Hey Canada, Fave Pizza Joint?


While driving home from Detroit this week we stopped for a bit.  We decided on Hungry Howies. I had never eaten there before but it was only $10 for a large pizza with flavoured crust of our choice and a large bread stix.  It was absolutely fantastic! I hadn’t had pizza that delish in years.  It got me thinking, there just isn’t that many huge pizza franchises in Canada compared to the USA which sucks.  If you had to choose your fave Canadian pizza joint who would you pick?  Toppings?

I guess if I have to stay Canadian I’d have to go with Godfather’s Pizza. I think theres just under 70 of them in Ontario.  My favourite toppings are pineapple, pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms and bacon.

116 responses to “Hey Canada, Fave Pizza Joint?”

  1. Carrie Hamm says:

    I live in Saskatchewan – I love Verns pizza – Special – Ham, Pep, Salmami, green pepers and pinapple and lots of pizza sauce – i you have never had verns before it’s eating 3 slices in one – one slice is enough!!!

  2. April C says:

    Definitely Pizza Delight. I used to live in New Brunswick and took it for granted. Then my husband and I moved to Edmonton and now we have to drive 30 minutes to get to one of only 2 PD’s in Alberta but believe you me, it is totally worth the trip. Nobody does garlic fingers like they do. NOBODY!!!

  3. Dana says:

    My favourite is Boston Pizza! I love pepperoni, bacon, sausage, onions, green olives, green peppers and mushrooms on my pizza 🙂

  4. honeydoo says:

    oh god. *cravings*

  5. tudorchick says:

    there’s a local place in my town.it is called pizza shack…they are like your old family run,traditional italian place..i would put their pizza up against panago,boston,pizza delight,etc anytime.personally i dont care for chain pizza now because of them..i hope they never go away…. lol

  6. irre says:

    Pizzaiolo or Cora’s downtown t.o.

  7. SnowWhiteFanatic says:

    I like it when we have to travel out Goderich / Sarnia way for family and get New Orleans pizza……..its AWESOME!!! They don’t have any in the GTA but they’re every where there.

  8. Alex says:

    Papa Murphy’s in Vancouver area (chain restaurant) is delicious. Chicken Florentine pizza is delicious.

  9. kissjo says:

    Best pizza is in a city east of Edmonton called Nitza Pizza…AMAZING! They have the best donair pizza ever. So terribly fattening, but amazing!

  10. Natalka says:

    Oh, I agree with the first poster Carrie about Vern’s – it’s an amazing experience in itself!
    Our favourite as a family is, lol, Family Pizza – it’s yummy and affordable when they have coupons out.
    But my personal fave is definitely Pizza Hut – the Canadian pan pizza.

  11. kekes says:

    Frank’s Pizza in Selkirk Manitoba … ummm good! This little storefront business has survived several of the chain store pizzerias ie: pizza hut, domino’s, gondolza …….
    Place to Go ! and you get to watch them make and cook the pizza every step of the way!

  12. adora says:

    Pizza Hut is great for dine-in. Their cheese is amazing, but loses integrity during delivery.

    In Toronto, try to avoid those trying too hard to be authentic Italian pizza. There is a war among them to be the thinnest pizza in town. (There is one called “Super Model Pizza, because they are thin.) They’re so taken with being thin, they forgot about taste.

  13. JEN says:

    Yikes, you missed the BEST pizza place in Detroit. Pizza Papalis has the most memorable pizza. http://www.pizzapapalis.com/

    If you were here in Windsor, Antonino’s is a family owned and operated place with a really good pizza.

  14. linda s says:

    COMIO’S pizza in Whitby on Dundas. They make their own crust and a walk in special is $7.99 for a pepperoni large pizza anytime….delicious with their wings.

  15. Wilson says:

    Wherever I’ve lived I’ve found a local mom/pop pizza place that I’ve loved, except the small town that I’m in now. When I lived in Sarnia, they had the BEST mom/pop pizza places – and the most variety. Firenzes’ and Giresi’s are the best in Sarnia – and I’ve lived all over Ontario and they are the best I’ve found anywhere.

    Where I am now, I just go to Dominos. Not a whole lot of selection.

  16. Youngmom says:

    In our city, London, the best pizza has to be Byron Pizza! Looking forward to ordering some tomorrow! mmmmmmmm

  17. DebD says:

    I look for the small mom and pop shops as well. In Ottawa I really like Preston Pizza.

