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Here at SmartCanucks we’re always looking for coupons and freebies and simple ways to save a few coins — but what if you had to earn your savings?

A lot of jobs out there offer some great employee perks and discounts. If you work somewhere (or know of someone that does) that offers some sweet deals for their employees, let us know right here in the comments! Lots of people are always looking for part time work — maybe we can help them find that job that’ll let them stretch their dollar even further.

I’ll try and get the ball rolling — as I’ve mentioned before, my day job is with Blockbuster Video. As an employee I’m entitled to 10 free rentals a week, new movies a week before they come out, 20% off used product and candy and 10% off new. There are a few small catches (once on the shelves I have to wait 4 weeks to get movies free, 8 for games) and I can’t use my discount towards video game systems – otherwise it’s all kosher. The job made a lot of sense for my pocketbook since these are the items that I spend most of my disposable income on anyways.

Who’s next?

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  1. amber says:

    Arite, get this as an employee at marks work wearhouse I am allowed to get 40% discount on all regular priced items and 20% off all sale, which is a lot of discount, this is part of the reason I neva wanna quit 🙂

  2. Sally says:

    Pretty much all private clothing stores offer discounts to employees, northern reflection, bootlegger, reitmans, rickis etc offer as much as 50 % off, catch though.
    U have to wear there clothes to work, but if you work somewhere that you like the clothes its a good deal.
    Ones like nortern reflections though have policies that you have to wear CURRENT styles, which I think is a bit excessive, as long as it was sold there at some point your still advertising the store, and it gets pretty costly that way

  3. lilad says:

    I work at superstore and I get 10% off most things. Electronics and single pop cans don’t count, but most normal groceries do.

  4. tattoodprincess says:

    I work at Wal Mart and you get a discount card with a specific number and your name on it. You can use it to get a 10% discount at ANY Wal Mart in North America, they even let you use it on grocery items. You cant use it on clearance items though which isnt a big deal as clearance is usually so cheap anyway you dont even need the discount. Married employees can get an additional discount card for their spouse with their name on it that they can use anytime. Students in school (over 23 I think?) can get a card for their parent if they live at home.
    Once a year, usually in November, we have an employee appreciation day. This day allows you to get 20% off up to three items of any price. A lot of people use this day to get tvs, furniture, game systems etc;
    They also have an “optical sale” once or twice a year they have a week where you get 20% off any item in the optical center. From prescription eyeglasses, to contacts to non-prescription sunglasses. They also give us coupons to give to friends and family to save 20% on any purchase in the optical center.
    Plus around inventory time, a lot of merchandise gets put on clearance because they dont want to have to count it and if you ask the department workers, they can give you an idea of whats going to be marked down so you can grab it on your break or on your lunch (but they’re not allowed to hold it for you, its against the rules)

  5. Andrea says:

    I work for Loblaws and we get 10% off with our new colleague discount card. I have saved $7.50 in the last few days alone!!! Incredible because we all have to buy food every week. Combined with PC points from using my Presidents Choice Mastercard I am saving incredible amounts.
    Last year I had built up over 700 dollars in free groceries.
    I can use my discount at any Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, and Zehrs.

  6. Andrea says:

    PS. We can use our card on discount items unlike the person who wrote about Walmart. Our eyeware department often has 50% off for employee’s (but not from the card)plus we get money off from our benefit program. Often I hear colleagues say that they prescription eyeglasses cost them as little as $5. Loblaws provides its colleagues with incredible appreciation for their hard work.

  7. Amy says:

    Jim – you get 20% off used candy? Yummy! LOL:)

  8. mrsjanuary says:

    The blockbuster deal sounds sweet! 10 rentals per week! that would be awesome

  9. vinnie says:

    i use to work for old navy, the discount there is 20% off all items, unlimited, and 50% selected monthly items. at other gap inc.stores (gap, baby, kids, outlets and banana republic) we got 30% on 5 items/ month

    at american eagle our discount is 40% all items, unlimited and 50% selected special monthly items for personal use since we are encouraged to wear the brand

    haha…most of my paycheque would go to buying clothes, it gets very addicting

  10. Jim says:

    Combined with PC points from using my Presidents Choice Mastercard I am saving incredible amounts.
    Last year I had built up over 700 dollars in free groceries.

