Lululemon Canada Online Store: New Loot (Deals & Discounts) Section

Lululemon Canada Loot Deals and Discounts

It’s good to see Lululemon Athletica Canada’s online shopping store finally has a deals and discounts section. Lululemon has a new discount and deals section called “Loot”. This section still has very limited selection and nothing for men yet but it’s a good start. I had a quick look at the items on sale in the Loot section and compared it to regular priced items. Women’s tanks are on sale for $39 in LLL Loot while regular priced ones are usually in the $50 to $55 range. That’s around 25% discount which for Lululemon’s sale history that’s rather impressive.

Click here to visit Lululemon Canada’s Loot Deals & Discounts section

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  1. funkright says:

    gotta tell ya, and it pains me to say this, but the men’s shorts this chain offers are by far the best workout shorts I have ever bought (run response is the model name). I have 3 pairs, everything else has gone by the way side..

  2. Mirian says:

    I didn’t see any deals. All the prices in the “loot” section is regular price. I didn’t see any “discount” link.

  3. Kathy says:

    I wish they’d get their headwear section put up!

  4. Catherine says:

    I am disgusted that LuLu does not offer plus size clothes- A lot of their items are not even available in “size 12” which is supposed to be an XL. And can someone help me understand how ANY tank top is worth $39????????

  5. Sam says:

    their tank tops are worth so much because they are made from organic cotton in Vancouver and are well known to last a long time.
    It’s an investment, but is sure worth it.

  6. Karen says:

    LuluLemon is totally worth the price. If I get a piece of clothing that still looks new after years of use for the price…then it’s certainly worth it. ( and it DOES last)
    As for plus sizes… they DO offer 12 and 14 in many styles.. as for any sized past that… It’s a workout store for people who live healthy lifestyles. Not a plus sized store. Thier sizes are a wider range than most stores out there.

  7. Suzanne says:

    So if I am plus-sized and I have adopted a healthy lifestyle, going to the gym, which I do, I don’t deserve to wear Lulu?

  8. night_star says:

    Does anyone know if Lululemon give out/have coupons for their normal stores?

  9. michelle says:

    I agree with suzanne as I to have been losing weight and need a bigger size. Why do i need to be punished for being a larger size. I am sure Karen you have been a size 6 your entire life and have never been rejected for anything because of your size!

  10. Ally says:

    My best friend is a size 16-18 with an AMAZING body. Not butch, Shes just a big girl. She is actually a firefighter in Toronto. I’m a size 10 but would kill for her body. Just because a person is a bigger size, it does not always mean they are fat or unhealthy…

  11. Zeen says:

    Hmmm, I worked at Lululemon and this question came up a lot as many of us staff were concerned with the lack of available sizes for our beloved customers. What we were told is: “We try to cater to as wide a size range as possible and will stock the size 12 and 14 in as many items as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes the style has to be compromised when designing some items in these wider size ranges and in these cases we will not stock the larger sizes.” I’m afraid I might not have explained this quite as well as it was explained to me as this was many years ago from my Queen Street West days but I hope this helps.

  12. Karin says:

    Does anyone know when / where the next whse sale will be? Will there be another one in Ontario this year? I missed the July/Hamilton show and was so bummed! Is there anyway to find out what the whse sale schedule is?

  13. malonie in vancouver says:

    if you are plus sized just wear the mens clothes, you can get a zip up jacket in a 2x as well as 2xl 3/4 length pant which is great for yoga and working out…or just to wear out…I am 245lbs and can wear lululemon folks and so can creative

  14. Hayley says:

    i love the lulu lemon clothing, but really its just to expencive for me.
    not everyone is rich…

  15. fittravelgirl says:

    Lululemon is worth every penny. I wear it for everything from hot yoga to running marathons. You get what you pay for – I’d rather have a few pieces of quality than a pile of crap that’s cheap but doesn’t wick properly – and yes it does matter.

    As for the sizing – sometimes things are not meant for everyone. There are lots of things out that don’t look good on me either (and I’m a size 8-10). Maybe it will be an incentive to lose (or continue to lose) the weight.

  16. Emma says:

    I found a great website that sells quality plus size athletic apparel, similar to lululemon… I can’t live without their yoga pants! You don’t have to be a size 10 to look cute. FYI ‘fittravelgirl’- sometimes you need to have the clothing that makes you feel good about yourself so that you have the motivation to get healthier.

