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Dollarama Canada Price Hike

Rockin’ Kitty posted on the Canadian Shopping Forum about Dollarama’s price hikes.

After 16 years of selling items at no more than $1 each, Dollarama’s executives say the chain is just trying to keep up with the times, and rising prices worldwide. Dollarama stores will be raising their prices come February 2009. The prices are going to be $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00 πŸ™

Dollarama’s probably too cheap to hire a designer to change their logo (they don’t even have a proper website) so I’ve updated it for them using my amateur design skills πŸ˜›

What do you think of this Dollarama price hike? Will you still be shopping there?

207 responses to “Dollarama Canada: Prices Going Up in February 2009”

  1. Glen says:

    It was only a matter of time, I will still shop there, but most likely not as often.

  2. wondersly says:

    A huge percentage of the stuff in Dollarama is made in China (often under horrible factory conditions) – robbing us of Canadian manufacturing jobs. So much of what you find in the “dollar” store is sheer garbabe – stuff that wears out or breaks not long after it’s purchased – then you just have to go and get another one and add the broken one to our landfills.

    At 1 dollar or 2, we have to ask ourselves if it’s really worth it???

  3. Sally says:

    I rarely ever shop there, because like the previous poster pointed out a lot is just ”sheer garbage” A lot of there stuff they get for pennies on the dollar, sure some costs a bit more but it does even itself out if they pay .30 cents per unit and sell for 1.00, and if they recieve stuff at .01 cents a unit and sell at 1.00. They pay there workers minimum wage, so it’s not like that costs them a lot.
    Sure i’m not gonna argue that sometimes they have great stuff, a true deal, but quite often theres a lot of junk there. There great for wrapping paper, seasonal etc but if there prices are going up to this amount ill just show my patronage to the local mom and pop dollar shops.

    Does anyone buy the toys there? That aisle just screams lead paint choking hazards to me.

    Hehe Boo there website is a joke, guess thats what you get for $1

  4. Wendy says:

    Will they change their name too!? Calling it Dollarama is false advertising…are they going to call it TWODOLLARAMA? Ridiculous!

  5. Tara says:

    That sucks πŸ™ When I can go into Dollarama and buy something like a tea towel for $1 vs $1.50 or $2 at Walmart, I am saving money. However if they are going to be essentially the same prices, I’ll shop at Walmart.

    I find that they are good for things such as nick-nacks and gift bags, etc, but not much else. And to raise their prices means they’ll lose any competitive edge that they currently have.

  6. Tasha says:

    This is ridiculous. It is a well-known fact that they get their goods for mere pennies, as Sally mentioned. I hope they regret this decision… I will not be visiting much at all any more, if ever.

    I have a great new new for them: TWOLERAMA – sounds good, doescn’t it? πŸ˜‰

  7. donv69 says:

    After fake crest tooth paste was found at one of these dollar stores laced with melamine, I hardly shop there now. Too damn scary. Sometimes I’ll go and get the cheap notebooks and stuff, but that’s it.

  8. Meg1112 says:

    Everythings goig up

  9. Skippy says:

    Great time to raise prices as the economy slows down.

    Bottom line is a lot of people will still shop there for one reason or another!

  10. Jake says:

    Keeping up with the times?? Rising prices??

    I just read an article in the Montreal Gazette newspaper.

    “Dollarama’s sales jumped 13.3 per cent for the 13 weeks ended Aug. 3 to $264.3 million. For the first six months of this year, revenues broke the half-billion dollar mark, rising a healthy 11.6 per cent to $501.1 million.”

    They don’t sound like they’re hurting.

    The only thing they’re keeping up with, is the greediness that we’ve seen with the oil companies.

    Greedyrama…Toonierama…bottom line is that it’s all crap-o-rama.

  11. ka7qur says:


  12. Bambinoitaliano says:

    The reality of it is Dollarama just like Walmart or other retailers get most of their merchandise from China. Regardless of where you shop just look at the made in china scripted on most of the merchandise. However, I had to agree the psychological impact on Dollarama will be hugh once they raised their prices to diffrent range of price. Consumers tend to hesitate whwen they no longer feel that they are getting the bargain.

  13. Erica says:

    I’ll still shop there, craft stuff (which I use for school) is soo much cheaper then walmart or other craft stores

  14. Andy J says:

    Buck or Two changed as well about 3 years ago, to A Buck or Two or Three or Four… all the way to Ten.

    If Dollarama bings in less cap, then ok.

  15. Dan says:

    There will still be $1 items, so “raising prices” isn’t entirely accurate. They’re opening up their options for higher priced stuff sold at other discount stores. Think about the items in Dollarama that make you wonder “how can they sell this for only $1?”. It’ll be interesting to see what $2 will buy you.

    As for the timing, it’s perfect. More and more people will be looking for ways to save money. Now things that Walmart, etc sell for $3 or $4 might be within Dollarama’s reach at $2.

  16. babybreau says:

    Well I know I buy a LOT of scrapbook supplies as well as craft supplies for holidays and my nieces there. I also am able to find really cheap baby toys that I can make bird toys with.
    I’m very sad and will shop there up until Febryary 1 2009, but after that, I will be thinking twice before shopping there.
    What I do wonder is if this will have a waterfall effect. Will Great Canadian Dollar Store (currently sells items $1-$3) up its prices as well?

    I think they ought to re-name Twoonierama.

  17. haya says:

    when we used to shop at dollarama, we’d play a game to see how many things we’d pick up at the end were NOT made in china

    but seriously. i rarely ever go there anymore. their stuff breaks far too often for me to feel okay about buying more and more of it. i’m trying to move my life into the “acquiring less crap” phase, so if i’m going to spend money on something, it should be something i really need and something that is quality.

  18. Beth M says:

    I am so disappointed, I am from a single family income and I have 2 small children. And I love love love that I can get craft stuff, colouring books, little odds and ends for a doller. It really makes a difference in my budget. I don’t know if I will continue shopping there, I am still a walmart girl.

  19. danny says:

    there’s another store called “EVERYTHING FOR A DOLLAR” in canada. EVERYTHING there is for a dollar.

  20. adora says:

    This is inevitable, or else they’ll be selling only crap soon.

    With all the competitions, they can’t be selling $1 stuff at $2. They will have to offer better items. This price hike would mean a lot better quality (2 times better!) and more varieties.

    When I was in Japan, I was impressed by their dollar store counterpart – the 100 yen store. After one chain annouced that they would raise their price to everything 200 yen, the stuff was amazing! They even sold steaks! (Well, tiny palm size steaks) They sold frozen tempura shrimp at 200yen for 4 piece.

    Their trick was to sell “luxury” in small portions, which works great for people who lives alone or family who can’t afford much but still want better things once in a while. I would love to have at least one quality dollar store chain in Canada that is on par with Japan.

  21. picture1 says:

    If you wont shop at Dollarama because they get cheap stuff from China and raising the price is ridiculous, why would you rather shop at Walmart for the same things?

    Isn’t Walmart doing the same thing?

  22. FredB says:

    Good thing that we are close to the US border. Most stuff (90%) is still less expensive there. Don’t know why merchandise attracts a 50% price hike when it crosses the border. Thanks to “freebes” website that I buy anythibg here at all anymore

  23. wondersly says:

    That’s exactly it, picture1, I DON’T shop at Walmart for the very same reason – they employ Chinese factories that treat their workers like crap and here in North America, Walmart treats their workers like crap.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Considering that toothpaste often goes on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $0.49, I see little need for me to visit Dollarama. I very much hesitate to buy anything stamped “made in china” or “PRC” because I know the people who made it are being underpaid, working in terrible conditions, and that buying those items is just turning a blind eye to the situation!

    But as mentioned above, Dollarama is by no means the only store that I look at the country of origin in. I hate shopping in Walmart, but you can hardly shop in any store nowadays without encountering this problem. Where can you buy hair elastics that were made in a first world country? There’s a challenge for you.

    So while I try my best to not contribute to the massive imports from China, at least by shopping at dollarama, the hair elastics I get for $1.00 are not as grossly marked up as the $2.67 ones from Walmart.

    It’s a tough call … While I want to be as humane as possible, it seems like there’s no way to permanently remove china from my life.

  25. Larry says:

    Next to Walmart, these stores are probably one next biggest pipeline of cheap and questionable goods entering into this country and economy. I would bet that the employees are minimum wage or even lower. As far as the price increases, they want a 100 % increaseto keep up with the times.

    perhaps they should take a closer look at ” the times”, eh ?

  26. Keven says:

    A lot of stuff at dollarama you can find at other stores for almost the same price or less, you might have to buy a little more of it though. I have gradually shopped there less, because what I just stated. I’ll probably still shop there after the price change, if they are reasonable and if they get more quality items. If I see thy aren’t being fair, then I won’t shop there at all.

  27. Stephanie says:

    they will actually still be selling some prodcuts for one dollar… i ma so mad though. Dollarama is my favourite store in the world i buy everyting there

  28. Nat says:

    How do you know that dollarama is doing this? Was it announced somewhere? Might make it confusing for the employees when counting items..$0.50, $1, $1.25, $1.50, and $2.. Maybe they’ll have to spend $ on new tills to make things easier ad stop the lines from being longer than they are already ?..

  29. kathyo says:

    Dollerama was the only place I bought gift wrap and gift bags. It was the best place to get fillers for my kids’ loot bags and fun stocking stuffers. I will probably still shop there, but where I once bought items because they were just a doller, I will now buy only what I need. I guarantee the $2 items will still be worth only $1, and their sales will decline. $2 doesn’t sound much for an item, but if you’re like me and never left there with less than 15 items, leaving there spending more than $30 will make you wonder why you didn’t go to another store where sales are not final?

