Cell phone use in Ontario while driving to be officially banned

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It’s official.

It’s now ILLEGAL to talk on your cell phone in Ontario, text, or use an ipod while driving.

Ontario’s Bill 118, an amendment to the Highway Traffic Act is now in effect and bans drivers from using handheld devices with display screens while operating a vehicle on the road. Here is a summary of the new rules:
Holding or using a wireless communication device (a cell phone) or a portable electronic entertainment device (iPod) while driving is prohibited.
Commercial GPS units along with similar dashboard-mounted devices that provide gauges and displays relating to logistical or navigation uses are permitted.
Using a cell phone or wireless communication device in hands-free mode, as long as you’re not holding it during use, is permitted.
Using any device while pulled-over or parked in a way that you are not disrupting traffic, is permitted.
The systems used by Ambulances, Fire Departments, and Law Enforcement are exempt.

The ban is in effect as of September 1, 2009 and will carry a fine of $500.
Demerit points will not be included but depending upon the violation, police will have the option to also use existing careless driving laws for additional penalties.

I for one always talk on my phone (bad me) but not anymore! I’m sure not taking the risk of getting a $500 ticket. I did stop texting and driving a while ago though because that actually involves looking down at the screen instead of the road and I realized that’s just plain dangerous.

What are your thoughts?

Will you stop talking on your cell? Get a headset/ear piece? Just keep doing it anyway and hope you don’t get caught?

update: will be in effect THIS FALL, not September 1st

117 responses to “Cell phone use in Ontario while driving to be officially banned”

  1. bloo says:

    Thhis should have happened years AGO,obviously not everybody can concentrate on the road at the sanme time..I cant do other things While Im on the phone or talking to somebody …really glad its agasint the law now!

  2. lynda says:

    great – finally Ontario is doing what Quebec has done!!!! I already have a earphone and use it on my travels around the city. Hopefully this will put an end to distracted drivers who think they can drive when on the phone

  3. Justine says:

    it kinda sickens me how everyone has to be talking on the phone all the time, what are you talking about? focus on the task at hand!

  4. cheapskate101 says:

    I still see people texting and talking on their phone ALL THE TIME!! i saw a lady putting in her makeup and driving with her knees! pathetic

  5. itsjustmebub says:

    It’s definitely a positive thing
    and if you NEEED to talk, get yourself a headset or ear piece.
    It’s simple.

  6. Yan says:

    The Metro said it wasn’t effective until next month?

  7. saraL says:

    my mom and dad were almost in an accident yesterday because of a man talking on his cell phone at a four way stop and just drove right through. my dad had to slam on the brakes to avoid being struck. the worst part is, they said he didn’t even notice. he just kept gabbing away and drove on.

    there are too many stupid deaths because of people who are careless while driving. my friend’s boyfriend almost ran over a little girl once because he was texting [about getting someone to buy him beer as we were all underage at the time]. i have never been in a car with him since.

  8. Sara says:

    I disagree with it. I see people doing A LOT worse things in cars than talking on a cell phone. I do agree you shouldn’t text.
    Then you shouldn’t be allowed to drink, eat, change a CD….plus worse things like changing clothes, shaving, makeup , I could go on and on!

  9. Beast Master says:

    It’s long overdue. I don’t know how many times I could have been hit by completely distracted drivers, while crossing the street.
    I agree, the law should be extended to any activity that distracts the driver. Sara mentioned a good list to start with.
    AND then the dang courts need to start enforcing the penalties!!!!!!!

  10. itsjustmebub says:

    Sara … you should ALSO not be allowed to do any of those things.

  11. Doyl says:

    Hate to admit it but I always use the phone on speaker mode! I do think there are others things people do far worse as mentioned above (e.g. applying makeup! even your eyes are not on the road!!) well now I am just going to keep the phone on my lap and talk…I hate headphones they irritate my ear.

  12. Justine says:

    wait.. I can’t change my clothes while driving anymore?

  13. cheapy says:

    Ha! when do you think they’ll actually start enforcing it? It’s like the smoking in cars with kids under 18, they make one example of someone and then you don’t hear of anyone getting fined…

    They could generate sooooo much money if they actually started enforcing these laws, but I guess they have better things to do with their time…

  14. cheeka3000 says:

    well.. I love to text while I drive.. bad bad
    ok I know I shouldn’t I certainly won’t be anymore.. but it actually is a good law because some of us aren’t good at doing both.

    I wonder if they will invent something that allows us to talk out what we wanna say and it texts it to someone!??!? some needs to invent this

  15. Sara says:

    There better be a clause in there that you can call 911 or *0PP while still driving!

    I’ve used those multiple times. I’d really prefer not to pull over on the side of the 401 to use my cell!
    Or the time I had the psycho following me….

