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Just a heads up for anyone thinking of dealing with/currently a customer of Vonage Canada. Before I continue, let me just say that as far as service goes I’ve been nothing but happy with Vonage. I’ve had them in my home for two years and every step of the way I’ve enjoyed it.

My wife and I have subscribed to their Unlimited Plan at $39.95/m since the inception of our service. Recently we realized that we weren’t even coming close to the 500 mins/m allotted by their $19.95 basic service plan and decided to downgrade. The service is billed a month in advance and we had made a payment yesterday for the upcoming month at our previous rate. No problem, we figured — they’d simply give us a prorate credit for the difference when we called to downgrade… right?

Nope! According to the customer service representative, Vonage has a no prorate policy. His argument was that Vonage sells service a month at a time, and that’s what we paid for. Ok — I can handle that. So I’m still on the Unlimited Plan until my next billing cycle since I’ve already paid for it, right?

Wrong again! The downgrade is effective the moment we request it. I asked what would have happened if we had wanted to upgrade in the middle of the month instead of downgrade. Would I be getting the upgraded service at no extra cost for the remainder of the billing cycle? Turns out the “no prorate policy” doesn’t apply in that situation. They’re more than happy to prorate when it puts money in their pockets, just not when it takes it out.

After all of this I was told I’d be charged a $12.99 fee for downgrading. Given that I’d essentially handed them $20 for free, you figure they’d at least wave the downgrade fee. Turns out they will, but not without a fight and not for the full amount. By the time I was done I ended up paying $3.83 to get the downgrade put through.

It may not be my happiest post, but I thought I should get the word out in case anyone here was on the fence about Vonage service. Like I said– I’ve enjoyed the service itself, but it’s best to know what you’re getting yourself into.

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  1. TorontoEh says:

    You should’ve threaten to cancel service and you know there are so many great services out there now. Mind you I’m on vonage for now 3 years and love it on $19.99. Though just recently have found out which I’m switching too, just need an unlocked PAP2 πŸ™‚

    Also, check vbuzzer.

  2. sally888 says:

    Wow that really sucks, these companies do stuff like this all the time just to rip off good customers and put a few bucks in there pockets.
    Same thing with system access fees.

    I wish we had more choice with phone carriers sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  3. Khristopher says:

    They don’t prorate? That’s ridiculous. They should have offered to change your plan effective your next billing date then at least.

  4. Nicolas says:

    Hi !

    I use Vonage and I experienced something like that, but also, the quality of the service is downgrading too. I think we should all leave…

  5. ruralCanuck says:

    Thanks for the info, I was considering downgrading and being forewarned is helpful! I rarely use my Vonage phone, but 90% of the time I go to use it to call out I get busy signal or “lines are temporarily full” sorts of messages. Is this service downgrade or common with vonage and others? If I wasn’t paying for a biz account, this would be a joke πŸ˜›


  6. JG says:

    I called t cancel- simply because i moved in with someone who already has a phone, you’d think that was ok, right?

    nope, $150 FEE!!!

    i’m still fighting with them because theres NO WAY im paying that!

    They are so tricky….

  7. wayne says:

    I wonder if a call or letter to the CRTC might be worth a try? Or the competition bureau? or a provincial consumer protection organization? I just got a promo by email, and after much wasted time, was told this was an “error”, and the plan is not available in Canada!

  8. Keith says:

    Other than Vonage allowing long distance to elsewhere for whatever cost, it really isn’t much of a deal in the end. I have a neighbour who hates our local MTS (Winnipeg/Manitoba) and always called them a monopoly. Not true as there are competitors and Vonage is one of them. MTS offers me highspeed DSL for $28 plus taxes per month for a whole year. After the year I renew just by threatening to jump ship to another provider, another year for quality highspeed that has far more security than the lousy Shaw Cable. Don’t ask, don’t get a deal and they cannot offer YOU the deals, you gotta squawk about it. My home phone without any extras is $18.88 per month for service from a company that has been around for almost 100 years. They give me long distance calling to anywhere in Canada and the U.S. for a flat rate of 5 bucks per month. Vonage requires you to have an internet provider and yes, almost everyone has internet but not all so it really isn’t a deal to begin with. And to add in advance, I’ve heard many say they hate my provider-MTS, most of the time it’s because those same people owe them money from the past and the company wants to collect it. My neighbour had to pay for Vonage’s router (JUNK) and of course even though he had a Shaw modem which he also purchased before too. Both are required but I wouldn’t subscribe to another company in a different province when I have perfectly great companies local to me now. Yeah, Vonage offers all the extras like caller i.d etc. but in the end I figure if i’m not answering I might be busy or out so you can leave a message no matter who my provider is; why would I care to know in advance who you are and why you’re calling?

