*Free* Limited-Edition Cold-FX Olympic 2010 Pin

Canadian Deals & Coupons


Complete a short survey and receive 1 of 6 limited edition Cold-FX Vancouver 2010 commermorative pins free! These are pretty nice, no matter which one you end up getting.

I received my Cold-FX sample today and with it came a note to fill this out. I am not sure if this is available to everyone, or only those that received the sample.

If you do want to give it a try, go ahead, it can’t hurt. You’ll have to provide your name and address and answer six questions about Cold-FX. Offer is available until Dec 31, 2009. Also the last question, “what is the source of the active ingredient in Cold-FX?”, the answer is North American ginseng. ūüėČ

Click here to fill out the survey.

Thanks to KathyN for sharing this deal with us!

H&M Canada Mid Season Sale Up to 50% off In Store

Canadian Deals & Coupons


Just got my newsletter update from H&M and they have started¬†a Mid Season Sale with clothes in all departments up to 50% off the regular price!¬† I know it doesn’t feel like the middle of fall to me either, I mean my trees still have green leaves, but who am I to turn down a wicked sale!¬† I love H&M clothes for myself and for my son, they wash well, which is key with the strained peas.

The sad part is they don’t have online shopping.¬† The happy part is you can find an H&M store near you by clicking here.

New Canadian Printable Coupons: Clorox, GreenWorks, Mother Hen & More from Couponclicks.ca

Canadian Deals & Coupons


Good Friday All!

There is a new and wonderful coupon site for Canadians!¬† It’s called couponclick and it has printable coupons on it that I think are going to come in very useful.¬† You do have to register for the site and validate your email address before you can print any of their coupons.¬† You are allowed to print each coupon up to 3 times and they are valid for a month after printing.¬† They have a Canadian flag on them and state “Only valid in Canada” so you shouldn’t have a problem using them at stores that accept printables.

Right now there are coupons available for Clorox, GreenWorks, Mother Hen Organics, Guardian Angel Foods, Palmolive, Nivea and Nature Clean products.  There is a coupon for $1.00 off Clorox Wipes which is great this week because WalMart has them on for $1.48 so with coupon they are only $0.48!

I hope they keep adding coupons.  Wouldn`t it be great if it became as diverse as save.ca?

Click here to register and print your coupons!

And a huge THANK YOU to swingdalia for finding this site and bringing it to our attention!

Canadian Coupons: Old Navy Weekly Coupons (Updated Oct 1)

Canadian Deals & Coupons


Old Navy Weekly updated around 4pm pst/7pm EST. It was reported that there would only be $50 off coupons, but there were $75 as well.

Here are the coupon locations this week::

$75/$100 – GONE Use the arrows to switch to the girl in the orange sweater. Then move the word “Look” from the top (under the section about Cardi Coats) down to the word “look” at the bottom.

$50/$100 – GONE Find the “Q and A” under “Letters to the Editor”. Move the “A” to the girl in the blue sweater (top picture) -on her chest on the right.

$10 off $50 – Click on the bottom star under the “Letters to the Editor” section. A quiz will come up – “Who is Enrique and Eva’s daughter? Answer: Rita

20% off – You’ll need to move 4 stars to the number “4” under “Wear it 4 ways”. First star is in the banner “Wear it 4 ways”; next star is by Cardi Coats”. The last 2 stars are in the banner at the bottom which says “Eva’s Weekend Look”.

15% off entire purchase – Middle picture – Girl with blue dress and brown sweater; move her necklace to the green sweater (cardi coat) on far right. You will need to move her (using arrows) to the front position to move the necklace.

10% off when you buy a sweater – Click on Eva’s brown boot (girl in grey/white striped sweater)

Click here to search for your own.

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada October VIB Baby Bonus Optimum Points Coupons

Canadian Deals & Coupons


Shoppers Drug Mart has new Optimum Bonus Points coupons for their VIB (Very Important Baby) program for the month of October.  The coupons are:

700 Points WUB Kandoo Wipes or Foaming Hand Product
1000 Points WUB Pampers Sensitive Wipes
1600 Points WUB Camilia Teething, Coryzalia for Children, or Stodal for children
1000 Points WUB Huggies Overnights, Newborn or Gentle Care Diapers

There are coupons out there for everything but the Camilia coupon to the best of my knowledge.  Happy bonus points everyone!

