ShoppersPhoto.Ca: Free 20-Page 7×9 Softcover Photobook


ShoppersPhoto.Ca is offering their 20-page 7×9 softcover photobook for free until Jan. 2, 2011. Simply enter coupon code PHOTO at checkout. This would be perfect for those special holiday photos that we’ve taken. I was able to take advantage of this freebie last month and was very pleased with the outcome. Note that high res photos will take much longer to upload, and store pick-up will occur from Jan. 10, 2011 or later.

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Thanks to [email protected] for the heads up on this great freebie!

63 responses to “ShoppersPhoto.Ca: Free 20-Page 7×9 Softcover Photobook”

  1. Jing says:

    thanks! great find!

  2. blueprincess says:

    I already have an account and made one before…do you think I could make another one?? They are pretty awesome!

  3. Shannon says:

    Free is a great price! Does anyone know how these compare to Shutterfly in terms of quality? I got a couple of photobooks (free plus shipping charges) from Shutterfly and I was disappointed with the colours and shipping times. I’d rather deal in Canada anyway!

  4. momof2 says:

    I cant find where you upload the photos ..

  5. Lisa says:

    The photo book is free, but what do you end up spending on the pictures to get developed

  6. f says:

    I received that email! I’ve never made one of these before. The promo is for a “free” softcover photo book but I couldn’t find anywhere if there were any other charges that apply??? Maybe someone who’s taken advantage of this type of offer in past can confirm for me…is there any cost at all or do you in fact get the photobook with your pics in it for free/no charges what-so-ever?

  7. Rosie says:

    Great deal. Thanks!

  8. For free it's just ok says:

    I did this last month and it was a nightmare. The pics are really slow to upload and the books are on the very cheap side. I’ve done other books like picaboo which are easier packages to work with and use. This is free so I’d try them out, but I would never pay for this.

    P.S. They also lost my order and was horrible to deal with. No one at Shoppers seemed to care. My pics finally did show up, so I did get them after a months wait.

  9. Tanya says:

    thanks for sharing!

  10. Yvonne says:

    Still waiting for my photo book from the last promo in Nov. Emailed Shoppers twice. Replies just said will ship soon.

  11. Priscilla says:

    I made one for free a month ago, but haven’t received it yet. Don’t know if it is true or not.

  12. Maureen says:

    I made one about two months ago, and still have not received mine either. I spent quite some time uploading photos, picking and choosing the photos I wanted to insert. I contacted customer service and provided my confirmation number, which was completely useless since the the rep. said she can’t look it up because their system is still new and they cannot track it. I am completely disappointed and will not use their photo service again. Also, I am still trying to figure out how to delete my photos from my account.

  13. mulveyteach says:

    I used Shoppers Photo Lab for Christmas Cards of my son’s first visit with Santa. I put the order in the last week of November. Website itself is super slow to upload… anyway, Shoppers sent me a confirmation email saying that it would take between 5-10 business days. I waited 15 days before emailing them. “Mark” replied saying it would take another “3-4 business days.” No apology no explanation, nothing. I told them to cancel my order, uploaded my photos on Costco’s website and got mine the next day. Customer service is useless, and posters are right, they don’t really seem to care. Will not use them again ever, despite free offers and other promos, just not worth the hassle.

  14. kim says:

    i made one the last time they had the free promo and my shoppers never called me or my mom who also made one that the photobooks had arrived, i kept checking at the shoppers i told them to deliver to every few days after the 2.5 week mark.

  15. jess says:

    I ordered this last month and it was also a huge nightmare…. They guarenteed me 5-10 business days after numerous calls to customer service. This took over 30 business days and I even missed the occassion I made it for…. How embarassing to give someone a gift 2 weeks later! Not to mention the customer service # is “private” and only shoppers employees can make the phone call to them. They don’t reply to emails or apologize at all. I had to call shoppers daily until it finally came in. Oh and its not even really anything special. its basically a bunch of thin photo papers binded together with terrible quality photos. But hey, its free.

  16. DF says:

    I ordered the same free promo about a month ago and yes it took me about 6 hours to make, it took very long to come in (3 weeks) and customer service was not helpful when I called to inquire about my order. When I did get the photobook I was very happy with the quality, my pictures looked great and I thought about ordering another one for the reg $14.99 price. The photobook will be as nice as you make it, they have many options on how to customize it and the preview option is handy if you want to check your work and make changes. There is no cost for the photos you upload. All in all good deal if you have patience.

