McDonald’s Mondays: The Ben Affleck Big Mac

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I seriously think I may have found my new favorite blog. Celebrities Eating is, as the name would suggest, a blog about celebrities eating. They collect ever picture they can of A-list stars and starlets shoving their faces full of food, and who can blame them? It’s nice to know Nicole Richie, despite her blatant anorexia, can wolf down a twelve inch hot dog with the best of them.

This pic, from a post back in September 06, shows Ben Affleck wolfing down a Big Mac behind the wheel. Naughty naughty Mr. Affleck, you’ll get mayo all over your blouse.

The one thing that really freaks me out is how wide he can open his mouth. It’s like watching a snake eating a gopher.

McDonald’s Mondays is a weekly series of posts written by our own Jim Squires that initially appears on his pop culture blog

14 responses to “McDonald’s Mondays: The Ben Affleck Big Mac”

  1. Molly says:

    This is tacky. And it’s tacky that you are advertising it. If you were really a smart canuck you wouldn’t be advertising such trash. Normally I recommend this site to people but I won’t be doing so anymore.

  2. Boo Radley says:


    Smart Canucks know how to have fun too. I don’t see why you’re taking this too seriously? Jim posts interesting articles that are fun and cheerful and are not supposed to be taken seriously. His wife had just delivered a baby and that same day he put time and effort into writing this post! Is that what he gets in return?

    What did we do to you to take this so negatively and say you’re not recommending SC to anyone? We NEVER advertised anything in our blog posts, we NEVER expected anything in return from our visitors and I’ve been personally maintaining this site without any financial benefits since it was started last year. All this and we still get this attitude because you didn’t like one of the posts????

    If you don’t want to recommend SC to anyone I couldn’t care less

  3. ILMK says:

    No worries… I’ll recommend to everyone I know!
    And get them to do the same.
    A absolutely LOVE this place and all the variation of posting styles. From the serious to the hilarious (tacky?) You do an amazing job for all of us. Don’t take the negative to seriously. You are all very wonderful.


  4. Joel says:

    Ill second that…Thanks guys great site

  5. cndlady says:

    I will continue to recommend this site to everyone the same as I always have.

    The one thing I love about this site is that we are all able to say what we want as long as it isn’t RUDE, LEWD of OFFENSIVE to others.

    I don’t think this fit into any of these categories a little tacky but then so what…if I don’t like one or two things posted on the board I simply pass over them and on to the next great thing post.

    You do a wonderful job here Boo and we appreciate everything you do for us and the fact that you have given us such a wonderful community full of such great people to call our own

    Thank Boo
    Thanks Jim too

  6. Jim Squires says:

    Thanks to everyone for piling on Molly. 😛

    Seriously though, the comment did rub me (and clearly, many of you) the wrong way. But to each their own. If Molly feels every blog out there needs to cater only to the reading she personally finds interesting, then that’s her business. I know there’s a small percentage of regular SC readers that don’t really like my non-deal postings — and to them I’ll say the same thing I’ve always said: bookmark our deals category and you won’t have to worry about anything else ruining your experience.

    To the other 95% of you out there, thanks for enjoying and commenting on my posts! 😀

  7. Full Time Mom says:

    I agree with Molly – it is rude to wade in unsolicated celebrity gawking. And I think your response “Thanks to everyone for piling on Molly.” is childish. I also will no longer be recommending this website to anyone.

  8. Jim Squires says:

    Normally I don’t dignify nastiness with a response. It’s one of the unspoken rules of blogging: if someone has something negative to say about your post that isn’t constructive, just walk away and don’t feed the fire. But I just can’t do that this time. Maybe it’s because I spend so many hours in a day working away at blogging for a number of sites despite a complete lack of financial incentive, or maybe it’s just because having a baby this week has me a little at the end of my cord — but either way, I’m gonna blow my top now in the most G-Rated way possible.

    People who visit blogs and leave only negative comments contribute NOTHING. 99.9% of us work for nothing or next to nothing, and blog solely for the love of blogging. We create every day, and we do it for the love of our readers and the community that has sprung up around us. In turn, we provide you with a service that is completely free. If you don’t like what we’re writing, you won’t read it. It’s as simple as that.

    If you really feel so strongly about “celebrity gossip” issues why don’t you boycott stores that carry tabloids? Are you going to stop visiting and recommending your local grocery store because they carry Star Magazine? And are you going to bring it up with everyone that works there? No? Then be quiet.

    “But Jim” you’ll say, “surely there’s a difference between my local grocery store and your blog.” You’re right, there is. Your local grocery store is a BUSINESS that is after your MONEY. We’re just a blog maintained by blogging enthusiasts with a passion for what they do.

    So you can take your opinions, take your nastiness, and take your threats of boycott and stick them in a place that I could only talk about on a less family-oriented blog like

    And with that, I’ve said my peace. If you don’t like what we write, don’t read it. Sorry my post didn’t save you 49 cents on cat food. If that’s the only reason you’re here, it’s probably better that you go. SmartCanucks has a thriving community going on, and if you don’t want to be a part of it it doesn’t want to be a part of you.


  9. alajen says:

    But Jim, aren’t you worried that with the negative comments that SmartCanucks Customer Service will recommend a reduction in your salary? 😉

    With an extra mouth to feed (congrats by the way) what will you do when Boo cuts your Smart Canucks payroll by 50%?

    If you come across hard times, there is a great deal on the forum for a free sample of dehydrated water. 🙂

    Celebrities are fair game, as far as I’m concerned. Each and every one of them has a PR person who pumps up the press to follow them around. The more exposure a celeb gets, the more money they can negotiate on their next film/TV deal.

    People who think this is tacky are the same ones that watch Entertainment Tonight (not real news) or have to scramble to buy the latest fan magazine for their star-struck son/daughter.

  10. ILMK says:

    Hmmm… anyone else think that’s a bit fishy? Nearly the same attitude?

    Anyhow… whatever….

    Alajen! Thanks for making me giggle! Great comment luv. 🙂

    Poor poor Jim. What will you do with this 50% reduction of your SC salary?

  11. BCteagirl says:

    Good replies Jim… Just ignore the negative people… the fact that they have nothing better to do with their time is sad/pathetic.. luckily you have a lot of nice people surrounding you in life, so you don’t need to focus on the others. 🙂

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  13. Excelentes consejos! Muchas gracias por compartirlos voy a ponerlos en practica!

  14. Ronda Rampy says:

    Outstanding info over again! Thank you.


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