How do you like your coffee?

(And please don’t say, “crisp”! πŸ˜‰ )

I am at a “coffee crossroads”. After a terrible cup of Joe this morning, using a stovetop espresso maker, some changes have got to be made. I’ll admit that I chintzed out on the coffee, pre-ground by President’s Choice. So I’m sure that a bulk of my issue stems from the grinds themselves!

Despite the sub-par grinds, the espresso maker itself leaves some kind of an aftertaste, so I need a new brewing method. I am the core coffee drinker in my house, and lately, I find that it is even difficult for me to go through 0.5lb bag within the 2 weeks that it remains “fresh”, after opening. <– This is according to a friend who is a manager at Starbucks.

So keeping this all in mind, what’s the best way for me to brew fresh coffee? In addition to better beans, should I switch to a Bodum, brewing 1 cup at a time? (Cleaning all those soaked grounds is sorta gross!) Are Keurig/Tassimo machines cost-efficient in the long run, factoring in the cost of those discs? (I am also skeptical that fresh coffee can come out of those sealed, preserved pods.) As the lone drinker in my house, it’s safe to say that an industrial size, expensive, Italian-made coffee machine that grinds/brews is out of the question!

So to all the coffee drinkers, how do you ensure a perfect cup for yourself?

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  1. Sally says:

    We love our tassimo, Nabob breakfast blend is amazing

  2. godvchaos says:

    I love my keurig, the pods are a little pricey, but still beats Tim’s and starbucks. They also have a “my cup” where you can use your own grounds in a reusable filter, it doesn’t seem to work as well, but when I want a cheap cup of joe it works.

    Before I used to make “cowboy coffee” put the grounds directly into boiling water, then strain through a coffee filter into your cup.

  3. I’m the sole coffee drinker in our house and we have a Tassimo machine that I love. The pods are about $0.50 a cup which is cheaper than buying it on the way to work – which is what I tended to do pre-Tassimo, rather than brewing a whole pot I wouldn’t drink or putting the effort into brewing a pot as opposed to the ease of the Tassimo. The boy also likes the Tassimo, using it for hot chocolate, cappuccinos and lattes – or what Tassimo says are “cappuccinos” and “lattes”.

  4. ten_fourteen says:

    I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but I have concerns about those K-cups. We have one in the office and I used it for about 8 months..until I did research. Think about it, there is super hot water brewing through a plastic can’t be good for you.

    They claim that they use safe plastic but think about how long it came for BPA to come to light..I dunno, I just don’t think it’s worth the risk.

  5. Kimberly says:

    I have a Tassimo and I can’t live without it. Definitely cheaper than going through the drive-thru. No more wasted pots of coffee in the house either. I only make a cup at a time.

  6. Heather says:

    I’ve tried a few different pod machines, I like the one my parents have but it’s pricey (Cuisinart Cup-O-Matic) You can use pods (not t-discs or k-cups, pods look like teabags) or your own grounds in it. There’s a variety of sizes of cup you can make (I like 8oz because it leaves room for my cream and sugar but my dad makes 10oz). I currently have a K-cup machine that I like, but it was a gift so I haven’t had to buy pods for it yet πŸ™‚ Still cheaper than Timmies!

  7. Sarah says:

    Tassimo is amazing! Great when you’re having company because it’s quick, clean and easy!

  8. Terri says:

    I’m not terribly picky about my coffee. My favourite “to-go” coffee is currently Starbucks’s Caramel Macchiato (with nothing added). At home I drink Great Value (Walmart’s store brand) coffee, with one spoon of Great Value Coffee Whitener and one Great Value packet of Sucralose (GV Splenda). My coffeemaker is just a plain-jane Sunbeam 12 cup.

  9. ergo2 says:

    regular grind is good enough for me. i rarely have any coffee past noon. given the price of coffee these days i can only assume you are all $$.

  10. Julia says:

    An Aerobie Aeropress will run you about $40 and it makes a fantastic cup of coffee. Also, the cleanup is quick and easy compared to a messy french press.

  11. elliemay says:

    I like the bodum. I had a little water to the leftover grinds. Swish it around and dump it in the compost bucket. Not really a big mess. No filter, no pods and no plastic. The pods may be recyclable, but as a friend said recently, “Recycling was created to get us to consume more &%#@ wrapped up in more @%$#&.

  12. lily says:

    Another vote for Tassimo! Best purchase ever.

  13. jennifer says:

    If you are willing to wait for it, French Press/Bodum (or even better, the aeropress) will create the best tasting cup of coffee.
    Grinding your own beans in the morning will lengthen the shelf life of the beans. Cleaning a french press is not as hard as it seems, just add water after pouring out the coffee and throw it all into a bucket for composting – great for the garden!

  14. monkeyincowtown says:

    I have to have a good STRONG cup of coffee in the morning!!! I have a tassimo and LOVE the starbucks house blend (although, I think it will be discontinued shortly as starbucks has severed their exclusive deal with Kraft) and I have a keurig and the Timothy’s rainforest espresso (brewed coffee size) is strong and delicious πŸ™‚

  15. monkeyincowtown says:

    ^ both work out to around $0.60 or $0.70 a cup

  16. Cee says:

    First off, your friend needs to look at her Coffee and Tea Manual again because it is actually good for ONE week – not two, according to Starbucks. Really though? It is personal preference. My espresso lives in a jar on my counter aside my machine, and I can’t tell the difference…it tastes like coffee.
    That is also my solution – I have an espresso maker. Easy peesy!

  17. sweetiedeals says:

    I have a Keurig…Love it! I shop around and have never paid more than .50cents a cup. But I still want a coffee on the road…so I took it a step further than most..and got a very part-time job at my local coffee shop which comes with a super discount!

  18. Jennifer says:

    I’m a Bodum girl. And while there is usually a rush in the morning when preparing to get a few other things done, pushing down on the french press is a moment of calm, a reminder to relax and enjoy the good things. It really does taste so much better than any of the pods I have tried.
    I don’t find it messy at all. Grinds and rinse water go straight to the garden.

  19. itsvince says:

    I get the Kirkland espresso beans at Costco (about $12/lb; supplied by Starbucks I believe), and grind them daily in my Capresso burr grinder (great investment). Throw these in my espresso machine (Saeco) and steam some milk, and I’m a happy camper. Takes about 5 minutes, totally worth it. One pound lasts a solid 2 months for 2 cups per day. I keep the beans in an air tight glass contained in the cupboard, and the surplus in the original bag in a ziploc. The beans are still decent when I reach the end of the bag.

  20. Rres says:

    I love my coffee maker – Hamilton Beach brewstation deluxe (it brews a pot and then dispenses one cup at a time). I know a number of people with this machine and it makes a great cup every time. I use either TH or VanHoutte coffe (when it’s on sale!). I also have a Nescafe Dolce Gusto which is awesome. I buy the expresso pods and then make my own lattes by heating and frothing my milk and adding a shot in.

