If you could choose one online store to ship to Canada that doesn’t what would it be?

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If you could choose one store that currently does not ship to us Canadians what would your choice be? Old navy? Gap?  Target?  Theres a ton to choose from!

So, I got this idea that we can post what store we want to start shipping here and I’ll email them a link to this blog if theres enough interest. Maybe we can sway companies. It’s worth a shot!

I’d choose The Childrens Place.

214 responses to “If you could choose one online store to ship to Canada that doesn’t what would it be?”

  1. dee says:

    Biglots or Target 🙂

  2. Shaunah says:


  3. Christa says:

    I would love Target!!!

  4. Bernice says:

    Old Navy and Children’s Place

  5. deni says:

    It would be a toss up between amazon.com (I know we have .ca but it doesn’t have anywhere NEAR the selection) and Children’s Place. Shipping to Canada is only exciting, however, if it is reasonably priced.

  6. Irene says:

    I would say Pottery Barn.

  7. Jacki says:

    Ohhhhh I have to pick three, Childrens Place, Target, and Old Navy!

    But if it was just one, it would be Old Navy. Kinda sucks that their plus sized section is online only and we cannot order online!

  8. Jules says:


  9. ukonjacki says:

    Kohls and Target

  10. CW says:


  11. CZ says:

    Wet seal. 🙂

  12. AA says:

    Target or Kohls!

  13. CHristina says:

    Walmart.com or Target!!

  14. Jenifer says:

    Irene, Pottery Barn will ship to you from any of the Canadian locations. Just call the store and they are happy to send it to you. I know some of the convenience is lost and it doesn’t apply to oline only items, but it is an option.

  15. Lisa says:

    OLD NAVY!!!

  16. Mike says:


  17. Shannon says:

    Target!! Target!! Target!! Je t’aime Tar-jay. Amazon.com too. I get super fantastic deals at Children’s Place Outlet in Cookstown ON, so I don’t need to vote for that one.

  18. Sara says:

    RE: Pottery Barn…the US stores & online has so many items that can’t be shipped to Canada.

    As for a store, I wouldn’t use it anyways since the custom taxes are nuts if they won’t use US postal service!

    Best $40 I spend a yr is my us post office box!

  19. honeydoo says:

    amazon.com, but with the same exact pricing and cheap shipping. most US stores that have/add canada shipping make it so outrageously expensive that it loses the appeal.

  20. Melissa says:


  21. dawn_sweety says:

    Target!!!! I could always just go to the states though! lol and skip the shipping

  22. farazaz says:

    Target , children place , old navy , kohls and walmart.com

  23. Natalka says:

    Zales!!! I know they are a cousin of Peoples’ Jewellers, but Zales always has amazing deals!
    Roamans.com – amazing, beautiful, inexpensive, different PLUS size women’s clothing.
    zaftique.com – women’s plus size clothing

  24. rainy says:

    Big lots and Target for sure!!!

  25. sonia says:


  26. spiritedside says:

    The Childrens Place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. julyprincess says:

    Target, Old Navy, Go Jane

  28. ergo2 says:

    unless there was free shipping , i don’t see how it would make a differece as you would also have the extra cost of taxes and duties 🙁

  29. Shastra says:

    Target, Amazon.com, Nordstroms (their horchow furniture line is really nice) 🙂

  30. Danam314 says:

    Definitely Target!

  31. dilbrt says:

    Oh, it’s a tough call… I’d pick Gap or Target.

  32. FJ says:

    Apparently the Gap family of stores are going to allow shipping to Canada sometime in 2010 already.

  33. Cmoody says:

    Agree – Old Navy & The Childrens place – their online clearance & sales are great!!

  34. Nottinkerbel says:

    I can’t pick just one!!! Target and old navy for sure

  35. Tcbarr says:

    Sam’s Club!

  36. zeekid says:

    I would love to have Kohl’s, Target and Amazon.com ship to Canada.

  37. Agata says:

    Old Navy by far

  38. mandolynn says:

    Old Navy and Children’s Place

  39. Stephanie Poole says:

    Children’s Place!!!

  40. Ladena says:

    TARGET TARGET TARGET! Love that store…

  41. frugirl says:

    Old Navy. 😀

  42. Art Teacher says:


  43. Melissa13 says:

    Target!!! But as other people have said, with cheap shipping please.

  44. Ang says:


  45. Deb says:

    Target would be my first choice
    Children’s Place would be my second choice!!!

  46. bhlombardy says:

    I travel to the US frequently, and I honestly dont see the attraction of Target. Yes, the stores are more attractive, spacious, and appealing aesthetically, but everything they have is priced higher than Walmart, and it’s the **exact same items**. So if you want them shipped, none of the B&M store’s aesthetics means a thing.

