Canadian Quick Question: Which Laundry Detergent Do You Use?


As a couponer, I am not particularly brand loyal.  I will happily try something once and if I like it, will buy it when the price is right, along with any other similar products based on price.

This week, pretty much every brand of laundry detergent is on sale somewhere, and while I was going to buy Gain at Food Basics for $3.44, he wants Tide ‘because it is better’ (he does do some laundry so I can’t even pull the ‘how would you know card).  Tide is almost twice the price – does it clean that much better?

So what do you use? Are you brand loyal or do you just buy based on price (even from a list of a select few)?  Which do you find cleans your clothes the best?

82 responses to “Canadian Quick Question: Which Laundry Detergent Do You Use?”

  1. WestcoastMom says:

    Not Tide. I never find it works. Purex and Arm & Hammer get my vote.

  2. Michelle says:

    2 of my kids can’t handle Tide. One needs Purex. I am stocked up on A&H for most of us to use. I buy it all!

  3. melissa says:

    I use Purex, Xtra, and sometimes Gain. Anything else makes me break out in hives.

  4. Christina says:

    I am brand loyal to Purex only cause it doesn’t screw with my girly bits if you catch my drift.

  5. mj says:

    I prefer Purex, although I will try other brands with the right coupon:)

  6. Steph says:

    I guess sunlight but I don’t buy detergent anymore. Before I used to buy whatever was on sale, but now I hand wash my laundry and use a sunlight laundry bar (there are no other brands I could find) with some washing soda. It’s cheaper and lasts forever.

  7. Vicki Richard says:

    I always use Purex, because I get allergic reactions from nearly all the other brands.

  8. Rosie says:

    I use Nellie’s laundry soda.
    Nice and natural and kinder to the environment.

  9. Carmelle says:

    I use Purex most of the time. It doesn’t have the strong smell that others do.

  10. Emma says:

    I always buy the cheapest known brand combine with coupon/sale. No powder type for me. I don’t think it dissolves well wih cold water (I washes with cold water).

  11. kathryn says:

    I use Tide free due to allergies and girlie bits 🙂

  12. Kim says:

    Always liquid. I use Purex most of the time; it’s often on the cheapest sale. I recently tried ABC when it was BOGO at Sobeys, and I didn’t like it at all. I really liked the Sunlight pods I got in the samplesource pack, but pods are too expensive. Maybe I’ll give the liquid a shot next sale.

  13. Stacie D says:

    I use Gain, I love the scent. I also like Tide Coldwater

  14. Nathalie says:

    I tried Gain on sale and now I’m hooked. I love the scent.

  15. leff says:

    I get the cheapest one. Most of the times is: Arctic Power, La Parisienne or Gain

  16. breylormom says:

    I have chemical sensitivities. The only one that I have found so far is Purex Natural Elements that doesn’t bother my skin. I cannot use Tide. Haven’t tried many others once I found Purex worked. So guess you could say I am brand loyal.

  17. scouponer says:

    We use whatever I get a good deal on. My husband has issues with a lot of the scents so I always try to buy unscented but if I find scented stuff really cheap, I buy it and then he puts a small amount of the scented with the unscented. That way it is not too scented. I find alot of the unscented has a bit of an unpleasant odour to it so the mix works great. We use Purex, Sunlight( got the unscented pods for $.88 a few weeks back at Food Basics) Tide, Arm and Hammer and woolight for dark clothes.

  18. sarah says:

    i am a lifelong user of sunlight!

  19. Crystal says:

    Sunlight-doesn’t cause itchy skin in my family.

  20. Lindsay says:

    I love Gain for the scents. It always leaves my clothes smelling great and clean. Although I will admit that I will basically try anything if it’s on sale! Gain and Tide are my favourites though

  21. Jeff says:

    Well, I have done 90% of the laundry for the last 10 plus years now. I prefer myself. Some of he other brands cause me to itch a tad.

  22. Jeff says:

    Well, I have done 90% of the laundry for the last 10 plus years now. I prefer Woolite myself. Some of he other brands cause me to itch a tad.