    I just totally disagree with it.
    Its not saying you can’t TALK anymore. Its saying you have to talk using a hands free device.
    Most of what you guys are saying is that the aspect of talking is the distraction. Well guess what, theres still going to be everyone talking! The only difference is they won’t be holding their phone!
    It was a complete waste of legislation money. I’d rather see the money spent on make tougher criminal laws…ex..a rapist getting out after 5yrs!

  16. Me says:

    This ban is not in effect until October 1st at the earliest. It is still going through another reading.

  17. mapsgirl says:

    Thanks, Me. I didn’t think it started yet.

  18. Momo says:

    Just got this off MTO.

    Ontario鈥檚 new law prohibiting the use of hand-held cell phones and other hand-held communications and entertainment devices while driving is expected to come into effect in fall 2009. (Please note: Reports that the law took effect on September 1, 2009 are incorrect.) Once the new law is in place, drivers who text, type, email, dial or chat using any hand-held device will face fines of up to $500 upon conviction. Hands-free use will still be permitted.


  19. Sara says:

    I believe its to go in effect October 19th.

  20. Mel says:

    im happy that they are banning this now. i see to many accidents where i live because of people talking on the phone while driving.

    this should have been passed a long time ago.

    they should of also banned puting makeup while driving, eating,change clothes ect..

    there are some stupid laws out there that shouldnt of passed… like smoking in a car with kids in the vehicle.. comon’ if i want to smoke in MY car while my kids are in it.. its my choice.

    the stupidest law ever is not to smoke within 6 meters of the bus stop.. so what.. am i supposed to smoke in the middle of the street??
    pretty soon we wont be able to smoke in our own house!!

  21. John says:

    Well of course you have to use a hands free device!! Since this law has gone into effect in many other provinces and states it has saved countless lives. Cell phone accidents account for 25% of all car accidents. It is not a waste of money to have the lives of people saved. The government has not wasted money, it is the people who refuse to drive safely who have wasted our money. Just watch Canada’s most unsafe driver and see the attitudes that some of these people have. They believe they can do what they want while putting others at risk. It’s about time!!

  22. Ash says:

    This is stupid – it’s not like having your actual hands not on the wheel is causing accidents. People are distracted by the actual *talking*, so the clause allowing handsfree use is self-defeating. (source: http://www.unews.utah.edu/p/?r=062206-1 )

    You should either ban not having both hands on the wheel *OR* ban talking at all whilst in a car (the actual distracting part). Most people would believe that either of these options is stupid, and they’re correct. The option to ban *just* cell-phone use only does two things: 1) gets public support for an election and 2) gets revenue from tickets.

    So, I repeat: this is stupid.

  23. night_star says:

    I live in QC and it’s been banned for a while. For about the first two months I saw like no one on the phone…. now EVERYONE is talking on the phone while driving despite the ban. I really wish they would crack down harder on them. Now they are debating banning bluetooth sets but if they can’t friggin control cell phone talking why bother with the blue tooth??

    And I know this video has made the rounds online but I had to shsow it to my co-workers and family.


    very moving. I wish they would air this for the teens that are driving that think they can text and drive.

  24. Zephyr says:

    Anybody who opposes this legislation clearly does not understand the gravity of the situation. It is extremely dangerous to only have one hand on the wheel when you are driving. What do you think is the #1 thing people have in one of their hands when they don’t have both of them on the wheel? Yes, it’s a cell phone. Judging from the comments, unless you’ve had a close call because of dangerous cell phone use while driving you don’t seem to acknowledge the problem. This is the most irresponsible attitude you can adopt. Waiting until somebody gets hurt or killed before you do anything about it…yeah real smart.

    I’d also like to ad that talking on cell phones while driving has led to people texting while driving. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that texting while driving is an utterly moronic thing to do. Plain and simple, people should have both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road.

  25. screamy says:

    About flipping time. In downtown Toronto you practically need to carry an airhorn as a pedestrian.

    But I guarantee that some moron will challenge his ticket with a “freedom of expression” argument.

  26. Ash says:

    @Zephyr No one’s saying texting while driving isn’t dangerous or stupid. It is. However, attacking people who oppose this legislation ad hominem and calling them stupid isn’t helping. Let’s actually think about this: just because it sounds good doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good thing.

    Personally, as a cyclist and pedestrian, I’ve had more than my fair share of close run-ins with motorists. And I’ve got to say, not all of them are on cell phones. People just suck at driving, but blaming it on cell phones means that we don’t have to accept responsibility for bad drivers as a society; it’s their own fault.

    Let’s get better driving education and mandatory re-testing of drivers every five years and we can really reduce accidents due to bad driving.

  27. itsjustmebub says:

    @ ash if it’s the CONVERSATION that is distracting, then make sure you never speak to your passenger or children in the car … lol
    I mean .. you need to be reasonable.
    EVERYTHING is a potential distraction.