  17. maggie says:

    I am totally disgusted by the attitude Lululemon has displayed towards plus size women. “maybe it will be an incentive for them to lose weight” SERIOUSLY??? And size 12 is XL??? What planet do you people live on anyway, it’s no wonder my daughters and so many other young women are struggling with eating disorders. This is sick beyond belief. Maybe there is incentive here for Lululemon to be picketed and shut down as this is total and utter discrimination. Not everyone is the same size and not everyone can just “lose weight” even though they are healthy and fit. Thank you so much Emma for posting an alternate site for normal size women. “Some things were not meant for everyone”. Well. I think some larger size women look pretty hot in athletic clothes. Lululemon is not only missing the boat of a huge market, but is contributing to the rising obsession with body size that is crippling our society. Here’s to good health and continued health… and clothes that fit from ELSEWHERE.

  18. Elle says:

    Whooo, no need for all the drama maggie. Lululemon is based on a size range, it’s not meant to be a personal attack on anyone. Math and numbers…

  19. Kate says:

    A size 14 in Lulu is a size 18 anywhere but Canada – this is most definitely a “plus” size in my book. What I don’t understand is the victim mentality being displayed here. If you’re larger than a size 18, you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle, eat less junk food, do some more exercise, and take responsibility for yourself. I cannot believe that Maggie is suggesting that Lulu should be shut down because they don’t make clothes above a size 18 – she clearly feels that someone else must be to blame for whatever is wrong with her life.

    • Charlene says:

      Maybe the size 20 person was a size 26 and, through a healthy lifestyle, got to a size 18. How far do they have to go before they get any credit? And just so you know where your poster stands personally, I’m 53 years old, a size 6 with friends of all sizes and fitness/health levels. My own fitness level is pretty medium. Could be better, could be worse.

  20. Denise says:

    I too think Lulu should sell plus sizes. I am a size 18 and let me tell you Lulu’s size 14 dosesn’t come close to fitting. For Kate that wrote in and said that because I’m a size 18 I should adapt a healhier lifestyle is very ignorant and most likely hasnt ever had a weight isssue.
    I am a nurse and go to the gym almost everyday and my weight hasnt changed in 10 years. I will never be a single sized lady.

    Lulu I can afford your great quality cloths, start selling to mid aged plus sized beautiful women.

  21. Laura says:

    a lulu size 14 is not an 18 anywhere but Canada. Canada actually has smaller sizing compared to other countries. I’m a doctor. If you’re a size 18 or larger, that does not mean you’re unhealthy or lead an unhealthy lifestyle. You could make the same judgement about someone who is a size 2. You could be a size 8 and be ridiculously unhealthy. You’re metabolism and endocrine system vary person to person. “Take responsibility for yourself” and educuate yourself first.

  22. cdamom says:

    Kate is a troll.

    I just want to say that Lulu is NOT made locally in Vancouver- it’s Made in China- check the tag. And it is NOT organic cotton- again check the tag… that is just ridiculous. It USED to be like that… then they got too big- had to outsource to China and didn’t change their prices to reflect it. They are charging local made, organic cotton PRICES for outsourced, made in China crap.

    And seriously you people need to stop judging other people by their size. Lululemon is for teenagers or women who are too old but still want to look like teenagers. If you can afford Lululemon you can afford Holt Renfrew- go there and look like an adult for God’s sake.

  23. Georgie says:

    Lululemon no longer stock size 14 pants – check out their web site to confirm. BUT – they do stock bra sizes up to 38DD and 40 (see Ta Ta Tamer).
    So, while it is not okay to be a pear shape with a size 14 rear, it is okay to have enormous breasts with tiny hips. I did kind of understand their sizing for smaller people UNTIL they introduced their bra line in a much larger size ratio. The message is clear. It is okay to have big breasts but not okay to have big hips.
    And to suggest that Oprah fits into their size 12 relaxed pant! Really!

  24. Stef says:

    Seriously, chill out. An athletic brand has the right to choose to make clothes only within a particular size range. I’m from Australia, and if you’re a size 18 (Australian or US), then your Lulu size is 14. Similarly, if you’re an Australian or US size 12, you’re a Lulu size 8. To agree with Kate, if you’re a size 18, it’s very likely that you’re unhealthy. It’s very likely that you have a waist circumference that puts you into a higher risk category according to government guidelines for heart disease and diabtees, and it’s very likely that you have a higher than recommended percentage of body fat. I’m sure there are exceptions, but it seems that most overweight people are desperate to find an excuse for themselves – THEY’RE the normal ones, and the people who fit into Lulu clothes are just trying to make them feel bad about themselves. Yes, we have body image issues in the media, but we also have an obesity epidemic and a population who thinks that the statistics apply to everyone but them.

