Free Legal Microsoft Windows Vista Business, & other Free Microsoft Products! *HURRY!*

FREE Windows Vista Business, Office 2007 and other Microsoft Products!

Note: It works, but you have to sign up as a student, not Mentor or Guest.

Thanks Fritz for the above tip

Thanks Joel for emailing me about this!!! πŸ˜€

Hey Boo,

Microsoft’s FREE software is back through imagine cup. Remember last year when they were giving away OS’s for free by “accident”, well, they screwed up again this year and are offering free copies of Vista Business. ( I have tried it multiple times and it works! =) )

As last year, you have to sign up with imagine cup : at

After you register, you must update your profile to be enrolled in one of the categories or else it wont work.

Then go to:, and order/download Windows Vista Business x32.


88 responses to “Free Legal Microsoft Windows Vista Business, & other Free Microsoft Products! *HURRY!*”

  1. rachel says:

    just tried and Not available, no luck last year either, keep trying i guess……Thanks

  2. Justin says:

    It works! Awesome. I hope they put Office up there too.

  3. johnnymarkdown says:

    The page indicated by the link asks for a password. Where do you get one?

  4. Fritz says:

    It works, but you have to sign up as a student, not Mentor or Guest.

  5. rachel says:

    Just tried again and same thing ….resource unavailable, signed up as student

  6. lester says:

    I tried too. it did not work

  7. Jenny says:

    Is it really only 404 KB? The .exe file I downloaded is only 404KB =\ I’m kinda afraid to open it because I thought it would be 2.3 GB…hope it’s not a virus/spyware.

  8. Joel says:

    After you sign up, it will redirect you to your profile. You must tick one of the categories and click update profile. As it say in the post, if you don’t “enroll” in one of the categories, it won’t work.

  9. Justine says:

    I register, confirm my registration and then go to the last page that is listed above, log in and get this message;

    “We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to download certain Microsoft software for free to help you develop your Imagine Cup entry. Only registered Imagine Cup competitors qualify for the free software download.
    Get started now.”

    The get started now is a link, and when I click on it, it does nothing,

  10. seapotato says:

    didnt work for me

  11. Joel says:

    The exe file is not spyware, it’s just a downloader. e-Academy is part of Microsoft, so I doubt that they distribute viruses.

  12. Joel says:

    Justine, check your pop-up blocker. e-Academy opens up in a new window

  13. lester says:

    Sorry guys. I re-registered. Somehow, it works!!! Hurry up!!!

  14. Morgan says:

    Just tried it and I got the resource unavailable thing but I tried going to the page a few more times, updated my profile and tried again and it worked. So keep trying, maybe the server is just busy.

  15. Boo Radley says:

    The most important thing is getting a serial number. The download itself is not as crucial

  16. SARA says:

    does it work is this credible

  17. Joel says:

    For those having trouble, here are some screen shots

    The pdf document is displayed as a portrait instead of landscape so, when you open it, click {in Adobe Reader} View>>Rotate view>> clockwise and it should look good

  18. Boo Radley says:

    Sara, this is a Microsoft website. Yes it is credible.

  19. Ted Avery says:

    I get the account, click the link to get started downloading, and then get the message:
    We’re sorry, the resource you are looking for is unavailable at this time. Return.

  20. Joel says:

    Ted, dollars to doughnuts you havent enroled in one of the competitions’ categories. You have to update your profile…

  21. SARA says:


  22. Kiki says:

    I have done everything, but when I click “get started now” i keep getting redirected to the same page… like it doesn’t direct me to academy,,,

  23. rachel says:

    YES!!! got it to work,i registered, update profile, i choose photography as category, click update profile, DON’T sign out just minimize, click on the 2nd link in original post to open new window where you get the software, choose vista business and download remembering to note the registration code.Thank you!!

  24. Paul says:

    i just had a warning come up when downloading in my internet security showing as unknown publisher?? are you sure this is not a viruse ????

