Canadian Quick Questions: Product Promotion Screwups


While many users got their free Skechers gorun/gowalk shoes without incident, others are venting about the poor communication and service during this promo.  Several users report that Astro cashed their cheques but months later they do not have the shoes but receive multiple calls/emails from the promotional company saying they no longer have the shoe in stock and to choose another one, even though they went through this and chose an ‘in-stock’ shoe a month before!

Others sent their PINs and info within the required time and postmarked within the dates given but their envelopes were returned as late.

What do you think of these ‘item’ promotions where you cannot be sure if they still have the item in stock (or in your size) when you buy the product?

Do you think that after the first ‘sorry we don’t have this colour/size’ they should make it right and honour the second choice that the person chose while on the phone and confirming that it would be sent in 2-3 weeks?

10 responses to “Canadian Quick Questions: Product Promotion Screwups”

  1. Laird N Crystal E says:

    My Mom, sister in law, and aunt all got a pair of these sketchers without a problem.

  2. I forgot to send in my form 🙁 I would much rather something I can do online then having to mail things. I have a home daycare so getting out during the day is IMPOSSIBLE to do things like catch the post office.

  3. Anna says:

    I’m one of the ones that had to call and email to try to figure out why I didn’t get my shoes the first time. Then after waiting 8 weeks for my second choice was told that wasn’t available either. I am a bit disappointed because the choices left weren’t great for me, and I sent my envelope in REALLY quickly so feel like I should have been able to get my first choice before they ran out……… but it is still a great deal and I guess they had no idea exactly how popular it would be. So I’m just still thankful I’m getting them.

  4. adora says:

    I bought Vector cereals to get the free New Balance shirts. I ordered XL for my 6’2″ tall brother. They sent me an L because they ran out of XL, but it was available when I ordered it. Luckily, it fits my other brother. (But he’s got too many shirts already!) I’d rather they give the size L shirt to another customer and compensate me for the cost of the cereal with coupons or other goods. Sending wrong size product never benefit anyone.

    On the other hand, there was huge backorder with the Salty & Pep salt and pepper shaker with Knorr few years back. They sent a letter apologize for the extra 6 weeks delay while they ordered more from the manufacturer. I thought that was proper customer service.

    But I can understand that it would be more difficult for the cereal/yogurt companies when they partner with sporting goods companies. Sketcher can’t risk flooding the market with these “free” sneakers and devalue their brand. So it is highly unlikely that Astro can order more shoes. The problem is in the inventory. They should probably be more conservative with the online quota. Warehouse theft by employees or shipping damage happen, you just can’t count every pairs of shoes to be available for shipping.

  5. Mrlktll says:

    I was one of the customers that sent mine in within the last week of the promo. My envelope got returned as late and only printed on it promo closed, no letter no nothing. It was post marked before the cut off and they still sent it back. I called them and they said there was nothing to be done and that most people that were earlier than myself weren’t going ti get them either. Astro made themselves look like a joke and definitely dropped the ball on this one. If they were running low on stock then should have posted on their website that they were cutting it off early or replaced it with another product at least.

  6. Erica says:

    I ordered a pair for myself, for my father, for my grandmother and for my mother. We all got the pairs (color and size) that we requested.

    I ordered 2 pairs almost immediately when the promo started and I received them in April.

    I ordered the last 2 towards the end of the promo. One pair arrived two weeks ago, and one pair arrived this past Friday.

    For those who haven’t received yours yet. I’m sure they’re coming!

  7. Janice says:

    Choose my pair on the last day of the promo, sizes & color was limited but picked a pair and mailed off my money & form. I was very surpirsed when my envople come back un-opened but marked address unknown, I e-mailed the promo company, checked the address (which was correct) and sent the letter again wiith the original envelope inside. Guess what, that has now been returned to me marked contest closed. I have e-mailed Astro letting them know that I was very disapointed but so far no reply from them (or from Blueband to my earlier e-mail)

  8. sarah says:

    Wow Astro really shot themselves in the foot there! I’m kind of glad now I didn’t participate in this….I really don’t need the headache. Very poorly thought out promo.

  9. olivercat says:

    I think the issue comes down to poor customer service and bad planning. They needed to set a limit to the number of ‘free’ shoes (many other offers set limits)–and respond to emails or calls in a honest and responsible manner. It should not have been he who makes the most noise gets served first, as this seemed to be for some.
    I have responded to other offers and did not recieve my ‘freebie’ because they were out of stock, but I did recieve something as a replacement along with an apology for the problem. This ‘shoe’ offer lacked any semblance of quality customer service. Sad.

  10. KENT says:

    I have seen the behind the scenes operation of a Promotions & Fulfilment company and it is a VERY WILD RIDE! It is compounded if the company wanting to offer the Promotion decides to go with a product that they don’t make. I remember one promotion where a huge gas company wanteed to do a summer promotion of beach coolers, frisbees, and another small cheap beach item. The gas company stayed out of it and this small company handeled all of the grief. MANY problems ensued but as per the agreement every single claim was honoured! Some took a while longer than others and we joked that it would soon be snow shovels and windshield scrapers but… Some 35 years later I still use one of the coolers at my cottage! I assure you this is not necessarily the norm. Buyer & begger beware! Good luck.


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