  30. catherine says:

    Does this mean those angry people from the pregnancy tests won’t be as angry now that they will cost more money? Maybe that means they’ll be more reliable? lol

  31. Boo Radley says:

    lol catherine! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  32. Rachel says:

    every dollar store that I have known that has raissed prices from only having stuff that is one dollar to more… has closed down. I used to go in to the buck or 2 stores and found that they had the same stuff as the dolarama but charged 1.50 for it or even 2,,, so I dont’ shop there any more. no point. I may still go in to look around but… if thier stuff is more than a dollar,,, I won’t be buying nearly as much. and with a single income with a baby on the way… some of the stuff that they have there is great… I love the brownie mix,,, they are more expensive in the grocrie stores.
    and by the way…. the dolar store pregnancy tests work just fine πŸ˜› gave me results in seconds.

  33. Manish says:

    Most items will still remain $1 as noted in their press release

    They are opening up to a wider range of items that they could’nt sell for $1 but will be offering these new items at these new price points

    We can’t vilify Dollarama just yet as we have not seen these new items and the new price ranges for these items. We can only do that on Feb 2, 2009

  34. Mel says:

    The employees at Dollarama do not receive minimum wage and are provided benefits. This store is a great bargain.If I have to pay a quarter or more for a name brand product. I bought bottles of Dove shampoo and Infusium 23 AND fRIZEASE and they were NOT from china.I by my scotch brite sponges , freezer bagas and Dog poop bags. School supples are great bargain aswell. I do not think there is anything wrong with the store raising prices , they have to make money too.As for the Bad toothpaste and the people who stopped going there , Are you going to stop going to grocery stores because of the latest recall?

  35. Sarah says:

    Yeah the store Everything for a Dollar is a great store you can get pretty much anything you need there! πŸ™‚

  36. Sally says:

    I know from personal experiene unless your a keyholder at Dollarama you make min wage to start.

  37. Mel says:

    My sister works there and she makes a little more than minimum wage. But what is the difference anyways? Why even comment on that!

  38. amycanada77 says:

    Well minimum wage increases in Ontario to 9.50 come March 2009 – and having my younger sister work at dollar I know that even as a keyholder she was only .25 more than min wage … so if all their employees are min wage and all their wages will be increasing then it’s about time Dollarama’s prices increase – how else will they survive in this money hungry world. As I teacher I’m a frequent shopper at Dollarama and don’t really mind the increase (if it does happen) – most of their stuff is exactly – if not very similar – to the stuff I find at Scholar’s Choice – yet significantly cheaper!

  39. Alex says:

    Those who have are getting more, while those who need are being held down.

    My sister works there and she makes a little more than minimum wage. But what is the difference anyways? Why even comment on that!
    ~ Mel

    Walton Family Dots 10 Richest Americans List
    Last updated Thursday, September 18, 2008 7:37 PM CDT in Business

    Members of the Walton family dominated the highest ranks of Forbes’ list of the richest Americans, nabbing four of the top 10 spots.

    The Forbes 400 list was released Wednesday. There were few surprises with little change to the ranks of wealthy.

    The magazine reported that admission to The Forbes 400 is $1.3 billion for the second year in a row. The net worth of America’s wealthiest increased to $1.57 trillion, a mere 2 percent increase from last year.

    The Berkshire Hathaway chairman in October said if the collective group of Forbes 400 would admit they pay less taxes, as a percentage of income, than their secretaries, he would donate $1 million to charity. No word yet on how receptive the group has been to the challenge.

    “….it’s tight competition among the Walton siblings.

    Jim Walton, son of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. founder Sam Walton, reclaimed a leading spot this year at No. 4 with a $23.4 billion fortune after falling off last year. The 60-year-old is chairman of Arvest Bank Group and Community Publishers Inc., which owns a chain of small daily newspapers in Arkansas and surrounding states.

    Eldest brother Robson Walton, 64, comes in a close second with $23.3 billion, landing him in the No. 5 spot. He is chairman of Wal-Mart.

    Sister Alice Walton came in at No. 6 with $23.2 billion. The 59-year-old heiress has been investing her riches in the Crystal Brides art museum in Bentonville.

    Christy Walton and family collectively ranked at No. 7 with $23.2 billion. The 53-year-old is the widow of John Walton, who died in 2005.

  40. Mel says:

    Minimum wage in quebec

  41. julie says:

    There are a lot of things that are made in China at Dollarama. I buy a lot of paper supplies, I don’t think they’ll harm us and will continue to buy. The prices are affordable. Those of you in border towns and shopping in the USA are killing the stores in your town. I don’t think the small stuff at Dollarama is going to kill anything, but the malls and stores (even fast food and restaurants) are hurting. I work at a department store in a mall near the border. We are big time in the red and our hours are drastically cut to save money and really, the shoppers aren’t there. When we do have shoppers they have to WAIT for service. The entire mall is not doing the sales of a year ago. So I hope you think about how you are supporting the jobs in the USA. Christmas will not go well in these Canadian stores and probably close them down. Then when you don’t have time to travel across into the states, there won’t be much left here!

  42. Rick-Wpg says:

    Dollarama info is posted on a reliable site-Wikipedia. Think they haven’t lost some business recently because of their new tactics, think again. For the Dollar they used to sell pasta in 900 gm. sz. pkgs, or Heinz Tomato Soup- 3 for a buck, 400 gm. pkgs. of Oreo-Looking cookies, or 2 packs of gum for the dollar too. Imagine now, they sell the pasta as 500 gm., 2 cans of soup for the dollar, the cookies are now 300 gms., the gun, 65 cents each. So, they prob. assume people are stupid and don’t see this tactic being played out on yet even more products if you look around or can remember what was what awhile back. Their dish soap-turn over the bottle, see how watery it is, many household products “appear” to be far too similar to brand name products you’ve probably bought at big name retailers. They’ve made some huge profits on many products which are quite questionable and many copycat items are the result of some company infringing on the patents or copyrights or trademarks of others. When they first opened here I found an item called “Wackel Elvis”, one of those girating Elvis toys you could hang rom your rearview mirror on your vehicle. “Graceland” was/is quite adamnant about any non-approved Elvis items and even IF they would or could have made millions on such a thing if they were offered the profits, Graceland declined and ordered these Made In Germany items to be destroyed. Instead though, Dollarama bought up millions of them-all for a penny each I believe I heard, and they sold out in most of their stores quite fast. Not to mention all the conjobs trying to sell them on eBay as “Limited Availability and Buy Now for $10 plus shipping.” Not hard to imagine that people are really wise to all this stuff by now and none would buy the thing now. As far as food products or anything relating to toiletries (stuff you put on your skin or body or hair etc.) I wouldn’t trust ANY of it seeing as how big name retailers don’t carry the things to begin with.The old adage “if it’s too good to be true it probably is” is what Dollarama is all about and many of you should be suspicious. In conclusion I’ll give you an example and address another comment someone made earlier. The dish soap in bottles less than 950 or 900 ml? By the time you add up all this watery soap and the number of bottles, you could buy a 3.78 litre jug of thicker liquid soap from a Canadian supermarket store chain for LESS. In Canada, Dollarama started off paying their workers as little as possible, no benefits etc. They got a surprise/shock, people quit often erego huge staff turnovers. Now they pay a little bit more than min. wage and offer some benefits. No disrespect to their workers but how much do you really need to know if working for them anyway so some get their 1st job at one of the stores and when they get a bit of actual hands on experience, they smartly move on to a employer who actually respects them and sells better or honest products. Wikipedia mentions about “$1.50, $2.50 etc.” but not surprisingly our local Dollarama store workers all think it’ll only be $1 or $2 and that’s it. Noooooo…’ll be more than that and no diff. than the scam stores that are called Dollar Store PLUS!!!!!! Hey, more pricier garbage and just because you’re paying $8 for a candle or mixing bowl don’t make it great quality or even mediocre to say the least

  43. Gabarama says:

    OMG, My husband had already renamed it fiftydollarama, because I never came home with under 50 bucks worth of stuff, and sometimes crap, especially the spoons and utensils they rust after one washing and that is just not safe!!!Anything metal from dollarama rusts after it gets wet! It still makes me feel good to be able to afford stationary and supplies for 3 kids going off to school every year.(Major tight budget) I do hope that if they are charging more, they should be paying more to those poor people that work for mere pennies a day! Oh well, it was too good to last. Maybe they can rename it WASADOLLARAMA!!LOL! ANYWAY, GAS HAS COME DOWN A BIT, Lets celebrate that, $1.04??? Woopee! Nothing lasts forever!

  44. Ray says:

    It strikes me this is great news for the independent dollar stores. Given a choice between Dollarama and and independent store, most people will go to the independent store. Maybe Dollarama will start buying those independent stores for $3,000,000 a piece (If you calculate the chain was bought for $1Billion that is roughly the math for each store back then).

    I think this is not a very smart move for Dollarama. During tough economic times people flock to discount stores. This will make them look very greedy and will sour them to some shoppers. More importantly at newer pricing models they open themselves up to competition (I would be more likely to start a new dollar store chain if I know my competition is about to lose client base for repricing.)

    Start watching dollarama stock. My prediction it will rise up till Q2 2009. Since many people will shop even more at the current low price (knowing the immanent increase) and stock up on dollar goods. By the time Q2 rolls around we will start seeing a very sharp drop in clients and in revenue for Dollarama. And if competition comes out of the woodwork.

    Not to mention if a dollar item does not work, most wont bother returning it and wont feel cheated but at $2 they will either want to return or feel cheated…

    Executives are not looking at the big picture. Dumb math at work. Every one will buy half as many things as they used too. Impulse buying at $2 is not the same as at $1. also they might just loose at least one out of 2 clients to true dollar marts and wal-marts… Very dangerous play.

