Dollarama Canada: $1 Pregnancy Test Kits – do NOT use them

matrix82 posted on the forum about Dollarama selling $1 pregnancy testers!

I was in dollarama and they had pregnancy tests for $1…I am not so sure if I would necessarily take the advice of a $1 one…I am betting it might be pretty inaccurate but they had tons of them…and has to be the strangest thing I have ever seen there, as of yet. What are your thoughts?

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$1 test kits sound fishy. I had a look around and found that in May 2005 health Canada sent out an advisory, advising consumers not to use New Choice pregnancy test:

Health Canada is advising consumers not to use New Choice pregnancy test because this product is not licensed for sale in Canada.

The product is used for the early detection of pregnancy by testing for the presence of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in a urine sample.

The product, manufactured by IND Diagnostic Inc. of Delta, British Columbia and distributed by Sales Enterprises Inc. of Rockville, Maryland, has been available in Dollarama stores in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Read full Health Canada advisory here

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  1. bobby carter says:


    the local dollarama in bridgewater NS sells these.
    i called and talked to the manager about them and was told, “dont f**king call us about this. mind your g*d-d*mn business.”

    i was speachless. the manager also refused to give me the dollarama head-office contact info and i cant find it on the net.

    if anyone knows it, please let me know.


    • Amy says:

      I have used them for 3 pregnancies and at least 3 each time. Every time I got the correct response. It’s the same that my dr uses in her office. I love in Ontario. So out of 10 or so tests I took b4 and after I got pregnant I never got a wrong response. Right the first time every time. But took lots cuz I was skeptical also.

      • Nana says:

        I bought 3 early tests for 17$ and they didn’t show me that I’m pregnant, it when I have one week of a delay of periods.Today(2 days later after I used last one) I bought one in Dollarama for 3$ and it shows me that I’m pregnant.

  2. Docbosh says:

    It’s not my place to tell you how to conduct your business bobby carter,

    thats up to you, if you need to contact your local store then so be it. I’m certain that they are probably aware of the situation.

    However that being said I don’t like to hear stories of people being rude… I’m sure that manager could have handled this a bit better.

    So here is the information that you are looking for, and your welcome

    Dollarama Group LP

    5430 Ferrier
    Montreal, QC
    H4P 1M2

    (514) 737-1006

  3. Raynygirl says:

    Maybe I’m missing something but it sounds like the only problem with them is that they don’t have an import license so can’t be considered legal to sell under the FDA ?

    I know in the states they have $1 tests and when I asked my doc about them he said as long as they detect the hormone then they are as accurate and legitmate as any other more expensive test….

    I did several of the $1 (U.S) tests over the years and have always had total accuracy..but yeah again maybe I am missing something in the story with this test in particular

  4. Docbosh says:

    Maybe they are dangerous if you ingest them or something… I didn’t fully understand the problem either, of course they could be radioactive.

    It sounds like it is being blow out of proportion if you ask me, this is how I’d handle it.

    If you take the test because you want to be certain you are pregnant, and you get a positive on the $1 test, go out and spend a bit more on a second test from the pharmacy and test a second time.


    If you take the test because you want to be certain you are not pregnant, and you get a negative on the $1 test, go out and spend a bit more on a second test from the pharmacy and test a second time.

    I don’t see what all the hullaballoo is about.

  5. Docbosh says:

    or maybe it was the other way around

    or maybe just skip the $1 pregnancy test and go straight for the more expensive test.

    When my wife and I used the more expensive tests, even then the results seemed a bit ambigous, the real answer lay in the fact that we were trying and then there was no period… My wife hated the peeing on the little stick thingy cause it’s hard to aim, and the indicator doesn’t exactly flash, and after a while the result actually disappeared.

  6. Jim Squires says:

    Here’s the thing about home pregnancy tests – you can spend $12 on a stick to pee on in hte privacy of your own home and not necessarily trust the results (chances are you’ll spend another $12 to confirm it) or you can just go to a walk in clinic, pee in a jar, and they’ll give you the best possible results right there.

    Obv you can do whatever you feel is best, but having knocked up my wife twice and having gone through both situations, I can honestly say I felt a lot more confident with the results from the walk-in clinic than I did the home kit.

  7. Gloria says:

    I echo Jim’s sentiments. Why go through a test when you can get the service from professionals?

  8. Robin says:

    I seen them as well, but tests are tests. Its all the same price does not matter. In the end you’ll get a blood test anyway. Manager are not responsible for there stocks its headoffice .

  9. amycanada77 says:

    If anything, these dollar store pregnancy tests would make a hilarious joke in the teenage world – buy one for a buck and then stick it in somebody’s locker or school bag – pretty funny stuff – that is until mom sees it lol. Otherwise I wouldn’t advise a preg test from the dollar store – god forbid they start selling condoms!!!!

    • CanadianGirl says:

      Amycanada77 , they do sell condoms at the Dollar Store in my town; they place them right next to the Pregnancy Test, haha

  10. woody says:


  11. woody says:

    ok, let me shed some light. my wife and i have been trying for 10 years to become preg, we have spent LOTS of money on preg tests. 1 thing 4 sure, they don’t hurt you whether they cost $1 or $12. if i had known that i could have got them for a $1 i would have got them and lots. you don’t use a test, see a pos, then go off planning for the birth. no, you go to a clinic to reconfirm. even the $12 tests lie, trust me.the test is just used as an indicator to promp further testing.and we have also found testing for HCG levels is prolly the most accurate way of testing at home.

  12. Old Dollarama Employee says:

    The Dollarama that I used to work at had a bitchy boss as well. And as for the tests, I believe you can find it on the Health Canada website that they did get a license, as this news about no license was back in 2005.

  13. Erin says:

    New Choice early pregnancy tests are sold for $1 at Dollar Trees in the US. They have tested positive as early as 12 days after ovulation for me. It’s similar to a litmus test – there’s nothing complicated to screw up. It’s cheap, just as accurate as a test that costs 10 times as much, and if you test negative and want to check again, you’re saving even more. Personally, trying to get pregnant, I’m not running into a clinic every week. And I prefer to test more often than that anyhow. And a formal qualitative hCG test at the doc is still spends more money (yours or taxpayers) and is more time consuming. What’s not to trust? The little line turns color when the hormone’s detected. No doctorate required.

  14. Ta Orfa says:



  15. Susan says:

    Sorry to tell you, but they do sell condoms at the Dollar Joint in Hamilton (ON). They come in packs of 3. Frightening…

  16. Boo Radley says:

    Oh my gosh! are you serious?

  17. Shadoe says:


  18. Shelly says:


    Our Dollarama sells pro-care one step pregnancy tests which in fact ARE licenced for use in canada :

    “License No. 70432 “Manufacturer

    I found this on the health canada website listed in above post. And as an add note I did use the expensive (test 4 days early result) test and this one was just as good. I think I picked it up to see if it would show the same result and it just helped me confirm my suspicions using more than one type of test. It was nice to know I didn’t have to spend another $15.oo to confirm results before I could get into a clinic or doctor (it was the weekend). So I’m very glad they had these as an option for people who want to buy them. No one forces you to buy the cheap ones as I said I used it as a second opinion to the expensive test.

    We are expecting in January!! 🙂

  19. Jan says:

    Don’t waste time on trivialities. If you are having sex then you can make the decision as to what pregnancy test sits well with you. People would complain if everything else was $1 but the pregnancy test is $12. It’s there if you choose to use it. DOLLARAMA is my favoutite place to shop for party supplies and you should try their ‘Natural Concepts Oatmeal Body Wash’. I am totally addicted to it – and only $1.

  20. kitty kat says:

    I found the phone number for head office online dont know how accurate it is but here it is: 1-514-737-1006.GOOD LUCK! that is really funny that there is a forum about their pregnancy tests cause i thought it was hilarious to see dollar tests…….i even tried to get one of their pregnant employees to pee on one for me to prove whether or not they actually work!!!

  21. liz says:

    we spent over $50 on test when I was preggers with my DS2 and they ALL came back neg and were all done between 7-14 days after my first missed cycle!! It took one from the Dollar store BEFORE I actually got a postive one and you know what the ultrasound confirmed it and I WAS pregnant back when I wasted all the money to find out if I was! and no going to a clinic at that point in time was not an option we live 3hours away from the nearest doctor/clinic the only time anyone from here heads to the doctors is when they know they are actually pregnant or if they are sick. Since then I have advised all of my friends to use them too and NONE of them have ever had a false pos with them but the really really expensive one….everyone I know has had problems with them! and really go into ANY clinic or doctors office and ask if they use the expensive ones….they dont….even Birthright uses the really cheap test they buy them in jumbo pack 100 tests for $47. A pregnancy test is a pregnancy test is a pregnancy test as long as they detect HCG it doesnt matter how cheap or expensive they are they do the SAME dang thing!

    BTW kitty kat just so you know not every pregnant women likes being asked to pee on a stick if I was that worker I would have thought you were the rudest most ignorant person in the world for asking me to pee on a stick to prove something to you. I cant believe some one would even actually think it was okay to ask someone to do something that violates them like that… bout you pee on a drug testing stick for me so I can see if they work?!?

  22. Jacson says:

    I’m not kitty kat, but I just wanted to say it wouldn’t be that offensive to ask a pregnant woman, working at a place selling $1 tests to test it. It was just creating humour in an already funny situation (pregnancy tests at the dollar store).

    Also if someone asked me to pee on a drug testing stick I would have no problems, I don’t take drugs so I have nothing to hide, just like the woman is obviously pregnant and has nothing to hide. Actually that would be kind of cool to have home drug testing kits, i’m sure plenty of parents would buy them. Then the kids could even buy them too and make the parents test them.

    Also it’s fun to pee on things, I remember when I was a little boy me and my friends used to put a piece of toilet paper in the toilet and then pee on it at the same time. We pretended we were playing ghost busters and has to tear the paper apart. There was also the rule “don’t cross the streams” because that’s what the ghostbusters did too.

    Another game we would play is swords, where we just kinda spray the pee back and forth into each others pee like we were playing swords, it’s kinda cool how 2 streams of water interact with each other so it was fun.

    Peeing is natural just like breathing you know, stop being so uptight.

    • Rudegirl says:

      @Jacson, only a guy would think it’s fun to pee on things and play swords with wieners and pee. Actually let me take that back, only a kid would think that is fun. And the fact that you think because she works at Dollarama, it’s ok for every retard to ask her to pee on the stick tell me you’re very sick and twisted in the head. Stop writing your nasty thoughts here, you sick pervert. And grow up while you’re at it !! F**king Manchild

  23. Tricia says:

    With both my kids, I tried ClearBlue and other tests and even up until 6 months along it said negative! LOL! I’ve never used the $1 ones, but my friends and I all got a kick out of seeing me with a huge belly, pregnant, take a test and see it say negative. Ahhh I need to get out more. 🙁

  24. Reggie says:

    Testing… Positive! — eeever so slightly pink!

    I am one day before my expected start. Of course, I forgot to measure the result against a more expensive “Answer Quick and Simple” that I also have, claiming results up to 4 days before. Next chance I get I’ll post those results too.

    I’m impressed! For a dollar — I’d use it again! (Well, not the same one, of coures!!) 🙂

  25. Reggie says:

    Update: Still positive, using the Answer Quick and Simple 4-day advance home pregnancy test!


  26. bill says:

    Who the hell cares if it’s a dollar. It’s still being manufactured by the same people who stick it to you for twenty bucks. Health canada’s warning says not licensed to sell in canada. It doesn’t say it don’t work. All that stuff works well. What you have to remember is the people that manufacture this stuff and all generic meds. all have a minimum standard guidline which they have to follow which is watched by health canada or FDA. All this stuff works very well. The only reason people tend to avoid things that are cheap sometimes is because they’re brainwashed by all the advertising in their faces. If colgate or procter & gamble tells them to bend over, they do. Just remember that 60% of the time the people making the brand name stuff are also making the generic no name stuff that sits side by side at your local store shelves.

  27. Trace says:

    Well, I can tell you about a RUDE situation! I have 2 babies. In Alberta our shopping carts are the 17″ tiny ones in Dollarama stores. Beside us is Walmart, I went in the store with my TWO babies – and was kicked out! NOT quietly or mention of anything – get out with that cart!!! How would you guys react or what actions would u take being completely humiliated and yelled at in public? I know it sounds crazy or very unbeleivable, and may wonder what did I do, but, I was just walking, and when I heard the B**ch yelling at me, I didnt even realize she was talking to me and two innocent babies! Well, I guess I couldve put 2 of them in a 17″ cart – then we would have had an injury case, not just a humiliation case! Whats your thought?

  28. Trace says:


  29. Trace says:

    dunno? Think about how you’d feel. NOONE has the right to treat someone like that for no reason! Would you let them?

  30. Andie says:

    I work at Dollarama, and let me tell you … the employees get a kick out of some young, teenaged boys buying these $1 pg tests in quantities of 20 at a time for their gf’s. We used to joke, claiming that if we were depending on the results of these tests, we’d buy a whole bunch too. Well, than one of my male co-workers tried one of the tests for fun …. and found out he’s now expecting lol. Since than, my husband and I have learned that we’re expecting our first child and one of my managers had me try one of these tests, laughing that it would come beck negative. It didnt. I was rather stunned to learn though, that these $1 pregnancy tests we sell at Dollarama are the SAME ONES used at toadys local teen clinics! Something should definately be looked into that! (PS … I used a ClearBlue Digital test, and had it confirmed by my family doctor lol)

  31. Mere says:

    I think its great to finally have them available here. They have been available in the states for a very long time at the dollar stores. Why use the already overburdened medical system just to get the same results as one would if they used the home pregnancy tests?
    I bought similar ones from eBay, from a BC manufacturer, not sure if it is the one in Delta BC or not. I also had purchased First Response (17.00 for a two pack) and EPT (12.00 two pack) because i did not beleive in the + test results I got back 10days past ovulation (5 days before my expected period) but they were correct. In fact, the cheapos were easier to see the line on than the expensive ones. AND, when I went to my family doctor the following week to confirm, their stick said negative. I was told that their tests required 50 hcg to turn it positive, whereas the ones I were using only required 25 hcg. So Dr office tests arent always better… plus it wastes tax payers money.
    I needed to find out if it was + right away, because due to repeat tubal surgeries, I am high risk for ectopic pregnancy, so early detection is important to be sure it is an interuterine pregnancy.

  32. Mere says:

    p.s. Forgot to mention that sometimes the Dollar store tests have evap lines. But the +/- tests such as e.p.t. have these as well… One just must be sure that the line they see has colour in it. If there is no colour in it, just a grey-ish or shadow type thing, then it is not a +, it is just an evap line. Also, never read a result after the time limit. Evap lines can show up then as well. (also, certain cancers of males can show up with higher amounts of hcg.)

  33. Jessica says:

    I just found out I am pregnant by using 2 different types of tests. One being a stick test while we were in Cuba and one being the Pro-Care. I think it worked GREAT! I tested it a couple of times just for my own sanity..not because I didn’t trust the stick..but each time I got the same positive results. My husband is a pharmacist and he says a stick is a stick. Its true what other posters were saying…a lot of the “generic” items on the shelves are made by the name brand people.

  34. countryboi says:

    Ok… My gf was 1 date late and she didn’t want to test, so me being a smart ass at Dollarama bought the $1.00 Pro-Care and it states it ia Health Canada Licnesed and it is on the website as well. So she did the test, this was not her 1st time going to washroom. So in about 1 min the Line under the C is bright red, the line under the T is there not as bright but solid faint line. However she states that her period is coming since she had some discharge. So it was suppose to be a joke, but we just figured it was her hormones with some HCG anyways. By tonight she will have her period and the rest is history.

  35. Momo says:

    I tried one of the Pro-Care pregnancy test this morning and had a positive reading. I am a bit apprehensive to get all excited because although the testing read pretty quickly one line was visibly darker than the other. For those who have tried this test and are preggers, did you have a similar reading? My last preiod was at the end of May and I had some mild spotting last week. As well I have been feeling incredibly tired and nauseous. I suffer with a hormoneal imbalance where it isn’t uncommon for me to have irregular peiods…

  36. Missy says:

    hi there, i too 5 of the test from the dollar store and they worked in the positive way… we are happy.. hey if they have the hormone part in them then what is the big deal buy the price… like noname foods and brand namefoods… they are pretty neqar the same thing.. so i belive in this day and age then cheap is good ..

  37. Missy says:

    sorry i can’t type very well

  38. H HUBBUCH says:


  39. H HUBBUCH says:


  40. Nancy says:

    I didn’t even know they sold it in dollar stores! I will try it, I guess. Thanks for the information! And I heard it too that it doesnt matter where you get it… it’s all made in the same place.

    BTW, you can go to the States to get beer that cheap. 🙂

  41. Michelle says:

    Well i have been trying to get pregnant with my 3rd and i just recently herd about the Dollarrama test. I’ll be using those for sure. I used first response and that never showed with my kids till 2 months into my pregnancy and clear blue was 2 days after my period was expected. It all works the same and i am thankful using them often it saves me lots of money. AND FURTHER i wish they sold beer and gas that cheap too!

  42. Bonnie says:

    Me and my fiance have been trying to have a baby for 2 1/2 years now. I had missed 2 of my periods, but knowing I was irregular, it could’ve just leaped a couple of months. But After I started to get symptoms I decided a test would be necessary. I baught 2 Pro-Care Pregnancy Tests. Both came back as 2 SOLID BOLD lines. We are now 2 months pregnant. I consulted my doctor about these tests and asked them if they worked and he told me that Pro Care Pregnancy Tests are like any other, and will give you the same result that his would in his office. So, in conclusion….they work. And for $1…you can’t go wrong. I would rather spend 1$ to know the truth, then to spend $12.

  43. Lizzy says:

    Im a surrogate mom and let me tell you how great it is to have $1 test available. Because there are so many medications a surrogate needs to be on some of the more expensive home preg tests come back as false positives. Its hard enough going through a regular pregnancy with the early testing and what not, but actually knowing when the embreo was implanted into the uterus and how many, makes waiting for that double line sooo much more stressfull. Wish me luck everyone!! Im still waiting to test at home, and Im praying for a BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!

  44. Samantha says:

    I don’t see the big deal either. We go to Dollarama because you can get so many things there now that you would have had to pay a fortune for years ago like hair stuff, crafts, anything so just because it’s a pregnancy test, I don’t see the big deal of trying it for a buck, we all want to save money and if you want to take a dollar test to find out or at least try, I say more power to you.

  45. Lori says:

    $1 pregnancy tests….news to me. Will check it out as we are currently trying to get pregnant.
    Lizzy, you sparked my interest with your ‘surrogate mom’ comment. How does one find a surrogate if they are unsuccessful having children of their own?

  46. Ally says:

    My MIL bought one of those pro care tests…Im trying it. A test is a test.

  47. Cara says:

    I am the proud mommy of a healthy 3 yr old. His pregnancy was confirmed by none other than a dollar store test. I have been pregnant 3 times, 2 m/c but used the dollar store tests numerous times with very accurate results EVERY time! So I say go for it!!!

  48. sally says:

    I dont see what the big deal is other then they dont have a license to sell here.

    I belong to a pregnancy and child msg board that is mainly usa’ers and they rave about the dollar store pg tests.
    Most people take a pg test thne confirm the results with there dr anyways.

    I think its great to have them for 1.00, there probably the same quality as the 7 dollar ones you can buy at walmart.

    Theres probably less chance of buying one at the dollar store that has been stolen and the box left then walmart (speaking from experience I bought one got home then learned that there was nothing in the box haha)

    Iono I personally think its great they sell them, a lot of us want the same bargains as usa’ers so why complain?

    Also, dollarama isnt really a store I go into. I worked there for a bit while I was laid off of my job and they run there business like crap. Needless to say I dont shop there much

  49. Melanie Spraggett says:

    Dollarama is not a franchise establishment. For head office you can contact 1-514-737-1006. I found this on Google. I am sure Head office would like to know the behaviour of their employees.

  50. leanne says:

    So I bought saran wrap from dollarama or as they call it seal tite. I opened it it was hard to come off than to top things off there was a bug squished in the wrap father down. wings and all. I phoned the head office they said or just go in and get a new one. I don’t want to since I am now wondering what kind of a place this is made in. And it was made in Canada.

  51. christine says:

    i just wanted to say that these dollar store tests do work just as well as the more exspensive brands. my family friends and people i know have used them and every time they have been accurate. there has never been a single doubt with using them so to everyone out there reading this, save your money, these test are perfectly fine and there should be no big deal over them its a waste of peoples time.

  52. Valerie says:

    I’m not surprise to hear all these stories about BAD SERVICE at the DOLLARAMA. I mean what’s the deal with these people, don’t they know anything about customer service. I was horrified to see (and experience first hand) how they treat customers who by the way pay their salaries. The City Center branch in Edmonton Alberta must be the worst. They have attitudes to match their hiddeous appearance and all this makes you really wonder how good of a deal you are getting for your dollar. Anyway, if after all this you still decide to shop in their stores for pregnancy tests or anything else be ready for your MINIMUM WAGE SERVICE… good luck!

  53. amycanada77 says:

    All our dollarama’s within kitchener-waterloo ontario are wonderful! I’m so sad to hear some of the above comments. I am an early childhood educator and buy A LOT of my crafts etc for the children at Dollarama and have never had a problem with product or service. And I go to a number of the ones here anywhere from once to three times a week! They also sell the pregnancy tests at our Dollarama’s and I talked to one of the workers there about it saying how odd I thought it was and she that people have actually confirmed they work and has yet hear a complaint … I personally would just take a visit to my family doctor 🙂

  54. terese says:

    my husband and i are going through fertility treatments and it’s much cheaper to use the dollarama tests. we’ve been trying for almost two years. can you imagine how much $ we would have spent on the pharmacy tests?
    also, as a teacher i’m at the dollarama all of the time. when i tell my kids that i got something from my fav store in the whole world, they shout, “dollarama!” even if i get something that may be a dud, i’m still ahead cause at the other stores you’re paying sometimes more than four times the price for the exact same product.

  55. sharnon says:

    Just to say a couple of things. First of all you can buy at home drug test in the USA. I dont know about Canada. Also to the person who suggested the preg test for teens so they could decide on if they should keep or terminate. How tacky! I am speaking from experiance. When I was 15 my parents MADE me have an abortion. It has caused a lifetime of heartache and self destructive behavior. Not to mention I was pregnant again by the age of 17 on purpose trying to make up for the baby that had been killed. I am now 37 yrs old and have four children so far. I want more. I also have a friend with a simalar situation who has five children and want more. I believe its because somewhere in your subcontious you are trying to make up for the one you lost. Even though in your rational mind you know thats not possible. Hey here is a brilliant Idia why dont we try and educate children from an early age about first waiting to have sex. then second if they are not going to wait then explain all the methods of birth control from most affective to least. Have open relationship with our kids so they feel comfortable coming to us no matter what. For example I taught my children from an early age Abortion is murder not a choice. You have a choice BEFORE you become pregnant. My daughter came to me when she was 16 told me she was pregnant. I hugged her told her it would be ok. And it is. I have a wonderful 2 yr old grandson that I cant imagine my life without. Lets teach our kids all actions have consequences. If you dont want kids then dont have sex. Or at the very lest not unprotected sex. But even with protection pregnancy is possible. they need to know that. so the only fool proof method of preventing pregnancy is NO SEX> but if you choose to have sex then be prepared for the possiblilty of a baby. ITS THAT SIMPLE! I am sure some of you pro choicers will throw up What about rape. Well what about adoption. Plenty of loving people would love to give a baby a home and good parents. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR MURDER> think about the double standard. If you drive drunk and hit and kill a pregnant woman you will be brought up on two counts of murder. But its okay to kill your unborn child through abortion. IS IT A BABY? of course it is! We can talk our self into anything if it inconviences us. An unwated pregnancy is an inconveniance so hey lets just kill it. Out of sight out of mind. I DONT THINK SO!

  56. mememe says:

    How did this become a forum about abortion? those are all valid points you have but this is about a dollar store test.

  57. Brooke says:

    You get what you pay for. Wasn’t it on the news recently that for the generic brands, pharmacists get a 20% kickback? Would you really trust something like that? I’m just saying…

  58. Sandra says:

    This is a real long page of ignorance. The main difference between pregnancy tests is the packaging and other extras such as seeing a + sign instead of 2 lines if you are pregnant. Those used by medical professionals are just a little strip that cost about 25 cents each. You can get them for 40 cents at (a Canadian company). I am more outraged at the fact that drug store tests cost more than a dollar. The cheap ones can actually be more accurate because they are smaller so they need less urine and have less chance of technological malfunction.

    Isnt it crazy that people can be shocked that they are not being overcharged or ripped off?

  59. nis says:

    sandra, exaaaaactly!

  60. KS says:

    Does anyone know of a Dollar Store in Vancouver,BC that sells HPT?

  61. dollaramatestsrock!!! says:

    Sandra…you are sooooooooo right… The dollar store tests are actually still overpriced!.. however.. considering the marketing and packaging..they have to make something to cover their costs…

    Our society is so concerned with price they have forgotten that it does not denote quality… we have been brainwashed to think that if something is priced cheaply than it must be cheaply made…

    I am pregnant…. took one of those dollar store tests.. that i love… actually took five of them… one on the 14th.. negative… 2 on the 15th.. morning and night… slowly a line is appearing..ever so faint… 2 on the 16th.. one in the morning.. was so tired couldnt wait.. went back to bed.. called my sister over to read it… she said.. take another one just to be sure… used another one at 3:00 and there was no mistaking it… and i am still 3 days away from my period!!!! never ever was i able to get a positive result 3 days before my period was due…. these tests rock!

    consider this…. if i put a fridge outside on my lawn and I place a sign on it that says “free”… it will sit there until you throw it away or bring it back into your house… if i leave the fridge there and change the sign to read “50 bucks”.. it will be stolen within the hour!

    This is what we have become… if it is affordable or free.. it must not work or it must have flaws.. if it is overpriced… it must be worth more or everyone must want it!!!!

