Canadian Tire: $100 Off Set of 4 Michelin Tires

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Receive a manufacturer’s instant rebate of $100.00 with the purchase as four eligible Michelin brand tires.  Offer valid December 1 – December 31, 2007.

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28 responses to “Canadian Tire: $100 Off Set of 4 Michelin Tires”

  1. missy says:

    this is actually available at all michelin dealers not just canadian tire as the rebate is from michelin canada not canadian tire.

  2. amycanada77 says:

    Costco is also offering this same deal until December 31st – and if you have a membership – or know someone who does – you will save an extra $100 becuase from what I’ve found there tires were at LEAST $25 cheaper PER tire than Canadian Tire.

  3. bob cronin says:

    where can i find the coupon for Michelin tires in the US? i’ve searched the web but can’t find anything but the ad you have here. please help. we need tires now.

  4. Clay says:

    Actually, I think they made a mistake. Their regular price for the tires my van needs was $133.74, and they knocked off $25 per tire, bringing them down to $108.74, which is the best price I could find in Winnipeg by far!. (anywhere from $126 – $158 elsewhere) I then can mail in my rebate, which I did yesterday, which will net the price for my 215/70R15 Michelin X-Ice tires to $83.74. This is far cheaper than even any dealer in the U.S. Gotta like it!

  5. ed says:

    What rebate did you mail in clay? As far as I can tell this is an instant rebate so what rebate did you mail in?

  6. Rob says:

    This is not an instant rebate as advertised in the flyer, but a manufacturer’s mail-in rebate. When I purchased my 4 x 70R15 x-ice tires from Canadian Tire I was told to go to the Michelin website for the form to apply for the rebate.

    I was concerned, so I telephone their 1-888 number on their site. I was told by their customer service rep that there was a problem with the mail-in rebates with Canadian Tire purchases and that rebates for those purchases would be sent to Canadian Tire head office. It seems that Canadian Tire purchased their inventory with the rebate already discounted! Then sold to me at regular price of 133.74.

    I’m really glad to see that you got your rebate! Looks like you got the $100 rebate x 2!
    I’m waiting to hear back from my Canadian Tire manager re: this rebate.

  7. George Bolton says:

    I purchased a set of michelins from brantford honda and was advised to send in to get the 100.00 rebate which I did about Dec 30.I have heard nothing as of Feb 2.
    Please Advise Me
    Thank You
    George Bolton

  8. Melanie Gardiner says:

    I had bought my tires from Candian Tire in Fergus and sent my rebate to Michelin in early December and I have not received my rebate cheque in the mail either.
    After reading the above, I’m not sure if I should go after Michelin, or Canadian Tire. Has anybody gotten their rebate cheque in the mail?
    Thanks a million!

  9. Patrick says:

    I’ve waiting 9 weeks for my $100.00 micheling rebate and decided to email michelin. The rep said that Canadian Tire customers do not get a rebate becuase Canadian Tire is not a particpating retailer and also the tires should be marked down by $25.00 each already. So next time you buy michelin tires from Canadian Tire make sure they are on sale. I even got a fancy letter from Canadian Tire head office stating that was true.

  10. Rosemary says:

    I just got a letter today from Canadian Tire explaining that I did not qualify for this rebate as it is not available in connection with any other discount and thet Canadian Tire is not a ‘participating retailer.’ Given that Canadian Tire told us to send in for the rebate, I feel that Canadian Tire mis-represented themselves in this matter. I will certainly never buy tires from them ever again. And I will be contacting the authorities about what I believe is fraud.

  11. Tim says:

    I to got the form letter from Crappy Tire. I have several questions. 1 Why did it take 3 months to inform me that I did not qualify. 2 Why, when I emailed Michelin did they inform me that “they were waiting for Canadain Tire to give them the ok to mail out the cheques”. The cheques are real were just not getting them. 3 Why did a Canadain tires employee, when I told him about finding the rebate on the web, why did he not tell me that they were not a participating member. 4 This is a rebate from Michelin, across Canada avab. to dealers who sell Michelin tire. What does this have to do with Canadain Tire. Why are they involved with my rebate with Michelin. Something fishy is going on!!!

