How Canadian Troops Make Coffee in Afghanistan

I came across this hilarious video on! On top of learning how to make coffee in the desert I found out that there is such a thing as a “boot band” 😛

Warning for coarse language and excessive use of the F word. If that offends you don’t watch.


37 responses to “How Canadian Troops Make Coffee in Afghanistan”

  1. Me says:

    Boot bands= what my cat loves to steal from my husband and destroy:)

  2. Scarecrow says:

    F Ya!!!!

  3. MadCaddia says:

    Those guys really like their coffee!

  4. Karla says:

    ….Wow. Not even gonna watch the whole thing. Could ya not make the army look like a bunch of redneck idiots maybe?

  5. Tessa says:

    @Karla, let the guys have some fun without complaining about their language. They’re not doing an easy/fun job out there. Nothing like a little comic relief. 😀

    Loved the video, made me smile. 🙂

  6. French Lady says:

    This one made me smile. When you’re in combat, you need to be able to vent and have a good laugh. I say good for them and don’t judge them, especially if you’ve never had to deal with combat conditions.

  7. Alicia says:

    haha, too funny! 😀

  8. abbasgirl says:

    No. I don’t buy it. You can do a difficult job, vent and have a good laugh without sounding like a first class idiot. Soldiers are worthy of respect and this was completely beneath them.

  9. amy says:

    HAHAHA that was awesome. Luv it!

  10. Mist_ynight says:

    Would have been more entertaining with out all the f-bombs. They are pretty resourceful, those guys must love their coffee.

  11. Keith says:


  12. king tut says:

    loved it – thanks for posting!

    The language is part of what made it sooooo funny, young men, in a dangerous combat situation, high on adrenaline, hanging out with their buddies, making due with what they have and don’t have and they still manage to do Starbucks, good on them!

  13. S.J.Yew says:

    Loved their resourcefulness!

  14. Cheap says:

    I agree with Karla and Abbasgirl,

    These guys are making the military look like it is wasting taxpayers money and are not taking their job seriously: making a video about how to make coffee while in uniform and then posting it on the internet for everyone to see…is a bad idea.

    If you are going to vent and have fun in uniform then you should do it privately, not publicly. I think that there is excessive swearing for the camera–the guys lack confidence.

  15. LARRY says:


  16. Mrs H says:

    a little excessive on the f bombs, but I still enjoyed it.

  17. dizzyb says:

    In response to Cheap’s comment:
    My husband is military, and has served in Afghanistan on a couple of tours, experiencing the stresses of patrols. When the soldiers are out patrolling (the majority of soldiers are confined to KAF and do not patrol), they are in uniform constantly. I don’t see any harm in them amusing themselves, while in uniform (civilian clothing was far away for them), during some downtime by making a video about coffee. Coffee does wonders for their morale (you’d be surprised). Soldiers are people, too–why should they not be entitled to publicly be themselves in uniform? This is not conduct unbecoming a soldier.
    I do agree that there is too much swearing, that they took the “hamming” for the camera a bit too far.

  18. ex says:

    I think it was funny and yes, it does make the troops look like idiots but they are definitely eligible for some fun as they are dealing with so much stress and danger, but i dont see how is this relevant to deals and sales this site is for…???

  19. LaBamba says:

    The excessive swearing was clearly intentional and meant to be a part of the humour. They did ham it up quite a bit but I still got a great laugh out of it. That was awesome. 🙂

  20. Cheap says:

    I have served in the military. I was taught that the uniform is to be respected and that the public image of the military is important.

    Again, while it is ok to blow off some steam it should be done privately and not filmed for the rest of the world to see. I wonder what the international community thinks of this film. I am certain that insurgents have access to the internet…I what the insurgents think of this video.

  21. Yes, they did swear alot so what. Can some one please post where we can send our country people some Tim Horton’s and care packages as a way to say thank you.

  22. slide says:

    These young people fight for their countries and risk their lives in the process. Why be so critical of a light-hearted moment they chose to share in between those serious and life-threatening moments they have to endure every single day in the field?

    To put things in perspective, there is a story circulating right now about the Afghanistan Kill Team which is basically a bunch of soldiers venting off some steam by murdering the locals. I’d rather these young men have some fun making their coffee than do other crazy crap.

