great freebie

  16. vibrantflame says:

    Thank you! This is one of the few luncheon meats that my husband can eat, because he can’t handle most of the stuff they put in processed meats. It is nice to catch a break as it tends to be expensive.

  17. Sonia says:

    Link did not work for me…

  18. Natalka says:

    3:30 sask time Facebook coupon is now $2.
    The other link you gave gives me this message after I choose other websaver coupons – I’m in Saskatchewan (Love the availability date, LOL!)

    Sorry, these coupons are not available in your province.
    Schneiders® Country Naturals™
    when you buy any one Schneiders Country Naturals Sliced Meat product
    Available Dec. 31/69

  19. Natalka says:

    OK, now I see there is a two hour time difference!

  20. caroman says:

    this is a terrific coupon!! thanks so much

  21. Leah Siemens says:

    mine just says $2 off….

  22. Leah Siemens says:

    guess i was too late

  23. Rachel says:

    Mine also indicated it was for $2.00 off.

  24. hanley says:

    2 dollars but only 3000 voters, not 5000 as they said

  25. joline says:

    voting was only at about 4000 when I placed my vote…still only got a $2 coupon. I guess its better than nothing!

  26. Sally says:

    Hanley, people used the direct link as well. Websaver has a counter of how many were ordered.

  27. jason says:

    thanks its hard to get most of these freebies as i work sucks but someones gotta

  28. elleqt says:

    voted and had a link for the $2 off coupon, but it didn’t show up in my cart in websaver…

  29. 2jk19 says:

    Aww I missed it! That sure went fast 🙁

  30. baggypants says:

    Got the $2.00 off coupon…yay…love to get Facebook coupons!!

  31. Cleo_47 says:

    I couldn’t get it because you have to choose a minimum of 3 coupons and all the other ones were blurred out because not enough time has elapsed since I last ordered them 🙁

  32. Corbinx says:

    Darn…I leave the computer to go get my mail and walk the dog and miss out on a great freebie!

  33. Diane456 says:

    Question Please. It seems that some get the Smart canucks email before others. How does this work? Many times I just open the email, go to the freebee and it has been gone for a few hours already. Thanks for any information anyone might have. 🙂

  34. Tanya says:

    Can’t wait to get this coupon! so many fb freebies up lately

  35. mia says:

    Wow…I am desapointed all the freebies came the day when I worked or do something else so I am getting frustrated missing those….5000 coupons run off in 2 hrs …that was fast

  36. q-tip says:

    Not available in Quebec… grrr…

  37. q-tip says:

    Correction : on the facebook page, it says it is not available in Quebec, but when I use the Facebook-free link, it is okay.


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