SLS, Parabens, Sulphates: Are they just unavoidable?

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Cancer runs in my family. After finding out that another family member has been diagnosed, I have been more vigilant in what I put in and on my body, including cosmetic products.

Recently, I read the ingredient label of a relatively expensive cleanser that I just ran out of: Second ingredient is Sodium Laureth Sulfate (makes things foamy), at least 3 different kinds of parabens (acts as a preservative), cushioned by other chemicals that I cannot even pronounce.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these ingredients appeared in a cheaper product, but not on the label of a seemingly “gentle” facial cleanser that costs close to $30/tube! Unfortunately, toxic fillers such as SLS, parabens, sulphates, fragrance/parfum, etc. don’t seem to discriminate based on price tag. πŸ™ Is it too much to ask that good money should also be buying a safer product??

Determined to find a decent cleanser without any of this junk, even though there may not be any concrete links to the C-word, I scoured the drugstore shelves, reading countless labels. One thing that I discovered is that the words “natural” or “organic” or anything along those green-lines don’t mean a thing! As these buzz-words doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re free of toxins. There also doesn’t seem to be any regulations about slapping any words, that carries certain claims, on bottles. So even though something says it’s “100% Natural”, in green font, it actually can be made of 100% petrochemicals.

Eventually I settled on a waterless-cleanser that was on sale from Shoppers. However, after some googling, I found out that the second ingredient was mineral oil (a.k.a. paraffinum liquidum). After a week of usage, with disappointing results, I finally returned it today for a full refund.

(By the way, Shoppers does accept full-refunds on opened merchandise as long as you have the receipt and it’s done within 30 days!)

In order to decide on a cleanser, I have decided to use myself as a guinea pig by testing out a sample that I got from Sephora (Korres), blending oats to create a paste, castile soap, olive oil soap, and olive oil, all for 7-10 days each. Hopefully, I will come to a truly natural, non-toxic cleanser that will work on me!

Do you read labels of cleansers, body washes, shampoo/conditioners that you use?

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  1. Dotty says:

    I read them. And I’m usually appalled. I’ve been trying to make some changes… slowly. One change I’ve made is to use jojoba oil as a moisturizer. It might sound crazy putting 100% oil on your skin, but honestly, your skin will absorb it within a few minutes. I debated the purchase, as a small bottle cost $15, but I only need to use a couple of drops so it’s actually lasted me quite a long time.

    I haven’t tried any “natural” face wash remedies, though.

    I’m also concerned about make-up and all the crap that’s in there…

  2. dizzyb says:

    Absolutely I read the labels, and generally don’t use commercially produced personal care items. Stuff in your kitchen can be used instead! Much safer, less expensive, better for the environment, what’s not to like? And yes, it works!
    BTW, most health food stores sell personal care products that don’t have SLS, parabens or other junk. And while you’re there, check out the Diva Cup! (Women only) I will never switch back to tampons… (sorry if that is TMI LOL)

  3. newfielady says:

    I don’t use cleansers on my skin anymore. I just use Norwex facecloths. There is something about these face cloths that just work so much better than any cleanser I’ve ever used. I’ve gone from problematic acne skin to clear skin. Might be another alternative than using a cleanser.

  4. Sunshine says:

    I am learning to read labels, but I learned years ago that the best exfoliant on the market is sugar. Just regular sugar. About once a week I take a little cup into the shower with me and scrub away. I also don’t mind if a bit drips into my mouth! Part of my reasoning behind that too was that ‘bath beads’ etc are plastic, and scrubbing with little plastic balls and then washing it down the drain seemed really environmentally unsound.

  5. JamJam says:

    I have the same concerns too. But in the long run I am just tired of checking every single ingredients. Paraben is my biggest concern but I am quite lenient on SLS because it is an essential ingredient to foam in the cleansing products (correct me if I am wrong). There’s a website where you could check the safety/cancer risks of the cosmetic products: Good thing to know about the 30 day return policy for shoppers!

  6. Jenny says:

    Yes I do! But just for parabens lol – I guess I should keep my eye out for other potentially dangerous chemicals as well and not just parabens – but trying to avoid parabens is hard enough. SSiigh. I too, am trying to go for the more ‘natural’ products but yeah, its so hard to find one that is just allll good and no bad.