  21. Samm says:

    My family consists of myself and boyfriend, mom and stepdad, and 2 brothers. We have a tassimo and we love it everyone gets there favorite so it is more cost efficient for us . I drink black, green, and herbal teas so I have my picks that I like. My boyfriend drinks tea, coffee, and hot cocoa. My stepdad is the same and so is my mom, and my two young brothers drink the hot cocoa. We still have a regular coffe machine for when company comes so we can make one big pot but I don’t know what our life was before this machine!! Lol

  22. bella712 says:

    I have a Tassimo but we cant brew the coffee hot enough, every times we have to put it in the microwave for 20 seconds, any suggestion?

  23. gmh says:

    Clean your stovetop. Take it apart completely, and give it a good cleaning. The aluminum ones are not good for your health, choose a stainless steel one. Starbucks espresso is bitter. Try FAEMA Premium Espresso beans, 1KG usually around $15-18. A kilo is 2.2 pounds, so it’s also very cost effective. Grind it as you need it, or a couple of days in advance. There many espresso places that sell it. Lettieri is one, as is the place at Christie and Dupont in Toronto. The back is mostly brown, with a red label, and there’s a slightly more expensive one, same sized bag, that is ALL RED in color, and also excellent and a bit stronger. Don’t let your stovetop maker come to a real boil, you’ll get a better creama if it doesn’t, and the coffee will be better all around.

  24. Philk647 says:

    One of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had was made with a Handpresso. It’s a portable espresso maker that looks like a bicycle pump. There are two models; one that takes ESE pods and another that takes espresso grinds. sells the one that takes grinds for about $100 but I prefer to use the pods, less mess. The pods, as Heather #6 says, are like little tea bags. The good ones are packaged in nitrogen to keep them fresh. Check out for a good place to get pods from the states.

  25. whitehouselady says:

    Bialetti mukka express!!!

    I love it. It makes cappuccinos! It brews the espresso and froths the milk and you pour out magical fantastical cappuccino!! I have starbucks syrups and that makes me feel less bad about my vanilla latte habit.

    I got mine on e bay for 50 bucks and its worth it!

  26. Stephania says:

    It sounds like I hafta come over to all your houses for coffee!!! For “testing” purposes, of course!

  27. izzy says:

    Tassimo!! love it

  28. Jen M says:

    I have a Tassimo, Keurig, Starbucks Barista Espresso Machine & a French Press.
    French Press makes the best tasting coffee, no doubt. Starbucks machine makes great espresso, but both of these take too long and are hard to clean.
    I hate the tassimo, coffee is too strong and not enough varieties.
    I LOVE Keurig. Especially their coffees by Green Mountain brand. Fast, tastes great, easy to clean.

  29. baggypants says:

    Another vote for a Bodum. I am the only one drinking coffee in the morning. Great way to brew one cup. No filters to purchase, just coffee! After water boils, you only have to wait 4 minutes for a great coffee!!

  30. liltiggy23 says:

    I have 2 different Cuisineart coffee machines and I find the coffee is never hot enough?

  31. COWgirl says:

    I bought a one-cup-at-a-time coffee maker at Canadian Tire for under $20. It makes coffee that tastes just as good as what my $100+ 12-cup coffee machine makes.

    The right brand and blend for your taste, cold water and a clean machine are all keys to an excellent cup of coffee.

    You will have to experiment to find a brand and blend of coffee that you like, but as long as you store it in an air-tight container, it’s not like you need to throw it out after a week.

  32. Cassie says:

    Now, I only have a regular coffee drip percolator, but I have found that sometimes the best thing to do is not to change the coffee or the machine, but just to change how you are doing it. For example, you can clean out a percolator by running full-strength white vinegar through a regular cycle (no coffee added of course!) Once you have done that, you run another cycle with plain water and, once THAT is done, you keep a small glass marble in the water tank. Every once in a while, take the marble out and clean off the hard water deposits. The deposits collect on the marble, instead of on the walls of the tank.

    This principle still applies with stove top espresso makers. Fill it up with the vinegar and boil it, then let it cool. Rinse it out with clean water after. Don’t put the marble in these machines, though! The smell of the white vinegar will dissipate once it dries.

    If you have bitter coffee, put a little dash of table salt or cinnamon in with the grounds. This will take the edge off the taste.

    Hope this helps!

  33. Hellen says:

    I like old-fashioned coffee brewing style. I make my coffee in an ordinary coffee pot, and I like strong coffee without milk. Finally I found the coffee, I love, in Ottawa. That is ordinary Middle Eastern Coffee. But, besides that, Kicking Horse also has good coffee.

  34. sheistanbul says:

    I bought a Tassimo a few day ago and I love it. Making coffee has never been more hassle free and it is on sale at Futureshop for $99!

  35. jen says:

    French press. All the way. You can make more than one cup at a time, depending on the size of your French press. It makes the best tasting coffee and it’s environmentally friendly! The most delicious and creates less waste; how can you go wrong? πŸ™‚

  36. Jennifer says:

    I have a cuisnart EM200 I used my airmiles to buy it so, ‘free’ kinda, I really like the coffee, I do not like mine SUPER hot, I use the grind as I go method with PC Organic Med or Dark roast beans and I grind the beans in my magic bullet…
    The good, it is accurate, always gives the right amount of coffee, single and double shots, 3 yr warranty, you can steam any milk you choose, and add in what you like…my fav…Almond milk add some cinnamon and vanilla and I have better than starbucks in my kitchen, I think it is extremly economical and NO PLASTIC, (seriously people, think about it if a hot car can alter your water bottle enough to produce dangerous estrogenic chemicals that you can now consume, hot coffee machines I would question completly!)
    The bad…the steamer is loud, but it works great so long as you purge it after you are done using it, just get a pair of ear plugs…. I have my cuppa at 10am so I do not need to wake anyone… Just my thoughts πŸ™‚ Happy solstice!

  37. HistoryBuffette says:

    I like flavoured coffee and was VERY disappointed with Tassimo. They only do regular coffee (and at that only 2 people’s brands, now that Starbucks has pulled/discontinued their Tassimo contract). Even their Latte’s and Cap’s are basically regular coffee with either hot milk or expresso. I, like you, cannot afford the crazy huge machines.

    I gave the tassimo away and bought a Keurig which I really love. K cups come in other things you can’t find in the other brands like apple cider, pumpkin spice and other seasonal flavors as well as teas. And at $13 or $14 for 24, it’s better than what I pay the coffee places for these things! The Keurig website gives you points as a member toward purchases and its free shipping for $49 & up (with a $9.99 Fedex border crossing fee for us CAD shoppers, but they are usually the only ones who have the seasonal cups I love, Apple Cider is SOOOO good! Better than the sour stuff at the supermarket). Plus there is that has a good selection plus free shipping on $59+. I think it’s worth it (plus the small machine goes on at Canadian Tire like every other week for $89 bucks, which I noticed since I drove to NY to buy a Mr. Coffee one for $79 because it never went down up here…. until I brought mine home!)
    I know a few people at work who love coffee so strong you could easily mistake it for tar (to me) and they love the extra bold cups and a few even run it through twice to get it darker… yes you can do it again in the same cup so long as it’s not like 3 hours later because yuck… And I always find the coffee tastes fresh, but I am not the kind of person who drinks it black and would notice this as I know others do.

