Old Navy: $2 womens and girls tanks tomorrow


Old Navy is having another of their stellar one day sales tomorrow. All womens and girls rob-knit tanks will be available for only $2! There’s a limit of 5 per customer. Sales like this usually get picked clean in the first few minutes of the day, so I’d suggest being there when your local Old Navy opens in the morning. 🙂

16 responses to “Old Navy: $2 womens and girls tanks tomorrow”

  1. cheryl says:

    Does this mean the sale starts on sat. june 20 2009????

  2. Jim Squires says:

    That it does Cheryl. 🙂

  3. Faz says:

    If this sale is similar to the flip flops sale…then you should think twice about going and spending at least 2 hours in line ..if u’re lucky enought to grab a few sale items

  4. itsjustmebub says:

    wow this was a ZOO
    i was one of the 1st 5 people in the door and i almost got trampled.
    couldn’t even SEE the tank tops … finally got to them and some woman ripped one right out of my hand!!! lol
    then stood in line for over 30 mins to pay.
    yeah good times

  5. winue says:

    we were there for store opening. there was a big line, but we got everything without problem and only waited in line for a few minutes…

  6. Andree says:

    I went around 10 to the one in Sudbury. There was a fairly big line, but not too bad. What was nice was that they had the tanks set up on three tables in the store so it was much easier to get in a look around.

  7. Gem says:

    I went to Guilford Town Centre in Surrey, BC. I didn’t wait in line that long… the only reason my line took long was because a lady at the front was doing a refund!!! Otherwise, the only colours left for the tanks are black & white.

  8. janszi says:

    Go in a team of 2. On person lines up. The other grabs the tank tops. OR…go in a team of 3. Two grab tanks and the one line up. Haha.

  9. blueegg says:

    Went the night before and saw where the tanks were and tried them on so I knew exactly what I was going for. But . . . husband and I fell for the scheme hook line and sinker and spent an extra hundred bucks! Still got an awesome price on the tanks though – thanks for posting!

  10. Sarah says:

    I went to the one in guelph, i arrived at 9:30 cause the mall its at opens then, when i arrived there was probably about 50 people already there and the table i went to was sorta in the process of getting picked over but luckily enough my size was still there! lol i grabbed a bunch in my size then looked at them and decided on my 5 and i only had to wait in line for about 5-10 mins which i was lucky cause when i finally went to the cash there was a HUGE line up!! so i had good timing 🙂

  11. Hurumi says:

    I know it is only $2 (very good price) but wasn’t really impressed with the tank itself… didn’t buy any.

  12. mimionthebeach says:

    Hit the one here with my daughter & we got 5 tanks … the had LOTS of white left in all sizes, a couple grey in xs & s, then a couple patterned in xl & xxl … we got whites & a grey … good layering top

  13. kathyo says:

    Showed up at 8:57am and the store was already open with a flurry of people at one end of the store! Ladies acting like a bunch of buzzards on a s**t pile! I ended acting like one myself…did manage to get 5 great tanks for myself and 4 for my daughter (which they allowed, thankfully). Waited in line about 30 min to check out.

  14. night_star says:

    I was in there by 9:01 and there was a crowd around the table – probably 30 people. I went straight to the cash to return something and overheard the cashier tell another “I’m a little scared” Did my return then hunted for normal clothes and snagged one tank. Stood in line for about 5 minutes.

  15. Ro says:

    I went to the one @ Markville Shopping Centre in Markham. I thought Old Navy opened at 9 so I arrive at 8:50. There were only about 5 or so people in line, so I lined up. Turns out that the store opened at 9:30 am, but within fifteen minutes a huge line up formed. Thank God I mixed up the times. As soon as the gate opened, everyone rushed in and I was fortunate to be edge of the table. The checkout wasn’t bad- maybe 5 mins. There weren’t enough XSs though… great sale, nonetheless!

  16. Sally says:

    In November of last year I got this years tanks marked down to .79, and some at 50 cents.
    Think ill what until then 😀


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