  12. Tobi says:

    I received my rebate cheque yesterday for $50.
    There was a letter from Michelin attached saying ‘Please find your $100 gift cheque, which we promised to you at the time of purchase’, but it was only $50. There was another letter from Canadian Tire stating that this offer cannot be combined with any other promotion or program — it wasn’t. We received a price match with Costco — not a promotion or program. Point 2. Offer available at participating retailers only. We received the rebate coupon from the Canadian Tire store. We did not receive a $50 in-store discount.

    I called Michelin re: the $50 cheque — they put me in touch with the people who issued the cheques on behalf of Michelin, stating there may be another cheque that hasn’t come yet. I called them and they said, a large percentage of people applying for the rebate did not get it. They gave me the number for Canadian Tire Head Office (1-800-387-8803). I’m going to call now. I think this is unfair and misrepresentative of offering a rebate where they keep half. Something isn’t right here !


  13. Tobi says:

    Today — March 12 — I called Canadian Tire Head Office (1-800-387-8803) and asked why I didn’t receive the full $100.00. She responded there was a miscommunication between the retail stores and the manufacturer. It was being investigated and should be resolved by tomorrow. She took my contact info and the product I purchased on December 1 and I should hear something by the end of the week.


  14. Ben says:

    I too just received a snail mail/letter from Canadian tire saying that I will not be receiving any more rebate cheque from Michelin. Same experience with many people already stated, when I purchased my Michelin tires at Canadian tire I got the in-store discount. And the employee gave me the Michelin form telling me to fill out, send with proof of purchase so as to get the Michelin manufacturer rebate later on. I did filled out the form and sent before the stated deadline.

    I am about to call the number in the 1-800-387-8803 in the letter stating how disappointed I am with Canadian tire. I think they are risking their reputation and trust from their customers, many of them are loyal ones. I may even consider the option of refunding my four tires too. Afterall I decided to buy those four tires were based on the in-store instant discount, plus the Michelin rebate/credit that I am expecting later on.

    It is an unfortunate and disappointing experience.

  15. Tobi says:

    Just heard from Canadian Tire. They are honoring the $100 rebate. Since I already received $50, I will receive the other $50 from Canadian Tire. They will send the cheques next week. It pays to call!

    She said those that didn’t receive anything will get a $100 cheque.

  16. Mark H says:

    I purchased Michelin tires from Active Green & Ross back in November 08, and have not received my rebate yet. I emailed Michelin today and this is their reply:

    “So I am assuming that you purchased from Canadian Tire! Do I have a story to tell you? Unfortunately my hand will hurt if I type everything!
    Please see the letter I was instructed by Canadian tire to send to you after
    3 months of waiting for them to come up with a decision!!!!

    Anyways having said all that after you read the letter I am happy to inform you that Michelin lawyers have finally won the case against CTC and we will be sending everyone a $100 check. I do apologize for the delay but this was completely a mess created by CTC and not Michelin.

    Checks are scheduled to finally be printed and mailed out next week.


    Good news for all you Canadian Tire customers, but it doesn’t help me one bit! I am now waiting for Michelin’s next excuse…….

  17. Jean-Pierre says:

    Same problems here but it get better. I even received a phone call from Canadian Tire saying that I already received the 100.00 rebate. I told Canadian Tire that I purchased the tires even before the 1 Dec 07. However the tires were install and paid for after 1 Dec 07 as it took Canadian Tire 2 weeks to get the tires in North Bay, Ontario (17 inches tire). I told Canadian Tire that this was not a matter with them but with Michelin as I sent Michelin the rebate offer (from the internet). After waiting for more than 6 weeks I sent an E-Mail to Michelin and they blamed guess who. They blamed Canadian Tire for not providing the data base of customers purchasing tires from Canadian Tire. I also got a phone call from Michelin and was told that the similar proble was also with COSCO. I started the process again, this time by E-Mail to Michelin with all required info. I was told that everything was OK (Phil) and that my name would show on the Michelin Data base for the 100.00 refund. It sure did appear (two days later) on their data base however after 4 weeks being there I am still waiting for the refund and it appears that Michelin is now ignoring my E-Mails requesting the status. (Michelin`s WEB site states that your check will be in after 2-3 weeks after your names shows up). I was also told by the magic man `Phil` from Michelin that the letter everybody got from Canadian Tire came from Michelin as instructed by Canadian Tire. There is something very fishy here.