  7. king says:

    I haven’t used commercial cleansers or moisturizers for a couple years, I use the oil cleansing method. I mix one part castor oil with 3 parts coconut oil and use that to cleanse with, no need to moisturize as you haven’t stripped all the oil off your face in the first place. Wish I’d known about this years ago.

  8. Stefanie says:

    Try Lush ( They list all their ingredients. Yes some products do have SLS or parabens but others don’t. Try to go for a solid product rather than an emulsion/liquid.

    On the side of using parabens, methyl and propylparabens have been around for a long time and have a history of fairly safe usage. Many newer preservatives don’t have as much historical data to draw from so some companies, like Lush, are reluctant to switch to something that may turn out worse for people in the long run.

  9. Tracy says:

    Check out Great tips for sorting through the ‘greenwashing’ You really jut have to research, research, research and read the labels to know what you’re looking for. I also make a lot of my personal care products, you can see some on my Pinterest,

  10. Sandra5 says:

    Liquid pure glycerine soap by the Soap Factory (available at health food stores.)

  11. Bargain Kitty says:

    Check out Sibu Beauty – I use their whole line of skin care. I believe they have a web site but I get mine either from the Shopping Channel or

  12. Nettie says:

    I’ve started making my own whipped lotions. It’s actually very easy, and you only need a few ingredients.When I say easy I mean it, because I am not a crafty person AT ALL. It’s also so much cheaper. I’ve found tones of recipes on Pinterest.
    Most call for Coconut Oil and/or Raw Shea Butter as the main ingredients with some other oils such as Vitamin E or a carrier oil. These are cheap to buy and will last for more than one batch. The lotion comes out more like a “body butter”, and it works very well and gives me peace of mind. Just make sure to watch out for recipes that call for Borax in the ingredients for an emulsifier, as it’s not as “green” as it’s marketed to sound like, (just do a quick Google search on Borax, it’s scary).

  13. NotSandy says:

    There is a Canadian company called Green Beaver. It was founded by two chemists who worked with some of the most dangerous chemicals known. Once they had kids, they started wondering what was in ‘kid friendly’ products and didn’t like what they found. Eventally they quit their day jobs and started making and selling healthier alternatives. They are organic and their website has a big list of ingredients they don’t use; I think most or all of what’s been mentioned is on that list. I buy the shampoo, bubble bath, toothpaste and bug repellent for my kids. They’ve got products for adults that I will check out once I run through my existing supply. Some of the products are available at my local health food store, but the prices are a little better on

  14. Jennifer says:

    I’m a soapmaker. I will be perfectly blunt and tell you that everyone has been brainwashed into thinking that we need all these different things for every part of your body. A very well handmade bar of soap, can wash head to toe, even used as a shampoo.

    The problem is that we all get hooked into thinking that “A” is going to do “XYZ”, when in reality its causing you to become more dependent on that product, and even go out seeking products to fix the damage that “A” has caused. Most products over clean, stripping our skin or scalp/hair of the protective moisture barriers (sebum, which is very close to Jojoba oil, which is why the commentor above likes Jojoba oil for her face, it seals in moisture and allows her skin to heal and rebalance itself)

    Take body wash. SLS and parfums actually dry your skin out. But THATS OK! Because thankfully the company also makes a matching lotion that you can slather all over to fix the damage the body wash did! And a facial cream, and a shampoo and a conditioner and a hair treatment….the list goes on and on until your wallet is empty.

    These products make everyone dependent on them.

    Switch to a soap where you can read the ingredients. Head out to your farmers market. Look for soaps that are well labeled (this adheres to the Health Canada Labelling Guidelines). Olive oil, canola oil, lard, palm oil (you can purchase sustainable palm!), coconut oil….the options are endless. Avoid products that have lengthy ingredients. You can make a beautiful bar of soap out of tallow and olive oil. Keep it simple. Look for traditional soaps, even some B&B makers out there will use sub-standard melt and pour soap to make bars like we are used to seeing in the grocery store. These are glycerine heavy and usually contain SLS or SLSA in them. For a little fun, next time you go to the grocery store, check out the “soap” aisle, and see how many bars of “soap” you see. You will see a lot of beauty bars, deodorant bars, cosmetic bars, cleansing bars…etc…

    Soap, is a natural process, and if a large company has “messed” with the product so that it does not go through the traditional saponification process, it is not allowed to be called “soap”.