  45. Lisa Francisco says:

    Our chocolate bars went up the other day, use to be 2 for a dollar now they are 60 cents each

  46. AM says:


  47. Mcwibbles says:

    Dollarama is one of the biggest drains I have ever seen. My girlfriend currently works at Dollarama as a keyholder. It is the worst job anyone could ever get. They make her work late and don’t pay her for the extra time, the managers routinely arrive late for work, take approx. 20 cigarette breaks during the day(I’m not kidding I’ve seen it), the managers also have been seen doing such things as sitting outside eating ice cream, not on their break, and making the keyholders do their job while they do this. Most people in these stores are extremely rude, and when you try to make a complaint they refuse to give out the head office number(yes, they have it, but they flat out refuse to give it out). Management talks down to their employees on a regular basis(my girlfriend has come home crying many times after extremely rude and ignorant things were said to her by management). I say don’t spend your money at Dollarama, give it to a local business or at least something from your own country to support yourselves. Everyone had a big deal about how Wal-Mart gets most of their product from China, but no one seems to care that nothing from Dollrama comes anywhere but from China.

  48. lisalisa534 says:

    This is great!

  49. muffindog99 says:

    Doesn’t anyone find it odd that you can get licenced items at Dollarama for $1.00 but are $3.00 to $10.00 anywhere else? Most of these items are counterfeit and of substandard quality (hence the recent lead problems). Yes, you can get great deals there but at what cost of your child gets a tainted pacifier?

    I also don’t shop at Wal-Mart because of their companies policies. Since I stopped shopping at Wal-Mart over a year ago my household spending has decreased by over 25% even though I am spending more per item at other stores.

  50. Alex says:

    It is also important to be aware that flee markest are a haven for selling stolen items. Replacement rasor blades would come to mind as a first example.
    You make a great point about licenced items that are selling cheaply. Truely there is a big question mark about these items.
    Walmart in my opinion is one company that lacks integrity. People are becoming more and more aware of their corporate behaviour. Of course WM puts a lot of money into pr advertising to sway public opinion. Why not just treat their workers and suppliers more fairly?
    Thank you for your valuable insight.


  51. Virginia says:

    That is true that if you stop shopping at Walmart you would probably save money because you wouldn’t stop and buy all the good deals that aren’t on your shopping list! (something to think about…)

    Anyway – I disagree about everything at Dollarama being crap. I actually get a lot of stuff there because I have rarely had anything break or wear out that you would expect to. And it is true that a lot of stuff you can get at Dollarama is anywhere from $3-$10 at other places! Outrageous! I’d rather not support sweat shops but really it is a rip off at other places and it comes from the same place – the companies just make more profit.

    Think of pregnancy tests. The Dollarama ones have been proven reliable … it is just a piece of paper that turns a certain colour when it detects a hormone. Easy and inexpensive to make. Encased in plastic. Costs pennies to make – why pay $13? You are just going to go to your clinic to reconfirm that you are pregnant either way.

    I buy all my gel pens at Dollarama – haven’t found better ones anywhere else for any other price. The “studio” brand they sell there for pens is the best. I also agree that all their craft, scrapbooking, and seasonal stuff is definitely a great deal and quality. All natural goats milk soap sells at other stores for upwards of $3 and is 2 for $1 there.

  52. Virginia says:

    Oh yeah… and back to the original question πŸ™‚
    I will still probably shop there, but not as often and won’t buy as much.
    I will (as ray said) probably stock up on a lot of stuff before their prices go up … and then also as ray said, their stock will probably crash after they raise their prices.
    But if it is true (as someone else said) that they will still have their $1 items as well as higher prices stuff, and this just means that they will be expanding their selection to include $2 things that would be $10 at Walmart (compared to $1 things selling for $5) then I think it’s good with the hard economic times a-comin’.

  53. Jennifer says:

    I understand that the economy prices are going up, but all in all will we all spend more and more? i know i will not!
    When the change of the Dollarama takes into effect, i definately will not shop there nearly as much as i do now!! there are still dollar stores out there, and i will go to them first! I do believe the Dollarama will loose a lot of buisness and this will not benifit them in the long run!

  54. Fresca says:

    I asked at the dollarama near my house in Ottawa and they said their prices will be changing in January! I’ll have to stock up on the really good deal items that I buy their regularly because at $2+, they’re no longer worth it…

  55. Doris says:

    I was just reading the posts and there are alot of dollar stores these days that are getting away from just dollar items, and some of the dollar ites go up to 1.50 etc. Its getting to hard these days for them to make any money on only dollar items. There is other overhed and expenses other then employee wages to consider.
    I heard that the reason dollarama is rasing prices is because some of the factories in china are raising theres and when you only charge a dollar for an item you don’t have much room for profit.
    Also many things these days in many of our stores is made in China. Sad but true. In fact China has such a crummy reputation for their product in some cases they are not putting made in China on product anymore, so people won’t know its made in China.
    You can get some reaonable stuff in any of the dollar stores for a buck but much of it is junk. There is stuff I will buy and stuff I won’t. But that is like most stores. Walmart is bad for buying there stuff from similar places as dollarama, think of the mark up. If they buy it for pennies someone is making a killing off another countries exploiting their workers.

  56. Niki says:

    I am a keyholder at a Dollarama.
    Yes,the prices will be going up.
    And while it is true that we pay our staff minimum wage to start,each store also has at least 30 staff.And huge sales, $11000 daily for stuff that costs a dollar equals long line ups, and very overworked cashiers.Not to mention all the stock that needs to be done in a day,as the stores do not have control over inventory,we recieve at least 6 skids of merchandise daily,and require staff to be there to stock.The store cannot possibly be run on any less than 15 staff a day,times that by thousands of stores and that equals A LOT of wages to be paid.
    With the way the economy is now,raising prices to $2 (which,by the way, will only be on select items,mostly brand names) still equals big savings for the consumer.And the signage will stay the same with the exception of adding “41 and up”.
    And we do not sell crap,check out the stuff you buy at Wal_Mart and see how much of it is made in China.
    Not everything at Dollarama is made in China,a lot of it comes from closeout sales and some things are made specifically for Dollarama,and just like any other store,products are pulled IMMEDIATELY if they are recalled.

  57. amy says:

    i’ll still buy at dollarama even if their prices go up. =/
    hopefully i’ll come home with less stuff. haha

    i never buy cooking utensils, baby stuff etc..etc..anything that i’d potentially put in my mouth or on my face…since a lot of it (but not all) IS made in china.

    But x’mas decorations, stationary etc..etc..i’ll probably still grab.

    does anyone notice their gum is ALWAYS stale?? even though it’s cheaper..i don’t want to eat stale gum. This makes me question how OLD their food inventory actually is. =/

  58. meisagirl says:

    I have been going weekly and stocking up on workbooks, pens, pencils, freezer bags and such. I figure spend now save later on things I go through a lot.

  59. Dawn says:

    Too funny…….I agree that paper products, Birthday cards, Birthday items, hair ties etc. are the best there, but it doesn’t matter where it’s being sold, as long as it’s a deal to most consumers. Let’s face it, no matter what discount store you shop at, the majority of their products are made anywhere else but in Canada or the United States. Just for a hoot the next time you are out in your favourite discount store, just look at the labels and see where it was made…it is extremely depressing….and we wonder why we can’t keep our people working. The economy is pushing us to shop with the dollar value in mind instead of the quality….I suppose if everyone got together and would only shop at certain stores for local product then maybe the corporations would feel the crunch…but that is not likely as most of these stores are a quick money making venture and somewhere to hide their funds.
    On the other hand the LOONIE TWOONIE store sounds appropriate to me. LOL

  60. Jim says:

    All Canadian need to start getting their wages in order. If we are going to compete in the global economy we need drastic cut backs. This includes EVERYONE, not just one group or another.
    People are making too much money and if we want to become producers then everyone should have their pay at least cut in half to start. Then we can expect companies to stay here.

  61. TOL says:

    I stopped by at one site in Brampton, they used to have a giant coin with a $1 on their sign; now they’ve added “plus” to it. So it reads $1 plus πŸ™ in lieu of a price hike.

  62. Luis says:

    Not all products will be cad 2.00 they will add better quality products that may be priced @ 1.25, 1.50 2.00

    I will continue shopping at dollarama it is allways cheaper: cleaning supplies, decorations, school supplies, toys , party supplies

  63. Lana72 says:

    I just love the fact that some are focused on the dismal working conditions in China and the wages being paid. Has anyone really taken a close look at how Canadian and US workers in retail and less-than-average skilled jobs get paid (no disrepect whatsoever meant towards employees in these fields as I myself have had these jobs)
    Working for Tim Hortons, chain restaurants, fast food, any retail store in a mall, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Target, and the list is wayyyyy to lengthy to continue – is a joke! You get treated like the lowest of the low employee, crap wages (that’s IF you even get paid for all your hours) and usually never benefits, long hours and threats of termination if you raise a stink about anything and most likely your hours cut or passed over for a promotion is you even talk to other employees about the working conditions.
    While I think its dreadful that there are conditions abroad that supply us with goods – what do you think is worse? Boycotting the products that are just going to be sold elsewhere? Or buy the products and hope that the workers can afford what they need? Cuz they certainly won’t be able to afford it without a job! Not all countries, in fact a very small few, have unemployment insurance and welfare in cases of need. You lose your job and its “Too bad so sad – don’t care” in most places.
    I go to Dollarama for the same things most people have talked about as well as my spices, gloves and hats (kids lose so many-might as well not feel terrible about it)
    We all are obviously on this website to try and stretch a buck, know whose got the good deals and get the best bang for our buck. I will continue to go to Dollarama for these items for that very reason.

  64. Rachel says:

    I have seen so many dollar stores that had been doing so well start to change their stock and have items for more than $1 and every one that i have seen do that has gone out of business in about one year… I will just have to go shop at the other stores in town… I don’t have much money and if I can get stuff for $1 I am not going to pay a penny more than I need to.

