Free Satin Care Shaving Gel with Coupon at Shoppers Drug Mart


In the Shoppers Drug Mart (ON) Oct. 9-15, 2010 flyer, Satin Care Shaving Gel is advertised on sale 2/$5. If you have any of the Save $5 when you buy 2 participating products (includes Satin Care) coupon from the Brandsaver flyer/website then you can get them for free. The awesome part is that if you shop on Saturday, Oct. 9th which is the 20x Optimum Points Event (on $50+ purchase), using the coupon will bring your total out of pocket expense down by $5 but you still earn 20x the  points on the value of the coupon (which is 1000 pts).

Click here to check out the SDM Oct. 9-15, 2010 flyer posted by Boo Radley for the second week in a row. Thanks!

18 responses to “Free Satin Care Shaving Gel with Coupon at Shoppers Drug Mart”

  1. :) says:

    For example:

    I buy 8 shave gels @ 2 for 5.00 = 20.00
    less coupons 5.00 WB2 x4 = -20.00

    8×1000 points = 10.00 reward level (redeem 8000)
    hst – 2.40 = 7.60 profit

    haha I guess I like doing math 🙂

  2. thewholeshebang says:

    The current Shoppers Flyer also has these for 2.99 each, so if you use your B3G 9 dollars off coupon, you get them free right now as well.

  3. TJ says:

    @ 🙂 …or you can also buy $ 50 worth of satin care & get the 20 X bonus points in addition the 1000 product bonus points for each product 🙂

  4. misslollieputty says:

    Thanks! I was going out today to use my coupons. Does Shoppers freak when you use more than one of the $5 off coupons? I know Walmart is ok…

  5. ryry says:

    Do you need a coupon for the bonus points?

  6. Cmoody8107 says:

    I didnt see anywhere about 1000 bonus points – I think she meant that when you buy 2 Satin Care for $5 with the 20x points WUS $50 promo it is worth 1000 SDM points.

  7. Jeff K says:

    How much coupons can shoppers cashiers enter before they need an override?

  8. flamingteeth says:

    In which page? Why I cannot find it…

  9. Nelly says:

    In response to the first comment, unless there are some bonus points associated with buying Satin Care, you would get 1000 points for every 2 bottles of gel that you buy, which means that 8 of them would only get you 4000 points, not 8000. That’s still a good deal, but not quite what you suggested…

  10. Jing says:

    ALL promotions of shoppers are always BEFORE tax and AFTER Discounts, Redemptions, coupons and stuff… Meaning if you have exact $50 before tax and then you use a $5 coupon then your sub total will go down to $45… You’ll have to buy an additional $5 worth of item to get the promotion(in Saturday’s case the 20x points promo.) This is for regular pointing system($1=10 points)…

    If you buy an item than has bonus points and you use a coupon you’ll still get the bonus points for that… But you won’t get 20x points on the bonus points….

    You bought 2 Satin care for 2 for $5 and used your $5 dollar coupon. And let’s say that if you buy 2 Satin care you get 1000 bonus points. Let’s also say that you got more than $50 worth of items… The total points you’ll get for the two satin care will be… 1000 bonus points…
    You’re total points earned will be the 1000(from the satin care) + regular points from the other stuff you bought with 20x points…

    In short you do not earn points if you use a coupon… Instead it lowers the points you would have gotten if you didn’t use one at all…

    A shorter example…
    You buy a can of pringles worth $1 before tax… And you used a $1 coupon for the pringles… Your total regular points earned… Zero… Don’t bother giving your optimum card… you won’t get any points…

  11. astrid says:


    Not true. Coupons count as a form of payment, so it’s the total before taxes and before coupons that must be $50 for you to get your bonus points. Try it! Cashiers are sometimes misinformed, but it’s true.

  12. Nelly says:

    I agree with astrid. I ALWAYS get my bonus (and regular) points at SDM even when my coupons bring the pre-tax total below the “minimum spend” amount.

  13. Nelly says:

    … and I have bought products for $2, used $2 off coupons on them and still received optimum points for every single one.

  14. nscouponchick says:

    Perfect! I want to start gathering items for my shelter donation! 🙂

  15. monica says:

    So there is extra bp for buying 2 satin care??? i am confused….i’ll buy at least 6 anyways…but i need clarification as this will be my first time shopping on a 20x event, using coupons….

  16. IRefuseToPayFullPrice says:

    On a regular day, $5 = 50 pts.
    On 20x points day, $5 = 1000 pts.
    There are no extra bonus points for buying the 2 Satin Care, simply the 1000 pts if you go on Oct. 9th (20x points event).

  17. Lisa says:

    Also the Green Works Cleaner product listed for $1.99. Use your $1.50 coupon from

  18. systemfx says:

    “The current Shoppers Flyer also has these for 2.99 each, so if you use your
    B3G 9 dollars off coupon, you get them free right now as well.”

    GREAT IDEA =3 FREE ^.^


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