  25. ariane says:

    I agree that an athletic brand has the right to choose the make clothes only within a particular size range and whether they want to make a plus size or not it’s up to them. However, when a company who promotes a healthier lifestyle cannot even provide a demand for those who also want to live healthier lives but are just at a different level, I feel should not get the recognition that everyone is giving them. In a changing world like ours we all have to adapt to our differences in a more positive way so that our children will have a more understanding society to grow up in. I understand that everyone has their issues and when it comes to weight it is a very tough issue to deal with whether you’re healthy or not. I am a size 16 and trying to get healthier and if I lose weight on the way then I will be happy but getting healthy is my main priority. I put myself in this position and I will get myself out but I too would like to have workout clothes that will last a long time that lululemon claims to do. So whether is be lululemon or anything else all I want is the same quality that is offered to those that are “smaller” is size than I am. Thanks for the website and if you guys know more that would be great.

  26. Col says:

    Hi all, boy there is some bitterness out there.
    Re price I think you get what you pay for. If you pay $100 for a jacket and it last for 4 years its nothing. I find there quality excellent and there clothing seems to compliment most body types which is nice. I too am struggling with sizing as I am trying to buy for a team and we have various sizes on our team. Too bad we couldn’t do a special order to fit larger women because there are some just naturally big women out there and they would look great in it too.I did look in men’s too. Great idea. As far as the LULU for teenagers and too old comment. So untrue. LULU looks good on everyone and there is no reason why you cant look hip and young forever. Stay positive people. life is too short

  27. Cathrine Chambers says:

    Shame on Lululemon. They claim to stand for a whole host of values that they are failing to put into practice by stopping your sizes at 12. “Creating components for people to live a longer, healthier, more fun life” (their mission statement) only applies if you are smaller than a size 12? Really? “We create components designed by athletes for athletes” (their products) So athletes are also size 12 and smaller? “We create the possibility of greatness in people because it makes us great. Mediocrity undermines greatness.” Ah! I see, I must be size 12 or smaller to be “great.” I work daily with women who have experienced violence in their lives as they try to better themselves and heal. Next time I’ll remember to turn them away from my door when they’re pant size reaches double digits. Shame shame shame on them.

  28. Isabel says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so upset. Most stores that don’t cater to “plus sizes” don’t sell above a 14. It’s not just Lululemon. I’m not sure who came up with that size as the cutoff, but it seems pretty standard in most stores, fitness based or otherwise. Remember that Lululemon is a business. They are going to sell to their largest demographic. If it is not profitable to sell at the larger sizes, then they won’t. That’s what other stores do too.
    FYI, over the past 20 years, I have been anywhere between a size 2 and a size 14, depending on babies, etc. I get how hard it can be to find clothes. It’s just a brand. Move on.

  29. Rhonda says:

    I think that there are other stores that provide for the plus sized person….lulu just caters to the women up to size 12. Why be disgusted by that? Just shop elsewhere. Many stores are specialty shops & cater to only certain people, whether it be by size or style. Walmart actually has a great line of workout gear in all sizes.
    LuLu’s prices are steep, but the fabrics are wonderful & the craftmanship is superb. Coming from a seamstress’ point of view, to make something that is triple stitched & lined/reinforced as well as LuLu’s clothing, would cost just about as much in time & materials.
    Also, all the clothes are made in Canada & LuLu isn’t the type of business to pay offshore businesses peanuts to create a lessor garment. You pay for what you get! The colors/styles & all around craftmanship is superiour & worth the cost if those things are important to you. If not, hit WM & enjoy their Athleticworks line….it’s quite comfy too!
    Peace people! We all have preferences. Anger will only cause headaches!

  30. BMan says:

    I’m a 6’4, 270 lb guy who has no problem reaching for the top shelf…
    I love a lot of LL clothing line, but rest assured, its hard for me to get fitted… But you don’t see me pointing the finger and blaming a clothier for that. Its a fact of life.

    Lulu has their target market who they cater to and they are entitled to that. I’m sure the thousands of shareholders won’t disagree with this model.

