Ottawa Residents: Enter To Win One of Two $100 Gift Certificates At The Rideau Centre


As their 25 days of gifting are nearing their conclusion, Rideau Centre has an amazing contest for Smartcanucks readers!  Two lucky readers will each win a $100 gift card to spend at any store at the Rideau Centre.  It’s easy to enter.  Simply make a post in the comments section on our blog page naming an item you’d love, and the Rideau Centre store where you would find it.

Two winners will randomly be chosen from all of the responses on the blog.  One entry per person. Duplicate entries will be removed.  Only valid for Ottawa/Gatineau residents.  The contest closes on Wednesday December 21st at 8pm EST.
Click here to browse the Rideau Centre stores!

*BUMP* Contest ends soon. Enter for your chance to win!

249 responses to “Ottawa Residents: Enter To Win One of Two $100 Gift Certificates At The Rideau Centre”

  1. jaqkev says:

    MarioKart for Wii at EB Games 🙂

  2. Hollyster says:

    CHI hair dryer at Sephora 🙂

  3. Pat says:

    A TV from Sears

  4. vibrantflame says:

    A new pair of winter boots from Sears 🙂

  5. Allison Muenzer says:

    A gift set from Sephora

  6. Nat T says:

    Clarisonic at Sephora

  7. Shale says:

    Wine from the LCBO

  8. Celleste says:

    I would love a big sweater from Zara ^.^

  9. Melanie T says:

    Some new High Heeled boots from Town Shoes

  10. Dina says:

    A warm winter parka from Aritzia!

  11. Cheryl says:

    Yoga pants from Lululemon!

  12. Anna L says:

    Knee high boots from Aldo!!

  13. stellar11 says:

    Classic blouse from Jacob!

  14. shore8 says:

    Gadgets at the Apple Store. 🙂 Thanks!

  15. Sandra R. says:

    Kids clothes from Gymboree!

  16. Oink says:

    Medication from Shoppers Drug Mart… I really need it and can’t afford it.

  17. Adam says:

    A big sweater from Zara, for Celleste.

    Either that, or a Turtle Beach headset for myself from The Source!

  18. Nubbs says:

    Baby girl clothing from GAP KIDS.

  19. Anne-Julie says:

    I would buy black Hunter Boots from LOCALE

  20. Bobby Wollock says:

    Scotch from the LCBO

  21. brandyzz says:

    A new DVD player to replace the one that we bought and had fixed under warrenty and still doesn’t work:< I would be happy if it came from Sears or The Source.

  22. Julie says:

    Clarisonic Mia from Sephora

  23. Lisa says:

    Some comfy and stylish shoes from Geox

  24. Helene says:

    Fancy hair products from sephora

  25. Chantal says:

    A coat from Aritzia!

  26. Meg says:

    A lambswool sweater from Aritzia!

  27. James says:

    A nice Wool sweater from American Apparel!

  28. Jen Nielsen says:

    Chocolate from Godiva or Laura Secord…or anywhere, really.

  29. Stephanie says:

    A TNA sweater from Aritzia!

  30. Carol I says:

    I would love a gift basket from Yves Rocher, to relax after the holidays…..

  31. Daniel says:

    earrings for women

  32. Dan says:

    sexy lingerie from La Senza 😉

  33. Kim says:

    a top of lululemon.

  34. Carol I says:

    I would love a gift basket from Fruits and Passion to relax after the holidays…..

  35. Em says:

    The leopard print flats! Being from Aerosoles, I bet they’re super-comfy 🙂

  36. JoPrairie says:

    Sorel boots!

  37. Jennie says:

    Some sparkly new earrings from Birks! Although, I think gift certificate would only make a slight dent in the bill…

  38. Jworry says:

    Workout clothes from Lululemon

  39. natalie says:

    I would love to buy a gift for my son and husband!

  40. Fareesa says:

    A christmas dress for my 2 year old daughter from the gap!

  41. Marie says:

    New clothes at Zara

  42. Allison W says:

    I’d love to get a new watch from Fossil!