  65. teddy says:

    can someone tell me when was the last time and which store(sears, bay,eatons,any other more expensive store) than dollarama,you bought anithing that said made in canada,us,germany,france etc.
    my experience they all sell made in china stuff or made in somewhere else for a lot more money.
    or when you buy stuff at sears you people automaticly assume that there crap was made in canada or something just becouse you shop at “sears”.
    bottom line is today everything made in china and aggre it’s crap
    by the way i dont shop at dollarstores they are everywhere popping up like mushrooms, i like canadian tire etc. but does it make a difference it’s all garbage but we’re hooked on there half price

  66. Rachel says:

    the last time I saw made in Canada that I really noticed was at Northern Reflections they had really big tags saying that a sweater was actually made in Canada… although the item ended up costing about $25 more than all the other sweaters,,,, but it had big fancy tags saying that it was Canadian

  67. Kimberly says:

    I work at Dollarama , and can tell stories of the stores in Winnipeg Maniroba .
    Mice droppings , in the chocolate & food ..
    Managers that hide these facts , that thier store is infested with mice …
    my Advice stay away from any food at Dollarama …

  68. Kimberly says:

    Sorry past , I used to work at Dollarama

  69. longboat says:

    I love Dollarama. But I’ve recently started shopping at Dollar Giant (they’re popping up like crazy). I find them to be very similar. I’ll definately still shop at Dollarama out of convienince as they are right beside my bank and grocery store of choice. But I may not buy as much.
    For all the people saying they buty there seasonal merchandise and party supplies at dollarama. You should check out party packagers. Ive often found some great deals there.

  70. terry says:

    IN your store in antigonsh is the worst store i every was in. boxs all over the place and allways a mess .

  71. Valerie says:

    I really enjoy the crafts and scrapbooking stuff . Especially when you have small children.
    It is very sad to see it increase

  72. Veronica says:

    The only thing I have ever bought from a this store is gift bags….everything else just isn’t worth it. I would rather spend $$ on quality things and have them last. Besides, who knows where this stuff is made. It’s too scary to take chances anymore.

  73. Lana72 says:

    spending extra money doesn’t automatically mean quality – in MANY cases you are paying for a name!

  74. jimmy says:

    I hope that dollarama will not be selling those same exact items that they have on sale for 1$ know for 2$. I often liked going to dollarama for craft items all being sold at 1$ and somethimes you would get good deals on some items but i hope that they will be selling better, less crapier items for 2$ and i hope the things there will not be breaking as often as some items break as soon as you buy them.

  75. Eeyore292 says:

    There are enough other “Dollar Stores” around that I can choose to shop at, other than Dollarama. If Dollarama raises their prices, I’ll go elsewhere.

  76. Janszi says:

    I”m going go and stock up on stuff.

  77. Odette says:

    I think that raising the prices in your store is not a wise move. First of all we are in a recession. We should be encouraging people to buy and build up the economy. Second the prices of gas have gone down and you buy at a very good price from China. You should not be so greedy. By keeping the prices at $1. per item you are in a win win situation, poeple buy from you and they get what they need at a resonable price.

  78. Joan says:

    well i’ll still shop there i mean really what is 2 dollars now a days, i just can’t believe all the cheap people that are out there.

  79. Gary says:

    like other big retail stores i have bought junk from them but at there prices you can take it back and exchange it for another piece of everything in life you have to find out whats good about dollarama and only buy the items that you need.there food is a good deal as i buy most of my junk food from them,chocolate bars are cheap at .65 and big bags of lays chips at a 1.00.there seasonal are good deals and what do you expect for a dollar when you are on a budget and looking to buy toys for your just have to figure out what items are good and stay away from the rest.

  80. Rickola says:

    Okay, i’ve been a consumer for over 4 decades and have seen quite a bit of change in our time. Dollarama “thinks” they know what’ll work so let them try what so many of the other Dollar Plus type stores have already…and FLOPPED!!! This new tactic by this Canadian Economy Destroying Useless Waste of Retail Space will show all of you what they really want. That is, to suck more and more bucks out of the unsuspecting Canadian but provide you with very dangerous goods and if not that dangerous, still to cheap to warrant shopping there. Just recently I took a close look at some of their package sizes. Reynolds tinfoil for one, everywhere you go, 25 ft. long roll, USED to be 25 @ this junk store, now 20 feet BUT they advertise in screaming big letters 20 SQUARE FEET. Now if you aren’t very math savvy, then you might not realize that 1 foot by 20 feet is 20 sq. feet but you used to get 5 feet more. Walmart tells their manufacturers “provide us with near same product in deceiptful packaging for X amount and we’ll do business with you. Dollarama has learned this tactic and hope people will shop only by impulse and NOT look closely until AFTER they took your bucks. Dollarama assumes that by offering “supposed better products at inflated prices” the consumer will assume “Hey, these MUST be better quality items because why else would we be paying more now?” Everything this rathole company sells LOOKS like many other brand name products and that’s their scam which has been evident from day one. Werther’s or look-a-like Werther’s is NOT the same Werther’s you’d get at better quality retail stores. Slowly they’ll lower the package sizes and unless you know alot about much of what we got to purchase in the last 40 years, you won’t see this right away. The scamming DID start decades ago when it came to instant or ground coffee, laundry soap boxes went metric and started putting Load Quantity on the boxes and slowly reduced the contents but still kept really really close to the original box size. Yes the disclaimer that the product settles is still on the boxes. Notice recently if you’ve been to many different retail stores, Kraft Dinner-the staple of poor households anywhere, is now at Dollarama and almost all other places at a whoppin’ BUCK.Kraft has an abundance as in TOO MUCH and NOBODY IS BUYING so we gotta unload it NOW! Why anyone would spend a buck at Dollarama or anywhere else is confusing to me, you get to boil the old pasta and add the pack of cheese thta is almost all fake ingredients anyway, then add your oil product and milk. Wow, SCORE, whatta meal!!! EVERYONE please understand, less of the other Dollar PLUS stores around now and yeah, a lot of retailers are all involved with that whole “it’s near expiry date so we’ll have a sale and people won’t look at the date on the package” thing. Sure, some or most of Dollarama’s stuff does have expiry dates printed on the pkg. but do you really believe those can’t be changed too? No different than Canada Safeway and how they would just toss the package from yesterday’s ground meat and re-package with a new date. This is to give all of you who believe Dollarama is worthy of your hard-earned dollars, they are NOT. Walmart as guilty as they are for much of it too but at least Walmart has a little higher standards from their own steady bunch of suppliers. They’re all raking in the bucks but Dollarama is the worst offender in the world right now. Everyone look closely at shelf life for their products and remember that just because it may say Colgate on the package it doesnt mean Colgate made it. That’s just an example but THAT TOO was proven to be a dangerous scam that jeopardized the health of millions and it is still going on today with other products. Barcodes are required for the majority of other retailers-probably 99% of them, the barcodes DO identify a lot about the product and more than the average consumer would realize but don’t you wonder why this stuff is allowed to be sold in Canada without it? That too is coming and the government is working towards making them comply and not to mention they are really keeping an eye on their sales records as Dollarama is a front for money-laundering. Only reason they can get away with it right now, is because it’s mind-boggling the amt. of business they do and any auditor would suffer numerous coronaries before they got to the bottom of this nightmare company’s books. See my point, they’re somewhat still not fully on the radar yet but their time is definitely coming and I predict you’ll see the full blown proof within 2 years. They WILL be going down and the sooner the better for all the innocent consumers out there.

  81. Rickola says:

    I had to add this p.s about this horrible store. At least many of you have or will have learned a great lesson and for the most part it will only cost you a buck. Quality is available elsewhere and if you like to be treated better and you value the fact other stores you frequent pay their employees better, you’ll avoid Dollarama. Remember this fact too, when they showed up in Winnipeg they were absolutely ADAMANT they would NOT provide DEBIT payment option because of the small percentage they had to fork over to the banks. Yet here we have it, most everyone pays that way now. They said it would slow down the lines when paying by debit yet you can swipe a card and be outta there in 20 seconds or so. Getting handed dirty cash bills by dimwitted workers was even slower. Most of their workers care very little about who employs them, you can see it on their faces and you can hear it in their responses to you, very little manners or respect to the paying customer I might add. A thank you from said customer gets a “yeah, no problem” and sometimes an almost “whatever” from these. The owners and/or managers would never admonish their slow workers for their lack of respect for the customer because it’s a terrible place to work and they have what i’d estimate to be about a 90% staff turnover rate. Most who work there would probably rather clean the lobby or toilets at McDonald’s instead of working for Junk-O-Rama. To all who read this I’d suggest that IF you really did like shopping there for most of their crap when it was a buck or less, you avoid them more in the future and send that message that they have scammed too much already and the customer really does call the shots in the end. I do know that many of their keyholders and/or management do admit that sales have decreased already with the reduced packaging tactics and awhile ago (mere 6 months or so) much of the product was flying off the shelf but now they have too much on hand and it’s because people understand a con when they see one. And to those who cry RECESSION!!!! Uh, NO, definitely not in Manitoba and Manitoba consumers know a buck is nothing to worry about but an increase of one will be. And here’s the clincher at THE SCAM. Wikipedia awhile ago had this to say about this retailer-“prices will be going up to $1.50, $2.50 etc. so Dollarama can offer higher-end products.” This was a FACT when it was written, Dollarama backtracked on the “past 2 bucks theory” because of ALL those Dollar Plus stores that are no more. Many of us will be waiting to see this supposed higher-end crap now that you will willingly fork over an extra buck. My last example of a simple everyday household product-Dawn dishsoap. Blue in colour, take a close look at it and shake the bottle, do you really think the original product in that bottle WAS that thin as a liquid? What happened there you ask? Product goes to another manufacture and is uh, “altered” and re-packaged. Go to Safeway or Walmart and take a look at same product or at least try to find the EXACT same one anywhere else, you can’t. Their tactics remind me about a neighbour who is in her 80’s and post-Hitler war where the Russians used to deliver bottles of booze to the German military. The Russians would drill small holes in the bottles and drain/replace the contents. Yes the guilty were eventually caught and the punishment was death, but they still tried scamming the army who actually paid near nothing for said supposed booze. Am I suggesting Dollarama tactics are similar? Yes in so many ways it’s disgusting and I for one will avoid them now-Dollarama is trash.

