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11 days until Christmas! (12 for Boxing day bonanzas.) 

I’d like to send all you readers in Toronto all of our snow.  We have over 4 feet here in South Western Ontario and I’m sick of it!  In the past 7 school days 5 of them have been snow days. Roads are closed, and the weather is not letting up.  We have been hit really hard this year so far and when I saw Toronto on the news the other day I wanted to cry.  I am only 2 hours from you guys, this is no fair!

So……To remedy the situation I have hired 100 dump trucks. Delivery should be within the next 72 hours.

44 responses to “Smart Canucks Christmas Canada… Enough Snow Already! 11 Days Until Christmas!”

  1. L. Wilson says:

    At least you are not posting from your car on the 402.

  2. amy says:

    Nothing says more Canadian than complaining about snow. Too bad bitching doesn’t change climate.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Funny because Halifax hasn’t even had snow yet, and we keep getting record breaking temperatures. Heck it’s 10:30pm now and +10C outside.

  4. enoughsnow!! says:

    You must be in the same area as I am. Hopefully tomorrow the kids can get back to school and it clears up. I need to leave my house before I go crazy!!!

  5. Huguette English says:

    Here is New Brunswick we keep getting a lots of rain. I would love to have some of your snow 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    I would love to have a snow storm. Im hoping by Friday there is a bit of snow on the Island. We only had snow for 2 days :'(

  7. Eric says:

    I’m in Fredericton and last night we got so much rain, a number of streets flooded – causing schools to be closed. We’ll gladly take some of your snow.

    Only 4 ft?

  8. ran says:

    I want to go tubing but it is too cold to be draging the kids out! I love the snow but could live without that frigid temps

  9. Tine says:

    I am in Toronto. We would love a few truckloads on the toboggan hill at the bottom of our street please, but don’t you dare get any on my driveway.

  10. amanda says:

    you must be pretty close to me too. we had 3 snow days last week. i’m ready for spring already.

  11. Juliana says:

    I am in Ottawa, and I have to say that it is looking pretty good around here, pretty, pretty good! Not too much snow or cold, we had some snow today, but was not even close Montreal (Been there last week, lots of snow everywhere! Looks like there’s no snow removals there!) or Southwestern Ontario. Best of luck for you!

  12. Cheapnik says:

    In Edmonton it is snowing as we speak, 10-14 cm overnight. Send some of them dump trucks our way! Hate to see your january bills

  13. Sally says:

    I can chew about the snow, Amy. I’ve lived in the snowbelt my entire life and this is the worst winter we’ve had since I was a kid. The sad part is winter doesn’t even “start” until next week lol!

  14. ergo2 says:

    I’m in South Western Ontario too , but we have only 1/2 an inch of snow. For a week i have been watching the radar and the snow was everywhere but here. 🙂

  15. Shebang says:

    I’m not saying a word ’cause I don’t want to jinx it.;)

  16. Maddie2008 says:

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. LOL

  17. kristen says:

    im with you, im here in London and man oh man this snow is brutal as we speak i look outside our living room window and all i see is big giant white flakes!! theres a white christmas but this is just ridiculous lol

  18. wendy says:

    i m in Toronto… omg took me 2 hours to get home which normally takes 20 minutes…

  19. Myslynn says:

    I am in London, and another snow day was just announced for the kids…day 6 and counting 🙁 DD’s xmas concert has been rescheduled 3 times now….on to the fourth I guess. But yes, I am originally from Fredericton, and my family said they have gotten so much rain, my cousin’s road actually collasped today….just washed away with the flood waters. She sent photos, it is really scary everywhere…just different circumstances I guess.

  20. Sally says:

    My son is spose to go to London tomorrow and see Joseph at the Grand, and their concert today was cancelled, on tomorrow. I’m wondering if eithers going to go on. Guess well wait and see!

  21. a okay says:

    I am in Toronto, and as far as I can remember, we’ve only had one snow day. I just loved seeing those big floating snowflakes fall this afternoon. I had Christmas tunes on the stereo and what should have taken 20 minutes to get to my mums took 1 hour and 15 mintues. That was not fun. I would love to have a white Christmas though…

  22. mhk says:

    Harumph – Global warming eh?

  23. Insane says:

    No sympathy from the frozen north! 😉

  24. CarlyinCanada says:

    I’m in Chatham, ON & we are lucky the snow storm missed us! As we are only 45mins south of Sarnia/402hwy & 340 cars got stranded! Yikes! They had to bring in the military helicopters to rescue people! Never seen that before!! Hope this is not a sign of things to come!!!

    We have a little bit of snow but the ice is the worst! Cars/trucks in the ditch & they closed the 401hwy bwtn here & Windsor yesterday!

