London Drugs Canada: Coupon Policy Update *Stacking No Longer On Sc Johnson Products*


London Drugs released a new coupon policy due to a few bad seeds misusing the program.  It really sucks when a few bad seeds ruin it for everyone who did things in moderation.  I personally have never shopped at a London Drugs because I live in Ontario.

Here is the new policy:

Dear Couponers,

Due to unfortunate circumstances we are forced to announce a change to our approach of certain coupon stacking programs. This change will affect the pre ordering of mass quantities of products and the use of mass cut coupons for all of our vendors for the purpose of coupon stacking. In addition, London Drugs has been advised by SC Johnson Company, that no SC Johnson coupon can be combined or stacked with any other coupon, regardless of the wording on the back of their coupons. Unfortunately, both of these areas are impacted due to increasing abuse which cannot be supported, and negatively affects all customers.

Pre-Ordering of Merchandising

Effective immediately, with those products where coupon stacking is permitted, London Drugs stores will only sell shelf quantities of product for the purposes of coupon stacking. As is a longstanding policy, we have always reserved the right to limit quantities and this will be enforced.
We have had increasing pressure from an ever widening number of coupon stackers to pre-order large quantities of products expressly for the purpose of coupon stacking. The requests are not modest: increasingly these order are for cases and half pallet or pallet quantities of merchandise. On top of this, it has been reported that increasingly these large quantities are used for resale, and not for personal consumption.

The manufacturers and London Drugs cannot support this excessive ordering of large quantities, as this is not what coupons were ever intended to provide for customers, and jeopardizes London Drugs ability to get reimbursed for coupons, causing potentially large financial losses for both London Drugs and its suppliers.

SC Johnson Company coupons

London Drugs has been advised by SC Johnson Company, that no SC Johnson coupon can be combined or stacked with any other coupon, regardless of the wording on the back of their coupons. London Drugs attempted to work with the legal counsel representing SC Johnson to alter their wording on their coupons as many other companies have done. Unfortunately, they have made a unilateral decision that because the abuse of coupon stacking has become too widespread on their products, they will not continue to reimburse London Drugs for any coupon they deemed was stacked.
London Drugs is very sorry that these practices have had to change. As one of the very few retailers that have allowed and supported coupon stacking, we’ve worked hard with coupon stacking forums and organizations to make policies clear, and prevent abuse. Despite this approach, the widening abuse has caused these changes in approach. It’s frustrating for London Drugs and the coupon customers who have worked responsibility to maintain the practice to date.

What are your thoughts on this new policy?

59 responses to “London Drugs Canada: Coupon Policy Update *Stacking No Longer On Sc Johnson Products*”

  1. princesskimmi says:

    Seriously ordering pallets of products no wonder we are losing the ability to stack – Talk about coupon abuse. That’s down right wrong.

    Here I feel bad if I buy 10 of a product – Not any more geesh the nerve of some people. Shame on those who abuse coupons.

  2. krazy says:

    I have never ever even taken more then five of an item while stacking!!!! Shame on the people that order pallets.
    What is left to stack?

  3. laura says:

    So much greed and in a world where children go hungry, you people have your stockpiles of food and supplies hoarded!

    And to resell? There are laws against that and the resellers will get what is coming to them. They are nothing but frauds!

    Fair consumers who used coupons without manipulation and forcing fine print out of context will now get the bad end of things.

    Hopefully this will cause people to speak out when they see other consumers frauding companies in a store – its no different than stealing – we all pay for their greed!

  4. imasmartcanucks says:

    So, pretty much no more stacking since they won’t do it for johnson or P&G. I give up on trying to save my precious money.

  5. sara says:

    Good grief! People snatching up cases and pallets…no wonder they had to do this. Shame on the few bad apples who make it difficult for the rest of us!!

  6. dawn says:

    here’s an idea – why not crack down on the abusers and impose limits on them. YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!!

  7. Orual says:

    I totally understand why they had to do this, and there is no point being mad at LD, the pressure comes from elsewhere. I see a great deal of greed on both ends of the problem. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction… what did people think would happen when they ordered pallets? You are cutting deeply into someone’s profits, and that is what they are there for, to make profits, they don’t owe us anything.

  8. couponmom says:

    I can’t imagine how people can do this and on top resell these things. I don’t blame London Drugs and these brands for taking action. Wouldn’t it be drastic if coupons weren’t available for us in the future where we can save 50 cents or $1 on an item?

    I think abusers who shop at London Drugs need to rethink and change their behaviours before it’s too late.