    We have been brainwashed by the advertisers…. we are the product of consumer rape and we complain when we are not being abused!

  62. Sabers says:

    Pro-CARE dollarama test worked for me too 🙂
    I did take it on day ’32’ since my last period and is said Negative. Then again on day 34. Twice. And both times were positive!
    Kinda crazy. I just thought my body was getting used to having my period back – I just had my first baby last Feb. And got my period back in Oct. So, I only had my period 2x’s. I was irregular in between those 2 cycles so this time sorta assumed I would get my period eventually. BUT…since the dollarama had them for just a buck, I couldn’t resist checking! Otherwise it’s quite possible I’d still be in denial! My husband and I are now quite excited about the unexpected. We were planning to wait a bit longer…It’s great though! Now I only have to go back to work for 7 months until I have another mat leave!!! woo hoo!

  63. Krystal says:

    These HPT that you can buy at Dollarama… I honestly don’t understand the dibate concerning them? Whether someone wants to buy them or not, who cares? It’s there business… And everyone elses if they want more to know… I’m one of them…

    I bought three of the $1.00 HPTs, and they all came back positive for me! YIPPIE! The way I look at it, why spend 12.00-30.00 on a stick to pee on, when it will cost me as little as a dollar? On the comments mentioned about going to your doctor’s office to have a test done there that is more accurate, speak to the lab techinician as they will tell you that no urine test is 100% accurate. There is a certain concentration level listed on the boxes. Believe it or not, but the Dollarama tests are up with the highest percentile in urine tests on the market. Do some research, as I have, as well as many other health care professionals. I’m happily 8 weeks pregnant right now, and I would have not gotten results from my doctor for another 6 weeks due to over booking. No health unit in my area, and hospitals don’t do random tests. So.. It was well worth my time and money. I 100% DO recommend these tests as they were very accurate for myself, and for a friend of mine.

  64. Krystal says:

    PS… I know this isnt’ related to HPT but it is to Dollarama… If someone actually takes the time to walk through the Dollarama in Brockville, ON, and then looks through a Regal cat., nine out of ten odds you will see at least a dozen items in the cat. priced anywhere from 20-30.00 for the EXACT same thing at Dollarama (Same size, same brand name, same colouring, etc). I was a seller for Regal, until I seen this ‘high way robbery scheme’. I understand people do have to make a living, but to basically steal from consumers, like they do with these pricey tests because of the brand names… I think it’s outragous! If someone tore apart the HPT from Dollarama and looked at it, and compared with the strips from the Drs office and labs, you would see they are identical, if not, very close to the same! I know, because I’ve done, and compared. Tests from my first two daughters, and now with this pregnancy. Want to see the diff? Here’s my email and let me know… [email protected]

    Then you tell me if they are crappy tests… If so, then the Drs are using crappy tests… LOL

  65. Roxy says:

    It’s the same thing.

  66. Jenn says:

    I think it’s great that dollarama sells these test. It’s a cheap alternative for someone who maybe can’t afford the $6-18 for one at wal-mart or a drugstore, which really is an outrageous price for something that you have to pee on anyway. I actually work at a drugstore and when I thought I may be pregnant I went over to buy a test at my local dollarstore for jokes and you know what, it works. I’m 6 months pregnant now!

  67. loria says:

    I work at Dollarama and I can tell you the test do work. There was 3 employees pregnant at our store ( me being one) we all found out using a Dollarama Test!!! That was 2 years ago and since then we have had 2 more girls pregnant, they also used our test.
    I also don’t beleive that any manager at Dollarama would speak to anyone in the manner he wrote about.
    My advice for the Dollarama haters on here is: shop some where else and pay more for the same product. We don’t need your business we do very well. I don’t think losers spend that much anyways….. lol

  68. mememyself says:

    Ok. I understand that it’s free to see a doc. But most of you seem to not understand that going to a doc is not always an option. Many women, such as myself have NO indication of pregnancy other than a pg. test. And most docs/clinics frown upon someone coming in once a month for pg. tests. Paying $15-20 for test would also be asinine.

    On another note, I have researched this, and have found that the dollarama tests in a lot of cases actually give a (true) positive result SOONER than most brand-name “early” detection kits.

    The choice is really up to the individual. I think people who act like those who are willing to spend money on a pregnancy test as stupid need a reality check. I know a person who’s doctor took 12 WEEKS to diagnose a pregnancy she KNEW she had at 4 weeks using a dollarama test. Her clinic’s tests were the ones coming back negative… she has a baby boy on the way!!

  69. Bob says:

    I bet if I peed on it, it would show I am pregnant!

  70. wow…This is kind of scary. Dollorama selling pregnancy test kits…Where is this world going?

  71. Eri says:

    you know what is even more scarier? you can buy them online for like 3 for a dollar! i don’t think it scary at all, you don’t even need the plastic casing, just the strip inside..and they all do the same thing!

  72. mememe says:

    LOL @ bob

  73. Alex says:

    “wow…This is kind of scary. Dollorama selling pregnancy test kits…Where is this world going?”~from above

    Better that than Dollarama selling condoms. It is one thing for the test to not work correctly. It is another thing to flunk the test (if you don’t want to be expecting). LOL

  74. Glen says:

    Well Put Alex.

    This post really won’t die will it?

  75. amycanada77 says:

    Hahaha Alex – True to that!

    And no this post just doesn’t want to die – been running strong for a year now!

  76. OMG says:


    LMAO @ Bob!

  77. Stephanie says:

    I used lots of $1 PG tests when trying to conceive, and they are VERY accurate. They are actually more accurate than the $14+ tests. The expensive ones only measure starting at 50 HcG units and the $1 ones measure at 25 units so you can get positive results faster and earlier (12 days past ovulation). They are so cheep because you don’t have all the fancy packaging and digital displays and stuff. I used them for both my pregnancies, and never got a “wrong” reading!

  78. LPL says:

    I never used it myself, but my friend used it religiously when trying to conceive and it worked for her… She now has 14 month old twins!

    When I try for a 2nd one, I will be buying those for sure.

  79. Worstserviceever says:

    I myself have had a horrible experience at Dollarama in Brockville Ontario. I went to pick up some last minute basket stuffers for Easter for my son. I only spent $4.52 with tax and I gave the cashier a $20. She gave me back change for a $5. I informed her of her mistake and she had to contact a “manager” (using that work lightly) to count her cash to see if I was “lying”. I waited there for 10 minutes while this was being done and the “manger” proceeded to tell me she was only $5 over so I must have only given her a $10…Okay, I KNOW I gave her a $20 as that was all I had. It was pretty much insinuated that I was “lying” about the amount of money I gave them and that they would call me if they were mistaken at day end and there was extra money. I contacted headoffice and pretty much got the same response. What ever happened to “customer is always right”? So needless to say I am now out $20 which takes me pretty much 2.5 hours to make and my son doesn’t have those things for his easter basket cause I was so angry I left them!!!

  80. Renee says:

    as someone who is in the industry (I sell dollar store crap TO the dollar stores!) I know for a fact the tests that A&D fiesta manufactures are approved, and do work just as well as the more expensive drug store tests. Also, that contact info for Dollarama is still good 🙂

    The important thing about such products as condoms is to CHECK the expiry date. Many name brand products that make their way into dollar stores – such as chocolates, canned food, and other “non perishables” are past their printed expiry date. If you can’t find an expiry date, it is possible that it has been removed – so use your good judgement.

  81. Alex says:

    The system retailers use to measure till balance is flawed.
    It would be accurate if yours was the first transaction of the day, and the till was balanced just before. That cashier could have made 2,3 or any number of mistakes before you and that could swing the till balance in either direction. How many customers were rung through before you? 200, 300, or maybe 500? You almost have to tell them that you are giving them a $20 bill before hand. Kind of sad.

  82. Misslissa says:

    I also thought it was kinda fishy that a pregnancy test for $1 would work… I knew I was pregnant so I decided to try the test for the heck of it. It did give me a positive but I already knew I was preggie. I took the test Spring of 2007. My 4th child was born September 9th 2007.

  83. dezcanada says:

    I am acually excited about this…I was only told about this
    $1 preg test today and I cant wait to go and try it!!! Me and my husband have only just started ttc a child….i have purchased a home preg test it was about $5.00 at zellers but i got my period and that was that so i never acually used the test yet..anyway so i am going to go out and buy me about 20 of these tests!!!!!!!
    I think it is awsome!!!! yah Doller-amma!!!! ( cant spell) hey does anyone know if they sell them in Surrey, BC canada ??????
    anybody???????? and where is the $1 ovulation kits lol

  84. Josie says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people? Just because YOU all are stupid enough to pay $8 each for pregnancy tests doesn’t mean everyone is! sells them for like 85 cents with free shipping (even to Canada!) & on ebay they are even cheaper and are EXACTLY the same strip that you find in the expensive ones.

    get over yourselves and stop bugging the stores, they don’t decide what they get shipped to them and no one is forcing you to buy them!

  85. Josie says:

    that early pregnancy tests site AND ebay sell the ovulation tests for about a $1 each
    I hope you come back to read this!!!!

    I got a pack of 25 pregnancy tests & 25 ovulation tests for $30 + $3 shipping on!

  86. Misty says:

    I work at Dollarama in Dundas Ontario, We also ell these tests and as long as they detect the hormone then they will work. But really if you have a problem with the tests you should take that up with the company that makes them not call the store. I’m sorry that a fellow employee would be rude and that is uncalled for but in reality a Dollarama worker would have no real knowledge of product information. Just wether or not we sell it. When you go to the grocerey store do expect the shelf stalker to be able to give you advice on what produce is best or how they make the canned goods of course you wouldn’t. So you can expect someone who works for a dollar store to know about every product.

  87. KAY says:

    not being so sure if they worked or not… i already had a positive before i tried them… it was the next day after i found out that i decided to test out the dollarama preg test… it said positive… got my little sister to check out one and that was neg… both dollarama test were accurate.. i trust to use them again… saves alot of money too!!

  88. FrumundaCheese says:

    I tried one of these pregnancy tests… it was 100% delicious. I put it in my rectum first just to disenfect all the bacteria prior to doing the test. Then i put it in my mouth and licked the sticky residue off. once i completed the bacteria cleanse I simply decided to eat the pregnancy test.. I rubbed some vodka on it and it tasted pretty good. Then I went to Dollarama and bought some cotton balls some clear tape and a piece of string and thats when things got a little sticky.

  89. Tim Roth says:

    LoL that was the funniest thing i ever read on this site!

  90. Melanie says:

    That is the most disgusting thing ever , what kind of a person are you?

  91. amycanada77 says:

    To: FrumundaCheese

    I tried reading this out loud to my friend and couldn’t stop laughing….I now have tears in my eyes…*sigh* I found it hilarious but then again I have an unusual sense of humour…
    Somehow this blog is still going strong after a year!

  92. Jen Lisi says:

    Public Health says “THOSE ARE THE ONES WE USE”. That is what the nurse told me at the Sexual Health Clinic run by Public Health. They said that they work just as accurately as the expensive ones. Hmm…

  93. Mrs. Ready says:

    Well I have purchased the Pro-Care pregnancy test at dollarama in ontario and actually YES They are acurate. I got a negative when I was not pregnant and a positive when I was so I bought an expensive one right after and got the exact same results. So that you like it or not or that they have the right or not to sell them they are accurate.

    My 2 cents

  94. Natalie says:

    I think that there are two problems here. One is that they goverment has not rubber stamped it, because it might not be as accurate as others. But if your concience is ok with that, and you are willing to take a chance, then go ahead.

    The other problem, which is much bigger, is that young girls are buying these tests. They are certainly more affordable, but with no advice from a professional (like a pharmacist). And if she is relying on this and they are not 100% accurate, then she and her baby could be in serious trouble. Another situation could be a woman that needs to have an x-ray and checks if she is pregnant with this test and thinks she is not when in fact she is.

    I have 4 kids and am trying for a 5th, and am always impatient to wait. An expensive test allows me to test a few days early with more accuracy.

  95. Mark Seifert says:

    Dollar Store pregnancy tests do not scare me.. but I have seen dollar store condoms.. now that scares me.. a 12 pack for a buck.. I think you’d have better luck with the 20 pack of balloons instead.



  96. Glen says:

    like the kind of balloons that clowns use?

  97. Shejay says:

    I totally think that the procare tests are a good idea, and I believe that they are accurate. When you are trying to get pregnant, you sort of develope an addiction to pee on a stick, i dont know why, you just do, for some women its a reliefe of sorts and can actually bring on aunt Since April 7th i have used 4 Pro Care tests, the first 3 being negative, as i didnt quite have enought HCG in my system, yesterday i took one that was positive, and to confirm I used an expencive test that my husband bought about 2 months ago that i never used, low and behold, it was also positive. It just makes you feel better, after trying to concieve for so long, the $1 tests are a good idea.

  98. Shejay says:

    Also to add- The Birthcontrol center in Calgary uses the exact same test.

  99. janice says:

    I have a friend how recently found out she is pregnant. She used the test from the dollar store and it was 100% accurate.

  100. Kari says:

    I have tried Dollarama $1 pregnancy test before and it actually works great with me… I have also tried Pharmaplus brand and it failed twice.

  101. Kari says:

    Additional note:Pregnancy care centre(near North York General) uses same tests, for free pregnancy testing

  102. Becca says:

    A note about Pregnancy Tests. The HCG hormone is only present in the early stages of pregnancy. There was a note above about someone who tried it when they were 6 months pregnant and it showed negative. People should keep in mind that any home test is to confirm what you are already suspecting. If the test is negative, and you still don’t get your period in a few days, try another test. This doesn’t mean the first test was WRONG, it means the hormone wasn’t at the right level to be detected yet. If you NEED to know very quickly (due to medical complications), then go to your doctor and get a blood test. This will give you definite results, even before any “pee stick” test could.

  103. Marci says:

    I have used these test twice…and they have worked 100% correct. I just used one in March to confirm I was pregnant! I would use them again.

  104. Alice says:

    If it is a big deal to you to be able to spend $1.00 only for a pregnancy test……do you really think you can afford to be pregnant in the first place?
    Time to move on to more timely issues everyone.

  105. Kaila says:

    Hi, a couple of my friends have used these tests throughout pregnancy scares and actual pregnancies, the tests are just as accurate as a drug store test.

  106. Jessica says:

    They do work. I’ve been pregnant four times and 2 of them i used the dollerama ones.
    they work just fine and are cheap.

  107. Jessica says:

    Also, the clinic in Cabano, Quebec also uses these tests. There is nothing wrong with them. And they’re cheap enough to buy two of to make sure they both say the same thing.

  108. babygirl24 says:

    I took an expensive tes 5 days before my expected period and it was negative that same day i took one from the dollorama to my suprise it was positive a week later my doctor confirmed i was pregnant, so for me the dollorama one worked better.

  109. BABY ON BOARD says:

    I bought a test from my local dollarama and it was 100 percent accurate… but hey if you wanna spend 18 bucks on one at Shoppers be my guest….your the dumb one! SAVE UR MONEY!!!

  110. Alex says:

    “I bought a test from my local dollarama and it was 100 percent accurate… but hey if you wanna spend 18 bucks on one at Shoppers be my guest….your the dumb one! SAVE UR MONEY!!!

    Really ladies, how often does one need a pregnancy tester?
    For such a life changing event I would think a quality tester would be important. If you have to do it every weekend (like vacuuming the rug) than certainly look for something that is going to cost you a dollar.

    Have a great weekend (whatever you are going to be doing)LOL

  111. amycanada77 says:


    Oh Alex you always seem to make my day!

    I would personally just see my doc 🙂

    P.S. lovin how this post just keeps stayin fresh

  112. slotsoffun says:

    I have a girl friend who bought preganacy tests from Dollarama, mutiple tests showed negative, so she went and bought a more expensive one from Walmart and found out she truly was pregnant.

  113. preggo says:

    They work. I’ve been using them for a while, and they told me I was pregnant right away. I got one that was positive – I went and bought the expensive one from Shoppers right after and it was positive too. I told my doctor that I bought a second, more expensive one and he laughed. He said that if the first one found the hormone, then I’m pregnant for sure!

    The worst thing that can happen is they don’t detect the hormone that is present, and with the perseverence of symptoms, and your intuition, you would probably retry if you were pregnant – for a dollar, you can try as many times as you want!

  114. Baby#2 says:

    This is my second pregnancy and after spending enough money on pregnancy tests with my first child, I saw these tests at Dollarama and gave them a shot. I tried 3 of them and they all came out postive and sure enough baby #2 is really on the way. They use these pregnancy tests in Europe and they work.

  115. The philosopher ! says:

    I am very sorry for the people who have been offended by anyone without a justifiable reason, but HEY what are you trying to gain from this discussion ? 116 replies for a 1$ pregnancy test ? so for a 12$ test it would be 1392 replies !! Isn’t it melancholic to spend such time on another worthless industrial world product for consumers ?

    my advice is : Masturbate and no one will get pregnant !

  116. they dont work. says:

    i am 3 months late, i took a dolarama test every month, they all said negative. then i went to the doctors and turns out i am pregnant. and was pregnant while i took the $1 tests.

  117. Johny says:

    I think the reason these managers are being extremely rude is because they are friends or relatives of their location’s owner (or they are the owner). And since there’s no Dollarama web site to complain to, they think they’re not accountable for their actions.

    Isn’t it a manager’s obligation to dispense head office info?

    How much is it for a Dollarama location, anyway? If it’s less than $30k I wanna buy one just so I can tell customers to f-off whenever I need to let off some steam. hahaha… “How rude! What’s your head office #?” “I’m not telling, biatch!”

  118. Andrea says:

    this is just way too funny! dollar store, drug store, who cares…you all go to the doc’s office and check there anyway! if the test is wrong, you’ll either have a baby or not in nine months. your stomach will grow or it won’t!!

  119. kelly says:


  120. Kristi says:

    The Doctor’s office uses EXACTLY the same tests sticks that we pee on at home. I used the dollar store ones, and the expensive ones – all said no when I wasn’t pregnant, and yes when I was!

  121. Sara says:

    Just to let everyone know…I work in a lab and the majority of pregnancy test done are the same as the “pee on a stick” tests. Only we use a pipette/dropper to put the urine on. Very few people actually get a pregnancy test done from a blood sample. Both are to test for the same hormone, so why bother.
    My point is, the preg. test bought at a store are the same as the ones in the lab. Now dollar store…maybe I’ll put it to the test.

  122. cieranm says:

    I have used many preg tests over the years. Dollarstore ones included. I found the dollarstore ones as accurate as the other more expensive ones. as a matter of fact, i intend to use the dollarstore ones in the future as well.

  123. Amber says:

    How many days past ovulation were you when you tested with the Pro-Care Dollarama Pregnancy test. My AF was due on May 21st (14 dpo). I spotted from May 20th to May 24th. I took a dollarama test on May 26th and it is negative. I am 21 dpo and my AF still has not come???

  124. threenorns says:

    i’m one of those that “catches” like mad but can’t hang onto them. slightest thing done wrong and i lose the baby. that’s why it’s *very very* important that i know when i’m pregnant – i immediately have to slow down, keep my feet up as much as possible, get real with my blood pressure pills (hypertension can cause you to lose the baby at any stage of pregnancy up to and including actual birth), and so on until the doctor finds out and slams me onto bed rest – my last baby, who is 14mo old now (first daughter has been married nearly five years, second daughter just got her age of majority card), i was in bed for five months. NOT FUN.

    needless to say, i was THRILLED when i found out about these tests because i was spending $30/mo or sometimes more on ClearBlue – AF doesn’t like to come calling at any reasonable, predictable schedule. the pregnancy test from the dollar store was so much more discreet and way more aesthetic – just four tiny little drops and bing, bang, boom: two lines and i’m on pregnancy #16.

    NOTE ABOUT THE LINES: even if it’s just a “faint” line, it’s still a line – if you can see two lines in any degree of intensity, the test is positive. repeat in three days and you’ll see the second one comes up faster and darker as HCG levels double every two to three days in the early stages.

  125. Sam says:

    I used to work at a research clinic in Toronto, where it is VITAL that women are not pregnant when taking the test drugs. We used the EXACT same tests! I say whatever can test the levels does the job, when I was pregant I bought 2 expensive brands and got negatives both times!!!

  126. Colleen says:

    I used the Dollar Store brand tests this time around when I got pregnant because a friend of mine had used them when she was about 7 months along as a joke with two other friends to see if they really worked. Well, it showed her as positive, and them as negative.

    So, I used them – I bought three to be sure as well. They all came back as faint positives within the time-period alloted on the packaging. It was about 10 days past conception date that I received the positives as well. I made a Dr’s appointment, and she told me that even from the dollar store they are accurate. She said if I wanted, I could spend $10 and take one of the tests they have there (still peeing on a stick), but I declined.

    I have a beautiful 6 week old baby now, and I’ll forever be using dollar store pregnancy tests in the future. Why on earth I’d ever go back is beyond me. It just seems a waste of money for some fancy plastic and litmus paper.

  127. Chnantelle says:

    I used the Dollarama store pregnancy test and it came up with an instant positive result. Here I am, five months later, and five months pregnant.

    I won’t be wasting $20+ on “fancy” pee sticks in the future!

  128. jai says:

    I bought a can of vegetable spray “Pan Coat” and it started leaking around the seam, have never used it. Not only defective but dangerous. What are the chances i can take it back? Would i need to take legal action? Do i need to call FDA? OPD? BBB? CBRS?

  129. Lilly says:

    I have used the dollarama preg test and they actually do work. It was a positive and I was actually prego. So don’t bad month something unless you have used it yourself.

  130. Angie says:

    After spending much much much money on pregnancy tests. I spent 1$ on a dollar store test I did it it was positive. Thinking the same way could it really work for 1$ I sent my boyfriend to spend yet another $12.00 on one from the drug store and the result was the same. So Yes for $1 they are accurate and that saves alot of money over time when dealing with fertility issues. Maybe they are just cheaper because they are not in fancy boxes or fancy little gadgets like you buy at the drug store.

  131. Farmer Fred says:

    Hello , i bought a few and used them on my farm with my cows and horses and it works !

  132. Mandi says:

    I actually wanted to say that I don’t see a problem with these tests…It’s actually how I found out I was pregnant with this child and it showed up the day I was late unlike the First Response home pregnancy test with my son…I was a little worried about it being accurate at first but now I have no doubts they work…I took 4 of them days apart and it just kept getting stronger and stronger with every test

  133. eri says:

    this is the thread that just doesn’t die!

  134. Gary says:


    Because of this never-ending thread I decided to purchase a $1 pregnancy kit from my local Dollarama and test it out myself.

    It came back negative, which for me being a man, I was relived to find out.

    These things do work!

    The Dollarama also sell the same mega pack of TWIZZLERS for $1 which they sell at sports venues for $4! (I also like the 4 bottles of water for a $1)

    PS – It cracks me up when someone pays $1 for something and then complains about the service! LOL

  135. Sally says:

    Omg Gary, you cracked me right up!

    Im glad the test worked for you!

    I cant believe this post wont die hahaha!

  136. Eri says:

    Gary: I hope it was everything you wished for.

  137. Richelle Lewis says:

    I don’t see a problem with these test.. My friend thought that she was pregnant and she took 5 expensive pregnancy test over a three month period… She went to the local dollarama and bought a test.. And by golly it said positive… it was the only one that worked.. The othe expensive ones all said negative… She just gave birth to a baby girl.

    So I think if it sold for a dollar why not… it is just the same as any other stick you pee on… just saves you some money… and in my friends case actually worked. lol

  138. Deanna says:

    First those preg. test do work hehe.. Had my sister who is preg try it to see.. lol WOuld never buy one tho..

    But I was in a $ store today with my 2 year old baby girl.
    She told me that she had to go to the washroom. So I had asked someone working in the store. She said NO. No one can use them.. I said she is 2. She is going to pee in her pants. I DON’T CARE! Says the worker. SO I took my cart filled with things to the front and had asked again. NO NO ONE CAN USE THEM! In a snot voice. I gave her a peice of my mind and let my cart filled to the top with thing in it at the front and had to leave.
    I will never shop in that store again.
    I seen a lady who was in that store a while later into my day and she said I should have been louder in the store and that she and her friend left there carts at the front of the store filled too..

    just my little note that anyone with kids that will need to pee out in public NOT to go to the dollarama

  139. consumatrix says:

    I call the dollar store the $1.25 store since about 1 in 4 things sucks or does not last or does not work. But even at that ratio, $1.25 is still a bargain for most of what they sell! ( :

  140. femi says:

    the issue is that we are all used to paying high prices for items, so when someone offers it cheaper we assume it lacks quality. all a pregnancy test is is a strip with a chemical that reacts with hormones found in urine if you are pregnant the right hormone will react causing it to be positive. im not saying the tests are good or bad, but really think about it, maybe the other guys charge too much.

  141. Rachel says:


    You got horrible customer service, no doubt about it but as a former Dollarama employee I can say that there is a good reason why no one can use the bathrooms. The bathrooms at Dollarama double as stock rooms and storage rooms and in the one I worked at we used to store the extra trolleys in there. You pretty much had to climb over them to get to the toilet (which was super fun when I was pregnant and peeing 19 times a day). Also since you get shipments every day, sometimes in the middle of the day, there’s a good chance that there will be people unloading skids of boxes. If they let people use the bathrooms someone would end up getting hurt. It’s simply a liability issue although I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have just told you that. I had to tell people that several times a day and usually when I explained the reason for the policy they were understanding about it.

    As for the pregnancy tests, yes they do work. I used several when we were trying to get pregnant and they’ve always been right. The explanation I got from my family doctor was that the part that you pee on is the most expensive part of the test to manufacture. Since the Dollarama tests have such a small area to absorb urine it costs less to manufacture it. That’s why doctors offices usually have the same kind, they’re cheaper.


  142. melanie says:

    My friend has tried 2 of them thinking she was pregnant, came back positive twice. Then I tried them hoping I was pregnant and came back negative, as I was. So for actual review I can say that even if you only buy them for a dollar they are accurate.