  17. Ruby says:

    When trying to upload, I was prompted to install a Windows program necessary to do this. No thanks. The other option was to use pictures from my Facebook account. After clicking this, Facebook asked if I wanted to give Shopper’s access to my Facebook account information. No thanks. After this debacle, and all that has been posted here, my response is clear.

  18. tami says:

    loosing an order seems to be a common theme here, mine was lost too, never received it after I spent quite some time uploading pictures etc., so yes it’s free, if you consider free spending quite a bit of your time on something you might or might not get. I value my time too much to try this again…

  19. ls1101 says:

    It’s too bad there have been so many bad experiences because I was really looking forward to putting this together and getting it for free! Did it work for anyone???

  20. milanm3 says:

    I too had the same experience! Numerous phone calls and e-mails to shoppers and “mark”. I ordered mine in mid-november and I didn’t get it until last week. I also mised the occasion that I ordered it for! I ordered calendars as well and they lost those! Excuses after excuse (i.e. shipping problems, busier than usual so taking longer, etc.). Complete Nightmare!

  21. Ana says:

    I did it also in November and I didnt have any issues and it came in 9 days and it looks great… I am going to do another one its free nothing really to loose…

  22. Beth says:

    I ordered one with the last promo…as previously mentioned, the uploading is an issue, the layout of the book is not as user friendly as some I’ve tried…the help menu doesn’t really help at all. A lot of my pictures were getting the exclamation mark warning..basically saying the image size was too small and quality of the photo would be compromised…well, these were very large file sizes, upwards of several MB per picture, so that shouldn’t have been an issue. But I figured it was free, and I wasn’t using it as a gift, so I would just leave them in and see how they turned out. Some of them ended up being a bit grainy, but what bugged me was that one picture in the book was only half there! The bottom half of it was just a gray square. So they obviously don’t check the book before they send it off. And if I had paid for a book I probably would have been pretty ticked off with that. I never got the email saying it was ready to pick up. I just happened to call the store and ask, they didn’t know they were supposed to call people because they thought a confirmation email would be sent out. I don’t think the people in the store have any real knowledge about the photo services. I had also ordered Christmas cards and they never came in, I emailed and they said to expect them in 2-3 days so I cancelled, but you can’t really cancel, you just have to tell the store you don’t want them and they will send it back to the lab. So all in all, the book is free, so why not try it? Just don’t expect to be able to give it as a gift,lol…I put pictures from our family photo shoot in ours, thinking it would be fun for my daughter to look at, and it works perfectly for that.

  23. Annie says:

    I did it in november and a received it 2 week later I was very satisfied, but the site is very slow for the upload, it took me over an hour…If I consider it’s free and worth 14.99$…I’m satisfied.

  24. Stephanie says:

    I did mine in November, had no real problems doing it, however, was very dissapointed in the quality. But since its free, give it a try.

  25. LeDoigtDuPeuple says:

    Beware!! I ordered mine on the last deal they had on! A MONTH AGO! still didn’t receive it, got told it was at the Shopper’s went over, NOTHING… Called and emailed back, they have THE WORST COSTUMER SERVICE I’VE SEEN IN AGES!

  26. LeDoigtDuPeuple says:

    @mulveyteach – I’m guessing this Mark guy is their imaginary service rep, he also sent me the same thing… if they think thi promo will get new clients in their doors they are wrong. I go to the Shopper’s close by for things we need (non-photo related like meds, ect) instead of running down to the Maxi & Co which is farther, but now after testing out their service on this I’m boycotting the damn store and will do the extra couple of KM because at Maxi I get good service and not treated like some piece of crap.

    If they have problems sending out the damn books tell us, tell us that they received way too many orders and they can’t ship them out in time instead of treating us like crap! When I get my book, I’m cancelling my account and will never use Shopper’s again. Costco will be happy to know that I’m brignin’ back my money to them.

  27. Purple says:

    I ordered two last month, it arrived but took about 3 weeks. It is free so I am satisfied.