    As for the person worried about the 10 seconds the water touches the plastic… you can pop popcorn with 4 cell phones (look it up on youtube), and yeah, it may be faked (I don’t know for sure, never tried it) but scientists have PROVEN that cell phones cause brain cancer and cancer anywhere else you keep it on your body for prolonged periods of time (look out for your junk, boys), and they send out waves exactly like a microwave (again, look it up on news sites, NOT wikipedia because c’mon, 14 year olds write a lot of those) and yet people won’t get off the darn things… and I haven’t died from my 29 years with BPA in things (and now canned food tastes like can to me), so I’ll risk it. It’s when you’re cooking in plastic in the microwave that I would really worry… but we’re all exposed to the crap in plastic to much anyway so I just prioratise it and those 10 seconds don’t worry me as much when I look at it with perspective.

    Sorry I’ve been long winded, just had a lot of info to share.

  38. Karen says:

    I went through this exact same mind twist at Xmas…. found an awesome website [coffee geek dot com] to read reviews of expensive coffee machines to buy a big surprise for under the tree for hubbie…. and here’s the thing that I read that changed everything… before you spend big on a fancy espresso $2000 machine… DON’T SKIMP ON THE GRINDER – get a decent BURR grinder (we were using the Braun whirly blade type before). So we bought a Braun entry level burr grinder (still over $100!!!) and it is NIGHT AND DAY better still using our old italian MOKA stove top (water in the bottom, grinds in the middle, forces espresso into top of unit). We use Kicking Horse 454 roast coffee, but that’s just taste preference, and grind it fresh each pot. Good luck!

  39. Skip says:

    I make a 12 cup pot every day of Maxwell House. I turn off the heat and drink it cold, black and strong. Been doing it for years, the caffiene doesn’t seem to bother me, nor do I miss it if I don’t get a cup.

    Ironically, I like my tea with plenty of milk and sugar, and hot.

    Chacun a son gout, I guess.

  40. Pat says:

    Find a good bean, grind it then use a french press. Let sit 5 minutes before pressing. It is well worth the effort and wait. Afterwards, put a bit of water in the press and dump into the compost when done. No big deal. I think those “machines” with the plastic things are unhealthy and create a lot of waste.

  41. robin says:

    I hate all those plastic cup machines, like Tassimo and the like. Do you people even care how much more garbage you’re now throwing into our landfills?

    A container with a clasp and air tight seal will keep your coffee fresher longer. You can get them at Zellers and such.

  42. Karen says:

    I bought the Cuisinart kerurig from Costco in the states.Only paid 169 as opposed to 249 in Canada.It makes great coffee.comes with a reusable filter so you can use your favorite coffee.

  43. lotekgirl says:

    I know people with the Tassimo/Keurig type of machines who like them. We had one at the office and it is certainly convenient but I’m with elliemay – I have a real issue with all the waste from the packaging and am not willing to create that for the sake of convenience. I’m not a true connoisseur but I did buy a burr grinder a few years ago at a friend’s suggestion – it crushes the beans rather than cutting them, as many household grinders do, which is supposed to release more of the flavour. I got mine at Canadian Tire but Loblaws sells them too. I buy William Spartivento Sumatran beans from Costco which is the strength I like. (They often do promos at Costco so you can try different beans.) I use a simple coffeemaker, brewing a few cups at a time or a one-cup drip one that I got so long ago that I don’t even know if you can get them anymore.

    Point of interest for anyone trying to cut down on their caffeine intake: the darker the roast, the less caffeine! Sounds counter-intuitive but is true because the roasting process reduces the caffeine content slightly and darker roasts are roasted longer. The difference isn’t significant but it does mean you don’t have to give up your dark roasts for the sake of reducing your caffeine intake.

  44. HistoryBuffette says:

    Robin, yes I do get concerned about that. I don’t use mine daily (being English I have tea most of the time) and so I am aware that my particular waste ratio is much lower than others. I can only hope that they are working on one that will someday biodegrade as they should with all food containers and plastics such as sandwich bags etc. However I understand that it is difficult to do so at this point without having the item begin to degrade before it is used to hold food, and that is what has them snagged.

    My issue with regular coffee making is that I waste water when I make a full pot, only to dump most of it out. I know it’s not the same, but at the same time I drove an hour to dispose of my old broken laptop and cell phone safely and locally (as in not have it shipped to Africa where children mine electronics for copper to sell), and for most people those go into the landfill too… so we have a lot of problems in geneneral with what we consume and throw away…

  45. C says:

    I splurged on a Cuisine Art Grind and Brew coffee maker (and by splurged I mean, I bought a refurbished one at XS cargo for $50) I think it was the best investment ever. I buy Kicking Horse coffee beans. I would rather drive home and make my own coffee than go out for coffee anywhere now, because it is that good. And Kicking Horse coffee beans have been on sale lots lately at London Drugs. Now, if only I could find some coupons for it.

  46. cjunk says:

    I use a French Press-Bodum brand. It makes the best coffee I have had. I really like buying the Zavida Organica beans from Costco. They are quite delicious. I grind the beans as needed so that my coffee is fresh. As an annual treat, I buy the Equitorial blend of coffee from a specialty coffee shop in Montreal but I can’t remember the name of the cafe that sells it…they now supply some grocery stores too with it in the Montreal area. I also like Kicking Horse brand coffee.

  47. mochalattecrafts says:

    Thanks for all the info everyone. My coffee machine just kicked it and we bought the Cuisinart Plus coffee maker, cause I am a big tea drinker too and thought the hot water dispenser would be nice. We have only used it once, so I can’t give a good review yet, but I was thinking about purchasing the pod style machines. I have to admit, the plastic idea makes ya think.

  48. marshmallow80 says:

    love, love, love my bodum!!!

  49. macgurrl says:

    Go for the Bodum and prime coffee, as a previous person has suggested Costco has great prices and a great variety of beans.

  50. Stephania says:

    The only problem that I have with buying beans at Costco is that by the time I’m halfway through the bag, my coffee tastes like an ashtray = NOT GOOD!

    The bag is HUMONGOUS and there’s no way I can finish 2lbs in under 2 weeks.

  51. Kat says:

    I use a $20 one-cup coffeemaker with a reusable filter and get flavoured coffees from Metro. Super easy to pick your flavour, fill up a bag with the beans and either buy the beans whole or grind them in-store. Cheaper than buying pre-packaged. Perfect as I am also the sole coffee consumer in my house. I’ve had the coffeemaker for three years and still makes a strong brew.

  52. Mool says:

    My advice is to get a decent espresso machine and get the best bean you can afford.

  53. john says:

    I believe that the after taste partially has to do with the coffee you choose, as well as the type of water you use really makes a huge difference. I would suggest you try to use purified water (culligan) and see if that makes a difference.