  143. Amber says:

    Yes they do work. I got a BFP today!!! Gonna buy another one for a buck tomorrow just to be sure 😎

  144. Camerra YUILL says:

    I’m a medical laboratory technologist and I’m just going to let you all know that pregnancy tests are basically all the same thing, no matter the brand or the cost. They use the cheapest ones in the hospital labs.

  145. Lara Juster says:

    I was pregnant last year (and knowing it) I tried one of the Dollarama Pregnancy test, just to see. and it came back positive. So it did work.

  146. Cindy R says:

    All I know, is that they work. Why pay 12.00 for something you can get for 1.00 that works? It can’t be illegal, or they would not be able to sell them in the store.
    Just my 2 cents worth 🙂

  147. Tamix says:

    One of my friend got the pregnant at that time she don’t know how to recognize the pregnant she was. She felt very shy to checkup the doctor. At that time me and her don’t know about this type of sites. Now we got it. Thank you for giving this useful information blog.

  148. Common sense says:

    I tried one of the dollarama pregnancy test and it worked fine. It was negative! If you’re one of those chicks that doesn’t want to be pregnant, go to your doctor. If you don’t mind being pregnant however, you have nothing to lose. They also carry condoms!…never tried them though. They should be fine if the expiry date is good AND the wrapper is cushy or sealed with air inside.

  149. Common sense says:

    If something just as good cost $1.00 ,why buy it for $10.00??????

  150. Maybebaby says:

    I belong to an on-line forum for people experiencing infertility. If you can get pregnant easily for free, spending $1 or $18 doesn’t make much difference. However, if you are undergoing multiple fertility treatments, such as IUI or IVF, you can spend the equivalent to a downpayment on a house. It’s also a very anxious time, and you want early results because all you do is obsess whether this time worked or not?! Now that I know that I have many options besides Shopper’s — Dollarama, Zellers, Walmart, or to order on-line at or e-bay, of course I am interested in saving money and it reassures me that people vouch for these products. Thanks for all the tips regarding: faint line still positive, hCG present in early stages, hormones needing to be at right level (25 vs. 50 sensitivity rating), etc.

    I think you can get poor service no matter which store you go to. I routinely have problems at Tim Horton’s (they don’t pay attention), but then I was at Stoneridge last week buying a pair of shoes and the cashier ‘upsold’ me on an $8 cleaner, then didn’t put it the bag. The original store is not convenient for me to go back to — I have to call the store and see what can be done. At Zellers I’ve had to go back because they charged full price on stuff that was on sale. It never ends. But for someone to be rude and tell you basically to piss off, that is just stupid on their part as they will lose a customer. Thanks to Rachel for explaining why the bathrooms are off limits at Dollarama, the store could have handled that better. Also, sounds like a dangerous environment for staff, do you have to sign a liability waiver to work there? lol

    We even managed to inject some humour from the guys (even if it was a bit gross — FrumundaCheese), and just how much fun little boys can have with competition peeing. Girls are just naturally more uptight, you guys should know that by now!

    As for my two cents: don’t bother with the digital HPTs — the results only display for 24 hours, and then you are supposed to pry the thing open and dispose of the battery in an environmentally friendly manner. After many tries, I finally gave up and pitched the whole thing in the garbage.

    Have a good day, everyone. 🙂


  151. Maybebaby says:

    Update — I know this thread is supposed to be about dollar store home pregnancy tests, but somehow it became about customer service as well — so I just wanted to say that I spoke to the Manager at Stoneridge Sherway Gardens, and he has arranged with the Manager at Fairview Mall to provide the missing product or a refund, at my convenience.

  152. fatima fadlalla says:

    you guys are retarddsss

  153. Boo Radley says:

    lol and fatima you’re the smart one 😛

  154. Raven says:

    Hello I am a superviser at the A dollarama in B.C I was working there when i was pregnant and me and the girl wonted to no if the pregnancy tests rely worked so I toke one and a girl who was not pregnant toke one and they did the job I don’t not if there the best choose but hay it was $1.

  155. cubelandmail says:

    steven wood student speed

  156. danielle says:

    Everytime, I have found out I was pregnant, the dollarama test were very accurate, all three times.

  157. Autumn says:

    I worked at Dollarama for about a year in 2005/2006. The store manager wouldn’t allow it on the shelves and believe it or not, the full box of them is still sitting in the back storeroom…

  158. rosa says:

    Kitty Kat guy person whoever you are I think that you are so rood for doing that. You dont ask a pregnant women to pee on a pregnancy test. Have some respect for other people if I was that women I would have made a complaint to me that is harasment and your a total creep just for doing that. Plus dont you think that she already knew that she was pregnant. Use your head and STOP harrasing people.

  159. ANGEL74 says:

    I have used the $1 pregnancy test in the past, and guess what? I was pregnant! I bought 3 tests and all 3 confirmed that I was pregnant. I now have a beautiful 7 month old baby girl, and will still continue to use these $1 pregnancy tests.

  160. ANGEL74 says:

    All my $1 pregnancy tests were accurate. Did any of you check the Expirary Date first?

  161. Leanne says:

    FYI I bought a FIRST RESPONSE pregnancy test ($15) and it came out postive. Went to the doctor 2 weeks later and found out I wasn’t pregnant after 2 drs test and a blood test. This just shows that just because they cost more that there better…..if I had a Dollarama where I lived I would of definately spent $1 rather than $15.

  162. Glen says:

    Give it a break people.
    How many times do we have to read about this worn out topic.

  163. frugiedh says:

    NOOOOOO the Dollarama Pregnancy test thread must never die!!!!!!!!!

  164. Wibblewobbles says:

    Hey, here’s an idea…Go to a real doctor and pee in a freakin cup. It’s THAT EASY! Why get bent out of shape over dollar store crap?

  165. Hermann says:

    Well, I don’t think Dollarama is storing stuff in the bathroom anymore, but they still won’t let a 2-year-old use them. I was in one in Calgary the other day and noticed they now stock all the extra stock on top of the shelves, piled up to the ceiling. I was trying to rush through the store with my 2-year-old who had to pee and the wonderful 6-foot pole attached to the cart apparently knocked a full case of envelopes off the top shelf, which then came down and knocked me on the head. Three days later, I still have a headache and a sore neck, but the manager really had nothing much to say about it, except that she was sorry and that head office is the reason they are all stacking crap on the top shelves. I found this website while trying to find the address for head office to write them a nasty letter. If that had been my 2-year-old, it would have knocked her out or worse.

  166. Shannon says:

    Well…I took one when I WAS pregnant…just to see what happened and it said I was. THEN I took one when I wasn’t pregnant…and the result was negative, so I’d believe it

  167. verg says:

    all i wanted 2 kno is that ”i juz took a preg test frm superstore n was so nervous that i through away tha direction thingy n now i have 1 horizontal line n 1 diagnol line now wut does it mean..??”

  168. Nena says:

    Me and a friend of mine was amazed at such a item at the dollarstore and at the time i already knew i was pregnant. we wondered if they work so we bought 2 my friend who wast pregnant tryed it and it said she wasnt pregnant and then i tryed it and sure enough it said i was pregnant and i was only 5 weeks so they do work

  169. Ta-Rez says:

    wy do people use these tests. They can have the Dr do a test and it is covered by medicare. I would not even waste a 1$ on it.

    There problem and hype solved.

  170. Stephanie says:

    I am currently expecting my second child and used the Dollarama tests while trying to conceive with both of my pregnancies. They were accurate every time. My doctor even acknowledged that the technology used by most of the drug store tests and the dollar store tests are the same. When you’re testing anxiously every month (sometimes twice a month) the expensive tests add up quickly. I say way to go Dollarama! Companies who make products for women have been gouging us long enough.

  171. Annabelle says:

    I took a new choice test and at first it didnt show positive. i got mine from dollar tree. i got the control line and like 8 mins later i got a tear shaped blob the exact same color as the control and right under the positive spot!! WTF????

  172. Cristina Channer R.N says:

    Come on don’t be so judgmental cos of the cheap price as long as it detects HCG which all Pregnancy test does whether $1 or $20 they are ALL HCG SENSITIVE which means If you’re + then the Preg test detect that HCG is in you urine.

  173. Joey says:

    I have noticed a number of people making the comment that you shouldn’t spend any money on a test, instead one should just go to the doctor to get tested. If you have been trying to get pregnant for a number of months of course you are not going to go to the doctor every month you think you may be pregnant. That you be a huge waste of the docotor’s and your time. Remember some people take years to get pregnant.

  174. Ss says:

    it’s only a dollar, take it or leave. imo you get what you pay for. go to the doctor if you don’t want to spend money.

    ANd even if you need to get tested every month, we’re not in the usa basic health care is free, you’re not wasting the doctors time since they’re be PAID and it only takes a few mins. Most health centers have no appointment walk-in times as well, you can have it done there if you think you’ll be wasting your doctors time.

  175. susan says:

    they must work coz as a dollerama employee I know we sell alot of them. Also customers steal them all the time so…I say they do work. dollerama sells some really good stuff for a buck..some is crap too though. haha

  176. Angelina says:

    On the contrary, these tests do work. I used one three years ago, and it can back positive – and sure enough I was pregnant.

  177. bambinoitaliano says:

    Seeing everyone was having so much fun with the Dollarama HT I decided to buy a bunch just to use as coffee sticks. Guest what ? Every morning I have a cup of pregnant coffee. Maybe I’ll use them to make some pregnant Popsicles!!

  178. Christine says:

    Does anyone know if winnipeg Dollarama sells them

  179. Sally says:

    No idea but this thread cracks me right up everytime its bumped to the top.

    Bambino, your coffee story made me spit out my drink giggling 🙂

  180. Joyce says:

    Heyyy everyone i worked at Dollarama and not a lot od people buy those tests, its not a big thing to be worried about. If your worried your children may be using this to test themselves, why don’t you be more easy going and talk to them about sex. If they want to have sex that’s their moral decision well considering their age.. But anyway you should support them to use a contraceptive in that case because test me if you tell them they are not allowed and they really want to they probably still will … it just might not be in a safe way… prevent your kids from having to use these or any pregnancy tests as you know they all have their flaws

  181. Cat says:

    I work as a ft head cashier at a local Dollarama store and we sell an abundance of those home pregnancy tests and never have had a complaint or problem. Hey if it works you are saving yourself alot of money till you see a doctor for a final for sure.
    You can find just about anything at the Dollarama, nothing should shock

  182. Cat says:

    I agree it is a very huge liability issue to let anyone who does not work at the store use the bathroom, our back room is not safe to let anyone back there who is not used to it, we can just not take that chance of someone being hurt, we are right by a Walmart and Zehrs and it is just all in the way it is handled..I being main cash always get someone asking and I just politley tell them I am sorry and they understand for the most part..I have been head cashier for almost 3 yrs and never ever had a complaint about me..and I get alot of wonderful comments about my work as well as the work the staff does, it is all how staff are yes not all staff act accordingly when dealing with customers, its like anything else if you dont like what your doing do something else, I happen to love my job and have a wonderful amount of regular customers..I am very lucky, so dont stop shopping there cos of one idiot..we have great
    Hope it wont happen to you again

  183. Fresca says:

    i can’t believe what I’m reading!!!

    Deanna wrote: “The bathrooms at Dollarama double as stock rooms and storage rooms and in the one I worked at we used to store the extra trolleys in there. You pretty much had to climb over them to get to the toilet (which was super fun when I was pregnant and peeing 19 times a day).”

    Cat wrote: “I agree it is a very huge liability issue to let anyone who does not work at the store use the bathroom, our back room is not safe to let anyone back there who is not used to it, we can just not take that chance of someone being hurt,”

    If you’re working in an environment that’s not safe…or one where you have to be “used to it” in order to consider it safe, you should be complaining to health and safety!!! Don’t wait until someone gets hurt to fix the problem. Whether it be a customer or an employee – it should be a safe environment. It’s sometimes hard to get up the courage to speak out but trust me, it’s worth it. I got hurt at work and I knew it wasn’t safe – i should have said something before.

    Better safe than sorry…

  184. Fresca says:

    Sorry, the first quote was from Rachel, not Deanna.

  185. Alex says:

    “you should be complaining to health and safety!!!”~Fresca

    I know that a lot of workplaces that have a larger number of employee’s have joint health and safety members. Both workers and management. I would be suprised however if a small store (such as a dollar store) have that setup. I would suggest that if an employee complains in those type of operations then they could be shown the door (for any made up reason).


  186. Sneg says:


    It is not our business if government receive hey money for lessens or not. I think if the product is not dangerous to health people can use it. This Item can be very good and just because some one don’t receive money for some paper it does not mean Item became bad. This is politic games, No paper No sells.

  187. Gabes1mum says:

    I am over 3 months pregnant now and when I suspected I was first pregnant I bought 4 of these dollar store pregnancy tests, assuming if they were sold legally in a legit store then they must in fact work. After being 4 weeks late I took the first test and it said negative, the next week again negative… until I got fed up and bought a clear blue test for $16 at the local drug store. It showed that yes I was in fact pregnant and I am now over 3 months pregnant and my midwives have confirmed that I was in fact pregnant each time I took those tests. Waste of a dollar if you ask me!!

  188. jenny says:

    I bought one last week from dollarama and used it.I was a second opinion from my doctor and im so happy to learn that im 5 weeks pregnanc.yey!

  189. Islander Girl says:

    WOW amazing……. for the last past 8yrs i’m trying to get pregnant…. My husband and i cant afford for IVF….
    I have abnormal period , i dont get my periods so often sometimes 9months i dont get my periods……

    I spent a lots of money on these test for the first 3 yrs of my married , until i was detected with PCOS so i give up

    I really love babies , i enjoy babysitting my families, friends kids for free

    anyway will keep on reading this forum

  190. Ms.Practical says:

    Getting back to “GOOD COMMAN SENCE”… Its not so comman I can see that ..

    A smart woman would by pass this idiotic sales pitch and call her Dr for the “Reliable” test that tells her to plan for baby or the opprotunity for the sign of relief.
    If she is in fact pregnant she will be given an appointment right then and there that begins the best of care for her / baby.
    If she is not then .. right then and there she and her Dr. can discuss other measures of pregnancy control.

    Get real. Are you serious? would you leave it up to the cost of a 1.13 test to tell you what your future will be ?
    Get A Grip.

  191. amanda says:

    people that are so negative about this type of thing are just cry babies. if they have something against the tests then don’t use them. These people that cry to have things like this stopped are true communists, How would they like to not have choices such as these simple things in life. Really come on its a buck and its just a pregnancy test. Peaple just need to loosen up. I have used the test and actually had accurate results, i did i as a joke at first. And the pregnancy test that they use in walk in clinics are no where near as accurate as clear blue and are just cheap tests also. So maybe next time you walk by the test in dollarama stop turning up your nose like its the most disgusting thing in the world and pull the broom ou of your a**!

  192. melissa says:

    I took two of the pregnancy tests that I found at the dollarama and they both told me that I was pregnant and I found out before my period was even about to start. I think that they work just buy a couple. Mind you that I did go to the doctors for a blood test just to be sure, and it came back positive.

  193. nitu says:

    let me tell that 1 or 2 dollars is 40 indian rupees and in india buying a 40 rs test kit is not considered very cheap, so the kits may be are not so bad, they r may be manufactured in some lesser cost facilty.

  194. NurseGal says:

    I am a Registered Nurse and I have had many woman come in with positive dollarama pregnancy tests. They had doubted the dollarama tests and wanted to take another urine pregnancy tests (Hospital pregnancy tests). The two tests were both positive each time. I also attended a Science Fair (Nationals) and there were two students doing research on pregnancy tests. Well anyways they had the most exepensive pregnancy tests down to the dollar store pregnancy tests…Their results had showed that they all had the same accuracy in determining if you were pregnant or not…but anyways hope this helps anyone.

  195. Preggo Gal says:

    Regarding the topic of using staff washrooms, while the employee may not have handled the situation appropriately, why would the poster be surprised that she was denied the use of the staff washroom? How about if I said, “I forgot to eat my lunch. Can I sit in your staff lunchroom and finish my meal?” If there is a potential that your child would need a washroom during your shopping trip, then go to a Dollarama that is located in a mall where the facilities exist.

    As for rude employees, does anyone really expect great customer service? You are buying cheap products in a store staffed by cheap labour. If you want red carpet, you’re going to pay for it. Ultimately, it’s your choice. I don’t care if the staff is friendly, just efficient. There’s nothing worse than waiting in a long Dollarama line up.

    Btw – I always put my 2 year old in a pair of pull ups when we shop JUST IN CASE. I would hate for her to be humiliated because I couldn’t get her to a proper bathroom and didn’t anticipate that she might not be able to hold it in.

  196. Lissa says:

    Listen I dont think ther eis anything wrong with the 1 dollar pregnancy test!!!! I used it, and it was acccurate it was possitive and here i am with my three month old daughter. It was so early in the pregnancy that when I went to get the ultra sound they could only see the sack and not the baby! so it is very accurite! Usually they tell you to buy the first response for 5 days before you missed period, well this one worked just as well! Also i my two girlfriends used it and it was accurite for them as well. So dont bash talk it!!!! IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. Sarah says:

    In response to the $1 pregnancy tests…
    I also found this odd, although did use them once and a while when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant.
    AND when I DID get pregnant, it was a dollarama pregnancy test that I learned this from!
    I used THREE seperate tests from dollarama and they all said possitive.
    I then went out and bought two more proper “first response” test from shoppers drug mart, both also read possitive.
    After results from the doctor – also possitive, I was shocked to find out that $1 pregnancy tests apparently DO work.

  198. Sarah says:

    Oh, and by the way – when the dollarama test picked up my pregnancy, I was ONLY 4 WEEKS pregnant.
    Who needs the $20 first response test!

  199. Kayla Kendall says:


  200. Justine says:

    One question – why would you use a dollarama pregnancy test? seriously. Wouldnt you want something that you can trust for sure is giving you the right result,

  201. Leanne says:

    FYI-I used a FIRST RESPONSE pregnancy test and it came out positive BUT i WASN”T pregnant. I would rather spend $1 then $20 and so would anyone else whos smart I guess.

  202. val says:

    if u dont think its right that dollarama sells home pregnancy tests, look the other way, dont buy it, no one is twisting your arm buy it from there, like the others said go spend a little bit more money, go to a drug store, or, better yet, get bloodwork done…….but dont sweat the small stuff………geeez

  203. Leanne says:

    no kidding

  204. Liegha says:

    Oh for the love of all that is holy! Get a grip people….They are a dollar! A dollar! Who cares if they are accurate or not, it’s not as if you’re gonna go broke if it doesn’t work. Oh and if anyone has any common sense you know that any home test is just a guideline, the doctor is the final answer. So stop crying about cheap stuff. Then again common sense is really not all that common….

  205. Heather says:

    Okay, everyone who disagrees with this is extremely uptight. I took the pregnancy test after taking several other $10-$20 ones, and guess what.. this is the only one that informed me that I was pregnant. I will tell you that all the tests were done in the matter of 2 days…. so what does that tell you. Just because some people cant afford to be constantly buying the expensive pregnancy tests, doesnt mean that they do not have the right to know. I will tell you as well that I wound up having the baby, and we are a happy family! Just because I couldnt afford all the expensive ones, doesnt mean that I do not have the finances to pay for my son! Please people stop being so NIEVE!!!

  206. Dawn says:

    Just for fun my friend and I each purchased a $1 HPT just to see if the results were accurate. My friend was 100% not pregnant before we took the test and I was 16 weeks pregnant. Both tests accurately predicted what we were both what we were, so i don’t understand what the big issue is whether a test is $1 or $20 they all do the same job.

  207. angela says:

    I have a friend that uses them and everytime she has been pregnant it showed positive and everytime she wasn’t it showed negative. I don’t think you have to pay more for something to work better, i know you are paying for the name on other products not the accuracy.

  208. The Real Deal says:

    It’s funny to hear people base the quality of products based on price. If these Dollarama pregnancy tests were sold in Shopper’s Drug Mart and marked up to $9.99, would that make them any better?? Would they be more accurate? Why are ALL pregnancy test kits always advertising increased accuracy, because there are ALWAYS a percentage of wrong results.
    Yes, in some cases, the quality of some items in Dollarama are questionable. However, in MOST cases, you are getting MORE for your buck than anywhere else. For example… some of their toys may not last the longest, but most kids lose interest in their new toys after a short while anyways, no matter how much it costs, or where it’s from. And for all you people that are brainwashed by advertising, Dollarama has been increasing their offerings of name brand items and licensed products. Keep in mind that Dollarama is the second largest retailer in Canada with about 600+ stores across Canada and always increasing, they don’t spend on advertising, they don’t pay their employees all that much, they manufacture most of their stuff. Once Dollarama becomes a Publicly owned Company (soon), you can bet i’ll be buying as many shares as I can!!

  209. Cindy says:

    Well, I have to tell you, that is how my daughter found out she was pregnant… so they do work… who cares what the cost is?? And, the other thing is, it can’t hurt you… so what is the harm in using it?

  210. Is this right? says:

    ” they don’t pay their employees all that much….. Once Dollarama becomes a Publicly owned Company (soon), you can bet i’ll be buying as many shares as I can!!”~The Real Deal

    No comment really needed here.

  211. Fairen says:

    I find it funny how everyone’s freaking out like this over a Dollarama pregnancy test. In all reality, all pregnancy tests are is a piece of litmus ( which is that little thing they would stick in your cup of pee at the doctor’s anyways ) wrapped in some material that will absorb the pee long enough for the litmus to get a reading.
    I agree with what everyone else here is saying. We’ve clearly been brainwashed by consumers.
    Like, GEEZ. Think your pregnant? Get the test you can afford.
    End of story.

  212. jen says:

    i just wanted to say that from what i have heard and read, if a man takes a pregnancy test and it is positive it could be a sign that he has a form testicular cancer, he should be examined by a dr.

  213. Reggie says:

    Are we still talking about this? My 8 month old daughter is here and confirms that the test works as pointed out waaaay back on June 18, 2007!! (See post above.) If it works, why shouldn’t we use it?

  214. Krys says:

    I’ve used these tests many times, and have always had better results then popular name brands! I highly recommend them. They work faster then the five day before period tests as well!

  215. Wild says:

    I can definitely say these tests work. They were cheap enough that we could use one each day when checking to see if we were pregnant. I’m sure they’re made on the cheap so don’t expect the highest quality control. The thing is you can take 2-3 at a time and it’s STILL cheaper than alternatives. As soon as we got a very faint positive line we used one of the more expensive tests and got the same result(It was a little more clear on the expensive test).

    This is mainly a regulation thing. Likely instigated by the competition.

    If you’re concerned about the result of any test you can confirm them with your doctor.

  216. NAVEED ZAFAR says:

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    E MAIL;[email protected]

  217. Amadaus says:

    wen you open

  218. Jannette says:

    All I Can Say is that i used
    the pregnancy test..and it worked..
    it said i was pregnant.. and i was..
    who cares if it is from dollarama???
    you are peeing on it.. and you
    need to go see a doctor anyways to
    confirm anything..
    so quit making a big deal out fuck all

  219. lylotte says:

    where in the dollerama store are the test kept? i definitely want to start buying them there but have never seen them.

  220. Avery says:

    If they took the half of all the Dollarama pregnancy tests and put them in expensive $18.00 pregnancy test boxes and left the other half on the shelves, people would continue to say how much better the expensive one is when in reality they are the same thing.

  221. Dollalova says:

    I love dollarama!
    Everything is $1!

  222. lena says:

    i was ad.i saw a

  223. jenn says:

    I’d feel safer buying a $1 preggers test than a $1 box of tampons.

  224. Confused says:

    yeah Im trying to understand the problem here as well.. why is everyone complaning about only having to pay 1$.. it dont matter the price.. I bough a 10$ test and it said i wasnt preg.. and a couple of days later got a diff brand, and there it was the + sign.. and that one was like 6$.. so I dont think it realy matters how much they are.. and buy the way the ones that are a $ u dont pee on the stick.. you have to pee in a cup and there is a little thingy there that u have to use to put a drop of pee on the test.. its more friggin around but for a buck..why not..

  225. Ted says:

    My wife got two fails in a row (same Lot #) two weeks after she was late. These were on the Dollarama kits. The very next day we had it done at the local clinic and it was positve. Her quantitative BHCGR (the value in mIU/mL) was sky high; the Dollarma kits failed without question.

    Trust your body, but go to a real lab. It’s free anyway.

  226. Leanne says:

    Still talking about $1 pregnancy tests………….jeez give it up already.

  227. Alicia says:

    I love dollarama, but regarding the tests well my husband and i were both quite curious about these, so we bought two, i took one and so did he (he bet me a nice fancy dinner that they would not be accurate). They both came out positive, however, i was not pregnant and obviously he can’t ever be pregnant. Just thought it was a funny story to share. But i agree with thoes who said, go to the walk in clinics, let the professionals handle it! 🙂

  228. Alicia says:

    And for the comment about positive male pregnancy tests and gesticular cancer – my husband is a pharmacist, and didn’t seem bothered about the result so im not sure how true that is??

  229. Nina says:

    For thoes who can’t afford the “real”/regulated tests the dollar store ones are a good option, however in all cases a doctor should be consulted anyway. Also, everything there is one dollar meaning it was produed very very cheaply, so its up to the consumers discresion and intelligence to buy things from there. Ie i would NEVER give my child a bottle from that store as there has been many recalls from the plastic and rubber, however its a great place to get birthday cards from! its just up to consumers to be intelligent, you are all adults and i hope dont need other people to tell you what is a good idea and what is not.

  230. cricket says:

    I’d be curious about these as well…
    however. I went to a walk-in clinic once and they refused to give me a pregnancy test. they told me to go buy one. And I notice now a lot of clinics (who use the pee on the stick type) will charge you out of pocket $15, this is in Alberta. So basically to test you have to buy a kit anyway.
    Maybe a family doctor would be different, and as for the blood test, most doctors will only perform them if there’s a pressing reason why you need to know sooner.

  231. Jim says:

    Who cares people. Time to move on instead of acting like no minds.