  9. tami says:

    why couldn’t they just limit the quantities in the first place, 4, 8 of each or whatever, no cases or pallets, what’s wrong with that? The small honest couponers would still benefit from stacking, but it would eliminate the bad apples

  10. Casey says:

    I appreciate that London Drugs has allowed it in the past, as always a few people ruin it for the rest of us. LD is also one of the few stores where the staff don’t mind coupon use and are friendly, unlike some stores where the staff treat you like a thief and are judgemental. I will continue to shop at LD, their customer service is the best!

  11. Anna Michele says:


  12. Kate says:

    Phew… Now the brag section will not have LD pre-orders for ridiculous quantities. Abuse a privilege, and yes… they will take it away!

  13. Natalka says:

    Not surprized they have done this, and it’s fine with me.
    Unfortunately it was more than a ‘few’ who were doing the practice which necessitated the change… but LD long ago could have imposed limits, which would be okay with most shoppers anyway who are just buying for their personal use.
    I’m in an LD city, yet I have stacked only three times – for three items.

  14. harbie says:

    Pallets???? Really??? I don’t care if those people are donating it or not (most say they do) this is what happens to good things when greedy, thieving, good for nothing scammers get into couponing!!! I am so disappointed in all these changes since the “extreme couponing” show aired and caused a mass flood of new couponers that do things like this and are also tearpad thieves!!!! To all those I referred to ” ARE YOU HAPPY NOW???”

    Thanks for the vent 🙂

  15. ann says:

    I am very surprised that London Drugs had allowed pre-ordering in the first place. I am in Ont and have never been able to stack in Canada, so I was unaware that this was even happening. I assumed that there was always a limit imposed like all of the other stores. It’s a shame that a few (?) bad apples have ruined it for the rest of the people. I’m pretty sure that the people that were abusing the system in the first place will have no remorse for ruining it for the regular people.

  16. Ashley says:

    I think that stacking should not be eliminated but you should put a limit to how many of that item you can buy. like shoppers does or most other stores. as this is not fair for the couponers who do buy and stack for personall use… this makes it even harder for ppl to be able to save money when they really need to save money to keep their familys boat a float. 🙁 PUNISH THE ABUSERS LIKE SAID EARLIER YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE!


  17. MoTaffy says:

    Rather rough but really, coupons are supposed to be a way for manufactuers to build awareness of their products and eventually drive sales – coupons were not put in place to help those who couldn’t or wouldn’t afford the product otherwise. It’s probably either cancel stacking or cancel coupons altogether. I think they made the right choice.

  18. Theresa says:

    Good for them. No one should be ordering pallets of products and reselling them.

    I totally agree with SC Johnson on this. Shame on those who are so unethical.

  19. Crystal says:

    I am total agreement on this— limits should be imposed, and when abuse happens, privileges need to be removed. Sorry, but we sort of need to treat everyone like they’re toddlers. Give people an inch and they will take a mile EVERY TIME! Pallets are not personal consumption. The fact that people ever got away with this is a little sickening. There’s a difference between trying to save a little money on groceries and trying to rip off retailers and manufacturers. Shame on the people who abuse the system!

  20. not surprised! says:

    The day I saw a lady walk out of LD with a cart full of Quantum Finish that she paid almost nothing for, I knew it was over! (By my count using it every day, would’ve lasted her over 3 years!) The next day LD wouldn’t stack finish coupons. THANKS A LOT LADY!!!! What else did you hoard to encourage this loss of stacking privaledge. How many boxes of Finish did you buy the previous round of stacking? How much P&G did you hoard before they ended it?

  21. X says:

    Everyone RE: limits:

    It’s a good theory, but I guess you don’t understand how greedy some people are. Instead of just respecting the limits (for all stores), I’ve seen people bragging they go back in over and over, bring their kids and spouse, parents, etc. and pay for all the orders, but have a different person get the limit.

    They’ll also go back multiple times a day and get the limit each time, and purposely go just after shift change so they get a new employee who doesn’t know they were already there.

  22. Susan C says:

    Can anyone explain how the coupon stacking was even possible? I’m in Ontario too and have never seen this or done it myself. In fact, I thought it wasn’t possible here in Canada, am I wrong? Was it just because it was stacking with LD store coupons?

  23. TRoar says:

    I live in ON and have never shopped at LD unfortunately, not cos of the ability to stack but because of their amazing customer service I’m gleaning from this letter. What a Nice letter, even if the news is bad 🙂 all retailers should be this nice. As for restrictions, one could have seen it coming – just looking at stockpile pics on this forum, you can tell who is shopping at LD :))

  24. Ju says:

    O_O I never even knew you could stack coupons :(… o well…
    Do any of you know where else you could stack coupons?

