ebaylogosign.jpgJust came across a great PayPal coupon code for eBay and I thought I should share up. After purchasing an item, ebay’ll ask you at the checkout if you have any coupon codes. Just enter CTHANKS50 and it should subtract $50 from the pre-shipping cost of the order!

That being said there are a few known issues with this coupon that you may have to iron out if you want to use it. If it tells you that it’s not valid with this PayPal account, you can call Paypal and let them know the coupon isn’t working for you. They’ll fix it lickety-split. The other option is to go and pay for the order directly from your Paypal — it should work from their if it didn’t in the eBay checkout.

Is it a coupon you have to work for? Sure. But is it worth it? Absolutely.

UPDATE: We’re gonna have to mark this one “use at your own risk.” A few of our readers have tried this, called Paypal, and had no problem. However reader Bobby Carter called and was told that because he wasn’t personally sent the coupon there was nothing they could do for him.

UPDATE #2:  I think we’ve had enough complaints in the thread to suggest that this is probably only going to work for a select few lucky folks.  If you’re planning on buying something on eBay before the end of the month, give it a shot.  Otherwise, consider this too risky to try.

36 responses to “Save $50 on eBay! — UPDATE — BAD DEAL, PLEASE AVOID”

  1. Eri says:

    is there a minimum (order price)?

  2. Jim Squires says:

    Nope — to test it out I used it on a $19 order. Worked fine — I just had to pay for my shipping.

  3. jet says:

    it worked on the ebay account but when it went to paypal to pay for it, it said it won’t work with this account, so might have to call them.

  4. mememe says:

    I tried to use mine for a game that was $47 and free shipping. It didn’t work at first so I did have to call. I did wait on hold for a while, however in the end I was told that they were opening a ticket to add the coupon to my account bc the coupon is not working properly for a lot of people. apparently i will receive an email as soon as it’s fixed. i will update when it actually goes through.

  5. adora says:

    Any expiration date?

  6. Sally888 says:

    Secure Transaction


    This Redemption Code cannot be used from your PayPal account.

    Almost seems too good to be true.

  7. mememe says:

    call them!

  8. mememe says:

    the man on the phone told me this is one of the coupons they are having problems with. but they will fix it if you call.

  9. mememe says:

    JIM – was this coupon emailed to YOU directly or something and maybe that’s why it worked easily for you without having to call?

  10. Jim Squires says:

    adora — March 30th.

    mememe — nope, info was tipped to me. I checked it out before hand and found out that a lot of people were having trouble with it, but that it still worked so long as you called. Thought it was too good a deal not to pass on despite the pain in calling.

  11. SystemFx says:


    Earlier today, I left you a message regarding a $50 coupon that can be
    used on eBay; below you’ll find details for the $50 coupon. It’s just a
    little something to say thanks for shopping on eBay. We hope you take
    advantage of this special coupon to save $50 off your next eBay
    To redeem this coupon:
    1. Go to and log in to your account.
    2. Start shopping, and be sure the seller accepts PayPal.
    3. Pay for your item with PayPal before the coupon’s expiration date:
    March 28, 2008 11:59:59 PM PST. (Make sure the email address on your
    eBay account is also on your PayPal account. You can go to to find out how.)
    4. Enter the redemption code: CTHANKS50
    If you need assistance with redeeming this coupon, please call
    *Important Terms & Conditions:
    1. How to Receive the Coupon’s Discount. Eligible Participants (defined
    below) will receive up to the value indicated on their Coupon (“Coupon”)
    off the purchase price (excluding shipping, handling, and taxes) of a
    single item on meeting the requirements stated in Section 3
    below (“Discount”) if, and only if, they do the following:
    1. (i)Qualify to use the Coupon based on the eligibility requirements
    stated in Section 4 below;
    2. (ii) Have a valid PayPal account or successfully sign up for a PayPal
    account within the eBay checkout flow;
    3. (iii) Purchase an item on (the “eBay Site”) or on any
    localized eBay site; AND
    4. (iv) Pay for such item using their PayPal account before the
    expiration of the Coupon.
    5. The Coupon will expire at 11:59:59 PM PST on March 28, 2008. Please
    note that purchases on are excluded.