  82. Jack says:

    This reply is a rebuttal to Niki the Keyholder in 1 of the Dollarams. Much of what Dollarama sells isn’t only closeout product but stuff that is old from another retailer’s bankruptcy etc. or stuff nobody wanted to buy in the 1st place and Dollarama lowball offers near nothing and takes it off their hands. Recalling a product a long time after it has been on the shelf and sold by the millions isn’t responsible retailing but part of the Dollarama scam. They know exactly where everything they sell comes from and set the terms of production for yes even those Chinese manufacturers. Dollarama’s standards are poor. Nice to see that as a keyholder you are brainwashed when you say Dollarama sells brand name products. No for quality, yes as to the name but that’s it. I know many people in the manufacturing industry and this has been known for sometime now-years actually, these types of stores with brainwashed employees aren’t privy to the insider’s info. I am and can tell you this, believeing something with a name such as Colgate, Dove, Hershey’s etc. and you’ll find out later on when health is an issue. Hershey’s Canada had a massive recall of millions of pieces of product and all through it Dollarama continued to sell their garbage. Notice now that Hershey’s hasn’t recovered from that disaster quite sometime ago but Dollarama will often be the recipient of Hershey’s generosity of mass discount wholesale prices. I know you won’t discuss this with your bosses Niki, because drone employees don’t say much in the end and don’t rock the boat but have you ever actually been served by other employees at other Dollarama stores? Even when it is a slow day they are inefficient, have that could care less attitude and act like robots because of such demoralizing conditions. And yes, sometimes the clientele might be of the lower income bracket but not all; both income bracket groups are treated the same, like a non-important customer and what it all boils down to are horrible workers from the bottom up to the management who could care less no matter what you increased their pay wage to.

  83. Kathy says:

    For those who think these stores sell brand name stuff, it’s really sort of brand name. The buying public is easily tricked, conned, scammed, deceived, bamboozled, ripped off. I’ll provide a very simple and straightforward example. Lea & Perrins makes a very good quality Worcestershire Sauce. Not sure but I’d bet it’s been around for more than 50 years and is of the finest of quality even to this day. Heinz makes one too and near similar to L&P. Dollarama gets a scammer company in Ontario to make their Pride of the World #1 UK Worcestershire Sauce. They even add to the con by making sure the label has some very similar colours and near resemblance to L&P so yes, the consumer will think they are getting a great deal. Watered down version at Dollarama is horrible, you’d be better off buying the L&P someplace else, paying 3 times what you’d pay at Scamarama but would get something 5 times tastier AND THICKER in liquid than the garbage Pride of the World. Remember, you only need to get suckered once per item or con brand to never buy the item again at Scamarama. Just 1 example and there are actually hundreds more like it from this despicable retail chain. You might be interested to know that the Federal Government is actually watching this company based out of Montreal aare looking at them for different reasons, none of them good or safe for the consumer. Flag this thread and forum, I’ll be back to tell you I told you so in the very near future. The Dollar Plus scheme is so they can get as much dough now, before the hammer falls very very soon.

  84. Cheapie says:

    I always enjoy buying and wearing Dollarama underwears. I hope they will still be a dollar a pair.

  85. Sarah says:

    So… How are the employees at Dollarama supposed to give you a total when you bring your final purchases to the counter?

    They usually count the items by ones… plunk it into the computer… and tax it.

    Uh oh. People are going to need to have mathematical skills and wage increases to be employed there.

    I’m pissed though. WARNING: I’m gonna go raid Dollarama before Feb 2009.

  86. Josh says:

    Dollarama sells well made products, The products are decent prices because the people are content not like all the lazy Canadians who want 10 or 12 dollars an hour. Canadians get too much and the factories go where pople arn’t greedy.

  87. Janszi says:

    I’d like to echo Sarah:

    WARNING: IÒ€ℒm gonna go raid Dollarama before Feb 2009.


  88. Zane says:

    OMG, Dollarama is the worst! I went there today and got a choclate bar covered in mold! NOW I KNOW why they are so cheap.

  89. Linda says:

    Probably not, for the items I am buying now. There is so many other ‘dollar’ stores out there now-that aren’t going to change their pricing. Maybe if the demand for Dollarama items goes down (as I am sure this new policy will direct), people will avoid the store and it will be forced to see it should have left well enough alone and kept to their namesake-“Dollar”ama. Sure we all like a bargain, but you really have to be blind and deaf – basically UNaware- to NOT realize that much of their products are unsafe and not up to Canadian standards (Just read the papers and you know that China has a well-earned, yet, bad rep for good quality products. It also has extremely poor-to-none safety standards. And, that is where most/all of Dollarama products come from and these are unsafe items). No, I definately will not be frequenting the store when they raise prices. I am very selective with what I do purchase now, so the thrill of paying more for them, will not be there. At least WalMart has better safety standards.

  90. Kat says:

    Nope, I will start shopping at other Dollarama stores instead. Same thing happened with the Buck or Two raised thier prices. I used to shop there all the time, now its Buck or Ten. No thanx. There are plenty of independant dollar type stores in my city. I’ll just switch over to Everything for a Dollar.

  91. Mrs. B. says:

    I shop at the Dollarama all the time – for two reasons …
    one, being the fact that everything is only one dollar, and the other reason? — the recently introduced paying by “debit” card!
    Each time I go there, it’s full of people – people who shop there because things are only one dollar – it’s a store that all people can afford. I believe that if they raise their prices, they will lose a lot of business. Oh well, c’est la vie, huh?

  92. Nancy says:

    I will continue to shop at Dollarama. To those that think everything in there is Made in China needs to learn to read – it’s not all Made in China and look at products you buy from other stores – you will be surprised. To Kimberly in Manitoba – talking about mouse droppings – have you ever worked in bigger food stores or food warehouses – unfortunately they all attract mice so Dollarama food no worse than you big name grocery stores – just have to be like me and wash off all cans before opening.

  93. Janszi says:

    Just got off work and went straight to Dollarama. Things were still $1/each. Boy was it busy! I’m going to hit another location tomorrow to get more stuff before the price increases

  94. Julie L says:

    I went into our local Dollarama store yesterday and saw that they changed most signs to say Dollarama Plus and some things were stickered with tags saying $1.50 , $2.00 , $2.50 etc. I bought things that have remained at $1.00. The cashier was telling a lady that 80% of the product will remain at $1.00 but the new product will be higher.

    I thought the prices were changing in February but it already was changed earlier then that here out east.

  95. Katie says:

    most of the products will stay $1.. only new or some of new products will be 1.50,2.00

    the highest price is $2 i believe…it will take few months before everything done

  96. ASHLEY says:


  97. c10a7 says:

    went there today and ,it was the first time that a saw our local dollarama with more employees than customers… They might clue in and realize that when everyone is loosing there jobs might not be the best time to up your prices…

  98. Rachel says:

    I was in there and saw some of what they had for $2 and really wasn’t all that impressed with it I will stick with the stuff that they are only charging $1 for or just go to the other dollar store in town. as much as I like dollar stores I have yet to see one that raised their prices over the one dollar mark survive, most of their customers like the fact that it is only a dollar not having to pay any more.

  99. ppl r retarded says:

    Feb 2nd, 2009 at 3:22 pm


  100. Craig says:

    Come on people. Unless each and everyone here is making 25 cents an hour, it is not a big thing if a dollar store raises their prices. Think of it this way. If you got a 25 cent an hour pay raise, would you be treating it like a life changing event?

  101. Jeff says:

    This whole thread is just silly. When gas goes from 77 cents to up to a $1.30 and people have to get to work in different cities….well that is something to complain about. Not a few pennies for a trinket from China.

  102. Lisa says:

    I agree with everyone that it’s stupid, but they’re not actually raising their prices. 87% of things will still be 1$, and the rest will be phased out to make room for new things that they sell at 2$. Though I can’t argue that they sell crap, sadly i’m an employee and stuff all breaks allll the time

  103. Ken Bernstein says:

    I think its terrible that they are raising prices. We still have other $1-only stores and thats where I will buy anything that is sold elsewhere for $1.

    Much of the stuff is from China and it costs $0.10-$0.60 on average for Dollorama to buy. (the same stuff used to cost $0.60-$0.80 10 years ago but because of increased production and exports in China, costs went way down.

    Dollorama has no excuse to raise prices now. The model of ranging prices $1, $1.50, $2, …. does not work as well than an only $1 store as most people now know that the item might costs Dollorama only 25 cents to buy!!

  104. Jeff says:

    So how much does everyone spend of this junk every week? One hundred, one hundred and fifty, two hundred? I doubt if it is more than 5 or 10 at best. It’s not your groceries, your fuel or your shelter. It’s for junk that probably just creates clutter.
    Maybe a few people need to examine their reasons for spending money. Anyway enough of this trivial subject.

  105. Sue says:

    I agree with Jeff. Buy only what you need, not what you want or THINK you need. Ashley, consider going to school. They teach spelling there.

  106. Denise says:

    I think it’s really sick that they are raising their prices. I used to make a trip there while out shopping instead of going to “the buck or two” because I could buy twice as much ie: wash clothes, some school supplies for the kid’s (not ALL of it is junk)etc. However now it’s not worth the trip, I’ll go wherever I’m closest to, whether it be the buck or two, Walmart…they’ve sure lost there competitive edge, greed I guess.