  54. ms t says:

    since it’s just me & my cup of java i’m a BODUM gal all the way! i got a knock-off recently that came with a clip-on 4 minute timer but i still use the lid/press that came with my real bodum (the entire knock-off was cheaper than a new bodum glass insert). i used to think longer brewing gave me more caffeine but it really just gave me poor taste – love my new timer!! i grind my own beans, enough for about 3 days at a time. i’m currently using a President’s Choice brand of beans, forget the kind. grind size is DEFINITELY important and must match how long the grinds are in contact with the water (the more the time, the coarser the grind). i used to swish my bodum out with water & dump into my green bin for city composting, but i’ve learned that high water content in materials in your green bins leads to increased breakdown, smells & bug activity before it gets collected, so now i use a rubber spatula. no excessive packaging, electricty or parts that are easily broken (get a style where the outside of the glass is better protected from unexpected dings vs fully exposed styles) = less environmental impact, plus it takes up very little room on your counter & is easily stored in a cupboard. i will say, having your coffee brew & sit in a glass container without a heating plate underneath &/or an insulated wrap around it does lead to a cooler cup of joe than other methods, but i’m going to make myself a ‘bodum cozy’ & see if that helps!!

  55. ms t says:

    oh yeah, brita water, cold from the fridge before boiling, helps too, along with my stainless steel travel mug that cleans easily & doesn’t hold funky tastes or smells.

  56. haunish says:

    I love my Tassimo, I have converted a few people . we love that you can brew one cup and not tossing out half a pot of coffee. Love the nabob coffees

  57. cabshiraz says:

    I have both a Tassimo and a regular coffee maker.
    While the T-Discs can be a bit pricy, they are way cheaper than buying at your local Timmys. I use the Tassimo mostly for Cappuccinos, Lattes, Hot Chocolates and for a 1 cup of coffee.

    If I want to have half of a pot or more, I use my regular coffee maker. And that helps keep the cost of the Breakfast Blends down (it gets prioy when you have 2 or 3 each morning). When I use my coffee maker, I only use whole beans and grind them when needed to keep them extra fresh.

    I’ve owned my Tassimo for over 4 years now and use it nearly every day. And it has saved me hundreds of dollars. When the capps are not on sale, the cost for 8 is only $7.99. 2 of them make a large (?grande or venti??) at Starbucks. I never have to go there to buy a Caramel Macchiato anymore (which was the only reason I went there). Just put a squirt or 2 of Vanilla syrup in the capp and squirt Caramel sundae topping on top. That is how a starbucks guy sowed me how to make it at home.

    In short, I can live without my coffee maker, but I cannot live without my Tassimo.

  58. missbobloblaw says:

    I LOVE my TASSIMO for making fancier drinks like Starbucks Cappuccinos- Its cheaper than ordering one in the store!( even if you make it a double) For regular coffee I just can’t justify the per disc cost. I stick with my 12 cup brewer, and Deluxe blend Melitta coffee for that fix!

  59. cabshiraz says:

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes… my keyboard seems to stick sometimes and I hadn’t noticed. I wish you could edit these comments πŸ™‚

  60. Ronnie says:

    Have to be a French Press with really good coffee beans.

  61. Jen says:

    French press is the best way to make coffee. Using a machine doesn’t get the water hot enough to properly brew the beans. We have a large Bodum and it makes about 4 to 6 cups (depending on how big). You get used to taking the grinds out, but they are great for your garden or compost and you get better tasting coffee. We only buy whole beans and usually get it at Costco and don’t get the cheap stuff. Grind it fresh each morning!

  62. Divine~Miss~M says:

    We are addicted to coffee in this household. I’ve tried many methods of brewing it and finally found the way we like it. I once had a Espresso machine, we found we drank a lot of Cappuccinos because they were so good. We stopped using the machine 10 years ago as we were buying coffee way too much.

    I really like the Hamilton Beach BrewStation. The trick is to us one less scoop of grounds to water. I use a baby formula scoop and it’s perfect. Always turn off the machine when it’s done or you will start to get a burnt taste in your coffee if it sits all day and oils will form. Also I add a big pinch of salt to the grounds to cut any bitterness. Because it’s just you drinking, I would brew 2 mugs at a time. Fill the water to 4 cup and use 3 scoops of grounds.

    I also have a Tassimo and only use it when I just want one Cappuccino as a treat. I buy the Espresso pod and heat fresh milk in the microwave for 2 mins.

    On a parenting forum I actually read that someone said they have had the same package of coffee for 10 years. They don’t drink coffee and they just keep it for guests. *GAG*

    Oh yeah, I use Maxwell or Folders. Whichever one is on sale. I’m too frugal to pay for the fancy stuff when the *chipper chicken* tastes just as good.

  63. DebD says:

    I too use the One Cup maker from Canadian Tire (Black and Decker brand). I love it and although I am on my second one, the first probably lasted me for about 3 years…pretty good deal since it is about $20 and I got it on sale for $10!!!!

  64. Anisa says:

    We have the best local coffee shop, they get their beans from a small roasting company who’s family are the farmers in columbia. We buy all our beans fresh from them, and we use a press-pot. Best coffee ever!!!

  65. Anisa says:

    Sorry – their family is from Nicaragua… I obviously haven’t finished my coffee yet this morning πŸ˜‰

  66. Sue says:

    Tassiimo makes a great cup of coffee. I dont have on ebut after my friend buying one I think we may purchase one soon. In the meantime I use a stovetop perculator. I love the way my coffee comes I just have to keep a close eye on it otherwise my stove drinks half my coffee. to keep coffee fresh, I store it in the freezer.

  67. Supafly says:

    To add to what others have said about K-cups (the “pods” as you call it), I have never been impressed with the taste of these. I know they are a trendy option to coffe making, but to me, and as ten_fourteen mentioned above, I am far from convinced that these are good for your health. Furthermore, I always found that each time I had a coffee brewed by these machines, I was less than satisfied as I thought it tasted like plastic. That being said, I also have to agree with Ronnie and Jen’s comments: a French press w/ good coffee beans is the best option, especially if you buy whole beans and grind them yourself. You may find it a hassle at first to grind your own beans and brew your coffee the French press way, but after a short while, it becomes a habit and almost a ritual. This is, by far, the best way to get the most out of your beans. Lastly, you can even buy travel mugs with an integrated French press. I own one and LOVE it! They don’t come cheap, but I’ve had mine for over 5 years and it’s still going strong. This way, no matter where you go, you are guaranteed a great cup of joe!

  68. Sue says:

    Firstly, buy good coffee (eg. NOT starbucks! LOL).Fire Roasted Coffee company has awesome beans and does not use a chemical process. Bodum/French press does make the best coffee and clean up isn’t bad at all. Toss the grinds in your compost if you have one. We were recently given a Tassimo as a house warming gift and it lives in its box, unopened, in the basement. They are AWEFUL. Lot’s of people have them; I’ve tried them but the taste is vile; all you can taste is chemical/plastic. I want ours gone/regifted/at the curb/sent to Goodwill but have been outvoted.