    2. One Time Use Only. The Discount is for one-time use on a purchase of
    a single item only.
    3. How Discount Will Be Given. The Discount will be automatically
    deducted from the purchase of a single item (excluding shipping &
    handling, insurance and taxes) when you pay for the item using PayPal at
    the time of checkout. The maximum amount of the Discount is $50 ($USD).
    If the total purchase price is less than the value indicated on the
    Coupon, the Discount will be for the exact amount of the total purchase
    price. The unused difference between the total purchase price and such
    value will be forfeited. To use the Discount, enter the redemption code
    CDCDCDCDCDCDCDC when prompted.

  12. SystemFx says:

    GOd people when in doubt GOOGLE hahhahaha .
    here you all go tho

  13. bobby carter says:


    Now i have a problem.

    bid and won and item and could not input the coupon.

    BUT……when i tried to call, they said that because the coupon was not send to me, i could not use it.


    anyone else called paypal and was told they could not use this?

    any idea what to do now?


  14. SystemFx says:

    shity .. !!! maybe i wont then

  15. Jim Squires says:

    bobby — try calling back. it’s entirely possible that you just got a call center worker who didn’t feel like putting in the effort. It happens all the time. If you call back and get the same response, let us know.

  16. exolstice says:

    A simple Google search shows that MOST people cannot get this coupon to work.

  17. bobby carter says:


    i tried calling twice.
    both times i was asked if this coupon was sent to me.

    i said no the first time and was told then i could not use.

    second time, i said yes, and the worker checked my file and said that there was no record of this being sent to me.

    any input guys?

  18. Belinda says:

    Yeah I think I will call because i Bid on an item and now it will not work…

  19. bobby carter says:

    just tried calling again and was told flat out that this copupon was “targeted marketing”.

    lady was very helpful and said that they are getting alot of calls about this coupon.


    too bad, this would have been a great thing, i ordered something for my daughter i would not normally have bought and even though i have to pay, i guess it will make her very happy.

    if ANYONE has any luck, good or bad with this, please post. i am curious to know if it works or does not work for you.

    oh, i tried to input code during checkout on ebay and also tried right from the paypal site with no luck.


    ( LOL Jim, you owe me 49.98 LOL J/K )

  20. Marc says:

    it doesn’t work! Don’t bid on something, only to NOT get the 50$ discount!

  21. bobby carter says:

    this might be helpful or of intrest to some people here…


  22. mememe says:

    I will take the negative feedback on one item if it doesn’t go through. I already explained to seller so maybe she’ll let it go, who knows. Oh well … if they don’t do it for me it was worth a shot and my feedback score can handle -1 no biggie!

  23. bobby carter says:


    one last word from me about this, on the last time i called paypal, i talked to a very6 nice lady.

    she said that canadians who use paypal can expect a discount coupon by the end of the summer.\

    she said they were going to target different areas in canada for the next several months.

    she also said that thee amount you use paypal, your age, sex, etc., will make no difference on getting this, it all depands on location.


  24. ricky says:

    Ijust called paypal and they are having probs with this code, the lady i spoke with said to be eligable for this offer the coupon had to be sent by ebay to your ebay acct in “my messages” and will only work that way. Don’t think i will take the risk and end up owing $50, DAMN IT that would have been a GREAT deal!!!

  25. moi says:

    yeah too bad huh? boo!

  26. Sally888 says:

    I would never just run out and bid on something just to see if the coupon worked!!!!!!

    I use ebay all the time and actually happened to have some purchases I hadnt paid from yesterday.

    Dont get yourself into a bad situation buy bidding on something if your not willing to pay for it, thats silly.

  27. moi says:


  28. mememe says:

    mine did end up working.

  29. talee says:

    That’s absolutely foolish to bid on something in hopes that a coupon will work!!
    It wastes the time of the seller, and you get a negative feedback, just pay for the item you bid on.

  30. mememe says:

    coupon worked for me so not to worry but thanks for your opinion! lol

  31. bobby carter says:


    my daughter just came up with an idea, (smart kid), but when (if) we get this coupon, we will bid on an item that our neighbour lists, and have them do the same.

    daughter said we could list a couple rocks or something that no-one else will bid on.

    that way, we will both make $50.


    and she just turned 10.


    (she takes after her dad!)

  32. Glen says:

    What happens if someone buys your rocks!!?!

  33. Sally888 says:

    Iono Im just not into scamming ebay, theres enough scams go on without contributing.

  34. mememe says:

    LOL … they don’t give the person $50! …
    But she is a smart kid 🙂

  35. jenny says:

    in the end you’ll just get the rocks for free, LOL

  36. Brooke says:

    I bought a painting shortly after this coupon initially went up and the coupon worked fine for me.


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