For Men Who’d Rather be with a Woman

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I think the above ad is brilliant! If you don’t get what Axe are referring to check out the Old Spice commercial.

Let the cologne wars begin 😀

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22 responses to “For Men Who’d Rather be with a Woman”

  1. Natalka says:

    Oy! Seems as though Axe missed the point of the OS ad – humour!!! We women sure love the Old Spice man with all his manliness; Axe is targeted to pimply teens, Old Spice to manly men!
    While not a ‘brilliant’ ad, it’s kinda cutesy.

  2. Minou says:

    The target market for Old Spice has certainly changed in recent years. Whenever I see a young guy buying Old Spice bodywash, I kind of chuckle (and want to give him coupons so he can buy somewhere else and pay much less than the $4.49 he’s paying!). It’s all marketing. Not too long ago, Old Spice was the old man’s brand! I guess they had to change their brand positioning to deal with Axe’s popularity, so they went with irreverent and sophisticated advertising to appeal to guys in their late teens and twenties. Any teens I’ve talked to about it have said that Axe is for junior high boys!

    Hmmm.. think I can give teenage boys bottles of Old Spice bodywash when they come to my door at Halloween? I bet that would be memorable!

  3. operabob says:

    I wanna invest in the ad company!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Natalka, I think this ad is supposed to be funny too. lol It made ME laugh, at least.

  5. Frugal Guy says:

    I found it slightly homophobic, JMO

  6. CarlyinCanada says:

    LOL, Minou! Giving out O/S body wash for Halloween…hey! It might be cheaper than giving out candy! haha 🙂

  7. LeveledOut says:

    *Inhales deeply* *let’s out a big –* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  8. dandelion says:

    I LOVE the smell of old spice on my man and hes only 33 and I’m only 29. That being said I like the smell of Axe as well. Old Spice doesn’t have a a smell I associate with “old men”. I’ve known some old men and young men who cold stand to smell like old spice instead of the aromas they were putting off. Lol. Its all just preference.

  9. dawn_sweety says:

    old spice was always an “old man” thing to me because we would always see it in our friends parents bathroom and stuff like that, but I absolutely love the smell!! It’s all my bf buys, that and sometimes addidas (which also smells yum!) Although I would have to say I dont like AXE… something about the smell lol

  10. Silk says:

    Brilliant! I literally LOLed! Personally, I really dislike the new Old Spice commercials.

    Did anyone see the spoof Sesame Street did on the OS commercial? Love it!

    Here it is:


  11. Michelle says:’s definately like gay men don’t care what the other men smell like (sterotype) and women only like a certain smell (sterotype)..and real men would rather be with women (homophobe)..stupid advertising!

  12. Amy says:

    Um, no it’s not homophobic at all. Did you look at the youtube commercial for Old Spice? If you saw the whole thing, you’d understand that Axe is just poking fun of its competition. Even if you didn’t, you’d be kinda over sensitive if you thought the ad is homophobic. I mean anyone can ride a horse, nothing wrong with that.

    Also, Michelle I think you’re reaching because I don’t think there is a stereotype about men or women caring about smell.

  13. Diane456 says:

    Just saw the Sesame Street on Silk, I’m still laughing! Thanks for the post!

  14. Rylkat says:

    Silk, thanks for the Sesame Street parody. Love it!

  15. moe says:

    very simple . . . thought & talk of mens deodorant.

  16. AJ says:

    Every girl I know says Old Spice, Hai Karate, Brute 33, all remind them of their dad or old men.

    It’s clever marketing for OS to revive their brand. It will work for the short term, but long term it’s a failure. Old Spice needs to wait out another generation.

  17. HairlessWizard says:

    Hey, when I was a teenager, I loved and used Old Spice! As I grew up, however, I discarded Old Spice in favour of “more mature” scents. To me, Old Spice has always been a younger man’s fragrance, so the marketing is right on.

  18. AP² says:

    Just because it targets the heterosexual market and not the homosexual doesn’t mean it’s homophobic. It simply means they know who the average buyer is and they’re trying to reach to him.

  19. die-schoene-lau says:

    Blatantly sexist, like all stuff Axe. Replace “be with” by “riding”, or what?

  20. Lingling says:

    Canadians are so sad, this is by far the LAMEST thing I’ve ever seen and not to mention the only men Canada has been able to provide us with are Bryant Adams and Justin Bieber….

  21. Sally says:

    ^ ya because Jim Carey, Michael J Fox, Mike Myers, Michael Buble just to name a few count for nothing apparently.

  22. Lex says:

    Really, I would think all Canadiens would smell of some outdoor scent instead of Axe or Old Spice or any other deodorant body spray. I just imagine most Canadian Men spend their days chopping trees, wrestling moose, and bathing in creeks. So if I had to guess what Canadian men smelled like, it would probably be something like the scented automobile rear-view mirror pine trees. Those scented pine trees should really get into the deodorant body spray business and market to Canadiens! They would revolutionize deodorant business forever!!

    *All sarcasm here people; no need for the overly-sensitive’s to reply back with some pro-Canada mumbo-jumbo.

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