  9. Dan says:

    BEWARE of VONAGE, they will continue to go after your credit even 5 months after the cancelation request. They are very bad experience, WANT SOME REAL VGOIP read up on ASTERISK all you need a a small computer to make your phone server and excellent quality and you have everything for about $2.50 per month for a telephone line. IN CANADA using and you will save lots of Money, and did I mention that you can have upto 6 telephone on 1 Line even if you are talking to someone and someone else calls in it will ring on another phone line in the house or office, without interupting the other call. SAY NO TO VONAGE and go the NEW AGE of ASTERISK OPEN SOURCE. Let s stop making these people rich with our money. We run the place Not THem

  10. yuji says:

    Beware of Vonage !! I just cancelled with Vonage and was charged $ 49.00 which I never agreed to upon signing up with them. When I called to cancel, they tried to offer me a lower rate and plan. Upon insisting to cancel, this $ 49.00 cancellation fee came up. I complained all the way up to so called manager but no one was willing to help. Canadians beware !

  11. Alice says:

    Vonage sent me a notice that I owed them over two hundred dollars when I have NEVER been their customer at all. When I tried to sort it out they were so gracious as to say they were going to waive the charges except for a disconnection “fee” of almost sixty dollars. I am not now nor have I ever been with Vonage so why should I pay them sixty dollars. They sent me to a collection agency. It has been such a hassle to try and get this company off my back. What a SCAM. I googled this and I’m not the only person they have done this to. Who has time to fight with them over such things? I have called the CRTC. I am not paying them a red cent and if they bother or harass me again, I will sue them. I cannot believe how difficult this company is to deal with. And this is not a “mistake” on their part either. They have done it over and over. I never got any services from them, yet they want me to pay to “disconnect” In other words pay or we will keep harassing you??

  12. Victor says:


    Vonage Canada is a low life scam business. When I sign up, it was all glory with no commitment but this is the reality(we apologize for misrepresenting ourselves; that’s what the customer service rep said). This is what they stole from me:
    At your request, your Vonage Canada service has been cancelled. This email is to notify you that we have successfully processed the final charges for your Vonage Canada account in the amount listed below.

    Vonage Canada Account Number: 1007271443
    Date Processed: 19/03/2009
    Debit Amount: $134.39

    As outlined in our Terms of Service, a disconnect fee of $49.99 per voice line is charged to all customers along with any applicable taxes. Your total debit of $134.39 includes this disconnect fee, all pending charges, credits, and applicable taxes. For more information about our return policy, please refer to our Terms of Service


  13. FallenPixels says:

    Wow I have never had a problem with them and get a really clear line when I call back home.

    I have always been on the $20 plan though so never downgraded but they did prorate when I added my UK # and I didn’t get any cancellation charges on my US line but I called 2 days before the billing date so not sure if I would have had it prorated

  14. FallenPixels says:

    Oh I have been a customer longer than 2 years so wouldn’t get charged

    “Yes. Vonage will apply a $49.99 disconnect fee to each line that is canceled within two years of being activated. If you cancel within the Money Back Guarantee period of 30 days, return your device within 14 days of your cancellation, and satisfy the other conditions of our Money Back Guarantee the disconnect fee on the initial line ordered will be refunded.”

  15. Victor says:

    FallenPixels, i hope you get paid enough to be a corporate butt licker(at least that’s what you seems like).
    I have no contract nor restrictions agreed with vonage rep when I hooked up and as a matter of fact it was an american rep that set me up for canadian service. I took the option of purchasing the “portal” box because i didn’t want to pay any rental fee for it.
    If vonage business is so great why do they have to rip people off. Don’t you thing that “quality” and “service” go together? Something that vonage canada HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO SHOW with its low ball “supposedly agreement” with customers?
    Why does vonage have to punish(RIP) people leaving their service?
    The only reason i can figure out:


  16. Gary says:

    You know, the only way these guys can get away with this sorta crap is because nobody really stands up to them! There is no legal basis that allows them to charge these fees to customers that never agreed to them, but if you don’t stand up for yourself then they get away with it.

    I’m inclined to start a class action suit for recovery of improperly charged fees!

    Anybody interested?

  17. Mark says:

    I left them back in 2005 – They billed my credit card for another 4 months. i had to get my cedit card provider involved and proved that i had indeed cancelled months earlier. My CC provider reversed the false charges and i have paid $12.95 for unlimited service ever since.