    So when they tell you to stay off the roads! Listen!!! lol

  25. Perogie says:

    I could use a few snow days from work 😉 So send some our way if you want, we have enough but not enough 😉 BTW, I hate winter!!!!!! But I love days off work 😉

  26. islandlakes says:

    I am praying for some snow in Halifax. Snow is cleaner and better for allergies!

  27. melis says:

    I’m on my way back home to STRATHROY from Niagara.. the only way to get there: Via Rail. Thank goodness for the train! Everyone knows where Strathroy is now after it was plastered all over the news this week. I love the snow, I love shoveling, and I’m looking forward to the 10 minute trek home from the train station in the zombie apocalypse that is Strathroy!

  28. Yada Yada says:

    I am in Sarnia and it really isn’t that bad here except for the cold temps.
    We have less than a foot of snow. The problem is to the east of us and the lake effect snow from Lake Huron. They have to clear the vehicles on the 402 today so they can open up the Bluewater bridge which will alleviate the backups on the Ambassador bridge in Windsor/Detroit. I wouldn’t bother venturing out to Wyoming, Strathroy, Grand Bend and London area for awhile. With radio, internet, tv, newspapers and word of mouth people were given adequate warning about all this.

  29. mnyyoungs says:

    Welcome to Canada and our winters! lol…Central Ontario always gets nailed…roll with it is all you can do.

  30. Jen says:

    Hi from Vancouver. LOL!

  31. Helina says:

    I like 45 min from London and we just have enough snow to make the grass white…oh what I wouldn’t do for a nice big snow dump. It always seems to hit all around us, but never us!

  32. subs says:

    I like the snow always have but I hope it stops soon so we can go visit family in Sarnia for Christmas like we do every year but this time I will take blankets, food, and water just in case anything goes wrong.

  33. Sally says:

    Day 6 of snow days for the kids!

  34. Talimomali says:

    Snows days aren`t just for the kids! Hahaha, us grad students get them too when they close the universities (4th snow day this month!)

    Too bad I still have to trudge my way in, exam marking waits for no one…

  35. dealsniffer says:

    I could joke and say oops I guess the snow I sent east from here made it to you! lol but I think it picked up steam as it headed your way then. But I don’t want to take any blame for it because it sounds bad. Not that it is my fault of course. over here the roads are finally clearing off that we can drive on them after the dump we had awhile back. Here the worst part was the -40 temps that we had. it is finally warming up here to around -10. it feels balmy now! lol I really feel for the people dealing with 4ft of snow and the people dealing with flooding but not so much for people with less than a foot of snow. I think it is perfectly fine to complain though because it does suck even though we choose to live in Canada. But Canada is a great place otherwise and that is why I live here and try to put up with the snow and cold temps. But this weather so close to Christmas isn’t fair for you all that got hit. I hope things clear up enough for you to have a good Christmas.

  36. Mamaelmo says:

    Saint John, New Brunswick, we need snow here, send it all here, I’ll take it all 4 feet of it, I’ll be waiting, please just make sure its here and the roads are cleared by Monday so I can go to work.

    We just keep getting a little snow then tons of rain, I want snow. I want a white Christmas

  37. momof5boys says:

    I’ll take our rain any day – actually the sun is peaking through :-)….and lots of snow on the mountains where it can stay lol

    From the mild West Coast….

  38. Joy says:

    Please direct the trucks to Queens park, maybe Rob will call out the army

  39. nick says:

    I would not want all the snow some of you are getting but in Nova Scota we have suffered heavy wind and flood damage over the last 24 hours, some places have over 140 mm of rain so we are having great weather either.

  40. nick says:

    so we are not having great weather either

  41. dealsniffer says:

    Sally the trucks made it here I guess. the snow is blasting parts of Alberta very bad-more Northern Alberta though. where I live we are only on the very southern edge and it isn’t very nice out and Edmonton is getting it really bad. Are you sure you sent trucks and not the actual snow storm? lol oh well.

  42. L6941 says:

    7 degrees and sunny in Victoria 🙂

  43. ninna says:

    Hey Melis…welcome back to Strathroy! Had to laugh at your comment about Strath being plastered all over the national news. So true. But, it’s the small city with the big heart <3

    I’m 10 mins from you on the way to London. We’re starting to go a bit nuts from being cooped up. 6 snow days already in the past week and a half. I think that’s more than we’ve had for the past 3 years combined. But, at least we were warm and safe & not stuck on the 402 for a gazillion hours in the middle of nowhere. Yikes.

    That said, I’ve had enough of the snow for awhile too. Santa is behind on her Christmas shopping because of the weather and it’s only two days till Christmas break starts–hehe–which means I better get the heck going over the next two days while they’re still in school and I can shop alone.

  44. Alex says:

    Was in London last week. Seems to be not too bad now.


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