    I could rant on this subject for a while. As you likely noticed.

    BTW: everything is natural…which is why you have to read labels (ie: arsenic is, but I wouldn’t recommend using it). Parabens, and SLS are natural products too (sls can be derived from coconut). This is why big commercial companies can get away with it, its all about the spin. So, if a company claims that their product is ALL NATURAL, read the label, if a company claims that the product contains SHEA BUTTER!! (read the label, its likely the 3rd to last ingredient on the bottle). The is a great site (as was posted above) and I refer my customers to it frequently.

  15. Amanda says:

    I love korres querceten and oak line. Makes my skin look amazing with no crazy chemicals.

  16. Amanda says:

    If your worried about cancer from chemicals also look at what you clean your house with. Leukemia runs in my family so I try to avoid chemicals too. I clean my house with things like water, vinegar, baking soda, lemon etc. It works just as good as stuff bought in the store, if not better.
    You can also make your own soaps like other said but it is a timely process. I read your using Castile soap which is an easier soap to make. I personally prefer to use korres.

  17. nicki says:

    The Best facial cleanser if plain water and liquid honey. I buy the Billy Bee brand with the yellow top – very easy to use. Rinse face, put a bit of honey in your palm, rub palms together, and rub onto face. Rinse well.
    If you have a lot of makeup on, you’ll need to do this twice.

    Also, the area around the sink will get sticky from the honey water, just use a wet paper towel to wipe clean.

  18. Tammy says:

    I stopped shopping at drug stores years ago for this very reason. Pretty much everything they sell contains harmful chemicals in it. Switch to chemical free products which are very easy to find at your local health food store, online or just make your own…the internet makes it super easy now a days to do all this. Once you take “Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall” off your weekly shopping trips you won’t look back!

  19. Sandra says:

    where can you buy castile soap in Canada?

  20. Gigi says:

    Read the book “There’s Lead in My Lipstick.” It’s goes into geat detail about all the toxins we put on our bodies from shampoo, underarm deodorant to toothpaste and body cream. It also offers fantastic alternatives from real green manufactures to home made recipes fo cleansears and eye make up removers. Love it!!!

    BTW, I was my hair with baking soda now and it’s never looked better. Baking soda is also a great exfoliant.

  21. yoyo says:

    There are many reasons why people get cancer. Stress, Type A personality is one, genetics another. Many people can be around chemicals and be unaffected. Some healthy people get Cancer. It is Fate.

  22. cookie says:

    I love… LOVE Live-Clean. They’re products are excellent. I always recently started to make my own homemade soap/body wash. It’s great and super simple once you get started!! good luck!

  23. Amanda says:

    I try to read labels and am careful in the products I buy to use on myself and even more carefull on what I buy to use on my baby!!
    Another company to look into is Live Clean, its a Canadian company and has organic shampoos, lotions, facial cleansers aswell as baby products!!

  24. aemi says:

    I am trying hard to avoid the parabens. That’s why I am looking for a replacement for store gum, personal lubricant. I am also trying to avoid glycerine as much as possible. I will add SLS and Sulphates to my list to avoid.

    As for toothpaste and deodorant I am using from Forever Living Products, you can buy online on ebay or from their page or from a distributor.

  25. Annabean says:

    All my Bath products are from LUSH… . Most are Vegan, they are all natural for the most part and the oils used are usually coconut or nut oils…I have switched ALL my cosmetic goods to LUSH…shampoo, conditioner, even deodorant and their stuff lasts forever! It may look a bit pricey but it is 100% worth it!

  26. Eileen Carter says:

    I enjoyed this CBC marketplace episode a few months ago:

  27. Nettie says:

    @ Annabean
    I used to buy all LUSH products too, until I really read into the company which changed my view. That’s when I decided to start making my own, so I truly knew what I was using.

    I’ve started with homemade body butter, am making homemade sunscreen this weekend (which is homemade body butter with zinc oxide powder added), and then plan on learning soaps to use in body washes & laundry detergents.

    I also have a homemade lip balm, homemade liquid hand soap and liquid dish detergent recipes I plan on trying after I master those I listed above.

    I now clean my house with lemons, baking soda, orange infused vinegar (vinegar which had orange peels soaked in them for a few weeks then strained – which gives it a better smell for cleaning),

    Unrefined Raw Shea Butter which I buy for my body butter works wonders on a number of things, as is, without doing anything to it. It’s great on insect bites.