    At least they are trying to make the roads safer

  28. itsjustmebub says:

    @ Ash … Zephyr seems to enjoy insulting people. Don’t take offense. She insulted me in another post just yesterday.

  29. Melissa says:

    If you can’t drive with one hand, you probably shouldn’t have your licence in the first place.

    If you are smoking in your car with your kids, you probably shouldn’t have had kids in the first place. I’m sure they’d prefer not to get cancer, and it’s awfully inconsiderate of you not to give them a choice.

    Zephyr, it’s clearly not the “one hand on the wheel” aspect of operating a cell phone while driving that they object to.. if it was, operating a GPS, drinking a soda, winding down your windows, changing the radio station, tightening your seat belt, and picking your nose would all be illegal.

    If they want to start decreasing accidents they should make the MTO stop accepting bribes in exchange for licences.

    People who are stupid and inattentive enough to cause accidents do so regardless of cell phone use.

  30. Kaldirris says:

    Thank the Gods! It’s about freakin’ time!!!
    My take on the whole thing: I work at a towing company, and I can’t even count the times I’ve had some arse in my yard, looking at their totalled car, telling me “I was on my phone & didn’t even see them.” Friggin’ retards.
    NOTHING is so important that you can’t pull over to yap on your cell. And frankly, I think you’re an idiot if you don’t. Don’t you dare risk MY life, or my son’s life, because you think you’re so damned special that you can’t be bothered to pull over to have your little chat. Guess what? You’re not that important. Pull over or hang up. Duh.
    I was almost run off the road yesterday because some stupid little twinkie was yapping on her cell while cruising her big ol’ Lincoln Navigator down the highway, and, because she thought her phone call was more important than her driving, she came into my lane, nearly on top of me. Just another example of why we need chlorine in the gene pool.
    The upside is, I KNOW that my brakes work very well, and my car can handle sudden deccelerating turns without problems. Thank the Goddess for that, because I’d be dead otherwise.
    Can you tell this topic is a hot one for me?

    Not to mention, this past January, we lost one of our drivers here – he was texting while driving, lost control of his vehicle, and ended up broadsided by another vehicle … he died in the ICU a week later.
    Smarten up, and HANG UP!!!

  31. itsjustmebub says:

    @ melissa

  32. Airline_g says:

    off topic
    MEL, Smoking in your car with your kids ok if its your choice? Seriously? Are you kidding? would you send your kids to school in a bus full of mold and toxins? or have them sit in a class full of dirt and chemicals? i think that would be safer then forcing them to sit in a car full of dirty smoke..

    I agree that you should not be smoking in public area’s, if you ever quit smoking you would understand how much it effects non smokers and how sick it makes them feel.. your body is just used to being full of all those dirty toxins that you cant feel it anymore..

    I smoked for 20 years, i know how horrible it is but i also know it was easy to quit.. you just have to try and be willing to get through the hard few days it takes. When i was a smoker i would never even imagine smoking in the car with any kids or animals in it with me.. never .. omg that is horrible. If i did, i would expect child services to take the kids away.

    pretty sure if you took a vote of the whole country, the majority would say smoking in a car with your kids is stupid and so is talking on the phone. (JMO)

    on topic
    so happy this law is passing, its about time.. There is no need debating the people that are against it, it feels hopeless that they will ever understand, i assume they are the ones that caused this law to pass in the 1st place. I only wish the fine was higher and perhaps a little jail time for repeat offenders. It can be just as dangerous as drunk driving (depending on the driver)

    If your ever talking on the phone while driving and you hear a horn beep followed by some guy giving you the finger.. (it was me saying what are you doing stupid) lol j/k i know that would be dangerous too lol

  33. Sally says:

    Wow I could of paid off an MTo worker to avoid my tests and just got my license? Can someone direct me where to go?

  34. itsjustmebub says:

    @ airline g … melissa was saying NOT to smoke with kids “If you are smoking in your car with your kids, you probably shouldn鈥檛 have had kids in the first place. I鈥檓 sure they鈥檇 prefer not to get cancer, and it鈥檚 awfully inconsiderate of you not to give them a choice.” she AGREES with you lol

  35. Airline_g says:

    no no.. i meant Mel.. a few lines higher then melissa

  36. itsjustmebub says:

    @ airline g …
    whoops MY mistake … lol
    yeah, that’s ridiculous.

  37. Airline_g says:

    lol.. you gave me a scare for a minute hehe

  38. itsjustmebub says:

    lol sorry

  39. Airline_g says:

    dont be it was funny lol 馃檪

    Has anyone ever seen someone smoking, talking on the phone and driving?

    I did a couple months ago and couldn’t believe my eyes.. this girl had the phone held to her ear with her shoulder, smoke in one hand and wheel in the other.. there is no way she could see properly with her head tilted to the side like that. This is totally the reason we need these laws.