  23. Kelly says:

    I buy Gain because I love their Apple Mango scent :p

  24. Kary says:

    Right now I use Purex, but I prefer Gain or Tide over it. I also really like the Tide Pods, if they’re ever on sale and I have a coupon I’d always get them

  25. lesley says:

    mostly purex, because I can often get it cheap with coupons and sale, but aso sunlight and I recently tried Gain apple mango when it was on clearance and it smells amazing!

  26. Insane says:

    I make my own. Not only is it cheaper, but no wierd, harsh chemicals against our skin. Better for the environment too!

  27. Lee says:

    Ecos natural laundry detergent. Giant jug at Costco. Forget the exact price but certainly under $20 and it lasts forever!

  28. Tasha says:

    I like tide, a&h, purex and gain.

  29. FatB says:

    Usually some form of liquid Tide for general wash. Woolite for gentle cycle.

  30. Linda says:

    Purex unscented, or cheer unscented.

  31. beagle says:

    i love how bright woolite gets my laundry but it’s rarely a comparable price to my usual Tide. I always get drawn to Arm &Hammer on sale but don’t feel like my clothes are as clean as Tide or Gain or even Sunlight. Don’t think i’ve tried Purex but based on the comments here I’ll keep an eye out for it on sale now.

  32. Gazpache says:

    I use Method. I can’t use Sunlight, something about the composition of it makes my skin react to it. I get absolutely incredible body odor from Sunlight, sometimes without even sweating. I can’t find a Tide Free in an HE formula anywhere near me. I got the free sample of Method and was hooked! My clothes come out cleaner, softer and I no longer get covered in red bumps every time I get dressed!

  33. Melissaanne2090 says:

    sunlight! always a great price, smells amazing!

  34. I use anything that is on sale or if I have a coupon. I find that Purex doesn’t clean as well as Tide or Cheers or Gain. So I usually avoid Purex and wait for the other brands to go on sale then stock up. I am interested in the laundry soap now after reading so many positive comments.

  35. Shirnette says:

    I buy whatever is on sale( never tried La Parisienne &
    havent used ABC or Extra in years)Prefer Purex, Cheer & Cdn Tire brand(Tuft)….I also use laundry bar . For baby’s clothes I use baby Purex & Life Baby(SDM brand)

  36. Natalka says:

    Usually what’s on sale if it’s Arm and Hammer, Purex, Xtra, Sunlight.

  37. Caroli says:

    This may sound weird but I use tide for my whites, I find they come out really white, and I use what ever I have that was on sale for my dark clothes and towels. I also refer liquid or gel packs, no more powder for me..

  38. Nayya says:

    Purex most of the time.. or whatever come cheapest with 50% off stickies and coupons combinaison ^_^!

  39. Moi says:

    Arm & Hammer for sure!
    Tide is too harsh. and find it abrasive/allergic to zeeee skin 🙁

  40. D says:

    Not brand loyal… use all of the brands (Sunlight, Purex, Arm Hammer, Tide, Gain) from the stockpile. We do stick with Tide as a must for our whites (sheets and towels) and hubby’s dirty work clothes. The rest of the wash gets bubbles from whatever detergent we have at the moment.

  41. Traveller says:

    The one closest to free $$ with coupon : )

  42. Jo says:

    I make my own. It’s easy to do, way cheaper, better on my babies skin, I can use it on cloth diapers, and way better for the environment. I find my clothes last way longer too.

  43. Amitabh says:

    whatever is on sale

  44. Anna says:

    I tend to use whatever is on sale and I have a coupon for. But I stick to the brands I know, Purex, Tide, Sunlight, Arm and Hammer… I have seen some other brands on sale for like $1 a bottle and my eyebrow tends to get raised just a teeny bit and I step back. Not worth possibly getting a rash.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Downy Unstoppables so the scents of the detergents don’t make a difference to me one way or the other.