  43. Riri says:

    A necklace from Swarovski. By the way, Dec 21st does not fall on a Sunday…Is the deadline Sun Dec 18?

  44. Lam says:

    Baby clothes from Gymboree!

  45. Allison says:

    I would definitely go for something from the Apple Store or new Sorel boots.

  46. Jenn W. says:

    Cozy new winter running gear from Lululemon!

  47. Tara D. says:

    A stunning trio of rings to layer from Pandora – I can spend hours in that store!

  48. Mike D. says:

    Cozy new running pants from Lululemon – the perfect motivation to get outside in the cold!

  49. Gen D. says:

    PJ’s at LaSenza

  50. Sue McRae says:

    A Stella Boyfriend Watch from Fossil!

  51. Tammy S. says:

    A warm winter’s coat from Roots!!!!!!!

  52. Julie Chandler says:

    A dress from Suzy Shier

  53. willig says:

    clothes for my girls at Forever21!!

  54. RS says:

    Tall black boots from Town Shoes!

  55. Lesley P says:

    I would love to pick up a new wallet from Coach.

  56. Esha says:

    Cuff links from Swarovski. Thanks.

  57. Jeremy says:

    An RC helicopter from the source!

  58. Deb says:

    a bedroom set from Sears

  59. Leanne says:

    Kids’ running shoes from GEOX

  60. Wannawin says:

    My little one’s clothing from Gap. Thanks!

  61. Joy says:

    A jacket from Lululemon for my daughter.

  62. Boo says:

    I would get an eye shadow kit at Sephora.

  63. Aj DeForest says:

    yoga pants from LULULEMON

  64. Lucy says:

    A new watch from Swarovski – one I want costs waaayyy more than $100 but every bit helps!

  65. Laura says:

    A new purse from Coach!!

  66. Paula MacPherson says:

    charms from Pandora with my children’s initials!

  67. Sadcar says:

    A coach wristlet from COACH

  68. jennclar says:

    new oakley’s from sunglass hut

  69. Bob from kanata says:

    PS3 Skyrim at EB Games

  70. Autumn_Lili says:

    I’d love a new iPad screen from the Apple Store

  71. Neels says:

    A video camera from Sears.

  72. Fashionista says:

    Gorgeous booties from Michael Kors! So comfortable and chic!

  73. Mandy says:

    something sparkly from Mobile

  74. Mandy says:

    stupid autocorrect. I meant to say something sparkly from Magpie

  75. Joana says:

    I would love to buy a new camera from Sears!

  76. Reginald M. says:

    Nintendo 3DS at EB GAMES

  77. Nathalie says:

    Ipad @ Apple

  78. Beth SW says:

    A black stride jacket from Lululemon – lovely!

  79. Syed Shah says:

    Winter Jacket from Zara.

  80. ashokia says:

    I would like to buy some new baby clothes and since I’ve never been to Gymboree before, I’d love to shop there! My baby boy is growing so fast and we can’t keep clothes on him. My favourite Winnie the Pooh sleeper just had to go in the trash because I noticed his big toe peeking out from a hole in the footie. LOL!

  81. Shelley Y says:

    My hubby would love a new large flat screen TV from Sears

  82. Trixyluxx says:

    Red Jeggings from american eagle!!! OooOo How I love American Eagle!!1

  83. Andrea says:

    Crop pants from the new Lululemon

  84. Umberto says:

    A nice belt for someone special at Harry Rosen

  85. MichelleDM says:

    an IPAD from the Apple Store!

  86. Bergenm says:

    Dress shirts from Mexx…

  87. Kimberly says:

    The Elina Bustier Dress from Club Monaco, to wear on Christmas!

  88. Lee W says:

    I would love this wonderful pair of leather gloves that they have at Banana Republic Men on the third level of the Rideau Centre. I eye them up every time I go there. Cheers all and have a wonderful Christmas!

  89. Manon Miron says:

    An outfit from RW.

  90. Eric S. says:

    An iPad 2 from the Apple Store!

  91. Nick C says:

    Jeans from American eagle

  92. sensfan says:

    gym attire from lulu.