    As for chains, I am fan of Pizza Hut if I’m dining in. I really never think of them for a delivery pizza.

  18. Peppermint Patty says:

    I prefer family owned restaurants, franchises are a constant disappointment. Stingy on ingrediants, quality and preparation is assembly line style. There actually are not many of them in Montreal because the mom and pops beat them hands down. Some Boston Pizzas are even closing.

  19. Peaches says:

    I love to make homemade pizza. That way I can make it healthy using whole wheat crust, lots of veggies (onions, okra, asparagus, mushrooms, red peppers) and fruit (pineapple and cherry tomatoes). I usually avoid cheese on pizza since its so high in fat and just have it with fresh homemade tomato sauce or pesto.

  20. Jennifer says:

    In Kitchener…hands down Pepi’s Pizza!! It’s the best!

  21. sweetmomma says:

    In London Tony’s Pizza is amazing but expensive. If you want a popular brand I love Pizza Hut! I love Canadian, and Hawaiian!

  22. Jessica says:

    Hmmm theres 2 Sammy’s Pizza’s in Calgary and they’re AMAZING. Main Chains I like are Panago and CPU though.

  23. Mark says:

    I want to try papa johns pizza. I wish they would come to Canada, it looks good on the commercials.

  24. Grace says:

    In St Catharines – The Pizza Company on Pelham.
    Always 15min and we can get a 24 slice tray cheese and pepperoni for 12.99 – makes the kiddies happy.
    I also make my own but my son likes the “pizza from the pizza store” better

  25. Amy says:

    In Ottawa – Gabriels Pizza.

  26. Nat says:

    Youngmom ans sweetmomma, you should try Lenny’s Pizza on wellington Rd (and Grand Ave I think.. Just after the little pizza Hut if travelling North)! I haven’t had it in a little while but we get bacon and pepperoni and they put a generous amount of everything; SOO good and they are SOO friendly!! =D

  27. caroman says:

    when we lived in Winnipeg my DH was a regular at Gondola on Portage Ave.
    they gave us a xmas card every year and a free pizza when we had our first child. we moved to AB and a couple of years later were visiting in Winnipeg. my DH wanted so badly to have his favorite pizza so he called the same Gondola and placed his usual order(double bacon/xtra cheese-otherwise know to me and our friends as heart attack on a plate). The guy who took the order was the owner whom my DH always dealt with and he asked if this was my DH calling. THat’s customer service!!! it was a pizza reunion!!
    and yes even I thught this was the best pizza in the past three places we have lived.

  28. Jen M says:

    Megabite Pizza in Vancouver. Been a favorite for years! I like to just pick up different slices and they give you a discount when you get a box full. Delicious! Other than that, we order Domino’s a lot, because it’s the cheaper one. Just mushrooms and olives for us.
    If you are ever in Bellingham, WA, go to La Fiamma Pizza!

  29. M. says:

    I *LOVE* Panago pizza

  30. FreebieChick says:

    I have a few faves:

    Gino’s Pizza

  31. FreebieChick says:

    Fave toppings = Pepperoni & Italian Sausage!!!!

  32. Christina says:

    Pizza Pizza is the best by far – for its casein-free cheese, delicious non-greasy dough, and outright customisability for a fair price.

  33. Trish says:

    my favorite pizza comes from my small-town local pizza joint, TNT pizza.

  34. ruby says:

    if you live in markham ontario u have to try crupis pizza best place to get your pizza

  35. Steve-O says:

    Best pizza I’ve had in Canada is Pizza Town in the Halifax area.

    Best pizza I’ve had in the States is Giordanos in Orlando.

  36. sally says:

    ^ We had Giodanos Steve O! It was good!

  37. Maddie2008 says:

    I would also have to say Godfathers Pizza. But then again, i have to say so, because DH’s cousin owns the one in our town 🙂

  38. pizzalover says:

    I LOVE PANAGO!!!! I work there too. lol 16 million combinations.

  39. mary1234 says:

    In Brantford, my favourite’s are local establishments. I love Maria’s Pizza here in town and the best deal is Stromboli’s! We also have a Godfather’s nearby but I’ve never tried it – apparently I should.

  40. ninna says:

    @ Youngmom

    I’d have to agree 100%. Nothing beats Byron Pizza in London ON!