    I like the suggestion of a place to purchase truly natural toothpaste. I will have to check that out.

  28. L6941 says:

    I am allergic to SLS and must avoid all products that contain this poison. Hence I have been paranoid reading the ingredient list of every product that I buy. Parabens, sulphates, etc. They should be banned! I always check a product on before I make a purchase. I have long stopped using anti-perspirant and instead use baking soda or natural alum as deodorant.

    We also dont drink out of plastic bottles and all of our tea/coffee equipment are stainless steel and ceramic so no BPA leaching.

    One thing I am amazed of here in Canada is that a LOT of food products have palm oil in them. Even Becel (which has a Canada Health Check symbol) has palm oil in it as a main ingredient. What a scam!

    Having said these, I am aware that there is no 100% preventive measure for cancer (and related diseases). Me and my partner have stainless steel gut linings and we can eat anything, anywhere if we have to (Yes we have been to India LOL). Safe practice is mostly for peace of mind. Good luck to you all. πŸ™‚

  29. MortgageQueen says:

    I have been using organic soaps for years for body and laundry. For washing floors . .just vinegar and very hot water. . works like a dream.
    To was my fruit and veggies, I have a spray bottle of vinegar and a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide (which is safe to eat) Spray that on everything and rinse. Kills bacteria.
    Just about everything sold to eat, put on your body or clean with, in stores now adays have cancer causing ingredients. You really have to take the time to research. Just stay out of the middle aisles of your grocery store (for the most part) Even coffee has tons of pesticide in it. Buy organic!
    I full heartedly agree about using oils for moisturizing. You can fool around with different ones til you find the perfect one for you. There’s Jojoba, almond, coconut, grapeseed, or combinations of oils. My skin just sucks it up. πŸ™‚ People have said my skin glows.

  30. Liz says:

    Check out Arbonne
    I switch in January and have been very happy. No chemicals, animal products etc

  31. Recently Ive started buying only organic products for my skincare – I’ve been buying Lush, but I’ve found lots of great quality stuff that is equal to lush but cheper through etsy (soaps, lotions, shampoo etc).

    I haven’t taken this over into my cosmetics yet, but I don’t wear too much makeup anyway.

  32. Canmore mom says:

    @Nettie, I would love a few of your recipes if you are willing to share! Especially for the Skincare stuff. I use good old ivory soap to clean my face, etc. but would love to try and make my own stuff. When you make the sunscreen, how do you know how much SPF you have put into the cream?

  33. Shua Advice says:

    I too worry about household products. However, they were never meant to be made naturally, they’re harsh chemicals that do the job. But if you care so much, you should try ‘Green Beaver’ products. They’re one of the least crap-full brands on the market. I find my Green Beaver products at the Natural Food Pantry in Ottawa, or pretty much any other health store. Also, Green Beaver is made in Hawkesbury, Ontario which is just outside of my city.

  34. Kim says:

    I was in the same boat and was tired of “green” cleaners that didnt work – then I found Melaleuca They products are safe for your family and the environment and cost less then the grocery store brands. I love couponing but will use these products for ever – let me know if you want more info,

    (they also have great natural supplements and an amazing multi vitamin)

  35. Annie says:

    Great article, Stephania! Where do you buy your castile soap? I can’t seem to find any here in Ottawa.

  36. Alyssa says:

    Another Lush fan here. I ask for the stuff for birthdays and Christmas, and I don’t wash my hair daily. I use the Daddy-O shampoo, and have never had nicer hair than now.

    You can actually make your skin softer and cleaner by going completely soap free. I did it for a month with beautiful results, but eventually found a happy medium at infrequent soap (every other day)/shampoo (2x week) use out of habit. Check it out at The best part is that your body smells less because it produces less oil that’s constantly being taken away by soap.

    @L6941 – The Canada Health Check Symbols are a joke. The company has to pay for them to be honoured on their merchandise, and someone makes a profit.

  37. godvchaos says:

    Am I the only woman who has never used makeup or cleansers. try just using regular bar soap only twice a week, and going without makeup. GASP! seriously most people look better without it, they just have to get used to the natural beauty they already possess. Instead take that 20min you spend on putting the stuff on your face and get an extra 20min of sleep.