    Andrea how about this one. I have a friend who works for Zehrs and the now have almost Three thousand dollars worth of PC points for free groceries. I am not sure why he doesn’t start cashing them in but that sure is a lot of meals.

  11. Tiffany says:

    I have worked for the following and there discounts are. lol

    Ricki’s 30% off I belive it was 6 items a month and every 3 months they would do a 5 item deal you could get 50% off, but it was 2 pants, 2 shirts 2 accessories. But yes you were supposed to wear their clothes. they can not force you to, only reccomend it. If I had girls who couldn’t afford to buy stuff all the time, I just reccomended a good pair of black pants and something similar to what we had in our store, but it could be bought anywhere.

    Payless shoes offers 30% off regular price and red tag clearance and then you get one item a month at 50%!

    Thyme Maternity ( Reitmans corp) Offered 50% in thyme, and since it was maternity you got to pick another division of reitmans to have a 50% off discount in, so either Rietmans, Smart Set, Addition Elle, Pennigtons or RW. All of the other stores you didn’t pick your 50% off in you got 30% off.( I think it was)

    I worked for Real Canadian Wholesale Club and I didn’t get any discount.

  12. Nosepuppy says:

    One question, can you use coupons with the discount card?

  13. Lisa says:

    I work at Superstore too…Yes…we can use coupons with our discount card..It also works with 50% off reduced items…i saved a comibined savings between my employee discount and coupons $31.75 yesterday shopping…Huge savings

  14. Young_Freebie says:

    Damn… and all this time of working for Sobeys with no bonuses was a good thing!

    Bye Sobeys, anyone know any place in the NS area that’s hiring?

  15. Maman says:

    I worked for Shoppers Drug Mart. The discount used to be that you get everything AT COST, but they changed it to 30% off. If the item is on sale for more than 30% off, you get the item at the sale price. Sometimes, there are items where the at cost price is less than 30% of the retail price, so you you get the at cost price.

    I got prescriptions at cost and no processing fee (which is about $11-$12).

    When there is a 20x time points event, you CANNOT use your discount if you want to get the points. However, if you are redeeming your points, you are able to get the merchandise with your discount.

    Employees are able to use there discount at any SDM and Pharmaprix store using their Optimum card. They scan the Optimum card AT THE VERY BEGINNING of the transaction and then the employees name comes up on the monitor, then you have to show ID to prove that you are in fact the cardholder.

  16. adora says:

    Oh, the catch… I worked for a major Japanese electronics manufacturer as a secretary for one summer in my college years. They offer 30% off of the their Japan’s MSRP instead of the local store price. It usually end up more expensive than the stores! (I think it has to do with the unstable Yen value in the 90’s!)

    I’m now an architect. I don’t get free buildings or anything. (I wish!) But when I mention it to furniturestores, they often give me designer discount, usually 10%-20% off. They never ask me to provide proof, so I suspect that you guys can all pretend to be designers and get the discount.

  17. Moonshadow says:

    Not very handy for part time, but all full time employee’s at Rogers (except the video store employees) get 50% off of ALL Rogers services. Air time, cable, internet, home phone service. It’s a huge savings. The only catch is that you cannot use a competitors product if a Rogers product is available. Should you choose to do so you lose the discount on all their services.

  18. tattoodprincess says:

    To answer Nosepuppys question, Wal Mart has no problem with you using coupons as well as your discount card. We also have a price match guarantee, if you find a lower price in an ad for an item we have, we match the price (does not include % off, or BOGO sales) and we can still use our discount. No Frills has Hot Stuffs on for 97 cents, ours are 2.27, I price matched and used my card making each one 87 cents (they round up for 9s) and Crispers were 99 cents at Food Basics, I price matched and used my card making them 89 cents. Not a bad deal really lolz. They really cant stop you from using coupons as far as I know. Using a coupon means your discount costs them less money so I dont see it as a bad thing.

  19. 1764 says:

    Great stuff!

    I know Diesel employees (only store employees and office employees of the fashion label) you get 50% off regular price clothing, 30% off shoes and accessories, but when they are having the end of season sales the items are already 50% off and you don’t get deeper discounts. They also have a $500-600/month limit. But the only Diesel stores in Canada are in Montreal.