  28. kim says:

    when i ordered mine in nov.. even though i had to check back or call the store I had it delivered to if it had arrived yet, eventually it did come. they just didn’t call. I’m not sure why

  29. Gazpache says:

    I ordered one last time they did this. I got one for me and designed a book for a friend’s daughter. They’re beautiful, incredibly good quality and are something I’m honestly proud to have. Definitely an AMAZING freebie! I might make another one!

  30. JSAM's Mom says:

    I did mine a couple of days before the last promo ended. It took me about 3 hours to complete it (upload was slow). Although I didn’t receive a call from the store, it was ready within the time they said (I think 2 weeks?) The lady at the store wasn’t even aware of the promo being on…she admitted being curious why she had been receiving so many orders for the photo books in lately. I would definitely do it again. Maybe because I live in a small town customer service is better?

  31. Crystal says:

    I did this promo last time and found the book to be great!

  32. Jen says:

    I ordered mine for the last promotion. It was free, so I have no complaints. I gave mine as a gift to my mom. She was really impressed with it. I think that mine took about two weeks to be sent to the store.. I am pretty sure that the website says that it takes 10 business days, so no complaints about how long it took to develop either.

  33. Tiffany says:

    I was going to go for this offer but after reading the comments here, I don’t think so. Thanks so much everyone for providing your thoughts on this coupon….I wouldn’t have been happy spending half my day uploading photos that I might never get….my time is more valuable than that….

  34. Yersine says:

    Worst consumer service ever! I order mine and after calling 3 times and cancelling my order, the lady told me I order my stuff to late for christmas…on November 21th??? Walmart is so much better! 1-888-327-9749 is the phone number for the tracking and complaining but I did sent a email also to complained.

  35. So says:

    I was doign mine this morning and they kicked me out, now I can’t log in anymore!!! and I was almost finish. The page keep saying that my password and user are require! when I tried “forgot my password” they run into an error page! Really disappointed! Regardless the fact that it took me 3h00 to upload my pictures!

  36. JJ says:

    I did it from the last promo. It took me two days to finish. I did it before my 3 wks vacation when I got back it was not here yet. Overall it took about a month to get to me and I had to go and asked them all the time. The result was nice, I was able to give it as one of the X’Mas gift for my boyfriend. So if you give it more time it should come but I do not believe that it will come in 5-10 days.

  37. So says:

    JJ did you have any problem uploading you images and login into your account?

  38. Rosie says:

    Do you get an email telling you that your product is ready for pickup?

  39. Babs says:

    i did this the last time around, and it came within probably 3 weeks or so, more than enough time for xmas. never done photo books before so i can’t compare to others in quality. the resolution is ok, but i don’t think i would pay $15. free is a nice price. the more time you spend, the better the outcome, as with most things.

  40. Babs says:

    oh, and i got a phone call too to tell me it was ready for pick up. overall, no complaints.

  41. Aprile says:

    I never got a call from them. I am still waiting for the book I ordered last time around.

  42. lia says:

    I’m trying and only 14 pictures showing after uploading 20. Won’t let me add anymore and i don’t see where i can delete the whole thing and start all over

  43. Debbie R. says:

    I have been very disappointed in Shoppers Drug Mart’s customer service recently when a very bad incident occurred at one of their stores. Customer service didnt’ care and when they contacted the manager, she took forever to contact me and didn’t care. I have NEVER seen such poor customer service in my life. It was an incident you’d expect immediate contact from a manager. So reading some of the posts here just confirms my new impression of Shoppers Drug Mart.

  44. lisa says:

    I complained because it won’t let me add photos to the existing ones showing. This is the reply

    Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    We apologize for the frustration you are having in trying to upload your photos. In order to start your photobook over, try logging out of your account and back in. When you click on photobook, you should be prompted to choose a project already started or to click cancel to start a new one. When you start a new one, your pictures should show in the screen. If not, just upload them before starting on your photobook. Also, please note that you will need at least 30 photos in order to submit your photobook order.
    If you have any further issues, do not hesitate to contact us.

    When i log in, yes the pictures i’ve uploaded does show but it won’t let me add new photos to the existing ones

    From Shoppers
    We have had some other recent reports of being unable to load more photos, so we are going to have this issue escalated and checked into. Please try again later, and we will honour the promo code for the free photobook after January 2, 2011, if necessary.