  38. mrstucker says:

    I use, and love, Paula’s Choice products. Her Beautypedia page also gives reviews (and ingredient lists) of almost every line of skin care.

    Excellent resource!

  39. Vicki says:

    Check out You’ll find a whole line of chemical-free personal and household products.

  40. Sue says:

    I agree so much crap in waaaay to many products!! I started using castille soap as shampoo, face wash and body wash. I then decided to make my own cream; coconut oil, beeswax, olive oil and a few other ingredients πŸ™‚ so nice to know whats going on my body!! πŸ™‚

  41. Sue says:

    oh yeah and the Diva cup is great!
    Also anyone looking for where to buy Castille soap, I get mine at Superstore πŸ˜‰

  42. andrea says:

    @godvchaos: I’m with you!! Warm water on a face clothe, gentle scrubbing….no need for all the crap they sell. I keep thinking, gosh I must need this, I must need that…but ultimately, I am happy not being trapped by the whole make-up game. Why do men look just fine while I’m being told by media that I need to fix my lips, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, etc. I like them…there mine!!
    I also used to make my own soap – it’s fun, fairly easy and makes enough to give out to friends and family! I plan to try a recipe for my son who suffers from ezcema…hopefully some home made soap will agree with his skin.

  43. Charlene says:

    Glycerin soap or products with alot of glycerin is not so great for your skin either it drys out your skin just making more problems. I make my own bath products such as facial cream (moisturizer) body butters, etc. I haven’t got to making facial cleansers, but on my list of to makes.

  44. Amanda says:

    I looked up some homemade facial scrubs and I tried this one and it made me face feel awesome. I mixed 2 tsp of yogurt with 2 tsp of oatmeal and let it sit for five minutes. I then applied it to my face and scrubbed gently and rinsed. It made my skin feel super soft!

  45. COWgirl says:

    There is a wonderful company based in Canmore, Alberta, called Rocky Mountain Soap. They are dedicated to 100% natural bath and body products. Check them out at They have stores in Alberta, BC and Winnipeg and ship around the world.

  46. Mei says:

    So happy that someone has started this discussion!!! πŸ˜€ nice to see people commenting that are like me and starting to really read the ingredients label on products… within the past year or so, after doing a lot of research, i’ve started to live a healthier lifestyle… meaning switching to organic food as well as looking at what goes ON my body as well. sometimes it can get a little tiring constantly looking for products that are free of SLS, parabens, etc. I’ve switched to all-natural household cleaners as well, and will never go back to regular cleaners!! this gives me the chance to also support smaller companies instead of the huge multinational corporations that basically control the entire marketplace. this, combined with living a simpler lifestyle overall (less physical things) really makes you appreciate life more. πŸ™‚ does anyone have any opinions on what the BEST truly green brand out there is? I know there’s a lot of brands that are still quite deceitful to the average customer but are marketed and even placed in the natural sections in stores…

  47. Nettie says:

    @Canmore mom
    Most of my recipes I have found on Pinterest. ( If you aren’t signed up with Pinterest, you can still go on the website and search. Just type in “Homemade Sunscreen”, and a number of results will show up. The SPF will depend on the percentage of zinc oxide powder that you use in the recipe. You can use 5-25%. Over 25% is not recommended. Or, if you Google “Homemade Sunscreen” I’m sure you will get a ton of recipes. You can even add zinc oxide powder to any lotion that you have to make sunscreen. However, unless you have all natural lotion, it will still be full of mystery ingredients. Some people add it to baby lotion. It’s all about having the right percentage.

    This blog also has a number of good ideas. Not all of her posts are “all natural” but alot of them are. This is where I found my whipped body butter recipe that I use, which is raw shae butter, coconut oil, almond oil (I use grapeseed instead of almond) and essential oil for scent.

  48. Nettie says:

    Tea Tree oil is also a good cleaner! I forgot to mention that above. It’s a natural antiseptic. And if I’m not mistaken it’s the key ingredient in alot of Melaleuca products. It comes from the Melaleuca Tree (proper name Melaleuca alternifolia) in Austrailia.

  49. amy says:

    yep i read them. my aunt has just recently went in for a mammogram and they found something they didnt like , so she has been doing radiation treatments. Her doctor told her that parabens cause cancer. so she has passed that on to all of us. so now i avoid them like the plague. I find the no name brands tend not to have them in them but it just depends. Ive started buying things from arbonne because they dont have alot of those cancer causing agents in them. although they are a bit on the pricey side.