  41. Halifax pizza SUCKS says:

    I live in Halifax and I have to say we must have the highest pizza joints per capita in all of Canada, AND THEY ALL SUCK !!!
    Awful crust as thick as a phone book, cheap pepperoni with a radius of that equalling a dinner plate and sauce that you know came straight from a paint can costing all of $3.99 for the gallon.
    Being from Sydney, I am spoiled on pizza after growing up with the greatest pizza around from Napoli Pizzeria.
    I always bring 2 or 3 back to Halifax with me and freeze the pieces individually to warm up when I want my “fix”
    God knows Halifax has NOTHING to offer !
    ( As a side note, I’ve found a great way to reheat pizza. Put a frying pan on low, put a slice in it and cover it. It takes a while, but when the cheese on top of the slice starts to get soft, it’s heated through. Check the crust and it should be nice and crispy. )

  42. joe says:

    louis pizza on ottawa, on

  43. Eric says:

    I am in downtown Toronto and a place that opened ~3-4 years ago i think called “Panago”. Their pizza is amazing!

    My second pick is Mamma’s Pizza; i had one w/pesto sauce instead of the usual tomato sauce with mushrooms, onions, red pepper and feta cheese.
    Now that’s one good Veggie pizza.

  44. Chris says:

    Ginos Famouns Pizza- Not the Franchise. Located in Bowmanville, Ontario

  45. Rachel says:

    NO QUESTION Diana’s Gourmet Pizza. You have to try it at least once in your life! Its pricy but it is absolutely mouthwatering…mmmmm..I could go for some right now 🙂

  46. Courteney says:

    Honestly, Windsor, ON has the best pizza in Ontario, I’m almost positive! Windsor Pizza is delicious, as is Cheese Wheelz with their garlic crust. I have honestly never lived anywhere with such yummy pizza options. Being next to the border is also great, Pizza Papalis is delicious!

  47. sally says:

    I guess im going to have to try that pizza joint in London.

  48. Nicole says:

    I’m originally from windsor, ontario and windsor pizza is also one of my favs! I recall franco’s being good too and sarducci’s.

    Now I live in nova scotia, and where I live theres not a whole lot of big pizza chains. There’s a small pizza shop called big daddys pizza and it’s so awesome, but the toppings are pretty basic.

    I like pizzapizza for it’s variety and the garlic dip. *drools*, but the crust often resembles cardboard.
    Little cesars is alright. Can’t go wrong with a 5$ walk in.

    Worst pizza ever—dominoes.

    My fav toppings are feta, spinach and sun dried tomatoes! 😀

  49. tracey says:

    Pictou County Pizza!! where I’m from in NS has the best pizza and the most pizza places per capita in North America. If you’ve had it you know what I speak of, if you haven’t had it and you find yourself in Pictou County NS try Andre’s or Sams. YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!

  50. tracey says:

    oh yeah don’t believe me google Pictou County Pizza lol. When I go home, the only way my brother will pick me up here in Ontario is if I have some in my luggage lol

  51. jennifer says:

    Pizza Huts buffet is the best! I love the cinamin bun dessert.

  52. kellyr says:

    Windsor does have the best pizza! Love Windsor Pizza is a great place and I love Naples! 🙂

  53. LJW says:

    Being from Windsor I would say that the pizza is good there but why the canned mushrooms?

    Done right Pizza Pizza is the best. The sauce is fantastic! Pizza is never too greasy and lots of choice for toppings. Their healthy crust is good too when you want something a little heathier.

  54. tash says:

    Dante’s Pizza in Thornhill, ON. One slice is considered dinner, and the toppings are always fresh and natural.


  55. FatB says:

    When ordering out I usually have Papa John’s. It’s ingredients are fresh & tasty, but what I really like compared to other franchises is that it’s crust is soft and chewy. Never soggy or too tough. It comes with garlic butter dipping sauce, so it’s the only pizza crust that I’ll eat entirely without leaving ends.

  56. ChristineH says:

    In Kitchener it has to be Magic Pizza on Westheights dr. The BEST! Family owned place, can’t go wrong!

  57. JEnn says:

    If I had to pick a chain it would be Panago with spinach, mushrooms, tomato, bacon, and feta. My favourite hometown pizza, Capone’s, closed recently and I really miss it.

  58. Mike says:

    If you are in Oshawa you have to try GOGO’s pizza they put on alot of toppings and cheese. In Ajax there is another called Pizza Pinos they are to must tries.