  45. jul says:

    i have a problem with entering the promo code??
    i put PHOTO and a popup says “The code you entered is incorrect. Please re-enter the code.”
    i tried lowercase as well and the same happened
    A confirmation e-mail was sent to me.. saying that it costs 14.99 before taxes…???
    should i call them??
    it took me forever to make the photobook!

  46. people of the world says:

    did anyone notice this: the promtion is said to run untill jan 2. 2011, but when i entered the code today (jan 1 11am), the code PHOTO isnt working anymore??

    wat do i do??

  47. Same Issue says:

    Im having the same problem, it says Jan 2nd but its not allowing me to use the promo code!? Is this a fake? If so i wastes so much time designing my photobook!

  48. Sweetie1313 says:

    I just called the Shoppers Online Customer Support and asked them if the FREE Photo Book is still valid, as it doesn’t feature it on their site anymore but said it was valid until Jan. 2 2011. They told me that it was taken off early but I should put my order in and when I go pick it up, the employee has to call Shoppers Online Customer Support (1 888 327 9749) and they will honour the FREE offer of the Soft Cover 20 page 7×9 Photo Book. Don’t forget to take the number with you so the employee can call (they should have it there, but you never know!). Good luck!

  49. Stephanie says:

    Yes, call that number: 1-888-327-9749. But also, I would write to them to express my displeasure with the whole situation. We called the store locations, and the employees didn’t know anything. One told us that the free photobook was only for people who got an email! Now imagine if you didn’t call that 1-888-327-9749 number– you would be pretty upset to find out that your FREE photobook is now only 40% off. And we spent a lot of time designing ours. Free is good. But if Shoppers can’t follow through with their offer, they should specify a limit instead of pulling their offer off the website early.

  50. Kyla says:

    The code won’t work 🙁

  51. Sweetie1313 says:

    Kyla, read my post a couple above yours – don’t worry about the code, let it say that you owe them something. The Shoppers employee has to call the number themselves and they have to give it to you for FREE when you pick it up.

    Re: Stephanie. It’s awful! When I called the Shoppers location closest to us, the male employee said with a laugh: “What? You think we’re just going to give you a free photo book? I’ve never heard anything like it!” I was so not impressed with that person, especially since the person helping me on the Only Customer Service Support told me that the employee should really be aware of this offer now!

  52. Trena says:

    WE love ours from the last Promo- so does my mother and mother in law- after they made them- took about 3 weeks to get in (and we are west coast i guess they come from east?) but now Promo code isnt working- I guess ill try to bring the number in when I go in- We are using DH account to make babies first xmas album- and yes it was FRee!!!! no money!

  53. Katie says:

    Well I just ordered mine, even though it says $8.99, hopefully it will work out. They can’t make us buy!

  54. Litesandsirens911 says:

    I ordered one in November and got it within 10 days, I loved it, sent it to my sister for Christmas…this time I ordered one from DH’s work account, so I can have one for myself.

  55. Skippy says:

    I was looking forward to this, but after reading these posts I’ll pass.
    Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. I hope that it will work
    for those who have spent the time and effort.

  56. Marie says:

    I just sent my order and it did accept the “PHOTO” promo code (my receipt says that my total is 0$). Hopefully, I’ll receive it faster than most of you did in November!

  57. ashley says:

    promo code is now working!

  58. Dennis says:

    It’s not even worth “free.” I can’t add more than 17 photos. It’s painfully slow. Who can waste hours of their life to save $9. on a sub-par product? It’s a “nice” offer but if it cannot be done with ease then it’s not a good offer at all!

  59. Rosie says:

    Has anybody else received thier photobooks yet? I just picked up today. Looks great!

  60. babyzndme says:

    I received a call at home to tell me that the photobook is ready for pickup. I really like it and will be going back for more.
    The upload/ design program took me some time to understand but after that it was easy enough to work with.

  61. Moi says:

    I went to pick mine up today and it’s not in yet. The employee said it should be in in 1-2 days, but I don’t believe that. Do they send you an email or do you just have to keep going in until they give it to you?

  62. kim says:

    i received a phone call yesterday morning to tell me that my photobook had arrived. I created by book on dec 27. last time around when they had this promotion going, i didnt receive a phone call but it took almost 2 full weeks before the book was ready, and i checked every few days.

  63. LuLu says:

    i called before going in, and it was available, no phone call this time but i picked it up, no problems. good enough for free!

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