    PErsonally, I’d love for AMAZON.COM to ship something other than books, CD, and movies to Canada. I’m talking electronics, kitchenware, small appliances, video games, etc. As it stands I get stuff shipped to a US address just across the border (about an hour away) where I pay a $5 handling fee to the business that recieves my parcel. If Amazon.com shipped here for nay more than the cost of canadian tax, I’d be happy since I pay sales tax at the border anyway. OH, and let me use my Amazon.com PRIME service to boot. That would be sweet.

  47. chiachi2005 says:

    Definitely Amazon.com and Target– it’s so frustrating to see the great deals they offer but then see how much shipping costs would turn that great deal into not that great a deal.

  48. Raya says:


  49. Fozzie says:


    They have a much better selection other items than books than Amazon.ca

    Amazon.jp will ship to Canada but not .com

  50. Summer B. says:


  51. lola says:

    pottery barn

  52. Tiffany says:

    Gap Families will have a Canadian Online website around Christmas 2010. The gap will ship to your home by the way. It’s $6 call any canadian store with the style numbers from the web and we will do our best to find it for you! It’s $6 no matter how much you buy.

  53. Krista says:

    I love both Target and OLd Navy…
    use their online site and would love to order!

  54. kittyboots says:


  55. Sarai says:

    I’d choose Target please!

  56. Jennifer says:

    First Choice: TARGET

    Second Choice: The Gap/Old Navy

    Third Choice: Pottery Barn

  57. Chris says:

    http://www.amazon.com with their full selection! Not our truncated Canadian site.

  58. Melodie says:

    I would love for Aveda to ship to Canada…but would settle for Target!!!!

  59. Lisa Canuck says:

    The Children’s Place, Target, Kohls, JC Penny, and Amazon.com (in that order)

  60. Lisa Canuck says:

    Why can’t they ship to Canada? Some stores have no problem shipping to Canada.

  61. audrey says:

    I’d say Ann Taylor.

  62. Lina says:

    Tommy Hilfiger

  63. Leanne says:

    hey all..Old navy will ship to you directly from one of their stiores if you have the item number.I live three hours drive away from an old navy store and have had a few items shipped by the store nearest to me ! =)

  64. Trinity991 says:

    I don’t think I could pick just one! The Children’s Place, Old Navy, the Gap and Pottery Barn would be my wishes 🙂

  65. MamaCC says:

    Amazon.com and Target

  66. christina says:

    Tystoybox.com great stuff!

  67. fms says:

    target! target! target!

  68. Lindsay L says:

    I would choose Piperlime. They have fantastic things on their site.

  69. jopava says:

    Kirkland’s, target, walmart,abercrombie & fitch, nordstrom!!!

  70. Jenn says:

    Amazon.com, Target and Crate and Barrel (without having to phone their customer service).

  71. Kim_T says:

    Nine West. They have a much bigger selection in the States than in Canada, plus their sales are much better too!

  72. mist_ynight says:

    Old Navy, the closest one to me is 5 hours drive.

  73. Donna says:

    Definitely Target or Pottery Barn

  74. tartineauchoco says:


  75. pockysharon says:

    Target and gap

  76. Richie Rich says:

    Target and Amazon.com

  77. Steenibambini says:


  78. Toule says:

    walmart.com, amazon.com and target!!

  79. Julie Leeds says:

    Target, not for price but for selection. They have things you can’t get at any price here in Canada (or even Walmart.com for that matter) I have a friend who lives in the states if I disparately want something from the states. She will send it to me and just put gift on the customs tag. (I have only done this once or twice.) Or I just get things shipped to the closest US store to me if I see something online and then just make a quick trip over and pick it up.

  80. MaddensMomma says:

    Old Navy

  81. Lumberjill says:

    H&M and Urban Outfitter!!!

  82. amanda55 says:

    Old Navy and The Childrens Place for sure 🙂

  83. Gilly says:

    OLD NAVY!!! I live in the boonies, 4 hours from the nearest Old Navy, so I order ALL of my daughter’s clothes from 77kids (American eagle). If Old Navy shipped to Canada, I would spend a FORTUNE there!!

  84. Sunday says:

    Old Navy!!

  85. Jacki says:

    Old Navy, GAP, & Piperlime would all come as one, so I think that would rock too….

  86. Janice says:

    amazon.com and target

  87. Donna says:

    Old Navy , I’m always drooling at the deals they offer for online shopping…only for US customers 🙁

  88. Insane says:

    Old Navy will ship anywhere in canada for $10 if you call a store with what you want or send someone in to a store to pick it out. I do it all the time.

  89. ellenw says:

    pottery barn

  90. Aatlaantis says:

    Old Navy or Children’s Place for sure. I spend way too much time looking at their websites considering we can’t order from them!

  91. Lynn says:

    I don’t order online but from what I’d seen, I would choose Amazon.com. I would love to go shopping in the US tho!