  107. Pennywise says:

    I just Saw Barbie and Over The Hedge PINATAS for $2!!!!! Thats an amazing deal. They wouldnt have been able to sell those for $1. Fantastic, I say.

  108. colette says:

    there some store in the sault that are the same price as dollarama so why going there when you can go closer..they will loose custoner

  109. Cat says:

    I have been to the Dollarstore here recently and they do have some items for $2. Most of the items seem to be the same stuff you can get for a buck only larger or more of it. I do use the dollar store a lot and I will probably still go even if the prices do change a bit.

  110. Kimberly says:

    I have seen other warehouse in Winnipeg , and none compare to Dollaram warehouse .
    take another look at the food , befor you buy it ……

  111. Anti Rama says:


  112. Manish says:

    I was recently at a Dollarama in Brampton near the BCC on Queen Street

    Noticed that they brought in a few new items at $2 and introduced new $1.25 and $1.50 price points

    Id say 99% of the items are still $1

    I don’t see myself boycotting Dollarama

  113. Derek says:

    The Dollaram where I live has several retail brand name items. Just to mention a few new items: Lowepro Z10 camera pouch for $2, and a Case Logic 30 CD/DVD binder for $2. These models are probably discountinued, but I bet they were $10-$15 dollars at Zellers when they sold at the bigger stores. I look forward to seeing what other $2 items Dollarama sells in the future.

  114. John says:

    People on here are acting like they are homeless.
    Everyone really needs to look at needs vs. wants.

  115. cheapcanuck says:

    A lot of people slam Dollarama for having merchandise made in China and that is why it is not worth more than a dollar. Well Lululemon stuff is now made in China and I see people willingly paying over $100 for their pants. Crocs are now made in China too and people still pay top dollar for them.

  116. Matt says:

    “Well Lululemon stuff is now made in China and I see people willingly paying over $100 for their pants. Crocs are now made in China too and people still pay top dollar for them.”

    Well if that is the case then people are really not too bright.

  117. Rachel says:

    I noticed that the last time I was in they had raised the prices of some things that had always been just one dollar to a dollar fifty, they stuck a sticker on it raising it’s price I am not going to boycott them but,,, I am carefull as to what I buy there and I go to the other dollar store in town for many more things.

  118. Sandra says:

    I agree with you Matt- unfortunately hardly anything is “made in Canada” anymore. It’s not just dollar stores – in particular Dollarama that carries goods from China. I was horrified to find out products from “europes best” are from China as well as SeaQuest frozen Fish. These were from Canadian grocery stroes…..

  119. Olivia20 says:

    It was in my weekend routine to shop there for little things like aloofas,teatowels,hangers,tupperware,candy,gift bags,.etc. Only because those items were around 75cents less or more than walmart or zellers so shopping there for a bunch of those items could save me around $20 bucks in total. So now that there prices are up I might as well shop at Walmart or Zellers and get better quality stuff now anyway. Dollarama had a good thing going with keeping there shops nice and organized and everything at a convenient $1. And yes i have done my research and found that since mid last year there sales have been up over 10%! So if it aint broken don’t go and fix it!

  120. I don’t agree with things at the dollar store going up in price due to the fact as it is supposed to be a dollar store.I’m sure we need another store like that chatham already ha 2 they have Top Dollar and A Buck or two this is not fair on other people it is only another way for the government to make money and us tax payers are only paying into this stupid idea it should stay as a dollar store and nothing else

  121. Chantal says:

    They still offer some great deals, so I’ll keep shopping there for things I’ll use. As for the factory conditions in China, have you ever been to China? Conditions in China are bad in general, and most people are glad to simply have a job.

  122. jim says:

    as some1 said its taking jobs from Canada,well lets see so they would make the same junk in Canada and could charge $5,believe me people well still shop there,especially the ones close to the US border

  123. jim says:

    at least they have jobs because in CAN & US things don’t look good

  124. jim says:

    im reading some posts,people what do you think you get for a $1 or $2,and sure they buy close outs & bankruptcy,its like anything just watch what you’re buying,and i think alot of stuff at walmarts and zellers are made in china,get alife $1 $2,please

  125. xyzed says:

    I was surprised a couple of weeks ago when I noticed the higher prices at Dollarama. I might be sympathetic if they were bringing in better quality products for the higher price, but the stock hasn’t changed much. Items I routinely bought for $1.00 suddenly jumped to $1.25 or $1.50 – that’s a 25% to 50% increase and not reasonable.

  126. Alex89 says:

    1. The C$ is low so cost has gone up for imported merchandize.

    2. Lots of things at Toys-R-Us/Zellers/Walmart/Sears…even Holt Renfrew, are made in China. By not shopping at dollar stores you just pay more and the local stores make more profit; but you’re not getting better quality products and they’re not made in factories with better work condition.

    3. Doesn’t matter where you shop, it’s always buyer beware. Use your common sense and judgment.

  127. freestuffforme says:

    Sandra – Thank you for pointing out that Europe’s Best frozen veggies and fruits are made in China. After I read your post, I went straight to my freezer to see for myself. I think it’s sickly hilarious that the product is named to imply that it is European, is made in China, and is “packaged for” a Canadian company. My husband and I often buy Europe’s Best Zen Garden mix because the vegetables taste pretty fresh, and they make for a really easy and fast stir fry base. I honestly don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the country of origin on products that I buy, but I have been making an effort to buy more local and Canadian food items, especially produce. Maybe next time I will check the other frozen veggies (Green Giant, etc.) and see where the rest are from…

  128. Brenda says:

    I personally love Dollarama. The majority of items are still going to be $1 (from what I understand), but some item prices will increase, and they want to bring in other items that they can’t offer for $1. I was just there yesterday, and I noticed the price changes and was a bit put off, but after looking around I noted that some of the newer items seem to be better quality. The new infant sleepers were pretty cute for $2.

    My daughter picked up a huge glue-stick size Bonne Bell lipgloss for a buck. We always get excited when we find stuff like that there. πŸ™‚

  129. vibrantflame says:

    I have to comment because some of the comments I am reading here bother me. First, not everything in the store is going to be more expensive. They are simply bringing in new stock that is slightly better quality and charging slightly more for those items. Second, why is this such a big deal? Other stores routinely raise their prices ALL the time, but Dollarama decides to introduce better quality items for .50 or $1 more and people are jumping all over the company? And even if they buy an item for .25 cents and then charge you $2 for it….yes, that is a 75% profit margin. But do you know how many of those items they would have to sell even with that 75% profit margin to make enough to cover expenses?? It’s not like they’re buying items for $5 and charging you $100. And I am sure that all of us can afford to buy one or two items from Dollarama even if they are a whole $2 each.

    Besides, which would you rather have? Pay a bit more for items that are a bit better quality, or continue to pay only $1 for every item and have the company go bankrupt and shut down all of their stores? I don’t think introducing slightly more expensive items means that Dollarama is greedy….I think they have more expenses to pay and are trying to keep the company a float. If the economy was fantastic and they raised their prices, then I might question it.

  130. Sean says:

    I find that they are good for stationary, basic kitchen ware and some office supplies and a few other items. I like bringing the kids there because they feel like they can buy something for themselves and gifts for others out of their small budgets or allowances – always, of course, under my watchful eye (even before the Crest incident).
    I remember hearing or reading somewhere it was bought by a US company a few years back, being originally Canadian owned (anyone know if this is true?).
    When I heard that, I knew that they were going to increase their prices at some point.

  131. Sally says:

    It is true that Dollarama was origionally Canadian owned and operated, its was not bought out by an American company but bought into. Dollarama was forced to raise their prices due to an increase in merchandise pricing from buyers. Would you rather not have the item there to purchase any more or pay $1.25 for it? Plus they have brought in bigger and better items for us customers. For all of you that will not shop there anymore due to price changes ask yourself this…Did you not buy gas when that price went up???

  132. cheapcanuck says:

    I think all SmartCanucks shop where they can get value for their money. For some it’s still Dollarama and for some it was Dollarama and for others it will never be Dollarama. Can we close this discussion now?

  133. abfab says:

    i was happy when i heard they were offering higher priced items. i figured if i could get such great stuff for $1 what i could get for $2 would be amazing. unfortunately my first trip to the revamped store left me very disappointed. so far i’ve found nothing worth buying at the higher prices. most of the $1.25 stuff is existing products. chances are the other dollar stores will follow dollarma’s lead, so looking elsewhere probably won’t save much money.

  134. Full Case says:

    I’ve thought about this thread topic for years; and for years I’ve asked my wife to not shop at dollar stores because there are no deals in them. I have found that at the least most items are over-valued by a penny, if your a savvy shopper and look around at other retailers. Yes there is a convenience factor of having a heap of pre-landfill products in one location and you don’t have to go to 4 stores to get the comparable items. But are the items really comparable? We know that you can can buy any item in a dollar store at another retailer. If you disagree its most likely you are in a location that offers limited choice. Now here’s our challenge, what items can you buy at the dollar store that offer better value?
    Food – No frekin’ way dude!
    all other items now
    Kitchen utensils – usually break at the handle within first 2 uses, cheap ones at other retailers cost about the same (5 pack for 1.99 the black ones) and when they break, and they will, we can return then for a full refund, smarten up and buy better ones. That’s value.
    Balloons – 15 pack for $1 I found a 21 pack for $1.29 elsewhere.
    Rubber Gloves – 1 pair for $1 – They go on sale at Canadian Tire for 89cents
    1″ foam brushes – 6 for $1 You can get 15 for $1 at Michales
    Headphones for $1 – not comparable because they don’t work
    Electrical plate cover $1 – Home depot 89 cents
    Gift bags $1 – Liquidation world 2 for $1
    12 pens $1 – only 8 work and they don’t last very long, send to landfill, walmart 1.69 for papermates still working!
    roll of tape $1 – you check the length you’ll see
    household cleaners – better value at costco for name brand stuff that works
    dish soap $1 for the little bottle – yep screwed again cheaper at the grocery store
    light bulbs $1 – lowes 4 bulbs 35 cents buy them before there banned (you will need them for your garage in the winter)
    picture hangers $1 – liquidation world 48cents
    plates bowles $1 each – 16 peice set at canadian tire on sale $9.99
    mugs $1 – no extra charge for lead to make it shinny
    sponges big bag for $1 little sponges – grocery store big bag for $1 bigger sponges
    aluminum foil 25 feet for $1 – Grocery store 100 feet for 2.99
    AA batterys 8pack $1 – Wal mart 5.97 for 48 maxell AA batterys that have more power in them Go ahead and try to turn on your digital camera with dollar store batteries!
    Plant pot $1 – Rona 79cents
    blank DvD $1 – Future shop 100 for 29.99

    Ok I got you started now I pass the torch

  135. Nagger says:

    ????????????By the time you drive your ass all over town to save the .10 – .30 cents you use more in your gas tank, might has well stay at Dollarama dumbass!!