  25. robbi says:

    why would they per order goods by the pallet for a customer, they must have not been aware that they were going to coupon stack for goods. well… it was good while it lasted, i only started stacking about a year ago….i would watch younger mothers purchase a cart full of baby products and downy and pay only the taxes….

  26. Jay L says:

    The abusers who ordered large quantities for their business have ruined it for everyone. I enjoy shopping at London Drugs for years. They have friendly customer service and good coupon policies. They have helped many families like mine to save money. As a single income family with two kids and dogs, I really appreciate what London Drugs was able to do for customers. I hope they can set new limits and look at their official policies again.

  27. sunshineorchid says:

    I agree with tami…people shouldn’t be allowed to order pallets of product. A maximum limit would have put the brakes on this type of activity and left the honest couponers alone. It only takes one bad apple….disgusting…

  28. Kim says:

    I have never been able to stack as I live in Ontario but I do feel bad for the people who have been allowed to and will now have that taken away because of people abusing the privilege. But I do have to say London Drugs is at fault also because they could have imposed limits to stop the abuse but they didn’t. Too bad but at least it will stop the coupon abusers.

  29. Tj says:

    People abused the system big time. Even if they kept a limit people would come in with 4-5 family members and each would buy the limit of 4 or 6 or whatever. They would also make multiple trips and also visit different stores, to clean the shelves , so its kind of hard to enforce the limit.
    I am not surprised LD and the manufacturer’s put an end to this nonsense. Unfortunately lot of decent folks also have to suffer because of the acts of few 🙁

  30. MD says:

    What is coupon stacking . I always have one coupon per item unless it is a buy 2 and save .

  31. Sunshine says:

    Coupon stacking is when you are able to use more than one coupon on a product, which is possible when a coupon only has the text ‘limit one coupon per purchase’ (and a few other, but this is the basics). So if I have a coupon for 25c off a campbell’s soup, and another coupon that said Buy 2, Save $1, I could buy 2 cans of soup and save $1.25 (or even $1.50 if I had two of the 25c coupons). As long as the coupons have different UPC codes, then they will take it as limit of one of this particular coupon per purchase, but since that coupon is different, we can take that one too. I hope that makes sense!

  32. bored one says:

    Thats why i’m glad Mrs J isnt around here anymore her buying and selling for profit is and was disgusting.

  33. 7mountains says:

    I’m sorry too that this “PRIVILEDGE” has come to an end. I would stack at LD, when possible. I had gotten Swiffer Wet Jets free (5) and 3 boxes of Crest White strips, (3 years ago). Other than that I have been happy getting things ALMOST free. What really burned me was other couponers tearing clean all coupon pads and selling them on Ebay or couponers charging others to attend coupon classes ($25/person) and 20 to a class. All this has made it almost impossible to coupon. I don’t blame LD for changing their policy, as they do risk not getting their money back, no blacklash here please…. We know they are a large corporation who makes lots of profit. Let’s just not let moderate couponers like ourselves get dragged down by the people who have ruined this.

  34. MD says:

    OK well all the stores I shop at in Saskatchewan do not do that it one coupon per item so no problem for me . Thanks for the info .So now that stores are starting to refuse stacking it will help the rest of us when we go into a store they might still have some stock left .

  35. Insane says:

    The only issue I see with not pre-ordering is it’ll make shelf clearing worse!

  36. couponfreak says:

    The Ld I shopped at had a limit and it was strict not 4 of an item but 4 of a whole brand (for example 4 products any type from gillete was the max) I cant believe people were buying pallets of stuff. I haven’t stacked in forever because it was getting too hard and time consuming(my time is worth money too)I still watch sales and coupon and do very well(yes even free without stacking) It was good when I first did it but as the abuse continued it became too much of a hassel

  37. Mike says:

    Can someone explain how this stacking works?

  38. HappyCouponSaver78 says:

    I don’t know? A few of the bad apples ruined for you guys? Sorry to hear that! Most of us don’t do this!

