McDonald’s Mondays: This is not an Egg McMuffin!

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For years I’d been told that this is the way Egg McMuffin’s were made, and when I saw them use one of these egg logs in Clerks II it felt like a confirmation of sorts. But it turns out I was wrong! Out of curiousity, I asked a McManager the other day and they assured me they use real eggs every morning. Who knew?

If there are any former McEmployees out there that can prove otherwise, I’d love to hear it. This was always one of those myths that made me chuckle and it kind of breaks my heart to find out it’s not true.

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9 responses to “McDonald’s Mondays: This is not an Egg McMuffin!”

  1. Tracey says:

    I can confirm that is not how they are made. The egg used for scramble was liquid egg from a carton – like you find in a grocery store.

    BUt for egg mc muffins, we crack eggs and friend them in little round rings.

  2. I can confirm this, too. The egg cooker is pretty neat, in fact (assuming it’s the same as I used in the early 90s). There are six cast iron rings welded together, and a handle at the end. They sit on the grill where the hamburgers are cooked.

    You swish a brush of margarine or butter around in the rings, then crack an egg in each ring and us something — I forget, a fork maybe? — to break each yolk. You don’t scramble the egg but you definitely put a good break in the yolk. Then you put the cover, a steel plate with a little cup attached to the top, onto the rings and pour about 2 oz of water into the cup.

    This ensures that the tops of the eggs steam and thus are cooked at the same time as the bottoms. Of course if the grill is too hot or too cold it won’t work out — I forget what we used to set the grill at for breakfast.

    By the way, you may be interested to know about why carton eggs are used for the scrambled eggs instead of the real eggs. A lot of restaurants do this — it’s because the eggs from the cartons have been pasteurized. If you use unpasteurized eggs, if they sit too long, they actually turn green. A little unappetizing outside of a Dr Seuss book! Any restaurant that uses a heated tray to hold its eggs (e.g. buffet brunch) does the same thing.

  3. Joel says:


  4. frugiedh says:

    that’s pretty neat! My mother cooked a brunch for a crowd on the day after my wedding. She made this huge pan of eggs and yes, they turned green! Now I know why! We thought it was because of the metal pan. I can’t wait to tell her! Thanks for the info. I had a really bad feeling when I saw that posted photo of those rolls of whatever they were… Yuk!

  5. Glad to help, frugiedh.

    A related story — the Canadian military didn’t care about the colour of cooked eggs, and when you got a breakfast ration pack there was a one in six chance that you’d get what looked like a green, diseased lung. How we hated those omelets.

  6. adora says:

    This is so typical of Japanese products – beautiful yet unsettling.

  7. marco says:

    anyone has any idea of how they’re made

  8. sally888 says:

    When I worked at mcdonalds they werent cooked every morning, sometimes they were made up to 24 hours ahead of time then stored in the walk in fridge.

    But they were real eggs 🙂

  9. JimBeam says:

    So basically… left overs from the morning before…

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