  25. rachel says:

    Quick question for someone a little more tech savvy than me, i am running windows XP, i have the vista download saved but if i open this will it crash my computer as i am already running XP? How would i burn a copy to install on my computer after i remove XP? Thanks

  26. Jerry Hung says:


    I got it no problem using Firefox (there is a Popup after you click “continue” on the , couldn’t get it to work in IE)

    1. Signed up
    2. Updated profile (Software Design)
    3. (don’t even need to confirm email)
    4. Allow the popup
    5. Add Vista Business, check out

  27. Boo Radley says:

    No it is not a virus, not spyware. This is an official Microsoft website.

    It is more important to get and write down the serial number than download the file.

  28. Boo Radley says:

    Thanks Jerry for the detailed instructions πŸ˜€

  29. kiki says:

    Thanks Jerry!! I got it to work on FireFox in one try!!

  30. Steve says:

    I just downloaded Vista business and Expression Studio, worked fine. Thanks for the post

  31. Danny says:

    It works, just follow the instructions above. Make sure you allow popups

  32. SARA says:

    Now does anyone know where i can find microsoft office for free? πŸ™‚

  33. revenant says:

    Just tried it now and it worked

  34. zameluzza says:

    I’m still downloading, pretty slow tonight.
    Will I be able to burn this to a DVD as backup to install on my other PC?

    plus If I have the Key can any Windows Vista DVD be used to install and I just use my Key?

    OMG this is such a awesome find thanks hope I get it to work πŸ™‚

  35. melanie says:

    Worked great the first time. Thanxs for the post. Never would have been able to do that on my own.

  36. misri says:

    thanks for this awesome find boo,i was able to get it after the second time with joel’s instructions, thanks to joel also.

  37. Kiki says:

    what exactly does this offer entail? Just Windows Vista Business?
    What are the other Free Microsoft Products?

  38. Michelle says:

    Not working fo me…got this message

    We’re sorry, the resource you are looking for is unavailable at this time. Return

    I will try later ….

  39. wuns says:

    i did everything and still there is only a 404 file instead of the 2.3gb one
    anyone care to help me out?

  40. Sam says:

    It works for me. Thanks for your instruction Jerry Hung

  41. Joel says:

    Michelle, make sure you follow the instructions to the letter. I just tried it and it is still working.

    wuns, the 404kb file is a downloader. The MS downloader lets you download vista in pieces if you wish eg you can stop and resume any time. Try running the .exe file and it should work.

  42. melanie says:


    I dowloaded it fine. It did the unpacking part. Now how do i make it run? Or do I have to copy download to cd …then run from there?
    Help. Im stuck. Thanxs.

  43. bilahm says:

    Its gone its not there anymore damnit.

  44. shiningvictory says:

    I just tried it and it’s not on the site anymore… D=

  45. Fritz says:

    melanie, I downloaded Vista and was left with an .iso file in C:\Temp. “ISO” files are disk images, and using DVD burning program like Nero etc. you can burn it to DVD, then use it to install Vista.
    I did all this on a Mac in VMWare, so the way I did it was totally different and will just confuse matters.
    In other words, what you downloaded is not a program to install Windows, but rather a file that contains the entire install DVD for Vista.

  46. bilahm says:

    do you think they are gonna put it up again?

  47. Riche Rich says:

    How come I only see VS2005 (2 similar ones) SQL Server 2005 (32 and 64 bit) and Expression STudio only?

    I don’t see Vista. πŸ™

  48. shiningvictory says:

    It’s “Out of Stock”

  49. bilahm says:

    WTF they better put it up cause i want my share!!

  50. Riche Rich says:

    What do you mean by “Out of Stock”? I don’t even see Vista listed there anymore :\

  51. shiningvictory says:

    i tried it as soon as they took it away, damnit im using basic =.=

  52. melanie says:

    Fritz. I’m a little or alot confused. I ended up with an “iso” in my c:\temp as well. The “iso” is 2.49 GB. I was also sent this confirmation.

    Product Name: Windows Vista Business DVD
    > Delivery Method: Download Only
    > Quantity: 1 unit(s) @ $0.00 per unit
    > Sub-Total: $0.00
    So is this rendered useless?
    thanxs for the help.

  53. Riche Rich says:

    ISO is a file format to burn it into a dvd with multiple folders πŸ˜‰

  54. tom tomtom says:

    DOes this automatically install it or can i save it burn it to disc?