    Maybe the above woman who wants to blame Lulu for her daughter’s eating disorders shld spend more time parenting and less time blaming others on public message boards.


  31. autumn says:

    Exercise more. Eat some lean protein. Skip the tray of double fudge brownies-permanently. You have trouble buying clothes cause you’re fat. Other people have trouble buying clothes cause they’re tall, or short, or busty, etc. Get your wrist off your forehead, stop playing the victim, lift your chin, and fix your life. Thanks.

  32. Jai says:

    I understand it can be frustrating to go to a store and not find something that fits, but you can not close down a store because they don’t sell passed a size 12. There are plus size stores that only sell from 14 and up, well I’m a size 10 and I’m not segesting we close those stores down. Also lulu is not the only clothing chain that doesn’t sell plus size. We can’t please everyone in the world that’s life


  33. Dana says:

    BMan, Seriously, as a large man you are going to put yourself in the same categori as plus size women? Men, are NOT criticized the same way women are in the media and such. I’m a small woman, and have never had to deal with the weight wars. But, it upsets me when I see people like you devaluing another persons point of view, and then to insult her parenting skills…..Really?? I’m sorry, but you, along with a few others on this board are uneducated when it comes to eating disorders, and general body image issues…..Maggie has a right to express her feelings (her daughter and other young girls troubles with eating disorders) while there are many many factors when it comes to developing an eating disorder, the media, and the sizing in stores like American eagle, lulu, tna, etc etc are definitely both IMPORTANT factors. And, not every woman who wears larger than a size twelve is unhealthy!!!!!! The most healthy women, from my experience working as a dietician are between a size 5-18
    It’s really all relevant to height and the BMI.

  34. Dana says:

    That was a typo….size 5-16

  35. dizzyb says:

    To every poster who has implied that a larger sized person needs to fix his or her life, please refrain from posting. These assumptive comments are neither constructive nor warranted.
    A larger sized person absolutely could be healthy. The opposite is also true: smaller sized people can be horribly unhealthy. I know of people who are very slim yet their diets are awful, and they don’t care to exercise.
    I am a size 2. At 5’10” tall, I certainly wouldn’t mind putting on a bit of weight, but it has proven to be pretty much impossible for me. Yet, I am healthy (my doctor agrees). By the same principle, larger people can also be healthy.
    And although I have not ever tried on a piece of Lululemon clothing, I suspect it would be too short in the sleeve or leg for me, like most off-the-rack clothing is. Sure it might be my size, but that doesn’t mean it will fit! It is irritating, but I can’t blame stores for manufacturing wares that cater to the largest market. There’s no need to bash a retailer based on the size ranges they carry.

  36. LOVE says:

    I cant believe what I’m seeing here! Leave lululemon alone! It’s an ATHLETIC STORE. Someone who is athletic and healthy should not be a size 18 and up. Just saying. Canada has so many plus size stores with plenty of athletic wear to start off with if your starting to lose weight. So please stop beating up lululemon for sticking to their guns about being an ATHLETIC STORE and be proud that their not giving into the peer pressure of going to larger sizes because of the obesity epidemic. thank you =)

  37. Alexis says:

    What I learned about all these stores limiting their “plus sizes” is because it IS indeed hard to effectively design larger clothing sizes. Especially for a company that prides itself og the stylish flattering fit of their workout clothes.

    It goes like this:

    Skinny humans all have relatively similar proportions. This is because our skeletons are all relatively similar. The less fat ou have, the less genetic variation of body type.

    That is relative to where we store fat. Humans vary widely from each other when it comes to wear we store out excess calories; hips, thighs, breasts, tummy etc all may carry the extra weight, but not necessarily in equal proportions. So you might have a rounder belly but smaller shoulders, or vice versa. The point is that it is much harder to mass produce a size 14 top that properly fits all size 14 women. A size 14 woman’s breasts could be a 36G or a 44C. This is why the sales racks are always full of the larger sizes; bigger (not FAT, but BIGGER) girls have a tough time finding clothes that fit them properly because the more extra weight you carry, the more variety there is in body shapes.

    What would be awesome would be if there was a store that catered to that market. It certainly would make better business sense, as 1) people with extra weight are a very motivated market to target for workout gear 2) if they are in the process of losing weight, building customer loyalty means you have someone coming back to buy smaller sizes as she loses weight, as opposed to the size 4 who can wear the same top for years.