    Confusing…… You bet. Is Canadian Tire controlling Michelin…. Sure looks like it….

  18. Graham says:

    I also recieved the letter and am furious. Canadian tire had the rebate forms and point of purchase dislplay for the rebate. This is totally misleading and underhanded. Shame on Crappy tire, its tire changover time for spring and guess who im not going to have do that! Who did anyone have to contact here to have success? I applied for the $100 rebate and recieved nothing but the canadian tire form letter.

    Thanks and good luck to all.

  19. Elizabeth Daly says:

    I too just received a letter and half of the amount they promised. The letter from Canadian Tire states that I am not entitled to the rebate as they were not a participant in the program (yet the flyers were on the walls) and they said they already gave me a $12.50 rebate per tire – they didn’t, I have the receipts.

    I am writing them, but I think I will also forward a copy of the letter to the Better Business Bureau and the Ministry of Government and Consumer Affairs – you can log a complaint here…

    I can’t believe how unethical this is or how a company as large as Canadian Tire would trash their reputation for a lousy $12.50 per tire!

  20. Tim says:

    Update, I talked to C. Tires customer service to day and was, in some many words, told to take a long walk on a short pear. May I suggest everyone send and email to CFTO “consumer alert” like I did to try and get some satisfaction.

  21. Graham says:

    OK. So i sent a letter to Michelin customer service from their website and wrote the following:


    I recently purchased a set of 4 Michelin X-Ice tires from Canadian Tire. Prominently displayed within the store tire area was a rebate point of purchase display advertising a $100 rebate for the purchase of 4 Michelin tires. At no point was there any indication that the tires I purchased were in-elligble. I cannot imagine that the point of purchase display was erected for any other purpose than to attract buyers to the purchase of Michelin tires, furthermore the inclusion of rebate forms would logically pre-empt the notion that there was a rebate already included. I submitted a rebate form and have recently received a letter from Canadian Tire corporation stating that the rebate was already included in the purchase and refusing to issue the $100 rebate. This is disturbing in many aspects, firstly the rebate is from Michelin, secondly the point of purchase display was from Michelin with no excptions stipulated, thirdly no where in the invoice does it state that a rebate is included or already accounted for, fourthly the letter of denial is from Canadian Tire. I wish to make it clear that i like michelin tires, and have always purchased them in the past and I am in no way attempting to take advantage unethically of either Michelin or Canadian Tire. I do however wish that Michelin would acknowledge that the rebate was issued in good faith, if there was some sort of miscommunication on either Michelin or Canadian Tire that it should not be the consumer who suffers as this builds negative good will towards both Canadian Tire but primarily the issuer of the rebate Michelin. Please reply to me promptly as I wish to see this matter resolved and the $100 rebate issued.

    Today I received an email from Michelin stating that they have reviewed the matter and will be issuing a $100 rebate cheque.

    I won’t hold my breath but psychologically i have crossed the point of no return so if they don’t honor their word I will have to take further action which i don’t wish to do. I encourage others who were burnt by canadian tire to communicate directly with Michelin and seek to have the matter resolved.

    Good luck to all.

  22. NR says:

    I got a letter from Can Tire and Michelin this week with a $100 cheque for the tires I purchased in Nov/07.

    I had previously got the letter from Can Tire stating that they would not honor the rebate…but looks like they have now agreed to honor it.

    Here is a caption of what they say in the letter:

    “Due to some misunderstanding around this mail-in offer, and as a gesture of goodwill adn customer service, Canadian Tire and Michelin have decided to cover your claim for the full $100.”

    Hope all of you get the cheque.

  23. Graham says:

    Got my $100 rebate cheque from michelin today!!!

  24. Jean-Pierre says:

    I also got my $100 rebate from michelin today after I replied to Canadian Tire letter on the 14 April 2008.

  25. Dan Dault says:

    All I wanted is the adress for the head office in Toronto or a fax number
    and I cant find it .Like your stores it must be hard to get.or it’s not available.
    hope to haer from you
    Dan Dault

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