Empire Cinemas + Dark Knight = Coolest DVD Release EVER

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If you’re a fan of popcorn cinemas and summer blockbusters, I probably don’t need to tell you that The Dark Knight — the biggest film of 2008 — is coming out on DVD this Tuesday December 9th. If you’re planning on picking this up (and really, who isn’t?) Empire Cinemas is hosting what could possibly be the coolest DVD release event ever. Instead of giving away movie-related tie-in’s or a bonus discount, Empire is inviting you to see the movie on the big screen one last time.

Select cities throughout Canada will be hosting the event which will kick off at 9:30pm on Monday, November 7th. Traditional DVD’s will be $25 and Blu-ray’s will be $30, and you’ll have to pay the price of admission on top of that. When the movie ends at 12:01, the cinemas will place a copy of the film in your hands to take home with you.

The Dark Knight is one of those rare films that everyone should see on the big screen. Take a peek at the list of cities hosting the event and see if one is close enough to make it happen;

AB – CALGARY – Empire Studio 10 Macleod Trail
BC – SURREY – Empire Studio 12 Guildford
MB – WINNIPEG – Empire Grant Park 8 Cinemas
NB – MONCTON – Empire 8 Trinity Drive
NL – ST. JOHN’S – Empire Studio 12
ON – KITCHENER – Empire Studio 12 Gateway Park
ON – NORTH YORK – Empire Empress Walk 10 Cinemas
ON – ST. CATHARINES – Empire Studio 8 Pen Centre

13 responses to “Empire Cinemas + Dark Knight = Coolest DVD Release EVER”

  1. The_Scarecrow says:

    I am SOOOO there!!! Thanks Jim

  2. Sujan says:

    $25 is too much. Best Buy have for $15. Check store details. Save money. Low price make savings. More money in pocket. Can buy pretzel. It’s nice. Or, save for holiday. Go to beautiful beach resort. May be Cuba. May be Mexico. I prefer Florida. But we need to save. Saave money. Best way to save is to spend lower money. Not so much money. Keep putting money in bank. Save money for rain day.

    I think I will skip movie. Can rent movie, copy to DVD, save money, print movie on printer.

    But I love to go to movie some other day. Maybe Friday. I love to see “Day World Standing Still”. Coming Christmas. Christmas is baby Jesus day. I am Muslim, but I still love Jesus baby.


    Do you know, I have hometown near Batman. Batman is city in Turkiye. I come from Diyarbakir. It is also city in Turkey. Near Syrie. Love to see my country, come soon. But now I am in Toronto. Living in Scarborough. Not so nice as Batman. Batman lovely oil town.

    Okay enough talk. I talk much. Sorry. I am want new Canada man friend. Women friend OK too. But need man friend to watch Canada hocky game with. Thank you for website. I like. It’s nice.

  3. Sally says:

    Sujan, this offer was the dvd and to see the movie again in theatres 🙂

    Welcome to Canada!

  4. Sujan says:

    But they say $25 for movie, plus admission price. This mean maybe $35 for movie in-sit and movie DVD. I think too much price. Better pay two times – one in-sit movie price (may be $10) and another pay maybe $15 Best Buy Store price movie DVD. Together, may be only $25.

    I think $25 expensive. But that is me. I do not have very good workings yet. Only workings in High School. I am janitor. Maintenance work. I clean hallway, classroom, toilet room, teacher room, and also have janitor room. It nice work, but low money. Only Canada money $1600 in one month. Too low. But it is ok. In Turkiye only pay may be $700. So I enjoy Canada price. And my family here, I love. I need to see more Canada. One day, I go on Grey dog bus.

    Very nice meeting you Sally. Welcome to Turkiye speak. I enjoy also Canada speak. Welcome.

  5. Sujan says:

    You can reads many information about lovely city of Batman close to my hometown here on WikiPedia


    Very interest for you to learn. Turkiye cities is beautiful.

  6. picture1 says:

    Does anyone know what version of the DVD this is? It comes in so many forms!

    At first I thought it was $25 for both.

    Can you just pay for admission and skip getting the DVD?

    Link to site?

  7. Sally says:

    Sujan, I do believe its 25 for the movie ticket and the dvd, it wold be a poor deal if it were just for the dvd. Like you said best buy has it cheaper, heck even Walmart and Zehrs will too.
    Its for both 🙂

  8. Sujan says:

    No Sally, he say:

    Traditional DVD’s will be $25 and Blu-ray’s will be $30, and you’ll have to pay the price of admission on top of that.

    This was sayd by Mr. Jim Squires far above at top page.

    This meaning that it will not be both. Only seperate pay. I do not like this deal. I think deal is good if ticket include. But deal is poor if ticket seperate paying.

  9. Sujan says:

    When I look at picture of Batman deal photo show at top of page, I see that it says maybe it will be include. It says “DVD+Admission”. I think because it says this that ticket is free include. Not seperate.

    I think MR. JIM Squires had made a error with his speaking the deal.

  10. The_Scarecrow says:

    Best Buy and Futureshop will have the regular TDK dvd for $17.63 when you tell them Wal-mart has it for $17.83. But I am planning on getting the Blu-ray dvd for $28 with a gift card. I didn’t read the whole thing before I wrote my first post and if you have to pay for admission on top of it then it’s not a good deal….. unless you can’t wait 9 hours till stores open.

    But I heard that some select Best Buy stores will be open anyways at midnight just to sell these dvds. Also TDK will be re-released in theatres on January 23rd.

  11. Sujan says:

    Yes like I say Best Buy cheap I think I go for Best Buy Store.

  12. mark says:

    I talked to one of the guys at my local Empire and he said that the price definitely includes both the dvd and the movie ticket. A great deal.

  13. Bradley says:

    Just wondering Sujan, did you say you where going to copy the DVD… That is illegal my friend. Not something a Batman fan would do, Support the arts and just pay twice the rental fee and get a real copy, if not for your own soul, but for the love of batman.

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