  69. Kezza says:

    It may take you a bit of trial and error to find a bean you like. Different roasts and beans from different regions (Latin beans, African beans, blends), offer different top notes and aftertastes. Consider:
    – purchase your beans where you can purchase small amounts (1/2 lb)
    – have your own grinder and grind beans as needed
    – if sticking with a specific brewing method, request the store grind for that type of machine
    – Drip coffee machines should be a finer grind, french press should be the coarsest grind
    – eep beans/ground coffee in an airtight container that’s opaque (Light alters the integrity of the beans)
    – NEVER FREEZE/REFRIGERATE your beans. Moisture found in the bean that turns to ice changes the quality of the bean

    If possible use the best water you can. Culligan’s RO water system offers the best form of water to use (all impurities are removed). Reputable coffee houses ONLY use Reverse Osmosis systems for their H2O.

    Coffee experts will argue that the absolute best way to enjoy the flavours of a bean, is to brew it in a french press. The reasons behind this claim are:
    – the wire mesh allows the full flavour from all the oils that are present in the bean. French press method also seems to create a very strong cup of coffee

    Brewing in a French press:
    – add boiling water to the grinds
    – stir to soak all coffee
    – set a timer for 4 min.
    – Timer goes off, press and you’re good to go!

    If you choose to use a drip coffee machine, look for natural filters. Don’t use white coffee filters as they are bleached and who knows how many toxins are leached into your cup! As you might suspect, when using a drip machine that takes paper filters, the oil gets absorbed into that filter while brewing. So, the best option when using a drip machine, if you can get one that uses a wire basket that doesn’t need a filter you’re closer to the brewing of using a french press.

    Espresso machines offer a totally different end product. If you like really strong coffee, with a solid body and sweet finish, and you love coffee black, an espresso machine is the way to go! But, brewing a good shot with an espresso machine takes some practice. (Unfortunately Starbucks replaced all their espresso bars with automatic machines, so I don’t enjoy their drinks anymore as when it was a traditional bar, that you had to tamp your grinds yourself).
    – It’s important to have your beans ground specifically for an espresso machine.
    – You should grind your beans FRESH for each time you brew a shot
    – using an espresso machine creates a layered-shot (it’s frothy on the top, smooth in the middle, and potent at the bottom. A perfectly brewed espresso shot is a thing of beauty though, and there is a sweetness to it that you don’t get in a french press or drip machine.)

    I’ve used the Tassimo and Kureig machines at places I’ve worked, and honestly, the amount of waste created makes me cringe. It’s an okay cup, but it doesn’t have the depth that a french press has. Tassimo seems to take FOREVER to get your cup ready (takes a while to heat up the water in the resevoir) and if you brew a Kcup of tea right after you brew a cup of coffee, there would always been coffee grinds in my tea cup.

    When looking at all the factors (price, effects on the environment, ease of use, speed of brew, quality of coffee), I’d say French press is the best way to go. Bodum brand is good, but if you can find a stainless steel walled one, go with that! It will keep those extra cups that are brewed hot longer. No filters needed, remember coarsest grind, and it only takes four minutes. Easy to make as much that the unit can hold, or make just as much as you’d like. Plus, grinds for your garden!

    You really do become an expert when you work for Starbucks!

  70. Frank says:

    is it worth placing the bean in a tightly sealed container and place in the freezer?

  71. Sue says:

    Oh! I want one of those French press travel mugs! Thanks Supafly – I’ll be on the lookout. @ Kezza – the only thing I ever heard about water was that it was a myth that you needed to use cold water to brew your coffee. My fav coffee places all use tap water. Having said that, I’ve been to towns where the water is brutal such as artesian well. Blech! I’m desperate for coffee now. Off I go!

  72. pam says:

    I recently discovered cold-brew method for coffee and I have to say it’s really good. Apparently, with the cold-brew method there is less bitterness and more of a mild sweetness. I read about it on Pioneer Woman’s blog and she makes iced coffee but it’s also good hot. I just keep a pitcher of the coffee concentrate in the fridge and it’s ready to go whenever I want (hot/cold). If you follow her recipe, please halve it because it makes TONS!!

  73. Eviegg says:

    We keep a Magic Bullet type thing on the counter and grind up beans every couple days ago and just leave it in the magic bullet for whenever we want to use it. It is better than a regular coffee grinder. We actually went through several before using the Magic Bullet thing.

    I think buy another stovetop Espresso maker for $10. I like them because they don’t take up too much room, especially precious counter space, and the coffee is better.

    I never understood why people buy these expensive machines. It is just coffee!!! What a waste of money!

  74. Theresa says:

    Keep coffee sealed tight in the freezer. Melita or Timmys are my favs

  75. Shelly says:

    There are a lot of great ideas here for all different coffee drinkers!! After all; if we were all the same, there would be just one coffee machine out there and not many coffee choices. As for me, I am the sole coffee drinker in my home. My husband drinks only Tetley Tea. I bought myself a Keurig over a year ago, use it every day and just love it. Before the Keurig I would be throwing coffee down the drain because I could never drink it all myself. Plus, I love having all the different flavors of coffee available. I also have the reuseable filter for when I am getting low on K-Cups, and then I usually buy a small pouch of coffee. I live in a rural area so buying Tim Hortons is not a regular occurence for me. I think that coffee is a personal choice. There are so many different machines and methods of brewing coffee and the variety of coffee available is stupendous!!! Kezza has some great advice!!! If you just like your java plain non flavored with no flashy condiments then those fancy machines (Keurig, Tassimo, etc.) are probably not for you. When my Keurig decides to kick the bucket, I know where to come to for some great advice!!

  76. islandlakes says:

    Coffee is very important to me. I am allergic to wine and gave up cigarettes a long time ago.

    I use only organic coffee. Better for you plus tastes better with less sharpness from the pesticides.

    And, I use a simple french press, washed scrupulously every time because the oils that are caught there can go rancid.

    I quit using coffee cream (gave it up for a week and don’t want it back,and use no sugar so I know that the coffee is good.

  77. sipping says:

    Most days I use my burr grind Cuisinart ~ grinds beans (Kirkland from Costco, roasted by Starbucks, $12/940gm) and makes the coffee all at once. A fantastic machine. For just one cup, I use the Tassimo (Nabob). I’m pretty picky about my coffee, and in fact don’t like Tim’s anymore. If i buy when I’m out, it is Starbucks for sure.
    We also have a french press at the cottage that I really enjoy (using Mellita dark roast).

  78. SoccerMom says:

    I love my Tassimo machine. As for adding to the landfill comment I read earlier – I empty the coffee grounds into composting and wash and recycle the discs. Not only do I get my caffeine fix – I also help keep my garbage to a minimum by recycling. Best of both worlds. Cheers.