  39. linda shortt says:

    London Drugs is not the “bad guy” here. The manufacture of these products are the losers. They pay back London Drugs for those coupons redeemed for their products and eventually they are loosing money when pallets are purchased and they have to give back three and four times the coupon values. Example: They sell the product to London Drugs for $1.00 and LD sells the product at three times the cost so $3.00 then they take coupon stacks totaling $3.00 there is no profit for either London Drugs or the manufacturer. This is how I see it. Eventually there will be NO stacking at all for any product because if you think that SC Johnson is the only company looking at the sales vs profit all companies will follow suit. Save on Foods only started coupons stacking recently and I would wager that they will soon be stopping too as the London Drug people will turn to them for their products. Couponing has become INSANE since the TLC show has hit the air. However I do believe that if you post all your deals and brags loud and long enough and go on television and radio and brag about things you get for FREE that eventually manufactures take notice. Everyone even those who work for these companies are consumers too and anyone can read these forums without signing up and see what is going on in the coupon world across Canada or turn on their television and see someone bragging about their “score” nation wide. Go to any Flea Market or ebay and see a stand selling goods for a better price than you can pay at Walmart or a discount store. Who’s making money??????? so sorry that this is happening to you out in the Western Canada but we here in Ontario have to wait for a “Good Deal” to come along.

  40. Leslie says:

    Wow, I had no idea people actually re-sold their good deals. I may stock-pile things I get a good deal on, or give to my adult kids, but re-sell?? My gosh, people will think of anything to make a buck.

  41. Kathy says:

    The products I purchase at Community Natural Foods, Amaranth or Planet Organic rarely have coupons. There is no such thing as coupon stacking at those stores. When I do get coupons, I only buy for my own consumption. I don’t and wouldn’t have time to do coupon stacking. I have better things to do in my life. May God open the eyes and ears of the “Coupon Stackers” so that they can understand that it is NOT all about them and reveal their greedy defects of character. Amen. Blessings to all. 🙂

  42. Mary Walsh says:

    Some people treat couponing like a business and others are happy to simply save a bit of money on their groceries–like me. I greatly appreciate a free product coupon from a manufacturer that I sent for, and to save on my regular groceries with coupons I clipped or sent for. This is the purpose of couponing, not profiting greatly yourself or having a store lose money. I would hope the abusers of the system would feel quilty but I doubt it.

  43. Alexander Skarsgard is really hot says:

    It’s too bad that we can’t coupon anymore. Not all couponers are to blame. It’s just the one’s who hoard all the products so that other customers can’t buy any for themselves.
    I love shopping at London Drugs, especially the one in Marine and Byrne. However, when I came in to try to stack something that wasn’t a SC Johnson product I was told that the stacking was also inclusive to many other products that had wording such as “cannot be combined with any other offer” or “limit on coupon per a purchase” (regardless of different numbers on the bottom of the coupon). The girl was really nice to take the time to explain this new policy, so I don’t blame her for not let me coupon.
    London Drugs is the only place I go that has best customer service. I’ll still continue to support them and watch out for their sales on items that I can use my coupons for. 😉

  44. mullensh says:

    I think the letter from LD is respectful and polite to say the least. I agree with the majority of the posts in that it is truly unfortunate that the greed of others will ruin couponing for those of us that follow the policies. I also agree that the intent of coupons were to be utilized individually or in small portions, not to stockpile. I hope the posts of support are read by the policy makers, I think they need to know there are genuine consumers whose intent to coupon is within the intended scope and a means to make ends meet for their families … like myself : )

  45. Jen says:

    I live in Ontario, so never stacked or even shopped at London Drugs. I think it was amazing they offered it at all.

    I, too, hate reading the resell for profit that Mrs J supports. It’s absolutely terrible. Like the breast pumps she bought solely to resell when a young mother might have only been able to afford the store’s price. Just disgusting. I don’t like the American forums because they support the reselling of items at garage sales. Manufacturers did not intend for you to get rich off their dime. If they did, they would just give you the product to resell.

    I for one will be glad the gigantic stacking brags will be lessened! After the post about London Drugs no longer getting reimbursed for stacked Finish coupons and seeing the people rush out to use up their last coupons – after reading the stores were not getting reimbursed! Shameful! – I became very tired of LD stacking brags…

    Besides that, SC Johnson puts out fantastic high value coupons all the time. You can get fantastic deals without stacking.

  46. Trish says:


  47. Trish says:

    Who can blame them. There is a lady in White Rock in BC, she goes by Sweet Coupons, she buys items in hundreds and resells them. She also clears shelves whenever she can and then lectures others not to do that themselves. I saw her twice in London Drugs pulling two carts full of Dove and Stayfree pads when it was on sale. I unfortunately took a couponing class with her so I know who she is, I have never seen anyone else abusing the coupons more than this Sweet coupons lady.

  48. airguy says:

    Im shocked it took them this long to cancel the policy. Its about time, im sure all stacking has an impact on what coupons manufacturers make available to us all.