  18. Arianna says:

    WOW! I found this site when I was googling Vonage to think about subscribing to it!! Im glad I read this, now I wont even bother inquiring about their plans!!
    Thank you for posting this, I was completely unaware of their deceitful practices.

  19. Joy says:

    I use Vonage only when I am travelling. I joined them two years ago when I travelled for an extended time. when I returned to canada it was not practical for me to use it. so I asked to cancel and they charged me 200 dollars. I want to do the same thing now, but I did not find anybody that gives the same service. I ejoined again last week because I am going away again. I told them I do not want the equipment, that I want the basic plan (500 hours) and they told me if I leave before one year I will pay 49 dollars. Their customer care is in the Philippines and sometimes it takes hours to explain something and at the end they get it wrong. but overall the outcome for me is good and meets my requirement.

  20. godvchaos says:

    I use primus for both VOIP and cell, and I am really happy with them. their prices are slightly better, and there are not connection and disconnection fees. Customer sevice is a bit of a pain (your on hold for a Loooooong time). Getting connected in the first place was also a pain in the a**, but I have been with them for 3 years (home phone) and a total of 6 months cell (cancelled 8 months ago)and had no major issues.

  21. Quarmby says:

    Forget those bandits at Vonage. I was online today to research them, with the idea of signing up, when I bumped into this and other similar sites…all complaints about their billing practices. I have been using Skype for 4 years and am very happy with it…the service had been greatly improved. Last month, I signed up for another skype phone number AND unlimited Canada and US calls, including voicemail and call forward….TOTAL AMMOUNT for the YEAR… only $60.00 canadian ….service…PRICELESS…!!! and anywhere in the world unlimited calling is only $12.95 canadian per month.

  22. Jodie says:

    I am using VOIP serive, and it’s great. Just $9.99/month for service that we get our own gateway. Its option are great, you guys can check it out.

  23. Leroy says:

    Thanks… I was on the fence, and now I’m not going to get it.


  24. Chris says:

    I have not had a negative experience with Vonage, in fact it’s bee the opposite for me. I have been using them since 2005 and have never had any problem with the billing. Any time I have had a technical problem the service has been easy to access and they’ve stayed on with me for as long as it takes to get the phone running. I have not tried to cancel– maybe I’ve got something to look forward to if I ever do– but I am writing to provide some balance to the rants above.

  25. Chris says:

    By the way, and while I think of it, Shaw did the same thing to me as Vonage did to the OP. I cancelled my service and they charged me a whole month of HD, High Speed Internet etc, even though they were happy to cancel the service immediately. So, Vonage is not alone in the practice.

  26. Daryl says:


    I had to cancel my account 3 times before they would cancel it. And now they are sending a bill to a collection agency!!!

    For the 3 months when I never used it and tried to cancel it.

    Do not sign up with Vonage!!!

  27. gomo2010 says:

    If your unhappy with Vonage, why not try Magic Jack. I have a friend who swears by it, and it’s only $20 per year for unlimited calling anywhere in the US or Canada.

  28. Marie says:

    I came that close to getting vonage, but after reading all these coments, dont’t think so
    Thanks every one

  29. WillyWonka says:

    I was also looking at trying Vonage thinking it was low risk. Now I’m thinking I will stick with my existing provider for a while.

    Thanks for the posts.

  30. Natalie Mitchell says:

    I sure wish i had read this a few months ago> Add me to the list of Vonage Victims. It will cost me 228.00to get out of it and they don’t even have a legitimate mailing address.
    The company sucks.

  31. Ken says:

    I’m so fed up with Telus that I thought I’d start looking for another provider. I’ve got 5 phones, So far I’ve switched 2 cells to Fido. Now for the landlines, but from what I’ve seen here it won’t be Vonage. Thanks for the info everyone.

  32. Pete says:

    I can honestly say I never had any problems with Vonage until I cancelled my line and received an email about the disconnection fee of $49.99. I signed up in January 1, 2007. Very unprofessional.

    Here’s the nonsense rule:

    “3.6 Disconnection Fee (Applies only to Residential and Business Plan Customers). You will be charged a disconnection fee of $49.99 CDN per voice line if your Service is disconnected subject to applicable federal, provincial and local laws. However, if your Service was activated on or after February 1, 2007 and is disconnected after two (2) years following your activation date, the disconnection fee will be waived. If your Service was activated on or before January 31, 2007, the disconnection fee will be waived if your Service is disconnected after one (1) year following your activation date.”

