Printable Coupon Canada: McCain Purely Potatoes, Save $2 but only until Easter!


Seen the ads for McCains purely potatoes but didn’t want to pay the price they charge to try em? Print off this coupon to save yourself $2.00 on a bag! “Just steam, season, and mash! They come in white potatoes and sweet potatoes. I personally would like to try the sweet potato variety. Click here to print off your coupon. Expires April 6th.

33 responses to “Printable Coupon Canada: McCain Purely Potatoes, Save $2 but only until Easter!”

  1. larry says:

    I can’t believe that people can’t peel potatoes and boil then mash them.Doesn’t anyone actually cook anymore ??? LOL

  2. jenny says:

    more fake potatoes with chemicals? are the cubed ones healthier to eat?

  3. larry says:

    I can’t believe what people put in their mouthes :)) LOL

  4. bnk says:

    does anyone know approx how much these potatoes retail for?

  5. Spell Checker says:

    First of all, when referring to “potato” in the singular sense, as was done three times in this post (“They come in white potatoe and sweet potatoe. I personally would like to try the sweet potatoe variety”), there is no “e” on the end; the “e” is added along with an “s” only in the plural form. It’s POTATO.

    Also, starting a sentence with “seen”? Egads – my second grade teacher would be rolling in her grave. The most easily corrected way of writing this would be “Have you seen….”

    Please – I love you Smart Canucks, but I can’t even read through a post when it’s this distracting!

  6. greenCurry says:

    Welcome to the Internet Spell Checker–home to bad grammar and spelling since the 1990s….

  7. Radeyah says:

    Ok that’s just plan rude you two, you both need to calm down and take a chill pill.

    You can thank yahoo messenger and Msn for making people type the way they do, plus if someone spells POTATOE wrong who cares? Spellchecker you almost made me think the worlds coming to end or that I was watching 2012 again lmao.

    As an elementary teacher i definitly say your on the wrong website losers! Grammer my…*** Umm what was the word again? 🙂

  8. greenCurry says:

    Radeyah, it was a tongue in cheek remark–there was nothing to calm down about…

  9. polacco65 says:

    This week this product is 2 for $5 at metro.

  10. Cleo_47 says:

    Radeyah you have proved your point perfectly. Is “plan” supposed to mean “plain”? Is “definitly” supposed to mean “definitely” Is “your” supposed to be “you’re”? Is “grammer” supposed to be “grammar”? Did you say you are an elementary school teacher? Or did you put all those mistakes in on purpose to make a joke? I agree with Spell-Checker and Green-Curry.

  11. NurseJenn says:

    Ah grammar…. Anywho 🙂 The potatoes are really quite good and they do not have a chemical or box taste to them and at WM I believe I paid under $3, which is great when you are a student.

  12. Radeyah says:

    Trying them out for sure! 🙂 thx Sally!

  13. Sweetgyal says:

    Grammer on SC loll silly, Radeyah you will always find crazy ppl like them ^.^ here! Don’t bother, just ignore!

    I’m gonna try these out to, thx OP!

  14. Dark_Angel says:


  15. cmoody8107 says:

    Tried these mashed, don’t like them. Tried them on a baking sheet with oil & spices in the oven – SO MUCH BETTER! lol.

  16. Meghan says:

    I’d give these a try with a $2 coupon, but I would never pay full price for something like this. I’m a fan of fake potatoes, I admit it! Thanks for the comment that they are on sale at Metro, I’ll try to get to WM to price match as my Metro won’t take printables!

  17. twodolla says:

    they are $1.97 at Walmart

  18. Sally says:

    Awww “Spellchecker” get some humour “seen the ads” was a play on words that as seen on tv advertisements use. It was supposed to be cute. But no you were just too plain busy being miserable. I suggest you do not read my posts anymore. At least when I try to hide my real identity to comment I have the smarts to do so 😉

    Also if your read my “fake potato” post you would know darn well I can spell potato correctly, you little negative Nancy.

  19. SweetyGyal says:

    Cleo_47–> I think it supposed to be funny, it’s a joke. lol or should i say LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

  20. stacy says:

    i tried these a while back.. half the bag is still in my fridge .. i love fake potatoes but these were pretty gross haha.. maybe if you baked them or something but as mashed potatoes no amount of salt pepper or butter could save them haha

  21. Natalka says:

    Their site says these are real potatoes, just cut up. Only additional ingredient for the regular potatoes is sodium phosphate, to preseve colour. This is not in the sweet potatoes.
    I think I’ll try the sweet potatoes, and roast them.

  22. koukla says:

    Actually frozen potatoes (french fries, etc.) & most likely these usually have sulfites or other chemical preservatives…really not healthy, especially for kids. And NOT healthier than boxed potato flakes.
    I’m with Larry on this..c’mon you just peel & cube the potaoes yourself!!!
    What’s next, food you don’t even eat yourself?!

  23. larry says:

    HMMMMMMMM PERHAPS POTATO PLURAL IS POTATOES aside from that in to-days world you would think that perhaps there are more important things to discuss on the spelling of words I SAY GET A LIFE 🙂 🙂

  24. Just saw them at Wal Mart for $1.94… I’ll be trying them at least once! 🙂

  25. Dusty Rose says:

    So, if WM charges $1.94, will they accept a coupon for $2.00 off? I ask this because a while back, I tried to use a $2.00 coupon when Rice Krispie treats were on sale for $1.99. The sales girl wouldn’t accept it. Is it one of those cases when it depends on the clerk?

  26. Abby says:

    I think it does depend on the clerk, Dusty Rose. Last year when my local Wal-Mart was selling Gillette Satin Care for $1.98 reg. price I used the $2.00 off coupons all the time. I’d always have other items with my purchase though, so the coupon would come off the entire bill. And recently, while redeeming some of those free trial Pedigree coupons, I’ve noticed the willingness for redemption has depended solely on the cashier.

  27. CarlyinCanada says:

    Thanks! My SIL got some at WM for $1.97-$2, Free Potatoes! 🙂

    Will give them a try! 🙂

  28. ezduzit says:

    I had a coupon for a dog treat which I printed off. When I took it to Sobeys and Price Choppers they wouldn’t accept it. I was told they no longer accept coupons printed off the internet unless it was from their website. Has anyone else run into this problem? So guess I wont be using the coupon there. Loblaws did accept it though.

  29. thewholeshebang says:

    These retail for approx. $4.20

  30. Dusty Rose says:

    Just got back from WM and ….it worked. I had to work on the clerk though. She told me they can’t use, but I fibbed and said I’d done it here before and that I’ve actually seen on the internet that having the coupon accepted depended on the individual clerk. She took it over to the manager, and when she came back, she accepted it. Thanks for the advice everyone!
    This was quite the night as I also got up the nerve to do my 1st PM. Zellers has Pantene Restoratives on for $5.99 while WM had it for $7.49….then I used my $2.00 off coupon. Love it!!!!
    Finally I got one of the shimmer mascaras from Physican’s Formula with the full rebate and the $3.00 coupon. I so enjoy getting a great deal!!!

  31. Pharma Plus doesn’t follow the scanning code of practice either.

  32. A round of applause for your blog.Really thank you! Great.


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