  93. fiddler says:

    Shampoo and conditioner from the Aveda store!

  94. Andrea says:

    A new TV from Sears.

  95. Gillian says:

    A new party dress from RW :).

  96. Nathalie says:

    New earrings from Sears.

  97. Valerie says:

    I would just love a simple silver ring! And I know I’d find it at my favorite Rideau shop: Magpie Jewelers!

  98. Astimegoesby says:

    I would love a warm down coat from Eddie Bauer and a nice purse from Fossil.

  99. Lisa bolduc says:

    Some new yoga pants from lululemon!!

  100. Jon Jon says:

    I’d buy a Wii console at the EB boutique!

  101. Tammy says:

    Artificial pre-lit Xmas Tree!

  102. Cheripou says:

    Some charms from Pandora

  103. Tammy says:

    from Sears!

  104. Lumberjill says:

    Scuba Hoodie from Lululemon!

  105. Leanne says:

    I would love a new dress from Banana Republic Women / Petites!

  106. Lisa says:

    Some philosophy body washes from sephora! Thank you!

  107. Alice says:

    I’d buy my mom leather gloves from Club Monaco!!

  108. Jason says:

    Baby clothes at the Gap

  109. Marie-Josée says:

    New jeans from Aritzia

  110. Jeff says:

    Ipod nano @Apple Store

  111. Krystin says:

    An iPad from the Apple Store

  112. Emily says:

    Yoga pants from Lululemon!

  113. orangegummy says:

    Kinect from EB Games

  114. Annikka says:

    A new mp3 player from The Source 🙂 Mine is on the verge of death haha.

  115. Trixie27 says:

    I would love a pair of boots from Town Shoes!

  116. Lexifer says:

    A wool sweater from Aritzia

  117. Megan says:

    Bath toys for my daughter from Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s.

  118. Lisa says:

    I would love to get a grey double-breasted coat from Zara on third floor!:)

  119. Stephanie says:

    A pair of boots from Nine West.

  120. verob says:

    I would get the iWork software from the Apple Store. 🙂

  121. Ann N says:

    Any of the beautiful handbags from Michael Kors!

  122. Wendy L says:

    ipod touch from apple store!!!

  123. Melissa says:

    A new pair of boots from Town Shoes!

  124. Jamie says:

    yoga mat from lulu lemon

  125. Maureen M says:

    Flat screen TV from Sears

  126. Kouisse says:

    A hoodie from Lululemon! 🙂

  127. Lisa says:

    Anything from Sephora!

  128. Katie says:

    Dresses from Banana Republic!

  129. sadia says:

    a lulumon hoodie from lulumon

  130. trombonebabe says:

    I love the Rideau Centre – so many stores that we don’t have in Kingston! I would definitely go on a shopping spree at Town Shoes and buy a new pair of black leather riding boots!

  131. Vic says:

    A sweater from Mexx!

  132. rc says:

    thanks for the great contest! i really hope i win, so i could get some charms from the pandora store

  133. summernight19 says:

    Jingle Jammies for the whole family (6 of us) from Old Navy(Rideau Centre) Woooohoo!!

  134. ottgrrl says:

    I would love any electronic pokemon games for my daughter. of course Id get them at EB Games

  135. twicehis says:

    Yoga pants from Lululemon

  136. Pseudonym says:

    New workout gear from lululemon would be faaaabulous.

  137. Kimmar says:

    I’d love to get and IPAD from the Apple store, I’ve been trying to talk myself out of one, but I’m not having much luck! LOL

    There’s just sooooooo many good things at the Rideau Center! How could I possibly choose??

    Good luck to all of us, and Merry Christmas to you at the Rideau Center for showing more of the Christmas spirit!

  138. Amy says:

    Howell Peacoat from Aritzia! Chic and warm 🙂

  139. Carole says:

    A new bathing suit from Bikini Village for my two daughters who are going to Florida on Dec 30th.

  140. josee says:

    games at EB Games

  141. Maxmel2 says:

    Orange, Banana & pinaple juice from Organge Julius !