  49. Alexander Skargard is really hot says:

    @ Trish. I saw that same lady at Marine and Byrne in Burnaby. She is some piece of work. I can’t believe the nerve of some people who ruin couponing for everyone.
    When I use to stack, I wouldn’t care if I got it for free as long as I saved as much as possible. All my stash would go to my family and never resold for profit. Very sad. 🙁

  50. Jen says:

    @Trish Was that the Sweet Coupon Lady who went on TV with a box full of tearpads? If so, I’m not surprised . . . Some people are so greedy.

  51. Trish says:

    Yes, Jen, that’s her. She has a page on facebook where she posts the pictures of her hoards, and how she only takes 2-3 pads at a time (which is ok cause she’s still leaving one behind as there are usually 4!)

  52. cheapette says:

    I noticed that, and Websaver, etc. have fewer coupons lately. I have rarely used coupons this year, because due to health issues have to change diet habits. I barely spend money on groceries as I buy healthy fresh food more now. Using coupons makes you spend more because you are buying more stuff than you need and really it is mostly processed, over salted garbage that will make you sick. I learned that sticking to healthier foods and not stocking up on stuff you really do not need will actually stretch your dollar further.

  53. woody82 says:

    Just read through the history of the brag section, and you can pin point all the people who have abused the policy. I know people who have started out a couple items, and then got to the point where they knew ordering by the case was possible and had done it every chance they got. I have given up on coupon stacking, too many rules and changes, it seems pointless to try.

  54. Brock says:

    Well, so much for ‘Extreme Couponing’ at London Drugs. Can’t blame them, really.

  55. Bob says:

    “as this is not what coupons were ever intended to provide for customers,” fricken hoarders.

  56. Tia says:

    I remember the video with the woman with a box of complete tear pads so I had to look up the Sweet coupons Facebook page. This is what she posted (talk about overly defensive):

    “Well its seems that the ladies and Gents on Smart Canucks would like to hold me and Sweetcoupons soley responsible for the changes to London Drugs Coupon Policy Which is simply absurd I shake my head stacking was so last year and since all the changes to P&G coupons way back I have not shopped at LD most of my shops are done at Walmart who still has a wonderfull coupon policy I did not order palletts of stayfree pads or skids of Dove I do not shop in Burnaby and I have not now or ever charged and taught a lady named Trish a coupon class and I do not sell the items I purchased online I find this all sad and disgusting that I am an outlet for these womens hate tactics and over obsessive couponing issues and so called coupon police I may be guilty of not being the greatest speller and occasionally posting deals with out giving credit but even when spelt wrong the message and deal posted were loud and clear and thats really what matters Anyways just wanted to share my thoughts on these accusations and bold faced lies in this smart canucks post each to there own opinion but opinions should be fact not fiction”.

  57. TaraP says:

    I have to agree with most of the other posters. Hoarders made it tough for those who were just trying to stretch the grocery budget. Personally, I have never stacked coupons, but then again, I only buy enough of an item on sale to last about 3 months, as that is when it will be on sale again usually. I would rather keep my cash liquid than having a garage full of toilet paper LOL.

  58. Jen says:

    All the “large order” people that started their own blogs are refusing to own up to the fact they played a large part in causing this change. (What is with every person starting their own couponing blog anyway? Rehashed information for the win, am I right?)

    They’re defending their decisions by claiming it was all in the name of charity (but the stock is still there in every new stockpile picture . . . ) and that their stores allowed it so it’s not their fault things have changed. I’m not going to touch the charity thing. Stores can allow things, but maybe the staff didn’t realize the consequences. Surely the customers – who are coupon experts, after all (they have blogs and teach people claiming to be experts) – would understand how coupon redemption works and that if more coupons get sent in for products purchased . . . it’s a red flag and things will get cut off quicker. Especially when there are MASSIVE quantities redeemed.

    I do think it’s sad that they don’t realize that yes, their “pre-ordering” was an over abuse of the system.

    But again, I’m an Ontarian and this is just what I see . . . you people losing your ability to stack probably have better words for it. 🙂

  59. HappyFamilyBC says:

    @Trish/Jen I like how SweetCoupons defends herself on her FB page yesterday saying “I have not shopped at LD most of my shops are done at Walmart who still has a wonderful coupon policy I did not order pallets of stayfree pads or skids of Dove I do not shop in Burnaby and I have not now or ever”

    If you read further she clearly states to another person on her FB “SweetCoupons: ‎Jennifer Versluis-Florio always do and when time allows I like to pre order that way the shelves are always full” Obviously she does pre-order as she says which would only indicate that she is using way more coupons and purchasing way more product than for one family!! I guess some of this stuff goes to her Food-bus business at the Richmond Night Market. Just calling it as I see it!


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