    It may not stop everyone and everyone may not agree.. but if it just saves one life, just one.. isnt it worth it? that one life could be yours, your sons, your daughters? mothers, father, grand parent? cousin, best friend, spouse or even a stranger.

  40. itsjustmebub says:

    @ airline g …
    well put.
    as someone whose family has lost a daughter … I see my MIL still struggle with this daily FIFTEEN years later …
    so yes, if it saves just one life it’s worth it.

  41. Melissa says:

    to Sally:
    Haha i’d recommend trying Scarborough!

    But on a serious note, I talk on my phone while driving, usually on speaker. But i also pay attention to the road and everything around me. I’m not stupid enough to drive into someone because i’m carrying on a conversation. My eyes still work. BUT i also don’t mind having to use speaker or a headset. It’s not as if i’m horribly offended by this law. People will just have to make an adjustment. Not worth getting upset about! And if it works, great!

    But i think it’s a bit of a cop-out…

    If they’re worried about keeping the roads safe, and not just in making money, no one would have more than 1 DUI conviction and EVER be able to drive again. (That guy in PQ sentenced to life after 19 DUIs… seriously? 19??) No one convicted of street racing would EVER be able to drive again.

  42. Betty Van Hoof says:

    I am totally against cell phone use in the car. If your cell phone rings either pull off the road safely and answer or let it ring and phone them back when it is safe to do so. We had a three car pile up a couple of days ago which was caused by someone talking on a cell phone as he was crossing a main highway. Thank God, no one was killed, but one was hospitalized. The driver will be charged. How can we stop these things from happening. God help us all!

  43. Zephyr says:

    I’d just like to clear up a few things. First of all, I never called anybody stupid nor did I launch any Ad hominem attacks. Please re-read my comment and you will see that you put words in my mouth. It seems as though some people are looking for a reason to get offended… In reality I simply stated that texting while driving is moronic, which it is.

    Also, itsjustmebub, I never insulted you, and I don’t “enjoy” insulting people. You need to get a little bit thicker skin on you.

    I do not agree that this is ENTIRELY an issue of talking while driving. It is the combination of being distracted by the conversation, and not having full control over your vehicle WHILE being distracted.

    In closing I’d like to ad that I lived in Toronto for a number of years as a pedestrian. Every day I was constantly having my life endangered by crappy drivers and their complete disregard for pedestrians. I have a reason to be thankful for legislation that forces drivers to be more safe when behind the wheel.

  44. Sally says:

    Ya but the streetracing at least in our area isnt targetting punk kids, there targetting people who dont slow down the second the in town speed limit starts.

    When I start reading about all the people being busted at 50 over a lot of it is just sillyness in our area.

    Btw I see cops doing 50 over all the time wheres my ticket notepad?

  45. itsjustmebub says:

    @ zephyr
    okay you didn’t OUTRIGHT insult me … you just told me i was leading a cushy, sheltered life and should try getting out in the real world.
    You’re right.
    That was really a nice thing to say.

  46. Ash says:

    @itsjustmebub That’s my point lol

  47. itsjustmebub says:

    right. lol

  48. Ash says:

    @Zephyr whatever, so you didn’t explicitly call me stupid, just irresponsible and unable to grasp the gravity of the legislation. Whatever.

    If this is the sort of bullshit that’s prominent around these message boards, smartcanucks, then I’ll be leaving now and not coming back. I thought I had found a sane refuge from the Consumerist.com comments section, but clearly this is not better.

    Thanks for shitting on my first post, Zephyr, you’re responsible for me leaving the site.


  49. Melissa says:

    I realize this is somewhat tangential but鈥

    The town speed limit starts because you’re in a town.. if the town is a 40 or 50 zone, and you’re going 50 over, that means you were probably already going faster than the speed limit of 80 or 90 BEFORE it dropped…

    And speed limits are speed limits.. you can’t decree that some people can go 50 over and it’s OK, giving THEM a ticket is just “silliness”

    PS – i think if you get killed by a middle aged guy going 50 over the limit, you’re just as dead as if it were a “punk kid” driving.. not really sure why you think only a certain age demographic should be targeted..

  50. Trevor says:

    good news – i won’t be running any more red lights accidentally

  51. itsjustmebub says:

    @ ash … don’t let one person with a bad attitude ruin it for you. this is a great place

    @ trevor … if that was a joke, it wasn’t funny.

  52. ditchchamp says:

    Someone I know was at a red light in Quebec and just picked up his Blackberry to look at the screen to see if he had any new messages and a cop gave him a ticket. You literally cannot HOLD the thing in your hand, even at a red light! Just a heads up people.

  53. PC says:

    This is taken directly from the
    Ontario gov, website.

    NEW – Ontario鈥檚 Bill 118, The Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act, 2009

    Ontario鈥檚 new law prohibiting the use of hand-held cell phones and other hand-held communications and entertainment devices while driving is expected to come into effect in fall 2009. (Please note: Reports that the law took effect on September 1, 2009 are incorrect.) Once the new law is in place, drivers who text, type, email, dial or chat using any hand-held device will face fines of up to $500 upon conviction. Hands-free use will still be permitted.

