Living Well Canadian Freebie: Tomorrow March 23 Free Sample of Zantac


Living well is offering another great freebie! Tomorrow enter your information to receive a free sample of Zantac. Now if I remember correctley, they haven’t been updating the site until about 4pm but it’s a good idea to keep checking because it can be updated at any time during tomorrow. Remember the Zantac offer will not show until its updated.

Click here (tomorrow)

Please post when the new offer is up to let others know. 🙂

65 responses to “Living Well Canadian Freebie: Tomorrow March 23 Free Sample of Zantac”

  1. kristin says:

    err JUST beat me to posting this!! lol.thanks.

  2. Sally says:

    Lol! Except for i posted this at 6 pm 😀 Oddly enough though noone has commented hehe

  3. kristin says:

    oh,sorry. I was just here and didn’t see it come up then i checked my e-mail and saw the trial offer then i came back all excited to post it in freebies and it was on the

  4. Sally says:

    U can still post it in freebies! I didnt, im far too lazy to post it in both places 🙂

  5. kris says:

    Looks like someone did post last night,oh well. They only got 2 replies as well,odd.It must be the nice weather,no one wants to sit on their computer ( even though its night!) Maybe if no one knows about it we will actually have a chance at getting it this time,lol.

  6. CarlyinCanada says:

    LOL, checked at 730am et…not up yet! Will check throughout to day, haha

  7. Jonathan says:

    Same here. I am going to be all over this refreshing the page at work.

    10:11 AM AST (Halifax) – Nothing yet.

  8. Deb says:

    10:05am Toronto – not updated as yet. Still showing the sweetener.

  9. Moom says:

    Another freebie of Zantac! As much as I love getting freebies I’ll be giving this one a miss. No-one in the house really suffers from heartburn and we already have two packs of this. They seem to be giving this away a lot, perhaps heartburn is a bigger problem than we realise? 😉

  10. Jonathan says:

    12:34pm AST and nothing yet. I also have this sample from last time and never used it, but I wouldn’t mind having another sample for the office when someone makes that nasty gut-rot coffee.

  11. Sally says:

    Im wondering if its going to be up at 4pm again. I def want this my husband gets heartburn all the time.

  12. FunkyMunky says:

    all gone now 🙁

  13. twin says:

    It’s still not up. I assume it will be late again. Last trial offer was at about 3:30.

  14. Sally says:

    funky monkey they haven’t even been released yet.

  15. greentires4me says:

    its 10am BC time and its not up…psst you mean the splenda trial is all gone from last time…they haven’t even posted this times trail…yet

  16. Michael says:

    11:53am mountain time.. still not up

  17. BS says:

    1:57 EST – Still not up

  18. Jasmine says:

    its 1:57 and its still not up yet 🙂 … Im gonna keep trying

  19. Edward says:

    2:15 EST time and still not up.

  20. Jonathan says:

    3:25 AST in Halifax… nothing yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Living Well” staff read these comments and smile at our anticipation 🙂

  21. A&W-Bear says:

    No go 1:53 Central

  22. BS says:

    Still waiting.. 3:03est

  23. Sally says:

    My guess is 4pm

  24. kristin says:

    Maybe they will put it up at 4 pm again. it’s 10 after 3 here. Heartburn runs in my family big time. i had it way too much when I was pregnant to,other then that i only get it once in awhile. i guess i’m lucky i don’t get it as much as the rest of the family.

  25. BS says:

    Funny that 30+ years ago, heartburn was rarely heard of…

    Either people are eating a slew of spicy foods/booze OR, it is the crap they are putting in all our foods.. processed, sprays, perservatives..

  26. Smokey says:

    It is 3:25 Eastern time – Still the sweetener is up

  27. blue says:

    have you guys received the sweetener in the mail yet?

  28. Smokey says:


    Nopers! lol never received it.

  29. Jody says:

    2:35 Central and still not updated….

  30. Jasmine says:

    3:46 In Montreal …. still not up … I really hope I get this I’ve wanted to try zantac for awhile now .. I get really bad heartburn all the time

  31. Uechi Boy says:

    5:01 Atlantic..still not up 🙂

  32. Smokey says:

    4:03 Eastern time – Still not up

  33. saraL says:

    3:58pm not yet…

    i’m hoping i get this one as it is something that seems to be happening in my family more and more. hmmm…maybe now that i do all the cooking i’m making it too spicy?

  34. Sally says:

    guess what guess what…

    Its not up yet lol!

  35. Jebus says:

    Well, it is getting close to the end of the business day for the east. And it still has not changed.

    Think we might have been tricked 🙁

  36. kristin says:

    oh ya they are putting more and more crap into food every day. It’s probably because most of us buy premade stuff because of the time convenience factor. I’ve started cooking from scratch a little,but really who has the time. Maybe if you don’t have little kids running around and you don’t work that’d be the only way.

  37. kristin says:

    i am thinking this might be up at 4 30 now,lol. Last time I recall I came online at 4:30 and figured it would be overwith but it was up,the post said it started at 4 but i found it really odd how after half an hour all the splenda offers were still up because their usually gone in 10 minutes!

  38. Jebus says:

    4:30 – Nothing!

  39. blue says:

    woo hoo got mine…4:32pm eastern time

  40. Abby says:

    4:32 Toronto time and it’s up!

  41. Jebus says:

    Ok nevermind – ITS UP!!! GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Jennie says:

    its working 3980 LEFT!!!

  43. blue says:

    3967 left last time i checked at 4:33pm Eastern

  44. Jasmine says:

    Got It 🙂 🙂 🙂 Its Finally Up

  45. Sean says:

    up and going 4:35 ontario!

  46. Kim says:

    It’s up

  47. kristin says:

    told yas!!!

  48. Moi says:

    3708 LEFT……..whoop!

  49. Michael says:


  50. Ivan says:


  51. Mariecelle says:

    3266 got one 🙂

  52. Chocolate Flake says:

    3234 left @ 1:51pm Pacific time 😀

  53. Lindsay says:

    It’s up now! 🙂

  54. Edward says:

    Just got one. ~3000 left 5pm EST

  55. kayaraelyn says:

    2901 2:02 pacific time

  56. Love Junkie says:

    1670 left, 6:04pm in Ontario

  57. Colsgirl says:

    thanks 843 left – 4pm in BC

  58. rob says:

    Go! Go! Go! Perhaps I should take a moment and reflect upon my life that I am constantly checking to get a free sample of antacid…

  59. Sally says:

    Rob, If I had a weak bladder i would of peed my pants at your comment!

  60. Abby says:

    423 left at 7:35pm EST

  61. J says:

    91 left!

  62. kayaraelyn says:

    all gone 5:19 pacific time

  63. Ruby says:

    Did you all know that Zantac is based on the marshmellow plant? (If you smell the pills they actually smell like marshmellow). Cats used to eat it to calm their stomach, not sure how they kept the sticky stuff out of their whiskers, but I’m sure they were glad when someone with opposable thumbs invented these little white pills and made them available over the counter. Enjoy your free samples! Thanks Zantac.

  64. melspragg says:

    I don’t like these freebies from Living Well. They are never available when they say they will be and finally when I do go on there are none left. I don’t have time to be waiting around all day to qualify.


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