  59. Barb294 says:

    In BC and only five locations, the ONLY pizza I eat other than my homemade is Me-n-Eds. Thin crust, your choice of white or whole wheat, pick your sauce, then add your toppings. A little expensive, but well worth it.

  60. benji says:

    I LOVE Dominos. Yum yum!! Pizza Hut comes in second.

  61. Laura says:

    The food chains are not always the best…but I have my pick none the less I like Pango for their crust not so much their toppings…
    Dominos for their sauce..
    Pizza hut for their Stuffed crust…

    But best of all this little pizza place in Pitt Meadows on Harris Rd called Pappa Leo’s they are the best all around and you get your bang for your buck as well. And it must be good if all the local kids hang out there to get a slice which means its affordable as well. Everything about their pizza makes my mouth water they have it all a good combo for any occasion I suppose…

  62. melis says:

    Mossimo’s in Fonthill is the favourite in our household!!!!

  63. karen says:

    Windsor has the best pizza, hands down !

  64. shejayd says:

    My all time fave is Verns, well worth the price. But if you are ever in Calgary, you need to try Atlas pizza on Memorial Dr, YUM! They make it greek style, so it is pizza topping slathered in mozza, sooo good.

  65. Justine says:

    PIZZAIOLO in Toronto, Pizza Hut if I’m out of the Toronto area.

  66. liz lepper says:

    I am a great fan of Pizzaville in Pickering. They have the thin, whole wheat crust that is the crunchiest. And the toppings are the freshest.

  67. MzzDymez says:

    Dominos and Pizza Hut …YUMMM

  68. crochetlady says:

    My fave is the Pizza Hut buffet. Takeout is New Orleans

  69. zeekid says:

    In Brandon Manitoba there is a little pizza place called Romano’s. It has the best pizza – a Romano’s special with baked in sour cream! YUM

  70. PaulaG219 says:

    There’s a place here in Moncton called Cut Throat Pizza…they make poutine pizza…omg..too die for…and well…you’d probably die if you ate it too often as well. The crust on the pizza taste like a pimped up homemade crust…it’s fantastic..no matter what toppings you get.

  71. Thomas says:

    Andrea’s in North Vancouver BC. Greek/Italian themed, but heavier on the Greek. Their 10 topping house special is the one you really want.

  72. Dean69 says:

    Not one mention of pizza pizza? it appears everyone has good taste in pizza.
    My vote Parti Pizza in Ottawa

  73. Dyan says:

    I have to say the best pizza I have ever had and still crave comes from my home town,Firenzes in Sarnia Ont. The restaurant is small but has been known to have up to a four hour wait on their pizza and it really is worth the wait.I get the supreme (ham,bacon,pep,mushrooms,greens peppers and green olives) every time I visit.

  74. Julie says:

    Another vote for Panago. Looking forward to going home to the UK for a visit soon and going to Pizza Express. so good

  75. Aslan says:

    In Vancouver probably this small place called 2001 Flavours, mainly due the cheap price. There are also other places like Lombardo’s and Ragazzi which are also very good, but also more expensive.

    In North Vancouver I’ve basically given up and make my own, since I haven’t had a good slice here in ages.

  76. MrsSunshine says:

    We have a little bar here in London, called Fitz Rays, absolutely the best pizza. Instead of pasta sauce it has ranch dressing. SO yummy.

  77. mydusty says:

    Oh Sally, if you ever go to the Detroit area again, let me know, I can give you the names of many pizza places that are waaaaay better than Hungry Howie’s (although I do agree HH’s is great). If you go anywhere near East Pointe / St. Clair Shores you must, must, must try Villa Restaurant and Cloverleaf Restaurant. They both have amazing pizza.

  78. Mandy says:

    Dundas Pizza in Dundas, Ontario!

  79. HCE says:

    Agree with all the Windsorites – but I’d say Arcata Pizza. Miss it sooo much.

  80. lucky one says:

    Romeo’s on Vancouver Island has pizza to die for (in a good way:))

  81. Mary Ann says:

    i have tried them all, and my favourite is GINO’S, their crust is the best. i love all varieties!

  82. mcat0 says:

    Libretto pizza on Ossington in Toronto. Truly an authentic Neapolitain pizza with a certificate to prove it. Delicious wood-fired pizza Margherita. To remain authentic, all the ingredients must be Italian, so it is not for those who wish to eat local products. Worth the sacrifice.

