Canadian Recalls: Kelloggs Mini Wheats Recalled For Metal Parts

With so many Mini-Wheat coupons, I thought this one was worth posting even though it is a ‘low level recall’.  Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats have been recalled due to metal “Extraneous Material” in the cereal.  The recall includes original frosted and brown sugar flavour across the country with best before dates of “2013 AL 01 TO 2013 JL 29”.

See details on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s website and check your cereals, chipped teeth are expensive to fix!

28 responses to “Canadian Recalls: Kelloggs Mini Wheats Recalled For Metal Parts”

  1. torontogal12 says:

    OMG are you kidding me? I have 5 boxes with huge holes cut in them due to the gas card rebate. And I haven’t even received the cards yet. No receipt. Can’t return to store 🙁

  2. DoodlesMom says:

    I wouldn’t be worried about the ‘chipped teeth’ so much as the torn/shredded stomach or intestinal track … They’re a LOT harder to fix…

  3. KK7 says:

    Just my Freakin luck I just had a bowl

  4. torontogal12 says:

    @KK7 .I’m sure it’s a precaution. I’ve eaten 5 boxes already and I think they all had recall dates on them. I’m not dead!

  5. Bargain Seeker says:

    I heard about this earlier tonight. I only had one box which is now in the garbage bin.

  6. FallenPixels says:

    I would hope someone would notice before swallowing metal doodles

  7. FallenPixels says:

    The US recall says to contact Kelloggs directly, and they consider the health risks low

  8. Gazpache says:

    I called the CFIA and they state it’s safe to eat but they said if anybody has any concerns to call Kelloggs. I will be calling first thing tomorrow… I won’t eat this!

  9. haine says:

    can i return these to the store if it is still unopened?

  10. freeplease says:

    I have 3 boxes myself with the gas card codes… Do you just return them to the store? Can I still return them if I take the gas card code out, without opening the tops of the box?? TIA

  11. coley3 says:

    I have at least 10 boxes. All cutout from gas cards mailed away. I have bben eating these as well. Yikes. What can I do now to get my money back?

  12. Lori says:

    Ok, I’m terribly cynical. My first thought was “oh, a finger in the chili, huh?”. I wonder if one customer complained and it’s just a precaution. I would think if they investigated and found a broken machinery part, there would be a “high alert” recall.

    • FallenPixels says:

      Looking into it, they say it is metal mesh from a broken machinery part – the fact they say metal mesh and not just ‘metal’ makes me think they did find something Lori

  13. SF says:

    I really don’t think a store will take back a box after you have cut a coupon out of it, especially with such a low risk recall.

  14. Bowiesolo says:

    According to their Facebook page “please give us a call at 1-800-962-1413 between 8 am to 6 pm EST, Monday – Friday so we can replace it for you.”
    Hopefully it works for Canada too. All of ours have gas card holes in them too

  15. coley3 says:

    What does low risk mean? If there is metal in even 1 box and you manage to swallow it or one of your kids does. What then? I am sure it would be more than a low risk when you are in emerg. I will be calling tomorrow to find out. And someone had better refund my money or give me FPC’s to buy new cereals. I just can’t believe it. I have never heard such a thing. We eat 5 boxes a week here. I am just so disappointed.

  16. JR says:

    thats a really long range!

  17. FallenPixels says:

    I would call Kelloggs before taking back to the store if the gas cards have been cut from them

  18. Lori says:

    Oh that’s good that they reported what happened. Hopefully nobody ends up swallowing anything!

  19. Sue says:

    We’ve eaten stuff from the XL plant and survived. And thousands and thousands of boxes of cereal, similar odds of buy the one (or two) with wee bits of metal. Frankly, I’m more concerned eating anything from a restaurant. Higher risk of all sorts that way. Like Lori, glad they reported. Fifty years ago, their PR people who have suggested “shhhhhh”.

  20. CDN75 says:

    I found a metal chunk in a Presidents Choice chicken strip last year. I sent the chunk along to the company who thanked me for the info…..and never followed up again.

    Good to see some companies take metal objects in food seriously.

  21. coley3 says:

    I am on hold with them now. I will get to the bottom of this soon:) I’ll post when I have some concrete info.

  22. katsy says:

    I called the Consumer Affairs 1-888-876-3750 on the website but the line was always busy. I sent them an email asking where can I get my money back. Do I return it to the store or do I chuck it out & Kelloggs sends me a coupon for a box of hopefully metal free Mini Wheats.

  23. Laurel says:

    Phoned Canadian Food Inspection Agency (1-800-442-2342 ), got through right away. She said phone your local store and ask their policy on returning product without a receipt due to recall. Some will take it back without a receipt, even opened, partially eaten ones.

  24. coley3 says:

    Ok. Here’s the scoop. You need to call 1-888-876-3750. I waited on hold for 20 minutes to the 1-800 # to be told its american and I need to call Canadian. Then on hold for another 20 minutes. Then I told the lady I had 15 boxes. She needed me to give her the information on the tops of each box in the pink rectangle as well as the UPC. I had cut most of them already. I went to my recycle bin and had to puzzle piece it together.I managed to give her 11 #’s. She said they were all recalled. Told me to throw them away and that my replacement coupons would be in the mail within the next 5 days. Not sure if I will get 15 coupons or only 11 for the #’s I had. It was alot of work and she was exhausted at the end too. Not sure what would happen if you threw the boxes away. She said to definately not take them back to the stores for a refund. Just contact them for a refund and then discard product you have.
    Also asked about the metal mesh. She said they had 1 consumer complaint about finding metal mesh. The person was not harmed. She reiterated that a few times and that is was a voluntary recall. I should hope so. Kelloggs is a huge company. They don’t want bad press like the tainted meat deal is getting. Hope this helps everyone.

  25. macw1960 says:

    17 minutes later and I am still on hold to Kellogg’s as I have 4 boxes all with the gas form cut out and of course no receipt.
    I just got off the phone from Kellogg’s and they will be sending me out 4 coupons to replace the ones I am throwing out.
    It doesn’t seem to matter about not having a receipt or the cutting out of the gas forms. Good news from Kellogg’s for those who were in the same boat as me.

  26. elysha says:

    what is the Canadian number to call i have 2 boxes to which they listed

  27. elysha says:

    wow i was just at giant tiger and they were selling all boxes for 99 cents i didnt think they were allowed to sell them at this time


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