Canadian Shopping Discussion: PC Optimum – Your Thoughts & Reviews?

PC Optimum Reviews

Now that the program is “fully functional”, how is the new PC Optimum working for you?

Last week, we saw generic offers while they connected our previous shopping to our accounts.  Today, my own offers are mostly items I would buy.  Not necessarily this week, but mostly not items that are far removed from my usual shopping preferences.  There are some duplicates that I am not sure are an error or will credit twice (if so, free cookies!).  It still seems a little buggy too.  I woke up to 26 offers but now only have 19 showing.  How are your offers looking?

PC Optimum at Shoppers Drug Mart

PC Optimum Review - Earning Points at Shoppers Drug Mart

There are very little changes as far as PC Plus, but Shoppers Drug Mart is quite the change. I have very little in my offers that could be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Sure, I have the exclusive when you spend offers over the week, but none of the items I would buy to maximize my points.

Shoppers Drug Mart has a flyer offer of 25,000 points when you spend $75 or more this weekend.  While they claim that this is in line with previous offers, you can’t save them to make the usual 18,500 Shoppers Optimum points worth more at bonus redemption.  Even at the old maximum redemption of $170, those points were worth $33.  Will this impact how you shop at Shoppers Drug Mart?  Do you have more drug store type offers showing?

PC Optimum at Grocery Stores

PC Optimum Review - Earning Points at Grocery Stores

It is definitely nice to see some store offers for No Frills.  They are likely just introductory offers and will decrease at some point so take advantage while you can.  There is very little change for me compared to PC Plus now that my offers have normalized.  I wouldn’t make a trip to the grocery store for just $10 so the lower redemption threshold isn’t a big deal for me.

It is also nice to see that not only are the buttons for saving an offer for next week or not showing one again working, but available for those who use web access instead of the app.

Are the store offers enticing you into Loblaws banner stores?  Have you experienced the communication failures that many are talking about and not receiving points?  Hopefully now that many people have switched their cards, the glitches will become a thing of the past.

What are your thoughts on the changes?  Will you shop more or less at these stores?  Do you miss your old Shoppers Optimum program already?

41 responses to “Canadian Shopping Discussion: PC Optimum – Your Thoughts & Reviews?”

  1. sara says:

    I’m still trying to link my pc mc and optimum cards. After 2 hours on hold last night they hung up on me. there was no announcement of what the wait time would be. not impressed.

  2. George says:

    Still can’t link my optimum card.

    • FallenPixels says:

      I ended up going to the store after it kept telling me it could not verify. But it seemed to be working online this week for most people (as long as your email matches)

  3. franca says:

    asked 4 times for password reset request and still waiting….cant link with a new password

  4. Karen Hay says:

    Links my cards online, super easy, no problems at all

  5. Andrea says:

    I linked my cards without any issue. Had 13 offers last week but none today. I hope some appear at some point today or tomorrow. Losing out on the higher value levels (95,000 points for $170 is now 95,000 worth $95 really sucks.)

    • FallenPixels says:

      Did you update the app to the latest version? There is an update to the one released last week and I have seen people say that only the latest version gets offers

  6. Joan says:

    I am not at all impressed so far. Today (first “new offers” day since I got the Optimum card) the few offers I’ve been given are mostly on things I have never bought and am unlikely to buy. I have virtually no offers from Shopper’s now, and the one offer that Shopper’s used to give me routinely (bonus points on milk) is not there. I was glad to get the combined points value on the two card, but am really hoping they work the bugs out of this. By the way, I e-mailed them a specific question about my account several days ago (a question, not a complaint) and got a generic reply saying, “We will be sure to share your comments with the appropriate department. …If you have no offers and haven’t loaded any offers this week, please call Member care… for help.” I’m even wondering now if maybe one reason they combined the programs was in order to lay off some of their customer support staff? Just a thought — I have no idea. But so far I am not impressed.

    • Joan says:

      Sorry, typo — “on the two cards”

    • FallenPixels says:

      Perhaps, I have seen people post that they have been on hold for over an hour trying to call them too

    • ND says:

      I totally agree; I never cared about the grocery app. The only thing I liked was my SDM Optimum offers – I don’t want to see a bunch of grocery offers for things I don’t want or need. All the grocery offers are very annoying – at least give us the right to de-select the grocery offers!!!!. Yet, i cannot delete them and the app no longer offers any SDM promotions!! As someone who loved Shoppers, I may have to reconsider my purchasing decisions.

  7. Ali says:

    had dup offers too. Putting the 2 programs together is a huge undertaking for them so will give them a bit before seeing how I feel about it. However, I won’t be shopping at SDM as much anymore unless them tempt me with good offers.

  8. tara says:

    I had 55,000 points on my pc plus card when I linked it on the pc optimum app, it now says I have zero, I put in a points inquiry last Friday and tried calling in twice when time allows with no answer, really disappointing, I honestly rely on these extra grocery funds to feed my kiddos 🙁

  9. Lucie says:

    Not a good start… I go to YIG for my regular grocery shopping, give my old PC card to link with the new one… no points for my groceries this week! Must register online first. They tell me to bring this new card to Shoppers and link that card automatically. They can’t. Would have to have started at Shoppers first. No points for my Shoppers buys. Then I ask for Senior discount… no senior discount because they couldn’t link my card since I first got it at YIGs. Bummer all around! Hope this isn’t an omen for what’s to come.

