Shoppers Drug Mart Huggies Promotion Now One Per Cardholder

The Huggies deal at Shoppers Drug Mart for 2500 Optimum bonus points on Huggies diapers or wipes has now been changed to one per cardholder

Due to the overwhelming response to the 2,500 Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points offer on select Huggies products, effective Tuesday October 23, 2012, there is a limit of one 2,500 Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points offer per customer until the end of the promotional period, Friday, November 2. (while quantities last). Participating products will remain the same as the original promotion. Points will be awarded to customers’ accounts by Friday, November 9th, 2012.

If you have pre-ordered wipes, you may want to contact the store to see if it can be cancelled.

14 responses to “Shoppers Drug Mart Huggies Promotion Now One Per Cardholder”

  1. Once again, greedy people ruin it for everyone….

  2. nisiepie says:

    those who have pre-ordered should be made to purchase all of their orders.

    what? you mean they didn’t actually NEED all those wipes?

    good heavens!

  3. noor says:

    Totally agreed, and I think unless some one has some spiritual or moral training most of us have no self restrictions or limitations, only stores and companies should be wise enough to set conditions or limitation before starting. I always have same thinking after observing such crazy wildness of people, during each generous promotion, nestea, chocolate, thermometer last year, and now with wipes. This remind me the scenes of food distribution in flood or famine victims. Sorry if it hearts some ones feeling, but I don’t think here in Canada anyone is in such miserable starving condition. Taking benefit of a nice deal is other thing and we all have right in some moral limit, but filling whole carts as I personally observe in nestea case, and someone also mention here in wipes case, I’m not sure what will we teach to our next generation. Sorry again but its my opinion.

  4. bun says:

    If a company offers a deal it is there job to impose limits. When customers take advantage of a great deal this is not being greedy. It is not the responsibility of the store’s customers to ensure the store stays profitable. This limit and the cadburry limit last month were examples of shoppers drugmart being short sited and unprepared.

  5. IMHO says:

    I personally don’t see anything wrong with stocking up when a great deal is presented and you have two children in diapers. I budget according to stocking up on great deals and then not having to buy something (especially items which are non-perishable) at full price at least for a long time.

  6. La says:

    these wipes go on sale ALL THE TIME so we buy them every time they do.

    if the supremely GREEDY hadn’t bought 20 and 40 at a time, we all could have gotten a nice 10,000 points. Now we’ll get 2500 IF they even get any back in stock.

    completely agree if someone pre-ordered they should be forced to buy or banned from their SDM

  7. La says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. > WHY?

    • FallenPixels says:

      As far as moderation, the software has a spam buster in it, certain words seem to trigger it or if you make multiple posts in a short time etc
      If you have a dynamic IP, it could also be that it spammed someone in the past with that IP

  8. I completely agree they should be made to pay for every single one of them. @IMHO stocking up is one thing (I love to stock up on stuff!), that’s how we save money, but ordering in PALLETS of wipes just to benefit from points, come on! I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of Huggies wipes on Kijiji (remember the recent Cadbury bar fiasco?…) My prior “greedy” comment wasn’t directed at any SC’ers, just greedy people in general, I would hope SC’ers would have a little more respect than that.

    & @Noor don’t even get me started on the Nestea!!!

  9. alisa1 says:

    What’s with the Cadbury bar everybody mentions?? I’ve never heard of it… Was it posted on SC?

  10. alisa1 says:

    Oh, and as for the points, their price isn’t great anyway. How many people can squeeze the max. out of the points at redemption?! I mean stuff they really need with the great value that REALLY worth it. SDM is overpriced all over. Maybe in a bigger cities it’s easier and more choices…
    I only bought one tub of wipes and only because I had a $1off coupon, which, combined with the points made it a descent value in my books.

  11. Aisha says:

    Where do you get huggies coupons from?

  12. alisa1 says:

    Wherever I can! The last one was from the mail-out they sent.

  13. JustaCouponer says:

    So sad, went around to 4 stores when they first offered this to try and get some for a coworker that just had a baby girl, but alas they were totally cleaned out, managed to get some tuesday morning, and of course they pull the offer.


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