  136. JM Dupont says:

    I used to go out of my way to go to Dollarama. But when I did go, I would spend alot, some things were worth it, some were not. But I bought them anyway, Because I needed them and I thought I should encourage them. At the end I did save some money anyway (Not Much Mind You). Now they want to rip us off more than ever. I was just there just a few days ago and they have raised the prices on almost everything, and most of these things are junk. So I just left. Just like everyone else,they got very greedy.
    You know what? after I left Dollarama, I went to Zellers, and ended up saving alot more money over there. So in a way I should Thank Dollarama. If it wasn’t for their Greediness, I would never have gone to look somewhere else, and end up finding better deals.

  137. John says:

    Honestly people. How much worthless trinkets do each of you purchase in a week. These goods from China are only about one step up from what you would have got from a bubble gum machine when you were a child. People talk about this modern version of a Five and Dime store as if we were only making five dollars a week. Complain about the gas prices or the cost of a mortgage. Something that means something!!! If you care about a dollar stores prices then you need to look at the dollars you are spending. Your house is probably full of a lot of junk too.

  138. Rebecca says:

    I think it’s funny how people complain when something goes from $1.00 to $1.25. They’re basically saying, “I’m too cheap to pay an extra quarter!” A quarter. Wow. Grocieries go up 50 cents or more a week it seems, but a slight increase after 16 years has everyone in a panic. Yes, go to Wal-Mart and spend an extra two dollars on gas getting there so you can buy a towel or whatver it is you are buying for twice the cost. 80% of Dollarama’s product is going to stay at a dollar and the other 20% will be the $1.25 – $2.00 product. No one is making you buy the new product. I am amazed at the product they carry. Pringles ($2+ anywhere else), Thinsations ($3+ anywhere else), Sunsilk hair product ($5+ anywhere else), Softsoap handsoap ($2+ anywhere else) Nair ($10+ anywhere else).

  139. wayne says:

    I have to confess that I LOVE THIS STORE but recently I saw their prices had gone up to the $2 range on selected, albeit worthwhile items but more recently I see a trend that is going to become like ALL THE OTHER WANNABEES …buck or something etc and they have simply hiked up the $1 items to $1.25 or $1.50.
    Now it wouldn’t bother me if I genuinely thought THEIR prices had gone up the same amount but we know DAMM well that isn’t true!!
    Their prices went up 2 cents and not wanting to either drop it or make it up elsewhere they decided to hike it up a quarter.
    No problem but INCLUDE ME OUT!!
    Enough is enough…..if you’re going to behave like ALL the others then I’ll treat you like I do ALL THE OTHERS……AVOID THEM!

  140. wayne says:

    Note to vibrantflame ….maybe you are the perfect Dollarama customer….apparently you think that buying an item for 25 cents and selling it for $2 is a 75% profit…….try 700 %…..maybe buy yourself a doollarama calculator….used to be $1 now $1.25

  141. Lefty says:

    Hey, did anyone really think they were buying top quality for a buck? You get what you get, period. Personally, I find some great bargains at Dollarama. I buy three coin type ‘Sunbeam’ batteries that fit my goofy cap light and a clock I have. 3 for a buck compared to $3.98 each at the local drug store. 33 cents compared to $3.98, gotta do it. If they go to $1.25, $1.50 or even $2.00 for three, still the best buy ever. Past purchases include 3 line TV/VCR cables at a buck each and just yesterday picked up a 3′ USB computer cable for $1.25. Huge bargains! In my view, best store ever for specific small purchases. If you’re doing outdoor painting or staining you just can’t beat a $1 throw away paint brush or roller. Beats cleaning. Fortunately for me, Dollarama is on the way to Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart (two other ‘made in China’ stores) so it’s convenient to check out Dollarama first!

  142. Lefty says:

    Should have said, I do wish they’d fix their web site, add some contact info etc. I have some ideas for products that I’d like to suggest to them.


  143. Green says:

    Just keep filling those Landfills – LEFTY

  144. Susan Fisher says:

    What a scam. Of course I know what you purchase is junk but for things like mops, scissors, etc. why not? I have purchased several items that did not even work but did not bother to return them, it isn’t worth the time. However, when I recently bought a pen and it ruptured inside my purse, then on my hands and living room floor, after days of begin promised a call from the manager, nothing. When I contacted her, she said “if you don’t like the products, don’t shop her”. Obviously, they are aware that it is virtually impossible to reach a main office (or if you do they don’t return the message), their website is nothing but a logo and thus they can act with complete arrogance knowing a customer has no recourse. I don’t expect any quality from them but I also don’t expect ink all over everything. I would suggest that consumers think twice before shopping at these “cheap foreign product” dumping grounds as if you have problem don’t expect any recourse and in fact, expect to be insulted.

  145. Chrissy says:

    I miss Biway, all Biways were converted into Dollaramas
    Biway was awesome.

  146. Dasiy says:

    Funny, when the prices first went up, it was the odd thing, today I went in and almost everything is marked up.

    Too, I just paid them a dollar to make me sick. I brought home a bag of Theatre Style popcorn and it’s rancid to the gills. They have a no return or no exchange policy, not like I’m out a whole lot, but they shouldn’t be selling products that aren’t safe to eat. From the few popcorn that I did try I’m burping up rancid oil…gross. Got a whole bag left and would like to take this concern somewhere, but where?

  147. Dasiy says:

    I may not be happy about the popcorn and the prices but they can still give you a deal for your buck or two. I think we all got spoiled when it was a buck, now maybe we will think twice before we buy. To them it won’t matter if sales drop. They will make up for their losses thru increased prices.

  148. Alicia says:

    Well i love the Dollarama i love to shope and its the perfact place to get alot for a little…i can spend hours just browsing around…and i do know its not the best quality, if you are only paying a doller then what do you exspect…shur now you can not walk in with $20 and walk out with 20 things but the prise hike just means better quality stuff. I am very sad about the prise hike…but i have seen better quality and i will continue going to the Dollerama i will just try to skip the pricyer stuff.

  149. Dasiy says:

    Better quality stuff? They are marking existing stock which was a dollar before to various prices over a $1 but the products remain the same as before, only the price has gone up. Maybe they will be bringing in quality stuff but there has been little change in our store?

  150. Kat says:

    I still shop there, guess why, it’s much more cheaper than anywhere else…

  151. Kat says:

    Dasiy, just for your info, the products don’t have a better quality, they are still the same, the raised the prices to get new different products than before, they get them from all over the world they have to calculate extremly high shipping costs, etc., so it is just simple, that the raises their prices, that the can compete with other retailers with their new products, have u ever thought about that…????

  152. brandon says:

    no i wont

  153. To Whom It Concern. I am looking for employment. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Jacqueline Fickis

  154. J says:

    People being retarded saying that buying something at a store like Canadian Tire or ‘more expensive’ stores is boycotting free slave trade. Well guess what children, its not. Just about every company in this world is using some kind of slave trade. It just means that as you buy the higher priced items, you are paying more for something that still costs 30 cents or less to make.

  155. Kayla says:

    I work there, as i go to school. everything is going up so our prices are too. Its either that OR we dont carry some of our products for that price… most things are still at the $1, but the products that are not are NO WHERE else for that price… however our canned food is overpriced πŸ™‚

  156. Manish says:

    After going to Dollarama the last few times – I think Im going to start checking out “Everything For a Dollar”

    I was one of the first to give Dollarama a break when the initial announcement came out last year about the price hike. Dollarama would introduce new items which they have for increased pricing which is great but to increase pricing on alot of existing inventory was not mentioned in their announcement and that is what is causing people to get irritated.

    Albeit, I understand possible shipping increases may be a factor but I do not buy into that as the fuel pricing has leveled off.

  157. Who cares! It went up a dollar, just like everything else is going up! Obviously things are going to be cheap and break, you paid a dollar or two for them, jesus everything is going up and we cant stop it, no sense bitchin

  158. whatyouknowaboutthis says:


  159. DAMAN says:

    Dolorama, must have a website , its not expensive.. please contact my friend in India to make one for you in less then 500 dollors. send me a mail if you are interested, web site is must because i wanted to ask my friend to get few souveniars, but could not see what i should ask for…
    therefore give priority…

  160. ownerscashoutleaving100millionsindept says:

    how about their IPO?…lol

  161. Karen W. Alberta Canada says:

    OMG…really…what the heck is wrong with people?!?!?!?! It is a dollar store that sells alot of stuff the big stores sell but they sell it for way more than the dollar stores! Even if you pay 1.25-2.00/ item, you are saving money! Get your head out of your butt and stop talking so makes all of us Canadians look stupid!

