Clearly Contacts Canada: Free Glasses July 13th *Discount Coupon Code*


Well, this is becoming a weekly event!  Clearly Contacts is giving away another free glasses giveaway for first time customers June 13th 9am edt.  You will have to pay shipping and handling which works out to be less then $15. Payments are credit card or Paypal. Simply enter the code “FREEGLASSES714” at checkout to get your frames and standard prescription lenses free. If you would like to upgrade your lenses, add extra coatings, shades etc you will have to pay the upcharge.  If you have anymore faq, click here for their Facebook page.

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16 responses to “Clearly Contacts Canada: Free Glasses July 13th *Discount Coupon Code*”

  1. Kaguya says:

    Spoke with the customer rep lately… the reason why they have this so often is that because, despite the good deals, not everyone wants to order online. During the last 4 free events, they had just under 10,000 orders, even though the quota for each is 10,000.

    That and because there are always people who want high end products… like Prada/Gucci brands. I’ve ordered from here before and while the quality is okay (I work at a optical store so the quality is just average, but to my friends and family and general public, the quality seems to be ‘superb’ *shrug). This site has high end brands but it’s only slightly cheaper than retail…

  2. Sally says:

    Hmmn, but then why during every promo do they post on facebook “only 300 pairs left” “only 50 pairs left*

    I dont know about your Optical stores but for some no name pair in its completion I’m paying about 300$ I pay 55$ just for them to place them on my head and say yep they fit ok.

  3. Annchan says:

    How do I put in my prescription information? Every time I have bought glasses in the store they insist on doing an eye check for the information. Do I just put in the info based on my memory of my last check?

  4. Sally says:

    No not by memory… your suppose to have a valid prescription that you use to fill out your information.

  5. KG says:

    anyone know a really affordable place to get your eyes checked and get a prescription in Toronto?

  6. Jess says:

    Wow they have been doing this a lot lately, it’s great!
    Just wanted to let you know the post says June 13th. I’m assuming it’s July 13th?

  7. tnmo says:


    $78 at Keele & Finch (1270 Finch Avenue) right beside the Hakim Optical (& no, it’s not a Hakim Optical optician – I have had very BAD experiences with them). His name is Dr. Lee, and in that same complex is my optician (Finch & Keele Opticians is the name – 416 667 0667 – Al-nasir Versi). I don’t have Dr. Lee’s number, but if you call Al-nasir he will most certainly give it to you. He is very thorough and patient, and very knowledgeable. Never again will I go to Walmart for my yearly check-up – they messed up my prescription colossally. Just to note: I am not advertising Dr. Lee, just helping a fellow smartcanucker

  8. Kaguya says:

    Well that was when i spoke with the girl when i called in last time to place my order (I think her name was Melissa but not that this matters) and she mentioned how they never actually fill the quota, even though they DO stop the “promotion” at some hour during the day. I guess if the promotion goes on for too long and you still have like “5000 codes left!” it makes the business look bad. But then again since they advertise this promotion like every other week…not sure how their marketing works.

    No i wasn’t talking about how you walk into an optical store to pay more just so they can confirm it’s ok. I don’t advocate going to a high end dispensary just to have this (the only thing I DO advocate now that i think about it, is, actually have a certified OPTOMETRIST not optician, do the eye checking. There has been a surge of retina distachment over the years even people who are in 20s, but I digress….). I was talking about the overall lens quality. It’s hard to explain but to normal people, they won’t see the difference. Sigh…

  9. tnmo says:

    I have a quick question for those of you who have ordered glasses with this free pair promo before – how the heck do you decide on which pair to choose?! Silly question, I know, but looking at the site has me overwhelmed & developing a headache (slight exaggeration). I’m the type of person who is horribly indecisive and has to try on or test everything I buy before I buy it. I just want to know if there are any brands that I should avoid/lean towards, if it’s worth it to upgrade for thinner lenses (i have a high prescription – I’m talking -7) etc. Any tips would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  10. Kaguya says:

    Hey tnmo,

    Some things you want to look for is the material it’s made out of, if it’ll compliment your face shape, weight, etc. Titanium is best if you want something light, avoid rectangular glasses if your face is squareish… Other than that, I would just pick the pair in a style you like and will be comfortable in 😀 Like i found a pair that looks stylish but I checked the dimensions and it seems too small for my face.

    Pick out 5 pairs and then order them which one you like best, to help narrow things down. And for -7.00D you should probably upgrade for higher index. It’s definitely worth it. However if these are just spare ones, you don’t necessary need an upgrade, just nice to have.

  11. KG says:

    Thanks tnmo! I appreciate it. So definitely no Walmart, eh? I think they charge around $75

  12. operabob says:

    Oh, well, tried to place an order but missed.

    “GLASSESSURVCA” as a code got $5.70 off but I’ll pass for now.

  13. operabob says:

    OK, got it! July 13.

  14. Kaguya says:

    Oh yes by the way… speaking of the Walmart bits that tnmo brought up,

    I do advise people to stay away from places that offer commercial optometry. What I mean by this is, places such as Zellers and Walmart. Pretty much the ones with really “cheap eye exams”. New graduates from Optometry from Waterloo most often will start off at places such as Walmart, to pay back loans. So while the school offers enough clinical training, you are getting new graduates to check your eyes. For cheap, yes. But like the story with tnmo, a lot of people come in complaining about wrong Rx.

    of course, there are also good and established doctors working at such places too. So if you know those places with a good doctor… don’t let my personal experiences deter you.

  15. Dennis Miller says:

    Great deal! Got my single vision glasses with no coatings. $12.04 delivered. Wife did the same, for backup!!

  16. twilks says:

    What I did on Clearly Contacts was to first look inside the arms of my glasses for the measurements of my previous glasses and then did “find your fit” on the website. You punch in the measurements, and all similar sized glasses come up for you to look at. I too was worried about how it would look, so I did the virtual mirror and crossed referenced my choices with the virtual mirror. Ended up buying three pairs of glasses that I was completely happy with for less than I would normally pay for one. Even if I didn’t like them, they have a no hassle return policy (husband ordered a pair too small for his face, called and asked to return them with no questions asked) they email you a free return shipping label and credit your account so you can order another pair later.


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