  79. Cait says:

    Hi! I have a glass bodum, and a stainless steel coffee press from Starbucks that is insulated. I love them both. The Starbucks one keeps coffee hot for a long time, so if I’m having a lazy morning around the house, it is perfect. If I’m planning on drinking it all quickly, the bodum is perfect. It is so easy to measure and just add boiling water from my electric kettle (a glass one), and I can adjust the amount of coffee based on taste and desire for caffeine (junkie!!).

    As for what to do with those grinds? Instead of washing them down the sink, add a bit of water to loosen them up, and take them out to the garden. I’ve never seen tomatoes so big as when they’ve been “fertilized” with used coffee grinds! Starbucks even gives theirs away free for gardening, so it is a nice bonus. πŸ™‚

  80. Mom2three says:

    If you like your espresso with a stove top brewer – if it’s not tasting particular wonderful anymore, you could brew a few pots with just water…no coffee grinds…I’m italian and sometimes the grinds just create a build up…let the machine air dry between may also want to tap the grind strainer (upside down as you hold it by the stem) lightly on a kitchen towel or something to discard any trapped coffee within the strainer.

    Use espresso beans (like Illy, Kimbo) rather than the espresso you get from a Starbucks or such.

    Hope it helps & happy coffee day!…everyday is a coffee day for me!

  81. Sue says:

    good advice about the oils in ground beans. The one and only time I kept my beans out of the fridge, they went mouldy πŸ™ Okay, it was summer and we didn’t have a/c but still…ugh!

  82. Laura K says:

    Freeze the beans, they will stay better for longer.

    Second, I have a small 5-cup coffee maker (really makes 2 large mugs of coffee) and I usually just make half of a pot. Works perfectly for me!

    I am saving up for a French Press as I’ve heard tons of good things about them, not to mention the lack of plastic makes my green-heart flutter. Don’t waste your money on big machines that just pump plastic into your blood, keep it simple and enjoy the flavour from each blend.

    Proper cleaning is super important too, as coffee beans can have a good amount of oil on them. Keep on truckin, you’ll find your sweet spot of coffee.

  83. Tivabee says:

    After searching for the right single-cup brewing machine (more than a year), I invested in the Cuisinart brewing station a few months ago ($200.00+).
    I love it. Since I am the only coffee drinker in our home, I realized that brewing a pot in order to enjoy a great cup is not economical and a real waste of money. I also have a french press which I use for company – have been using it for over 30 years.

    This machine is amazing. It uses K-cups and has a re-usable filter. You can also change the water temperature on it and i also dispenses hot water. I don’t buy the cups, I use the re-usable filter system. I also bought a reusable filter for my tea leaves. I love my tea as well (leaves only) and it is perfect for me.
    Kicking Horse is the brand I buy and if I don’t want caffeine overdose and add some decaf.

    Did my homework, read a lot a reviews and feedback from others and that is how I made my decision.This machine has a three-year warranty and is on sale at Cayne’s for less than $175.00.
    Good Luck in your search.

  84. Tracy says:

    Maybe someone has mentioned this, but my husband uses the cheap $10 Black and Decker one cup Brew ‘n Go (got it at Walmart). He keeps his beans in the freezer and grinds about a week’s worth at a time. The reusable filter is great, but coffee grounds are supposedly not good in a septic so he uses a #2 cone filter (again cheap at Walmart or Zellers)and throws in the compost. We clean it regularly with vinegar, and it’s all good. Nice inexpensive solution where he’s the only one that drinks coffee in our house but we’ve also used it without filters for hot water for tea or hot chocolate!

  85. Monica says:

    I wouldn’t go with the Tassimo – not very environmentally friendly if you think about it – throwing those pods in the garbage everyday. A Bodum is nice but watch it if you have cholestrol problems – a paper filter like Melitta will remove the cholestrol that is in the coffee while a Bodum doesn’t. I would just use a small cofee maker – maybe even one of those that does one cup and grind your coffee as you go in a handheld grinder. I buy the Starbucks coffee from Costco.

  86. Francis says:

    Here are a few tips for a perfect brewed coffee:

    The night before, fill in the pot fresh very cold water and let sit over night in the fridge if you can…the chlorine will evaporate out of the water increasing the taste of the coffee.

    Serve coffee as soon as the brewing is finish. Leaving it too long makes the coffee too strong and bitter.

  87. Jen says:

    Re: Post #22 by Bella – I would contact Tassimo since your coffee isn’t brewing hot enough. My Tassimo brews my coffee WAY too hot to drink, there must be an issue with your machine.

    Love the Tassimo although I do use my regular coffee maker on the weekends for a full pot. I have a Cuisinart bean grinder coffee maker up north and a really old and very reliable Black and Decker Spacemaker one at home.

  88. DeniseH. says:

    I buy my coffee on special. Usually Maxwell House or Folgers. I only make enough to fill my Tim Horton take out mug. I like it with coffee whitener. No particular brand as long as it’s on special. I got my Oster coffee machine at the second hand store for 15.00 and it’s it works great.

  89. Julie says:

    My husband and I love coffee and freshly grind before brewing. The taste is amazing and we will make extra to chill in the fridge for iced coffee (add some milk or half and half and a bit of maple syrup). We used to purchase Kicking Horse coffee (an excellent fair trade organic coffee) but as we are in the midst of readjusting our budget we have found Costco’s Espresso Blend whole beans to be just as good (and they are also fair trade, organic and roasted by Starbucks). I believe a 2 lb. bag of beans is $11.99 at our Costco.
    Also, just to note about the coffee machines I know they offer a convenience but they really are a detriment to our environment. ENJOY!

  90. Jane Dillon says:

    I love my Keurig, but don’t use K-Cups. I use the filter with “Melitta Deluxe” and love it!

  91. Natalka says:

    Coffee at home in our good old Mr. Coffee machine – Folgers ground coffee.
    Nothing fancy, but it does the job and tastes great!

  92. Katie says:

    WAAAAAAAA! I’m heartbroken about coffee. I just ran out of the coffee we brought back from Costa Rica…it just makes the ‘best vacation ever’ that bit further away! I’m a black swiss water decaf girl myself. It is best prepared through a camping percolator on an open fire after spending the previous two hours putting up a tent!

  93. Krista says:

    I am a believer in coffee presses. They give an unbelievable taste, and don’t have any upkeep costs (you can buy them for as cheap as $12) Also, you can purchase a coffee grinder so keep the ground coffee fresher longer (a ground bean looses it’s freshness faster than a whole bean). You can also purchase coffee beans in smaller amounts, either at Starbucks or some grocery stores sell them whole bean. Hopefully this helps a bit!

  94. Louise says:

    I’m pretty picky about my coffee so I use a Bodum or Saecco expresso machine. The coffee bean is very important. There’s lots of good beans out there. You need to try to see which you prefer. We like Salt Spring Island french roast, Kicking Horse Kickass(!!) & Grizzley Claw, Faema, and others. THey might be expensive, but you can often find a sale. It’s cheaper than buying coffee at a coffee shop. We find Starbucks coffee to be bitter and cheap tasting. They are also a company that has not been ethical in some of it’s business practices when dealing with the grower. I put my ground coffee in a glass jar and freeze it to keep it fresher. I often ground in bulk and then freeze it.