  50. Michele says:

    I think I’m going to have to change my thoughts on cleansers and moisturizers etc. All the ideas I’ve seen so far, call for oil based products, which I prefer not to use on my skin. I have a very simple regeme – wash with Dove soap and put on La Roche Posay Tolleraine Ultra as my moisturizer. I’m getting a birthmark on my face removed and this is what was recommended. When I put on make-up I use a cold cream, normally Ponds. As for other items, I guess I’ve just wasted money, but that’s life. I do have to wear a high SPF (60) UVA/UVB protection, which I’d rather I didn’t, but that’s the deal with getting a birthmark removed. I’ve always been concerned about putting things on my skin and have found that just sometimes not putting anything on it helps just as well.
    Before getting my birthmark removed, I had not used any soap on my face since I was a kid, as I’m in my 50’s now that is a long time and I don’t look my age.

  51. Jean says:

    If you have a Whole Foods Market in your area, they have many excellent natural cleansers. I like the Derma E line and Andalou. (Other Health Food Stores carry these as well) (You can look up all ingredients on I won’t buy products if I can’t read the ingredient list)
    You have to for the most part get out of the drug stores and into the Health Food Stores for more natural products.
    Whole Foods also carries many other shampoos and conditioners without SLS & parabens. They have there own line of shampoos/conditions called 365 that are reasonably priced. They also have unscented products.
    You also have to check if the hand soaps you are using have parabens in them. Most liquid hand soaps do. What I did was buy a foaming soap bottle & I use the Dr. Bronner liquid soap from a Health Food Store. It seems expensive but you only have to use a very small amount in the bottom of the bottle & add the rest with water. (You could also do this with The Soap Works – glycerin soap)
    Hope this helps.

  52. L6941 says:

    Alyssa: Wow I didn’t know that! That is horrible — all those people thinking that consuming products with the Health Check symbol are healthy products. Yikes. :/

  53. SamIAm says:

    Try Lush. All of their products are completely organic. They’re a little on the pricey side but my toner & cleanser’s from there and it’s the only thing that’s worked to get rid of my acne. They have a huge selection of products and they all do different things. Their employees go through rigorous training on the product so they’re very helpful for first time shoppers.

  54. Heather says:

    The other day I was looking at a shampoo called something-or-other organics, so of course I checked the ingredients and there wasn’t a thing ‘organic’ about it. I also discovered that it contained egg, which I am allergic to. Dodged the chemical nasties AND anaphylaxis there πŸ™‚

  55. Linda says:

    I have been shopping with an online green company for about a year now. I get amazing, chemical and toxin free products at about the same prices and sometimes cheaper than the toxin laced grocery store and drug store products. It blows my mind that the chemicals used in the products we used are only tested for safety AFTER enough people claim to be getting sick from them.

    The company also offers up to 15% cash back from other retailers when you go through their website, cheap phone services, alarm services and profit sharing for their customers. No other store sends me a cheque at the end of the month for being a loyal customer AND protecting my health AND keeping my home safe AND helping the environment. You can see a couple videos about the company and products by clicking on my name.

    I know I am never going back to the toxic brew that the major manufacturers are putting out there.

  56. Whitney Spearing says:

    Hi! I was in the same predicament when we had our first son, and eventually found a Vancouver based company called “Bug & Pickle”.

    Their products are natural, sulfate free, and ph balanced with no added fragrance, colour or preservatives.

    We have always used the “Head-to-Toe” Badywash on our lil guy, but it is also a FANTASTIC facial cleanser too.

    Hope that helps!!

  57. Shauna says:

    Try to find yourself an Arbonne Rep. These products are enviro-friendly, non toxic and safe to use for cancer patients/survivors.

  58. Melannie says:

    For a cleanser, try pure Jojoba oil. It’s not actually an oil but a wax that is suppose to mimic sebum. The trick is to massage it in for a period of time. I will sit on the couch and watch a tv show (a half hour) while massaging it in. It helps get rid of blackheads and helps bring all the yucky stuff to the surface. After massaging I will rinse and then wipe off with a cleansing cloth (or paper towel) to remove all remaining oil

    I have extremely oily acne prone skin and I like using jojoba.I’ve had better results from it than anything else I’ve used (trust me, I’ve used alot of products).

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