  232. MATILDA says:


  233. Young mama says:

    No kidding this thing doesnt die
    its really long…
    Anyways lets sum it up
    dollar store works
    expensive ones usually work
    doctors waste tax money
    dollar store people are rude
    lots of people having babies lol
    gosh lol
    anyways the 1st time i was preggers
    since everyones telling their life story
    i might as well
    i got a test doctor pee negitive… and then blood positive
    then 2nd time
    i knew i mean i knew it i was preggers so around 5 months showing already morning sickness lol missed period sore boobs lol
    i decied ill take a test i think im preggers lol
    i was duh it was no name safeway…
    finally went to doctors and got yelled at (doctors are mean not dollar store people)
    my friend tookthe 1$ ones and shes preggers
    i still get the stupid one with a keepsake lol
    its gross but cute i take a picture of the positive and thats the 1st pic in an album i start for each baby i dont want my kids to look back and be like damn mom was cheap … i am thou… this time
    then when i know 4 sure ill get the keep sake one after the dollar store one lol

  234. Paulina says:

    Oh that’s cute!!! Taking a picture of the positive pregnancy test! What a great way to begin a baby album!

  235. valley mom says:

    Cheap tests do work. You can buy the same kind they use at clinics online on Ebay or on sites like: and they cost even less then a dollar if you buy them in bulk. No reason you should have to pay more then $1 for a pregnancy or ovulation test.

  236. Jenn says:

    I actually used them and got a positive result before my first response test. So I think that they work great!

  237. Dollarama man says:

    All Items in $rama are meant to be cheep for people who cant afford high tech name brand stuff if you dont want to use them then dont buy them however the preg testers work fine dont diss dollarama

  238. Dollarama man says:

    and when your pregnant youl need things to be cheeper and were not rude all us dollarama employees are just sick of how dumb the consumers are like everything is 1 dollar how many time do you people have to ask us how much something costs or if even if we work there customers are stupid people who think there the top of the world and its amazing how many things can be sold for 1 $ our hospital in my city buy the preg tests from our store because they work and are accurate but if a couple people want to pay more for a test to find out your pregnant then go ahead hope you make real money cus im so sick of hearing screaming babies in my store that if your rich enough to shop in other stores for expensive things then do it one less bad parent i will have to see and one less baby that a parent is negelicting that i wont have to hear screaming

  239. Dollarama man says:

    and its a garentee that more people would disagree with you on any subject that has to do with my store so Blaaaaaaaa 😛

  240. Dollarama man says:

    oh an by the way dollarama is not the only store that sells these brands of preg tests Walmart Sells the Exact same one for $15.00

  241. Kris says:

    When I was pregnant with my son (he’s 18 now), I did 2 home tests and both came out negative. My doctor did one as well and it too came up negative. It wasn’t until they did the blood test that we finally got a positive. But anyway… If the actual test material is the same or strikingly similar to what the doctors use and it is safe to use, who cares where you bought it or how much it costs? If someone is short on funds but needs to know, my suggestion is to buy at least 3 of them. Buying 2 and getting 2 different results would be just as bad as not knowing. Do the 3rd one and go by that one – then (depending on the results) get your butt to the doctors. 😀

    As for the condoms mentioned earlier – nope sorry I wouldn’t get them from a discount store.

  242. Niffer says:

    I think as Canadians we are brainwashed. We are led to believe that only expensive is good. Just about everything in the U.S. is substantially cheaper. Now we have a product that is a lot less expensive than we are used to and everyone is skeptical. All pregnancy tests work the same way, it’s a gamble, you need a blood test for 100% accuracy.
    The woman that went into Dollarama in Calgary with a Walmart shopping cart, you don’t see how that would be wrong in both Dollarama’s and Walmart’s eyes? I don’t think the employee should be rude or kick you out but you still shouldn’t have done it. Why don’t you use a stroller? It always seems so dangerous when children are in the backs of shopping carts.
    There seems to be a lot of issues with Dollarama employees being rude and managers being verbally abusive, what’s up with that?

  243. Niffer says:

    Hey Naveed
    If you have $50 000 – $100 000 kickin around to invest in a company I have one that will be a lot more profitable than Dollarama.

  244. Sindy says:

    If you are someone who is taking pregnancy test after pregnancy test and worried about getting a positive result, I think that is a clear indication that you might want to slack on the smack!! Slow down on sex ;O) And if you know there is a test available in a dollar store, of course you are going to buy it – duh! Why spend $15 on a single test when you could get 15 tests. If it comes out positive, you are obviously going to contact your doctor! If it comes out negative, you are obviously going to take another one. Then subsequently, if that one is negative, you are most likely to take it for the truth and try again next week if your period still hasn’t came! And if it’s been forever and the test still says negative, you are obviously going to contact the doctor. So, in the end, what always prevails, what’s necessary and accurate, what is the most effective way of testing for pregnancy??? Hooray, the doctor!!!!!!

  245. JC says:

    In Canada, it is the Health Canada Inspectorate that takes care of complaints and enforcement of medications and medical devices. Information on how customers can make complaints is found at this website:

  246. Katrina says:

    I have been trying to get pregos for sometime now and thought that I could use the $ store ones “PRO CARE” first and if I get a positive result follow up with “FIRST RESPONSE”. This morning I tried with the PRO CARE and got a faint, but noticable line, so then I used “FIRST RESPONSE” and sure enough I am pregos. So I say sure why not try it, the test are all looking for the samething. I don’t think there is as sensitive as a test that can be used 5 days prior till your period is due, but they work!

  247. dee says:

    i bought one and it said i was prego, and 9 months later we had a lil baby boy, thanks dollarama

  248. Mel says:

    I work at a Dollarama and yes I found it strange that we sell pregnancy tests and initially I thought they would give poor results or just be a poor quality test all together. I’ve never tried them before because I didn’t never needed to but I would also like to know if anyone has used them and how affective they really are.

  249. Karen Beaubiah says:

    Wow…can’t believe this is such a topic.
    The $1 tests are just as good as the $12 ones, as all it is looking for is a detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)being present in the urine (meaning you’re pregnant). There is no such thing as a “false positive” – only false negatives. So buy the $1 test, and if it says you are pregnant, head to the doctor to confirm. It’s that simple!

  250. Rachel says:

    I’d be wary of a $1 pregnancy test… but I’m wary of all over-the-counter drugstore tests. It’s a much better idea to go to your family doctor, or a drop in clinic, and get them to do the tests for you. It’s free and sure, it’s less convenient, but it’s much much more accurate.

  251. Eri says:

    Actually, the doctor’s office and clinics generally use the test strips that you can buy in bulk on various internet they are not ‘much much more accurate’ they are the same and looking for the same thing..

  252. Lindsey says:

    Thank you Karen Beaubiah! That is all true! My opinion is DOES IT REALLY MATTER??? If a person goes into Dollarama and buys a pregnancy test, maybe they can’t afford to head to the drugstore and buy a $12-$15 test. I took 2 First Choice tests and got positives right away. I asked my doctor to test me as well to be sure, and sure enough I was pregnant! She also informed me that they are NO different in the clinic than in those little boxes you buy at the store. Their tests can give you false negatives as well as the stores. Even blood tests can give you false negatives, as I have been the recipient of that news as well.
    So what difference does it really make if it costs $1 or $20? Nothing.

  253. b says:


  254. longboat says:

    I tried one of the Dollarama tests out of curiosity when I was pregnant. It was negative. It does say in the fine print for testing with invitro ferilization. I dont know how its different.

  255. sherazi says:

    this message is for all those people who are looking for baby,

    I have some thing that really works, and its herbal

    not even expensive. 20 dollars around.

    but depends on age as well.

    that product is not in market
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  256. sherazi says:

    don’t panic for pregnancy test strips, look around on internet you can have lots at home within 10 dollars

  257. CF says:

    I work for a Sexual Health Centre and many clients will come in to confirm whether the Dollarama preg test was correct … and so far they have been accurate with all the girls that have used it. Remember, the technology required to test whether a women is pregnant is very simple. I highly doubt the pregnancy tests they sell for $15 plus dollars are worth more than $1 … so really I see it as a huge rip off to buy it in a regular store. I mean if someone wants the privacy of her own bathroom, to not be judged by her doctor (if she is young)… or risk of seeing someone she knows at a Sexual Health Centre, I think being able to get one for $1 is excellent.:)

  258. Abigail says:

    I think I might be pregnant and I don’t want to spring $12 for a test when I know the Dollarama sells them, do all Dollaramas sells the tests, or do I have to search?

  259. Kim says:

    The test was accurate for me, eventually. The first couple of them appeared to be negative, but I still hadn’t had my period so I tried again a few days later and saw a super-faint line after a couple of minutes.
    Moral of the story, wait the whole time indicated on the instructions and look closely for even the faintest line. At $1 each, it’s no problem to re-check every couple of days and I definitely agree with not wasting my time or taxpayer’s dollars to go to a walk-in clinic for a pregnancy test.

    P.S. I believe they’re at every Dollarama, but you might have to ask for what aisle they’re in.
    P.P.S. I’m due in two weeks :o)

  260. ashley says:

    Dollarama pregnancy tests are the tests that they use at the algoma health unit for free on you. Why wouldent u just pay a dollar for it if you knew that it is approved by the health unit!

  261. amanda says:

    Dollarama is now also selling condoms. and no the pregnacy test do not work i tryed one while i was working there and 7 months pregnant and the test showed up negative DONT WAST YOUR MONEY

  262. ExpectingFather says:

    We had a perfectly fine time using these. We got pregnant two times and both times the tests were accurate. The only problem was the line wa s alittle faint and was tough to tell.

  263. wbmommy says:

    Worked fine for me. The detection level is 25 units (same as equate and Life brands available at walmart and SDM). The line was a little faint for me as well, but then again I wasn’t even late yet! I beleive the package states they are licensed by health Canada now…the original request not to use them was from 2005 and I beleive it was a licensing issue (moreso than an accuracy issue)….

  264. katelynn says:

    They work i took one right after i took the expensive and both were positive

  265. jayde says:

    hahahahaha this makes me want to do one for fun…

  266. samsmom says:

    I have used the the dollarama preg. tests and they worked fine for me.. They detected my pregnancy at 5 weeks pregnant. I know have a 6 month old baby girl.

  267. Veronica says:

    As a previous poser said..why use one of these in the first place. Common sense people!!

  268. kim says:

    My suggestion…if you think you’re pregnant..try the $1.00 test. If you get your pregnant result, you can then buy the more expensive test and verify it with the brand you trust.

    If you continue to buy a few of the more expensive tests because you’re not pregnant, you’ll spend extra dollars that you didn’t have to.

    The Dollarama tests gave me both pregnant responses each time I was pregnant. They also gave me the negative responses when I wasn’t. I am glad I didn’t waste my money on more expensive tests when I didn’t have to.

  269. sharon says:

    FYI to the people who are saying that the dollar store tests don’t work and shit, guess what…..? THEY DO!
    I found out with all 4 of my pregnancies with dollaramma pregnancy tests.
    They are just as good as any other test, they all check for the same hormone HCG.
    And 3 days ago I just found out I was pregnant again( this will be my fourth) same thing, used $store test.
    And guess what else?? I tested 10 days BEFORE I even missed my period and got 2 big fat POSITIVES, im not farther along either, im only 2-3 weEks preggo, so that just goes to show all of you ignorant people who don’t know what your talking about that they DO INFACT WORK! XD

  270. Lisa says:

    I used the dollerama tests because I wanted to save money. They said I was pregnant, as did the dr. and the 2 ultrasounds I’ve had. Seem to work just fine!

  271. GM says:

    I have used these for all 3 of my pregnncies, They are very accurate, and detected my last pregnancy 3 days early. Save your money and ue these – trust me. Your Dr. will validate the tests response. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

  272. Paige says:

    I used the dollarama test i worked great ad now i have a 10 month old daughter.

  273. Random says:

    Funny thing is, how do you all know that the cost price for the $12 pregno tests aren’t 0.50 cents or less or even a $1, yet the the store/company selling them raises the price to $12.00 or even more…and give it a break, it’s only $1.00…if you were pregnant you will feel it and end up going to the doctors either way. Plus there is no harm in using the dollarama tests. It does not affect your health in anyway…all you have to do is pee on a stick.

  274. Reggie says:

    The tests have worked for me – positive when I’m pregnant, and negative when I’m not.

    The issue of pregnancy is a significant cause of stress for an individual or couple. Being able to discretely know one way or the other is a privilege we have because of the affordability of these tests. I can’t imagine being a teenage girl wondering for days and days if I am pregnant because I can only afford one expensive test. She would need to wait as long as she can stand to be certain a positive result is logged. She most certainly doesn’t want to show up at her doctor or a clinic unless she has a real reason to be there. Neither can I imagine being a woman, desperate to be pregnant, having similar issues of needing to wait and wait before she can test for pregnancy. She can test every day for two weeks if she needs to in order to ease her mind without being concerned of cost.

    The psychological health of many of our peers is stabilized by these affordable tests. Let’s not underestimate the reason one would use one of these.

  275. Pat says:

    I seen the test at the dollar store when i was pregnant about 2 years ago and thought to my self…yeah right…it won’t work. i hurryed home and did the test to find out it worked. and did you realize no pregnancy test says how much hcg is measured for the test..but any way I know 3 other women that used these $1 pro- care pregnancy test and got positive results and now have babies…i am late now and going to buy a few…will leave the results when i get them

  276. Amanda says:

    they actually do work just to let everyone know not the greatest for earlyest detection of pregnancy but they do work i tried acouple out just for myself when i already knew i was pregnant it too about a week or 2 after i took the early response for it to show on the dollerstore one. they do work i recommend it about a week or 2 after you miss your period for more accurate results

  277. anti gimmick says:

    …so don<t get knocked up! DUH!

  278. dontgetrepo says:

    Well it’s good to know that they seem to work, I saw them there laughed and then wondered why not? And a quick question, what’s the deal with everyone, reproducing? Do woman like to be baby making factories?? I mean even kids are having babies… people don’t even raise they’re kids anymore, what’s the point of making them if your not going to turn them into good human beings? please keep in mind that before you f%ck and then have to pee on your dollarama test it’s a human child not a dog (or hand bag) your responsiblity for life, the next generation….

  279. Shannon says:

    I used a dollar pregnancy test a year and a half ago when my period was late to be suprised to find out I was pregnant. I them went to the drugstore for one of the more expensive tests only to tell me what I already knew. They have worked for me.

  280. JOE BLOW says:

    My sister called the number on the side of the box and the text is recognize by the goverment as been lagit fancy that

  281. Sarah says:

    Spend 3 bucks…
    buy 3…
    Go with the most common answer.

    And chances are… if you think you might be pregnant, you’re gonna trust a physician OVER any pregnancy test from a box anyways.

  282. Pat says:

    well i was positive but i had and early miscarrage….but thats not stopping me..will try again when i feel the time is right. but yes the tests do work…it didn’t work till i was a week late but it worked. beats going to the clinic.

  283. Agatha says:

    I don’t know about who wrote this but the dollerama pregnancy test works and it accurate that’s how i found out i was pregnant and my sister in law also found out this way too i think consumers are angry because people no longer have to pay 10-60 dollers for a test! I think that people should stop complain about it if you don’t have the money this is the right thing for you!

  284. Carla says:

    At first I couldn’t believe that you could get a test for $1. But I bought one as a joke and tried it out. At the time I was 6 months pregnant, so my friend and I knew what the results should say. It came up positive right away! She went back and bought some more as she was trying to get pregnant. I say buy the ones for a buck, save yourself the money.

  285. Saskboy says:

    “I wouldn’t advise a preg test from the dollar store – god forbid they start selling condoms!!!!”

    Yeah, I’d hate to see condoms on sale for $1. That would be a rip off, after all.

  286. Cat says:

    Here is my favourite part! Right now at the Dollarama in my town you can also buy condoms (3 for a $1). I wouldn’t trust these either? Maybe it is just me but 3 condoms for a buck does not imply safe sex to me and neither does a $1 pregnancy test. I am wary of the cheap!

  287. arlene says:

    i cannot believe that dollarama is selling pregnancy test that must be to go along with the $1.00 condoms that they are also selling i purchased a packaged of these condoms just to see what they were like not to use but i opened a pack and and i ripped it without any effort something has to be done.

  288. melanie says:

    I used two of the $1.00 pregnancy tests fairly early when i was only days late. Both times it showed i was in fact pregnant. I was nervous if the results were actually accurate so i did follow up with a doctors appointment and it was also positive. I will continue to trust these $1.00 tests but with any test you should see your doctor if you have a positive result or havent had a peroid in awhile.

  289. El says:

    Found it so funny that the dollar store was selling pregnancy tests that I had to check it out. My girlfriends and I did a little experiment.

    There are 4 of us, 2 are pregnant (one is 16 weeks along, one is 22 weeks) and 2 of us are not. We each bought 5 tests and checked the results.

    Of the two not pregnant girls…it showed one was pregnant 3 out of 5 times and the other showed pregnant 2 out of 5 times.

    Of the two pregnant girls it showed one NOT pregnant 3 out of 5 times and the other NOT pregnant 4 out of 5 times.

    So the Dollar store tests seem to be accurate only 8 out of 20 times.

    Would you trust a test that is WRONG 60% of the time?

    Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. besides if you can’t spring for a $10 pregnancy test you can’t afford to have a baby anyway so I really hope you don’t

  290. Girl says:

    I thought the same thing…there is no way a pregnancy test from a dollar store could work…My period was a week late which is sometimes normal so I bought one to ease my mind and the results were positive…I bought a more expensive one and the results were positive as well so you can believe me they ork and they show early results

  291. Current Dollarama Employee ! says:

    So here’s the thing. A fellow co-worker of mine decided he would take one of these wonderous prego tests we have at our Dollarama. He spit on it and low and behold it told him he was pregnant.
    I don’t know about you — but that’s pretty pathetic, but extremely hilarous!!

  292. Sally says:

    lmao…i love the lady who decides to preach on here about got pregnant at 15and again 17 and so did your daughter, instead of preaching on abortion how bout preaching abstinence!

    anyway with that out of my system, what ever test you choose to pee on and find out if you are pregnant it truly doesn’t matter because any of the test clearly state after you take that test you should consult with your doctor. either way you have to see adoctor to confirm the result andbegin prenatal care so to me it doesnt make a difference.

    pee on wwhat you want but check with the doctor afterwards , or go straight to the doctor and save the dollar too.

  293. Char says:

    Totally agree,
    I used one 7 months ago, either way you have to go see a Dr.

  294. khodr says:

    OK why not for 1$ even in china it cost penny. so the others are making 1000 $ profit.

  295. same as the dr. test says:

    hi just wanted to leave a little message about the $1 preg test!! will if u take them apart its a little blue and white strip in side and it the same as what the dr. would use if u where to go there and get one and it would normally cost you 10$ there it just seem cheep b/c it the $1 store lol.. but they do really work…seen it with my own eyes it was less for the ones you really cant aford a one from the drug store …

  296. same as the dr. test says:

    sorry about the spelling

  297. sunai says:

    The first time i saw them at the dollar store, i admit i thought it was a little weird. But, thinking back to my sister in law who was going through infertility for a number of years, she was ordering home preg tests off the internet for a dollar a piece and found them to be just as accurate – just less fancy packaging. So, who is to say really. I dont see what the big deal is at all. Its like anything that is purchased from the dollar store – most of it breaks within a day or so of buying it, so if its something really important just go and spend the money on a quality product.
    I do however think that this is a good alternative for anyone looking to buy tests in mass quantities.

  298. franky says:

    The main reason why Health Canada was refusing to approve the sale of this product when it was originaly sold in the Dollar Store is that it was not approved under that name but under a different one. It had nothing to do whith safety or accuracy. This is the same product you find in pharmacies. Every product must be approved under the marketed name, and if alias are to be used, they also have to be approved before it can hit any stores. So, we now know how much those $12.00 test actually cost. As far as accuracy, like anything else, there will always be failures. None of them are foolproof. Some woman will only know they are pregnant with blood test…

  299. Skinifatkid says:

    My wife used to manage a store out in New Brunswick (Dollarama) she bought 10 and put them under the sink. One night she yells to me to come upstairs. I was sure i was going to have to kill a bug. She had four (4) already open and tested positive on all four, she did two more and tested positive. the next day she went out and spent $36+/- on the “GOOD ONES”, guess what, they said she was pregnant also!!! Anyone complaining or blogging about something that could help someone that is finacially strapped should stop and think “how pathetic” and “how snooty”. Simply put, it saves the tax payers money everytime a test at home shows negative and if it does test positive, any women i know that did get pregnant, tested it a few times before going to the doctor!!!

    Grow up and complain about the access of drugs to your children, that would be something, stopping drugs and your childrens use of them!!!

  300. Di says:

    I think these work but maybe aren’t the most accurate. I bought 3 test from the dollarama store. Did one on Sat had a really really faint line. Did the second one on Sunday showed a faint line so confirmed with a First Response on Sunday with a really dark line. Anyways I took the 3rd test on Wed and it showed no pregnancy at all. I think they are great for poas addicts because they are so cheap….lol

  301. GO back to school says:

    Hey DOLLARAMA man,

    GO BACK TO SCHOOL!! I can’t even get through your replies because you write so terribly…

  302. Moi says:

    USE THEM!!!

    Trust me!!! I am being a surrogate mother so I bought a bunch of them to test my pipi from the embryo transfer date until 2 weeks after.

    The 1st 10 days all 1 dollar tests came us as negative, but on the 11th day I got as positive one, so to make sure I did 2 more $1 dollar tests and those 2 came up as positive too!

    Then I confirmed with an expensive one – positive too! The Dollarama ones work just like the expensive ones! But 90% cheaper – it should be added to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

  303. Jessica says:

    I have used them and my friend and they worked both times I took a few of them to make sure 9 months later my little girl came lol

  304. shawnnah says:

    My neighbour used them and it worked,and used it a few months later and it worked, so don’t judge!!!!

  305. Marika Nemeth says:

    Re: Pregnancy test kits, THEY ARE ACCURATE!
    I was late, and not feeling very well… so I decided to try the $1 kit ( I baught 2 just in case) They both, very quickly confirmed my suspisions… I was pregnant! For an item you’ll throw out any way, why spend more, regardless the Doctor will always do his own test to confirm pregnancy anyways. I know of friends who have spent well over $30 on test kits only to get false positives anyway.

  306. sally says:

    i worked at a dollarama in montreal for almost a year and the test that we sell are accurt im on maternity leave now since i had takin a test i went to doctors and got to retake a test and both were positive so i just wantted to let u know the only thing wrong with them is there is no lense to pertect the surface when peeing

  307. Mom of 4 says:

    I have 4 children and 2 of them were detected with the test that you can get at dollorama, the only reason that it was only 2 is that they were not selling them befroe that. I found that “woody” is right why spend more than you need to you are going or should be going to a doc to confirm anyway so if you get a faulse positive resault you will know. My second husband and I tryed for 2 yrs to concive our first child( me already having 2 @ the time) and when i saw that i could spend just a $1 and do this at home it was much nicer then spending the $12 or goin o the walk in to find out that youwere worng again, i guess that if you have never been in the position that the disapointment of finding out that you are not pregnant and having spent on the higher cost test then you just might not understand.

    So as a mother and a woman in general that has used these test you are fine…… I mean what is the worst that taking this test is goign to do get your hands wet.

  308. lorchick says:

    lol you are supposed to pee in a jar or cup for those ones and then use the dropper.

    And personally I have being trying to get pregnant for more than a year with no luck. I wind up anxiously trying a few tests almost every month. The ‘good’ tests cost about $10 each if you buy a 2pack. That is SOOOO expensive when you wind up testing like 4x a month when you’re anxiously ttc!!!! lol!

    I actually went one step further, you can buy online what is basically the inside of the pro-care test without the plastic casing, and then you’re paying like $18 for 50. Also works just great. I had a friend who bought some of those when she was TTC for almost a year too, and when she finally did get pregnant she actually would pee on the test every time she went to the bathroom cos she was worried cos she’d had a m/c before, and every time the line would be a bit darker. So she could actually monitor her HCG levels rising. It was pretty cool….

  309. GreysAnatomy says:

    If you are worried about spending $9 whole dollars more on a pregnancy test perhaps you should hold off on having a child, because they tend to be expensive.

  310. mira says:





  311. missus_gamgee says:

    I have used the pro-care tests from Dollarama. They work just fine, and when you are trying to conceive for a long time, it is cost effective and responsible to save money where you can. They are the same as the tests that you get from, just without the casing. All of that being said, be sure that you use the tests as directed. Only trust results that appear during the testing time period. Anything that appears later is a false positive and is common on tests that use pink dye for their test and control lines.

  312. Heather says:

    I have used these tests and they have been 100% accurate!

  313. Ash says:

    The pregnancy test from dollarama was the first one to tell me that I was pregnant with my son. They worked well for me.

  314. Charlotte says:

    I can say that home pregnancy tests are not very fun, BUT if you choose to buy one, I would reccomend clear blue. Clear blue is the SAME test they often use at the teen health centre and at some clinics. Buying a test for a dollar now could be a bad idea or a good idea. Sometimes home pregnancy tests are wrong I know I have peed on a few expensive ones, and at one point it said I was so I went to confirm it at the doctors and it was wrong. SO depends on how you want to look at this. If the only issue is them not being liscensed to sell in Canada, uhm why are they selling? That’s what I don’t understand, they are shipped from the states I’m assuming and well if they were so bad why are they on the shelves of our stores. I’m sure when there is something wrong with food we intake, they do a recall and take it off the shelves. Why not do that with these tests if its such a bad thing to be selling, clearly its a terrible issue if there are sites, and such saying NOT to use them. Just thought I would ramble for a bit, I found this site kinda funny. If you think they are bad, don’t use them, go and buy a freaking 15$ pee on a stick what ever.