  162. nigel says:

    dollarama is still better than big stores! gas prices go up but no one complains about that!!! this is the 20th century ppl! wake up..

  163. Mike says:

    People that say they bought stuff from there that was not made in china, how do you know for sure? It is estimated that 10% of all products sold in the world are counterfeit or knockoff products. Not to mention they are getting better at faking stuff all the time. There are actually areas in China that specialize in making copies of certain product. So for example one region sets up plants to produce copied dvds and another region will have factories that make fake Nike shoes. A lot of companies don’t even know that copies of their product are being sold or can’t visually tell the difference. Personally, I don’t buy any sort of food or body product from there. I buy lots of other crap though.

  164. ken says:

    What is the big deal ? everything goes up in price, the difference is when an item was $1 then it goes up 25% or 50% or 75% or even 100% you notice it and whine about it, but when an item is $20 and goes up to $25 no one cries out why? that equals 25%, all I have to say is who cares look at how many Canadians are working thanks to this chain, just think how much our taxes will rise if all these people become unemployed and go on welfare, I would rather pay the extra $.25 and keep people working.

  165. Maria Cavalcanti says:

    Hi, I’m verry interested in open une DOLORAMA in Brazil.

  166. dollarama employee says:

    i work full time if you call 25 hours this close to christmas full time ………
    any ways fact 400 previous items in store went up to 1.25 small majority 1.50

    fact if it sells well at a buck the price will go up to 1.25 to 1.50

    if you ask on six differnt occations or 6 differnt people ask for an item chances are it will make its way into our stores

    employees hours are based on sales in the district

    economy sucks thats why no matter what bad things you say about dollarama chances are im not changing jobs at least i got one

    you get what you pay for yes there are great deals yes there is crappy stuff buy one the first time if you don’t like it at least you didn’t pay more than 2 dollars for it unless you live around the couner its gunna cost more to ring it back to yell or get upset when we can’t give your money back……..

    there are no exchanges or refunds on ne thing in the store but if you find an electronic that dosn’t work ,food thats expired …resonable things and speak to a manager between 9-5 we may be able to exchange it but just case you bought something and decided you didn’t want it because you got some sort of itch impluse buy don’t bother.

    thanks for reading

  167. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo says:

    Hi guys
    dooolarama sell garbage no thing goood
    it breaks in one day then you have too keep buying it again and that same money too re buy it you can go and buyb it somewhere else

  168. weird says:

    I don’t mind the price increase.
    Don’t expect great qualities when you shop there. It’s still useful to buy some disposable items for cheap.

  169. Jessica says:

    The best stuff at dollarama in my opinion is scrapbooking supplies

  170. Jessica says:

    Not too long ago i bought name brand pens (24) for $2. At staples the same pens would cost over double.

  171. Nice Sass says:

    I go there for gift-wrapping supplies and seasonal decorations for the kids (nothing edible…just decorative). Even at $2, these prices can’t be beat at other retail locations. I don’t know why anyone would buy electronics or edibles there – it’s just too unsafe. The RCMP released a video several years ago showing items tested from dollar stores that were fraudulent and/or hazardous…power cords that erupted into flames as an example. And we all know the toothpaste saga. I’ve looked at the baby items and wouldn’t purchase a single thing; it’s all so cheap-looking that it’s not worth saving the money by risking my children’s health.

  172. Jessica says:

    by the way- some items might be copies but it not worth it to make ‘fakes’ for things like pens

  173. Jessica says:

    My local dollarama sells name brand ‘beauty’ items. I bought dove body cream at dollarama for $2. At drugstore it was over $4 more. Also they sell large size craft paint. Same brand as a craft store i used to go too but bigger size 4 less

  174. Jessica says:

    wait prices already increased in ns but only items not previously sold at dollarama

  175. Jessica says:

    I believe if u have the time one should shop around for best deals (price AND quality wise). But for some items (gift wrap/ bags and scrapbooking items) it matters less. Someone had a good idea. If ur unsure about an item that u wanna by multiples of- buy one first. If u don’t like it no big loss and don’t need to get more. I agree a lot of stores dollar stores or not sell made in china products.

  176. Jessica says:

    I should add- previous poster is right. There. are other overhead costs for dollarama other then wages- like paying for power and rent (if store location is rented)

  177. rob says:

    Well, the prices shouldn’t be going up again since the dollar is up high again, making it much easier to buy offshore products cheaply.

    I don’t think some of the items they sell for $1.25 – 2$ are anything special. They are almost doubling the price in the year to come, yet I do not believe the products actually cost all that much more in reality for them.

    But this does open the way for ANOTHER dollar store to open and actually charge a dollar again.

    Also, I find the smaller mom and pop dollars stores have less stuff, but it’s all still a dollar!

    The average cost of a dollar store item is in the 45cent range by the way.

  178. rob says:

    That being said, it’s still a good place to replace brand name stickershock. Why do I want to pay for brand name advertising! BLECH!

    BUT, if you still show everwhere else, and then just to to the dollarstore to load up more, then it’s not wise.

    For some things it’s a great deal, but like anywhere, have to be careful.

  179. Samantha says:

    I think that nobody will come to Doallarama if it changes to $2 store. Everyone goes there because it’s only $1.00 over their local store which is $1.50 or $2.00. If they change it to $2.00 no one will go there and everyone will just go to their closer corner store which will be the same price. DON’T CHANGE DOLLARAMA! I GO THERE A LOT JUST BECAUSE IT’S ONE DOLLAR! IF YOU DO CHANGE IT YOU CAN COUNT ON ME NOT GOING THERE!

  180. sha says:

    might still go there but would have to check other store prices first.

  181. brittany says:

    i like shopping at dollarama and im willing to pay the extra buck for the useless junk that i buy from there. but im not willing to go into a store where the staff yells at you because you have an unopend coffee and yes the woman litterly yelled at me for it so il still go to dollarama but not the one in orillia there really rude i wouldent advise anyone to shop at that location either and if you do dont let them catch you with a coffee.

  182. Frank says:

    I just purchased at Dollarama – an X-acto Stapler – Battery Operated – easy touch for 2.00 and also bought batteries – I am a senior and have a hard time with other staplers – i got home and thought it would be great and the bloody thing does not work I tried 3 new batteries – and followed instructions – now do I have talk back to the damn store which is not very close to me and ask for a refund? Or a replacement which will not work – i have spent many many dollars there and am now thinking twice…

  183. Tracey McKenzie says:

    I tell you with all these comments are a sure sign that people aren’t happy with the Dollarama. It is stupid that they would even think of putting prices up. There’s a reason for Dollar stores in the first place. Single parents and low income parents can’t always pay the big prices for things because we just don’t have the money for it. We go to the dollar store because they are cheaper and we can afford it. If they put the prices up to other companies prices then there will be alot of children going hungry because they can’t get the cheaper things. We can only stretch our money so far before it breaks us completely. If we don’t have the money to get the food then I guess there will be more children in Family and Children Services because we the parents can’t afford to pay bills, and get groceries. Protest this people it is our only chance to survive.

  184. Alex says:

    FAF Inc. Recalls Children’s Necklaces Sold Exclusively at Walmart Stores Due to High Levels of Cadmium

  185. alex n says:

    iam 53 on disability and people if you were put on this program any little rise hurts all i hear is a bunch of spoilied ignorant people,some of you deserve to lose your jobs and feel whats its like

  186. LuvDollarama says:

    FOOLS!! Not everything in the store is going up. Sure there will be a lot of things that will go up, but it’s only fair. Do you all stop drinking coffee because the prices always go up too??!!
    Dollarama will still retain it’s “value”. Now it has just opened the flood gates of possibilities of products it can now offer. If you were surprised to go in and see just what a dollar would buy… now look at all the things a toonie or less could buy. Things they sold for $1, can be found at other stores for $5. Now, things they sell for $2, can be found elsewhere for $10. I don’t see what there is to complain about!

  187. LuvDollarama says:

    RE: Battery Operated XACTO Stapler
    It works fine. All it needs is a 9V ALKALINE battery. At the time the stapler first arrived at the stores, they didn’t offer 9V Alkaline batteries. Now they do! Where else can you find a 9V Alkaline battery for only $2 ?

  188. bobby the great says:

    I think it sucks and I am not shopping there again because there things are garbage as well as expensive. My friends here think that the store should be burned to the ground because they have no RIGHT to make the stupid cost increase.


  189. Pearl says:

    I work at one of those dollar stores and some of their products is brand names for cleaners and sell much cheaper than other retail stores. Also you cannot beat the prices of the craft items and much much more. I love my job and I am proud to say I work at the dollar store.

  190. ihatepennypinchers says:

    grow up losers ur acting like an extra buck is like a hundred bucks and fyi ya they did change their name to DOLLARAMA PLUS you fucking retards!! i work there and i dont appreciate you bitching about it. there was a reason for the prices going up and its cuz if they didnt raise it then they would have went bankrupt

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  196. You definitely have a style all your own when it comes to creating these great blog posts. Im absolutely going to become one of your new regular blog subscribers.

  197. ! i work there and i dont appreciate you bitching about it. there was a reason for the prices going up and its cuz if they didnt raise it then they would have went bankrupt

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  199. melsprag says:

    Wow I am disgusted by the comments on here people have made. Please get off of our site and take your negativity elsewhere.

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  202. Kenny Delpit says:

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  204. Eryn Olexa says:

    Thankful you did not remain silent … God’s word reigns!

  205. Shaquita Chomali says:

    Killer whales are being sighted off the coast of Cornwall and there’s concern they’ll start coming closer to land and regularly too. I doubt it the real sharks in this country are in the Coalition and they’re far too malicious for mere killer whales to tangle with.

  206. Warren Gdovin says:

    Nothing in life is really easy. One just must keep plugging and plugging at it.


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