Free Tickets Toronto vs. Boston on ***Act Fast

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Awesome freebie from Quoted from the website:

“Toronto vs. Boston
Air Canada Centre, Toronto
September 16, 2009
2 Tickets

See Toronto face off against Boston at Air Canada Centre. For FREE. For REAL!”

Quantities are limited. You must register for an icoke and a ticketmaster account to redeem this freebie.

Click here for your free tickets.

Thanks BobSagget for the post!

44 responses to “Free Tickets Toronto vs. Boston on ***Act Fast”

  1. Eva says:

    Oh my god,
    I just printed my tickets. I can’t believe it!
    Is this for real????

  2. MaricrisMas says:

    none left already!

  3. lisa says:

    I just tried and sold out. Sucks

  4. blueegg says:

    There are still some left.

  5. DSF2 says:

    Sorry, this item is sold out … When clicking on Check Out button 🙁

  6. Mia says:

    I just got them- OMG

  7. m99an says:

    damn…sold out if anybody got them and doesn’t want please can i have them… 🙁 ….and i was out being a good citizen and giving blood when this happened….

  8. benji says:

    Sold out

  9. benji says:

    You can still get a free Quizno’s sub though, 0-points required!!

  10. FDF says:

    sold out! 🙁

  11. Wakeforsoul says:

    When I hit the button they are sold out but…. it does say ” More Coming Soon” 🙂 I’m crossing my fingers.

  12. Chi of Steel says:

    Meh. At first glance, I thought it might have been the Raptors vs Celtics.

  13. leslie738 says:

    Where are the seats? Thanks

  14. joe says:

    nice just got them

  15. Andie says:

    Great deal, congrats to those who got them,. Quiznos is still there (at 6:15 ET), but it’s a free sub with the purchase of another sub, and a coke, and it expires on Aug 31.

  16. clarebear says:

    wow you guys are lucky– that would be so awesome.. I wonder if they really will get more!

  17. momof 3 says:

    I’ve been reading these replies and it’s funny how people got them later in the day and those who didn’t tried earlier! I hope they do it again.. i missed out..too bad!

  18. showler says:

    What sport?

  19. Matt says:

    click the link you lazy ass

  20. lisa says:

    Yeah, i agree with Momof 3. I tried and said sold out, but 1 minute later someone said they got theres. How can that be?/

  21. marblez says:

    lisa it is very simple… they were just slow in posting a message.

  22. boo says:


  23. carolincanada says:

    Said try later don’t know if that means “SOLD OUT” for real or try again, but I will try again, what a great offer if I can get them

  24. marcko says:

    OMGGG i just oredered 2 pairs :D:D:D with 2 seperates address -work/home…hmm i probably shouldnt have done that but ah well!

  25. Vicky says:

    I hope it will come again, my bf will love it!!!

  26. Jana says:

    marcko…..when did you order 2 pairs?! I’ve been chking the site approx. every hr today with no avail. Not sure how you got lucky with 2 pairs… interesting.

  27. Sallycat says:

    Jana…yes, it is interesting how marcko got the tickets. I’ve been checking all day as well. ????

  28. purple_raptor says:

    guys… i would be a tad bit careful. first off, no mention of what sport/teams. secondly, check out the air canada centre calendar of events.. nothing for september 16th. hmm..

  29. Robin says:

    I was concerned too but some other members posted that coke sponsered a game like this last year as well. There are no tickets for sale, it is a pre season warm up or somthing. Also the fact that Ticketmast is involved lends it credibility I think . . .

  30. lisa says:

    Same here i’ve been trying all day yesterday and this morning and still says comming soon, so how did u get tickets Marcko

  31. Hermes says:

    Also, if you check out the Leafs 2009/2010 schedule, their pre-season starts on Sept.16 against the Bruins.

  32. purple_raptor says:

    thank Lisa & Hermes for that info!!

  33. purple_raptor says:

    i mean thx Robin & Hermes!

  34. Hermes says:

    You’re welcome purple_raptor! I was weary at first too, so I checked into it right away. Good luck to everyone who haven’t gotten tickets yet. I was disappointed at first that it was a pre-season game, but my husband told me pre-season tickets cost almost as much, if not the same as regular ones. So it’ll be worthwhile to keep trying, in my opinion!

  35. lisa says:

    Someone wanted to trade their tickets for $ 80.00 worth of stuff, gift cards , coupons etc. Is that unreasonable price considering they were free from icoke ?????

  36. Robin says:

    I think so. I’d wait since it says that more are coming soon.

  37. Marcko says:

    hmm well i tried with my home computer (toronto ip) and it was sold out all week…then strangely enough i went to work, tried again and it went through (i used my wife’s account and secondary address with another work computer to get a second pair).
    Note: my work computers’ internet connection goes through our headquartered new york location firewall, and shows an american ip location rather than our real toronto ip. Im thinking theres a certain amount of tix availble PER REGION. Therefore it went through because they think im in the new york area:D

  38. maureen34 says:

    .wow thanks marcko it worked! ur genius…i masked my ip and refreshed the page and they were available. THANKK YOUUU!

  39. trrifk says:

    maureen34 how do you mask your IP? can you walk us through it?

  40. Lisa says:

    Yes please Marco and Maureen, how did you change the IP adress

  41. hya_been says:

    Masked my IP and it says sold out. Oh well, this is mid-week which is very impractical for me.

  42. theletterM says:

    I don’t understand the lingering “more coming soon” icon that now lives on the promotional page for this game. I asked Coke about this, and they responded a week later saying, “We are happy to help and are currently researching this for you. Someone from our team will follow up with you within 5-7 business days.” I’m not impressed. Why can’t they just admit that they sold out immediately and there aren’t going to be any more tix??? Not impressed with this at all. By the time they figure out what’s going on the game will be over…

  43. nwriter says:

    The link is no longer active – I suppose all tickets were given away. Though, I checked all week long while the link was up – ’til tonight. Bummer!

  44. Ronnie Enget says:

    Hi Randy, I definitely agree with your advice to spend our cash only on the things that will help but not on the ones which MIGHT help us one day. That’s the very right advice I have bumped into the Internet! Have a happy vacation!

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