Loblaws is Putting French’s Ketchup Back on its Shelves!


enhanced-23064-1458053402-7Soon after we posted a blog about Loblaws removing French’s Ketchup from its shelves, the grocery giant heard the Canadian outcry and reversed its decision! “We will restock French’s ketchup and hope that the enthusiasm we are seeing in the media and on social media translates into sales of the product” said the company in a statement yesterday. Loblaws will continue to sell French’s Ketchup at all of its stores including No Frills, Superstore, SaveEasy, among others.

Canadians were on all forms of social media including Facebook and Twitter expressing their support for Canadian farmers in Leamington, Ontario and French’s Ketchup. Many people were calling for a boycott of Heinz and even got a hashtag trending to “Boycott Loblaws.”

To have all the social media take off the way it did, by totally innocent people, and the response it generated, has been great” Leamingon Mayor John Paterson said yesterday. “I’m very happy. It’s good news for Highbury Canco, good news for French’s and good news for farmers” he said.

Click here for more information on this decision!

3 responses to “Loblaws is Putting French’s Ketchup Back on its Shelves!”

  1. joey says:

    yes! one person can make a difference. 🙂 was so terrible what happened with Heinz and Warren Buffet and what happened to the wonderful farmers of Leamington. Food regulations here in Canada are that sound ripe tomatoes are used! I’m definitely going to buy French’s ketchup!!

  2. Christopher says:

    Who cares, I’ll continue to buy Heniz.

    We went from Cauliflower to Ketchup and now Honey Nut Cheerios this is non-sense issues.

  3. Freefinger says:

    @Christopher we care… I switched to French’s ketchup because I believe in job creation here instead of elsewhere when its at a reasonable cost to customers. When they cut jobs like they did and French came in and saved those jobs, I respected that. I also like the fact that they sell this product at the same price as Heinz (when no specials are active on either side) so basically it doesn’t cost me more to support our economy and farmers.

    Oh and the taste is pretty much the same, so again, non issue buying Canadian products.

    This is not a non-sense issue. Buy putting your money on Heinz you don’t support your own economy. I don’t know what field you work in, but let’s say you’re an self-employed electrician, you do business in Newmarket, Ont and you do an estimate for clients but your rate to wire an entire is 100$ over another and bigger electrician that operates from Toronto. They decide to go and get that Toronto guy instead of you who lives a couple of blocks from the job site. That’s not investing in your town’s economy. It’s giving in to the bigger guy even if you provide the same exact product at the same level of quality, but you know that 100$ over a 8000$ budget really set them off to that other guy. Now they are recommending this other guy to every one in your town, you are now getting only 1 out of 6 contracts.. well that will affect your pockets, and will also affect your town’s economy because you can’t spend as much as you once could.

    Same here.. Even worse, it’s out of our country’s economy. So for me, when I see French’s coming in and giving those jobs back, even if it’s not in my direct backyard I understand that these people will buy products, and those products will affect local economy across Canada in some way shape or form.

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