Gymboree Canada Everything In Store & Online Priced at $13.99 or Less!

Gymboree is one of my favorite stores to check out for my son but I rarely buy anything because it’s so expensive.  Well not right now it isn’t!  Right now in store and online everything is priced at $13.99 or less!  They have a bunch of really cute stuff and the prices are great.  They have shorts, tees and tanks at just $4.99.  Gymboree clothes are really great on wash and wear too.

Click here to check out the sale online.

Thanks to couopnlady for posting this sale!

18 responses to “Gymboree Canada Everything In Store & Online Priced at $13.99 or Less!”

  1. Steph2121 says:

    You can also combine a coupon with this sale. If you sign up as a rewards member you get a 10%off emailed to your inbox right away 🙂 or if you have acess to a Disney Family Fun Magazine, there is a 20% off coupon insert.

  2. Dee says:

    This is the US website not Canadian 🙁 wonder how much duty will be… anyone ever ordered is it worth it?

    • Bianca says:

      Hi there, I just received my stuff by Canada Post. I paid originally $48.87 (CAD) and I was charged $11 for shipping and receiving. I had to pay additionally $25 at Canada Post in order to pick it up: $11.50 duties, Taxes $4.01, Fees $10.00
      Not sure if it makes sense to pay 71.63% on top of my purchase to import to Canada!!!

  3. Sally says:

    there is no Canadian site, this is the only site for Gymboree.

  4. Dee says:

    So has anyone ordered from them how much do you get dingged with duties etc? Does it make it worth it?

  5. Lee says:

    Hi Dee,
    Last year I ordered just under $60 and got dinged about $20. Not worth it in my opinion.

  6. Minou says:

    It’s worth it when things are on for good clearance prices, it’s 30% off, and you have a 20% coupon. US prices have normally been much lower than Canadian prices (although they’ve started to fix this problem lately) Alternately, it’s good when you have US Gymbucks and the items you’re getting are on clearance, especially when they’re items (like size 3 boys’ jeans) that are always out of stock on store clearance racks. They carry a lot more stock/sizes online, and I notice that the prices seem to get marked down faster there than they do in the Canadian stores.

    I believe I’ve been paying somewhere between $25-$32 on my orders of $100-$120 or so. I’ve found it’s best to have a bigger order… I’ve had $60 orders that have cost me $25 in duty/taxes/Canada Post brokerage charges. Part of the duty calculation depends on where the items were made (they ship the box with a list of the items and the place of manufacture for each) Might be good to order with a friend so you can share the shipping/duty costs. My dad often orders with me when he needs gifts for my nieces for Christmas/Birthdays.

    When I know I’m going to be going on a trip across the border, I’ll sometimes have my order shipped to a parcel pickup place on the other side of the border that charges $5 per package for the service. It means I can declare my items at the border when I return, and I get the cheaper US shipping rate. If I stay a couple of days on my trip, I can bring the stuff back without paying duty. Makes it much cheaper!

    Online had great clearance sales last July. Bought a whole summer wardrobe for my oldest son!

  7. Carrie says:

    There is a lot of duty, etc. Last year I placed an order for $195 and got dinged $68 in duty. I’ll never order from them again.

  8. Kay says:

    If you can’t go in-store, you can do a phone order from any Canadian store. Just phone the store, tell them you’d like to do a phone order. They should take your coupon code over the phone if you have one- just ask first to confirm. They’ll take your order, charge your card, and mail it to you for a $10 flat rate.

  9. Kay says:

    @ Carrie- From any company your order from, any clothing that isn’t made in the USA will be charged about 35% of your total order in customs/duty. It’s Canadian law. Orders under a $20 value aren’t charged duty, but that hardly is worth it when you’re paying $10 or more in shipping. 🙁
    It’s not Gymboree’s fault, its Canada Customs and Revenue.

  10. Carrie says:

    Thank you Kay, that’s good information! I know it isn’t Gymboree’s fault, but it doesn’t change that I won’t order from them again, or from other retailers in the same boat. Its unfortunate. I’ll try the phone order next time!

  11. Veronica says:

    I just ordered clearance items with total amount of CAD114 for 12 items, the duty is 30.91. Just FYI.

  12. Susan says:

    Duty is very high, I won’t order online again! I just go over to Niagara Falls NY and shop in person. We rarely have to pay duty and I always declare my purchases. They just say “have a nice day”

  13. Susan says:

    In fact I now have a US address and they charge aflat fee of $10.00 per package. I just purchased a city select twin stroller for $705.00 for my soon to arrive grandchildren, had it shipped free to my US address, and only paid $10.00 handling fee. I saved $350.00 dollars buying from the US site, better in my pocket. They didn’t even ask me what I had purchased at the border so no duty paid! We are also ordering the cribs and saving $400.00. The car seats I bought here as our laws are different and we wanted to make sure they passed all government regulations. I know people say buy Canadian but its my money and this was a lot of money to save, especially whe we need two of everything.

  14. Sheryl says: DOES NOT EXIST – it automatically links to WITHOUT alerting the buyer to what has happened. Canadian buyers are subject to Duties, which more than cancels any discounts offered. The Gymboree Bucks that come with the receipt CANNOT be used in Canada, although the Cdn stores run a parallel campaign. They have officially lost me as a customer! I tried this today and there were 4 customers in front of me whose Bucks were turned away. Terrible online retailing practice. The Cdn store simply said that they DO NOT honor any Gymboree online or American marketing, despite that online marketing combines the descriptions of US and Cdn stores. They are separate and we are effectively penalized for being Cdn consumers. Don’t buy here

  15. Bianca says:

    Hi there, I just received my stuff by Canada Post. I paid originally $48.87 (CAD) and I was charged $11 for shipping and receiving. I had to pay additionally $25 at Canada Post in order to pick it up: $11.50 duties, Taxes $4.01, Fees $10.00
    Not sure if it makes sense to pay 71.63% on top of my purchase to import to Canada!!!

  16. Bianca says:

    And, it is very important that Gymboree does not worn you at all about “importing” part. They just tell you that you will pay in your country currency, giving you impression that you will get it from Canada, not US!

    I don’t think I’ll be desperate in future to order anything from them.

  17. Anna says:

    I got slap with $99 duty for almost $200, and their website did not warn you about the duty fee we have to pay for, they should change the way they handling Canadian customers, a warning on check out would be nice.


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