Shoppers Drug Mart: 20x Optimum Points this Saturday


While Shoppers Drug Mart and SmartCanucks might not be best buddies nowadays, that doesn’t mean we can’t still pass on the savings once they’re publicized by the big SDM!

This Saturday, January 3rd, Shoppers Drug Mart will be giving 20x the points to Optimum card holders who spend $50 or more. Having just cashed in my Optimum points for Christmas shopping (it may be pink, but it’s a nice camera!) I’m looking forward to taking advantage of this to rack up some more points.

32 responses to “Shoppers Drug Mart: 20x Optimum Points this Saturday”

  1. ku chow says:

    SDM sucks … They refuse coupons … Overpriced … Redeem at Walmart or Metro!

  2. Freedomz says:

    Yeah they are overpriced on their regular priced items but if you are a smart shopper you can gain on their promotions and specials. Like their refer a friend event and if you combine bonus points offers, they acutally pay you to shop there 😉

  3. Mark says:

    SDM has the most favourable frequent shopper card with their Optimum Points card.

    What did smartcanucks do to offend??

  4. Jim Squires says:

    We tried to promote their deals, Mark. Apparently they weren’t a fan;

  5. Rox says:

    They accept coupons when I present them, no problem. I find, however, since I go only to make small, essential purchases, it still takes me a long time before I can use the points for a discount. I never spend 50 bucks at SDM!

  6. Jana says:

    Does anyone know what their policy is on previous purchases? I just purchased a perfume (about 3 days ago)…. if I bring in the receipt will they credit me the points?

  7. mark ceci says:

    im a teacher

  8. nsangel says:

    nice for you mark 🙂

    back to SDM, um, anyone know what the exceptions are?

    i’ve never done one of these deals. doubtful there is much i want, besides cheese (4.99) and eggs (1.69), altho if i can drag the hubby out, the kotex is on sat only 1.99 (and i got coupons of course).

  9. jaybank says:

    Jana…you can return with receipt up to 30 days, even makeup if you’re not satisfied. Also, did you know that if you purchase using your points and you want to return they give you cash back. Somehow their system cannot reimburse the points.

  10. Princess says:

    Jana – yes, you can take in a receipt and get the points credited to you. They usually have to call a supervisor and it appears to be a manual log but they do get added to your Optimum number.

  11. Jana says:

    Awesome – thks !

  12. Jana says:

    Sooo… if I can’t find the receipt, can they track my purchase using the Optimum card?

  13. Amy says:

    I was just there and bought my 10 loaves of Dempster’s bread for the free sandwich maker (the bread was also on sale for $1.99/ loaf). I used a few other coupons and got a few other essentials that were on sale (Kleenix, TP). I spent $64 and got bread for 2 months, TP, Kleenix, etc and a free sandwich maker and 16,000 points. You can’t beat a deal like that!!

  14. Stan says:

    They have glucosamine for those with arthritic pain (my aunt), vitamin C, and expensive moisturizers and beauty products. Basically with 20x points you have to remember it’s almost like 30% off your purchases (if you do the math with the points you get, and what $ it can be cashed in for).

    Also get staples like bread (previously mentioned), pop, Kraft Dinner (?), eggs, milk….

  15. AL says:

    Hi guys, can the loaf of bread be frozen to be used later? what is the mthod for that?

  16. mark ceci says:

    im boos friend

  17. honeybee says:

    yeah for sure the bread can be frozen, then just toast and eat:)

  18. Janszi says:

    Is the promotion applicable to purchases on gift cards – not SDM – but ones for restaurants like The Keg, or Starbucks, Chapeters, etc. They are either $25 or $50 denominations. Can I still get the 20x points if I purchase a $50 gift card?

  19. mark ceci says:

    teachers rule the world

  20. Jim Squires says:

    Promotion is over now Janszi. Sorry – one day only.

  21. Janszi says:

    Yes I know the promotion is over, I’m asking for future promotions.

  22. Lana says:

    No its not for lottery tickets, prescriptions or gift cards unfortunately

  23. Lynsey says:


    they won’t put points back on you card, i work for SDM and have for about 4 years, and its a new protocol.

  24. Ally says:

    I work in management at SDM and YES they do put points back on your card. They do at my store.

  25. Jhan says:

    If I use my points to buy something during the promotion where their value is more than they are usually worth (ie: redeem 75000 and get $200- an extra $50), and then I return the item, what happens to the points? What if I exchange the item for something else? Is the “new” item valued at what the points were worth during the promotion, or their normal value.

    Im thinking of buying a camera, but not sure if I will like it. If I buy a camera with my 75000 points- worth $200 this weekend only, but then need to return it, or also more likely if I want to exchange it – what happens with the points/value?

    Thats confusing even me!


  26. BHLombardy says:


    I believe that once you redeem your points (at any value)they’re gone. If you return the camera, you get back only the cash you paid out and nothing more. (The points, and their attached value are gone)

    I have asked this same question a few times now to the staff and that’s the answer I get.

    I havent asked for a couple of years now, so you might want to verify yourself by asking when you go to purchase.

    I’ve never asked about an exchange, but I suspiect it would work the same way. The points are gone, and you are exchanging only the paid-out cash value for the item.

  27. Taviuch says:

    H iDoes anyone know if they will ever do the redemptoin thing wher they give you extra cash to rebem your points. Im hanging on to tons of point. Im iching to redem.



  29. Jo says:

    no; they won’t even let a husband and wife share the same card.

  30. Robin says:

    You cannot share a card but you can have one card each and then combine the points on thier website.


    I AM WRITING FOR MY FRIEND RICHARD EDWARDS HE LIVES AT D7- 330 Blake he wants an optimum card

  32. shay says:

    hey guys

    -coupons are always welcomed at sdm :0
    -if you have your receipt and bring in within 7 days they can update your points
    (apparently some locations wont as all our privately owned and it is up to the owner) but you could call 1-800-shoppers and they might be able to help
    -exceptions for bonus points are prescriptions, lotto, tobacco, codine products and electronic gift cards
    -gift cards do not get you 20x points. but smart thing to do is buy a shoppers gift card (you can points for this) and then buy items (and get points again!)
    -if you redeem points on a bonus day your subtotal after discounts still must be the minimum $50 to earn bonus (you will not get points for the discounted part)

    hopes this helps- happy shopping 🙂


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