  315. Charlotte says:

    preg test expensive or a dollar can be wrong
    doesnt matter
    pretty sure my friend was 8 months preg before she realized it.
    she had a period,
    no changes but we bought them as a joke, mine said NEGATIVE hers said POSITIVE but we figured it was a lie considering she had not gained weight, nothing was different. ONLY REASON she found out she was preg was the blood clot that dev. and she was in extreme pain and such adn went to the hospital, to find out she was 8 months pregnant.
    now you dont have to believe that BUT she would gladly tell you its true. if it werent for the blood clot she wouldnt have had found out till, well her water broke. but
    the poiint to this message was. TRUST THEM they are right.
    hers said she WAS preg. we just ignored it thinking it ws wrong considering nothing had ben different about her, and at this point she would have been close to six months along and had not gained weight nad nothing had changed

    if its positivee…go to the doc.
    if its negative nad your ttc. go to the doc to confirm it!

  316. Edward says:

    Well I started reading some of the comments that people are writing about the topic above and for those who answered / responded about the topic and solely the topic good for you!

    For the rest of you, write your dame response and that’s it! Instead of treating the site like it’s a dame BITCH FEST the maybe some people actually use this site for some simple input!

  317. Nathalie says:

    I agree with Edward!

  318. moondog says:

    The thing you need to understand is that the Dollarama is only able to sell items so inexpensively because they don’t carry a set stock for an item. They have purchasing agents that look for overstock, liquidated or ‘seconds’ items and that is what they sell in their stores. It doesn’t meant the products they sell there are all defective or even cheaper than what is sold in other stores, they are just able to buy one-shot large orders at a discount.

    Why has nobody asked the question “Why do the other stores sell them for $12 when the Dollarama can sell them for $1?” Do you seriously believe a strip of paper and a plastic tube really costs THAT much to make?

    As with any pregnancy tests, you can always get a false negative but you should never get a false positive. If you suspect you’re pregnant you owe it to yourself and your body to see a doctor.

  319. dollarama-gal says:

    Hey, I work at Dollarama and for a while the tests were pulled from the shelves because of the FDA thing, didn’t have the right license or something. However, they’ve been back up on shelves for years now and, like many people have already posted, they are just as reliable as a 12$ or 20$ test you would buy at your local drugstore.
    You shouldn’t get a false positive if you follow the directions, but a false negative can sometimes occur; like if you don’t have much of the pregnancy hormone in your system yet. I’ve had pregnant friends test them and get the positive result so they DO work.
    If your local store carries the tests (not all stores carry the all the same products, although many are generally the same) they should be located in the health and beauty section. Right alongside cotton-balls, q-tips, band-aids and those sorts of things.
    I can’t excuse the rude manager that was contacted, but I can say that they took out their frustrations in an unacceptable matter. No matter how sick they are of people calling the store to complain about what we sell. But for the record, individual stores don’t control what they sell, head office ships us products and we put them on the shelf. We do not order our own inventory nor do we know in advance what is being shipped to us unless it is a Direct order. But yeah, why would you call the store manager with questions/complaints about a product? Why wouldn’t you call the company that makes the product. Would you call the school because some neighbourhood kid doing a school fundraiser sold you a candy bar with a bug in it?

  320. JillyBean says:

    What I enjoy about Jacson’s comment is that he is obviously a male!! And his argument is that people like to pee on things. Dear Jacson, men like to pee on things… women, not so much.

  321. Chelsea says:

    I bought 2 pregnancy tests from the dollarama in Canada, and they were both positive, and no sooner had I booked an appointment with my doctor, and sure enough I was pregnant.
    Seemed to be pretty accurate.

  322. Gangsters says:

    ur all fkn dumb just dont buy it if you dont trust it. jeez its common sense. think of it. if its not a good product, THEN DONT BUY IT. end of story.

  323. Amy M says:

    my friend bought a pregnancy test from the dollarama and it came out positive and she was pregnant! Ive worked at a dollar store from 3 years before (not a dollarama) and i can tell you most items recieved are bought from stores that have closed their business’. They get them for extremely cheap prices! The only thing i ever second guess is the food sold..its normally expired!:/

  324. tickles says:

    I don’t know why people are getting so freaked out because it’s only a dollar. Like it’s been said before, look online and you can get clinical tests, in bulk, for like, 49 cents apiece. It detects the same hormones at similar levels as the more expensive tests. If you’re really worried, then buy tests from two different lot numbers, if possible. Odds are that if one is wrong, it will have come from a bad batch–not because it’s a bad brand. ANY brand can have a bad batch.

    For those saying “if you can’t afford an expensive test, maybe you can’t afford a baby” I have to say the following: Whether you have money or not, is it responsible or intelligent to throw money away for no reason ESPECIALLY if you may have a child on the way? I don’t care if you’re a billionaire or a penniless hobo, buying expensive things simply because they’re expensive (which is what this is, since the tests at Dollarama detect the same hormones through the same mechanism as the more expensive ones) is irresponsible and stupid. A buck a test vs. ten bucks a test, with the same accuracy and mechanism?

    Which is the more intelligent buy?

  325. STBEAR007 says:

    So far these test from dollarama have been accuate for my wife the last 2 pregnancies. All has been good so far? Just our opinion as it has worked for us! Was cheaper than the $10+ ones…Just for your information only of course…

  326. Laurie says:

    Hello….I admit I was a little skeptical about dollar store pregnancy tests however they did work for me. I am in my thirties and me and my husband had been trying to get pregnant for a while. Well if any of you have tried to get pregnant you know the excited of waiting to see if you are every month. I was spending copious amounts of money checking all the time so was told about the $1 ones and bought a couple. Now because of my skepticism when the test came up positive I did run out and buy a $20 digital read one. It read positive as well….so really wasted another $20.

  327. MrsD says:

    Wow, I never knew there was controversy about these kits.
    I’ve used them for my last 2 pregnancies and found them quite accurate and early as well. We still got confirmation at the doctors office after, but it sure helps calm those “I wonder” feelings while you’re waiting for the appointment and without the price of a bag of diapers. We’re on budget and it fits.

  328. amanda says:

    i am 7 months pregnant and just for kicks tried out a 1$ pregnancy test and it worked it came out positive for me

  329. sunny says:

    me and my sister tried these out for fun, mine came out negative …and hers was positive lol. (she is pregnant i definitely am not) , so i take it they are actually accurate.

  330. Julia says:

    haha they have 1$ condoms there now too !

  331. pepangels says:

    Excellent! Maybe now there will be no need for the tests! HAHA!

  332. Paulette says:

    I find it interesting how the vast majority of the posters who claim to work/shop regularly at Dollarama and other dollar stores tend to have horrible writing skills. Wonder if there’s a connection here! Maybe if you had the education required to get a real job, you wouldn’t have to cheap out on $20 to find out if you were going to HAVE A BABY, and this whole thing would be moot… then again, you have to wonder about what kind of life the poor kid is going to lead, if their mom couldn’t drop a twenty on finding out whether they exist or not.

  333. sweet angel says:

    I took one on March 24,09 and It said I was pregnant, so I called the doctor to confirm, she did confirm it was correct and baby will be due Dec 1, I waited a week and bought another to see if it would come out neg or something even thow I knew I was preg, well it showed preg again but alot darker, but I was surpized one from a dollar store would work.

  334. Simonealisa says:

    There is absolutely no reason you should have to pay more then $1 for a pregnancy test. They are all the same. I ordered .50 cent pregnancy tests in bulk to save money and they were all accurate. Two pregnancies, both times I got positives around 10-14 days after conception. These are the same tests they use at the doctors office. Paying $20 for a test from the pharmacy is a rip off.

  335. Kelsey says:

    My Biology teacher was the one who first told me that Dollarama sold pregnancy tests and she said that her friends have used them and that they are just as good as any other ridiculously expensive pregnancy test. 🙂

  336. Baby Maker says:

    I have used the pregnacy test from the doller store on three different occasions and everytime the results were accurate. Two positive and one negative, When i first saw the tests, i laughed to myself and highly doubted the accuracy of them, but after my experience with them i am believer and would use them anyday rather that paying twenty dollers or more from another store. I reccomend these test all the time to people, a few of my friends have tried them with accurate results aswell. If you can save money and get the same product, who wouldn’t?? I think the reason they are telling us not to use them is because if everyone did, no one would buy the other expensive tests and therefore they are not making any money….

  337. Get real Paulette says:

    Paulete if you’re too high and mighty, too well educated to want to save some money then what are you doing on this website? Go give your opinions somewhere that people might actually want them. Good luck finding that place. What you are too ignorant to realize is that many, many couples spend many months or many years trying to get pregnant. It is very rare to get pregnant the first time you try and the vast majority of couples nowadays take a year to conceive after coming off of birth control.

    Spending $20 on a pregnancy test once a month for 4 months, 6 months, a year, two years is a waste of money that could be better utilized in a savings account for their future baby. Kudos to the future moms and dads out there who are smart enough to realize this and aren’t put off by people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but are lacking a heart. That’s right Paulette, I’m looking at you.

    These tests detect the level of hCG in urine. Almost ALL chemical tests for pregnancy look for the presence of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the blood or urine. hCG can be detected in urine or blood after implantation, which occurs six to twelve days after fertilization. If anyone is getting false readings using these tests it is probably because they are using them too early. As long as you are using the test as instructed and before it’s expiration date you should be fine. Take the test with your first urination in the morning as the urine is more concentrated and hCG will be easier to detect if it is there. The results line fades away on MOST pregnancy tests after a short amount of time- even the $20 ones. If you think you can keep that positive test stick forever as a keepsake you’re wrong. Snap a picture of it and then toss it in the trash- it’s covered in pee!

  338. travis says:

    when i was at the dollarama with my friends we bought one for laughs and giggles. i tried the pregnancy test and it said i was pregnant, when A. i am a virgin B. i am a male i laughed so hard when i found out i was “pregnant” and i have been for about 2 years now hahaha

  339. Preggy's says:

    if you want to be cheap about buying a pregnancy, then Pay for the result.
    and plus if ur gonna buy a condom from dollarama, please dont buy a pregnancy test too,
    or vice versa, if you plan on buying a prengancy test at dollarama, buy a condom at a pharmacy.

  340. Paulette = skank says:

    Paulette says :”I find it interesting how the vast majority of the posters who claim to work/shop regularly at Dollarama and other dollar stores tend to have horrible writing skills”
    I say: “go f*&k yourself, most of the people who work at dollarama are teens trying to make a quick buck, either way its better than working on the street corner like you do!”

  341. Sally says:

    Get real Paulette-

    I still have both my positive pregnancy sticks.

    Ones over 10 years old, and the other three and both lines are sill very strong. They were the cheap 6$ walmart ones 🙂

    Don’t ask why I kept the urine sticks lol!

  342. Canada says:

    The $1 tests work just fine. I have used them. I am currently using some I ordered off the internet in bulk which cost me less than a dollar. Sounds odd…but when you are trying to get pregnant and having fertility issues you don’t want to be spending $10-12 constantly.

    As for going to the doctor…I have gone when I have gotten a positive with a home test. I am not going to run to the doctor every month. Besides…what kind of tests do you think the doctor’s office has? They use the cheap test strips. The same kind I ordered off the net. Only a blood test will tell you how much HcG you have in your blood.

  343. dzinae says:

    I’m a lowly Dollarama merchandiser. Which basically means, I just stock shelves all day. My domain is the Health and Beauty aisle, which is where the Pregnancy tests are stocked. I’ve seen them sell very quickly over the last month that I’ve worked there. Personally, I think one piece of litmus paper works as well as any other, granted it’s not used, or damaged in any way. I don’t see anything wrong with a one dollar test. If you get a positive result from any test, whether it cost you $1, $12, or $50, you should see a doctor straight away. That’s what people do when they find out they’re pregnant… so it doesn’t make any difference which test you take, really. As with any other test, if you get a negative, but are still missing your period, see a doctor. It’s so strange that people make such a big deal out of this. I think it’s mostly just immature, and uneducated people who have a problem with a $1 test.

    If you don’t think the cheap one is for you, then don’t buy it. It’s as simple as that. There are alternatives, as you’ve said. Don’t knock the people who recognize that a piece of litmus paper is a piece of litmus paper…

    Email me your flames. [email protected]

  344. Beatrice says:

    i feel bad for the women who are trying to become pregnant, i wish them luck ! 🙂

  345. Thanks for review. The site have many great products.

  346. tania says:


    Me and my husband have been tying to bet pregnant for a couple of months now, and for anyone who’s trying to get pregnant you know that your going to take a pregnacy test almost every month. So the point I’m tying to get at is that busying those 12$ test every month two or three times it can get pretty damn expensive. I have researched it alot and many many people say the 1$ tests are just as accurate.

    good luck

  347. Amy says:

    I broke down and went and bought 4 of these last week (I tend to “over-test” and was saving money using these tests). This morning I learned the hard way why spending money may be better – depending on your situation.

    I did my business and waited and guess what – it was positive (after 2 years of trying, finally I had a positive test!!) But within minutes of doing the test i realized there was something wrong. The control line never came up.

    I did some online research and found out that a problem with these tests is that they can be put together backwards!! Therefore you get a POSITIVE line and no CONTROL line, when you should have a control line and a no line in the positive section, therefore renderring it negative.

    IMHO – this could have a lot of negative affects. A teenager or someone who does not “want” to have a baby could take drastic measures before realizing it is a false positive. On the other side (my side) my heart is breaking right now from the false positive. I have already retested with a Clear Blue and it is in fact negative.

    Just be careful, that is all I have to say.

  348. Stephanie says:

    I have used these tests (as well as the most expensive brands) several times and they have both always been accurate for me. I’m not saying it’s that way for everyone but it really sucks to pay over fifteen dollars for a test that’s going to give you the same result as the one dollar test.

  349. Shannon says:

    I also used to be an employee at Dollarama in Burlington, ON I was also caught off guard that we were selling pregnancy tests but I can tell you that they do work. I was at work talking to some co workers about how I had been feeling really sick lately and one of them brought one of our $1 pregnancy tests to me and it came back positive so I made an appointment with my doctor right away to make sure the test was correct which I assume most ppl would do even teenagers. Just because they are cheap does not make them garbage. Pregnancy tests are very expensive and some ppl cannot afford to pay $15 for a pregnancy test that has just as much of a chance of giving you a false reading as a $1 test

  350. Jenni says:

    ***The Pro-Care pregnancy tests are registered with Health Canada and they work! I have used them for two pregnancies and they worked at diagnosing them before my period was due!! My doctor’s office had the exact same ones too!! I would rather pay $1 for a pregnancy test, than waste $20 on one test that is in a prettier package or a fancier store! You are just going to pee on it, so why pay more!! Pro-Care tests work and are legally licenced with Health Cnada! I checked with their website. Yeah Dollarama for supplying an affordable way to test for a pregnancy!!***

  351. Karina says:

    Well, from my own personal experience I can tell you that they do work and they’re worth it as the other brands are really expensive. I tried for years to get pregnant and spent so much money on pregnancy tests. When I finally got pregnant I found out through my doctor from a blood work realized. As soon as I left the doctor’s office, I run to the dollar store and bought one out of curiosity. The result was possitive, my baby is now 14 mths and I still have that test with me and the result didn’t go away.

  352. shawnsgal says:

    Well- just because they do not have a license-does not mean they are bad…they detect a hormone in urine-like any other test! We would hear bad news about them, of course..because instead of reaping the taxes of $15 plus on any other test…..the taxes on a dollar is far less!
    Personally-I have used these twice….. and guess what? They were right! I have a beautiful 9 month old now!
    AND best of all……these carry no risk (except the loss of a dollar and a trip to a Doctor)- as even with a 30 dollar test-whats our next step? Our Doctor of course!

  353. Doctor Hamilston says:

    If you cannot afford the $15 for a pregnancy test then you probably shouldn’t be getting pregnant and having a baby in the first place.

  354. ZAZU says:

    Why is still alive? I think every possible point has been presented by now.

  355. brandon from dollarama 292 says:

    i understand that a lot of pplz may think that these arent to be sold in canada but uh if that was the case then i wouldnt sell about 20 a day and there is no such thing a false positive….thank you

  356. terese says:

    i commented on this topic on dec 28, 2007 at 2:44pm.
    i was cleaning up my bookmarks and came across it; imagine my surprise to see the discussion still going strong.
    wow! oh well, since i’m here… about a month after my posting we got a bfp and yes, it was using the dollarama pregnancy test. eight months later, (my baby was early) my little guy was born he’s now 9 mths old. i still have the sticks that i peed on from the dollarama and although it’s pretty faded i can still see the line. yeah! to $1 pregnancy tests!!

  357. Jim says:

    I don’t see any harm in them being sold at a Dollar store. No one is ingesting any material. If it is inaccurate or not sensitive, it just means that you’ll have to do another at a later date (which most people will do anyways).

    As for Health Canada’s advice, I don’t really care for that at all. In my profession I’ve researched their approval process and I don’t think it means much in this case. Pharmacies can make mistakes too (what’s to say that are not just using 1$ kits!!!). If someone wants to spend a dollar for a pregnancy test, and accepts that the result may be potentially unreliable, (so too can more expensive tests), then so be it. There’s no immediate no danger to their health.

  358. Tracy says:

    I didn’t read all the replies, so sorry if this has already been posted, but when you go to the doctor’s, they use the same tests that you buy at the store, unless you get a blood test. However, blood tests are not recommended since the tests you can get at stores are so accurate. You would probably only get a blood test if you had not had your period but were still getting negative results on the tests. Home pregnancies have a very low false positive rate. That means that if it is positive, it is most likely correct, but if it is negative, it might not be. Most doctors and walk-in clinics now CHARGE for pregnancy tests, because it is considered a waste of their time. Go to Dollarama people.

  359. Christina says:

    My mom has used those dollar store pregnancy tests a million times, they’ve always worked for her.

  360. allisha says:

    well i have been reading this and think it is utterly funny how something without a lisence such as a pregnancy test is bugging you guys so badly lol all i got to say is i am sure out of the hundreds of people who commented on this one of your probably have smoked marajuana or drove after you had a few beer or bought something that wasn’t lisenced so stop complaining about a little pregnancy test who cares unless someone comes on here and tells you there privates fell off after peeing on this stick then don’t worry about it and why spend sometimes close to 20$ for something that could only cost you a dollar just for fun after seeing all these posts me (who is not pregnant)and my sister in law (who is pregnant) went and bought seven each thats 14 of them little unlegal pregnancy tests it only cost like 16$ wand we got 14 not just one and she pissed on 7 and so did i mine all said negative her’s all said positive so moral of the story is THEY DO WORK

  361. allisha says:

    stop complaining about a little pregnancy test who cares unless someone comes on here and tells you there privates fell off after peeing on this stick then don’t worry about it and why spend sometimes close to 20$ for something that could only cost you a dollar just for fun after seeing all these posts me (who is not pregnant)and my sister in law (who is pregnant) went and bought seven each thats 14 of them little unlegal pregnancy tests it only cost like 16$ wand we got 14 not just one and she pissed on 7 and so did i mine all said negative her’s all said positive so moral of the story is THEY DO WORK

  362. Amy says:

    To Brandon from Dollarama 292 – Yes, there is such thing as a false positive. I had one. It never ceases to amaze me that some people cannot see both sides to a story!!
    My side – I used them. I got a false positive. I was heartbroken. I choose not to use them anymore and also chose to let others know about my false positive. I am not advising people NOT to use them, I am just advising of the negative side of them.
    Other Side – they are most of the time a reliable product (as you can see above from the success stories) and they are a great price.

    To Doctor Hamilston – I can afford a baby. I can also afford $15 tests. However, I chose to attempt to save money (I am a Smart Canuck after all). For you to say that people who buy these tests should not be having babies it a but harsh – don’t you think??

  363. Doctor Hamilston says:

    Amy, my comment was in regards to the people saying that they can ONLY afford the $1 pregnancy tests. I’m all for saving money and if you are buying the $1 pregnancy tests as a first measure to test I think that’s great. I’m sorry if my comment was misunderstood.

  364. Melissa B says:

    I have used the dollerama pregnancy test , and first of all- I bought all different types from big block stores . Only the first response and the dollerama test showed I was pregnant- they are very sensitive . I went to my family docter and their little strip test didn’t find anything ,they did a blood test and I was pregnant . My Docter said that just because the test is cheap doesn’t mean it doesn’t work , and many people have come to him with those “dollerama” test results and they were never wrong . Think what you want about a cheap test -but as the above person said “buying a $1 test as a first measure ” its not a bad place to start especially in this economy – who has $20 to throw away in the trash for a late period , or a just in chance reassurance. I know I will use them again if I decide to have another child .

  365. Sissa says:

    I used a test from the dollar store and it was accurate. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for quite a while and were tired of paying $12-20 for the tests. And as other people have reported, I too received the same test at my doctor’s office. I am also positive it was in the same box too. Why pay 12 to 20x more for the same thing? I think it’s a positive thing to have the tests at a reasonable price. Save your money for diapers!(hopefully:))

  366. Jai says:

    In February of last year after taking a home pregnancy test (a $12 one) and it came out positive, we went to the doctor to confirm it, who confirmed, yes, we were pregnant. A week later I was at Dollarama and saw a pregnancy test, which to me, seemed hilarious. I bought one to see how it worked. My results showed up faster than any other test I’d ever taken. I watched as the “liquid” (my pee) streamed across the answer box thing and showed two lines, confirming I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it!

    I figured, it was just $1, I wanted to see how well it worked, and lo and behold, it worked quite well. I can also say that I’m sure that there are people stealing these (possibly teenagers too afraid to purchase one), as there were several empty pregnancy test boxes in the same aisle. Sad……

  367. mima says:

    for me it’s veryyy gooood
    i spend a lot of money every time i wanna do the test
    once i got pregnant ( i used the test from the pharmacy 13$ )
    so i went to the doctor to be sure and to get a paper that i am pregnant
    the surprise was that he used the same test at dollarama and he charge me 40$ 🙁 so i think it’s accured 99%

  368. Casey Candy says:

    I personally find this really stupid, okay so the test is a dollar, it’s better then spending 20$ every time you want to get a test. And actually they are very accurate, both myself and numerous friends used pregnancy tests from dollarama and all of us have had healthy pregnancies. IS it that canadians and others have nothing better to do then whine about the most pathetic of things?

  369. amycanada77 says:

    used – it works – doctor confirmed next day 🙂

  370. Laura says:

    HA! I went looking in Dollarama for the fabled 1$ test as my hubby and i are TTC again.. and i couldn’t find ’em!

    But lo and behold there are lovely websites that are willing to send them to you in bulk (or not-so-bulk) for less then $1..

    I paid .80 each for the ones i’m expecting in the mail … 😀

    At least this time around I wont have to feel guilty about peeing on the stick!

  371. Nadine says:

    They Do in fact work just as good as the brand name tests in stores! Besides the health unit uses the very same test!

  372. TAT says:

    I took one when I was pregnant just to see if they really work and I got a positive. I laughed though after I bought it because I was definitely showing at the time and I could only imagine what was going through the cashier’s mind “I’ll save you the dollar, your pregnant” LOL! But I think that it is great……better then paying 20 bucks for one. I also wouldn’t rely solely on them but I would definitely use them again if I thought I was pregnant!

  373. trinity says:

    I used a pregnancy test from the dollarama and got an accurate response from it when I was pregnant. My doctor said if it tests for a certain hormone, it will work. If anything, it just might not catch it in early stages. But it was able to tell me I was pregnant within weeks. Plus, I’ve heard many stories of the high priced tests giving false readouts. So I would say I trust it as much as any pregnancy test out there.

  374. Emily says:

    It’s not the name or price of the test is the chemical that detects the hormone for heaven sakes. When you could buy 1 test for $12 dollars or 12 tests for $1, which would you choose? No pregnacy tests are 100 percent accurate ANYWAYS. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it, and don’t complain about it. And for the record, a single pregnacy test won’t have any effect on your pregnacy.

  375. MANDOLIN says:

    These tests are not as accurate as the more expensive ones. I took a 7 dollar home pregnancy test which came up positive but I did not believe it because I was supposed to be reproductively challenged, on birth control, and was not trying. So I went to the doctors office took one that looks like the dollarama tests and it was negative. They gave me a blood test and charged me 60 dollars too…at a private clinic ….but did not tell me about the charge until after taking my blood. So I went home and thought I better go buy one more test since one is positive, and one is negative, but since I already spent so much I went to dollarama and low and behold it was the same test as in the doctors office. It came out negative. So I was pretty sure at that point I was not pregnant. Well I was pregnant, it was just early in the pregnancy. So if you are testing yourself after 2 months of pregnancy it might work but if you are right at the one month mark and desperate for accuracy I would go get the cheapest pharmacy one.

  376. Hi,

    Nice information! Your content unique and meaningful about sexual health. You doing very well job! Keep it up.

  377. Koren says:

    I have used this test for my previous 2 pregnancies and they ARE acurate. The ones here in Canada detect 25 ml of HCG which is almost the lowest, so thats good. Most other tests need more HCG (50ml) and im talking about the more expensive ones. But yeah buy a clearblue easy if you don’t beleive a dollarama test, but they are the same!!

  378. Lolapop says:

    Hi, I personally have used the test from the dollar store because i was being cheap i bought three of them and every one came back positive so i went to the clinic and well those cheap test were right a 100% because i was definately pregnant i dont see anything wrong with only spending a dollar to get an idea its better than spendin 60 bucks on “designer” test

  379. Jenna says:

    I would not suggest using the Dollar Store pregnancy tests!! They produce false results! I purchased mine in Ontario and because they were only $1, bought 10. Needless to say, they repeatedly showed that I was NOT pregnant…and my 2-month old son is proof that I was!

    On top of that, they are notorious for evaporation lines that read like BFPs! This thread is alive for a reason: do not buy Dollar Store pregnancy tests!!!

  380. fayette says:

    i bought a few of these $1 tests.
    i used one and it was positive and i used another to confirm. After 2 positive results i went to get a blood test which was positive. 8 weeks into my pregnancy i had all the symptoms of miscarriage and my doctor was giving me his condolences. After weeks of being depressed, i still felt pregnant,
    Thank God i had a dollarama test in the bathroom….after a positive result i went back to the dr. and i was still pregnant. Because they’re so affordable i was able to keep them around and get answers right away when i need them. i would use them again.