Click here to print your Optimum VIB coupons.

ClearlyContacts.ca Coupon Codes Canada

New¬†ClearlyContacts.ca Coupon Codes for October 2009 ūüôā

ClearlyContacts Coupon 1

  • Clearly Contacts Coupon Code:¬†SMARTCANUCKS15OFF
  • Discount: 15% Off Any Order no minimum (new members)

ClearlyContacts Coupon 2

  • ClearlyContacts Coupon Code:¬†SMARTCANUCKSHALLOWEEN
  • Discount:¬†12% Off¬†Orders Over $55 (anyone)

Clcik here to shop at ClearlyContacts Canada

Coupons to use with this week’s flyers (Oct 2 to 9)

Here’s a great tip and post from couponlady:

The coupons mentioned here were/are available in-stores, coupon flyers like Smartsource, Shop’n save, Save.ca website, Gocoupons.ca website, printable coupons, coupons printed on cereal box or other items,etc. It takes some time to collect these coupons. Best and easy place to find the coupons would be in-store or save.ca. When you see a coupon in-store, pick it up and when that product goes on sale, you can use the coupon and save more.


Huggies 368s wipes $10.97 – use $0.50/$0.75 off coupon
Alberto European styling value packs 1+1 $5 – use $1 off coupon
Loreal Feria hair color with bonus telescopic mascara $10.97
Nice’n Easy Perfect 10 hair color with bonus Pantene expressions shampoo 384ml $13.96 – use $1.50 off coupon
Gladware containers $2.97 – use $0.75 off coupon
Glade scented oil candle holder $3.98 – use $1/$2/buy 1 get 1 free coupon
Dare Breton crackers or Simple Pleasures cookies $1.97 – use buy 2 save $0.75 coupon for crackers/$0.50 off for cookies
Bick’s pickles,beets or sauerkraut 500-1l $2.47 – use $1/$0.50 off coupon
Nature valley bars $2 – use buy 2 save $1 coupon
Minute maid juice 10X200ml $2.47 – use $0.50 off coupon
Kellogg’s family size frosted flakes,Froot loops or Rice krispies cereal $3.97 – use $0.75/$1/buy 2 save $2 coupon
Kashi Go Lean crunch cereal $3.97 – use $1 off coupon
Huggies big pack diapers or pants Sizes 1-6(48-96s) $19.97 – use $2 off coupon/buy Huggies diapers get wipes tub Free coupon


Pampers value pk diapers(72-144s) $29.99 – use $2 off coupon
Red Rose 144s $4.79 – use $1/$0.50 off coupon
Crest pro-health rinse 1l $5.49 – use $2 off coupon
Old Spice antiperspirant $3.49 – use $1/buy 2 save $3 coupon
Dove bar soap 4X99g $3.99 – use $1 off coupon
Herbal Essences hair care or styling $2.89 – use $0.50 off coupon
Dove hair care $4.79 – use $1.50/$1 off for Go Fresh
Crisco shortening $1.79 – use $0.75 off coupon
Robin hood flour 2.5kg $3.99 – use $1 off coupon
Carnation evaporated milk $1.39 – use $0.35/buy 3 save $1 coupon
International delight 2 for $4 – use buy 2 save $1 coupon
Kellogg’s cereals $2.99 – use $1/buy 2 save $2 coupon
Country Harvest bread 2 for $4 – use $1 off coupon
Mr.Clean cleaners 2 for $4 – use buy 2 dif and save $2 coupon
Dawn dish liquid 2 for $4 – use $0.50 off coupon
Vim cleaners 2 for $5 – use buy 2 and get 2pk Scottowels Free coupon
Nutrisse hair colour $8.49 – use $2 off coupon
Ensure 6pk $9.78 – use $2/$3/$4 coupons
Crest toothpaste 75-130ml $1.29 – use $0.50 off coupon

Walmart Supercentre

Natrel milk 4l $3.97 – use $1 off coupon
Nice’n easy hair colour $6 – use $1.50 off coupon
Jergens moisturizer $5.44 – use $2 off coupon
Ocean Spray juice 1.89l $2.97 – use $2 off coupon from Kellogg’s cereal box
Hagen Dazs ice cream $3.97 – use buy 2 save $2 coupon
Tide laundry 48-80 use $13.97 – use $1 off coupon
Downy ultra $6.47 – use $1 off coupon