  95. sacha25 says:

    If your tap water taste like crap,it’s going to make a crappy cup of coffee unless you use a better quality coffee beans or filter your water first with a brita machine.

  96. Lori0513 says:

    Go with the Keurig, it’s the lowest maintenance of all the new single cup brew machines..and in my views the best tasting. I love mine, love love love it. couldn’t imagine life without it now…

  97. robin says:

    Don’t freeze the beans, you’ll kill the flavour. Keep them at room temperature in an air tight container.

  98. Enyd says:

    Personally, I’m a fan of the Tassimo. It’s fast, easy, filters our horrible hard chlorinated water, and is easy to clean. It’s also fairly good quality and the pods + packaging are recyclable. One thing it has on the k-cup, it doesn’t burn the coffee, whatever you brew it comes out the right temperature.

    If you’re really into good coffee or fond of a decent espresso however, it’s best to go with the Aeropress. It’s even easier to clean, brews an exceptionally high quality cup o joe and is great for travel.
    If I had more time in the morning I’d definitely go back to grinding my own beans and using the aeropress. Soooo good.

  99. anna says:

    You need a stainless steel expresso pot, and a true expresso coffee. PC coffee just doesn’t work.

  100. Christine Shore says:

    I use the “Selection” Brand of ground coffee found at Food Basics. They have a mellow blend or a bold blend. Everyone that has coffee at my house mentions how good it is and are pleasantly surprised at the price. Try it…

  101. Kelly says:

    Just because you have a 12 cup coffee maker, doesn’t mean you need to make 12 cups, geez! My hubby and I make 4 cups (tim hortons fine grind) at a time (which is actually 2 coffee mugs total). Reusable gold filter. No waste, tastes great, especially if you use 18% coffee cream like TH uses!

  102. Judy Szabo says:

    I didn’t like the plastic and the taste of the conventional drip machines. Went back to me roots. Purchased and old on the stove metal pot. Bring coffee to full perk and then lower heat, perk for 10 minutes. I grind my own beans as I need them, prefer Melitta Columbian.

  103. Maggie says:

    Have you tried a vietnamese drip coffee maker? They’re super inexpensive (around $4 if you find the right place) and you can adjust the strength of the coffee by how much grounds you put in. They have the added advantage of not using a paper filter of any kind, being ecologically friendly (as well as saving you from all the chemicals the paper is treated with). They’re also perfect for a single cup of coffee.
    Coffee is usually one of the things I buy across the border, Fred Meyer has a good selection of organic fair trade bird-friendly coffee that regularly on sale ($8/lb), Kicking Horse is also good but I just can drink coffee fast enough to justify buying a tin. I’m also lucky to live in a place where the water has no icky treatment taste but when I went the disney (I brought the filter with me), I ended up using bottled water as the local water was really hard and chlorine-ly

  104. Luc says:

    My wife is addicted to Newman’s Own extra bold K-cups. It’s hard to find them in Canada though. I have 2 issues with Keurig:
    1. Descaling every couple of months using vinegar.
    2. The brewer is a bit big for our small condo countertop

    If you’re shopping around, check Costco and Amazon.

  105. Lisa says:

    I LOVE my more wasted coffee down the drain, just the perfect cup every morning and no more tim horton’s coffee! I havn’t been in a timmies for morning coffee since May of last year πŸ™‚ I bought my daughter a Mr Coffee/Keurig machine for her bday and boy did it ever resevoir and took 2 minutes to warm up the water/brew…brought it back and got her the tassimo onsale at Future’s the better machine than the one I have! the only problem is Tassimo prices are going up and up and up the more people become dependant on it.. the scary thing is that Kraft ( the distributors of Tassimo coffee) know exactly how many people have one because you register your machine to get the free coffee! don’t like that.

  106. Stewart says:

    Coffee right out of the roaster goes stale in two weeks. You cannot stop this process. Once you grind coffee it is stale in 15 minutes. Starbucks has stale coffee, I have had it along with dozens of other brands.

    This is the truth, I roast coffee and sell to my customers and they wouldn’t drink anything else.

  107. Fab says:

    ESPRESSO is my favorite. With a pump driven machine of course, stovetop units leave a bitter/burnt taste beacause it boils the water and thus burns the coffee. Pump driven machines (at least the better ones) heat the water to just the right temperature. I use a traditional “Classic GAGGIA”, which produces an excellent cup of coffee.

    But for anyone on a budget, I would recommend the “Ascaso Basic One” espresso machine. It is built in Spain, it is very basic, but has many features of the more expensive Italian machines (brass boiler, 57mm commercial size filter, etc…) and sells for under $200.

  108. blondpolack says:

    Breville K cup brewer expensive yes but best coffee i’ve ever had. We actually prefer our coffee at home over going out for coffee now. We had a Brewstation i just got tired of the mess when pouring and the coffee not staying warm for long and being bitter just after an hour. Since we’ve had this machine it made us realize how much coffee we were actually wasting. We no longer throw out 1/2 pots. So yes the Kcups seem pricy (.50 each when bought through for Van Houtte brand) but in the long run you have zero waste.
    Having the variety to choose from for flavors and roast is convenient, tea, hot choc, and seasonal flavors also is a nice choice to have. Now that summer weather is almost here (BC) we can even have our iced coffee or tea regualary nice bonus.
    The machine itself $300 pricey yes, we bought it and considered it our birthday presents to each other for the year. It has many options using k cups or your own brew blend, adjusting water temp if too hot or too cold, selecting cup size to brew from 4oz to 12oz
    Anyone who comes over and wants coffee just loves it too haven’t had one bad comment yet.

  109. laura says:

    hmmmm….how I like my coffee I like it in my coffee crisp…other then that too many people I work with drink hordes and hordes of it a shift, then they make someone more work and spill it all the way down the hallway to the staff lunch room. It smells wonderful coffee does but not the burnt grounds being thrown into my garbage can that make the thing unbearable to lift after the shift is over.

  110. Wandi says:

    Love our “Nespresso” coffee machine – same concept as Tassimo/Keurig. Works out to about .65-.70/cup. Their coffee can’t be purchased at a regular store – have to get online directly from Nespresso or if you live downtown Toronto or Vancouver then you can buy at the Nespresso Boutique inside The Bay. Or if you are in Montreal there is an actual Nespresso Boutique – great store! I live in Edmonton and just learned that a Boutique will be coming to the WEMall Bay soon. Coffee orders get shipped from Ontario and cost is $6.95 and it arrives within 2 days. I usually order 200 capsules (10/pkg) at a time and then the shipping costs don’t seem too bad.
    My coffee machine came with a Nespresso “Aerochino”…this is a frother/steamer and LOVE LOVE it! Cost for the set starts around $300. I just bought one for my dad and got 25% off at Home Outfitters.
    I’m not a huge coffee fan – my hubby is – his preference is often Starbucks and he loves the Nespresso coffee.
    This machine is a little pricey but you won’t be disappointed. We’ve had for 3 years now. We often make our guests latte’s, etc and they are impressed with the flavour…

  111. Ah-Boo says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned my preferred coffee/espresso maker!!

    It’s the Bialetti Easy Cafe. It’s your traditional espresso maker (like the stove top ones) but it’s electric! Self timed and never boils over. Perfect combo of traditional maker and modern convenience.