  381. Bob Fartsalot says:

    My armpits used to smell until I started using the dollarama pregnancy tests

  382. bobbii says:

    All I can say is they have a 50/50 chance of being accurate- what do you have to loss for a buck?

  383. c says:

    I bought a test from dollarama,but when I got home and openned the box there was nothing in it! Shake the box when you buy it!

  384. amycanada77 says:

    Hey MANDOLIN – sorry you had so much difficulty figuring out if you were actually pregnant or not – my story is I used one at 4 weeks and one at 5 weeks – both positive – docotor confirmed the following day – here I am 3 months later and still preggers (these were from an ontario dollarama) which is starnge because Jenna (above) was clearly pregnant and her’s didn’t work for her … perhaps dollarama wasn’t storing them properly at that location??

  385. MaricrisMas says:

    MAN…when my other half and I were trying…buying tests were so expensive!!!…there were no options to buy in Dollarama…hey…if they work…why not!…I have to admit…when I first saw them…I giggled!

    Funny…I was speaking with another mom and she said she bought 4…and used all 4 to first confirm…results were 4 out of 4 that she was preggers…she took the next step, went to do bloodwork…and yuppers…she was pregnant!…they can be accurate!…I agree…just a test (litmus) to check for hormone HCP in the urine anyway!

  386. Mercedes says:

    In Canada? Just go to your doctor or women’s health clinic, and get a 100% accurate test and let your provincial government pick up the tab!

    I would trust the $1 tests to deliver true positives, but like any home pregnancy test, I would be wary of false negatives. If you’re considering an abortion, you don’t want to trust a cheap test’s negative result, only to find out 6 months later that WHOOPS too late!

  387. Karee says:

    Im sorry but those pregnancy test are very accurate thanks….Maybe people should try before you judge. My friend was pregnant and took 3 and they came out positive

  388. Bob Fartsalot says:

    There are some nice looking women who work there. Low cut shirts and short-shorts!!

  389. Me says:

    They really work! I thought i was pregnant i bought the clear blue from shoppers and it tested positive, i then bought 5 from dollarama and they all tested positive.. and sure enough i was pregnant.

  390. Jen says:

    Wow. People are somehow really heated over this issue.

    Pregnancy tests are not some complicated piece of technology, despite the cost that pharmacies, etc., charge for them. They simply have a strip that either reacts or doesn’t with hCG.
    And the Dollarama stores tests do this same test the exact same way as any other (minus the $15 price tag).

    Additionally, I know numerous people who have used the dollarama ones and it correctly identified their pregnancy or lack of. As with ANY pregnancy test you buy at the store, if it comes up positive, you should go to your doctor; if it comes up negative and you still are experiencing symptoms, go to your doctor. Even the $30 digital ones say that.

    Don’t let yourself be fooled by the big marketing budgets of your pharmacy brand tests. And I wouldn’t worry about what Health Canada says. Your not orally consuming the tests, so the above release simply is warning that they haven’t been licensed (as opposed to approved) for sale.

  391. Jen says:

    And if you go to your doctors office in Canada (at least here in Ontario) an elective pregnancy test is typically $10 if you’re getting a blood test.

  392. seen enough of this says:

    Will someone please kill this thread already? it’s been over 2 years now filling my RSS feed with pointless rehashing of the same conversation. Let’s move on.

  393. kimberly says:

    I used the $1 pregnancy kit and it was very accurate. Some of us can’t afford the $20-30 ones. I would use it again.

  394. Luna says:

    I used them….THEY WORK! I agree with Kimberly…not everyone can afford the $20-30 ones.

  395. Nina says:

    These tests are definitely the way to go for people who are trying to conceive, checking monthly to see whether they have achieved pregnancy. These tests do work for a fraction of the cost! However they are not typically as sensitive as some of the more expensive brands out there, so you will definitely have to wait until your period is overdue before trying to test for pregnancy with the dollar store brand.

  396. *Cara* says:

    My best friend used a $1 test when she thought that she might be pregnant, and it worked fine. It was the first one she used. As long as it detects the pregnancy hormone the price shouldn’t matter. That $1 test she took was just as good and accurate as the $20 tests out there.

  397. Jacob says:

    About half of my friends have used those dollarama tests and they all worked, giving them the right answer, just got off the phone with my friends she had bought two of them and she got positive, and she has been feeling the symptoms of being pregnant, now she just need to confirm with the doctor and she should know, but two of my other friends have used them and they came out positive, and they both turned out to be pregnant, so I would recommend it if your not feeling like spending so much money, there just as accurate as any other tests out there.

  398. Jacob says:

    sorry for my english

  399. Jasmin says:

    another cheap place to get pregnancy tests is you can also get ovulation predictors there.
    hope that helps someone!

  400. laurie says:

    Used one and it worked!!!!Save yourself the 20 bucks

  401. Kayla says:

    I purchased 2 of the dollarama tests back in September 2008 when I suspected that I was pregnant. I didn’t think that they would give me an accurate reading but I thought that it was worth a shot. That same day I picked up a package of clear blue pregnancy tests. The next morning I tried out the dollarama tests and sure enought it was “POSITIVE” I thought it would be a good idea to try one of the clear blue tests that I bought and it was “NEGATIVE.” So, I decided to wait a few days and I would test again with the Clear Blue test and when I did it was “POSITIVE” I went to my doctors office and he confirmed (via blood test) that I was indeed pregnant! I went on to give birth to my first baby in April 09. Dollarama tests DO work!!!

  402. Val says:

    why the f*ck would you pay 10$ for a stick which your gonna pee on. of cours the government is advising you not to use it because they make more money if you buy the more espensive one honestly. they all work read the box call the manufaturers it is certified by the government my nurse even uses the dollorama ones to diagnose weither a client is pregnant or not. I used the dollorama ones atless 10 of em so far and they were always ACURATEEEE so before you complain for sh*it all get YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT .. im now 5 months pregnant and found out thanks to DOLLARAMA TESTSSSSS THEY WORK!!!!!!!

  403. brandon says:

    amy i think your full of a pile but w.e…there is a reason why dollarama is #1 with over 600 stores all across canada cuz we sell the same stuff evey1 else does…its all junk from china

  404. Peepee says:

    They work just fine. They test the same hormone the expensive tests do just without the fancy packaging or “digital readout”.

    Also try

  405. Peepee says:

    They work just fine. They test the same hormone the expensive tests do just without the fancy packaging or “digital readout”.

    Also try

  406. judy says:

    The Dollarama pregnancy tests work just fine. In my case the “positive” indicator line in the result window was weak (a pale pink) but accurate, which was confirmed with a Life Brand test the following day, and a blood test a couple of days later. I think the $1 test is an excellent first test to take: it’s affordable and accessible and effective.

  407. Pepper says:

    I used one of the $1 pregnancy tests from the dollar store in Stoney creek, ON and it was accurate, because after using it I went to the doctors to have it confirmed…

  408. Candice says:

    everyone, save yourself the headache and the money($1-$25) and go to the doctor and get a good test done by the doctor for FREE. why go to a Dollarama or Pharmacy and then wonder if the results are correct or not? get it done properly in the first place.

  409. Candice says:

    Oh and Jen, in Ontario the test is free. not sure what doctor you’ve been going to but he can’t charge you for a pregnancy test.

  410. ownedbytoby says:

    I used these tests after using a “First Response” test and both said it was positive which was accurate. The “First Response” test told me after only being pregnant for a few days while the dollar store test took about a week but that’s pretty impressive for only costing a dollar. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone else especially if they tried as long as we did as it gets pretty expensive!

  411. Sandra says:

    I personally used the pregnancy test from Dollarama and it worked. I was pregnant!

  412. shalma says:

    It is the best test I everr used…. Why spend $12, when you can spend only$1 and get results right away…… The test is absolutly fine and safe. It was positive for all three of my children…….

  413. Lin says:

    I used one of these to find out I was preg with my son. I used them several times before I got preg and they always said I was negative and then one day I suspected I was preg and I tested, it showed as positive. I went out to a drug store and bought one for $15 and it said the exact same thing… It was also accurate in detecting my sis in laws preg too. I will never waste my money on those expensive ones ever again

  414. AC says:

    wow – how long has this thread survived?

  415. LOSERS says:


  416. Jessica says:

    With my son in January of 2008 I took the Pro-Care test and found out that I was pregnant with my son. I have taken a few of these a few times in the last year and they were negative. I took one yesterday and I am pregnant again. Of course I did buy an expensive test and tried it again which did confirm I AM pregnant again LOL.

  417. Alex says:

    All we need is a One Dollar condom to compliment the one dollar pregnancy test kits. LOL

  418. rachel says:

    I have seen packs of 3 condoms at a dollar store not a dollarama but… I am happy with the pregnancy test from dollarama, though I wouold not trust a condom from there,,,

  419. Delynn Clarke says:

    I spent lots of money going to other place’s to buy my test…and I can tell you they really do work… I tested it out for myself. I would try one from the dollar store then one from another store the same time….and they both read the same I was not pregnant….I went through a lot of them. Then one day I tried again.. and the dollar store and the more money one both said I was pregnant….SO I used 4 more dollar store test and the same thing I was pregnant…and then after I had my baby just for fun I tried it again and I am not pregnant…SO from my test and what I have done… I will be buying them again……..And they do really work…so why not you are saving big time money….

  420. natashia says:


  421. disgusted says:

    I would like to say becareful what you buy i purchused a test from dollarama and it was used actually quite disgusting if you ask me. And how the hell it got on the shevles i am still wondering. So make sure you check the package and be sure someone didnt already used it.

  422. Masina says:

    I used the tests myself and they work. The ones the Dr.’s use are even cheaper then the dollar ones

  423. Val says:

    I’ve used the Dollarama pregnancy tests several times when I can’t wait to see a doctor and it’s accurate. I’ve always double checked with the doctor when it was negative and it was. When it was positive, the doctors also had a positive result and now I’m 4 months pregnant. You don’t have to spend a lot for a pregnancy test. You can’t assume it’s bad cause it’s only a dollar. You have nothing to back yourself up when you tell people not to use it.

  424. JESSICA says:


  425. ashley says:

    i think u guys dont know what your talking about that 1$ test saved my life i found out i was pregnant and when i went to the doctor they found out i was having a tubular pregnancy so it saved my life i was 7 weeks b4 i even knew!!!!

  426. anon says:

    I dunno what ur all bitching about. so what theyre in a dollar store, not every1 out there can afford to buy test after test after test. im glad theyre selling them here in our dollar store its about fricken time i say. they work the same and they do the job who gives a flying f*** if theyre a buck. if u dont like it dont use them simple as that to be honest…

  427. Reba says:

    Well I stumbled across this thread when I was trying to find the hours of dollarama. Since I have used these tests before I can officially say that they do work and I found out I was pregnant with the dollar one a week before a real one could tell me (I bought a bunch from the dollar store because we had been trying and the expencive ones add up after awhile…) then I used an expensive one the same day it said I wasn’t then waited a couple days and redid another dollar store one and it was still positive and then finally a week later I got an expensive one to work!

    It’s great to use when you are trying and you need to buy a lot…I looked pretty crazy walking in there and buying 10 at a time lol

    I do know that they were taken off the shelves awhile back possibly to fix the issue, but I was there a week ago and saw them again

  428. LPL says:

    If you want to use them, go ahead. If not, don’t. It’s that simple. My friend used it, and it was POSITIVE. When she went to the dr, she was in fact pregnant and 9 months later she had TWINS.

  429. 2girlsmom says:

    I used dollarama test one year and 9 months ago. It was two or three days before expexted period and resulted positive. My daughter is turning one soon.

  430. kass says:

    I would jsut like to say that i watched a show on all this… and the $1 tests are just as good if not better then the $30 ones.. my sister in law took a first respnce and it said she wasnt pregnant.. she then took a $1 dollarama test and it informed her that yes in fact she was pregnant… there is not a thing wrong with them… other then they dont have a name brand…

  431. Ashley says:

    Every one I know takes the dollarama test and they have never given a false result. The dollarama tests are ones that are donated from the suppliers that stock our health units and doctors buildings. They are the EXACT same test. and no matter if it is ONE dollar or FIFTEEN dollars ALL PREGNANCY TESTS HAVE A CHANCE OF GIVING A FALSE RESULT.

  432. Jen says:

    I used one it was negitive and I wasn’t pregger’s. So I happy with it. It’s a buck….who care’s

  433. runningmom23 says:

    Why would there be a warning NOT TO USE them?? I think that is hilarious…it is not going to explode or something. They are the same as the others minus the mark-up. Everone I know who have used them always had accurate results

  434. JaneDoe says:

    I had pregnant friend pee on one to see if they actually worked…and yes they did. I myself am not pregnant and peed on several and all of them were negative…I think they work just fine.

  435. Megaman says:

    As a woman who is trying to conceive I have spent hundreds of dollars every month waiting to see two lines on a home pregnancy test. I have used dollar store test because . . . well they are only a dollar.

    They have worked on giving me accurate results and any test that would come up positive you are going to go and get it confirmed by a doctor anyway.

    I am glad that woman that are trying to conceive have another alternative other then the large companies that charge an arm and a leg for something you pee on!

  436. Lost in Scarborough says:

    I bought one of these today because I’m 3 days late and it was negative. Thank goodness for that… but I’m still nervous at the fact that I only spent $1. I sure hope it was correct.

  437. Queenie says:

    Well I have use the dollarstore test many times
    so have my friends
    Everytime I use them When Im not preggers they are –
    When I was preggers they were +
    But when my friend was preggers she took 2
    one was + and one was – SO I really dont know…
    maybe some are faulty but they work for me…
    actually going to get one now…lolz
    scared to see a +

  438. suebee says:

    My two cents is that I have found them to be very accurate. When I became pregnant with my daughter I first took 2 dollar store tests and both came back positive immediately. Then I bought a 10 dollar one and that was positive too. Of course after any home test you should follow up with your doctor or at a clinic and pregnancy tests there are covered by the health care plan. I think it’s great that people have a lower cost alternative!

  439. matrix82 says:

    wow, this post is still alive..crazy.

  440. Naomi says:

    Yup these work for real!! I used them for my son who is now 8 months and right from the get go of 6 weeks they showed possitive, now this time around,( ya scared about this just as Queenie) they also show as possitive where the $12 did not….so why waste your money on expensive ones wheny ou can get a $1 that will tell you the same info!

  441. sonia says:

    didn’t work for me. I used first response the 5 days earlier test and had a clear double line, no doubt. I used the dollar store one with the same urine container and it came back with one line clear and the test line very faint shadow with no color. For me that’s a definite fail. I won’t buy another dollar store test again.

  442. shan says:

    I have actually used the $1 pregnacy test and it does work thats for sure,..

  443. shan says:

    doesnt matter how faint a colour is if u see any sign of line means you are pregnant .. any test will tell you that

  444. autumn says:

    I don’t know if ne one will ever read this but in defence of the one dollara prego test you can walkin to ne walk -in clinic and recieve a prego test at no cost “free” a peace of paper to pee on now if you buy the dollar store one it gives you the option to do it in the privacy of your own home ….. if you are werry buy 3 to five and compare eather way if its positive you’ll be going to you doctor and i’m sure they will test you again if its negitive all the time then chances are you aren’t but at some point your gunna know unless your one of the people who will end up on the i didn’t know i was prego on tlc cances are you will though thanks for reading and pass it on

  445. Jill says:

    I tried the pregnancy test and it worked for me! I used it twice through out my last pregnancy and this one.

  446. Shannon says:

    I dont know why people are sketchy o a dollor test! I mean if you go to the doctor they take a urine test and use a little strip to see the hormone levels. Very simple. I dont understand how these companies like clear blue get off charging an arm and a leg. I used the dollarama test while i was pregnant to test and it was right and my friend used the test four times and it said she was positive and she was. My advice is to go ahead and use it just bu more of them like five or so and also when taking a pregnancy test it is better to do with your first pee in the morning before you drink or eat. And the health unit said the dollarama tests are the same as the ones they use!

  447. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it sounds stupid. But they do work. When i first found out i was pregnant i used two first response pregnancy tests, and the two lines appeared instantly! I couldnt believe my eyes and then the next day i was shopping at Dollerama and saw them. I thought i might as well try it out, and again, two lines instantly. Don’t believe everything you hear! Try it for yourself if your wondering I guess.

  448. ME says:

    My cousin used them they work. Back in the day there was a method that involved killing a rabbit to test for pregnancy.
    The dollar store test seems a bit safer at least the rabbit gets to live!(oh and it works bonus!) So if you are wondering scrape 100 pennies together if you don’t like your results go to the clinic(but personally home test worked better…Clinic told me I was a weak positive guess that means I was only “kinda preggers” so in a few years I must only kinda need to come up with college tuition LOL!)

  449. yummymummy says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is on average the tests seem to work. so if you want to pay a buck pay a buck. if you don’t then don’t. it’s a dollar store for crying out loud.

    as for the rude staff issue, you get rude people everywhere. I’ve gone into expensive store and been treated like I was garbage and i have done then same in cheaper store and the reverse is true.

    if the store was selling booze or drugs or what nots then i would be worrried.

  450. Adam says:

    I used a pregnancy test as a joke it come back positive good thing im a boi lol i would have been scared love doler store products dont drink while useing it lol

  451. Angel Anderson says:

    The test strip detects the HCG hormone, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, it’s testing HCG. Yes men, you can have HCG in your system. The test comes in a box, inside the box is a little package, inside the package is a test strip. It’s the same kind of test strip you would find in an expensive home test if you took the plastic stick apart. The difference with this test is that there is no fancy plastic around the test strip. The test detects HCG. HCG can be there in your system even if you are not pregnant, it can be there if you have had a miscarriage as well. People get false positives all the time, and vice versa. You can spend twenty bucks on a fancy test, but it won’t read differently. The only reason they are not approved by governing agencies is because the company isn’t registered and the government isn’t getting a kick back from the sales. The test, is accurate.

  452. TIGGLES says:

    LOL WUT.

  453. Amanda says:

    When I found out i was pregnate, I bought one just to see if a pregnancy test that was only a dollar would actually work. I was only four weeks and it worked for me. I dont know if it would have detected it earlier or not but it did work.

  454. Jessica says:

    I took a Dollarama pregnancy test the moment I suspected I was pregnant – and it was very accurate, even though I was just under 4 weeks pregnant. All it has to do is react to a hormone in your urine and either change color or not… The tests are very accurate, perhaps moreso than lab work at early detection.

  455. mishina says:

    I went out and bought $25 digital testing kits at drug stores, and got false positives! can you imagine? The dollarama tests are actually very good, and extremly accurate. I got my possitive 2 days before my expected missed period, which I think is amazing.

  456. Kerri says:

    I used Dollarama tests for both of my pregnancies and they worked perfect. First child I got a positive at 9 days past ovulation and second child I got a positive at 8 days past ovulation so the tests are very accurate and read a low level of hcg. This is especially wonderful for people who don’t want to pay a ridiculous $15 for a test!!!
    Dollarama tests get A+++++++++++++++++++++++++ in my books!!!

  457. Krystleb says:

    ..these dollarama tests are the sameones they use in health clinis when they test you… they cant be that bad? (i was told this by the health nurse….)

  458. Steph (esbee) says:

    i used one of these dollarama preg tests when i found out i was pregnant with my son. we were going out for dinner and drinks with DH’s mom that night and i was about 10 days late… so i figured i might as well take a test to “see” whether or not i should drink… the test was positive and that was enough for me to avoid drinking, and then to take another, more expensive test the next day (which was also positive)… so if you need it for a quick yes or no, then what’s the big deal? 🙂

  459. crystal dawn says:

    Whatever the reason you aren’t supposed to use them..they do actually work. Myself and a friend of mine used them when we were wanting to become pregnant and they showed negatives when we weren’t pregnant and positives when we were. Doesn’t take $15.00 to find out if you’re pregnant or not. It’s not rocket science. And besides, you make an appt. to see your Dr. when you become pregnant and they check your pee and your blood to confirm.

  460. Brtiney says:

    $1 kit works. period. i tested them twice on my pregnancies. both time worked. don’t spread rumors.

  461. Cri says:

    Hello everyone!! I just have a question! I have been using these tests for months, as i stopped taking BC back in May and my cycles haven’t figured itself out yet. Anyways the last two days i’ve used them and they were negative as usual but i looked at them the next day and both have a pink line showing positive? this is the first time i have ever seen another line? so i know you are not suppose to believe its accurate after the initial 10min, but when my nephew was born this is how they found out about them? My brother double checked the trash can in the middle of the night and it was positive, which turned out to be true? does this happen often?

  462. Sandra says:

    Ladies, you shouldn’t be going around getting pregnant in the first place, this is 2009 – wake up. This is not the world we want to eaise kids in anymore and there are alrady enough ofus supporting everyone elses ‘accidents’. Hondestly.

    As for the test, if you have to use one in the first place, your not thinking clearly.

  463. Kari says:

    I asked the nurse at my OB’s office once about home pregnancy tests versus lab tests and she told me that all they basically use in the lab is what we are getting at home. And as for the dollarama tests, I was also told by a pharmacist that if it’s positive, it’s positive.

    Oh, and Sandra…when was this ever a world that was ideal to raise a baby in? The problem is not in people getting pregnant, it is in lack of education..most young people have no idea of the specifics and risks.

  464. Sally says:

    WOW Sandra.. or do I mean Debbie Downer, the world is not going to end in my lifetime or my kids lifetime, stop watching movies lmao.

  465. Tess says:

    Sandra, I’d be tempted to tell you that what does or does not happen in my uterus is my choice and none of your business, but I could hardly understand your comment for the typos.
    Perhaps if you stuck to your own business you would know how to spell and get your point across in a concise, clear and understandable way.

    PS – This accident has gone on to become a great source of pride for her Mom.

  466. Jessica says:

    I didn’t know about this. Hmm…
    I bought 2 of the $1 tests from the Dollarama, both came out positive. I’m 7 months and 1 week now. :p

  467. KiKi Mouse says:

    I used the dollarama tests without a problem. My husband and I were trying to get pregnant. the $1 tests were cheaper than using the more expensive ones. I found even cheaper ones online and ordered a bunch. For some people that are trying month after month the cheap tests save you money. I never had a false positive or negative and the times I did get pregnant it was confirmed after a visit to the doctor.

  468. KiKi Mouse says:

    That was probably an evaporation line after that much time. Just do another one. I found that when I was pregnant the line got darker after testing 2-3 days in a row. I know that sounds odd to some people but when you have been trying and trying you do strange things.

  469. beckzter says:

    whatever the legal issues….the tests do work i used it and it was positive and now i have a baby girl.

  470. Lynny says:

    Sandra, Everyone has a right to their opinions, putting someone down because they don’t have the same as yourself if not very cool. And if your mother had said the same thing then you might not be here today. So if others find it important to get pregnant, raise families, then that is their business. As for the pregnancy tests, life must go on, so does our species. Cheap or not cheap is all the same, as long as the results are the ones we want.

  471. dollarama (key) says:

    I actually work at a dollarama.. won’t say which one… haha… They are run terribly and I personally don’t agree with anything my manager says or does.. but unfortunately the dm sticks by her side no matter how many complaints he gets about the keys and managers and staff.. i will be the first to admit you don’t get treated very well as a shopper in my store.. nor in others that i have been to… i wish there was something i could do.. i have tried and had my job threatened because of it… just know.. that if you come and see me with your questions or concerns i will treat you with the utmost respect… oh.. and people have actually told me they worked for them… but myself.. i don’t know…

  472. Tanya says:

    We tested with the dollar store test, and recieved positive results, 4 days before the period was due. Why would spend 12X as much, for the same result? We were TTC for quite a while, and saved over 100$ by using these dollar store tests.

  473. I have purchased the product but my checking account closed how can I ensure I still recieve the supply with opening my new account?

  474. Paul says:

    My wife used these tests with great accuracy and never had a false positive! When she did get pregnant with our son, the test did detect it but I went out and got a Clear Blue one just to make sure and it said the same results. Don’t waste money on brand name tests when these test seem to work. They do tell you if you are pregnant or not!

  475. dizzyb says:

    Sandra (post 463),
    It’s a relief that the majority of people do not share your mentality. The human race would cease to exist if there were no pregnancies! Have a look at history–the world has never been a particularly peaceful or friendly place.
    As for the Dollarama pregnancy tests, I’m confident enough in their accuracy that I’m going out tomorrow to pick up a couple in hopes that I see a positive!

  476. Info a little biased, but good stuff.

  477. Amber says:

    Dollarama Pro Care tests DO WORK!!! and they saved me ALOT of $$$$$$. Thank goodness for Dollarama!As well, they measure 25 IU Hcg which is considered a more sensitive test!

  478. Kim says:

    I have never tried the dollar store home test- but I wanted to warn everyone about another brand. I got a false negative using a Life Brand test that I got at Shoppers Drug Mart (for at least $12). I found out a month later after a routine physical that I was pregnant. I now have a beautiful 2 month old son. Don’t trust the Life Brand ones! If you really want to know – go to a clinic or doctor!

  479. Charmaine James says:

    I have a friend who swears by these tests, since the tests are really expensive i will be trying these out instead of shelling out 20.00 for a few tests.
    My girlfriend uses them and they have both been accurate for her last 2 babies so I think they work just fine.

  480. nicole says:

    my friend used the dollar store test and they were right with all three of them…i dont know whats the deal about all these people saying they dont work

  481. Jason says:

    Hmmmm lets look at the big picture the tests for a buck actually can be used for 2 medical purposes….. detecting pregnacys and cancer why the government has an issue is beyond me but hCG testing is for decting cancer and preg….. its a win win situation for a buck if you ask me.

  482. Tina says:

    I bought a pregnancy test from the Dollarama and it was positive. i found out i was 6 weeks pregnant. 2009

  483. tasha says:

    You know, they are accurate, nothing bad, my sister took it and it said positive, and guess what, she was, i took it 3 times and each time it told me i wasn’t, and it’s the truth, at least they are making it accessible to people who don’t have much money either. can’t you be happy?