Giant Tiger

Mott’s garden cocktail 946ml $0.99 – use $0.50 off coupon
Janes meal makers $7.97 – use $1 off coupon

No Frills

Listerine mouthwash 1l $4.49 – use $1 off coupon
Kotex pads or liners $2.79 – use buy kotex get cottonelle moist wipes free coupon
Europe’s Best frozen fruit $3.99 – use $2/$1 off coupon
Kellogg’s cereal $2.99 – use $0.75/$2/buy 2 save $2 coupon
Wonder+ bread $1.69 – use $0.40 off coupon
Head & Shoulders $4.99 – use $0.75/buy shampoo+conditioner and save $2 coupon
Lipton Sidekicks $0.99 – use $0.25 off coupon

Real Canadian Superstore

D’Italiano buns 2 for $3 – use $0.50 off coupon
Mr.Clean cleaners $3 – use buy 2 dif save $2 coupon
Kellogg’s Miniwheats cereal $3 – use $1/buy 2 save $2 coupon
Arctic gardens veggies $3 – use $1 off coupon
Oatmeal crisp cereal $4 – use $1 off coupon for Vanilla Almond kind
Mazola oil 1.42l $4 – use $0.75 off coupon
Sunlight laundry 32 loads $6 – use $1.50 for Green clean/$2 off coupon
Eggo waffles 16s $3 – use $2/$1 off coupon
Yoplait Source tub 650g 2 for $5 – use $0.50 off coupon
Oasis Health break juice 1.89l 2 for $6 – use $0.50 off coupon
Crest premium toothpaste 85-130ml $3 – use $1 off for Crest with Scope and Pro health kinds/$0.50 off for others
Aquafresh white trays $29 – use $7 off coupon
Secret deodorant 2 for $5 – use buy 2 save $2 for Nature-inspired kind
Old Spice body spray or antiperspirant $4 – use $1/buy 2 save $3 coupon
Garnier hair colour $8 – use $2 off coupon
Olay Definity skin care $25 – use $5 off coupon
Olay Regenerist skin care $25 – use buy 2 get cleanser free coupon
Pampers or Huggies club pack diapers $28.88 – use $2 off coupon/buy diapers and get wipes tub Free for Huggies
Pampers pants 2 for $30 – use $3 off coupon
Pampers wipes 180-230s $6 – use $1 off coupon/buy Pampers diapers+wipes and save $5 coupon
One A day 2 for $13 – use $3 off coupon

Toys’R Us

Baby Mum Mum 4 for $6 – use buy 2 save $1 coupon
Huggies wipes 384s $9.97 – use $0.50/$0.75 off coupon


Schweppes 12pk $2.99 – use buy 2 save $2 coupon
Hagaen Dazs 2 for $10 – use buy 2 save $2 coupon
Europe’s Best frozen veggies 2 for $4 – use $1 off coupon
Carnation evaporated milk 2 for $3 – use $0.35/buy 3 save $1 coupon
Country harvest bread 3 for $5 – use $1 off coupon
Tre Stelle bocconcini 200g $3.99 – use $0.50 off coupon
Stonyfield yogurt 8s $4.99 – use $1 off coupon
Danone activia 650g $2.99 – use $0.50/$0.75 off coupon
Tropicana tropics 1.89l $2.99 – use $0.75 off coupon
Pringles 3 for $5 – use $0.50/buy 2 get 1 free coupon
Knorr ready to serve soup $1.99 – use $1 off coupon
Catelli healthy harvest pasta $1.49 – use buy 2 save $1/$0.75 off coupon
Perrier 4 for $5 – use buy 4 get 1 free coupon
Royal facial tissue multipack $5.99 – use $1 off coupon
Charmin bath tissue 8 double $4.99 – use $0.50 off coupon
Robin hood flour 2.5kg $3.99 – use $1 off coupon
Febreze noticeables kit $5.99 – use $3 off coupon
Febreze candles $5.99 – use $2 off coupon
Febreze fabric refresher $5.99 – use $1 off coupon
Scrub free cleaners $2.99 – use $0.75 off coupon
Electrasol Finish tabs $5.99 – use $1.25/$3.50 off coupon
Scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaner $3.49 – use buy 1 get 1 free coupon
Crest premium toothpaste 85-130ml $3.29 – use $1 off for Crest with Scope and Pro health kinds/$0.50 off for others
Aquafresh white trays $29.99 – use $7 off coupon
Old Spice body spray or antiperspirant $4.49 – use $1/buy 2 save $3 coupon
Garnier hair colour $8.49 – use $2 off coupon
Pampers or Huggies club pack diapers $29.77 – use $2 off coupon/buy diapers and get wipes tub Free for Huggies
Pampers wipes 180-230s 2 for $15 – use $1 off coupon/buy Pampers diapers+wipes and save $5 coupon
One A day 2 for $14 – use $3 off coupon