  54. itsjustmebub says:

    thanks PC

  55. Zephyr says:


    You can’t handle one little bit of criticism that I might ad was not directed solely at YOU specifically? What kind of forums and message boards have you been using? Me having an opinion that you disagree with on ONE TOPIC does not constitute “bullshit that鈥檚 prominent around these message boards”. If you think I honestly “shat” on your post then again I ask, what kind of message boards and forums having you been going to?

    I have been attacked plenty of times for no good reason at all, and over completely stupid topics that don’t even compare to this one (on other sites not smartcanucks.ca). I have experience dealing with really nasty people online and I don’t see how my comments could have motivated you to go nuts and blame me for you leaving the site. How easily do you get your feelings hurt? I cannot believe you would leave just because you perceived me insulting you, and even if I DID directly insult you it doesn’t warrant you freaking out and saying you’re never coming back. It is your decision, but I honestly think you are overreacting.

    Anyway, Ash and itsjustmebub, if you thought I was insulting you, I apologize! It was not my intention. I hope you can understand why I think you both need a bit “thicker skin” if you know what I mean.

  56. itsjustmebub says:

    @ zephyr …
    in the gillette thread, your comment WAS rude. that’s really my only “issue” here lol …

    in any case, i am happy to move on.
    my skin is plenty thick … when someone is rude i will say so. that’s all.

  57. Ash says:

    @Zephyr I know you’re not serious, and it’s not the insults (I have plenty thick skin), it’s just the attitude of commenters like you. If you can’t have a conversation with someone without inferring that they’re stupid, then I don’t want to have a conversation with you.

    We can disagree without insulting eachother, and I think that anyone looking at what you wrote would agree that it’s meant as an insult. You can hide behind your technicality if you wish, but I’m gone.

  58. itsjustmebub says:

    back to the issue here …
    i will be using my fido dollars to get a free headset.
    stupid fido… occasionally they are good for something

  59. Kaldirris says:

    @ Ash: that’s a shame that you feel you need to leave. One of the things I love about this site in particular is how we can all get together & express our opinions as adults. Granted, sometimes adults can be rude, too – it happens to the best of us. Be like a duck & let it roll off your back. It only matters to you if you LET it. IF someone offends you, why give them the power of KNOWING that they can get to you? Smile, wish them a nice life, and carry on as usual.
    That’s just MY opinion. (and trust me, I have a whole POCKETFUL!!! LOL)
    ~don’t let one silly little disagreement ruin SC for you – BELIEVE me, the good outweighs the bad.

  60. Zephyr says:

    I apologize to both of you and it is immediately met with more complaint! Again, it was not my intention to insult ANYONE, but if you cannot accept that fact that it was not done on purpose then I shouldn’t have apologized in the first place. The idea that I can’t have a conversation without insulting somebody is absurd. Like I said before, maybe some people are explicitly LOOKING for a reason to get upset. I’m not hiding behind any technicalities. I apologized and you both retorted!

    You people are too much.

  61. itsjustmebub says:

    zephyr, i accept your apology


    like i said
    i am happy to move on.

  62. Radio says:

    So why not ban talking to someone in the car as well, it is distracting. Get rid of any media player in the vehical as well. If you have troubles multitasking then you shouldnt be driving either. Seriously, how hard is it driving and talking? Can we all just ban driving. Sneezing while driving is 10x worse than talking on the phone. You sneeze and you have to close your eyes, you are not watching the road and bam! crash.

  63. Zephyr says:

    How exactly does one ban an involuntary reflex?

    Comparing having a radio in the car or talking to somebody in the passenger seat being as distracting as holding and talking on a cell phone just doesn’t match up. It’s the act of holding AND talking to somebody on the phone while trying to drive that creates the problem.

  64. Jenn says:

    I agree with the legislation, however reports that Bill 118 was in effect as of Sept. 1, 2009 are false. Check the Ministry website:


  65. Kaldirris says:

    Well, maybe, if we’re very, very lucky, eventually they’ll change the laws so that IF you’re stupid enough to do this, WHEN you kill someone through your gross negligence & inattention, you can have a nice, cushy decade or two in jail. Then again, I think those arses that drink & drive and kill someone should get an automatic 20 years, too. If you’re incapable of keeping all your attention on your driving, take the bus.
    For the record, I don’t smoke, eat, OR yap on the cell while driving – I take sips of coffee ONLY when stopped at a red light, and don’t take my eyes off the traffic lights while doing so. I have steering wheel controls for my stereo, so I don’t glance over at the stereo while the car is moving, AND, my friends always complain that I’m a lousy conversationalist while driving. Then again, as I said, I work at a towing company, so I see first-hand what can happen when you’re an inattentive or stupid driver.
    This is a terrific law, and I wish it was for the entire country, not just select provinces.