  83. veterzzz says:

    Me ‘n Eds Pizza in Burnaby, BC

  84. cwjjjerome says:

    First I would say here in Winnipeg,MB is SLICES PIZZA is to order the Mission Impossible Pizza Totallly Delish, Second is try to get a pizza with banana and mashino cherries on a Hawaiian pizza, Totlly yummy. Now get this in Winnipeg I heard someplace is making a pizza with mango, Sound good eh!!!!

    Chris out.

  85. Spectrum4life says:

    @Jen M – I so agree with you on Mega Bites. I live 6 hours away and came down for a concert and just happened upon that place and have craved it ever since. I make a special trip downtown just to get it! Even though I think there are other locations, I know how to get to that one!! lol

  86. Eric says:

    Back in Miramichi it was Pizza Delight for the caesar salad, calzones and Gartlic fingers, but Pizza Shack for the pizzas and Donair fingers.

    Now that I’m in Fredericton and most are too far away to offer delivery or even visit for me, I have to say my fave is Jessy’s.

  87. Ida says:

    Depends on where I am. If I’m in Markham, Crupi’s Pizza. If I’m in Richmond Hill, Mamma’s Pizza. If I’m downtown, Pizzaiolo! Fave combo are mushrooms, pineapple and ground beef.

  88. direstr8s says:

    In Mississauga there is no other Pizza to eat than Luca Pizza. Its a Family run old school place. Thin crust always fresh toppings and always fast without compromising quality

  89. jthompso says:

    Guelph On – Victoria Rd Pizza. Best family owned/ran pizza place around.

  90. Sara says:

    I love Little ceasers cheese pizza!!! MMMMM its sooo good!

  91. Erin Docherty says:

    We have a place here in Pembroke that JUST opened called Joe’s!! It is the most delicious pizza i’ve ever had!! It’s 10.99 for an X-Large!! <3 LOVE JOES!

  92. John says:

    In Peterborough, you have to have Jim’s Pizza. There use to be 5 spread through out central Ontario but now the family only has another on in Trenton I believe. The pizza is all homemade and absolutely delicious. Check out this review: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g155008-d975940-r78329251-Jim_s_Pizzeria-Peterborough_Ontario.html

  93. Litesandsirens911 says:

    No question about it, I would have to say ALi Baba Pizza, a family run Island pizzeria joint…and my favorite is their veggie pizza with fresh spinach, sundried tomatoes, feta , black olives, mushrooms, garlic and peppers….mmmm

  94. Tootie says:

    Are we talking about a Pizza joint? Or a personalized pizza served at a fancy restaurant? But either way, one of the more delish pizzas I enjoyed in the past was served at an Italian eatery in Mississauga, FiAMMA Ristorante. The namesake pizza, Fiamma, is to die for for a gourmet pizza topper like myself: rapini, goat cheese, spicy Italian sausage, smoked bacon, and cremini mushroom… Mmmm.. soo gooddd!!

  95. Will says:

    The best pizza place, in my opinion, is Uncle Fatih’s at East Broadway and Commercial Drive in Vancouver. Whenever I’m out west I pay them a visit. All of their pizzas are FANTASTIC, and you must try their Potato Pizza!!

  96. Stephania says:

    Good, interactive post!

    Definitely NOT the best is Pizza Pizza. Crust is waaay too thick and I don’t enjoy it!

    I think the last really good pizza was from Artisano. They serve personal, small sized pizzas that are really delicious! Boston Pizza isn’t bad either.

    Haven’t tried the newbies like Pizzaiolo, Panago, etc.

  97. Claudette says:

    Small family owned business called The Barrel, they make awesome pizza, wings and italian meals..:-) One in Simcoe Ontario and think 2-3 in and around the Toronto Area, look them up and try it out their food, they make the best pizza, wings and caesar salad! Baked spaghetti and they even serve greek souvlaki is to die for. You want a delicious dinner, check businesses on 411 Canada Lookup in Business in Ontario and type in THE BARREL and make the trip, food to die for..:-)

  98. Lisa says:

    Like Tracey said, and pizza from Pictou County, NS beats any pizza I’ve had anywhere. I live in Halifax now and blech. I get friends to bring me one when they come up. I even had one brought when I lived in Victoria lol. Yes- it’s THAT good. Acropole, Ted’s, Sam’s, Alice’s… you won’t be disappointed.