Shoppers Drug Mart

Royale 24 roll or 12 double rolls bathroom tissue $5.99 – use $1 off coupon
Aveeno body lotion $5.99 – use $1.50 off coupon
Motrin patches or tabs 50-65s,Tylenol muscle&body pain 72s, extra strength tabs 100s $6 – use $2.50/$2 printable coupons
Oral-B stages toothbrush 2 for $5 – use the new save.ca coupon for $1.50 off
Crest premium toothpaste 85-130ml 2 for $5 – use $1 off coupon for Prohealth and Crest with Scope/$0.50 off coupon
Schick intuition razor or refill $11.49 – use $2 off coupon
Gillette fusion gel $3.99 – use $2 off coupon
Herbal essences hair colour $2.99 – use $0.50 off coupon
Mott’s garden cocktail 946ml $0.99 – use $0.50 off coupon
V8 vegetable cocktail 1.89l $2.99 – use $0.50 off coupon
Disney vitamins $6.99 – use $2 off coupon
Uncle ben’s risotto $2.99 – use $1 off coupon
Garnier styling products $4.49 – use $2 off coupon
Garnier Nutrisse hair colour $8.99 – use $2 off coupon
Colgate total toothpaste 170ml $2.99 – use $1 off coupon
Dove bodywash $4.99 – use $1 off coupon for Go Fresh/$1.50 off for Cream oil
Perrier 2 for $3 – use buy 4 get 1 free coupon
Folgers ground coffee 642g $4.99 – use $1/$2 off coupon
Kellogg’s fibre plus bars or pop tarts $2.99 – use buy 2 save $1 coupon
Dove chocolate bars 100g 2 for $5 – use $1 off coupon
Kashi cereals $3.99 – use $1 off coupon
Air wick air freshner $2 – use $0.75 off coupon
Scott long lasting 2roll $5 – use $1 off coupon
Jergens moisturizer or Pond’s cleansing cloth or cold cream $5 – use $2 off coupon
Benadryl tabs $8 – use $2 off coupon for liquigels
Oct 4th & 5th
Huggies or Pampers mega diapers $13.99 – use $2 off coupon/buy diapers and get wipes tub free coupon for Huggies
Kotex pads or liners $1.99 – use Buy Kotex and get Cottonelle wipes Free coupon
Stayfree pads $1.99 – use $1 off coupon
Crest whitestrips Advanced seal,daily multicare,premium plus or renewal age-defying 14-42s $29.99 – use $10/$5 off coupon
Colgate premium toothpaste $1.88 – use $1 off coupon
Pantene hair care $3.77 – use $0.75/buy 2 save $2.50 coupon

AMC Theatres Canada: See “Whip It” and get a FREE small pop and popcorn!

Canadian Deals & Coupons


Print this coupon out and present at any AMC Theatres in the GTA and get a free small pop and popcorn when you see the movie “Whip It” starring Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page. Offer expires Oct 29, 2009.

For more information and to print yours click here.

Thanks to save_girl for sharing this deal with us!

Cirque Du Soleil: Toronto, 25% OFF

Canadian Deals & Coupons


“Insects teeming with life who work, eat, crawl, flutter, play, fight and look for love in a non-stop riot of energy and movement make up the universe of “Ovo.” This production is a blend of astonishing acrobatics, awe-inspiring contortionists, spectacular sets and eccentric characters.”