    Also if you work at a restaurant, you should get a diesel car (make your own bio-diesel from refining the fryer oil) – free gas. 🙂

  20. Paul says:

    I work at the Superstore also. Our discount shows up with or without coupons. There are a lot of 50% off clearance items and we get our 10% off that to. Sweet deal!

  21. Jocelyn says:

    I work at superstore too and am really enjoying the new 10% discount!
    As a heads up to anyone interested, this weekend all outdoor living sets are 40% off + Friday Saturday and Sunday (from 5-10 pm) it’s another TAX FREE EVENT + my 10% discount!!!!!
    So that means that I will get 63% off!!! Yahooooooo!

  22. consumatrix says:

    I had to buy a bunch of house paint (indoor and out) in the last few years (redesigning) and I learned that if you are a designer (or painter) you get at least a 10% off discount, sometimes more, from pretty much every speciality paint store out there.

    (Though I was frequenting different Benjamin Moore stores).

    For some stores it is good enough if you just bring in the business card of your designer or painter if you are buying the paint (instead of them) and they will give you the discount.

    No harm in trying next time you buy paint! ( :

  23. Paul says:

    Jun 9th, 2008 at 8:47 pm
    I work at superstore too and am really enjoying the new 10% discount!
    As a heads up to anyone interested, this weekend all outdoor living sets are 40% off + Friday Saturday and Sunday (from 5-10 pm) it’s another TAX FREE EVENT + my 10% discount!!!!!
    So that means that I will get 63% off!!! Yahooooooo!

    I just heard about the TAX FREE EVENT and 40% off (plus my 10% discount). Count me in!!! I’ll be there a saving!!!

  24. Tara says:

    i woek at toys r us and we get 10 percent off pretty much anything in the store but not on sale items. I suppose its ok. We don’t get it on electronics but on electronic games and accessories its ok.

  25. Trevor says:

    At Starbucks, partners get free drinks before, during, and after work; a pound of coffee everyweek (or a box of tea); and 30% off other purchases.

    Of course, the weight gain is another matter altogether.

  26. Tara says:

    I work At the YMCA, I get a free family membership, for working 27 hrs a week. I can use it at any YMCA in teh world!!! God I love my job.. oh and did I say 1/2 price daycare?

  27. Meg1112 says:

    shoppers drug maart is 30% off all purchases

  28. psyche says:

    Does anybody know about Rogers Video?

  29. Joel says:

    53 pounds of coffee a year! I should work at starbucks!!!!

  30. Robbie says:

    i want to live where Joel lives! Joel where are you? I want an extra week in my year, too!

  31. Andi says:

    I used to work in retail before my current job so here are some more scoops!

    Blacks Photography -used to be 50% of all photofinishing services, one free roll a month developed, 30% off frames/albums, and a discount on film which i can’t remember.

    Danier -60% off full price on just about everything! yup, you read that right. We had to wear the product, so it was only fair. There was a smaller discount on bags and accessories tho, can’t remember it off the top of my head.

    TELUS -we get family rates on phone services, discounts on stuff sold at the TELUS stores, plus a ton of discounts from our partners everything from GoodLife to Dell to cars, insurance, etc etc etc. plus some sweet other benefits too.

  32. MissScrooge says:

    Just stumbled across this photo and it made me think of this post that I had to share. Talk about perks of the job.. haha. Definitely a keeper 😛


  33. Robbie says:

    MissScrooge…. I LOVE that picture! very funny
    thanks for posting it

    Forget about profit-sharing,employee discounts, benefits….. I could get me a free slurpee!!!!!

  34. starr says:

    WalMart also has other benefits that were not mentioned. We get an annual stakeholders bonus it is paid out at each store if they meet certain profit goals in that particular store. This payout can be upto $2000, plus every year after 2 years you get profit sharing which is generally 4% of your annual earrnings. This is put into an RRSP account of your choice. How many other retail chains off their employees, bonus, profit sharing and discounts. Oh and did I mention we also have scholarships, tuition reimbursement programs, discounts on life, car, home insurance. Plus you can also get travel discounts at many hotels. And lastly because Wal Mart now sells cell phones, the cell companies offer special wal mart employee packages. Wal Mart values there employees and it shows.

  35. starr says:

    lol…. it should have said offer their employees. Not off their employees…

  36. Eric says:

    Anytime I was looking for work, I would’ve loved Blockbuster (not just because of the perks, but it’s my element) or EB Games (same thing).

