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Chapters Indigo Kids is having 5 days of deals .  Each day this week , Monday to Friday, there will be a deal on a select brand of childrens toys.  Deals are online offers only.  Deals are available from 12am until 12 pm on their respective days.  This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer  and available while supplies last.  Upcoming brands look to be Melissa & Doug, Barbie, Lego and Leap Frog.

Today’s deal you save 30% on all Playmobil brand toys.

Today is save 25% off Melissa and Doug!

Today is save 30% off Leap Frog

Today is save 25% off Barbie

Today is save 25% off Lego

Check back everyday for the daily deal.

29 responses to “Chapters Indigo Kids Canada 5 Days 5 Brands *Nov 14-18*”

  1. Twinmommy says:

    The Leap Frog learning tablets are out of stock! I think this is going to be one of the hard to find items for Christmas as everywhere I have looked they are unavailable or on backorder 🙁

  2. cbocean says:

    the one and only thing my son is asking for is a playmobil knight castle. Cheaper today at Chapters but they want to charge $12 for an oversized box. TRU was free shipping wiht the 20% off. Worked out about the same. I already ordered TRU last week so I guess I will just keep that one.

  3. Brenda says:

    Great deal – and you can use the November $5 promotion code too (OLNOV11). I just purchased a couple of the smaller items with free shipping!

  4. daystar says:

    do they do price match for their own stuff

  5. Insane says:

    Excited for the leapfrog. Been looking at getting my youngest the Tag Jr.

  6. tudorchick says:

    i hope it is the eap pad.want one for my 4 year old but 90 is a bit steep

  7. Insane says:

    Leappad is sold out. It may not be available when the leappad goes on sale.

    Waiting to see what today’s sale is. Was supposed to change at midnight EST!

  8. Insane says:

    25% off Melissa & Doug today. Bet they are following the order of the logos posted.

  9. Insane says:

    30% off Leapfrog today!!! But when you go to the website none of the leapfrog stuff is listed as being on sale. What gives?

  10. Sally says:

    I bet they just are being tardy

  11. shishla says:

    That LeapPad is harder to find than Kim Kardashians wedding ring lol. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE, including stores in the states to get a friend to bring back for me. is showing them available in a lot of places in Alberta… but not at the one closest to my brother in law… I didnt think i would be competing for the years hottest toy when my kid was 3 and a half LOL.

  12. Jennifer says:

    That sucks that everyone is having a hard time finding the leappads 🙁 I was lucky and got my oldest the pink one at walmart when they went on sale for $89.00 and I got my youngest the green one with the bonus Mr Pencil game and app card in Pennsylvania for 99.00 – matched with the games I already bought and grandma buying an extra 6 for Christmas through this indigo deal we are definitely rolling in leappad equipment! I just hope the girls like them!!

  13. Kara says:

    Costco is carrying Leappads now and they are the only place I could find one. They are $87.99 there.

  14. justamy says:

    i saw some at Costco too!!

  15. mommmy2alayna says:

    Bought my little guy a Leaptop today! Thanks for the post!

  16. Twinmommy says:

    Thanks for the tip about Costco for the Leappad. I will check them out tomorrow!

  17. Twinmommy says:

    There are no Leappads at our Costco or any Costco that is within driving distance to me. In addition, the ones in Ontario that have Leappads are only showing no more than 5 in their store! In Edmonton on the other hand, there are 119 available! I guess I will be shelling out the $99.99 at TRU today before the sale ends! 🙁

  18. justamy says:

    GRRR!!! almost 12:40 and the prices still aren’t updated to reflect the lego sale!! wth?!

  19. Tra says:

    Are the leappads available at TRU? I can’t find them on the TRU or the costco website.
    Twinmommy, how did you check stock? Did you phone them?
    Walmart shows some in stock but they don’t really have them in the stores I called.
    Everywhere seems to be sold out. 🙁
    mommy2alayna, where did you find it?

  20. Tokid82 says:

    4 am est and the Lego still isn’t onsale

  21. justamy says:

    4:40am EST i could FINALLY get my first order through!!! not impressed at all!!! at that time they were finally adding things at what it seemed product by product.

    put my 2 orders through first and then a complaint through to Chapters!

  22. cbocean says:

    got lego, originally order $100 worth with one of the November $5 coupon code OLNOV11, then realized I could break it into 3 seperate orders and save another $10. So I reordered it all with 3 orders over $25 each and cancelled the first order.

  23. Stahr says: and the actual physical Chapters store are two different entities. Therefore they both offer different sales and do NOT price match each other. Silly I know, because they are competing with themselves.

  24. dizzyb says:

    cbocean, THANK YOU for pointing that out! I don’t know why, but I thought I had to spend $50 to be eligible for the $5 discount. So after reading your comment, I also cancelled my order and split it into two. Thanks for saving me another five bucks!

  25. dizzyb says:

    Just five minutes after receiving an email stating that the order had been received, I had a peek at the online order statuses to be sure the first one was cancelled. One of my “replacement” orders was already in “awaiting shipment” status! WOW. Glad I moved fast to cancel the first one LOL

  26. Twinmommy says:

    Tra – I had asked the cashier how I could go about finding something in the Costco I was in that was available in another store. She directed me to the people in ‘red smocks’ who have access to the store’s inventory and the other stores inventories. They are just off a little ways from the cashier area. I tried calling before I left, but it was impossible to get ahold of someone. I had to go anyway to pick up some groceries, so it wasn’t a total loss.

  27. Sara says:

    TRA- Not sure where you are but Ottawa Costco in Kanata got 80 leappads today. (I picked mine up there this morning) The Costco on Merivale in Ottawa is getting 80 tomorrow. I called Costco with the item # and they can tell you if they are getting a shipment and when, if it is in their system. The item number is 290797. Hope that helps.

  28. Tra says:

    Thanks Twinmommy and Sara!
    I found them at Mastermind in Burlington today. I tried to post that here but for some reason it was rejected. Not sure why.

  29. Byron Zinter says:

    My mother recently purchased a toy online for my brother’s Christmas present. She has since been contacted by the company selling and informed that due to an erroe on their side, the item had been wrongly priced and she now is expected to pay almost the same amount again. Surely if she paid the advertised price, the seller is legally obliged to forward the product?


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