  92. MommyC says:

    It is a toss between Old Navy or Target! 🙂

  93. Laura says:

    The Cliff Bar website I went to order some mini cliff bars and it said it didn’t ship to Canada due to Health Regulations and none of the outdoors stores up here supplies them.

  94. valh says:

    The pottery barn for sure

  95. Ann says:

    Tar-jay =)

  96. Heather says:

    Target and Old Navy please!

  97. Val says:

    Amazon.com 🙂

  98. CY says:


    (doesn’t amazon.com already ship?)

  99. Hurley says:

    My goodness, I would be broke if they ever shipped to Canada though!

  100. Steph (esbee) says:


  101. Awww Nuts says:


  102. Lynn49 says:

    And CJBanks!!
    Ah….if only……

  103. Cheapnik says:


  104. Kiti63 says:

    Macys, hands down

  105. Bonny says:

    I miss Target so much! I would buy from them all the time if they shipped here!

  106. Tia says:

    Amazon.com for sure, why can they send me a box of books but not a toy the same size. Amazon.ca just doesn’t cut it in the long run.

  107. Sticky says:


  108. Sally says:

    oh woots, a good one to!

  109. shan says:

    Amazon.com and Gap

  110. Susan says:

    Old Navy and Target!

  111. CJMercer says:

    The Children’s Place and GAP

  112. Kim says:


  113. Katie C. says:

    TARGET for sure. I moved up here from the States 18 months ago and Target is the one store I miss to DEATH. 🙂

  114. ISEY says:

    Bath and Body Works!

  115. dori says:


  116. grumpy says:

    Everyone here should consider borderlynx. I think on the visaperks website, you can register now for free… gets you a US mailing address that allows you to buy stuff from the US sites. If you pay with VISA, they waive the $30 registration fee or something like that! Haven’t used it myself because I don’t buy that much from the states but it looks to be a good deal!

  117. Sally says:

    grumpy, its just the amount that they charged to ship here (and their fees) and the taxes wasn’t worth it to me 🙁

  118. Tiffany Wettergreen says:

    Target, Target, Target!!!! Although, I CANNOT figure out how Children’s Place can have stores up here and not ship???!!! CRAZY!

  119. b says:


  120. Pam says:


  121. jackie says:


  122. Andrea says:

    Target please!! I ship all my target.com orders to a US mailbox just across the border in Blaine, WA, but it’d be so much easier to ship to my house.

  123. Diana says:


  124. addismom says:

    Layne bryant as they have stopped. Target,gap,old navy,ralph lauren

  125. neicey says:

    how the heck can I pick just one. I have to pick 3 sorry, Old Navy, childrens place, Target.

  126. Annie says:

    TARGET! just because we don’t have it here and they have such good deals vs. Old Navy (I find the online deals are lacking compared to what you can find in the clearance sections in store), and there’s an old navy everywhere!

  127. milly says:

    TARGET!!! and sephora cuz only the US has free deals and awesome shipping rates and CANADA gets NOTHING!!!!!!

  128. Nice Sass says:

    Another vote for Target. Hands down.

  129. Wanda says:

    JC Penney – love the store…
    Old Navy ships in Canada but you have to phone the store to place order and it’s a $5 flat rate to ship I just did it 2 weeks ago had my order in 2 days…

  130. Barb says:

    Definitely Amazon.com. There isn’t anything you can get through Amazon.com.

  131. Jan says:

    Pottery Barn

  132. Lexiesmom says:

    Childrens place

  133. Laura says:

    Target and Old Navy

  134. Bill says:


  135. borob says:

    definitely childrens place

  136. itsjustmebub says:

    100% OLD NAVY!!!

  137. shopgirls007 says:

    TARGET and the GAP brands.

  138. emma says:

    Target for sure!!

  139. B.L. says:

    Amazon.com please!

  140. Sue says:

    Old Navy for Sure!

  141. Maddy says:


  142. Marissa says:


  143. Julie says:


  144. SenCA says:

    Definitely Target. There’s too many exclusive products and excellent sales we’ve been missing on up here.

    This is a great idea by the way, Sally.

  145. Sandra says:

    Kohl’s or Target.

  146. k8brit says:

    Linen’s N Things… They are back in business in the states in web form only!

  147. Smack says:

    Old Navy

  148. babybeans says:

    Walmart.com for sure!!! Excellent stuff on there that we can’t get 🙁 The Walmart clothing in the USA is way better than the stuff available in Canada.

  149. beckgott says:

    Target, Old Navy & Kohls for sure!

  150. Deb says:

    Amazon.com !!!!

  151. Diana says:

    lane bryant

  152. JR says:

    Children’s Place, most definitely!!!!!

  153. Brody says:

    Globalgolf.com has free shipping to the US, but their shipping prices to Canada are ridiculous! Free shipping to Canada!!!