  23. French Lady says:

    Well fellow SCers, I sent this video to a friend who was a career soldier in the US military for over 30 years. When I told him that some people are objecting to it, this is what he had to say:

    Makes the “Boys” look bad?!?1?! What f-ing Planet are they on….they don’t know about shite!!! Those folks complaining about this UTube Video need to have a great big cup of shut the ‘F-ck UP! This could have almost been in a PG Rated….I say “have the Lads keep up the Good and Brave Fight’ and enjoy a ‘Hot Cup of Joe'” when they can find the time!

  24. bambinoitaliano says:

    It’s so easy for people sitting in front of their computers and go yada yada yada. @ Cheap, how many years ago were u in the military? Before you tube or face book? Stop pulling a McCain on us. Let the young men blow away some steam. I say we should get some addresses so we can send them a bunch of tasty coffee.

  25. imjustsaying says:

    I thought it was funny and I am usually offended pretty easily –
    And the guy with the beard was HOT – I would gladly send him more coffee!

  26. bluerose says:

    Thanx for posting ,that was funny…..:)

  27. tattoodprincess says:

    lol @French Lady your friend is AWESOME! I absolutely LOVED this video! I love that with everything they’re dealing with on a daily basis they’re still able to keep their sense of humour about something as simple as making coffee. Plus their families need to be able to see that they’re still the same guys they were when they left them. EFFIN’ EH GUYS! There should be some way we can send the boys over seas some REAL coffee. Thanks for posting this!!

  28. tattoodprincess says:

    @Black Ops Mama I found this site that tells you how to buy Timmy’s GC to send to Kandahar (there’s a Timmy’s on Base) They can’t use actual GC so they send paper versions.

  29. tattoodprincess says:

    I also found this gov’t site on how to send care packages.

  30. Sgt Payne says:

    Hey, want to support our boys and girls in defending freedom? How about supporting a government who will spend money to get them some new gear and equipment?? Sure, coffee is good but lets’ give them something so they can live long enough to enjoy it. Hooya

  31. Jarynn says:

    Reminds me of when I lived in the dorm on campus. Boys will be boys…..

  32. Chan says:

    Honestly, I couldn’t even watch the whole video because all the f-bombs. Yeah, they are trying to have fun which I am sure could have been done without the f-bombs. I know that all the ex are telling me that these guys are just trying to have fun. But, one can have fun without acting like morons, which I think these guys were.

  33. AJ says:

    This is balderdash. Several of the main bases have their very own tim horton’s right there. I saw a presentation by somebody who serves in the military and he told us this. These guys are guys a bunch of morons.

  34. Lindsey says:

    Much enjoyed video = )

    To whom who doesn’t understand the parody of this clip.
    What they do and whom they are are not the same ideal.

    Yes they are in uniform, however they understandable know they are “performing” in front of a camera.

    Thank you Cheryl for researching the sources = )

  35. whiskey says:

    lol the video is a joke.theres only one base in afghanistan with a timmiy’s KAF. im a field soldier. your military presenter can suck it. alot of bad things happend there, sorry me and my video offended all of you outstanding,perfect people who are free to have opinions on everything.

  36. whiskey says:

    when i first got to afghanistan i was givin a hand over by the canadians that we were replacing. they told us all about what had happened to them and what to expect. one story stuck with me, They had some air assets watching some people walking from one town to another the same time every day. while watching this people they noticed they were kids. before they got to their home town the chidren would throw something into a ditch. this was suspicious so a canadian patrol was sent to investigate what they were dropping. when they got there they found water bottles with paper in them. they contained the childrens homework. all schools outside of khandahar city are run in secret. when the taliban finds one they kill the teacher and hang his head in the village. then they but off the arms of the children who were caught learning. all they were learning was simple math and how to read and write pashtun.i believe in human rights. im 27 and am married and i have 2 young daughters that left for 7 months to help the afghans. if you havent been there you dont know what your talking about. politcal reasons may fuel war, but not soldiers. you dont like my video. write anything you want about thats your right. but could you write if someone cut off your hands. and wouldnt you want me to stop them if they tried?
    I know this will only cause more fuel for you guys who dont like my video. but f*ck it sometimes your negative comments get to me. especially about some military speaker??? f*ck that guy and f*ck you to AJ

  37. AtlanticJim says:

    Give em hell Whiskey! Twenty years and counting. Guess what folks? Soldiers, sailors and airmen swear. GASP!! The brass tacks job, regardless of the uniform. is to kill people. That is the desired end result of all the training we do. You will have to excuse us if we don’t find a simple little word obscene in that context! Whiskey, if you ever get sent to Halifax for some reason, we keep a Timmies on the base.


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