  55. cloudwatchin says:

    I just signed up and am downloading it now (cross my fingers everything goes alright), so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be there for the rest of you guys..

  56. cloudwatchin says:

    Melanie, try running the application now and it should go through a process of 1. Authorization, 2. Downloading (this is where i’m at), 3. Unpacking and 4. Launch Install. Hope that helps.

  57. cloudwatchin says:

    oh, nvrmind.. i think you guys are a step ahead of me..

  58. Fritz says:

    Melanie, it sounds like you’ve gone through the first three steps that cloudwatchin listed. What you are left with is an ISO file, that you need to burn to DVD with Nero or something similar.
    If you do not have Nero, there is a free app that I have used before called ImgBurn ( You will need a DVD burner in your computer, and a blank DVD obviously πŸ˜‰

  59. candy says:

    i can’t download… is it because im already using windows vista business?

  60. Riche Rich says:

    If possible, could some one link me to the product page of Vista itself right now? thanks.

  61. bilahm says:

    OMG its not there…. wtf

  62. Chris says:

    The process still works BUT Vista is not an downloadable option anymore.

  63. Toule911 says:

    I’ve got this message πŸ™

    “We’re sorry, the resource you are looking for is unavailable at this time.”

  64. Riche Rich says:

    I just need the link to the Vista Product. CAn someone please link to it for me? πŸ™

  65. none says:

    it worked but the free software options changed – now it’s expression studio and sql server

  66. ka7qur says:

    its gone… my heart is breaking

  67. cinderelladressmaker says:

    If you read the rules, you have to sign up with an email address that is a university or college email address. That is how they verify that you are indeed a student.

  68. neyugn says:

    how do u get the serial #? i dl/ed it already..

  69. Damn, can’t find Vista this year–last year I got Vista Business, Office, etc. It was schweet. I wanted another copy o’ Vista for another laptop, but it doesn’t seem to be listed anymore. =\

  70. Brad Mills says:

    Vista is no longer an option

  71. Riche Rich says:

    If someone still has a link to the product page for VISTA only, can you please post it here? Hopefully it might work πŸ™‚

  72. Jerry Hung says:

    Riche Rich: you just need any copy of Vista disc (either borrow from a friend or BT), you have the legit serial # to activate the OS, and that’s the key (not the disc)

    Note: I am not promoting illegal use of software

  73. Teresa says:

    Is it over? Should I even bother trying?

  74. JT says:

    Can someone check their history for the download link? It should look similar to this:*********&parentID=1

    Where **** is the missing information

  75. Joel says:

    JT here is the links to the exe files that MS provided me.
    They are no longer on the website but I uploaded them to a googlepages host:

    I am not sure if they will still work if you don’t have an acct. I assume that they do…

  76. Rick says:

    Thanks Joel I dont think that will work because it doesnt give an actiavtion code but if anyone else wants to try it let me know πŸ™‚

  77. Richie Rich says:

    Jerry Hung: I am well aware that Vista contains all versions of the OS on any of its DVDs. Thank you for the consideration.

    However, I needed the link to get the license key πŸ˜‰

    Since I could just slipstream a disc and use that license xD

    ~Richie Rich

  78. Rick says:

    Ya I tried the link and it downloaded the program and went to install it but it asked for an activation code πŸ™

  79. Joel says:

    Sorry, I assumed that you had a COA Key. Um, there is not much that you can do about not having a key. Try to trade someone for one in the forums or something.

  80. JT says:

    Thank you Joel!

  81. Rick says:

    Thanks Joel I appreciate what you did it was always worth a shot I thought maybe it would magically appear ha ha

  82. sunny says:

    does this still work? i think i am too late

  83. Conor Carney says:

    You can easily understand my computer within your profile. You can do the resource until you’re mentally exhausted, just to be sure that it is all working and you’re learning. If they’re bad for vista business, they’re bad for a serial number.

  84. oNeKOG says:

    Please let us know when this offer comes up again please.
    I did register with
    But when it comes to
    The user name and pass are incorrect.
    Do I use the user name and pass created at
    I’m I doing something wrong?


  85. lbal2006 says:

    I registered twice… nothing worked. A waste of time… very dissappointed.


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