    Right now I work at Marriott Reservations and I get huge savings when staying at any Marriott Hotel as do my family.

  37. runningmom23 says:

    I LOVE hearing about what employee discounts there are out there!! I’m a social worker and family counsellor…so no discounts just lots of life lessons 🙂

  38. Mellyskater says:

    Anyone know what LuLuLemon offers for employees? I know Guess offers 50% off but you have to wear their clothing.

  39. Penny says:

    I work for Club Concierge which is an Empoyee Benefit company. We get savings on everything you can think of. Big Savings! How about 2-3% above dealer cost from your Auto dealerships (most makes)? Plus buying power on appliances, furniture, electroinics, computers, resorts sold out concerts and more…
    No fooling!
    Penny at 1-866-991-4844

  40. Alex says:

    Thought that some would find this interesting about staff discounts:


    Source: The Globe and Mail.

    How to keep staff? More perks, of course

    With files from Virginia Galt

  41. Moe says:

    Aldo Group stores offer 50% off regular price for all items, including shoes, purses, and accessories. If the item is on sale, you still get only 50% off the regular price, but it’s a good discount. The maximum is $1500 per year, which is calculated using the regular price.

    Aldo Group stores includes Aldo, Aldo Accessories, Feetfirst, Globo, Stoneridge, Little Burgundy, Transit, Spring, and Globo.

  42. omg julie says:

    SDM you get 30% off

  43. angeleyes says:

    Guess gives 50% to to there employees for retail but you get 40% at factory stores.

  44. thepixie says:

    Lush (cosmetics) gives its employees 50% off the retail cost of product, which makes it a great idea for anyone looking for seasonal work around Christmastime…

    When I worked at Laura Petites I got 15% off there and either 10 or 15% off at the other stores in the chain (Laura Plus, Laura). Pretty standard.

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  46. Vee says:

    I work at Mexx and employees get 50% off on regular priced items, and 60% off during Friends and Family event, or on anything we can wear to work as part of our uniform (it’s by colour, but it doesn’t HAVE to be Mexx clothing. so anything black we get 60% all the time).

  47. Ciel says:

    Some retail stores are clear that employee discounts are for their own employees’ use. But if you were buying gifts that you knew would fit or suit someone, savings helped with the purchase.

  48. Ciel says:

    Clothing store discounts-given what prices are like for clothing at regular retail, those employee discounts still likely made it tough for staff to buy clothing. If you worked irregular hours as PT (defined as under 24 h/week), you still have food, transportation or other costs to cover before buying the mandatory clothing purchase. And most retail pays minimum unless you have proven prior sales experience that raised sales or you have shown in three months how good you are at upselling or adding to customers’ purchases.

  49. Melissa13 says:

    I used to work for Coles (Chapters) and they give 30% off pretty much everything including bargain books and clearance items. Nothing on magazines though. It’s a pretty good deal, I miss that discount but I dont miss the horrible manager I had to work for.

  50. Marilyn says:

    I now work for Loblaws.
    You get your employee discount card after 90 days.
    It’s good for 10% off most items in store. – And not just Loblaws, but any corperate owned store, RCSS, Loblaws, Zehrs, etc. No Frills and Independant are NOT included.
    Also if you take the time to register your discount card number online you also get deals at Apple, H&R Block, AMC theaters, Cineplex, Dell, Microsoft, Canada’s Marine Land, Canada’s WOnderland, etc.
    Also all stores are covered by unions, so as long as you pay your dues, you get discounts through the union too. Mine includes deals on RBC Morgages, different car rental companies, Mark’s work warehouse (10-20% off most items), Life Insurance through various companies, discounts at certain car dealerships. (3% over cost at some GM dealerships!), and even more.
    They also offer stock options, scholarships for you and immediate family as well. – And for full time employee’s orthodic coverage for family (braces for your teeth)….

  51. Natalia says:

    Smart Set – 50% off regular priced items
    Jacob – 50% off regular price items
    Le Chateau – 30% off for first six months, 50% off thereafter (must be able to wear clothing items purchased to work, which i personally thought was silly… people will still see you wearing their clothes)
    Forever 21 – 10% off, no returns or exchanges with employee discount
    The Bay – 10% off

  52. Lala says:

    Lush was 50% off pretty much everything, plus TONS AND TONS of free stuff. Broken bath bombs, almost expired products, soap “samples”. I had so much Lush stuff I had to have my apartment fumigated when I moved.