    Vote with your feet, ladies! Bring your business elsewhere, and if lululemon knows their ass from their elbow, they’ll start catering to an ever-growing segment of the American population.

  38. JTC says:

    I really like the clothes – wherever they are made, not a big deal to me. I believe there is an unhealthy body size and it is a huge problem for everyone. Don’t blame a company for your individual situations. Eat less. Excercise for 30 mins per day and weight loss will happen – simple. Until you reach your preferred weight, this is expensive clothing, I would wait to buy it when you are not changing sizes.

  39. Im 5’11 and a size 16-18. I find that the sweat pants, shorts fit me just fine. I love my relaxed fit sweats so much I have 3 pairs. I’d love for the jackets, and hoodies to go up a couple sizes. I find them to fit short. Besides that….. Keep up the great work

  40. jen says:

    wtf lulu can make what tey want if u cant fit it buy a different brand and move on. i love lulu lemon !!!

  41. Brad says:

    Plus sized people should not wear athletic apparel

  42. Brad says:

    its like chubby people going to mcdonalds…just shouldn’t happen

  43. Brad says:

    it drives me crazy that people say they go to the gym every day and still are plus sized ! (Maybe if you’re loaded with muscle).

    Most often…you’re FAT !

    Weight gain or loss is simple math…calories taken in minus – calories burned off is your weight gain or weight loss. Stop whining and more importantly stop eating so much !

  44. Cat says:

    People should just stop crying about being plus size. Who gives a shit that’s why they have various selections of plus size stores over Canada and the U.S. Anyone who hates on Lulu for being to expensive or catered to smaller size or average women should be curb stomped. No one hates on lulu.. ever.

  45. Sherrybobins says:

    Wow. This whole thread/comments should be removed.

  46. Nini says:

    Look, I love all my sisters, slight or not, and I support all of them OVER a faceless company! I can’t believe the ladies on here attacking other ladies for Lululemon! I am a size 6 in LL clothing and I say there should absolutely be bigger sizes! I want all ladies of all shapes and sizes to be comfortable.. not just the ones who are my shape and size. What has happened to us as a people when we are suggesting others be curb stomped for a clothing brand? No one hates on Lulu? How about no one hates on someones mother/daughter/sister/friend? Think about how you would feel if someone said something like that to your loved one? Hateful things are only said by hateful people, think about that. I’d also like to remind people that fat people are not necessarily unhealthy, just as skinny people are not necessarily healthy. I suppose we also need reminders that being fat is NOT a bad thing. Stop saying it like it’s a dirty word. Some people are skinny, some people are fat. Hating someone because they are fat IS wrong. Reevaluate yourselves. At my gym, we welcome everyone of ALL shapes and sizes and support them with whatever goals they have. It’s about love and support, not having validation that MY choices are the RIGHT choices.

    Asking a company to provide sizes to accommodate others is not the worst thing ever. Expecting more of a brand is IMPORTANT. I’ve stopped purchasing LL because in the last year or so the quality has fallen off significantly! I do not think it’s terrible of me to expect more for $90 pants.

  47. Paula says:

    For sure Lululemon brand looks nice… and I would love to fit in those nice hoodies…I’m a plus size myself… it doesnt fit, it doesnt fit… I shop at Addition-elle… they have nice work out clothes there…

    Not gonna get bent out of shape over this.. move on people.

  48. Kate says:

    Let’s be realistic here, most people who Buy LULU are buying it for the name, as a status symbol. To show that they can afford fancy “work out” gear. Most the people I know don’t even buy them to work out in. like I said they are brand kinda people. Lulu markets to the yuppie class, the mom’s who stay at home while thier husband goes off to work at his 100k a year job. They are not for normal people who eat kraft dinner and hot dogs…..people who don’t gain a single pound when pregnant except for the baby and the babies extra stuff, the ones that always have that fake smile on their face when they see you and the ones who put on makeup and do their hair to go get groceries. They can have it, if you ask me. I don’t really want to be that person anyway!

  49. Kim says:

    Both sides are right. Lululemon and it’s distorted Objectivism can sell to whatever size they want. I think the rub is that they say they’re about a positive self image, when telling 14 sized customers (and now size 12 customers are also being phased out) that they are not welcome at Lululemon.

