McDonald’s 50% off any entree salad with this printable Canadian coupon


Last night I went to McDonald’s to try their Mighty Ceasar with the 50% off coupon I found in my Lou Lou mag.  While there the manager let me keep the card and informed me there is also a printable version! Now this printable version expires on July 13th, a bit earlier then the hard copy but can definitely save you a few bucks!

I was rather impressed with the Mighty Caesar with the crispy chicken. Surprisingly the parmesan was actual cheese and there was enough salad to share with a friend. Taste wise, I wouldn’t of guessed it to be from a fast food joint.  Two thumbs up on this one.

Click the coupon to print, and let me know what one you gobbled up! Alternatively click here for the forum discussion and coupon.


Thanks C_Mcarthur

25 responses to “McDonald’s 50% off any entree salad with this printable Canadian coupon”

  1. Edite Carlos says:

    How can I get on their mailing list? I could find nothing on the website.

  2. kerry says:

    I had two of the coupons and used one today for my supper.Half price was about 3.40.The southwestern salad is delicious,filing and worth the price.You get lettuce,beans,tortilla pieces,corn,dressing and more.Also picked up two of the limited edition raspberry pies at 1.39

  3. cheapy says:

    tried the spicy thai salad and it was great!

  4. Zay says:

    The southwest salad is pretty good. There is also a coupon in Chatelaine this month.

  5. Tina says:

    Love the salad, its quick and easy going thru the drivethru plus 50% off……..nice! I bought the caesar and southwest and (2) sundaes for my sweetie and me.

  6. irene says:

    you can find these coupons in magazines too, like lou lou and chataline

  7. Eric Lewis says:

    too bad most salads have more calories then big macs with the dressing and glazes (on chicken)

  8. Sally says:

    Eric, ask for it without the glaze on the chicken, skip the croutons and your doing ok 😀

  9. Lisa Hallman says:

    I wish that they didn’t put warm chicken on my salad, it needs to be cold cause it wilts my salad if i want to eat it later.

  10. Eeyah says:

    Thanks for posting this…DH asked if I wanted to meet him for lunch (in man talk this means wife buys lunch and meets me at the jobsite LOL) So I grabbed him his fattening MC’D and had myself a salad (sans the sauce on the chicken & dressing). The southwest chicken rocked! And at half price I swear it tasted even better 🙂

  11. BusyMommy says:

    I got my coupon from Chatelaine magazine. Will try the new salad tomorrow. =)

  12. Rude says:

    Anyone had trouble using the printable coupon?

  13. NonnieMouse says:

    I tried to get two salads for 50 percent off but the idiot behind the counter said it was one per customer. This meant my daughter had to starve. I think they should give me a free meal and a $50 gift card. It is not the money that is an issue. I am a registered nurse. I make 90k a year. IT is the matter of principle. ALso to make things worse the manager kicked me out for yelling at another customer who took my favorite seat. I asked her to get off. I would think that the manager would be more intrersted in keeping a white female who makes 90k a year than a black momma who probably is on walfare with six children whom she has no idea who the father is.

  14. Shagnthings says:

    NonnieMouse, for 90k a year you should be able to read. The coupon specifically says 1 coupon per person per visit. You should have brought 2 coupons and ordered separately.

  15. Jayemeff says:

    NoonieMouse, have you bought and paid to have exclusive rights to use this “favourite seat” you speak of? If not, then I suggest you get over yourself. Had you yelled at me you would have gotten all the salad you wanted because I would’ve dumped mine over your pompous arrogant self-righteous head.

  16. ParionsWeb says:

    Je voulais vous remercier pour cet article bigrement attrayant.

  17. kevin lee says:

    it’s good so beauty.

  18. LOLO says:


  19. carol says:

    No problem to download. Did it twice.

  20. Mel says:

    Nonniemouse you are incredibly dumb, and I am embarassed for your child. Because you could only use one coupon, instead of feeding your child you ate the salad yourself? Idiocy. You think you have the right to claim your favourite seat in a public resaurant? Idiocy. Just the FACT that you have a favourite seat in the MCDONALDS? Tripe-idiocy. I certainly hope someone like you is never even close to me at a doctor’s office or hospital!

  21. Diane456 says:

    Can anyone please tell me how to get the coupon for the 50% off salad. The little one above I was told isn’t it, as there is suppose to be a larger one with bar code one it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  22. kate says:

    as a ceet lifestyle/wellness consultant and personal trainer i am well pleased w/mc D the kids menu rules-mine eats chick wrap or grilled cheese/apples/choc milk-we still see lots of kids eatn fries an pops so thats the parents…the salads with grilled chicken/no bacon/croutons or high fat cheese are excelelnt-people are challenged to understand healthy eating-thanks for helping ‘mickey d’-u r good people out there-change is tough-forgo cream/dressings poured on/bacon/sauce/butters mayo and you’ll start to feel much better God Bless

  23. Properly… for being genuine, My spouse and i weren’t hoping to find this sort of details by chance, since Used to do, mainly because Recently i stumbled upon your blog even though I became actually running a look for throughout Google, searching for a little something extremely in close proximity however is not the identical… Having said that at the moment I’m over pleased to possibly be here and I would like to add that the perspective is very useful while any trifle debatable to the acknowledged… I would personally fairly declare it’s as much as amenable issue… nevertheless I am just fearful to allow you to an opponent, haya, ‘, ‘… On the other hand, in case you want to talk much more regarding this, you should interact to this thoughts in addition to I’m going to try and subscribe making sure that I will be warned and also give back for a lot more… Your brand-new pal

  24. Julie says:

    NonnieMouse needs to take her meds and I am very afraid for the medical industry if they are anything like her. Psycho! I agree and feel sorry for her child and her decision to feed herself before her child. Obviously it is about money since she had to mention her supposed salary. I make only 45k a year and am mother of 2 but will gladly pay whatever to feed my children first and not bitch about a favorite seat at McDonalds. This is not fine dining, sweetheart. Its called fast food. Psycho NonnieMouse should have been banned from McDonalds. Period. People like this spoil family time for ALL patrons and to be so racist in this day and age makes me sick to my stomach. God help her child!

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