Sooo.. I have to ask, are you watching the Royal Wedding?



Will you be getting up at the crack of dawn to watch the Royal Wedding? I won’t be. Nothing gets me out of bed that early. I haven’t been following the wedding, but I just HAD to post this topic after seeing Heather’s kitty Felix dressed to the nines for the event.

For those who aren’t watching, using my untapped psychic abilities I forsee this:

There will be an abundance of security, a wedding, a reception, eats, some dancing and apparently NO BOOZE!

61 responses to “Sooo.. I have to ask, are you watching the Royal Wedding?”

  1. mandee says:


  2. Digi says:

    Nope, going out, so I def. need my sleep.
    But I have been watching TLC since 8.

  3. Whatsup says:

    With all the trajedy and turmoil in the world its a shame that these arrogant clowns find it neccessary to flaunt their wealth. Shame on the Royal Family. THUMBS DOWN!

  4. FatB says:

    I’ll be awake for a bit so I might catch the start of it, but if there is a bunch of fluff at the beginning before the actual ceremony I might not make it that far.

  5. Lainey says:

    Kate wanted a forest setting wedding so a ton of huge trees were transported to the Westminster Abbey at a cost of $82,000!! I have it set on the PVR to record so I can fast forward all the boring stuff. But yes, ashamed to say that I am a bit interested to see.

  6. mandee says:

    forest setting sounds gorgeous.. O:

  7. Kelly says:

    I agree with Whatsup.

    Obscene amount of money spent on a marriage (which probably won’t even last more than 5-10 years) when people are starving all over the world.


  8. Hilda says:

    I am so looking forward to watching this but I won’t be watching it live. they will replay it and replay it and replay it during waking hours! I still remember watching charles and diane get married.

  9. dealsniffer says:

    haha yes my kitty is dressed fancy. lol He wanted a crown but I gave him a hat. lol I actually used the wedding as an excuse to dress him up again. lol I am a bit tired of all the Will and Kate this and Will and Kate that but I admit I will be recording it adn fast fowarding through it. I wouldn’t sit for like 7hrs to watch it. I will be happy when it is over though but I expect them to replay it and replay it and talk about it for quite awhile.

  10. avoncallingu says:

    We are taping it so I can share the watching part with my mother. At 86, she is just a year older than Queen Elizabeth and basically grew up with this generation of Royals. She remembers that “Liz” who was just a young girl at the time, drove an ambulance during the “blitz” in London. My mother lived through terrible times in the northern part of England during the war. I’m about the same age as Prince Charles and his sister Princess Anne. My mother has experienced 2 coronations – “Berty” (The King’s Voice) and his wife – the Queen “MUM” and Elizabeth’s when her father died. She “heard” the Queen’s wedding and saw her sister Margaret’s wedding. We got up at 4 am 30 years ago to watch the ill-fated Diane and Charles.
    Tomorrow we’ll have lunch together and wear red, white and blue and ooo and aahhh about Kate’s hair, dress, flowers, trees (which I think is weird in an abbey) We’ll enjoy seeing all the lovely clothes and carriages and attention that they get. And then we’ll get back to our own lives and keep on couponing!

  11. slide says:

    nope. it’ll be all over the news morrow anyway

  12. mia says:

    Yes I cannot wait to see Kate dress
    But all the money they spend in one day when a lot of their people needed in England is awful.
    I read the wedding will be a good opportunity for the stores to make money with that…maybe in all the redevence 1 milliards of dollars…the only things I fond awesome for the peoples.

  13. maksik says:

    It’s a wedding! 🙂 Let them have their moment 🙂 And besides, just watching a prince and princess getting married.. it’s just too cute. I nice change from the bad news from every day

  14. maksik says:

    Oh yes, and I bought a special tea set and good tea (well, I just needed an excuse to buy it). I wanted to have a tea party for the wedding but none of my friends agreed to wake up at 6am lol. At least I got a brand new tea set that I wanted to get for a while 🙂

  15. couponclipingjerk says:

    Yes I will be watching. Watched 30 years ago when Prince Willam’s parent’s married. Looking forward to it! 🙂

  16. eriluo says:

    Currently up, watching and looking forward to all the festivities!

  17. Natalka says:

    I’m up too! Listening to all the background stuff whilst on here for a bit, then will watch the wedding proper.
    Can’t wait – it’s nice to have a good news story for the world to focus upon!

  18. Skippy says:

    Here I am with Kitty!(My cat not Kitty from SC!)

  19. Skippy says:

    Computer difficultiies-sigh!

  20. eriluo says:

    Is it just me or does Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice, look like she’s wearing a black licorice beechnut cough drop stuck to the middle of her head :)?

  21. Jonathan says:

    Yes, but only because I am at work, no one is here, and I am bored.

