E.L.F Canada Free 27 pc Make Up Kit with Any Purchase!

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Receive a free 27 pc make up kit from E.L.F cosmetics with any online purchase.  It kit is valued at $15 and it includes:

  • 9 eyeshadow shades
  • 1 cream eyeshadow shade
  • 1 blush
  • 1 bronzer
  • 10 lip gloss shades
  • 1 brow powder
  • 1 eye liner pencil
  • 1 dual ended eyeshadow applicator and brush
  • 1 face brush
  • 1 lip brush

All you need to do to get your free kit is buy something from E.L.F and enter coupon code LOYAL at checkout.  It’s weird the way this one works, don’t pu the kit in your shopping cart, just add the items that you want to purchase and enter the code.  The Kit is added as $0.00 in your list of items on the right.  Shipping is a flat charge of $6.95 if you pay with paypal and $14.95 if you don’t use paypal and there are lots of items for $1.00 so this is agreat time to get some stocking stuffers out of the way and get a nice freebie make up kit as an extra Christmas gift or as a pamper yourself gift for you!

Click here to shop at E.L.F Cosmetics.

Thanks to mam25 for posting this great freebie!

32 responses to “E.L.F Canada Free 27 pc Make Up Kit with Any Purchase!”

  1. mam25 says:

    yay my first front page posting 🙂

  2. puddin57 says:

    and don’t forget to use the SC cashback program too

    • maybe says:

      Thanks puddin, I didn’t even remember about the cash back. It’s only 0.5% but cash back is still cash back in my opinion and it really adds up.

  3. Leighann says:

    Too bad they tack on another $8.00, on top of the 6.95 shipping, to ship to Canada.

    Kinda Negates the deal

    • maybe says:

      It’s a much better deal if you’re ordering more stuff. Lip Glosses, nail polish and a whole bunch of other things are only $1 and they are good quality cosmetics. It’s great to get good make up for cheap and if you’re ordering enough the shipping charges aren’t really that bad.

  4. Lighting Gal says:

    I know it sounds like a really good deal, but I ordered a bunch of elf stuff a couple of months back, and was really dissapointed in it. It is cheap make up. I am not sure if they have changed since then, but i was really dissapointed in it when i received it.

  5. Sara says:

    Lighting Gal – that was my concern. I find it really hard to believe that its that good of quality if its THAT cheap!

  6. Kaldirris says:

    FYI: The comments about the poor quality of the ELF cosmetics aren’t true. I’ve been using their stuff for about a year & a half, and it’s great. The eyeshadows don’t bleed (even if you DON’T use the primer stuff – which I don’t), the nail polish goes on smoothly & dries quickly, etc, etc.
    I’ve been happier with the ELF products than I was with the MAC cosmetics I used to use. I’ve also introduced about 10 of my friends to ELF, and THEY rave about it, too.
    ~ I prefer the mineral products, but the basic products are excellent, too.

  7. Kaldirris says:

    – and the eye makeup remover pads are wonderful! Completely non-irritating, and works beautifully.
    Another point in ELF’s favour, I have sensitive skin & psoriasis, and have never had so much as an itch from their products – which I can’t say for some other companies.

  8. Sally says:

    Some of their stuff Is good quality sure but unfortunately their shipping isn’t just 6.95$ its “Standard Shipping is $6.95 in the US and $14.95 in Canada,”
    and quite often shipping and recieving tacks the shipping on the price of the item, easily making it over $20 and thus customs may or may not nab you.

    Their eyeliners are nice sure, thats the only thing I’ve had luck with, and now with shipping (since last year) at $14.95 its really never a “deal” even with couopon codes. Remember to always research shipping ratees for yourself.

  9. Justine says:

    Guys, elf is going to be sold at zellers starting nov 1, so you might want to wait. I’ve ordered from elf twice before, their shipping is outrageous and any codes you use will only take off $7.50 off the total, plus if you order more than $30, you may get nabbed by customs. Plus a lot of the free gifts they offer are pretty bad quality.

  10. Ricki911 says:

    Thanks! I found some stuff I liked but after going through the checkout. hinking it was $6.95 for shipping – it said my total was 10.95$ 🙂 Which is great since I made 10.96$ this summer online earning and got it today. It updated and said total change to $18.95 why because Im in Canada. Really not worth the shipping at all. Although I heard they had good products plus the free kit too. Ah well – may next time.

