Kelsey’s: Fall Classic Meal Deal only $17.99!

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Enjoy Kelsey’s Fall Classic Meal Deal for a limited time. Choose one of their starter soups or salads, a NEW entrée and a mouth watering mini dessert, all for only 17.99!

I really like Kelsey’s, their four cheese spinach dip is really really good, and they have the best broccoli cheddar soup in my opinion. Keep in mind this classic meal does have limitations, there are only 4 options for entrees, fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, macaroni and cheese or blue cheese sirloin burger (I’d probably get the burger or the fish and chips).

Click here to see the menu.

18 responses to “Kelsey’s: Fall Classic Meal Deal only $17.99!”

  1. Just ate there says:

    I was there for lunch yesterday and I was not at all impressed by their new menu; they are calling it their “pub style” menu. Shepherd’s pie? Macaroni and cheese? I don’t go to a restaurant for casserole dishes. There were two adults for lunch: We both ordered sandwiches (with no extras), a soda, and a mini-dessert ($4.99 for two) and it came to $39.37, without tip. This is the last time we’ll be eating at Kelsey’s, as for $40 we can eat at a much nicer restaurant.

  2. Sally says:

    I dislike there “new” menu. They have ruined their fish and chips with mushy peas and onions that are over processed crap. The mushy peas water run onto the fish and make it uncrispy. And they also put a “cajun” spice on the fries now (some of the cooks omit this but we warned its on the description it depends on the cook)

    So my last meal there was highly dissapointing considering I always love their beer battered fish.

  3. Larry says:

    17.99 for ……… and chips,etc

    In these trying economic times, it would make more sense to lower the price of premium dinners rather than raise the price of “pub” fare to 17.99 .

    Myself, I will not even bother to visit them after seeing this poor offering !

  4. Justine says:

    I didn’t notice the peas in the fish and chips until now, you guys are right, that doesn’t sit well with me either 😉

    broccoli soup 4.99
    sirloin blue cheese burger 12.49
    so you are basically getting the dessert for free, which I normally wouldn’t get anyhow.

  5. godvchaos says:

    yup bad deal, does SC take $$ for advertising, cause this is what it looks like

  6. fortunekitty500 says:

    If this is anything like their previous meal deals, totally not worth it. You basically get the dessert for free and it’s not even a full size dessert but their “mini” dessert. DH and I ordered off this new menu and we both couldn’t finish our meal, it was terrible. Too bad, as this chain used to be reliable.

  7. Sally says:

    No Godvchaos Boo doesn’t lol

  8. Justine says:

    neither do I. I just thought it looked good to begin with, but then yeah, it’s kinda sucky. But if you are going there anyway, why not get a free dessert right? 😉

  9. Sally says:

    well if you looked at regular price it is a savings though, its just Kelseys is pricey to being with.


    Mushy peas Mushy peas….

    On a side note their guacamole is da bomb

  10. Knowsa Deal says:

    heu.. that’s a deal?!?!?!?! For 15$ you can get perfect ribs lunch at Baton Rouge’s bar… Kelsey’ comparing their crappy fish sticks with frozen peas and fries to some of the best ribs out there?? ok won’t give you desert, but at least you get good food compared to Kelsey’s..

    Not really good food at Kelsey’s.. been there, won’t do it again..

  11. Robin says:

    Well to be fair there is a whole menu to select from . . .

    To make sure you got your 17.99 worth you could always order the Mac’n Cheese!!!! :-p

  12. Jo Seff says:

    The new menu reminds me of a kids menu in another restaurant…knew there was a reason I haven’t been back to Kelseys…other than having to pick up another job just to pay for it

  13. Zay says:

    I was at Kelseys with my Aunt and Uncle from England and it was awful. Won’t go there again. And yes the fish and chips are yucky with those peas!

  14. rufasrastasjohnsonbrown says:

    Every Kelseys we have ever been to has consistanly been the worst dining out experience we have ever had.Lousy food,even worst service,drunken loud atmosphere.For $17.99 better quality is to be had at McDonalds or that root beer place.

  15. Sally says:


    What you gonna do when the rain comes down? What chya gonna do and what chya gonna say if you can’t pay the rent till the rain goes away…..

  16. Corbinx says:

    This doesn’t sound like a very good deal at all. With so many places to chose from there are many options for much cheaper food and a better quality or quantity of food.

  17. Miles Vail says:

    Excellent information once again. Thanks;)


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