Esprit Canada: 40% off Weekend Sale

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Esprit is at it again offering a whopping 40% off all regular priced online items until Sept 22nd! Why would you shop in store when you can nab amazing deals like this online?

Use coupon code: FLASHSEPT11 upon checkout

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6 responses to “Esprit Canada: 40% off Weekend Sale”

  1. Uncle Tom says:

    Is this coupon code valid in the US?

  2. OttawaMom says:

    With freight/taxes/extra charges and 18$ for shipping the deal is a lot less attractive for Canadians.

  3. KittyKat says:

    did everyone see the article on that ESPIRIT is closing all North American locations?

  4. B777 says:

    With the shipping costs and taxes included, and with the same 40% coupon applied at both the US and CDN estores, the exact same item (mens shirt) works out to double the cost in the CDN site as in the US site. What a ripoff. No thanks.

  5. P says:

    They are closing 80 North American stores. However, there was an article this week on them finding a buyer for all the North American stores but no details yet if they are going to change or close any stores.

  6. Sujan says:

    Not a good deal for Canadian 🙁

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