  66. Kaldirris says:

    The thing all the naysayers seem to be forgetting is that motor vehicles are essentially 2,000lbs of metal, hurtling down the road at 50+ kilometres per hour. Try this little experiment – run into a brick wall as fast as you can (on foot). When your broken bones heal, think about how much worse your injuries would have been with the force of a moving vehicle behind it.
    You CANNOT be distracted while operating a car. It’s extremely irresponsible, and you’re risking the lives of everyone else on the road (and sidewalks, crosswalks, etc) while doing so. Might as well just start firing a gun into the crowd.
    Yes, I feel very strongly about this issue, and nothing will change my mind on it. I wish my late coworker would have been smarter about it, too – he’s been sorely missed.

  67. itsjustmebub says:

    @ kaldirris
    excellent last point

  68. Airline_g says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal is for all the people that are opposed to this law? Just buy a blue tooth hands free device, and have your conversations while driving. If you cant afford that, then perhaps you shouldn’t be spending your money on the phone anyway.. or a car for that matter. I understand that this law may be a hard pill to swallow, but as they say “suck it up buttercup” its here to stay 馃檪 I believe most new cars are coming with that technology anyway, its a great invention.

  69. Jake says:

    This is a money racket.
    Where do we draw the line?
    Lets ban changing radio stations while driving, or picking your nose.
    Get real.
    Police officers have better things to do then play the cell phone police.
    Such as eating doughnuts.

    Thank God I don’t live in Ontario, that province is terrible.
    Walk down the street with your nose pointed in the wrong direction and you’ll find yourself in a prison cell or burdened by a $5000 ticket.

  70. elaine says:

    Yesterday I was driving with the air conditioning on and the vent spit some dirt into my eye. That was 10x more distracting than anything I’ve ever encountered before while driving. I suggest we also ban air conditioning a heating while driving, it’s dangerous!

  71. Stephanie (esbee) says:

    Get off your phones people! It’s so dangerous.

  72. Val says:

    To Justine: LOL!! 馃檪

  73. Stephanie (esbee) says:

    @Kaldirris: you said it ALL. I agree with you 100%. The only time I have ever used my cell in the car is when I’m stopped or pulled over. Driving requires all your concentration – you never know who or what my dart in front of you. There is absolutely NO NEED to text while driving. You get in a car, you put your keys in, and that is the task you should be focusing on. Not checking other people’s FB status or tweeting where you are at the moment. I think texting is WAY WORSE than talking on the cell, but still, people who are upset about this law really should be thinking about the other people on the road.

  74. thegirl says:

    thanks for the info. i have passed it along.

  75. itsjustmebub says:

    wow Jake have you EVER been to Ontario? lmao
    where the heck did that comment come from??

  76. Caroline says:

    I wished they would do this in Alberta as well…
    I am soooooooooo sick of ALMOST getting into accidents numerous times a day, because somebody is yapping away on their cell phone. The worst part ist that they never even notice that they were in a dangerous situation.
    If you ever read about a driver who beat the crap out of another driver with their own flip phone in near future….that will be me 馃槢

  77. Kaldirris says:

    @itsjustmebub: I was in Ontario this July, and I kind of have to agree with Jake. I really didn’t like Onterrible that much … lots of really uptight people…. do you guys SMILE out there?
    LOL – then again, I’m from the laid-back hippy-land commonly known as BC, so what do I know? haha

  78. itsjustmebub says:

    my hubby hates everyone from BC so I guess we’re even 馃檪

  79. jerri says:

    Kaldirris you have said it, all and very well

    People can just be amazingly selfish and irresponsible in thinking that their right to chat or text humerous comments to their friends non-stop trumps the safetey or even lives of others.

  80. Boo Radley says:

    Tweet: I’m now in my car heading home… long day at work
    Tweet: I’m driving at 130km/h… why does the 401 have a max speed of 100km/h when no one follows speed limits
    Tweet: I’m near exit 169
    Tweet: My life is so eventful
    Tweet: Only half an hour to go
    Tweet: It’s 5pm and the highway is at a standstill… strange
    Tweet: I’m hungry! Pizza tonight!
    Tweet: Some loser almost hit my car. Why can’t people focus on driving and leave EVERYTHING else till they go home. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to drive cars.

