Facebook Canadian Coupons for 10 Cent Halls Cough Drops!

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This is a really cool coupon I just stumbled upon because a friend on Facebook shared the link.  You can sign up to get a coupon for a 10 cent pack of Halls.  That’s pretty close to free!  With the weather getting colder and germs being shared, it’s about the season for some Halls.  One coupon per household.

Click here to order your Halls coupon.

21 responses to “Facebook Canadian Coupons for 10 Cent Halls Cough Drops!”

  1. Crystal says:

    I’m really getting tired of companies that make you ‘like’ them on Facebook in order to get a sample, etc. I don’t want them to have my information from Facebook, I just want a coupon to try your product. I don’t want to clog up my Newsfeed with your status updates, I just want the damn coupon. Especially if it’s something I haven’t tried, why should I ‘like’ it if I haven’t tried it? Sorry, not interested!

  2. stylishghal says:

    Check back soon for a new shipment… 🙁

  3. kingy says:

    all gone.

  4. anawhatsme says:

    to the first poster – i totally agree with you!
    i have an alternate facebook account for freebies.

  5. larry says:


  6. thumpersmom says:

    Not finding any coupon- not on home page or wall…same thing for everbody else?

  7. DCH says:

    They are all gone for now (there will be more later)& to those of you who don’t “LIKE” things, there’s no sense in whining about something FREE or close to it for having to see their “posts” and so you know there is an option to HIDE them from your news feed.

    & It’s one PER PERSON not HOUSEHOLD.

  8. Rory says:

    Meh.. Liked the page only to not find any coupon. Unliked, removed the app.

  9. FreebieChick says:


  10. Chelsa says:

    They are gone 🙁

  11. Stashley says:

    I LIKE Facebook coupons, so NO, do not stop posting them. If you do not like them, do not get them. Those of us who do not mind, will.

  12. Sara says:

    they are all out for now – it says to check back! Thank you!

  13. really? says:

    I have an account for coupons and freebies and one for social puposes. Good thing facebook accounts are free.

  14. sonia says:

    all out of halls coupons. 🙁

  15. Hatarakesama says:

    they are already out. (you find this after they ask if they can publish on facebook for you… crazy!)

  16. Krista says:

    Just ‘like” them, get the coupon, then “unlike” them.
    Easy peasy.

  17. Gnorman says:

    But what happens between the “like” and the “unlike”? Has the company mined your Facebook account for your information? Sorry, but it’s not worth boosting a product’s “apparent” popularity – which really is what seems to be happening here. Are these companies like immature children, so desperate for acceptance and attention? A sad testament to the egocentric society in which we live. I, for one, DON’T like Facebook coupons, since they could just as easily be posted on a site without requiring the hassle (assuming the company really wants my business). My vote is to exclude them. Remember, their appearance on this site is a promotion, and free advertising for their product. Even if the majority of people don’t get the product because there are a severely limited number available.

  18. ALYSHAMARIE says:

    why should this site exclude them … I like them and have received valuable coupons. If you don’t want facebook coupons them don’t get them/ This site is for all coupons and freebee’s why should they not post these? Honestly, why do you think the companies give coupons…for people to hord closets full??? no is for promoting their product pure and simple and facebook is a way to do this. I really don’t understand the anger from some of the posts..

  19. Sally says:

    Considering most freeies are on facebook now we will keep posting them. I advise making a fake account if your concerned about information. Personally none of them really ever even post on my wall and you can remove them easily now in the privacy panel.

  20. Rebecca says:

    Geez people, this site is to show you where all the coupons and freebies are at. Facebook coupons/freebies are valid. If you don’t want to participate, that is your choice and is totally fine. If you read about the coupon Mrs. January posted it says its a Facebook coupon and at that point, those of you who don’t want to deal with it can just skip over it. IT TAKES LESS THAN 10 SECONDS OF YOUR TIME TO READ MRS. JANUARY’S ENTIRE POST, REALIZE IT’S A FACEBOOK COUPON/FREEBIE AND CONTINUE SCROLLING DOWN THE PAGE. A lot of us like the Facebook coupons/freebies and we really appreciate the heads up even though the amounts are usually limited and we sometimes miss out.

    No one is making you click on anything, and there is no need to complain about something just because it doesn’t interest you or doesn’t apply to you.

  21. Kari says:

    If you don’t want to see a company’s info on your page, ‘like’ the company, sign up for the coupon, then ‘unlike’ them. Easy as pie! 🙂


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