  112. B says:

    I’m the only one in my house that drinks coffee as well. I don’t go for all these fancy coffees first thing in the morning so I bought a 5-cup coffee maker from Black & Decker. They were only $5.oo at XS Cargo and just the perfect size for me. You can buy the coffee filters at the Dollar store. I set the coffee pot up at night before I go to bed so the first thing in the morning I run downstairs, turn the coffee pot on and by the time I’m finished upstairs a nice fresh hot coffee is waiting for me. I buy either Folgers or Maxwell House tin of coffee (depending on which one is on sale). The most difficult part of this might be adjusting the amount of coffee you need for your preferred strength. (for me it is 4 tablespoons)

  113. webster says:

    Bodum, been using it for years, Preferrably Kicking Horse beans,but they sometimes get pricey. Shopper’s has them on special frequently. Grind your own beans. Fresh water is always important. Dump the kettle and refill before boiling. easy clean up. NO Garbage. Experiment More coffee = stronger, less = weaker. you find your perfect cup.

  114. Tina says:

    This is by far the best thing ever, check it out

  115. Angela says:

    I use Folgers vanilla in just a plain ole coffee maker, and then use a vanilla splenda flavours, and its the yummiest coffee. I dont believe in all those cafe mochiatos, or whatever they’re called. I try to stick to the basic “healthy choice”. To keep my coffee grounds fresh, I empty them out of the tin into a ziploc baggie, and then double bag it and keep it in the freezer. It last a few months that way, since its just me, and I just have my 2 cups of morning coffee and that’s it. Other then that, its Tims black coffee, unless they burn the pot! Yuk!

  116. SoccerMom says:

    I’m surprised that NO ONE ELSE mentionned composting the coffee grounds and recycling the Tassimo discs like I did previously : “I love my Tassimo machine. As for adding to the landfill comment I read earlier – I empty the coffee grounds into composting and wash and recycle the discs. Not only do I get my caffeine fix – I also help keep my garbage to a minimum by recycling. Best of both worlds. Cheers.” You say that you are concerned with the landfill, etc. but don’t take the initative .. pitty

  117. Teenah says:

    I like my oldfashioned coffee maker. Got it as a gift from my MIL. Works great. I’m the only major coffee drinker here aswell. However, it has a metal pot. so it stays warm all day.

    Also, Im notvery picky. I buy the Coffee that is on sale. Last 3 months I’ve been drinking GV from Walmart. However, Maxwell House is on sale for $5 this week at Sobeys, and since one of them giant cans last me almost all year, I’ll be just fine. I only drink 1 – 2 cups of a coffee a day. Don’t have time for much else with two lil ones!

  118. Rhonda says:

    Personally I drink flogers or maxwell house. I use 1 small teaspoon for every 2 cups with a sprinkle of salt. I have found that if I only brew 8 cups at a time it is perfect. Then to top it off I us the southern butter pecan creamer. You will never go back to cream and sugar.

  119. Rhonda says:

    Oops I forgot that I also keep all of my coffee on the freezer to keep it fresh.

  120. Sandra says:


    I did some research on coffee makers about 2 years ago before one cup at a time were widely available.( I read 1 book that had a title I now forget.)

    The KEY to making a great cup of coffee is to make sure the water heater obtains a very high heat before it reaches the beans.

    Also, pause and steal a cup in coffee makers isn’t great because all the coffee hasn’t come through and you are getting uneven amounts of what is being brewed.

    Furthermore, coffee heating bottoms are a no no, because the coffee loses its freshness (I think) according to the book.

    Be careful how you store beans. It could make a major difference in the taste of your coffee.

    Sandra πŸ™‚

  121. Sandra says:

    Oh and don’t forget to clean your coffee maker as it will build up into awful tasting coffee later and if you use a kettle clean it too. A good cleaner is vinegar and water.

  122. Hey this is a good looking site, is wordpress? Forgive me for the foolish question but if so, what theme is? Thanks!

  123. Johabela says:

    I use a cuisinart “Coffee on demand” DCC-2000C coffeemaker with internal carafe.. Keeps my coffee hot (4 to 12 cups) super hot for 4 hours and is good to the last cup.. Love this machine but they no longer make them.. :(. In my machine I use the William Spartivento Sumatra beans (fairtrade coffee) from costco… Gotta go… My coffee is ready πŸ˜‰

  124. sasksasky says:

    Grinder + Aeropress + Beans = Damn fine coffee

    I have an aeropress that I love. It is cheap ($40 and now has reusable SS disc filter), relatively easy to use/clean, and makes a superb cup of coffee. A grinder is an absolute must (ensure it’s a burr). I drink only decaf as I don’t handle caffeine well and aside from the pain and expense of ordering 49th parallel beans — I’ve settled on ethical bean decaf. I can usually get at London Drugs for a decent price. I’ve tried the Zavida decaf from Costco, but I found them to be a little bland. If I could get my paws on a small quantity of green beans, I’d be tempted to try popcorn maker roasting for ultimate freshness. The best coffee I’ve ever had is from Transcend coffee in Edmonton. Wish I lived closer πŸ™

  125. Danica says:

    I think we have nabob bots here polluting your thread..I doubt so many people like that, it is worse than keurig. And often these machine do not have good temp regulation and give you ‘bad brews’ and you end up with dish water coffee. 50cent per cup is still very expensive, when you had to spend more than 200$ for the machine + cleaning it so often if you don’t want slime in you coffee. Personally, I find this disgusting (my mom has one)

    If you want pods, go for Nespresso, you won’t be disappointed (the strong ones anyways are great).

    I have a 1L bodum (for me and the BF), like someone said: swirl it around with water and even in the sink it does not gunk anything up since the grains are small. I grind my own coffee I purchased from William Spartivento (online, you get free delivery after 50$ and after 80$ free delivery + 1 small free coffee bag).

    And I like the experience of making coffee too, smelling the freshly ground grains mixing with the water (I grind coffee for 1 week at a time)! No pod machine can compare to this.

    Wish you good choices but be weary of this Nabob..sure some bots are here because there is no way such a high percentage of people have this. It so may people had Keurig I would believe it since it is reallly popular but not the Nabob..and they the milk packed..then your machine is all sour from the milk. omg what a eww!
    (you know the little part where the excess fall in case of a mess, ya that gets stinky and disgusting fast).

  126. Danica says:

    And I would like to add: coffee which have filters (any type: drip-pods, etc) will remove the oils from your coffee which have A LOT of the flavor so I would go for a non-filter method if you want the full taste of the coffee you are purchasing.

  127. Danica says:

    good lord was I sleeping during this first comment? sorry about the kryptic sentences!! hope you can still understand!


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