  53. Lily says:

    Good Ole’ McDonalds: 50% off anything except for Happy Meal Toys or Special Promotion items (ex: Olympic water bottles, hockey cards)

    Only for the employee though, so you can’t order a lot.

    We also have crew appreciation every month, where each worker gets a little treat. (Chocolate, candy, etc.)

  54. lolilez says:

    does any1 knows abt leon’s?

  55. loli says:

    does any one knows abt leon’s?

  56. I’m so glad to have found your web page. My pal mentioned it to me before, yet never got around to checking it out until now. I must express, I’m floored. I really enjoyed reading through your posts and will absolutely be back to get more.

  57. Spongebob says:

    Used to work at pizza hut and i believe we got a 10% discount while off the clock at pizza hut, taco bell and kfc (pretty much anything owned by prism) and officially supposed get 50% off food and free drinks while on the clock but you know how work place theft works at fast food restaurants. Also used to be a mall cop and if you’re chill and not a Paul Blart and made friends inside the mall I found out you can get either the mall discount or the employee one even while not in uniform.

  58. john says:


    50% off 2 tops, two bottoms, two accessories per month (including sale)
    30% off everything else

  59. Ruth says:

    Domino’s pizza in 2007 at least the employee discount was 50% off everything but delivery

  60. Ruth says:

    Subway varies but at the one a friend of mine worked at they got a footlong sub for anything over 4 hours or a 6 inch for 4 plus a fountain drink with unlimited refills.

    Safeway 10% off all Safeway products

  61. HEY says:

    Things Engraved/Personally Yours
    30% off Reg. and Sale items.
    70% off Engraving and Keys

  62. Casey says:

    I work at Zellers and its 10% off on all items including clearance and electronics. We used to be able to get the discounts with our badges but now they are scrapping that and forcing us to get a HBC Credit Card (which will give us our discount) or not get a credit card and lose out on the discount 🙁 But before it used to be 10% off. 15% if you’ve worked more than 15 yrs and 20% if you’ve worked 20 yrs 😐

  63. t4tintin says:

    I heard the sales reps working at cosmetics/fragrance at the Bay get 10% off plus monthly bonus pack filled with lots of brand name cosmetic/skincare/fragrance products.

  64. Eebs says:

    In addition to your 10% discount at HBC stores you get 20,000 HBC rewards points every time you sign somebody up for the credit card, or 25,000 if you get 10 or more per month (80,000 points = $10 gift card). I’ve already received over $8000 in points from my credit sign ups.

  65. Grocery Guy says:

    Hey Andrea, BTW, you may have claim to have a little better deal with your discount, but if you compare prices all year round. Walmart usually always has the lower prices. It may only be by a few pennies or so, but that is why Walmart is the Biggest Retail store chain in the world, they deal in volume and don’t pay their employees a lot, but the yearly Bonus of about $2,000 is fantastic.

  66. Flowergirl says:

    At Whole Foods market all team members get 20% regular and sale priced items. They also offer a 10% case disount to all customers. You can’t double up as an employee though – It is one or the other. They also offer an above average hourly wage compared to other grocery stores. They also have team member appreciation weeks from time to time where you can take $10 worth of product home for free from your department.

  67. Ivy says:

    I work at H&M and we get 25% of everything in the store. Only time we can’t use our discount card is if we get a gift card from the company (ie. As a Christmas present from the management team).

  68. Arnold says:

    Did seasonal job for Christmas at The Body Shop.

    50% off regular priced items

    30% off Gift sets

    No discounts on sale items but you could use the Love Your Body Membership card to save 10% or SPC. I think if you buy $20 you save $5

  69. Sara says:

    Lululemon gives 60% off your first $200 after discount and 40% after that. Full time employees always get 60% off regular price and 75% off the original price of marked down items.

  70. Sara says:

    Sorry the $200 limit at lululemon is for seasonal employees

  71. Natalia says:

    Best Buy and Future Shop – cost + 5% after 3 months
    Major discount on things like accessories, about 40 dollars of cameras depending on which of course, pretty much no markup on things like TVS but HDMI cables are crazy cheap.