  142. inga says:

    I would love a Fossil bag from the Bay!

  143. Nathbert says:

    Beyond Cleavage Bra from La Senza!

  144. deweybelle says:

    Pandora charms for my daughter from Pandora

  145. Graham says:

    Some workout clothes from Lululemon or work clothes from Zara and or Club Monaco!

  146. Natasha says:

    Some yoga pants from Lululemon would be amazing!

  147. dania khanafer says:

    i would like a dress from BCBG

  148. oneil mckenzie says:

    I would love a 14 cup cuisinart food processor from Sears

  149. soyummy says:

    Yoga pants from Lululemon

  150. Lainey says:

    A TNA lambswool sweater from Aritzia!

  151. Derek says:

    New boots from Geox.

  152. polly7 says:

    I would absolutely love some jeans from Lucky Brand Jeans

  153. J. Tuckers says:

    Indoor soccer shoes from Sports Experts

  154. MissJ says:

    Yoga clothes from lululemon!!

  155. Melanie says:

    glossy jeans from zara!!

  156. Joanne says:

    running clothes from Lululemon or a suit for hubbie from Harry Rosen!

  157. Charlotte says:

    A coat from Aritzia!

  158. Matthew says:

    Part of an XBox 360 from EB Games? 🙂

  159. Brodie says:

    Retro Sens Jersey from Sports Experts!

  160. Hojin says:

    yoga pants from Lululemon!!! 🙂

  161. Martin says:

    That nice sweater I saw at RW&Co. Friday night.

    Unfortunately my wife veto’d the purchase saying we were shopping for gifts only. 🙁

  162. Don says:

    Ipad stand at the Apple Store

  163. Lucia says:

    A new purse from the Coach store!!!

  164. Fern says:

    sweater at Sears

  165. Marcel says:

    Tools from Sears

  166. Bonnie says:

    new jeans from Aritzia!

  167. amycanada77 says:

    Black low-heeled boots from Aldo

  168. Dimitrios says:

    An Ipad 2 from the Apple store would be great!

  169. Pinksweetgrass says:

    Skin care from Sephora.

  170. dizzybe says:

    lite hawk r/c helicopter from The Source

  171. christina says:

    I’d love to get naked at Sephora (Urban Decay’s Naked Palette lol)

  172. Anna says:

    Sweater from Roots

  173. Elizabeth says:

    I’d love a new fancy top from Zara.

  174. Catherine says:

    Would love some cute rigns and necklace from the BAY! I could go on and on but that would be my treat(-:

  175. natalie says:

    Hi – I would love new Oakleys from the sunglass hut

  176. Angela Brown says:

    I would love a new sweater!

  177. Nicole says:

    Groove Pants from lululemon!!

  178. KL says:

    Blush from Sephora!

  179. maplegirl says:

    Philosophy 3n1 Products at Sephora

  180. Michelle says:

    I would LOVE to buy a New Years Eve outfit from Aritzia!!

  181. Erica says:

    boots from Aldo!

  182. elissa says:

    Pants from lululemon.

  183. brie says:

    makeup from sephora! 🙂

  184. dave z says:

    I would purchase lululemon waterbottles for my wife and sister. You can find them at the lululemon store.

  185. djm4 says:

    Pants for my son at the Gap.

  186. olivercat says:

    I would love an ipad2 from the Apple store–but as $100 is not going to cover that —then how about some dvds or blue rays from HMV–both great stores!

  187. Veronica says:

    Digital Camera from Blacks

  188. HeatherGrey says:

    wooly leggings from Aritzia!

  189. Mindlessindulgences says:

    A brown leather purse from the Fossil store

  190. Pat says:

    I would start with a treat from cinnabon to get me going. Then check out all the kids stores (gymboree, Gap kids, Old Navy) for some fashionable attire for them.

  191. Alicia says:

    New gym wear from Lululemon!

  192. Erin says:

    New Years Eve dress from Marciano!