  11. Amanda says:

    pay through paypal, shipping will only cost 6.95. elf’s quality is pretty good. i have a lot of their studio line stuff and I use it everyday.I normally purchase MAC but that just got expensive.

    • maybe says:

      I’ve only ordered from them once and I must have paid with paypal because I’m sure I only paid $6.95 for shipping. I like their make up too. Nice nail polish.

  12. thecountess says:

    Thanks Maybe 🙂

  13. Justine says:

    the studio brushes are good, I dont have any of those at the moment, but I bought a brush roll from them with the regular white brushes and the only useable one is the eyeshadow and blending brush, the rest can be written off as cat toys.

  14. Justine says:

    as for the MAC comment, nothing will replace my MAC. 😉

  15. Princesstefer says:

    I once picked up some E.L.F. products at Superstore: mascara and a pack of lip glosses. The mascara was the worse I’d ever tried, I threw it out. I tried one of the lip glosses and found that it felt like grease, did not add any colour (though it was tinted), tasted horrible and did not stay on. I freecycled the rest that I hadn’t opened. Sorry, no offense to those who like their products, but there’s no way I’d buy any of their stuff again.

  16. Mel says:

    Not sure about the makeup, but the brushes are a really good deal. 🙂

  17. Sally says:

    Their shipping is 14.95$ paypal or not.
    Winners also has a ton of their makeup.
    20$ and over is the amount customs starts charging at.

    Honestly if your looking for cheap good makeup NYX is probably the best bang for your buck. http://stores.shop.ebay.ca/Venus-Beauty-Shop__W0QQ_armrsZ1

  18. mlongboat says:

    Hmm. I payed with paypal and it went through as $6.95. It hasn’t been confirmed yet though. If they try to jack up the price I will cancel the order. I really wanted to try a couple things though.

  19. Marketing Guy says:

    Hey, just reading over the comments, sounds like their stuff is sold at retail in many places in Canada already? I’m seeing:

    – Zellers (Nov 1, 2009)
    – Superstore
    – Winners

    Any others to add to the list? I’ve bought ELF as a gift before, and I’d rather save the $15 shipping than get a freebie. Thanks!

  20. Shannon FinkHelfrick says:

    Be Careful! Do not give them your credit card – they double bill and good luck getting your money back. I tried for over 2 years with promises of being refunded for their mistake. Still no refund and so now I am out 89.72 from them. Pretty much given up and will not order ever again from them!

  21. kimBLI says:

    I just purchased from them today through Paypal and shipping was 6.95!

  22. Justine says:

    kimBLI – that is good to know!

    Also guys if you want to avoid the shipping charge, here is a site that sells elf stuff that another SC’er suggested to me

    Shipping is free for canada and the us, if you spend $20 or more. And it looks like they are selling most of their products at cost, there are eco tools available there as well, just use the left hand menu.

  23. Jen says:

    I got my free kit yesterday. Shipping was only 6.95, I used PayPal. I ordered one item, so my total order was only $7.95. No customs fee, fast delivery, and the eyeshadow I ordered is awesome – the kit is really nice too.

  24. Lynne says:

    Hi all,
    I don’t see an option for Paypal payment when I’m at checkout. I don’t want to pay with my credit card and have read here that people are using Paypal for payment.
    Where is the icon? Could someone please tell me how they were able to make payment by Paypal. Thanks in advance.

  25. SamK says:

    For all of you saying bad things about elf i am very sorry. I live in Bc and i payed 14.95 for eachthing (i ordered 2 seprete orders to get both offrs i wanted) And i got lots o make-up and free makeup kit, lipgloss and lip balm. I didn’t use pay pal, but i didn’t use a credit card either, what i ued was this mastercard girft card thing http:\\www.vanillamastercard.com so they didn’t take ny extra. I absalutly dore all of the stuf i got nd use my liquid lipstickstuff everday along with my mini make up kit and i am also waitig on my mser make u kit that i got for free from orering 40.00 worth of stuff from them. I absalutly love them! <3

  26. cheapskate101 says:

    i saw some of the elf stuff in the giant tiger flyer(kits i think) so im going to check there

  27. Да уж. Спасибо вам, что заставили задуматься 🙂

  28. Radeyah says:

    I love ELF, their soo great!

  29. I enjoy reading your blog posts but unfortunately this time you may have been too tired while writing because your writing it feels rushed.


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