Sears Outlet Boxing Day Sale Save an Extra 40% When You Pay With A Sears Card 30% Without One Discount Codes

sears_outlet_boxing_day is havin a 3 day boxing bonanza sale!  Take an extra 40% OFF all outlet items when you pay with a Sears card and an extra 30% off when you pay without a Sears card.  Use the code 941612665 to receive the 40% off and the code 941612664 to save 30% off Outlet items.

*Excludes major appliances, sewing machines and vacuums. Offers valid from December 26-29, 2010 on purchases from only. Cannot be combined with any other bonus offer numbers.

Click here to shop at Sears outlet.

25 responses to “Sears Outlet Boxing Day Sale Save an Extra 40% When You Pay With A Sears Card 30% Without One Discount Codes”

  1. honeydoo says:

    is the promo w/ the 3$ handling fee waived done now?

  2. jayshany says:

    I just got a $840 chair for my hubby for $230.00 Sweet! Reg 849, on sale for 399 and now 40% off! He is going to love it!

  3. Onshopper says:

    the code would not work on line so I had to phone in order. the clerk then told me I had to take in the e-mail and the pick up clerk would give the discount. so, I now pay tax on the full amount instead of the discounted price. anyone else have this problem.

  4. Sally says:

    no onshopper, no problems here

  5. honeydoo says:

    mine wasn’t working at first, then i added my sears card in and it refreshed and took it.. left the 40% off one of the items thou

  6. Jillian says:

    Mine worked fine. Ordered 2 leather reclining couches and 2 accent chairs. Paid under $1400 tax in for everything and the original price on ONE couch was $1999 plus tax!!

  7. Sally says:

    ^thats awesome Jillian! They have a cute buffet hutch combo that works out to around 100 with 30% off

  8. ccmp1974 says:

    Thanks for the code. I ordered another pair of Nike flip flops. I love them and wear them all summer long. They were reg.$39.xx and I paid $17.xx OOP. Sweet:)

  9. joy says:

    ok. i was out with my bf all day canvassing for good deal on sofa/couch, I don’t have sears mc but willing to apply for one to get the 40%. Ok i see sale price on the site, does this include the 40%? or would be nice if extra 40% off the sale price????

    also sears outlet? I dont know what that means. The sears I know here is the sears inside the mall. can somebody shed me some light on this. I would really appreciate it!

  10. Jillian says:

    Joy, when you get to, in the top right corner is a link to the sears outlet site. Once there, look at the furniture, and the prices are BEFORE the 40% discount. I’ve been looking for deals too, and found wayyy better deals on a couch for a much higher quality product on the outlet site. Good luck!

  11. Tammy says:

    I tried to order a sheet set. It said the promo was added but didn’t discount the total. I called customer service and after ALOT of upselling attempts and attempts to sell me different sheets, the guy told me that the promo code wouldn’t work with those sheets. Too bad…

  12. Ferdo says:

    I tried to use on a sont stero system, didnt work online and when I called the customer service rep said the system will not take the codes. No luck here. Although luckily I saw this because I did buy the sytem before boxing Day I went back to the store as it was $30 less now and they gave me the price it is at now.

  13. Ferdo says:

    Ahh I see why you have to click the out let at op right corner. Then there is only a few items for each category and mostly garbage.

  14. Sally says:

    I found some great stuff that wasnt “gargbage” I’m sorry that you didn’t order from the Outlet Ferdo but I was quite clear it was only for the Outlet, and linked to the Outlet.

  15. Sniffasale says:

    Sally, thank you so much for blogging about the Sears codes. I am super happy right now. I just received email confirmation of the order I placed for a new leather reclining couch, regularly $1700, on sale for half price, then I used the code you posted, to further reduce it to $510! (prices are before tax). We didn’t bother with Christmas gifts this year, but were saying that our family room couch, bought in 1989, was really shot. I can’t wait to pitch it and replace it with this new one. Between this purchase and a code you posted earlier this year and that we applied to on an on-sale much-needed new stove, you have saved my family a lot of money. I really doubt I would have dug up those codes on my own.

    All the best in the new year!

  16. joy says:

    hello, apparently customer service told me that if I apply for the searcs card today in the store, i wouldn’t be able to use the temporary number that they’ll give me online today, will have to wait 10 business days and the sale is gone. So to those who shop at sears do u think they’ll have this promotion again in the future? with the outlet sale like this add’l % off how often do they do this? or this is only once a year? thanks in advance for those who will answer thanks!

  17. Sally says:

    Thanks Sniffasale, I always love hearing positive feedback stories! I hope you love your new set! Happy New Year!

    Joy, they usually over it a few times a year, alhtough its sometimes only 15%. The 30% is worth it still imo.

    I just placed another order, they added a whole bunch of Naturalizer sandals in my size! Wahoo!!!

  18. joy says:

    ok i just ordered hahaha got a headache now! I want to order more but I am broke now! heeheheh thanks sally and jillian!

  19. joy says:

    am i supposed to get confirmation email about the order? I didn’t get mine yet 🙁 I wonder if I did it right huhuh.

  20. Sally says:

    Sometimes I get them hours later but if you don’t get one by tomorrow call in 🙂

  21. cheryl says:

    I ordered my son a duvet cover and two sheet sets for $65 .. can’t beat that price anywhere!

  22. TheGirlOutWest says:

    They kept adding more and more things, so I placed three orders…..
    I love Boxing Day/Week in my jammies!

  23. J.J. says:

    Do you think the deal is over?

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