Loblaws Canada receive 30 wings and a 2L Pepsi for only $10 February 5-7th!


This weekend at Loblaws owned stores  get 30 wings and a  2l Pepsi Product for only $10!

I’m pretty sure this is being offered at most if not all Loblaws owned stores. (RCSS, Superstore, Zehrs etc)

If you haven’t had their wings before they aren’t too bad and have a few different flavours to choose from.

Happy Eating!

Thanks Canpip1 for the heads up.

Edit. Here is the pic from the flyer, don’t forget your coupon for the pop!


38 responses to “Loblaws Canada receive 30 wings and a 2L Pepsi for only $10 February 5-7th!”

  1. sampler says:

    cool !! 🙂 Yum

  2. 23edge says:

    this is good

  3. lotus says:

    just in time for the superbowl. thanks canpip & sally

  4. Tanya says:

    I wish you could substitute soda with juice or any other non-carbonated drink. that would be a nicer deal.

  5. Christa says:

    Does anyone know the regular price for the wings?

  6. Julie says:

    Anyone know FOR SURE if this is offered at Real Canadian Superstores or not?? Thanx!

  7. Sallycat says:

    I will definitely take advantage of this offer. Their wings are pretty good but I always hesitate to buy because they’re usually a little pricey. I think the regular price for their wings is around $15-$18.

  8. sean says:

    does anyone know where to find this coupon online? want to verify that they’ll have this at my local superstore

  9. Shadyman says:


    Don’t forget Kelsey’s half-priced wings on Thursdays, too! (I went for the Free Wing night, too my dad. Fun times)

  10. Christa says:

    I heard the coupon was on the front of their flyer?

  11. ccmp1974 says:

    None for us here on the east coast:(Atlantic Superstore has 20 for $10 and the free pop.Where did our other 10 go??I guess Loblaws thinks we need to go on a diet:(

  12. dina says:

    its different in Quebec….it’s 20 wings, 2 l pepsi, small salad, and potato wedges for $10

  13. Joe Mead says:

    are they real chicken or are they cat,,, read the fine print and get back on it… the cat is much better

  14. Gussy says:


  15. JoeMead's Daddy says:

    What part of the cat looks like a chicken wing?

  16. Katrina says:

    Thanks for the information! But I want to know, is a coupon required for this deal? I don’t think came across it in the flyers…

  17. sisi says:

    No wings for Saskatchewan. I guess they aren’t doing it out west. Bummer.

  18. Sallycat says:

    I think the coupon is only required if you want the free 2L Pepsi product.
    Otherwise the chicken wings are on sale for $10. Great price!

  19. Joel says:

    Joe, I am pretty sure that they are chicken. Although it is not illegal in Canada to sell cat meat, cultural taboos frown on its consumption.

  20. Michael says:

    Besides, who in their right mind would purchase (whatever) meat, and then go to the trouble of making it look like a chicken wing, bone and all, and sell it for the same price as regular chicken? If you were going to do that (hopefully not with cat meat…), you’d market it as a convenient boneless wing and sell it for a mark-up, not a discount. Labour costs far more than chicken, after all…

  21. eyeseeyou333 says:

    Just picked up 90 wings and 3 pop…. Coupon is on the front for Loblaws and Superstore flyer…. My kids will be loving me tonight!!!

  22. violinchic says:

    Be sure to go early. When I went at around 7pm last night, the line was huge and they had a 20min wait for them. I suspect they will be busier on Sat and Sun.

  23. noenoe says:

    Bought the Sweet Chili ones yesterday. They were good! My boys love me!

  24. Sally says:

    My husband picked some up shortly after 11 am today, by the time he was done the line up was halfway down the produce aisle.

  25. Moom says:

    Not in AB. Looks like this offer is for easterners only.

  26. Catherine L says:

    This offer is not the one offered to easterners. We only get 20 wings and 2L pop. Looks like just for Ontario, and then Quebec gets 20, free pop, a small salad and an order of wedges for $10. As ccmp1974 said, I guess they think us easterners need to go on a diet.

  27. Moom says:

    We don’t get ANY sort of wing offer in AB, just a coupon for some Betty Crocker gadget when we spend $250. What a rip-off! :-/

  28. JustJohn says:

    Tanya – whine whine whine..just don’t take the soda and its still a deal
    Sean – there is a life offline. pick up a flyer lazybutt
    ccmp1974 – everyone needs to go on a diet. they just want us to die faster
    dina – that is a sweeter deal. cool.
    joe mead – yes it’s cat you frickin’ racists bastard.
    katrina – get some glasses…or learn to read
    sisi & moom – looks like they want you to live the longest
    eyeseeyou333 & noenoe – you must be an awful cook.

    Thank you for the post.

  29. BeeBee says:

    I brought 30 wings and pop (2L) tonight, it cost me an hour for waiting, since there are too much people looking for this deal.

  30. honeydoo says:

    lordy, the lineup was 30 ppl deep, i bailed. was going to put the pop in the food donation bin; perhaps i’ll retry tomorrow. earlier!

  31. missbobloblaw says:

    wow JustJohn! Take some of your own advice! AND JUST SHUT THE HECK UP. YOU’RE TWO CENTS AINT WORTH A CRAP.

  32. 2jk19 says:

    We have a superbowl party every year so this really helps me out (not having to make my own wings!!) and what a deal!!

    ***I suggest everyone places their order for pick up ahead of time! That is what I did (60 wings) and then I went to the top of the line 🙂 no waiting!


  33. Kay says:

    I called the store at Bullock Dr and they don’t allow placing of order over the phone. The guy told me there’s an hour to an hour and a half wait, the line is up to the bakery section, and it’s while stock lasts! Should have bought on Friday and froze them, hmph.

  34. Sallycat says:

    Waited just over an hour for the fried wings. There were plenty of baked wings for people to pick up from under the heating lamps. These people didn’t have to wait at all. The long line up was for people who wanted the fried wings. Only sauces available were Sweet Chili and Hot Barbecue.

  35. Danielle says:

    they were completely sold out at he Weston road location on saturday! I didn’t even show up that late, it was around 5 or 6. i think they should have been a little more prepared for this. How do you run out of wings half way though the promo?

  36. twinmommy says:

    I was there Sunday afternoon around 3:00 and the line up was not too bad but I’m sure an hour later it was probably snaking out the door! It looks like it was a great promotion for their wings, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran it again in the near future…maybe for Father’s Day 🙂

  37. Jerry Hung says:

    Visited Zehrs on Friday night, nothing

    2 Zehrs on Sunday night 7 pm, about 5 ppl in line and no more chicken wings left after them; another Zehrs (same one as Friday) is OOS as well

    This promo sucks if they couldn’t forecast properly 😛 oh well, less diet for me anyway


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