  22. Moi says:

    Loved the way William looked at Kate at the Alter
    He loves her….
    I am a sucker for love 🙂

  23. Lynn says:

    Yes, (same as Jonathan)! I’m at work! Kate is gorgeous and William really, really, REALLY loves her!

  24. Lilyana's Mommy says:

    I wasn’t planning on watching it but I couldn’t sleep so yes I am watching the wedding 🙂 I thought it was a very lovely wedding and she looked beautiful and elegant.

  25. Whatsup says:

    Yaaaaaaaawn! Booooooring! Hehehehe. Watching paint dry is more exciting.

  26. elisam says:

    I am watching partial of it

  27. Courtney says:

    I was up at work and was able to watch it live, and really enjoyed it! Now I’m waiting for the kiss so I can go to sleep!

  28. Uni Serf says:

    I keep on hearing the amount of money it cost when there are so many people are without food, water, etc. But it doesn’t have to be an extravagent amount. How about doing your part? How much money are you spending on things you don’t really need? Do you need another iPod when your old one is still working? Do you really need another pair of shoes when you already have plenty? There are people out there struggling and making one dollar a day. Imagine that you spend more on your coffee than what someone makes in a day. We can not control what other people do but you can make changes in your. Imagine that an extra couple of dollars a month to that family will make. It might mean that they’ll afford to send their child to school. To store a little of that away for their daughters dowry. To have special meal when it comes to a celebration. You can make a difference.

  29. Twinmommy says:

    I watched the ceremony this morning as I absolutely had to see her entrance into Westminster Abbey. During the ceremony I went about our normal Friday morning routine but kept popping my head into the living room every so often to see what was going on. They really do make a lovely couple and are a wonderful face for the future monarchy.

  30. Whatsup says:

    Ok off to work I go. As I slip into my 6000 dollar car the royal couple will slip into their 30,000 dollar pair of shoes. Hehehe

  31. jenwen says:

    I refuse to be support this. The wedding was reported to cost over 70 million, or 6 billion since it was declared a public holiday.
    Couldnt this money have been used to help cure a disease or treat sick children, or help the poor…. not impressed

  32. caroman says:

    sleep is more important to me than watching this live but I will watch throughout the day. I watched when Diana and Prince Charles and I think it’s something special to see his son get married also.

  33. cheapcheap says:

    the only cost to the taxpayers was for security, the royals and the publics. The royal family paid for the wedding themselves with their money. No one rants about other celebrities spending huge sums on their weddings. Let them have their day! Boy did she look beautiful!!

  34. sara says:

    I wasn’t planning to but after waking up at 4am unable to fall back asleep I did. I’m not a fan of the monarchy so the ceremony was of little interest to me. I however love the dress, hats and fasteners!

  35. Cheapo says:

    I didn’t, as I need my beauty rest. bwahaha Actually, I had forgotten about it, but wasn’t planning to watch it anyway.

    Looking over the photo’s this morning with my coffee.

    Kate is just gorgeous, she and Wills make such a lovely couple.

    The wedding wasn’t paid for by tax money, Kate’s parents paid a hefty portion out of their pockets and the rest was (royal) family money. I read where she actually refused certain “extras” and did things herself, like doing her own makeup, which looked amazing.

    She wasn’t dripping in diamonds and her dress was not lavish. Apparently she is very simplistic and doesn’t like to spend hoards of money. Maybe she’ll come to Smart Canucks for coupons and such! 🙂

    They will not be having “servants” and will do the shopping, laundry and housework themselves (every day stuff)

    Geesh, even I pay someone to cut my grass!

    I think it’s a welcomed and refreshing distraction to other disasterous current events. I wish them well!

    So sad Diana wasn’t there … 🙁

  36. lisaglynn1983 says:

    Yes i watched and still am looking at it online, I am so tired of people criticizing the money spent on the wedding. The couple are not accepting gifts, and have asked that donations to charity be made. Also William has spent a lot of his young life already dedicating much of his time and money to charity, they both deserve their fairy tale 🙂

  37. Lily says:

    BS. Royalty was a concept for ignorants back in the days. I don’t want to support a bunch of people who have money not because of their exploits but because of who their great-great-great-great grandparents were.

  38. Romashka says:

    I agree with Uni Serf. Good point.
    Most of the people talking about a money. All expenses were covered by selling rights to translate a wedding. No beautiful wedding, no money from telecommunications companies. From other side, this event helps to bring tourists to England and helps local businesses to make some money.

  39. julyprincess says:


  40. Romashka says:

    Oh yes, if you so concern about charity, just cancel your own wedding or graduation party and make a donation…Maybe it’s rude, but make some point. As I heard, most invitations were sold that’s covered expenses.
    Let’s cancel Canada Day. Firework for Canada day cost more than wedding in last 10 years.

  41. Natalka says:

    I got up early to watch it all!
    The ceremony was awesome! Kate looked amazing, it was a fabulous dress; William looked very dashing!
    Kisses on the balcony were very nice!