  99. wilson1643 says:

    I have to agree with Tracey about the Pictou county pizza it is the best, my daughter lives in Halifax and my son in Toronto and whenever I visit I have to bring pizza. Anyone who has ever left Pictou County misses the pizza it is the best pizza ever!!!!!!! Sam’s Trenton :)hmm think I’ll go get a slice:)

  100. lovetocruise says:

    By far the best pizza – Sam’s Pizza in New Glasgow/Stellarton NS, or Alice’s Pizza in New Glasgow! I live in Ontario now, and I miss it soooo much. We bring it back in our luggage just like Tracey said above.

  101. sara says:

    I love Il Paesano in Etobicoke!

  102. shopaholic says:

    Uncle Fatihs in Vancouver all the way!!

  103. FDF says:

    If you want real authenticate wood oven pizza…i love a place called “Ice Cream Patio” located in Woodbridge Ontario.

  104. willowsprite says:

    I usually make my own pizza, but I really like Topper’s. Best crust ever! I can’t duplicate that. They make a good chicken bruchetta pizza, which I have copied…mine tastes better except for the crust. 😉

  105. itsvince says:

    Diamond Pizza in East Toronto is great!

  106. janine says:

    Bitars in Elmsdale, NS…..but i dont mind Jessy’s in Halifax either.

  107. Toby says:

    Definitely Uncle Fatih’s in Vancouver, beef and blue cheese!

  108. Rob says:

    unforgettably i have to disagree with Jennifer post #23 while it was the best, i wish they kept their original sauce just like Dominos, and pepi’s ground beef needs to be seasoned. I haven’t tried to many different places but my favorite is Double Double, pepperoni, ground beef, bacon and sometimes chicken which is also well seasoned

  109. KC says:

    Chain-wise I love Panago! I remember when it used to be called Panagopolis (I guess nobody could pronounce it), but it disappeared for a while – so distraught until I found out a couple years ago that Panago was the same thing. Love the Hawaiian – they put something in the sauce to make it sweet, which goes so well with the ham & pinnapple. It’s that sauce I pined for when it was gone 🙂

    There are so many great little pizza places around Winnipeg that it would take years to try them all – it’s almost easier to just remember which places not to go to. Thanks for the suggestions in Brandon & Selkirk though – I’ll have to check them out!

  110. Stephanie says:

    There are SO many food things I miss from the US since I moved to Canada, and Hungry Howie’s is DEFINETLY one of them – they have SUCH good subs too!

    Does anyone know a good one in Oakville/Burlington? Because all the ones I’ve tried so far have been a real let down.

    If you are ever in the Canton, Ohio area, look up Pizza Oven – hands down the best pizza EVER. They are square, and full of deliciousness. It’s local, and oh man, I crave it. Everytime I go back to my hometown, I buy a pizza to bring back.

    …dang, I miss Pizza Oven. lol

  111. Stephanie says:

    Oh, and MARK, Papa Johns IS in Canada – I just saw one in Kitchener. I think it tastes a lot like Delissio (which is Degornio in the US! lol).

  112. Andrea says:

    Come to Montreal and enjoy B&M pizza! Yummy! B&M Special which is an all dressed with smoked meat! Mmmmm….

  113. Cattiva says:

    Fat Cat’s Pizza in Welland and St. Catharines. Their foccaccia bread/paninis have major drool factor.

  114. Deni says:

    Here in Edmonton, we love a local franchise called Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria. It’s authentic Neopolitan thin crust pizza which is made with a specific Italian low gluten flour, and tomatoes imported from Italy. It’s fire roasted in a special oven for 90 seconds at 900F, and it’s the best pizza ever! Haven’t been to the chains for a long while. Location also in Calgary I believe.

  115. kerry says:

    In Vancouver,I don’t like the Pizza Chains,too much salt and not enough of a homemade taste.I Like Pizza’s done in brick ovens etc.Lombardo’s is good..

  116. Scott says:

    Well there’s this little Village in Northern Ontario Called Restoule, They have a cute yet Big Shop located in Downtown Restoule called Angela’s Ice Cream and Restoule Family pizza ,,,, The Pizza there is out of this world Delicious, all fresh ingredients and you can tell !!!
    Just west of North bay Ontario Canada 🙂


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