  72. leafsrule67 says:

    Does anyone know if Rona offers an employee discount? And what it might be?

  73. ellen cameron says:

    sobey,s is the cheapest place i ever worked. no discounts and buy your uniform. it,s all about them.

  74. Arnold says:

    No Frills:
    oh here we go,

    -NO Discounts, not even a 10%
    -only 15mins. break (if you work 6hrs. a day)
    -If customers ask for help while you’re on break, it still counts as your time.

    I think Fortinos is the same

  75. lori says:

    Mat leave top up from wal-mart as well which is nice

  76. Jordan says:

    At Rona employees get certain items at wholesale prices, some items will have no discount and other items will have an amazing discount. Extremely useful if you’re renovating but I’m pretty sure you have to wait a certain amount of time, like 3 weeks or something,before you can use the discount because too many home reno people were taking advantage of it and then quitting.

  77. Andi says:

    I’ve worked at Superstore under Loblaw. Can anyone tell me when I can get a discout card? I’ve been there five months, part time. If I already qualify, how?

  78. I like your blog’s post and all and i like the theme also the visuals but probably it needs a change, its been awhile, anyone have any suggestions?

  79. Jenn Dawson says:

    Buy-Low Food has NO discount however for Christmas they give their employees one $25 Buy-Low gift card.

  80. Beergirl says:

    I work for a Brewery and I get 5 dozen free beer a month and I also have great extended medical and dental plans as well. Sorry folks won’t be telling which one it is that I work for either.

  81. BBW says:

    At bath and body works you get 30% off regualar priced merchandise (its not alot, bbw does alot of buy 3 for 15 type deals but each individual item is expensive) the real benefit is that you can buy giftcards using you discount and that the discount can be used at all LImited Brands companies including La Senza and Victoria Secret.

    At RW & Co you get 50% off everything, but you can’t use it on giftcards. You can wear anything you want from any brand as long as there are no logos. The only thing that you have to wear from rw and co are the jeans, so really you can wear dress pants you already have or tights with a dress etc.

  82. Hill27 says:

    does anyone know the discount for the clothing store Boathouse employees?

  83. stuffs says:

    Work at virgin mobile. They pay my monthly phone bill in full, which has unlimited tether data, unl. mins, unl text, call display, voicemail etc.

    And we get 35% all stuff in store, and $100 off any smartphone purchase. On top we get employee pricing at the Source.

    Sweet innit 😉


    Does any1 know wat the discounts are at sobeys???

  85. savsy says:

    Does anyone know about the bay? I know you get 10% off but it is applicable with a hbc mastercard…. since i’m under 18 would my mom be able to get a card for me? and the 15% discount you get on the first day of getting the card, would that be added ontop of your 10, for atotal of 25%? and would the discount apply to electronics?

  86. Momo says:

    I am currently working for Old Navy and we get 25% all regular and promotion priced items (as well as 10% of clearance items and gift cards). We also get a big discount on regular priced Gap and Banana Republic clothes which are 50% off (10% of marked down items and gift cards). I should also mention that we get a slight discount on apple products at just over 5% off (e.g. ipod touch 187$ instead of 199$).

  87. wi resor says:

    hm.. i didn’t agree with some of the things, however i do appreciated the article in general… this article was actually proposed to me by a friend at digg and she was right. quite good read! Regards, Hoops

  88. Just goes to show (in the post and in the comments) how important it is to offer employees access to discounts.

  89. sm says:

    running room employees get 50% off all running room brand and 30% off all other brand, no restriction for sale items and no limit to how much you can buy ! 🙂 sometimes i get clothing items for 5-20$!!!

  90. Tabitha says:

    When I worked for Best Buy it was cost + 5% (it was also valid at Future Shop) and I was able to use it right away.. I didn’t have to wait 3 months. That was in ’08 so they may have changed it

    I now work for Pearle Vision (part of Luxottica so LensCrafters, Target Optical, Sunglass Hut and Sears Optical) and I get a free pair of glasses (clear or sun) every year on my anniversary. I am always entitled to 50% off all Rx eyewear, 30% off non-Rx sun wear, 20% off contact lenses and 30% off accessories (cleaner etc) My discount can be used at any of the Luxottica brands.