  81. Kaldirris says:

    ROFLMAOOOOOOO!!!! I don’t HATE people from Ontario, I just think you folks should relax a little, that’s all. 馃槢
    Come out to BC for a vacation … I’ll show you guys around. 馃檪

  82. Kaldirris says:

    You’re a nutter. 馃槢

  83. itsjustmebub says:

    oh i’ve been to BC, it’s beautiful … 馃檪

  84. Kaldirris says:

    Very true – us BC’ers firmly believe we have the most beautiful province in Canada. Certainly the most diverse, as far as landscape goes … we have it all: glaciers, mountains, desert (complete with tumbleweeds), ocean, etc, etc. Yep, I feel spoiled. 馃檪
    There’s a joke, mostly here on the West Coast, that you can switch from heat to AC 10 times during your 30 minute drive to work every morning! I can’t fully confirm that, however – my drive is only 10-15 minutes. hahaha

  85. Not the Answer says:

    Lets face it, they drive amongst us every day, people who put make up on, or people changing in the car. I’ve even seen people woofing down a big mac while driving. Lets face it some people can’t drive and do anything else period. Other people can multi task. Talking on the phone is 1 thing, but i agree we need to not Text and drive, that is something that does distract you from the task at hand. But really now, we can eat, drink, and change or put make up on and this doesn’t distract us?? GPS is another problem all together, while people are driving and punching in an address and this is ok? hmm all we have to do now is figure a way to text and phone from the GPS and thats your way around the law.

    But safety is the first thing, so use common sense and refrain from putting on make up, eating, changing and using the GPS while driving and keep our roadways safe!

  86. itsjustmebub says:

    it’s not the final solution no, but it’s a step in the right direction

  87. Ryan says:

    Some things make sense others do not…

    First comparing talking on a phone to eating is not the same. Talking is a mental distraction where you can lose focus on the road. Eating is just a coordination issue where most problems come up from falling food.

    The problem with this law (for the talking on cell phone part) is that a study was done by a Canadian firm and shown that hands free devices are just as dangerous as using a cell phone. Your mind is still distracted as you are talking to someone who has no idea about your current situation (speed, weather, construction, traffic volume… etc) Which is way its not the same as talking to someone within your car.

    To band hand held devices and not blue tooth cell phones is just saying people can’t drive with one hand.

  88. Steenibambini says:

    Definitely a good thing! I have a loudspeaker button on my cellphone so I can still talk while my cell is on the console while I drive.

  89. dino says:

    I read a comment from a girl on here that if you cant drive with hand you shouldnt be driving anyways. GOOD GOD GIRL !!!!! You really think your that an awesome driver. No one and i mean no one is a perfect driver not even instructors. If your distracted holding a phone in your hand while you cant either shift gears or use your signal while having a hand on your steering wheel your endangering others on the road.
    I fro one agree you shouldnt be holding a phone while driving, get a hands free or headset. 6 years ago i was rearended by a guy in a 5 ton furniture truck because he was holding and talking on his phone. Well now i have a hirniated disc in bulging disc in my back because he was to lazy to use a handsfree or that he thought his phone call was more important than my life. My life style has taken a complete 180 degree. I used to be a wieght lifter and not anymore, used to run everywhere i went or just because i felt like running, not anymore i get a headache just running across the street. And no whos gonna replace everything i used to enjoy how is someone gonna replace waht my life used to be? No money can replace how i was living a healthy active lifestyle.

  90. Delynn Clarke says:

    I know of a family that got hit by a girl that was texting while she was driving and she crossed the yellow line. The dad was driving and was in the hospital for months and the mom (who was in the back with her few months old baby boy in the car seat) the mom put her body over the car seat and saved her baby’s life….but the mom DIED due to her injury’s…….
    There is NO NEED FOR THIS…you really don’t need to be doing other thing when you are driving…….
    My prayer’s are with the father and his son….Growing up with out his mommy :(…

  91. Rachel says:

    @Ryan- Good point. If I’m sitting in the passenger seat talking to the driver and I notice that they are drifting into another lane, I would be there to point that out. If I’m at home talking to them on the phone I have no idea what’s going on in the car.

    I hate people who text while driving. 3 years ago I was hit in the middle of the crosswalk while pushing my niece in a stroller by a guy who was too busy texting to pay attention to the road. I wasn’t badly injured but had he been 2 or 3 seconds earlier he wouldn’t have hit me he would have hit the stroller. It still scares me to think about what could have happened. The worst part was hearing him tell the police office that he didn’t know how it happened because he texted and drove all the time and he had never had a problem. It only takes one time.

  92. mcminsen says:

    Rachel and Ryan, I agree.

    A good passenger knows when to shut up for a minute (or whatever) and let you drive. If someone’s ranting at you on the phone (hand held or not) while six other things are going on in front of you then it’s extremely distracting.

    However the bigger issue of careless driving is addressed, I think this ban is a step in the right direction. Oh, and increase the penalties to pay for more enforcement.

  93. ycx21 says:

    i am so screwed
    i use my blackberry as a gps and an mp3 player

    and my mom calls to check up on me a lot


    it’s not like i text or have real conversations =(

  94. evilid says:

    Using cell phone while driving is dangerous.
    So it was banned.
    It is as simple as that.
    Yes, there are other distractions as dangerous as cell phone use while driving.
    Smoking is bad for our health.
    So the government try to discourage smoking with various means.
    Yes, there are thousands of other things that adversely affect our health.
    So we should not discourage smoking since we cannot discourage all those things?

