Sears Canada Outlet sale this Saturday and Sunday only save an extra 30% at


This Saturday November 7th and 8th save an extra 30% off outlet items using code 941 612 950

*Must enter bonus code at checkout. Total merchandise before taxes and applicable charges. Offer valid for two days, from November 7-November 8 2009. Limit one Bonus Offer Number per order; cannot be combined with any other bonus offer number. Non-negotiable, transferable or redeemable for cash. Excludes major appliances, sewing machines, vacuums and microwaves.  Not valid on items ending in .97 cents. Offer valid for items in the only

Click here to shop at the Outlet!


40 responses to “Sears Canada Outlet sale this Saturday and Sunday only save an extra 30% at”

  1. harrlett says:

    I wont shop at sears…..they outsource their work to the Phillipines….they closed down three distribution centers and sent the work over there….putting more canadians out of work.

  2. Ivan says:

    Which chain retailers don’t outsource/purchase from other countries now? It’s part of survival strategy. Source from global markets or die off.

    Too bad there is no clearance section on the site.

  3. Sally says:

    Ivan, the sale is in the OUTLET which is the clearance section! Happy Shopping 🙂

  4. Sally says:


  5. mlongboat says:

    The site went down for maintenence when I had about 5 items in my cart. Well Im off to bed. I guess Ill get my deals elsewhere:( Nearly everything I wanted was “out of stock” anyway:(

  6. Coco says:

    The site’s working again!! Just placed my order =) The 30% works for electronics too, wow!

  7. KimKim says:

    How do you verify the code works? Do you have to type in your CC number?

  8. Sally says:

    No Kim you just enter the bonus code and hit apply.

    Previous poster, I *think* their still organizing the new site because the “out of stock” stuff was bothering me too, its the huge downfall of Toysrus as well. I shouldnt have to click to find its “out of stock”

  9. Rachel Buchholz says:

    It also works on the NOT outlet stuff !

  10. Yasmine says:

    Thank you for the tip! I just bought Ikea-like set of 3 nesting tables for less than a third of the Ikea price! Love ya…

  11. Coco says:

    I tried it on TVs…it works too!!! =D

  12. Tammy says:

    It also works for video games. Bought some slippers for the hubby too!

  13. nakul says:

    tried adding the code on PS3. it just added 30% OFF item in the cart but didn’t reduce the price of PlayStation 3. is it how its supposed to be?

  14. nakul says:

    never mind above comment. i thought of going till the last step and then the price was reduced. niceeeeee

  15. sharp1 says:

    I just tried to order an ottoman and it won’t let me apply the promo code. It keeps coming up $0.00. It doesn’t say anything about it not applying to furniture in the original post. Shoot!

  16. sonia says:

    nakul, is the PS# the 80GB or the 120GB? it doesn’t say

  17. cuppycakesaurus says:

    Is the promo code still working for people? When I added items to the cart and entered the code, it says $0.00 for the code even when I have outlet items in my cart. I tried going to the last page where it asks me to enter my credit card information but I still didn’t any discount taken off on my items.

  18. Matty's Mom says:

    It seems that the order system is having problems with orders. I placed my order last night, and here is what happened: The order came up with a “pending” status. It states that once the order is looked over, then you will receive a confirmation with all discounts applied- and I received it this morning- discounts applied. Problem- the order was charging me shipping to my old address when I have placed two orders already to my new address. Also, I had request a pick up- to avoid the shipping. So I called the 1-800 number and told them of the problem. Their systems are down again right now so nothing can be done until they come back up… So I wait. But I did get 30% off of a non-outlet item!

  19. Rachel Buchholz says:

    I am SO NOT dealing with Sears again. VERY frustrated !! I ordered an item as described a bedspread ! Well an hour later I get an email and it says BEDSKIRT ! So I call the 1800 Number to see why this is happening bc online it says bed spread , the woman didnt understand a flipping thing i was saying !! She said I CANCEL YOU ORDER ?? I tried explaining again and she STILL didnt get it ( apparently they dont have Canadian call centers anymore) and she just kept saying I cancel order . SO I FINALLY snapped and said can I speak to someone that understands English or speaks it and she just said I cancel order….. GRRRRRRRRRR

    So in the end i just said cancel the order and ya I am VERY dissappointed with Sears and know of other people who have had problems with the call center people BUT I still was going to deal with Sears UNTIL yesterday !!!

  20. pittlett says:

    I got a shirt for my sister for Christmas for $8.00 and a cami for me for $4.00!! Score!!

  21. sharp1 says:

    It seems to work now.

  22. nakul says:

    @Sonia the PS3 is the new one, 120 GB one.

  23. sonia says:

    i bought it last night, but haven’t gotten a confirmation email yet – i hope it works! such a great deal!!!

  24. unicorn says:

    i bought a maxi-cosi infant stroller and car seat ensemble only 398.99, 50 off the regular price+30% off, I saved 218.98 in the end! Such a great deal!!!! I am so excited! Confirmation was received 30 mins after the purchase last night:)

  25. Sally says:

    Rachel, I actually saw that one and *knew* by the cheapness of the “bedpsread” it was just a bedskirt. The bedspread for that set is like 100 bucks, if you looked at the ensemble list.

    Im glad everyone else is finding fab deals.

  26. Beth says:

    The code wouldn’t work on-line for me, but if you call and order over the phone it will still work.

  27. Brandy says:

    it worked for me last night and this morning as i was tryin to add up what i wanted, now it says the code is invalid. I am super frustrated!

  28. Sally says:

    Make sure you leave spaces, or try again the site was down for me earlier, super fustrating with the new site sometimes.

  29. bargainlover84 says:

    I used this code for a 12 piece lagostina set yesterday and it worked. It has also worked for a few of my friends as well.

  30. tobagrl says:

    It worked for me this morning, but some friends tried using it this afternoon, and it said it was invalid.

  31. Pixie says:

    I also got the invalid message, but I called the order in and they applied the discount. Yay! I got the 30% off regular items, too, like a Keurig!!!

  32. harrlett says:

    Told you……they are outsourced to countries that cannnot speak very good english…..not being prejudice……so saying…..if they were back in canada you would not have had that problem…..but I can see that a deal is better than supporting jobs to keep them in Canada….happy shopping…..hope your job doesnt get deleted cause it has gone to another country. smile

  33. Sally says:

    harlett, its kind of even nice Sears did stay this long considering how many companies outsources YEARS ago.

  34. sonia says:

    harrlett, the customer service rep i spoke with had perfect english with no accent. if we stopped shopping at sears, the remaining distribution centres would have to close their doors (and outsource)so to prevent even more people from losing their jobs we should shop at sears!

  35. curls says:

    Ditto! I called and she told me to put it in the special instructions… so we’ll see!

  36. Brandy says:

    I had to call in my order and the girl on the phone told me that she had instructions to only let you have one discounted item.. I wish i would have been ready to order my stuff when the site was working!!! Sears website is so aggrevating!

  37. Fundygal says:

    I bought a Rolodex on Sunday, but it would not apply the discount code. Boooo!

  38. Andrea says:

    I placed an order last night at 10:30pm Pacific time, by phone, and ordered over 20 items, most of which were regular priced items, a few sale items and a single outlet item (some stuff I wanted was OOS), and the phone rep happily put my code through. I saved a bundle on video games, winter boots, and toys for the kids. Thanks!

  39. Ryan says:

    This is so awesome!!! I bought a new TV, some games from my classroom and some new bedding, and got the 30% discount on everything!

    Thank you so much for posting this.

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