  33. Kally says:

    Question: Everyone that has been duped by Vonage and now has to pay the collection agency for services that had not been used….do you pay or not? What are the consequences?

    I have to pay 3 months of disconnected service I didn’t use. I really don’t want to give free money to these slimeballs.

  34. caveat says:

    All telephone services offer VOIP and are all competitively, similarly priced. In this day and age of cell phones, why would anyone opt for a landline is beyond me. If you have internet service, I suggest you bundle that with a VOIP plan for a better deal if you insist on having a landline. If you really want a free (or almost free service), use Skype. Skype has no subscription, just purchase as you go.

  35. Doug says:

    I ordered the magicjack ata from on Jan 28th 2010, This is now march 29th still no unit has been delivered, I tried to get a refund from paypal but the time has lapsed for opening a dispute.

    I have email magicjack in Vancouver, Where I purchased it, and have been told “we are understaffed and will look into this next week” Well that was 3 weeks ago and still no word.I have sent an email demanding my $212.00 back and have not heard a word. What the hell is going on with this company.

    When I ordered it back in January I cancelled my home phone figuring the 30 days notice with bell would give me my magicjack around the same time the 30 days were up as the website says 4-6 weeks for delivery..Well that did not happen.

    I am still without a phone line in the house and the wife’s not happy about that at all. Where can I call or email toget some action on this bogus scam going on from the Vancouver location.
    Thanks in advance

  36. Pat says:

    I could go on and on about Vonage customer service. First phone already assigned to someone that had cancelled their service but Vonage had not taken it off his bill therefore could not hook it up and I was without a phone for a week. Second phone ok but modem sent did not comply with this phone. New modem sent and everything ok for awhile. Next I am getting all these messages saying I called them but I did not even know who these people were. Phone number changed. ok till May 8th and have had no phone since. Phone would ring once and die. No dial tone. Numerous calls to technical help. One night on phone for 4 hours. They would hang up on me, transfer me and than no one would pick up the phone, say they would call back and never did! Finally one man said did I want a new modem and I said yes as long as it would work. Guess what? Not compatible to my phone because they do not make it anymore! They tell me to return phone to phone booth but the Vonage has taken their phones out of all Canadian booths. Booth guarantee is for 30 days only company guarantee is for 1 year but they will not refund my money $149.99 because I bought it at the booth! May 18th called and wanted my phone cancelled and when they told me about the $49.99 disconnection fee I asked to speak to her superviser, got transferred but no-one answered. I phoned back and got a man who told me to call back on May 23rd as that was my contract date and cancel my phone than. Called today and got told I was charged $79.99 for that modem they sent me that was not compatible and they had already cancelled my service with them!!!! I was charged the cancelation fee and will the $79.99 but if I sent the modem back immediately and called back with the tracking number they would immediately take the $79.99 off my bill. Called back and guess what? They will not take it off my bill until they receive the modem back and said the address that I was given was not the right one but they would take care of it and call back on the 24th. We will see and I will not hold my breath. Bad, bad customer service!!!! Technical support from India and billing support from the Phillipines. Ask for french instead of English and you will get someone from North America!!!!!!! When you call their number you get now be prepared for your vonage experience!!!! Oh ya I have had my vonage experience and suggest to everyone that they avoid it!!!!!!!!!

  37. Jeremy says:

    I have also been a Vonage Canada customer since the end of 2007. I have never had a problem with their service and I’ve called Customer Service a few times. Never a wait to speak with anyone, and when I got through they had intelligent answers.

    When I subscribed I wasn’t expecting to pay a shipping fee for the equipment but it was reasonable. They waived all fees for the little black box and included two months of free service. I’ve referred some friends to the service as well; in all cases we both received the referral credits and they’re happy with their service too. I’ve never had any unexplained fees or service charges. I just recently moved and changed my phone number and it was migrated instantly with no interruptions. Completely hassle free.

    The sound quality has always been great. Even clear enough for data and fax transmissions.

    I have to give my experience with Vonage, to date, a 4/5. (and only a 4 because of the unexpected shipping fee).

    I’m sad that so many people have had problems. None on this end.

  38. MCT says:

    I’ve had vonage for more than 5 years now on the $20 per month plan. Always worked great. I’ve even upgraded my modem/router twice for free with them (because I wanted wireless, etc.). For $20 the features and reliability can’t be beat. Not sure what all the problems are – looks mostly like people breaking contracts and angry about paying penalties. Same deal with cell phone plans. Try to sign up for 3 years and break after one year, they’ll hit you with a ton of fees.