  95. RKX says:

    I also heard from the insurance company that if any teenager driving is caught using a cell phone or texting while driving also loses their license (found that out when insuring my new car last week)

  96. Susy says:

    …… the ban doesn’t officially start till October 1st/09, please check out the “ministry of transportation” website…… just a heads up!

  97. Airline_g says:

    I wish i had a big bumper on the front of my car.. I dont know how many times im on the 401 and someone if doing 80-90 because they are talking on the phone.. they dont give a &^* that they are holding up traffic at all. With my bigger bumper i would like to give them a little nudge and say “wake up loser” cause you know they would have no idea i was there until they felt the car get bumped.. guaranteed. (now i will never really do this, its still very dangerous but it would serve a lesson i think)

  98. Melissa says:

    Hmm… what an unfortunate thought process you all have re: one hand driving.. i guess anyone who’s had one arm amputated shouldn’t be allowed to operate a motor vehicle.

    “GOOD GOD GIRL !!!!! You really think your that an awesome driver.”

    No, but you only need two hands on the wheel for situations like brake and avoid, which most idiots probably don’t know how to execute, anyway. It’s called power steering. Get a life!

    Just because i’ve generally only got one hand on the steering wheel doesn’t mean i’m slaloming uncontrollably back and forth across the yellow and white lines. Using both hands increases neither someone’s ability to pay attention nor their coordination.

    Please explain why there are cup holders in a car?

    Haha Airline, usually the person in front of me (in the passing lane going 90) is an old man/woman, who probably wouldn’t even know what a cell phone was!!!

    The problem is no one really teaches anyone how to drive anymore… (moving over, paying attention, checking your blind spots, turning into the proper lane – that one really gets my goat, yellow not meaning “SPEED UP” etc…) they just drive however they want, phones or no….

  99. Melissa says:

    Oh, and inclement weather conditions, of course 馃檪

  100. Kaldirris says:

    “Please explain why there are cup holders in a car?”
    That’s an easy one … so that you have somewhere (other than in your hands or between your knees – duh) to put your cup WHILE YOU’RE DRIVING!!!! Obviously.
    Frankly, you should be doing NOTHING BUT DRIVING while your vehicle is in motion. I get sooooooo sick of seeing these idiots cruising down the road, looking at anything but the road in front of them, doing all sorts of stupid things – makeup, chatting on cell phones, etc, etc.

    And, you really should have 2 hands on the wheel at all times. Remember your driving test? You should have received demerits for 1-handed driving. Just because you now HAVE your license doesn’t mean you have carte blanche on the roads. There are still rules you need to follow, and if you don’t like them, take the bus.
    You have no right to risk MY life because you think you’re Jackie Stewart in a dress.

  101. Kaldirris says:

    The seats recline in most cars, too – doesn’t mean your supposed to lid down while the car’s in motion, either.
    It’s a crying shame that common sense ISN’T.

  102. Kaldirris says:

    OOPS – make that LIE DOWN.

  103. Ryan says:

    @ evilid

    I agree you have to take steps, but the law is saying that talking on the phone is fine as long as its not in your hand, which is not true. Just kinda thought they shoulda banned it completely.

    @ melissa

    yes most people drive with 1 hand, but its not as safe. 2 hands on the wheel keep you more focused on what you’re doing and also more prepared for any emergency.

    2 personal beefs:
    If your not passing someone get outa the left lane!
    Stop using the merger lane in rush hour to pass 6 cars!

  104. Mark says:

    Too many rules already. Too many freedoms being taken away every day. I think people should be responsible for themselves and don’t need mommy and daddy government telling us what to do. If someone screws up and causes an accident, they should pay the price and maybe will be more responsible next time.

  105. Trainm says:

    Maybe you boys,and girls, should get the story straight before publishing time. There are a lot of people out there who think that what ever they read is LAW. You dope taken idiots should check with the MTO web site, not a sick site like this… Talk about jumping the gun.

  106. itsjustmebub says:

    Will be in effect
    Oct. 26

    and also Trainm … thanks for your opinion 馃檪

  107. ycx21 says:

    a bit disappointed

    this doesn’t start tilll oct 26

    why did the OP say official NOW

    i guess i should have checked the real news…

    i’ve been telling everyone what i’ve read from this thread too =(

  108. Nancy says:

    I actually checked this link I found online before, but now the news confirmed it also:



  109. lel says:

    zupp….. peeople

  110. SYLVIA says:

    Thank you for all the detail! Yet another good piece of content, it’s precisely why My spouse and I returned to your weblog usually!

  111. colin says:

    Sell your Tim Horton shares if Ontario follow the UK and ban eating and drinking at the wheel!!

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