  193. caroman says:

    SCS Christmas Ornament, Annual Edition from Swarovski

  194. J says:

    A pair of Jordans from Foot Locker

  195. Gotagetitfree says:

    Pandora bracelet 🙂 from the pandora store

  196. Reese says:

    earrings or a necklace from MAGPIE!!! <3<3<3 THAT STORE

  197. Mary says:

    I could never justify buying myself expensive chocolate. I wouldn’t hesitate to drop into Godiva if I won.

  198. Alison Smedley says:

    Juggling pins, from Mrs. Tiggy Winkles! Lots of fun 🙂

  199. Alison says:

    I’d shop for juggling pins from Mrs. Tiggy Winkles!

  200. Theo says:

    An iPod from the Apple Store!

  201. abbasgirl says:

    a winter coat from Sears!

  202. Carolyn says:

    Yoga pants from Lululemon!!!

  203. Meagan says:

    I would love a charm bracelet from Pandora.

  204. Khadija says:

    I would like a pair of leather boots from either Town Shoes or Nine West!

  205. Claudia says:

    I would love a fancy dress from Zara!

  206. Syed says:

    I’d buy tons of clothes at The Gap and The Bay!

  207. jades says:

    yoga pants from Lululemon!!

  208. GibbsL says:

    New purse from Coach

  209. Richie says:

    Cabernet Franc Icewine from the LCBO

  210. Peggy McCann says:

    Laura Secord Chocolates and boots from Sears.

  211. Gary says:

    West Coast Hoodie *Special Edition from Lululemon

  212. mary says:

    a snowsuit from sears or more puzzles and toys from mrs. tiggy winkles.

  213. Denise says:

    A pair of Wunder Under pants from Lulu Lemon!

  214. Lynda Shabatowski says:

    A WII at EB Boutique!!!

  215. Kyleigh says:

    Boots from the Bay.

  216. Shouganai says:

    Xbox Kinect from EB games!

  217. DAR says:

    A new HDTV from the Sony store.

  218. Robert says:

    Beats headphones from The Source to make this a merry holiday!

  219. Lynni says:

    Ipod sound system from Bose!

  220. Melanie says:

    A classic Hudson’s Bay blanket from The Bay!

  221. Jacque says:

    A pair of shoes from Aldo 🙂

  222. Adam Cowley says:

    Yoga Pants for my wife from LuLu Lemon

  223. Samantha says:

    Fridge from Sears

  224. Tara R says:

    Thomas Sabo charms from Magpie!

  225. sueplay says:

    A freezer from Sears – mine is on its last legs.

  226. Valerie says:

    A North Face winter coat from Sport Experts!

  227. Lisa says:

    Yoga pants from Lululemon

  228. Samantha says:

    $100 would really help towards the purchase of a macbook pro from apple!

  229. Lavnok says:

    A purse from Michael Kors!

  230. Linda says:

    I’d buy clothes at the Gap for my newborn.

  231. Stephanie says:

    A down blanket from Eddie Bauer or a lovely Coach bag!

  232. Keem says:

    Makeup palettes and nail polishes from Sephora!

  233. KC says:

    Lululemon hoodie from Lululemon

  234. SB says:

    A jacket from Zara for my boyfriend 🙂

  235. Sandi says:

    I would love me an IPAD 🙂

  236. Darryl says:

    I would love me an IPAD

  237. RR says:

    My girlfriend really likes these shoes at TownShoes !

  238. Jay says:

    Hockey skates from Sports Experts

  239. Marc says:

    A pair of Ray-Bans from Sunglass Hut

  240. Lillian Y says:

    I love forever 21 fashion!

  241. Sher says:

    A leather bag from Roots…

  242. Annie says:

    Accessories for an iPad 2 from the Apple Store

  243. Dayna says:

    Pants from Lululemon!

  244. Jay says:

    Shoes from Geox

  245. Lori says:

    hbc canada beaver sweater from the Bay!

  246. Eve Honeywell says:

    T3 hair dryer from Sephora

  247. fayemercier says:

    New clothes from Reitmans!

  248. Tina says:

    Just wondering if the winners for this were going to ever be selected!!

  249. r0c0upons says:

    were these winners ever posted?


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