  45. Super Mel says:

    $ Whatever I can get close to free $

    However I found that the most bang for your buck has got to be the Kirkland Brand from Costco. My clothes kept coming out sudsy the first few washes, so after adjusting down the detergent amount, I literally only use a tablespoon of detergent for a full load! With those measurements, a container will last you forever!

  46. Heather says:

    I use a combination

    Tide Pods or Gain Liquid – OMG I love how this smells & Downy Unstoppables

  47. KG says:

    Tide Coldwater HE… it’s the best.

  48. luckbealady says:

    I mostly buy whatever I can get a good deal on.
    Right now in my stockpile I have TIde, Sunlight pods, and Gain (which smells amazingly like fruit punch and flowers).

  49. nessa23 says:

    my favorite is probably Purex. 2nd choice would be Sunlight. I’ll buy anything as long as it’s cheap, though.

  50. Scouser says:

    i like gain best, but will use tide if there’s a good sale 🙂

  51. sabadi says:

    I have sensitive skin and get rashes and irritations with many detergents (Tide, Purex, Gain, Green Works, Ivory Snow…) so I try to stick to ones I know don’t bother me. If there’s something for a small volume and cheap price I will try it. Usually, I stick to Sunlight but sometimes I use Ecos or Seventh Generation).

  52. jld87 says:

    I buy Norwex ultra power plus. Its more expensive than most but by far the best product I’ve tried. I have psoriasis and my daughter eczema. Its environmentally friendly, scent free, and “crap free”. A little goes a long way, one 2kg bag lasted us 14months… for 30$ so for less than 2$/ month I do think its worth every penny. Oh and it works fantastic! I don’t even have to soak my baby clothes and all the poopy and food stains come out 🙂

  53. Cassie says:

    Sunlight unscented liquid for me. I throw in a handful of Amaze when I wash my workout clothes. I’ve got a ton of sample pods that I should try out though I like to control the amount of detergent I add.

  54. ladybug2011 says:

    Before I started couponing I would only buy Tide but now I buy whatever is cheapest with sale/coupon.

  55. Abby1 says:

    Tide Free in liquid format for most of the laundry. Woolite Extra Dark for all the darks & Woolite Delicates for all the delicates.

  56. bdefreitas says:

    Purex all the way

  57. Danifish says:

    I stock the house with Tide, Sunlight, Arm and Hammer, and Purex. I won’t pay more then 3$ for a bottle, so usually Tide is out. Gain smells the best but DH is allergic. I only buy liquid and we have pretty much stopped using fabric softener, one less chemical to put near our bodies. I don’t trust the single use packs – no guarantee they dissolve completely and I don’t want to find out the hard way…. Unstoppables are just perfume pellets, if I wanted to smell like perfume I’d wear it, so no need to risk damaging my clothing with them.

  58. BA says:

    We use Nellie’s — 1000 loads and costs about $90 from Costco. Washes way better than anything else and has no scent.

  59. Pink says:

    Always liquid. I use Purex

  60. Kay says:

    We used to use Cheer with no dye or scent because that stuff makes my kids break out in spots. Now I use Pink Solution, get cleaner laundry and save a ton of money.

  61. Sonia says:

    I use Arm & Hammer as well as Purex. Never Tide as It is so strongly scented. I usually buy when the price is right.

  62. francine says:

    purex, gain, tide… anything but sunlight because it gives me a rash

  63. missmisha_ says:

    Tide used to be a premier product – no longer. I use A&Hammer plus Borax and Washing Soda when the whites need to be unsnuffed.

  64. Ruth-Ann says:

    I use Woolite or Purex b/c I’ll get them on sale and/or with coupon, and then stock up. However, if Tide was ever teh same or cheaper I’d buy that too.

  65. Luc says:

    I used Purex and Gain

  66. ryandtysmom says:

    Ecos for sure. A greener option without the huge pricetag when bought at Costco.

  67. mojo says:

    I use whatever liquid I can get for cheap/free. I am luck that no one in my family has allergies to soap . I find they all clean the same. I also have an HE machine so I only use 1 TSBP per load 2 for extra dirty. So a bottle of 32 lasts forever.

