iCoke Rewards Canada

iCoke Rewards Canada

Thanks Koala and alajen for this info 🙂

Starting May 1st, every 10th PIN you enter gets you an offer for a FREE Coke. However, if you choose not to accept the offer when prompted, the opportunity won’t come again until you’ve entered another 10 more PINs.

Becoming an iCoke Member is easy. If you’re over 13, click here to start the quick process of becoming an iCoke Member.

The Company offers games, contests and other promotional activities that may require online registration, from especially marked Coke products.

Promotional PINs are alphanumeric codes found on specially marked Coca-Cola© products and on special promotion materials, such as iCoke contest cards. These PIN codes give registered iCoke Members the chance to collect iCoke Coins and instantly win prizes. Everyone who enters a PIN code receives the number of iCoke Coins indicated on the specially marked package.

iCoke Coins act as virtual points on iCoke.ca. Registered iCoke Members can redeem them to enter for a chance to win prizes in Enter Contests or they can be used to purchase iCoke merchandise.

Click here for more details on the iCoke.ca rewards program

21 responses to “iCoke Rewards Canada”

  1. DisgruntledCokeHead says:

    Yes, every 10th PIN generates an offer for a free 591ml bottle of Coke, but it costs 5000 points. That means that you lose 5000 points that you could have used for other offers (contests, CDs, concert tickets, etc.)

  2. babymama says:

    not so free…

  3. DisgruntledCokeHead says:

    Just got back from the USA, it only takes 8 PINs in the USA vs. 10 in Canada! As well they have PINs on products that don’t have PINs here. Not fair!

  4. John Desmond Lynch says:

    This program is pure crap.I have just registered and have been trying for over 30 minutes to enter pin numbers only to have my attempts rejected because of invalid numbers, yet I only purchased the products today.It is true you get nothing for nothing these days.It is time that something was done to prevent these companies from initiating false advertising.

  5. trrifk says:

    are you sure you registered on the canadian site and not the US site?
    I have never had a problem entering codes.

  6. loosie says:

    just started collecting icoke points.. interested to see what the little padlocks are under my points??

  7. kris says:

    i have no idea what the heck this pin is…i have tried entering it a billion times.if anyone can figure it out,be my guest to free points.the first 5 digits i can clearly read so they are correct.the 6th one im sure is an a to. but the 7th digit and last 2 are ify.7th could be a 7 or z.its from nestea.


  8. anon says:

    The changes to the icoke rewards in 2010 basically make it not worth collecting points anymore. They no longer have any decent rewards – who wants wallpapers that don’t work on macs or passes for parks in other provinces) and there “locks” are a scam. It says you have 2 pins left to release a locked reward (which seem to be the better rewards such as movie tickets) but you keep entering dozens and dozens of pins but you still never unlock the reward. You still need 2 more pins to unlock. I just stopped entering points except one a month just to keep the account active so I don’t loose over 250,000 points. Hopefully actually just make the good rewards available all the time or fix the “locks”.

  9. Shannon says:

    I have an icoke rewards account just for fun. I don’t even drink Coke all that much anymore but my husband and his bro do. I just collect like 10 or so caps and labels and enter them all in at once. I used some points for a collectible pin during the 2010 Olympics which I gave to my husbands dad (he collects pins) I would never drink Coke for the points nor would I say that it saves you any money but if you’re buying the product anyway you may as well collect the points! If you keep building them up you’ll have enough for when they do put something worthwhile up.

  10. iCoke :) says:

    Ive been collecting points/coins for years. I loved how you used to be able to buy movie tickets with the points. Now they only occasionally allow you to get the movie tickets. But Every three or four months something decent usually pops up in their rewards section. the canadas wonderland day pass is pretty sweet and I usually cash the points in for gift cards / and cash based rewards. Ive also gotten a year subscription to popular mechanics. so thats pretty kool. iCoke always has some decent rewards if you do save up and enter pins regularly. however for the new locks underneath the points that “Unlock with Pins”, Im about 1/3 the green bar full with 45,000 points. I dont know how many points they want you to enter to unlock those but it has to be some huge amount thats going to take forever if you can only do 10 / week. anyways love icoke. hope some new rewards come out soon.

  11. iCoke :) says:

    (i dont actually drink that much pop okay !! 😛 my friends and family / work know i collect them, so I do get to rake in those points pretty regularly. Im hoping root beer gets the points. cause im getting sick of sprite 😛 and dont drink alot of coke. Fanta has it which is nice too.

  12. Random? says:

    icoke.ca website is a total scam nowadays. Not only is the website not updated and most of the contests over, the supposed gameboard contest is not random. In fact, it is programmed to “TRY AGAIN” 9/10 times. I drink Coke a lot but Coke would do its customers a favour if they took some of their profits and truly designed a game that was random. Also pay your webmaster and programmers more money because the site has become a joke.

  13. angry says:

    why collect the icoke points anymore…i say what a waste of ink on the bottles and time on the internet. why have a reward section when your not going to reward anyone. sure they will keep on telling you to check back everyday cause new rewards are always coming up…what a load. ive been drinking coke for 20 years now and i can honestly say that i never thought of drinking pepsi till my dealings with icoke. congradulations coke…..you have found a way to turn your loyal coke drinkers into pepsi wannabes…thanks for nothing as usual.

  14. angry in ontario says:

    I have a friend in USA, she told me to redeem my coke pts for a free pogo game pass for a year for 570 pts. Ok, I tried in the coke.ca, notta, zip, not even an offer! Have any of you gone to cokerewards.com and checked out the things they can buy as opposed to us? What a freaking joke in Canada, as usual, all this time spent, saving points to buy something stupid like wallpaper? Man we got the royal shaft again, and angry saying on the way to drinking pepsi, I agree, this is a total waste of money and time on the internet to get ripped off again, come on icoke.ca…get a grab on reality and actually offer us stuff we may have an interest in, getting the royal shaft again as usual. Thanks for “NOTHING ICOKE” !!!!!

  15. redeem147 says:

    I enter my points and so far have gotten three fast food $5 cards and some movie tickets. It just depends when you go on as to when the good stuff shows up.

    No problem for me – I like Coke Zero.

  16. redeem147 says:

    BTW, I got the movie tickets a few days ago.

  17. tired of waiting says:

    finaly something came up that i want. $5 mcdonalds card but it wont let me order it saying the site is undergoig maintenance. w.t.coke is going on with this promotion? i sent coke a message 8 months ago and it only got worst. if they dont get more participating companies and/or sponsors involved soon,they are going to upset alot of loyal customers

  18. steve says:

    I’ve been getting songs from itunes, now conveniently the site has been under”scheduled maintenance” for over a week.(From my computer) I still have pins I want to use. I got my girlfriend to access the site from work, so, they blacklist IP addresses of people who are actually wanting to redeem their pins.

  19. Sharon says:

    I am persevering with icoke.ca to see if we can redeem our reward points for something that is better than a magazine subscription, ring tunes and some senseless rewards. I too don’t understand why the American website have more choice, are we aliens? We buy the coke and we should be treated fairly. My reply from the icoke.ca website, seems as though it is read off a page. They always say they have updated their rewards choice. (Where and what have they updated.) I am not a happy bunny. I will not back down until I get an answer that is satisfactory.

  20. sue says:

    I have been trying to put m pin reward points in and they tell me not any good…What’s up with that…..



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