Travel Zoo posted a good deal for Cirque Do Soleil “Ovo” in Toronto. Category 2 & 3 tickets are 25% off, with seats starting at $48.75. If you missed the September deal, here is another opportunity to snatch some up!

The following tickets are available for all performances through Nov. 8, 2009:

Category 3 seats … $48.75 (reg. $65)
Category 2 seats … $67.50 (reg. $90)
Category 1 seats … $85 (reg. $100)
Please note that Category 1 seats are 15% off regular pricing.

To book your tickets, click here.

Thanks to save_girl for sharing this deal with us!

The Source Canada 5 Days of Doorcrashers Starting Today

Canadian Deals & Coupons


The Source is doing a 5 Day Doorcrasher event to kick off October.  It starts today and runs until October 5.  They have some pretty good deals on right now and at last check everything was still In Stock and shipping the next business day.

Some of the deals are:

  • Sony 10mp Digital Camera with Case (reg $209.98) $159.99
  • Knight Rider GPS (reg 299.99) $149.99
  • iPod Stereo Dock (reg $99.99) $49.99
  • Epson Wireless Printer (reg $129.99) $74.99

There are other really great sales too.¬† Perfect time to shop for the electronics junkie on your Christmas list.¬† I think I’m going to pick up the wireless printer for my husband.¬† We have wireless internet and a laptop so it would be nice to be able to print from the livingroom instead of having to move back into the office and hook the laptop to the printer.¬†

All items are on sale until October 5 or while supplies last.¬† And don’t forget, they have free in store pick up so you can save the shipping cost too!

Click here to start shopping the 5 Day Doorcrasher Event at The Source Canada.

Thanks to Damnedifiknow for letting us know about this sale and making my Christmas shopping a bit easier and cheaper!

Nuit Blanche in Toronto: Free All-Night Art Show October 3

I don’t know about you, but I just don’t enjoy my city enough. If you are the same you may want to consider this amazing FREE event in Toronto.



Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Art Show

October 3, 6:55pm to sunrise

Three zones featuring more than 130 projects to explore

Click here for more details and to plan your route

Thanks to Melody113 for posting this great event

McDonalds Canada – $1 for 12 items (with coupons)!


McDonalds now has their Afterschool Snack Coupon Booklets available!

For only $1 you get 3 Free small cones, 3 Free baked pies, 3 Free apple dippers or 3 small fries, 3 Free apple juices or 3 Free milk jugs!

The expiry on these coupons is December 31st, 2011 so you have a long time to use them up!

These coupons are supposed to be for 12 years of age and under but I have never had any problem using them myself (and I am not 12 and under!). ūüėČ

Shoppers Drug Mart: Bonus Redemption Oct 3/4 on Beauty Items

Canadian Deals & Coupons


Oct 3/4 redeem your SDM Optimum Points for extra rewards. I believe this event is ONLY for beauty items and not for anything in the store like other bonus redemption events have been in the past.

Redeem 40,000 points and get $100 off (an extra $25)
Redeem 75,000 points and get $200 off (an extra $50)

In BC, the discount is a bit different unfortunately:
Redeem 40,000 points and get $85 off (an extra $10)
Redeem 75,000 points and get $170 off (and extra $20)

SPC Canada: Use Your Discount Card ONLINE at Aldo and Spring Shoes!

Canadian Deals & Coupons


SPC cardholders, hold on to your wallets!¬† It looks like SPC is starting to expand so we can get our card discounts online as well as in store!¬† So far the only retailers on the participating stores list are Aldo and Spring Shoes with both offering a 10% SPC discount.¬† I’m crossing my fingers and toes that they will add more stores to the list because this could be great.¬† I do a lot of my shopping online, as I’m sure a lot of you do too, so saving some extra money while doing it would be fab!

To get your SPC discount you have to enter SPC then the 14 digit card number as the promotional code at checkout.

To check out the hopfully growing SPC Online Mall click here.

Dynamite Canada: 20% off regular price items

Canadian Deals & Coupons


Do you like shopping at Dynamite? They have alright clothes. If you are, you should use this coupon for 20% off regular-priced items in-store, valid Oct 1-4, 2009.

Click here to print out your coupon.

Thanks to giffy85 for sharing this deal with us!

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