  484. Amy says:

    I used them for two different pregnancies and got two positive readings. Two other times when we were trying they had correct negative readings when we weren’t pregnant. The dollarama pro-care tests totally work and saved me tons of money!

  485. Elizabeth says:

    I only use the Dollarama Pro-Care tests and they have NEVER been inaccurate. No evaporation lines, no false negatives. Always accurate, with instant results. What in the world is the big deal??

  486. Ruth says:

    A friend of mine works at a lab in a Canadian hospital. He and his co-workers did a little experiment and used some of the $1 store pregnancy tests and the hospital tests on the same samples. Same results with both tests.

  487. preggerz.92 says:

    i dont see what the fuss is all about? its a test no pee test is accurate. you wanna know your pregnant go to a clinic or your doctor theyll be able to tell you without a problem… the tests are not lisenced to be sold in canada….how did they get here in the first place?? and why??? honestly….doesnt matter a test is a test you wanna know for sure tho =…go to your doctor or a clinic…its the cheepest way to go….because its FREEEE!!!! people need to stop causing a fuss over stupid sh*t like this…..its 1$ who cares…….?

  488. preggerz.92 says:

    they are as accurate as any test….any test can give you a right or wrong answer… i stated earlier go to a clinic or your doctor if you dont trust the pee tests….

  489. amanda says:

    so these tests are just as accurate as the ones at the drug store! … but if you wanna waste $20 just to pee on a stick be my guest! my friend had 3 beautiful boys and dollarama tests told her about all 3! why dont you just try it if its only $1 … cant hurt!

  490. DJ RakStar says:

    Wow!! Two years worth of comments on dollar store pregnancy tests?!! LOL People should prob go see the doctor more often anyhow, hit the clinic folks and know for sure right there! Good Luck!

  491. kim says:

    they are 100% accurate i work there and have had friends use them telling them they are positive and they were… someone i know who is a virgin used it to see and it said negative they do work

  492. missmomma says:

    This is hilarious that people have been arguing, conversing about this for over 2 yrs. I only came across it because I was joking with my fiance this morning about how I wondered if the Dollarama tests actually worked and he picked up one on his lunch break and brought it home to me to try.

    I am just under 7 weeks along, already have confirmation from medical professional, and two very costly tests I did in the beginning when I started feeling off. I only did the one today to see how likely it is they are acurate. Of course I would have to have two tests and have myself and someone not expecting pee on the other to know for sure. But I would say, considering my positive result appeared within less than 30 seconds they are pretty accurate.

    This argument seems silly just because it’s a pregnancy test. What about Mr Noodles? Dollar stores sell those too! Are they not as good as name brand in grocery stores? They’re the same! Or what about No Frills Grocery stores? No Name is sometimes gross personally, but for most other things they just sell them at much more reduced rate not b/c they are manufactored at any less of quality factory.

  493. Twins are such a gift. Especially when it comes to people who had a hard time having kidsat all. My wife and I had a hard timehaving a babyso when it finally did happen (and we had twins) it was a miracle!

  494. Shannon says:

    I used a pregnancy test from the Dollarama to confirm my pregnancy, and it worked within 30 seconds, giving me a positive test. I was pregnant. I used it September 4, 2007 and I conceived first of August, so was about 5 weeks pregnant when I used it.

  495. Sonia Graham says:

    I have to agree with a comment made several comments ago…..and that is what the hell is the big deal about this pregnamcy test and the arguments back and forth yes it’s accurate no it’s not, it’s cheaper than the other ones…..those of you who live in CANADA you can save even the buck and get the most accurate testing available and it’s FREE!!!!!!! …so it’s even cheaper than Dollarama……

  496. Megan says:

    I thought the same thing. Dollarama selling pregnancy tests WEIRD. Until, i thought i was pregnant throwing up and feeling like shit. So i was like hey there a dollar whats a dollar. Anyways, i was pregnant after it told me i was i went to the hospital and yup i was. Ya i got told by a dollar store test! lmao

  497. Luna says:

    They are they same kind of test that they have at my local clinic.

  498. Marsha Smith-Bisson says:

    I think that having $1 pregnancy tests is awesome!!! I have been lucky to get pregnant easy so far, but I can see how this price would be such a relief to those who are really trying to have a baby. Why pay over 10 dollars if you don’t have to? I actually found this conversation searching the Dollarama to find out if my local one would have them. I have bought the cheapest ones at the pharmacy, which is $10.99 plus tax. There are digital ones and all that, but really for me I just need a plus or a neg.
    And after taking the test and getting positive, I went to the Dr. and asked if he would confirm it. He told me, no point. Home pregnancy tests are accurate, mostly now a days. It is easy for companies to get the test to read the Hgc hormone.
    As for us Canadians (which I am) – yes we can go to the doctor for the test, but if we don’t have too – I mean, making an appointment, etc. can be a few days away – this test tells you the day you want to know…it is just easier to take the test.
    Anyhow – thanks for all your comments. I am going to go get one tomorrow…LOL!!!

  499. Tina says:

    I have used them for my last pregnancy and my current one…they worked just fine!! I have more of a problem paying $10 plus for an at home pregnancy test!! Once it came out positive, I made a doctor’s appointment to confirm!! No falsies here!! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO TO THE DOLLAR STORE FOR YOUR PREGNANCY TESTS!!! It’s not like you won’t go to your doctor for follow up anyway! CAN’T HURT! 😉

  500. oohlala says:

    They sell condoms there too

  501. Kere says:

    It’s just a simple litmus test – it’s a crime that they are sold for more than a dollar! Heck, take two if you’re not sure. The Dollarama preg test has confirmed two pregnancies for me so far and that’s the most I’ll ever pay. You’ll get the doc to test you anyway. Dollarama’s awesome!

  502. Winter says:

    I’ve used the test’s for my second and my third out of convience I was there I saw them so I bought them. Have to say that both were accurate. Got my 2nd little girl and my little man.

  503. redhead tlc says:

    they are fine. used them to detect two pregnancies and they were accurate. and they are $1. and if you think they are wrong then confirm with the doctor. they are not much different then what they use in the doctor’s office.

  504. just the truth says:

    just to tell the truth …

    I tried these tests in my 2 pregnancies and simply they worked perfectly !!

  505. Melissa says:

    First of all let me just tell you that I have Ovarien Cyts which causes false negative and false positive pregnancy tests so for me finding out I am pregnant is very difficult … When I was pregnant with my daughter I had my menastration twince so I went to the dollorama and bought a test just for the heck of it ( did not think I was prego as I mentioned I had my oeriode tice ) they test came back positive , the next day I went to the clinic and they gave me 2 urine tests both came back negative. 3 months went by and no more periode at all , so my doc scedualed me an ultra-sound to see what was up , That day was a day I will never forget … ” Would you like to know the sex ? ” OH MY GOD ! I couldn’t beleive it !! It was a girl I was 18 weeks pregnant ! So for me Pro-Care is an acurate test !!! You pay the price just for the brand trust me! 🙂

  506. Elixis says:

    Crack open the plastic shell, all it is is the same kind of urine test as they use at the clinics!! its just in a cheap plastic shell.
    you pay for the PLASTIC, thr actual test strip costs NOTHING!! You can buy them in bulk on ebay for a few bucks. These tests are acurate.

  507. chelsea says:

    this is crazy 3 years congrats guys lol i would trust them to each their ouwn u know i have two n i might be prego i will try them n let u guys know cioa

  508. Elixis says:

    Hey guys update : my last MP was March 12th, So last week I tested on April 13th. NEG, then on the Friday the 16th another test, NEG. (These all from Dollarama) then come Sunday I was still late by 6 days, took one, waited 3 mins, neg. Came back to the washroom later and saw it had a feint line in the trash. I read up and everyone said never read it later its an evaporation line (even though the other ones never has one) It was hard to tell if there was any pink or not so I waited till the morning and took another. Same feint line. I showed a friend and she said to go get a more expensive test to see. I had read in other forums that people using clearblue seem to get a good result so I bought a Clearblue didgital test. PREGNANT!!

    So just so you know, a little feint line is still a line. And if you arn’t sure, go get a clearblue. The dollar store ones seem to not pick up the HCG very well even after 6-7 days late.

    Hope that helps some of you guys getting a neg or feint line.

  509. Elixis says:

    Ok I just took another Dollar test i had and the line is very feint but there. Its so odd cuz Pro-Choice is 25 MIU and Clearbluiue is 50mIU so wouldnt clearblue be harder to detect?? its odd since im 9 days late youd think the dollar test would have a solid line.

  510. Me and also my buddy were arguing about an issue similar to that! Now I know that I was correct. lol! Thanks for the information you post.

  511. susan says:

    ALL of you have WAY too much time on your hands!!

  512. Babywishes says:

    I bought a pregnancy test at Dollarama yesterday and it was a negative. It may not be picking up anything at this point b/c am about five days away from the day I am due for my next period. Thanks to everyone who responded – I think I will buy a few more and check again in every day until Saturday (for a buck, why not!?). Hoping and praying…

  513. loosie says:

    a girlfriend from work is pregnant – she took the test, it came out positive.. then she went to her doctor and he confirmed it. he said that the tests are pretty much the same, they’re more likely to say positive if you aren’t than negative if you are.. buy three if you’re paranoid. cheaper than one of the expensive ones.

  514. libralen says:

    Hi guys…
    I am as shock as most people to discover it there.
    And reading from most comments/replies here…I suddenly remember that we are being trained by the BIG Corporations to believe in the logo and high price and the popular tv ads that what they showed (REDUNDANTLY FED)us are THE BEST and it’s expensive price point is normal. NOT!
    Which means we are shocked to see what a normally $15 regular priced item somewhere else is just a buck in Dollarama.It’s like “what’s the catch/ gimmick?”.It’s sort of a too good to be true or reliable.

    It is up to us to be a wiser consumer/user/buyer. I, seldom go to a Dollar store yet I enjoy my visit there like a treasure hunt, I just have to practice my trained eye to see which is junk and which is gold.
    This preggy kit …works (users comments) so it is a gold find.

  515. The resources and tools that I learn of out here are the best. I am so pleased that I was able to find this blog of yours. It has helped me at a point wherein I was looking for the right answers and the limitless ones that you have provided out here are wonderful. I certainly want you to continue the sharing of ideas out here.

  516. Shannon says:

    I’ve used both the HPTs & OPKs and I swear by them. I’ve gotten positives on HPTs and OPKs and I’ve gotten negatives but knew I wasn’t pregnant. My husband & I have been trying for 3 years and I refuse to buy anything extremely expensive. I’ve even purchased IEs (Internet Cheapies) and they work the same.

  517. turtle-doves says:

    Wow even after several years Dollarama is still selling pregnancy test. I believe it’s a personal choice to buy and trust the results but for more accurate results going to a doctor is the best option.

    It’s funny we all go on this site to find the best deals out there to save money and then share them with everyone here on SC BUT when we find a $1 pregnancy test it’s the biggest shock and looked down upon.

    I agree with what you wrote libralen – post 515

  518. Shawna says:

    I used one..found out I was pregnant with my son… beats spending $17 on one…I think they are great.

  519. Kim says:

    When I was pregnant with my son, I was experiencing all the symptoms. I was sure i was pregnant. I went to the doctor who did tests and told me i wasn’t. I took a test from dollarama that was positive. I took it back to the dr the next day.. My son is two now. I have a six month old daughter,dollarama was the first place I went for a test with her!

  520. Jessica says:

    I’ve never tried one, but would if I needed to. I recently bought some shampoo there that was $2, but have yet to try it. Its funny. I looked up the shampoo and there is a mix for reviews. Some can’t stand the shampoo and some love it and would recommed it.

  521. Ricki911 says:

    In the end its basically all personal preference. You either do or dont use th dollorama ones. I would honestly go to the dollar store and pay $1 then $15 at my local drug stoe (btw they sell the same ones). If Im still iffy about the results I go straight to my doctor and he runs the tests. Yes, they can be inaccurate but so can the expensive ones. My friend used 1 dollarstore and 1 expensive and the dollar store one came positive and expensive one came up positive. She was pregnent in the end.

  522. Natnicola says:

    I just took a Pro care Dollar store test
    Been trying to get preggers fpr 2 yrs , period is 1 month late, plus nausea plus sore nipples..
    First time in my life i see 2 solid lines confrming super not going to get excited until i get a blood test tomorrow
    Wish me luck all!

  523. possibly Expecting says:

    I used one and got a positive…If it is a chemical pregnancy..we will soon find out.

    See people don’t understand what a False Positive is.

    Most of the time..over 50% of pregnancy are Chemical pregnacys (early miscarriage like 3 weeks) You have just enough if you take the test on your expected period to get a positive, but you’ll start bleeding after wards, that means you probably miscarried..So many women don’t even realise They miscarry.

    Another way is being injected by HCG chemical, or you let it sit to long, or you did the test wrong..or RARE..that it IS POssible..the is just a line there..but that’s so rare..a lot of times women are actually preggos and then lose it.. <<<

    How much HCG they recognize may differ, but they all use the same technology. and for 1 dollar why not people! 😀 you can by 10 of them…most people like to do multi ones. pLus i’m positive these are the same ones the doctors use at the clinics…

    anyways if you may be expecting, you should go to the doctor to check it out <3

  524. possibly Expecting says: Also check out this website! i don’t really believe in false pos either, just some tests see the smallest amount of HCG!!!

    btw its 25 dollar store detects which is just enough to be a “positive”

    sorry to anyone who happens to get a chemical pregnancy and are trying 🙁

  525. brunette says:

    Well I dont get this ethier..ive had friends who bought them and they have worked fine..dont you think it be off the markets in those store if they werent licenced to have them? all dollar stores do well most of not saying its not just doesnt make sense..and why not buy them what are woman who wanna know if they are preg? bets paying 14-15 bucks or more dont you think? i agree with the one who said buy one there then buy a more expensive one if postive/negative..buying these does nothing to the buyer if not licenced well it does something to the salesman..we have no affect on them selling anything..we just buy what they sell..

    i have never tryed these test and i have 8 children and 32 yrs old..but i know people who have and actually got a positive for someone saying whats next selling condoms..well at least they be affordable and teens can actually go offord them themselfs and no go ask their parents for them….better to have protected sex and can afford it then have unprotected /cant offord it..or even if they can cant go to parents to ask..I know what this is like I have a 14 yr old daughter..

    everything on the market we dont know if its good or licenced..but we still buy it dont we? things that have been even licenced werent even many of them and each day we hear more and more stuff being like this..

  526. brunette says:

    oh and as well i agree with possibly expecting comments!

  527. I’m not sure on the regulations for import and export but I know I’ve used this test and it was totally accurate. We now have a 2yr old son!

  528. possibly Expecting says:

    😀 yay brunette agrees w/ me lol,.>……

    These pregnancy tests that are more expensive, I Think it’s really just the brand, and that they look prettier, or may be “digital” or that they are more sensitive in levels..but you really don’t want 25 and under in my opinion! toooo sensitive! bc u naturally have like 2-5 HCG >.<

    see here there is a lot of clinics and teen clinics, so I did one and now i’ll be going to the clinic to double make sure, or u can buy a more expensive one if it makes u happy.

    but a lot of digital readers have had their odd mishaps, but for ever odd one that just “happen” to be “false” there is like tons of them working for other women!

    imo, a lot of women miscarry w/o even realising it because of how early it is, your period could be 4 days late!

    but if you do miscarry..though I hear you can try again after early miscarries like that, you should still go to a doctor I think </3

  529. possibly Expecting says:

    1 dollar a lot of teens coulda afford and get a friend to go buy that, never thought of that! if they were to embarrassed to go to a clinic…I love though that they have free condoms at clinics, and with 1 dollar condoms! as long as they arnt tampered with it’s better than nothing!(need more clinics! so many people arnt aware they exist..if they can go to the mall tho…sure they can find a way to a clinic..not like a lot of them don’t lie to parents….sadly…..) many teens put condoms on wrong too! so it’s not safe sex….T_T

  530. Torda says:

    Customize your facebook profile and use your own theme

  531. Alex says:

    Dollar General poses threat to Walmart

    “The retailer, which like Walmart aims primarily at low income customers, reported a 6.7 per cent increase in comparable store sales during its first quarter. Walmart, in contrast, saw a 1.4 per cent fall in its same store sales during the same quarter.
    General’s quarterly sales of $3.3bn were only a fraction of Walmart’s $62.32bn for the quarter but its stronger growth suggested it is winning low income customers away from Walmart.”

  532. steve hicken says:

    If you your not smart enough figure it out here it is. just as in the Dollar store companies alot a certain amount of their products to be sold to the public at drastically reduced prices. Hence these kind of stores sell brand name goods for a buck or two and make money on it. These stores were intended for people who were poor. But everyone goes to them.You can find the same pregnancy tests in the big stores for a lot more money or pick up the same thing for a buck. YOUR CHOICE …A NO Brainer

  533. Thank you for sharing, I ran across this particular article whilst looking for infomation for my term report, useful comments and excellent points made.

  534. 100percentcanadiangirl says:

    I have seen the Pro-care pregnancy tests at Dollarama in Burlington Ontario and 1 lady that was at the same Dollarama I was said she used the test and found out that she was pregnant.I also have seen Pro-care ovulation kits at Dollarama here in Burlington.They say they are Health canada licensed.It does not hurt to try these.Man what has the world come to..who cares if you choose to buy these versus the ones at a drug store.All I have to say is..If you are not sure you are pregnant have a walk- in clinic doctor or your doctor do a pregnancy test or blood work to show you are pregnant or not.It does’nt hurt to hear other peoples advice to judge for yourself.I learn from other peoples advice.That’s how I get through the day.

  535. BJ sweetie pie says:

    I’m telling you people they do work! trust me on this they do work

  536. possibly Expecting says:

    soo,I had left a comment earlier (Up above ^^a few) that I may be pregnant, the line was super faint and i was testing on the june1st when I usually expect, and I thought for sure it was just a faint line like maybe chemical mark, but sure enough I am pregnant! I got it checked by the doctors, and i’m pretty positive they use the exact same tested.with the dropper, I even asked them and they were like basically yeah. and this time it went bright pink, then I went to OB, so..I looked up this article thinking that fake line, could possibly be nothing..

    but that was just my worries, but I am! like I said earlier these tests are no better or worse than the expensive brand! So go ahead and buy a few, esp if your the panic type and want to do 3-4 just incase lol, a lot of women do that with the 15-50 dollar ones! . I’m no balla, I already have one kid!

    it’s 25 mg, and that is just enough to not be anything else but a pregnancy (unless ur on hormones)

    anyways good luck and best to all <3

  537. Niki says:

    the brand PRO CARE sold at a dollarama near me is licensed people with canada. even if it wasnt its has a chemical on the strip that reacts when meeting with the hormone in your body when pregnant (HCG.) they are all the same people. they work. they are more acurate apparently because they detect smaller amounts of this HCG that allow you to test sooner. test at least when your period is due for better results. and always a doctor to confirm. I wish I found this when I was a preg teen instead of being broke and couldnt afford a 18 dollar one and too sick to take a bus to a walk in clinic. I would have made a better decision sooner. in conclusion, buy them, its the same thing, and they work and are licensed,(PROCARE) I hate this forums name what ignorance.

  538. Niki says:

    so also Id like to add i bought more of these back in the day just for an occasion like this, well I’m late on my period by 4 days, which can be normal i guess. ive gone 4 or something days just because. but i tested and it sai dnegative ill test tomorrow in the morning as well and again the day after 3 more. just wanted to add, mine was negative with absolutely no line not even a little ity bity faint one. NOTHING. clear as day. so if yo see a tiny faint line. test the next day you might be pregnant! it seems liek it with reading the reviews of other up here with faint lines then retesting haha, wow i been reading for almost 2 hours lol

  539. Niki says:

    one minute after writing that, i got my period WOOO 🙂 and I still got my youth back, thank you god! they really need to make condoms cheaper now lol

  540. nina says:

    all of my friends were telling me that the dollarama tests are the most accurate….and that is exactly how i found out i was pregnant, went to the doctors the next day and also took another test n it came out positive…so as far as everyone telling me to use the dollarama pregnancy test because its most acurate…they were absolutely correct ( i even thought it couldnt be possible )`

  541. Better Than Expensive Tests!? says:

    They work better that the expensive ones!!! Took two dollar store tests that showed positive results. Then bought two first response tests to confirm. They both showed negative! Went to the clinic and definately pregnant! Now have a beautiful baby girl. When in doubt, go to the doctor… don’t rely on the expensive tests to confirm.

  542. Worked for me!! says:

    I was skeptical at first so I bought five of these and used them….I took 5 tests, all were positive. Nine months later, my son was born. They work just as well as the expensive ones from the pharmacy. The only inconvenience is having to pee into a cup to test instead of peeing right onto a stick. But you’re saving money, so just suck it up.

  543. Tennille says:

    The Pro-CARE One Step Pregnancy Test Distributed by A&D FiestaInc. Montreal Quebec(purpley-pink and white box)states on the back of the package in small print……NOTE: For in vitro diagnostic only.
    Whats that all about?
    The Dolloramma also sells this same brand of ovulation test,lol.

  544. Such an timely post. It is stunning how you boil down your point and make it simple to understand! Thank-you!

  545. thatgengirl says:

    I’ve discovered through personal use, that the $8 test sold at Sobey’s and the Dollarama $1.25 tests are identical. Not similar. Identical.

  546. I’ve discovered through personal use, that the $8 test sold at Sobey’s and the Dollarama $1.25 tests are identical. Not similar. Identical.

  547. Brooke says:

    Maybe if you didn’t use the Dollarama condoms you wouldn’t have to use the Dollarama pregnancy test!

  548. mrsg says:

    To whom this may concern, For your facts.
    Dollarama does sell these dollar store pregnancy test, these test are the same one doctors use in there clinic’s so if your feeling that these are faulse well your absoluty wrong it would be like your doctor is lying to you as well.So my suggestion is if your wondering you must be 2 weeks late prior to your last period for an accurate read, even when you see your doctor they like for you to be 2 weeks late. So what I would recommend is buy it and save your self 9-20 bucks!

  549. Kim says:

    I just did one of these thinking i’m pregnant. you guys might want to check the label before you do this MINE is a OVULATION PREDICTOR.. not even a pregnancy test.. omg i’m flipping out its midnight and i still dont’ know if i’m flippin pregnant this sucks big time.. 🙁 Well it was a dollar something..i was freaking out.. cause the two lines came up and i was like what????? that can’t be. but they did.. saying i’m flippin ovulating.NICE. i needed to know that.. (and now sadly i went and told you. 🙁 )

  550. T.P. says:

    They work.

  551. Karen says:

    I used a dollarama pregnancy test. It was positive. My son is now 4 months old.

  552. Jennifer says:

    Okay, yes, make sure you’re not buying an OVULATION test, people, but in truth, there is almost NO difference in accuracy between a cheap test and an expensive test except how much you’re willing to spend. Why buy a test when Dr’s offices do them free? Because many women don’t want to wait – have you tried making a Dr. appt lately? It can take weeks. Plus, people having trouble conceiving and/or fertility treatments are more likely to want to test sooner.

    I used these with no problem in 2 pregnancies but be aware that the results may be slightly less CLEAR, either way. A faint line past the time to read the test could be a negative and a positive may not show up for a day or two beyond what a more expensive test may show – or may be very faint at first.

    Please see this excellent site for more information about pee tests!

  553. Richelle says:

    1$ tests make it easier and cheaper for someone trying to get pregnant, I know with experience it gets expensive getting them else where but I also get tests online when I don’t need them for 2-3weeks for 97cents so 1$ is not far from that, but I know they WORK and there just as actuate as any other tests I buy!

  554. Richelle says:

    I also personally used them and now my Son’s 6 months old and I will tend to us them trying to conceive our second child

  555. Ash says:

    Whoever says “DO NOT USE THEM, they arent fda approved blah blah blah”, is a sucker. ther FDA approves many cancer causing additives alll the time, and they only approve what makes them money and lots of it. The fda isn’t on the side of the people at all.

    that being said,

    The dollarama pg tests work. They are the only ones i use, they have never been wrong whether its a negative result when ive been paranoid, or the positive i got when i was preggo with my daughter. she is now 7 months and i will never use a different kind of test, and at a dollar you can test every day for 2 weeks for the same cost as one single test at the drug store. Which is awesome for those of us who just gotta know asap haha

  556. Jennifer says:

    Yes these tests work !!!!

    I am 18 weeks pregnant and my friend had told me about these tests that are only $1.25 at Dollarama where I live.

    I had a feeling I was pregnant, so I said I would test the test out…So I bought two of these. Both came out positive – and I was 4 weeks pregnant at the time.

    I highly recommend these tests !!!! Especially when other tests start at $14.00 and higher.


  557. april says:

    i dont see what all fuss is you could buy more one if you not sure at doller store i used them test for both my pregnacy word for me.. why go out buy one 20 test when can buy more one for half that price that makes more sence to me i dont think they sell product if it doesnt work..wouldnt you think they have law suit on there hands…only makes sence pretty sure they wouldnt put it out for people to use if wasnt working…just my advice on that one i say buy things at dollerstore so worth it!

  558. Reva Laberge says:

    I like this thought. I visited your site for the first time and simply been your supporter. Continue to keep writing as I am planning to come to read it every day!!

  559. Julie says:

    i go to the local sexual health clinic.. its fast, safe and they send your urine sample to the hospital to get checked for STD’s … and its FREE!! plus u get to grab some condoms on the way out! haha

  560. dollar worker says:

    I work at a Dollarama, and the Pregnancy test that we sell is one of the best in Canada and is constantly seen on TV, Customers constantly come to get the tests and we always run out, just because the item is sold at a dollarama doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, we sell everything from Dove to Axe to Jiffy peanut butter to tete a claque. If you have a problem with an item, it’s just a dollar live with it, it’s not the end of the world and you won’t die from taking one of the tests we sell, even if our pregnancy tests we sell might show you the wrong result, well guess what, the ones that are sold in a pharmacy can also give you the wrong result. SHIT HAPPENS. don’t get pissed off because of what we sell, I’m sure that you are one of those people who shop there daily and just like to talk shit.