    • FallenPixels says:

      New cards have terrible offers even if it was activated. I had ones for baby food, gluten free/health aisle food etc. Nothing I usually buy.

  10. Bargain Seeker says:

    I am not feeling too much pain about the changes yet. Transferring my cards and my PC MasterCard went without any problem. I am one of the Shoppers customer that was only redeeming at the highest level so I thought I would lose out however since I can now redeem at the Atlantic Superstore and get bonus points added on it might all get equal in the end. Last week I redeemed $150 and got 15,000 points and more; this week I am redeeming $75 and getting 7,500 plus 4000 points for every $20 spend on produce plus whatever else I have personal points for.

    One thing I am missing in my 20x on milk at Shoppers. I am still hoping this will show up soon.

  11. Priscilla says:

    We have two PC credit cards link to the same PC account, My credit card shows right PC balance but my husband’s show 0. Send a question to them on Feb 6 after wating on the phone for 1 and half hour. But my other missing points after I requested they made the adjustment in 2 working days.

  12. Sandra5 says:

    I won’t be regularly showing my card unless I get some better offers. The whole point of the program is to track and analyze people’s spending habits. If people are not enticed to pull out their cards with reasonably generous offers, PC Optimum won’t be getting much useful info.

    • FallenPixels says:

      But if they don’t know what you buy, they can’t give you relevant offers. I am ok at the moment with the store offers but I don’t see shopping at SDM nearly as much with the current offer types

  13. Nora McCaffrey says:

    I managed to link my my old PC PLUS, Optimum and PC FINANCIAL cards on Feb 1. I have since made purchases with the FINANCIAL card but the only transactions posted are the 2 at Loblaw – but no points awarded whatsoever. I tried to phone, on hold for too long. Chat window was momentarily opened and then immediately “CHAT SESSION ENDED” message popped up.
    PC PLUS used to have features such as suggested recipes, shopping lists, immediate feedback on points earned. Now it is just a vehicle for tracking points and they’re not even doing a very good job at that. What’s the point?

    • FallenPixels says:

      I don’t think many people actually used the other features so they were not worth keeping for them.
      My purchase from Feb 3rd just showed today (the system was down when I was in the store) but the one since credited immediately. There is a Missing Points/Missing Transaction button under Account

  14. pettyfan4343 says:

    I cashed out all my points on Black Friday last year, after I had heard of the merger of the programs. Like all “reward” programs, they are not set up for the customer to win.

    I updated to the new app, and was only offer 6 “deals” this week

    I know I got caught up in buy stuff i didn’t need just to get the points, but with Loblaws selling the gas stations last year, and closing down the banking division, I was bound to lose a lot of points every month. I spend on average $250 a month on gas, that would usually get me $10 a month points.

    I have now switched my gas purchases over to Costco and will try that for a year to see what I can accumulate with the executive member ship. If I can’t at least pay for the higher end membership costs along with the cash back credit card, I won’t be keeping that either.

  15. WestCoastMom says:

    not a great start for me either – SDM offers are far and few between and the ones I’ve been given disappear off the app before they expire. Yesterday all the offers were removed from the app at @ 5pm PST. New offers came up this morning. Zero offers for SDM. One exclusive to no frills and 18 offers for PC. None for SDM. My friend got 35. 2 for SDM and 33 for PC. Everything is so random and has no rhyme or reason right now. Hope the kinks get worked out.

  16. mommy2alayna says:

    I was so disappointed by my new offers this morning. I had a total of only 4!
    2 SDM offers (1 of which isn’t available for a couple of days still…) and 2 grocery offers, for Joe Fresh and some brand of hand soap I’ve never heard of. I thought the Quaker offer promoted in several of the grocery store flyers would show up in my list, but it wasn’t there. So I thought it must be an in-store offer and bought $11 worth of Quaker and still no points added in-store. I had to wait in the huge customer service line to get my points manually added. Not cool PC Optimum, not cool!

  17. Stacy says:

    My pc plus points show up as zero. I called was on hold for an hour and spoke to someone. They said after you register the points take 24h to appear. I’ll check tomorrow.