  39. Denis says:

    Warning or all o you that are thinking of getting into a new service agreement or moving somewhere else.. I have been a saisfied Vonage client since 2006 up untilthis last 6 months. The quality of phone line sucks over the last 6 months.
    I had three business lines and 4 home lines in my plan (monthly payments pushing 300/month). Called to add 4 new business lines on the condition they could have it all set up in a month. They set one up sent a box and never followed through with the other 3 lines. I never accepted the box and got shaw digital phone to come in and install. In the process I moved 2 existing business numbers to shaw. three months pass and I notice that Vonage is charging for the account that was set up but never hooked up. plus they charged me for 3 months of service for the two lines that were moved to Shaw. Now the part that pissed me off is trying to rectify this. after a dozen calls they agreed that what they did was wrong but they can’t issue a credit…they owe me in excess of 600 dollars, and I am still battling with them to get it. I have since closed all my accounts and moved all to shaw. We had to change our home numbers as Vonage woul not release them….SHaw is a bit more expensve on the surface, but pay attention to your usage (you may not ned all that much) lus i you combine with other service you can get a good deal.

    My advice is stay away from Vongae. Something has changed what was good. The management and direction of the company has turned to greed at clients expense and it will not be long before that epands to satisfied clients just because they feel they can.

  40. Denis says:

    Any interest in a class action suite. Perhaps start a website to post all complaints and warnings. The near spelling of the website woul be close enough to be picked up by search engines…. Anything to stop these crooks and get them to revert to a better business practice.

  41. Denis says:

    Before you consider Vonage BBB rating is C- have a look at the complaints

    To many of the same issues.

  42. Vanoc Kumr says:

    Vonage in Canada customer service calls go to a call center in Philippines and you end up dealing with a bunch of stupid and incompetent agents who are not interested in resolving any issues or improving the service. You will most of the time get a repetitious answer ( ie: its a management policy) as they don’t listen to customers real concerns and are never able to get you to the right person who can resolve your issues.

    The company has been ripping Canadian customers for a long time and is not competitive in rates or services. Yes I am now giving up my Vonage after having it for 4 years.

    Do not ever sign up with vonage canada.

  43. claire says:

    THANK YOU!!! Almost went to Vonage official site but stopped here first- Lucky me!!!
    Primus was a nightmare and it took changing my bank account and the bank clawing back fees removed by pre-authorized agreement. I no longer will do that… if you need the money before I can go online and pay: you have to get another victim… I’m out of there.
    So sorrry about everyone’s Vonage trouble;but you all saved me…

  44. Bob says:

    I just noticed that Vonage Canada has dropped their rates for the unlimited plan form $39.99 to $29.99 per month. I called to ask about it and the plans are almost identical except that the new one is limited to 3000 minutes which is more than most people need. I asked them to switch me and they did so but they will not change you over unless you request it so give them a call and save yourself some money. As forcustomer service; I paid for a Vonage line for one of my employees and when you call to cancel service they put you through to someone who does not speak english hardly at all and it takes forever. I think they do that hoping you will ge frustrated and leave the service on. Overall, they are a pretty good company and certainly no harder to deal with than the arrogant people at Telus or Rogers who are both just terrible.

  45. John Fuller says:

    You folks that have a problem with the disconnection fee should have read the fine print on the terms of your contract with Vonage. It clearly states that they will charge you a fee if you disconnect under certain circumstances. Read the fine print. If you stick with them for several years as I have you will not be charged any fees for leaving them. If you are looking for a service such as Vonage for a short term, you should look elsewhere. Unless you want to pay the disconnect fee, of course.I have had issues with quality of service as many have, but for the price in comparison to our local telco carrier it is half price and has many more great features. I think most of you complainers want too much for too little. You get what you pay for my friends. Has no one ever told you that?

  46. Deb says:

    We HAD been customers of Vonage & experienced nothing but issues with them as well. Our internet was via Sympatico. Our phone line was via Vonage. Everytime the phone line went down, the internet went down. Vonage ALWAYS tried to blame Sympatico for the issue. Sympatico was NOT the problem…Vonage WAS. Our neighbour also uses Sympatico & each time our phone line went down, I asked him if his internet was down, thinking it could possibly be Sympatico. NOT! Vonage REFUSES to accept the blame & REFUSES to give their customers credit for down lines. At one time, we did not have phone nor internet for 5 days…. Credit onoyr bill – You have got to be kidding!! Needless to say we cancelled Vonage and went back to good ol Bell and got a better pkg deal in the end! And guess what? Our phone doesnt go down and neither does our internet!
    BIG THUMBS DOWN for Vonage… They couldnt get me back as a customer if they offered their services for free!
    Gotta agree fully with many of the posters here when it comes to poor Vonage customer service…

  47. Deb says:

    And NO we did not have to pay a disconnection fee… We threatened legal action & we demanded to speak to a Vonage Supervisor that actually spoke ENGLISH & we DID NOT pay any cancellation fees whatsoever!