    Lulu is taking some of our greatest positive values and using them to get people who gravitate and lean on those sorts of idea to subvert themselves. They’re even distorting Objectivism. Rand’s philosophy isn’t a winner take all, get that money while you can-even if it means lying to your customers about products. Lulu’s clothes do not last like they used to. Fabrics pill-even when I wash them on delicate, with delicate detergent, in a bag, cold water, hung to dry. But we’re so used to buying the old Lulu that we haven’t all stopped to notice the store is the same, but the clothing is not made the same way it used to be. Charging customers for seaweed fabrics that contact no seaweed…really…how gullible are we as consumers. Lulu is not a good company.

    I just hate their extremely poor customer service and arrogance. Lying about your products is not

  50. Kim says:

    Both sides are right. Lululemon and it’s distorted Objectivism can sell to whatever size they want. I think the rub is that they say they’re about a positive self image, when they’re really telling 14 sized customers (and now size 12 customers are also being phased out) that they are not welcome at Lululemon.

    Lulu is taking some of our greatest positive values and using them to sell overpriced, made in a slave factory in China, clothes. Lulu is even distorting Objectivism. Rand’s philosophy isn’t a winner take all, get that money while you can-even if it means lying to your customers about products. Lulu’s clothes do not last like they used to. Fabrics pill-even when I wash them on delicate, with delicate detergent, in a bag, cold water, hung to dry. But we’re so used to buying the old Lulu that we haven’t all stopped to notice the store is the same, but the product is not. Charging customers for seaweed fabrics that contact no seaweed…really…how gullible are we as consumers? Lulu is not a good company. Not good to it’s people. Not good to it’s customers. I’m all for buying a quality product, but don’t like being conned.

    I just hate their extremely poor customer service and arrogance. Lying about your products is not

  51. Jody says:

    Some of you need to chill. First of all please don’t add remarks not stated. No one said fat people are bad. Your ridiculous for saying that was said. It wasn’t period. They said its not healthy It isn’t. period. So grow up. Second. None of your business what a company wants to sell or not sell just like its none of your business what you eat and how much you weigh. There solved. If stead of bitching about it start your own company for plus sizes.

  52. Olivia says:

    Some arguments that people have been making are completely irrelevant. You’re saying because Lulu doesn’t make a certain size clothing it’s their fault girls have eating disorders and body issues? Or that they should be shut down because they don’t cater to plus size women? I’m sorry, but there are so many stores that stop their sizing at XL, should they all be shut down too? Or maybe I should go into a plus size store and be “disgusted” because they don’t cater to my body size. And to say that because I am a smaller size that I’m insecure and trying to fit into the media’s image of “fit” is completely ignorant on your behalf. If you can say that “some women are made bigger” then why can’t I say “some women are smaller”. If you CLEARLY have a problem with Lulu, just shut up and don’t buy it. It’s really not that hard of a concept to grasp. Or maybe we should just shut down everything that makes us unhappy and we don’t agree with.

  53. claire says:

    Its great to see so many perspectives, and so much passion for what different people believe in. This whole thread will make for a great discussion in studies of public health, cos it covers so many different issues, from healthy weight to ethics in marketing to self esteem, and psychology of marketing!!
    As a society, we have a victim-blaming approach to ‘unhealthy’ lifestyles whereby the fault lies in the individual. These days, the World Health Organisation has recognised that many lifestyle diseases (such as overweight and obesity) have their roots in the social determinants of health such as education, employment, financial situation, and access to health/healthy lifestyle opportunities- and the focus on behaviour change, whilst still credible in certain situations, has taken a back seat to interventions to address the social determinants…
    As a (size 12) health-conscious, outdoor education instructor, youth worker, nurse, MPH student and small business owner, I can appreciate different sides to the story. Ive struggled with weight myself and worked with lots of young girls with eating disorders (both overeating and anorexia/bullimia)

    Its a delicate balance between being happy with who you are no matter your size and the repercussions to individuals (and society at large in terms of health care costs) of being overweight (according to waist circumference, BMI and other clinical indicators).
    Nothing good can come of making judgements, it just breeds anger, frustration and pain.
    By all means post comments that express your opinion, because it makes for a lively discussion, but leave out the degrading comments and finger-pointing. I say spread the love. Respect each other, value the diversity we have, and just keep smiling!!

  54. Lucy says:

    If you are trying to lose the weight why worry so much that LULUs arent your size. Buy a cheaper brand and when you size down buy the expencive LULUs. it could be like an reward to yourself. Then you will actully get what you pay for and not have oversized pricey clothing you can no longer wear.