  18. kerry says:

    I have mine and 2 other family members onboard the new website and everything is fine.All cards were linked without trouble and I like my new offers and glad that I can use the at Shoppers Food Stores if I want.The offers are more flexible now where you can buy any flavour, size and with lower spending requirements.My offers include most things I buy including baby foods.I didn’t get points on 1 offer but it was quickly resolve after a points enquiry

  19. Paulette Thibodeau says:

    This PC Optimum is now geared to a Loblaws store to collect points. Used to be a very loyal Loblaws customer but then they changed and don’t have all the brands I use so now I hardly ever go to the store. I am however a Shoppers Drug Mart loyal customer but now with the optimum loyalty program gone I am not at all happy. We used to get lots of Shoppers ways to collect points but now geared for Loblaws Stores. I must say I give this program a thumbs down now

  20. Workingmom says:

    I end up going to the store to link my card, and I had to create a new password, it would not allow me to use the password from PC plus. I am now getting my offers, but not getting the points for my offers when I shop. Also, I had points from No frills on Friday, shop at shoppers on Saturday, it seems when it updates the points from shoppers I lost my points from No Frills…. growing pains.. wasting of our time… they need to fix the issues soon, if not customers will get fed up

  21. Stacy says:

    My points did not show up on my new card, and it has been over 24h. Great, now I’ve got to call again and wait on hold for 1h+.

  22. Dana says:

    I LOVE Shoppers Drug Mart, BUT since Loblaws has taken over, all decent offers have disappeared and the offers I receive are for things I HAVE NEVER bought at either store.
    My “personalized offers” are NOT personalized for me.
    I used to be a loyal SHOPPERS customer.
    Loblaws- You are ruining the best points program that existed. The SELF checkouts are being pushed by the cashiers. I have had several errors on my receipts. items scanning through twice. The errors are always corrected, but I am paying VERY careful attention at the till now.
    Perhaps Loblaws has to pay for the BREAD SCANDAL. I see bread increased from 2.00 to 2.99 in a time span of 8 days.
    VERY disappointed in the merger.
    Understandable there would be some glitches, but the SHOPPERS program was flawless, now PC Optimum is full of glitches.
    I will hold out hope things improve. If now BOTH stores have lost me as a customer.

  23. Sara says:

    No problem connecting but I feel that the offers now don’t reflect anything that I would ever buy or have EVER bought in the past. This new system is really disappointing. I loved loading the offers on my phone and getting them through my card – which is another complaint that I have – no actual physical card. Now I have to scan my phone over the actual store scanner – super gross! Sorry but this one is a #superFAIL !!!

  24. Jonathan says:

    I think it’s a bit early to tell for sure. But I’ve been a been a Big Shopper Points guy for a few years. I plan my shops, and generally have always earned about 60% of Dollars spent back in points. Only ever redeeming at Highest level and as often as possible on Redemption weekends.

    So Far I have been pleased. My first shop on 76 dollars spent I earned 44,000 points back which is on par with my past experiences. My second shop I only managed 50% back, but that’s because I had an emergency requirement and wasn’t able to double up on offers as much as normal.

    Also all my offers have been excellent. I did have the 20 x milk good for shoppers only the first week. But not the second week. *Crossing my fingers on that one*.

    Super pumped now that I can earn points like crazy at Shoppers and use them for Meat and vegetables at Independent Grocers. I literally filled my freezer with Sirloin Pork Chops, and Chicken legs that were on sale, along with Cheap Heads of Cauliflower.

    NOTE: The PC FInancial World Elite Card has definitely helped me hit the number I have mentioned above. 🙂

  25. John says:

    Since the new update we have found the offers are terrible and don’t even know what some of the items are. This program has gone backwards.

  26. Emily says:

    I’m pretty disappointed. I live in a rural town where shoppers is the only large retail store. I always earned a ton of points and redeemed at the highest level. So far the app just started working for me with the latest update a couple days ago and the offers are useless for someone who mainly shops at Shoppers. I feel that it’s just trying to make me go to Superstore to earn points instead. We will see how it pans out over the long run but there are no offers which will encourage me to shop at Shoppers at all. I wish they wouldn’t have needed with such a wonderful program 👎☹️

  27. Jane Hurst says:

    Not impressed ! Far less offers especially at SDM (who I used to get emails from on a near daily basis) So I am happy that I saved my points from before the merger (and I did take a hit on points) This is not a “new and improved” programme – far from it as far as ensuring customer loyality

  28. Cathy says:

    I went from shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart 3 times a week to only once every two weeks. For me the Optimum program was the best in Canada, now it is nothing special. It will probably save me money in the long run,just because I will shop there less.

  29. Carlita says:

    I did have problems linking and with the app in general when it was new but my big complaint is that the offers I’m getting now do not reflect at all the types of items I was receiving offers on before. They seem to be mostly for obscure PC and Life brand products that I have never bought during my membership and are not even in the product categories in which I shop. I dearly hope that the new program becomes and stays as valuable to me at the PC and Shoppers programs were as individuals.

  30. Anne B says:

    My card linked okay, but the new coupons and specials suck! I shop both SDM and No Frills regularly, all prices went up on the items I buy bi-weekly by at least a buck, I may as well start shopping at Walmart, it will cost less because my points are not accumulating and I am not getting my usual shop thru the week and earn extra points coupons. To bad, I loved supporting my small town stores, but now I am off to Walmart in the city. Bad choice to change our favorite program!

  31. Anita says:

    The transition to the new card was smooth; however, the new points system is not as good as it used to be. The problem is that now we don’t earn points for money spent (in No Frills). The points are attached to certain products. I spend money but I don’t get points as I don’t buy these products. I loved the old SDM program. Now ‘m very disappointed.

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