P&G Pet Care Western Canada (Iams and Eukanuba) Volume Discounts + Free Shipping!

P&G Canada Pet Care

Breianne Hebein, P&G Pet Care, Canada West Account Manager, emailed me about this awesome promo from P&G Canada! Thanks Breianne 😀

P&G Pet Care in Western Canada offer the following promos on Iams and Eukanuba:

  • Free shipping to ANY location in Western Canada with a minimum of 10 bags per order
  • Volume discounting (10-40% off of retail pricing)
  • 5 bags free with first order

Here’s what she had to say:

At P&G Pet Care, we offer free shipping of all our Iams and Eukanuba products to dog & cat Breeders, Enthusiasts, Kennels, Boarding Kennels, Grooming Shops, etc.  Pretty much anybody who owns pets!  Not only do customers receive free shipping as a Direct Ship Client, but they also save 20-40% off of retail prices.  For example, our Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy retails for about $70 for a 40lb bag, but while on the Direct Ship service, a customer would receive the bag for only $46 for a 44lb bag.

There are no additional charges other then applicable taxes, no shipping charges, no obligation for future purchases.  The one and only requirement is that a minimum of 10 units at a time are ordered, but the minimum order can be mixed and matched with any Iams or Eukanuba dog and cat formula (wet food, dry food, cookies, etc.).  The first order must also go onto a credit card.

It is also important to note that we can ship ANYWHERE in AB / BC / NWT / YUK, so farmers and rural customers – come one, come all!

PLUS, for new customers who sign up before May 31st, I’m buying 5 of their bags for free!  That’s a few hundred dollars in dog food for free, in exchange for saving a TON of money and hassle of lugging around dog food from the pet store!

If you’re interested in this deal you can sign up for it by contacting Breianne, P&G Pet Care, Canada West Account Manager, [email protected], or (403) 453-9545.

11 responses to “P&G Pet Care Western Canada (Iams and Eukanuba) Volume Discounts + Free Shipping!”

  1. cybro says:

    Hmm…many devoted dog owners (or rather slaves) know that some commerical products are pretty much byproducts from human food manufacturing processess. My yardstick is to not buy any pet foods where they are readily available at WalMart.

  2. Wawa says:

    You cant buy Eukanuba at walmart lol.

  3. Brooke says:

    Good promo, bad food.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I agree that Iams food is not very good quality, however many of the Eukanumba lines are pretty good in terms of fat and protein levels…

  5. cybro says:

    Well, one aspect of the quality of the food is digestibility. And if you use human grade animal/plant protein sources, you should have the highest digestibility.

  6. Chris says:

    As a breeder I can honestly say that for as far as dog foods go, the Eukanuba Naturally Wild line has definitely improved many areas in our dogs that we were shocked to see since making the change a year ago. I was skeptical at first but I must say the results speak for themselves. Calgary,Ab

  7. Jen says:

    I am going to be changing my dogs food soon because the only petstore in town is always out of the brand I buy now( Nutro natural choice). Does anyone have any suggestions? Chris do you know how much that Eukanuba Naturally Wild goes for?

  8. Michelle says:

    If you want to give your pets a good quality dog food try the Holistics line or even Eagle brand…pretty pricey stuff though.From what I have heard those are the 2 best foods around.

  9. shawn says:

    I signed up for the 10bag special deal and ended up switching my GSP to Eukanuba perfomance blend (high protein/fat) and am very happy with the results.

    Her energy levels are very high and the food helps keep her going stong. My dogs coat has really started to get a great shine since switching. It is the most expensive type for Eukanuba but well worth it in my opinion…my dog is healthy and no additional vet visits other than checkups so that is a good sign.

    Iams brand I don’t recommend…agree with the earlier posting

  10. Deb says:

    The best pet foods for your animals are natural foods you make yourself for them from human grade foods. Hands down and for the price you are spending not too much more than some of these ‘top end’ brands. I have a dog and two cats, and last year my oldest cat was diagnosed with diabetes. I found a website called my diabetic cat where natural diets are recommended. So, once a week, I cook lean ground beef, chicken hearts or kidneys with some olive oil. I also gave it to my dog and I found her coat was 100 times better (she has dry spots that shes always itching), so now I make two batches. The recipe above for the cats, and another bathc that also has rice and some veggies for the dog. My pet food budget is around $50 a month and it takes less than an hour to through everything into pots of the stove a cook. My dog also gets 1/2 cup of milk a day as a treat that she loves, plus a can of salmon once a week. All my pets have been on this diet since last april and are in great health. My diabetic cat has also had a reduction in insulin to just 1cc a day from 3cc.

    Ill tell you also as with the earlier post, a lot of crap goes into our pet foods. I used to be a class 1 driver and one of our customers was XL meats in Calgary. All the crap meat goes outside into a giant dumpster, then a couple times a week, Alberta Processors picks them up and they go to their plant where the meat is dumped into a pit. It’s them moved by a bobcat into giant tanks where they cook the sh*t out of it. The final product is a meal that is sold to pet food production companies. One other company that I know uses this meat is RollOver and if you saw the RollOver truck, I guarantee you would never feed these foods to your animals again. If you live in Calgary, take a drive by the Alberta Processors facility and watch what they do when the trucks show up and the doors open up. We also used to take our ecoli positive meat there.

  11. lisa says:

    i have a 14 year old dal and she has eaten euk sinces birth and i have never had any major vet bills and p.s dals only live till apx 10 yr so i will stand behind euk for life

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