  561. Cindy says:

    These test work!
    I’ve used many and they’ve told me the truth when I wasn’t pregnant and when I was. I even didn’t trust them at first and bought the expensive to compare… I got the same results.
    You can go to a clinic… spend the gas money and your time waiting in a medical clinic line-up OR buy a handful of these test and do it in the privacy of your home as much as you’d like for very little cost.
    Doctor offices are using the same thing when go there and pee in a cup. Buying the expencive ones MIGHT tell you and few days sooner, but my doctor has informed me that even their medical tests are less sensitive then some of the expensive ones you can buy in stores today.
    I would keep your money for yourself instead of giving to companies that are over charging. If a company can sell a product for $1.25 there is no reason why another company should be charging $15+

  562. anna says:

    What section of the Dollarama are they sold in?? Never seen them. They sell them in Montreal Dollaramas?

  563. Stephanie says:

    These are great for someone trying to conceive. I buy the ovulation tests in bulk at Dollarama 🙂

  564. Shelby says:

    When I thought I was pregnant, I bought a test at the pharmacy, then when it came positive I went to my doctor to reconfirm .

    In reality, my doctor said, that ANY home pregnancy test on the market is VERY accurate, at LEAST 97% .

    Just my two cents .

  565. J&C says:

    my gf was grumpy a couple days and we were at dollarama i seen these pregnancy test thought i would get one as a joke. so i got one little behold got her to take it and it was + the dollarama prego test changed our lives forever. i thought it was a joke you know only 1.25 but they deffinatly worked and went to clinic that day did blood work and she was 5 weeks.

  566. Jeremy C says:

    My wife and I tried one of these Dollarama tests. It was spot on! At first we were skeptical so took another and it said the same thing so we went to the hospital, got a blood test done, and it was confirmed.

    Why anyone would pay over 10 times what I paid for the same thing is beyond me. We are so accustomed to overpaying for things that we are skeptical when a good deal comes along.

    I would highly recommend the Dollarama tests to anyone and heck, I may just swing by there tomorrow and buy some more as Christmas gifts or something!

  567. alinka says:

    Just to let everyone know, i have used the dollar store pregnancy test twice and it has been very accurate. My sister used it as well and she has gotten the right results.
    so it may not be approved however, it does work.

  568. danny says:

    I have worked in public health in SK and the dollar store tests are the exact same ones as we use in the clinic. I have also used myself and they have been accurate every single time.

  569. pregospective says:

    I have used this dollarama test recently and it was positive and I believe it. Everytime I use it I get an accurate response, positive! I have used it a total of 3 times.

    I also got a trippy confirmation that they work becauase this pregnancy clinic that I went to used them as their tests.

    I was shocked when I saw them give me a package and told me to collect the urine…lol

    Always follow up with your Doc to confirm!

    Dollarama sells everything!

  570. Jillian N says:

    Hey everyone. I work at a Dollarama, and people constantly buy them.

    MY thoughts being. Buy 1 or 2, if they are both positive, THEN go waste money on a good one from a pharmacy. But why waste $30+ if you’re going to get a negative result.

    It’s worth a try.

  571. mel says:

    These tests work. I used three to confirm my pregnancy. What is the big deal? They are not harmful and if you have a positive result well then call your doctor and congratulate yourself on not getting ripped off.
    Honestly people will just complain about anything these days.

  572. Lennea says:

    Clinics use cheap little bulk tests too.
    They don’t pay the $14 for the plastic to go around the test.
    Pregnancy test should be cheap, there really is not too much to them.
    I have bought the bulk paper strip test on eBay… we have been trying to get pregnant … and they work just as well as any other pregnancy test.
    I have used the tests at Dollorama as well and they are worked fine for me …but again I would prefer to just go with the paper strip as there is way less garbage made and they are way cheaper.

  573. Mary says:

    Don’t buy it, it gave me a false negative…they are crap & don’t work.

  574. Jenny says:

    I actually took the pregnancy test and it worked fine for me…. It detected a positive at about 4 weeks pregnant. I was a bit surprised, so I ended up buying another test at the pharmacy to make sure… but it was right.

  575. Christine says:

    I buy from and they seem to ahve the same tests- well, they look the same. The ovulation tests work great for me! They always show my Lh Surge and they are super cheap. It’s in Canada too so shipping is mega quick.. I dunno about you guys but I like em..

  576. I was refereed here by a buyer.. I have had no complaints of evaporation lines or false positives. The tests are over 99% accurate. As for licensing, it is the duty of each company to get the tests evaluated by Health Canada. As well, to hold a class 2 medical device (pregnancy test) you must have a license. Dollarama, at first, did not know of this law. They do now and the reflection has nothing to do with the manufacturer of these tests.

  577. Jessie says:

    I used a dollarama pregnancy test, 3 days before I even missed my period & got a very obvious positive. If you don’t wanna use them, dont buy them, very simple.

  578. Diana says:

    I was a month pregnant when I tested the dollarama ones for the hell of it and they confirmed the pregnacy, as well as my second pregnacy, the tests all seem the same in general and they just happened to be branded differently or made differently. But over all the dollarama ones DO work. I suggest if your trying for a baby and your buying tests like crazy, as I do. then go for the cheap ones an buy the expensive ones if you think you see a line …

  579. Dollarama Shopper says:

    Dollarama has begun selling condoms, lol

  580. Natalie says:

    The only reason that pregnancy tests are so expensive at Shoppers and other stores is because you’re paying for the brand. It’s like everything else. Clothes are more expensive at Hollister and other rich people stores because you’re paying for the name mostly. The preg tests are Health Canada approved and they work just fine. I would recommend getting 2 or 3 though, you can never be too sure even with the 10 dollar and 20 dollar tests. What’s funny about this is I work at Dollarama and this 15 year old boy asked me if they really work, because he obviously fucked up and got/almost got his girlfriend pregnant LOL. Not that funny, just ironic. Just wrap it up, boys. Don’t use the Lifestyles condoms we sell though. They give those out at school. They break, as I’ve heard from friends. Trojans all the way.

  581. Christine says:

    I agree with Jesse

  582. Megan says:

    I have used dollar store tests, and they were accurate. Buying one that cost $10 or over can still give you a false response. It all depends on when you take it. I think dollarstore test are great there cheap and they work! so hey what would you rather pay for something thats cheap or more expensive, that gives you the same results. Ill take the cheapest way out please, money doesnt grow on trees.

  583. Lisa says:

    Guess what?!!! I used the dollar store test when I was pregnant with my second and it gave me an accurate positive!!! I have to say I had used another brand when I was pregnant with my first and I had several “false negatives”!! This is a great product – it works and it is inexpensive!! It is a little more difficult to use but who cares – it works!!!!

  584. Petra Drake says:

    I tried out the dollarama Procare test today together with One step pregnancy test and both turned out positive 2 days after my expected period. I think the test is fine, and if you have a negitive response the first time try a few days later. There might not be enough to detect in your urine. for 1.25, you have nothing to loose.

    Good luck!

  585. Anouk says:

    Well… the women’s clinic actually suggested I should buy it at Dollarama: they work just as well, but much cheaper.

  586. tut says:

    I would try it myself only I have no reason to. lol Maybe 10 years ago!They prob are OK. And if you have been preg. B4 you would know the symptoms, unless you are 1 of the BOZOS on the show “I did”nt know I was Pregnant!! REALLY HOW DUMB CAN U BE?

  587. Cammie says:

    SO these dollar store pregnancy tests work for me mine showed positive 3 days past my missed period. today i am 6 weeks pregnant.

  588. Sammeh says:

    Last year I thought I was pregnant and didn’t have the money to get a pregnancy test from the drug store so I bought one from the dollar store and it was 100% accurate… It said I was pregnant and so I called my doctor and she confirmed it so they are pretty accurate just for the record.

  589. ND says:

    I just checked these out at Dollarama and it says on the package at the top right hand corner – Licensed by Health Canada. For $1.25 and it’s approved by Health Canada you can’t go wrong. And yes, it was positive! 🙂

  590. Erin says:

    Just saying for both of my pregnancys I have used a dollarama test! Both came out positive, in which were right! Any pregnancy test will work it tests the level of HCG in the urine duh! Ps they use the same name brand tests at my work to detect pregnancy in our patients! I work in a hospital! The expensive tests u pay for is a gimmick I see the real joke is you fools who are paying 16-20 for a test you only pee on once!

  591. a says:

    yes they are accurate, they are just not as sensitive as the more expensive ones which can detect the pregnancy hormone a few days before your expected period. so with the dollar store ones, you may get a false negative if you are not very far along. they have been accurate in detecting pregnancy for me. better than spending 12 bucks on one from the drug store. and hey, if you don’t trust them, you don’t have to use them.

  592. Caitie says:

    they work.. stop bitching and save yr money

  593. Petra says:

    Speaking from personal experience, whether the test is from a dollar store or not doesn’t make a difference. The way this thread makes the dollar store tests seem (DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!) it’s like if you pee on it a nuke will shoot up where the sun don’t shine! Honestly, the brand name tests are like $23 for 2, and it’s all a gimic to get your money. The dollar store ones work just as well. Who cares if it’s licensed or not. That’s not the consumer’s problem. It does the same job. I did 2 tests this week (brand name) the result was a very faint positive. I didn’t feel like spending another $23, so I went to the $ store got another couple, got the same result. Then I went to the clinic and got the same result LOL.. point being, I’m pregnant.. But they all said the same thing!!!

  594. s says:

    preg test are $10 each here in australia. we don’t have any other choice unless we go to the doctor. if there were dollar tests here i’d give them a go.

  595. young and naive says:


    Readying all of these stories about the prego test from the dollar store made me think of passed situations.

    Many years ago I got pregnant. I knew this from the beginning. Went straight to the clinic, explained the whole situation and how long ago this had taken place. while I wanted a Blood test the nurse went ahead and took a pee sample. Result?… negative…. Maybe I should have known that the day after having sex wasn’t the best day to find out if you had gotten pregnant; but you would have thought the nurse new better.

    The point I am trying to make is that, there is a proper time line to take this tests. There is such a thing as human error. And the point of marketing something cheaper is to create competition, as someone else explained. Also, the Dollar store sells things that cheap cause the get a hold of the C or D quality items that other stores wont carry. And the reason for this stores not to carry this items its generally something to do with some esthetic manufacturing defect. Like a misaligned stitching, a faded color, and so on. Things that would be fundamentally dangerous would generally not make it in to the market. And when it happens we hear about it!

    Any how… I feel better now… hahah

  596. Sarah B says:

    I might just add, that this is the first test that gave me a positive result on my pregnancy!!! I used some very expensive tests, and the only one to give me the correct (positive) result was the Dollarama one! lol soooo It is not harmful to use it as a screening product, if you’re like me and spent tons of $$$ when you were TTC 😉 If you read the details on the package, the product is also surprisingly sensitive! Just be careful: If you decide to buy this, check that there is actually something in the box! I once bought one only to come home and find an empty package! (I am not surprised that this is probably one of the most commmonly stolen items…)

  597. JODIE! says:

    This test does work. I know it’s from a cheap store but it really does work. It told me twice that I was pregnant and when I went to the doctors and did a urine test, it was positive. Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it does not work.

  598. Chantel says:

    I was in a parenting class for school and we wanted to see if the tests actually worked I was pregnet at the time with my daughter and my friend was also pregnet so we both took 2 test along with 3 of our other friends that we not pregnet and all the tests were 100% accurate I also bought a test when I thought I may b pregnet again and when I did the test it came out that I was indeed pregnet again I went to the doctors the following week and sure enough I was 3 weeks pregnet with my son so the test do work jus becouse they are only a $1 doesnt mean they dont work thats like saying I buy my shampoo at the dollar store but because its a $1 it doesnt work properly if u dont trust the dollar store test then dont do it no one is tellin u that u have to buy it so u can go pay $20 for the test that u will get the same results from the dollar store test

  599. Mella34 says:

    Silly silly people. For one you can never have a false positive only a false negative. The pregnancy hormone can’t be detected if it’s not actually present. BUUUTT the hormone might be missed if it is early on in the pregnancy or the hormone is not strong enough. Although it has been said over and over. Who cares if you buy the $1 test or the $18 test. If your test comes out positive on either one your pregnant. If it comes up negative and you feel strongly then use common sense to go to a doctor. Why make such a big deal over the price. If the products at the Dollarama were still not approved I could see all the craziness but apparently they are not legal so lets all get back to our regular lives and when that time comes for you, you can chose the $1 test or the $18.

  600. Mella34 says:

    *They are now legal

  601. Kel-C says:

    I have used the Dollar Store tests on multiple occasions, every time they were accurate for both positive and negative results. I would highly reccomend these instead of paying full price for any drugstore brand, they saved me money 🙂

  602. sara f says:

    Both of my freinds and myself have used this test and it has been accurate EVERY time. This was especially benifical when we were planning our pregnancies because it doesnt break the bank, every month waiting for the results until it became positive. People who wanna spend 10x’s to get the same results go right ahead!!!

  603. Rem says:

    My OBGYN told me to get ovulation and pregnancy tests from the dollar store! He said “Don’t waste your money on the brand name” it is all the same!! They have to be in order to be sold in Canada. Hope this helps.

  604. Jocelyn says:

    I dont know what all of the concern is about. I have used the dollarama pregnancy tests and ovulation tests and they work perfectly. I have never so much as had an evap line! For anyone ttc that spends a fortune of hpts they are a must have! You dont waste a ton of money, they are reliable and that way you only have to use the expensive ones (if you choose) when you actually get a positive.

  605. Arod2012 says:

    sorry guys, I made my pregnacy test with Dolarama and it has the same result with another one from 14 bucks. Sio is your choice.

  606. Shelly says:

    Oh yes they work. I tested positive with one 15 days after conception! They’ve been right for anyone I know who has used them.

  607. Lea says:

    When I suspected that I was pregnant, I bought two of these tests.
    I figured that it was best to do the initial test on these for $1 rather than buy a couple of $15 tests.
    I peed on two $1 test sticks and they gave me a positive, so I, then, headed to Wal-Mart where I sprung for the $15 ClearBlue test which, also came back positive.
    I delivered my gorgeous daughter on Sunday morning and it all started with e $1 pregnancy test from Dollarama.
    So, if you’re looking for a tester because you aren’t sure, this is a good option, but always confirm the pregnancy with your doctor, who’ll be able to do it with a pee test and, more importantly, with a blood test.

  608. Miso says:


  609. Dinglehopper says:

    The strip inside the plastic test is what detects the pregnancy hormone. The strips in the Dollarstore tests is the same as the ones in more expensive tests. The tests just don’t look as nice because of the difference in the plastic/style, but are effective. At a clinic the doctor just uses the bare strip itself.

  610. yep yep says:

    you see lots of places carrying and selling stuff you find at the dollarstore for 3 to 4 times more expensive. so, it’s your choice. pay $1 or pay $15.

    mind you, there are lots of crap at dollarstores as well. but the wise shopper knows what to look for.

    my pet peeve is IKEA. they sell utter crap at very high prices. it’s public information that IKEA’s business model is to make crappy furniture that doesn’t last very long so the customer goes back and buys more of their crap.

  611. I am says:

    You’re my function designs. Thank you for your write-up

  612. Momofsoontobe6kids says:

    This is funny because I got 2 from the dollar store both sead yes I was pragenet and both were right I went to the doc to make sure and here I’m mow 28 weeks lol I was a little worried it was not going to be right but other people I talk to sead it work for them when they did it and it was right too. So I say why pay more if you don’t have too but still go to a docs to make sure. But ya I ask a worker she sead it the same thing they use in a more expense kit but each to it’s own on what ya won’t to do

  613. Victoria says:

    amycanada77 , and funny.. so much time later and they DO sell condoms.. right next to the pregnancy tests.. bahahaha!

  614. Brittany says:

    Took a $1.25 pregnancy test and it was positive. Took a $25 pregnancy test and it was negative. Went to the clinic and I was pregnant! I want my $25 back…lol

  615. deeharmonic says:

    lol they want you to buy the other brands because they’re $20 or more! The $1 pregnancy test work absolutely fine, used them for both my pregnancies and they were right. If it comes out negative it’s either you did it wrong, too early or your just not pregnant. It’s not the devices fault.

  616. antonia says:

    i was pregnant in december and i found out on a dollar store test. i had taken at least one of any other brand and the dollar store tests were the only ones that picked up my low levels besides the hospitals tests. i had a misscarage two weeks later but my point is the dollar store tests are just as good as the rest.

  617. Lisa says:

    It’s funny because I’ve used dollar store pregnancy tests several times and they have been 100% each time (5 times in all, 3 times positive) although the second time the results took about 5 minutes to show up positive. I had a pharmacy test to reconfirm each time.
    Once a friend of mine was participating in a scavenger hunt and required a positive result on the stick, she brought me the expensive brand and it turned out negative!
    So I don’t have any problems with the dollar store tests!

  618. kayla says:

    there is nothing wrong with dollar store pregnancy test. Down here in ontario the dollar store pregnancy test are actually the same home pregnancy test they will give you at hospitals and clinics. So if doctors and nurses give them out, i’m sure they work perfectly fine.

  619. Ilovemylife says:

    I personally took the dollar store tests when I was pregnant with my now 15 month old daughter. I was skeptical but couldn’t afford the more expensive ones. Well, sure enough I took the test and it came out positive! When I got the + result I immediately took a first response one and then another and another and another and finally took blood and all of them came out +.
    I’m not saying rely on them, but for me they detected all three of my pregnancies and were right each time!!

  620. Stephanie says:

    I have used a dollerama pregnancy test with each of my 3 pregnancys, they are very accurate and I wouldn’t go out buying the expensive ones because they will give you the same reading!

  621. Jessica says:

    Brittany, I shared your story with everyone. Very funny. Dollarama test worked for me 100% of the time. 2 days past my expected period I got a light red line. 1 week after, got a pretty solid line that was 75% as dark as the control line. I even tested my husband and absolutely no line showed up on his. These work.

  622. mia says:

    When i thought i was pregnant i did many tests and they all came back negative the only one that showed up positive was the one from Dollarama and here I am now with my healthy 7month old baby boy.. I will say that I went to get blood work just to be sure that I was. But they do work..

  623. We’re a gaggle of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with helpful info to paintings on. You have done a formidable task and our entire group shall be thankful to you.

  624. Jessica says:

    I have use the pregnancy and the ovulation test strips from Dollarama and they are very accurate, some the reaction was a bit faded but still you can see the strip for positive. i was trying to conceive for 2 years and all the time I bought these kits from the dollar store “they are very accurate -although at that time I was very dissapointed when they were negative, but when I had the positive I did two more just to check and all 3 were positive and right now I have my beautiful baby”

  625. megan says:

    i used the 1$ test and its came out positive and its right i’m preggo! =] so they work. but like anything now a days your always going to have one out of a box of hundreds that aren’t going to work cant expect everything to be perfect these days and if you do then your exceptions need to be lowered in this kind of world we live in!

  626. Molly says:

    Actually they are quite good, I used one a few months ago it came back negative which was correct and the next month I also used one and it came back positive actually 2 of them did which was right 🙂

  627. Riley says:

    They work!! The price doesnt matter. They cost like 10cents to make. They are good while your trying to get pregnant. They are only 1.25 and I got a positive result 4 days before my missed period. I don’t get why someone is complaining who clearly hasn’t used the product.

  628. jan says:

    if they mad it for 10 bucks you guys wouldnt be saying that

  629. Patricia says:

    I have bought a couple of pregnancy tests from dollarama both costing $1 each and took one and it said positive and then took the other one just in case and it too came positive, i was actually pregnant. They do work, the dollarstore ones are 25ml sensitive so for these ones you can not test early, you will have to wait til you miss your period.

  630. Patricia says:

    or a couple of days before your missed *oops forgot that part lol

  631. Noel Edmonds says:

    I do believe all the concepts you’ve presented for your post. They are really convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are too brief for beginners. Could you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  632. Joe Trinci says:

    Please see the attached note,

  633. candy says:

    I found out I was pregnent with my son using a dollarama pregnancy test. It was positive then I got 14 dollar one , it was positive too. So why wast money when the one dollar one’s work!.

  634. Kassandra says:

    The pregnancy tests for 1$ at the Dollarama, Buck or Two.. WORK. They work very good actually. It was able to tell me I was pregnant and I had very low pregnancy hormones because it was an ectopic pregnancy. They are reliable. Don’t let someone on the internet tell you they don’t work just because they aren’t 20$. They have worked for me every time 🙂

    -Mother of 1 child and 2 angels

  635. Mellissa H. Bishop says:

    i would just like to say that the dollar store may sell the pregnancy test and they do work i know this personally because my sister used it to find out that she was pregnant with my nephew by using the test from the dollar store.

  636. Anonymous says:

    I have confirmed both of my pregnancies with Dollarama tests, as early as 2 days after my expected period. I honestly don’t see the hype as to why people are so upset about this product! In my opinion I would much rather pee on a stick that only cost me $1.25 as opposed to $10-30. Just another product that’s going to be ripped off the shelves because of people’s insistent whining about it.

  637. Jessica says:

    When I was trying to conceive I bought like…10 of these. The anticipation of getting a positive was insane. At $1 a piece I could start testing earlier than recommended without feeling like I was wasting money, and oh what did I see?? Faint positive, next day a little stronger, and day after that stronger again. Baby boy was born April 18, 2013.

    One of my co-workers was going through IVF for months. She said she bought TONS of these!!

  638. Dee says:

    I think Dollarama is a great store! It gives some people a chance to get things, they could not ordinarily afford…even food! You just have to think of what items you would trust..or not! Their fake flowers at 1.00 a stem..are way better than Micheals expensive craft store at 11.00 a stem…things like that etc….

  639. Katie says:

    It is just ridiculous to warn people not to use them without reason. You pee on it. It’s not going in your mouth or being played with by your children so people need to calm down.
    I picked one of these up from the dollar store the other day, I have on several “unsure” occasions. My period was due that day and I had no signs of cramping or spotting and it was so early I didn’t want to waste an expensive test at this point. Well the thing didn’t work. No results showed in the window. I sat it on the trash can walked out for 3 mins came back, and still nothing. After several minutes of frustration I pried the test open and found that inside was simply a strip like a doctor would use to test your urine for pregnancy.
    Moral of my story, expect flaws when you buy something at a dollar store. This was probably my 4th time using this test and the first time it didn’t work. I will keep buying them though, next time I’ll just buy a couple instead of the one. Still much cheaper to buy 3 for $3.75 even if you have to use all 3 haha.

  640. rae says:

    These tests are actually correct. The HOSPITAL we have here use the exact same ones. Coming from experience using one to…they are accurate. I did one was pregnant and went to the doctor…he confirned it.

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  642. Mama says:

    I used this test and it was PERFECT.
    I suspected that I may have been preggs, but didn’t want to spend $32 on a couple of the fancy tests, so i bought two of these, both of which gave a positive result, then I bought a fancy Clearblue one for verification.
    They still sell them – they’re a cost effective solution if you’re having a “scare”, that can set your mind at ease.

  643. alison says:

    I used this test….it was accurate. and cost about 1/16th of the test at shoppers drug mart…. its the same as the other overpriced ones…. why would u want to waste your money?? its the same thing…..fancy packaging and advertising doesn’t change the fact that they all work on the same premise.

  644. buy to let says:

    I wish that people would realise how dangerous gas boilers can be.
    A yearly gas safety check would save lives.

  645. yeah buddie says:

    u pee on stick. It gives u a result of HCG levels! Straight forward. $1 is for cheapos $17 is for the more mindfull. At the end of the day. Who cares. Lol as long as they work. Which they do. So go get them ladies. Lolol

  646. […] Dollarama Canada: $1 Pregnancy Test … – … cheaper to use the dollarama tests. we’ve been … you use a dollarama pregnancy test … the Dollarama pregnancy tests and put them … […]

  647. […] Dollarama Canada: $1 Pregnancy Test Kits … – matrix82 posted on the forum about Dollarama selling $1 pregnancy testers! I was in dollarama and they had pregnancy tests for $1…I am not so sure if I … […]

  648. Shawna says:

    I have no problems with the Dollarama home pregnancy test. I was young and no working to buy any tests and i stumbled upon dollaramas HCG tests, for both children i used the dollarama home pregnancy tests and my first child i was pregnant with i had bought 10 tests and all 10 said i was pregnant. My second child i bought 10 tests just to make sure and 2 out of 10 said i wasnt pregnant. So i would go back again and buy them because in reality dont matter who sells them and how much they cost. They work just as good at all other tests that are pricey. I bought 3 first responses when i was pregnant 3 months ago, they all came up false and i was 5 weeks pregnant, i went to the doctors and got a blood test done sure enough i was pregnant but a week later i had a miscarriage.. SO when you skeptics think you know best about what products or best to use. Maybe a little research will help.. I trust the dollarama brand better then name brand products when it comes to pregnancy. And will continue to use them because they are cheap and work just as great as any other brand that has proved to me false tests are more known in name brand then dollaramas cheap brand.. thank you

  649. Jane says:

    They totally work. I used them lots over the years, totally accurate. Except when I had two lines, and was NOT pregnant. But then I realized I accidentally picked up an OVULATION kit, right next to the pregnancy kit and they look almost exactly alike. Ov kits always have 2 lines (one gets darker when it is ov time). So I freaked out, until I took a preg kit, and yes, it was negative. But the ov kits worked perfectly too. WAY WAY cheaper than pharmacy tests…. You are kist peeing on it, you are not eating it. I love the dollarstore tests, and have often referred patients there. Basically, once you pull the plastic part away, all preg tests are the same little no name brand strip.

  650. Brynn Roemer says:

    They’re even cheaper on Amazon!! Buy those cheapies in bulk!! When you are TTC (trying to conceive) you can go through a lot of them 😂😂


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