  48. John says:

    I’m about to switch to Vonage from my current Internet phone provider (Cogeco) since I now pay $46.99 a month for North America unlimited. Vonage offers the same plus 60 international destinations for $29.99. I have 30 days to test it out with no disconnect fee. After that it’s a $49.99 fee to disconnect if before 2 years. This all looks fair and it’s also there in black and white on their website. SO why is everyone whining???

    As far as Deb and others suggestions that the line is poor quality or going down on a regular basis – that’s a problem with your internet provider. VOIP doesn’t use a lot of bandwidth, but you need enough. Sympatico is often slow and sometimes drops and is always overpriced.

    To sum it up, I’ve read the comments and haven’t found any legitimate complaints whatsoever – so I’m going to go with Vonage. Wish me luck!

  49. Mongo says:

    A word of advise and wisdom, STAY AWAY from VONAGE.
    It is a RIP-OFF.
    The VoIP service is junk.
    I had nothing but troubles with that.
    Their so call Advanced support started blaming things on my phone device, my TV, then the RJ cables, then the Wireless router and finally my ISP.
    They delayed everything as much as possible so they can still say I went over the trial time.
    I am taking them to court and I am debating the changes to my Visa card.
    Their support stinks and nobody is responsible for anything.

    Stay AWAY from this crooks and save your time and money.

  50. Mikey says:

    Been with Vonage since 2004 for premium unlimited. Service is pretty good most of the time. It will be choppy if there is a lot of network traffic. Otherwise I avg 2000 mins a month with minimal complaints regarding service.

    They have switched out one modem at no cost to me.

    Don’t disagree that this might not be for everyone, and since I have never tried to cancel, i am not sure about this billing post cancellation issue.

    They were still charging me the $39.99 plan, while they had a unlimited world plan available for $29.99. Can’t say i was happy about that, but I should have checked more frequently.

    Based on what I have heard, as long as you have documented the cancellation you can approach your credit card company/bank to help you address these charges. (Saw this on Marketplace on CBC). Most banks will not even offer this option, but the supervisors should be aware of the process.

    Customer Service 1/5 (refused to credit account for difference in plan)
    Technical support 1/5 (told me new router is 1G capabale…’s not)
    Phone Quality 3/5 (occasionally I need to reset router)
    Pricing 4/5 (Only real competition is Skype but world plan is still the best out there for the price…no comparison…especially if you need to make international calls)
    Features 5/5 (simultaneous ring/call forwarding/vm….etc works as advertised)

    I think the message here is buyer beware, and read your contract. However that being said, I will continue to use Vonage since it is a more viable option for me to keep in touch with my teams in Canada and India. It’s far from a perfect solution, and is very cost effective for my needs.

  51. Viktor says:

    Everyone complaining about the disconnection fees. Its clearly displayed on the website.

    Choppy quality during high traffic is because you didn’t set up Qos on the router properly.

    if its unreliable, its your internet. No internet, no phone.

    If you cancel and they keep charging, call your cc. its fairly easy to deal with cc companies if you have half a brain and dont insult them the moment they answer.

    Just signed up with vonage and very happy. Installed it differently then they recommend it but it works really good.

  52. Valuable information ..I’m delighted to read this short article..many thanks for giving us this helpful information. Great walk-through.

  53. stuey87 says:

    the biggest ripoff of aoll is signing up for Vonage in the first place. Even for $20/month! I am with and it costs me approx $3-$4 per month. Works the exact same as Vonage except you need to buy an unlocked adapter ($60). There are also companies out there like Magicjack, which cost $20 PER YEAR. Only downside is that you have to have youre PC running to use magicjack.

  54. Chirag says:

    Hi Guys,

    Here is something probably very few of us knows. If you think Magic Jack, Acanac or is cheaper compared to other service provider, you are right. How about if I tell you of something that is not cheaper but for free? Very exciting, yes, most of the Canada calling is free. You do not need a PC running. Works exactly same as Vonage.

    visit Get your virtual number for free, try it through PC before you buy the Modem.

  55. Isaac says:

    Vonage has VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. When we ordered the phone they were very polite, but when it comes to transfering our previous phone number, they kept on telling us that it would be done the next day, but never happened. Sometimes they put the phone on hold and finally it got disconnected and thus ended up us calling them again and stay on the line for 30-40 minutes to get hold of the customer service.