  55. vee says:

    i don’t know why everyone gets so angry. if a store doesn’t have what i want, i go somewhere else. end of story. i don’t shop at Lulu because i do find it overpriced for something that is made in china. no thank you.

  56. Andrea says:

    I’ve been anywhere from a size 16 to a size 8 and can’t justify spending that much money on clothes that will only fit me for a short time, lululemon is pricey! I bought cheaper workout gear until I was at a weight I felt comfortable at and able to maintain before i splurged on a lululemon item. It’s no big deal if they don’t have a certain size, just shop somewhere that does. I’ve found lots of affordable good quality workout gear in many sizes. I don’t understand why these women feel they need to wear a certain brand name and then attack them for not having their size, it’s just clothes.

  57. LEW says:

    I love lulu because I teach 8-12 fitness classes a week and personal train and some of my clothes from lulu are 5 years old and STILL look great and smell fine. YES that is the BIG difference. Other real fitness gear that wicks also works well but I find that even if I am a size 12 (who sometimes fits into lulu 8) it is very flattering. I was not always thin and I have struggled with my weight but really!!!!!!! I know how it feels to be a size 18 and when I was a size 18 well that was NOT a healthy life style. So BUCK UP gang. Lulu lemon is by far the most economical, flattering and functional clothing I have ever owned. It is good for the gym and if you wear it right, you can dress it up too.
    I know it’s not always easy to loose weight but get someone’s support and get some good habits and you CAN do it!

  58. Diehard fitness says:

    I can’t believe what I am reading! All the put downs about size is pathetic. It is called bullying! There are things you don’t know about ppl and things that are out of ppls control- like depressed ppl that closet eat because it’s the only way they get that “feel good” feeling. To be down on someone for their weight and tell them to eat less, workout,ect is uncalled for. Sadly that is why kids are committing suicide more often these days, and learning it from their judgemental parents!! Up until age 21 I was a healthy size 2-4 with my weight being 120 lbs. Because of my lifestyle and healthy eating habits i had maintained my highschool physique.I became pregnant at 21 and because my body couldn’t handle the stress, i went toxic. In a matter of 4 mths I went from a size 2 to a size 16. a grand total of 120 lbs (and a two mth premature baby) gained. I had doubled my size!! I hadn’t eaten any different, changed my lifestyle, anything. Everyone looked at me different, even my family. Here I was giving my old clothing to my mom and younger sisters. I have since dropped 70 lbs in five long years and am down to a size 10. The amount I exerted in the gym prebaby to maintain my weight was nothing compared to the energy I have to exert these days- something a small person couldn’t understand. Pushups at 120 lbs for example is muuuuch easier than 240 lbs. don’t judge!
    pared to the workouts needed to lose this weight…and I can tell you I work hard. I am buff but still have 50 lbs to go if I am reaching my prebaby goal. Yaaay me!

    I cannot fit lulu yet. To the ppl blaming them for their weight issues- grow up! Take responsibility. There are plus size stores for you! I am hoping I can keep losing and buy there one day 🙂 where was lulu when I was young?? Haha This has just become my motivation to keep going and get my love handles in one of them jackets! <3 thanks lulu for some added inspiration! If you are a plus size person I would think you would feel the same way.

  59. Diehard fitness says:

    Btw.,,well said LEW!

  60. Courtney says:

    Lululemon has excellent customer service, and its yoga gear. How many plus sized ladies do you see doing yoga? NONE. Noneeeee. They fit their clothes to their clientele, way it is. The only thing I think they should do because plus sized people tend to like sweat pants, etc. is make a plus size line, because no matter what size you are, wearing lulu’s is magical stuff.

  61. Dawn says:

    Wow, there are some very cruel and ignorant people out there. I myself am a size 18, I am not obese or unhealthy. I love lululemon pants but they do not make my size. I’m not a super athletic person but I like the pants because they are super comfortable(so says a friend of mine) and fashionable. Just because I am not athletic shouldn’t mean that I shouldn’t get to wear clothing like this., that’s just ridiculous of anyone to think so. I’m not overly upset that lulu does not make bigger sizes as I have gotten used to the fact that most company’s do not make bigger sizes. Women come in all shapes and sizes, so all you skinny ones who have this attitude that you’re better than us bigger women should get off your high horses, you deserve to be slapped!!!!!!

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