  154. Lu says:

    Scentiments.com, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Macy’s, Alexander McQueen 🙁

  155. Amy says:

    amazon.com and Target

  156. Bargain_hunter_lola says:

    I’d love to see Target ship to Canada. It’s hard to get down to a store on a regular basis and they have such awesome kids clothing! My first choice would totally be Target!!!!

  157. gail says:

    Gap stores and Pottery Barn.

    Note: I called the Gap for something not long ago and they told me that they plan to start shipping to Canada in 2010, maybe in the spring! We will see what happens…

  158. Karen says:

    Target and Children’s Place

  159. tinahobbs says:

    Another vote for Target!

  160. taramarie says:

    100% Old Navy!!!

  161. Roy says:

    Vans shoes anyone?

  162. pxy says:

    Target gets my vote.

  163. Ash says:


  164. SPINELLI says:


  165. Mary Ann says:

    Target & Belk

  166. MARIA says:

    Childrens Place, Target, and Old Navy!

  167. Wendy Burden says:


  168. Wildarm says:


  169. Diann says:

    Kohls and Christopher and Banks

  170. Jane says:

    Targert or Amazon.com

  171. Erica says:

    TARGET!!! It’s a must stop when I cross the line.

  172. Izzi says:


  173. nicjosemm says:

    Old navy

  174. Nicole says:

    Target! 🙂

    Old Navy and Gap will happily ship from their stores to you in Canada and its quick.

  175. Mel says:

    Kohl`s for sure!

  176. pateyface says:

    I too can’t pick just one. Lol. It’s a toss up between The Children’s Place, Old Navy and Target!

  177. DjDATZ says:

    Amazon.com… Easily.

    Some of the electronics they sell in the US are DIRT cheap and because of the need to keep prices high here in Canada, Amazon US isn’t allowed to ship here.

  178. nanooks613 says:

    Lane Bryant and Bass Shoes

  179. PlzMe says:

    What the hell. I’m surprised this list isn’t filled with AMAZON.COM

  180. Lynn says:

    Target, BigLots, JCPenney!

  181. Macy’s and Coldwater Creek please!

  182. Christine says:

    The Coca Cola On Line Store

  183. Bobbi says:

    Amazon.com they carry so much more than Amazon.ca

  184. Papasmurff says:

    target…second would be children’s place

  185. Sasser says:

    POTTERY BARN KIDS! They have awesome clearance deals but they don’t ship to Canada.

  186. fantastic says:


  187. Wendy says:

    target and amazon.com

  188. Jess says:

    target! definitely!

  189. Litesandsirens911 says:


  190. joe says:


  191. Jenn H. says:

    OLD NAVY!!! I’m plus-size and they go up to higher sizes than they do in Canadian stores, plus they have twice the selection and fantastic prices. It’s soo unbelievably hard finding plus-size clothing that is also affordable, and I’d LOVE to see Old Navy ship to Canada. 🙂

  192. Jessica says:

    amazon.com- more than just cds/books/etc

  193. Talia Bogaski says:

    Amazon.com, Target, The Childrens Place would be awesome.. maybe Carters too. There’s SO many! lol

  194. May says:

    All of the above. You should all seriously consider checking out http://www.shipito.com. They’ve been shipping all my stuff for months now.

  195. B says:

    I have ordered from amazon.com to Canada before…

  196. Laura says:

    It would be either Target, Amazon.com, and Children’s place.

  197. dawnapacini says:

    TORRID ilove their clothes~!

  198. denise says:


  199. mardi61 says:

    Target, for sure!

  200. nevs says:


  201. Marcellina says:

    GAP family for sure!You get 4 stores in one.

  202. Henry says:


  203. Gail says:

    I would love to have Spiegal send to Canada

  204. Mumsy says:


  205. Simone says:

    Timberland or The Gap

  206. Gayathri says:

    OLD NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. John says:

    I have purchased from all theses stores. Just have them delivered to a UPS Store. They cahrge a small fee but still cheaper to buy online. I then just drive over the border and pick items up. Closest one that I use often is in Lewiston NY. Only 5 minutes from the border

  208. Donna says:

    Pottery Barn and tell them to STOP using UPS!! It is the MOST expensive way to ship here from the U.S. Also as an example they need to set out prices more fairly. Sure I can order from the Toronto store. Example??? Duncan Stripe duvet cover on sale in the U.S. for 139.00 is 189.00 here!! That is RIDICULOUS. Same thing with Olive shams…on sale in the U.S. 19.00 and they are 39.00 dollars here!! Give me a BREAK!! the exchange rate is almost at par right now!!!!

    I love PB items but, Canadian consumers are getting SCREWED, BlUED and TATOOED by this store. We are being WAAAAAY over charged!

  209. miss Minnie says:



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