  56. jeremiah says:

    I’ve been with Vonage for quite sometime, but before I signed up with them I did a lot of research, I did ask a lot of questions and verifications regarding their services and of course about cancellations. I am still hesistant, actually I tried calling more than 10 times before I actually signed up. I told myself nobody can judge any services but myself. Compared with my other services Vonage is a lot better. Just ask, ask a lot of questions before you decide they will provide you with all informations.

  57. Brian says:

    I’ve been with Vonage for the last 4 years and I have not had any problems/issues. At the beginning I had the unlimited plan then I down graded to 500 minutes.. I downgraded right before the end of the month so there were no issues. I think the service is great and would recommend it to everyone.

  58. sam says: offers $9.99 per month include unlimited minutes to Canada nationwide

  59. Richard says:

    … I’ve been with Vonage for years… have an old PAP2, which works fine… almost didn’t go with Vonage when I bought the original PAP2… turned out I got one destined for USA customers…not comparable with Canada… so getting that modem set up was a nightmare… but once the lights went on and they figured things out it was smooth sailing.

    My wife is from Mexico so for me the $30 plan is ideal… she can call land lines in Mexico without incurring additional costs. My only complaint is Vonage won’t provide a modem that can work wireless… don’t want to change my number, nor pay an additional $13 per month for wireless service… so for wireless I went with MagicJack which only costs $20 a year… after you buy the little modem. You could go with Skype too but I prefer to use a ‘normal’ telephone which plugs into the back of the MagicJack modem.

  60. Lisa says:

    Speaking of Magic Jack, does anyone know whether they use any of the GB’s that you are limited to on your internet plan per month? For example, I’m with Rogers on the Express package and I’m limited to 60 GB per month. I’ll likely be using the phone a lot since it’ll be part of my home business so I’m concerned that I might get charged “overage” fees from Rogers if I use the Magic Jack phone too much… any ideas?

  61. Dale zieff says:

    Magic jack is the biggest rip off and liars that I have dealt with their service is terrible .You cannot keep connected to their line. They blame your phone your cable your internet. When you contact them they take you through the same steps that don’t fix any thing Do not get magic jack it will not work very well and the company doesn’t care

  62. Mavis Theo says:

    I think this is a lot of work and I don’t know if there is a better way to do it like this. Is it worth the effort? Is it not quicker to write just a new article?

  63. anthony says:

    skype is best. dont know why anyone would pay over $20 for a phone line. i have a skype phone number i use my regular phone hooked up to a skype compatible modem. i can get local phone numbers in any country so when people call me its not expensive for them. why would you sign up for vonage when its $10 more expensive on special than the service advertised for the Usa.

  64. KaDE! says:

    Hey guys! Check this out:

    [Switching to ” FREE and NOT A SCAM “]

    I switched from Rogers Home Phone. They were charging me $32/month for a home phone without even Caller ID. Get it is absolutely free. It cost me $157 (one time fee) to get set up, which is equivalent to 5 months with Rogers. Check my link above- I provide details of my switch, or go to directly to read up.



  65. Richard says:

    …have to say I don’t have many complaints with Vonage…been with em for about 4 years. Last year the old PAP2 modem I purchased …croaked. Sent me a new Linksys modem free shipping included. Have a Mexican wife and so she burned up our ‘free’ 3000 minutes (the world plan) in about 2 weeks yakking day and night to family in Mexico City… got a couple of nasty emails.. then things settled down once the novelty wore off.

    Considering the $30 clams a month I pay, it’s a pretty good deal.

    Cool trick: You can take your wired Vonage modem, your laptop/netbook and home phone with you on holidays. By ‘bridging’ your wireless access to your LAN, you can plug a wired Vonage modem into the LAN input of your laptop and make it think it’s working off a wired network. Only works with XP or Windows 7 Home or better. The bridging feature is not available with Windows 7 Starter (cheapskates). Worked great in Mexico but try this at home first. Because they are phoning your (local) number everyone will think your still at home.

    Perfect for telling the boss your at home sick with the flu.. he calls you ‘at home’ to discuss some business issue and you dutifully answer your home phone… from a hammock on a Mexican playa. (don’t really recommend this.. a lot could go wrong… like he wants to see you in the office tomorrow morning)

  66. keena. says:

    We’ve had 2 Vonage lines for over 3 yrs and have never had any issues. I have downgraded plans several times and they have always prorated the unused credit toward the new plan. I don’t even have to ask; it’s just standard protocol for them. We’re very happy with them. And yes, if your internet is slow, if you’re doing downloads, then your phone reception will be affected; it’s not their service that makes the line choppy.