  42. baggypants says:

    Absolutely…who doesn’t love a good wedding!!

  43. Tuktu60 says:

    Kate was gorgeous – I’m a sucker for the whole thing – I was crying when she got out of the car. I wish Kate and Wills years and years of happiness, health and as normal as a life as they can manage. I can’t wait to see them when they come to Canada in the summer!

  44. rutlangrl says:

    It was well worth the loss of sleep… heritage Welsh …. All hail the Prince of Wales…..and his bride Catherine may they reign for years to come….

  45. pj says:

    my wedding can hardly compare – but i had people telling me to cut back on expenses, and how DARE i spend THAT much on flowers, food etc (curiously, none of these naysayers were actually coming to the wedding), and how awful it was for me to flaunt my ‘wealth’ (my wedding was thanks to a line of credit)
    it’s a wedding! they are monarchy! i watched a bit of it this morning – fairytales are wonderful things! does that fact that divorce rates are skyrocketing mean NO ONE should have a wedding, but instead a 10th anniversary celebration? poo!
    what a lovely start to the weekend! and not one but two official kisses – very cute!

  46. lala says:

    You already posted this topic before… and we get it you are too good to watch the wedding… seems like you’re more interested then you are letting on though.

  47. Cheryl888 says:

    And those who degrade it, are just jealous!!!
    In the midst of all the crap in the world, its great to see a beautiful new bride, and a glimmer of the future!! Congrats!!

  48. chloe says:

    I wasn’t planning on watching it…but I was up late studying with the TV on, so I just decided to watch it.
    I’m glad I did; I loved watching all the outfits and hats 🙂 And of course, Kate looked so gorgeous (her whole family did actually!) Unfortunately, I fell asleep after they made their royal carriage ride and missed their first (and second) kiss! But it was really nice watching everything before that 😀

  49. benji says:

    There is booze there – just not “beer”. So liquor and wine yes, beer, no.

  50. mandee says:

    saying those who degrade the royal wedding, are jealous is such a blanket statement.

    that’s like saying those who watch and celebrate the royal wedding are fully ignorant of the issues and problems that are going on in the world.

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  51. whostheboss says:

    it was amazing and yes there will be alcohol – just not beer

  52. Stephania says:

    I was completely sick of hearing about the whole thing and just wanted this day to come and go. HOWEVER, it was unavoidable. I watch the news in the morning to check the weather and it was all over…on every freakin’ channel!

    Kate looked like oatmeal. Her style is very simple, I get that, but she didn’t want the “surprise” anyone? Out of the clip that I did watch, the most exciting thing were those weird fascinators in the gallery. I’m sure they’ll give Lady Gaga an idea or two for a new hat!

    Maybe I’ll hafta avoid tv for the next few days since the replay will be on heavy rotation…

    Can’t wait for the elections to be over either!

  53. maliha44 says:

    Watched at around 7 in the morning. Kate looked beautiful, but \i do agree a waste of money.

  54. Rachel says:

    I don’t get the argument that it’s a waste of money. It’s not like they tossed it into a fire, they used it to pay businesses to provide services, money going into local businesses is good for the economy. I’m sure the people paid to bring in trees, print programs and bake the cake don’t consider that a waste of money.

  55. benji says:

    Ya I agree Rachel…this wedding actually generated A LOT of money for the people of London as well as England. I think it’s great.

  56. Sally says:

    Where exactly did I say I was “too good” to watch it? I just have no interest in it. And I didn’t post this topic before, I posted how to order the royal wedding canada post stamps 🙂

  57. Whatsup says:

    Hahahaha what a bunch of baloney. Do any of you actually believe that the royal family pays for anything? Come on people give your heads a shake. Hehehe my stomach is still hurting from all the laughing im doing.

  58. Monica says:

    LOVE the photo of kitty. Now thats’s Royalty!

  59. Lulu says:

    I watched with my cat who looks just like Felix! He wasn’t too impressed though…

  60. bibi says:

    In today’s wold there is absolutely no need for royalty and it upsets me to see how much attention is given to a family, who if it was not for their title, would be as ordinary as most of us . Royalty these days does not rule the world. They do not run the country politically or make any extraordinary contributions to the country’s progress. They are just a figure. I would absolutely not bow or curtsy to the queen or anyone else with a royal title. There are people such as scientist, doctors and many others who are making huge sacrifices and contributions to the world and nobody bows to them. These are the people who deserve our attention and applause, not somebody who has the title of a royal. It is time this ridiculous business of royals was stopped.

  61. carlyincanada says:

    Mom & I watched it live! The Wedding was beautiful & Kate looked stunning & Prince William so handsome (his mom, Diana would have been so proud!). Will all the bad news in the world it was a nice break to watch the happy couple!


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