  68. Mary Brown says:

    I like Purex and use this brand . I also Like tide but is to pricey for my budget

  69. Faye says:

    Tide all the way. Now that I am in an apartment I find the Tide Pods very handy &are very efficient.

  70. Elise says:

    I use whatever is on sale from within a short list of brands. But I only use scent and dye free laundry products, regardless of brand.

  71. Sue says:

    Has to be scent-free and ok for sensitive skin. Purex lately although it doesn’t really clean well. Poor hubby bought some sale brand recently that said “Sensitive” on the label but missed the “fresh scent” on the bottle. Did one load of laundry and ended up with stinky scented clothes 🙁

  72. islandlakes says:

    I use Down East. It is much less toxic than any that are pictured here. Costs a bit more but health is worth one less pair of jeans a year. Plus, it is concentrated so I use much less. Also, washing soda.

  73. Caroline says:

    I like Nellie’s laundry soda (Winners carries it), it’s all natural and it’s a great price at Winners. I also like Method. The one that I buy most often though is Ecos laundry detergent (I get mine when it’s on sale at Canadian Tire)… it’s around $15 but it’s a huuugeeee jug, I believe it’s 150 loads, so 3 times more than a regular jug of any regular laundry detergents. These are the ones that don’t give me a rash. And I feel better knowing that I’m not using crazy chemicals on my skin/down the drain.

  74. Deb says:

    Either Sunlight or Purex. I have tried the Tide pods (purple pkg) and they are nice great smelling but Tide is expensive!

  75. annie says:

    “On Sale” 😉

  76. Mike says:

    Seems like 90% of these answers are just people going for the cheapest. Most say thats what they prefer but lets be honest your cheap!.Because of this we are not getting a proper answer. All I learned is people are cheap. I myself would spend a little mor for a better result.

    • Gling says:

      Not always “cheap” but many of us are on limited incomes and have to economize. I get the most expensive when it’s on sale because for some unfathomable reason it is apparently more expensive to NOT put in additives like perfume/fragrance and dyes.

  77. Gling says:

    I have sensitive skin and allergies so always have to use the ‘free and clear’ or hypoallergenic variety.
    #1 Method… but it’s expensive so I only get it when it’s on sale;
    #2 Purex… and I always look for it on sale;
    #3 Arm & Hammer Essentials… always look for it on sale.
    For colour brightening the Purex ‘dirt lift’ detergents are best.

  78. JohnBilsbury says:

    My grandfather worked for Sunlight once. It is/was a Unilever product more common in Britain and Holland and Europe whereas Tide is very American. In Canada we have all the brands. I do not think it makes much difference. Sunlight has a nicer smell although some say its better used for paler colored clothes. Persil is very strong stuff and though often condemned for being full of chemicals it works efficiently for cleaning very stained or dirty things. Sunlight is not as strong as that although it is not weak either. Tide is overcommon and sometimes overpriced although is the most known brand to Americans. Baking soda may intreague some people for cleaning although others say that it is those smelly environmentalists that don’t wash regularly that likely have those ideas although it does eliminate odors. It depends on the ingredients. Persil is good for the dishwasher pods yet you can get sunlight ones aswell. Ivory snow causes least irritation although is no longer easy to find. So I would say buy what works for you and what is cheaper preferably

  79. Bill Long says:

    All I care about is performance. I buy two large jugs of liquid a year on sale of Sunlight. I have experimented with different brands over the last 50 years. Tide worked well and ate the fabric and made it dull rather quickly. It is too aggressive. I wash everything in a gentle cycle first and then a normal cycle last. The results are perfect.

  80. Anthony S says:

    I personally have used sunlight powder for the last year, got it on sale at no frills, in emergencies, I keep persil around just in case I get an extremely bad load. I recently bought the sunlight liquid at freshco as the powder hasn’t been on sale for awhile. Though I still have a box of the powder. I find sunlight overall to be awesome, well priced, smells good and and I am hypoallergenic. I have tried arm and hammer because it was a great deal, never again.


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