  67. Glenn says:

    Ive never had a problem with Vonage, and I dont believe they wouldnt credit you unless it was in the terms of service that you Agreed to when you signed up.

    You are the one who chose what you wanted NOT them.

    Read the terms of service when you buy anything, any smart consumer knows that. You have noone to blame but yourself.

    Theres no better deal out there than Vonage, ive checked.

    Lets see for 20 bucks a month i can call anywhere in N. America up to 500 minutes. and i have 20 free call features. Well heck pardner, that shore is good enough for this hombre.

    Next time read the terms of service before you sign and i hope you are enjoying your amazing new phone company that cares about you so much, unlike those evil doers at the sinister Vonage . Brrrrr.

  68. Toronto says:

    i just connect with them through online chat for customer service and here wht i got “If you cancel after 1 year there’s no disconnection fees”. somehow there is always same person “Katie” available on chat !! πŸ˜€

  69. JOHHNY says:




  70. Sammy says:

    I agree with all the comments made , vonage is a rip off company , I think we should all leave . I’ve been with vonage for over 6 years and they treated me like shit. I’m going to call it quits with this big scum company called VONAGE

  71. davywilly says:

    Unfortunately, this is a recurring theme with services of any kind in Canada. We are being ripped off left right and centre. The biggest con artist is BELL Canada. I recently got a letter that my area could no longer be serviced by them and Yes! i was still gonna be charged $700.00 to disconnect .

  72. maryanne says:

    I’ve been with vonage for close to 8 years and when I called in to enquire about specials being applied to existing accounts they basically albeit politely said too bad!

  73. Atef says:

    Do not do business with them, I cancelled my account one year ago and they were charging me 49.34 every month for nothing,

  74. MRL says:

    Thank you all for the forewarnings.
    I was looking for a new long distance plan and because of you it will NOT be Vonage. Friends have it and the audio delay is horrible.
    I’m looking into the new MagicJack Plus at $69.99 per year or Skype service. No one has mentioned a Google phone but I want something that works with my cell phone too.

  75. Mob says:

    I’ve used Vonage and found they ripping off customers. I am from Pakistani origin. Initially vonage advertised on TV they are offering free calls to the customers but after 3 months they left the VM on phone that the calls are no longer free and I also can’t leave the vonage as I’ve 1 year of contract with them. This was totally ridiculous, Anyway I decided to keeping the vonage as they were still offering the cheapest rates but I’ve found they were using the illegal gray routes (illegal Telecom call termination) to Pakistan and calls were keep disconnecting and I am getting messages from Pakistani sim’s I am unable to make call as I don’t have free balance in my sim (remember I use vonage home phone and my billing was pre-authorized) Finally my contract is over with them and I can get rid of this scam indian company !!!

  76. rob says:

    been with vonage about a year. Service has been good and no problems with billing or equipment.

  77. Bill Haskin says:

    To all you dear Canadians,
    Have you realized you’re all complaining about something far bigger that just another greedy phone company, which in fact are all subsidiaries of either American or European companies. Many Canadians knew long ago that thanks to CRTC, Canada’s telephone industry is a lot like the Soviet Union compare to the United States. So don’t waste your time complaining, because at the end, you choose that.

  78. john says:

    I’ve been with vonage for more 18 months , i do not have concern the service it is good , if you have a more than 1T for your internet connection , you voice will be pefect maybe for those as low internet connection ….remember it is Ip voice phone quality depend of your internet connection

  79. Abba says:

    Unethical at its best !..
    While cancellation of my service I was offered 50% off to stay with Vonage . I took it and months later I found that the offer was good for a month only. I was shocked to see the full billing amount being charged on my credit card. Their false statement or incomplete information policy to retain their business is totallly unacceptable and un-ethical. Existing customers please pay extra caution with vonage customer services.

  80. Jaye Dapson says:

    These Vonage people are bullshit. They are rip-off people. Out of frustration I called to cancel my account with them having been with them for 3 months. I cloosed my account with them today, Wednesday, March 15, 2017. Summary, we agreed on cancellation and monthly bill to be $119:96 that was after more than 2 hours of passing me from one director to another supervisor, and termination office. At the end of the day, they charged #131 and some cents on my credit account. There is now way I can retrieve my money from them. The extra #11:00 is very painful because that was not our agreement. I do not recommend them to anybody no matter what. Jaye.

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