    I don’t have insurance so the free pair of glasses every year is wonderful 🙂

  91. Mandy465 says:

    Rogers employees 50 percent off their services

  92. Casey says:

    Shoppers Drug Mart employee here. The 30% isn’t that big a deal when you consider that their prices are much higher than Walmart or RCSS, but where you really save is with the 30% in the Beauty Boutique with high end cosmetics like Lancome, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, Smashbox, etc. That stuff never goes on sale anywhere. Also, not an employee discount but a HUGE perk, I’m a receiver so I get a TON of freebies! The reps and drivers love girl receivers and all you have to do is ask. I get free pop, chips, chocolate, candy, magazines, but best of all COSMETICS!! And the high end stuff too. It’s amazing how often cosmetic companies send testers and freebies out (we can’t even use up the testers fast enough) and I do a lot of extra work for my BB manager and she gives me free stuff. If you’re a makeup junkie, work here!

  93. Matt says:

    I work for Atlantic Superstore. Like the others said we get the 10 percent off. But the real bonus is the benefits, if you work there long enough to get them. I need medication that costs 2000 Dollars a month (each shot is a little over a grand) I take one every 2 weeks. Superstore covers EVERY PENNY. In fact through their ‘superbucks’ program in the pharmacy, I end up getting $17 in return for picking up my free drugs, that can be used on pretty well anything in the store! This store is pretty much my lifeline right now, and I also enjoy working there so thats a plus.

  94. CanadaBoy says:

    Future Shop offers employees 10% over cost on all items. Which is very little on big ticket items like computers or appliances (low markup). However where Futureshop makes money is the accesories (huge markup sometime 600% or more) For example a simple cable retails at $35 is costed at $3 and employees pay $3.30

  95. Jacob says:

    A question for anyone who works at LCL (Loblaws, RCSS, Zehr’s, Maxi &Cie, etc), I know the CDP only happens after 6 months work, and you get preferred rate for Goodlife Fitness, but how long after the 6 months must you wait to get the card, and what are the restricted items (besides alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets)? Are there any other discounts outside of Loblaws?

  96. Jessica says:

    I work at Canada Post. No I don’t get a discount on stamps…but I do get a discount on some collectables and shipping materials. The discount varies product to product. Not terribly exciting. Though recently I found out about the Work Perks website for CP employees. That’s kind of cool. Discounts all across the board at many restaurants, stores, hotels, and services.

    I used to work at Home Hardware. I got everything at cost + 10%. (including furniture, my parents got leather couches through my work for 50% off retail) THAT was a sweet deal, except I was in my teens and lived at home so I didn’t take advantage of it very often…sure could use it now!

  97. It is really a nice insight on how we can earn extra bucks very easily.

  98. australian university says:

    What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious knowledge concerning unexpected

  99. Kerri says:

    Garage offers 50% off regular merchandise and 30% off of outerwear (your probably not going to be wearing a jacket when your working). They also give every employee free clothes at back-to-school time and christmas you get a gift every year.

    Lucky Brand you get 60% off of everything(except clearance), 75% off of selectef items every month, 40% off for family, and 40% off at other 5th and Pacific companies such as Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, and Jack Spade. But as amazing as the savings are this is by far the WORST company I have ever worked for.

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  101. Molly says:

    Does anyone know what discount “SOFTMOC” employees in Canada get?



  102. kristina says:

    I work at Chapters and it is 30% off pretty much everything but electronics including clearance items. and they have employee appreciation days where it is 40% off. its a good discount for the most part although their stuff is marked up crazy so sometimes you can still find cheaper even after discount. it really depends on the item. but I take advantage of it every chance I can when I know it is a really good deal!

  103. Canada Proud says:

    Giant Tiger offers so many benefits
    -10% off all grocery
    -20% off all fashion
    -10% off all general merchandise
    -Profit sharing
    -6 paid sick days a year
    Best store ever!

  104. AnonNovaScotian says:

    The Shoe Company gives employees 30% off all product and 40% Town Shoe items. Plus you get bonus cash to go towards shoe purchases for giving the customers great service.

  105. Erum Faisal says:

    Is there anyone who would tell about the employees discount at Leons furniture?

  106. Hey! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog. Is it tough to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Many thanks|


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